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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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horror movie and then two gunshots that were really loud and then the car screeching off. >> santa barbara coroner confirmed the man killed yesterday's chase and shootout was indeed castro but say there's no sign pearl's in the santa barbara area. instead, the focus has been shifted to sonoma county. >> we're just hoping for the best, you know, we can't help but think of the worst. >> reporter: rose says her sister's a fighter and her family is not about to lose hope now. >> i love you so much, we're here praying for you. thank you. >> reporter: again, searchers from sonoma county has teamed up to search an area near jenner. you are taking a live look at that search right now. they're searching both the ground and the water. no word yet on if they have found any sign of the missing teenager. nbc bay area news.
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hints of a pose be a motive as the manhunt continues for a homicide suspect. caught deputies escorting one out of a home in handcuffs. live in nevada where we've just learned the eye denity of one of the victims. >> reporter: that's right, we are told this is a victim that was killed. they are saying he's a 17-year-old. meantime, the mayor here in nevada spoke out today, offering her condolences and also assurances that everything is being done to solve it. they continue to hunt for a third suspect linked to a stabbing that left one high school student dead, another injured. >> we are being very cautious in what steps we take to apprehending a suspect.
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>> reporter: yesterday, arresting two navado high students. >> the last two days have sent shockwaves throughout our town. >> reporter: search teams combed the hillside in the country club neighborhood where the attack occurred. the surviving student is said to be improving. investigators have not revealed a motive but were asked about reports an alleged sexual assault off campus might be related. >> we're aware of that case. right now, we don't show any connection with this investigation. it does involve minors who live in the area. so the reality is we know that there are some common names. >> violence will not be tolerated in our city. any life lost is one life too many. not in our town. >> reporter: meantime, word is now being shared on social media about a candlelight vigil that is is being planned for this sunday evening at 7:00 at the
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novato high school library. christie smith, nbc bay area news. turning to decision 2016 now. all three of the presidential candidates expect the day in california but only one attracted hundreds protester. a rowdy crowd of anti-trump demonstrators faced off with san diego police. crews were prepared though. they quickly ended clashes that broke out at the convention center. inside, protesters also interrupted trump's speech but were removed. earlier in the day, the presidential candidate made a stop in fresno before a crowd of farmers where he bleames activists. >> i heard this in california where they have farms up here and they don't get water. i said, oh, that's too bad, is it the drought? no, we have plenty of water. well, what's wrong? we shove it out to sea.
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>> trump appeared to be referring to water that flows from the river to bay to the ocean. some farmers say they want more of it captured and diverted to the crops. today trump backed out of a debate with democrat bernie sanders saying it would be inappropriate. mrs. clinton wrapped her swing through northern california today. the stop home of a soul food restaurant near jack london square. met with african-american community leaders along with the oakland mayor. the focus, breaking barriers and increasing opportunity for minority has living in oakland. bernie sanders is headed back to the bay area. the presidential candidate is planning memorial day event in oakland where he will be joined by actor danny glover at the baptist church on international boulevard. >> some sanders supporters are hoping the state can help them shake up the state primary. they've hired attorneys to help them. nbc bay area damian trujillo
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with why some are warning about this. >> reporter: all eyes are on that legal process. i'm outside the hall here in east san jose. bernie sanders himself we heard might be here today to meet with native american students. instead, he's sending a surrogate to meet with the students. just two weeks before the election. they're already voting in santa clara county. >> this is my first primary election so it's pretty big for me. >> reporter: their primary election is on june 7th. but citing irregularities in the primary process, backers of bernie sanders are filing a federal junction, demanding all so-called unaffiliated voters be allowed to revote if they want to. they also want to extend the voter registration deadline which already passed. the vote is to allow people to register to vote all the way to
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election day. the office of the registrar said that would create chaos. >> that means the information you have at that polling location as to who's actually supposed to be there does come in to play. >> it could mean shortages at some places. supporters say the change may be painful but it's necessary. >> i know there has been some voter issues and some misinformation and misinterpretation, so it gives people more time to get involved. >> reporter: the secretary of state's office in sacramento is keeping a close eye on the legal challenge. and, again, the bernie sanders campaign will be here in east san jose to meet with native american students at 7:00 tonight. his surrogate, actress rosario dawson, will be among those meeting with those students. we're live, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. the family of kate steinly shot and killed along san francisco's embarcadero is
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suing the sheriff and federal authorities. the gun used in the killing last july was reported stolen from a bureau of land management agent's car. the man charged with the murder is an undocumented immigrant who had been deported five times. family attorney says the man is largely at fault for telling deputies only he can notify the feds about the arrest someone locally. >> he acted without any legal authority and contrary to the law that existed and had been on the books. >> the federal bureau of land management which owned the gun also named in the suit. the suspect juan francisco lopez sanchez said he found the gun and it accidentally went off. signs of a possible nor row virus outbreak. you've learned the health department is managing the situation at a few south bay schools. and these poor kids. >> reporter: well, that's right.
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as you'll see, it was a rather hectic scene here at willow glean elementary school. there is also a game plan now for any possible norovirus outbreak and everybody, including youngsters, follows it. it was a crowd inside the office of the school. students filled up the nurse's room saying they felt sick, including some symptoms associated with norovirus, a gastrointestinal illness that has become a concern countywide. nbc bay area reported the san jose unified school district took action at two schools when students complained of stomach problems. now the focus is on yet another school. >> we noticed an increase here at willow glen elementary of kids that had vomiting and diarrhea. since we had situations over at horseman and bakra, we really jumped on it immediately. >> reporter: the school notified public health, parents and closed off play grounds and
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canceled field trips. one parent was grateful for the quick action. >> so i'm hoping they're just slightly under the weather and a three-day weekend should perk them up. >> reporter: officials say students are being taught preventive measures including washing hands and wearing gloves when needed. whether it is norovirus or something else, it seems to be spreading. >> i've heard from other districts they're seeing it too. >> reporter: again, public health officials confirm there's not been a single confirmed case yet, but mainly because how symptoms pass so quickly, it's hard to get a lab sample. the agency says it will work with avenue district that sees these kinds of symptoms. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. travel season has officially begun. i'm michelle roberts. san jose's airport. as you can see, lines are slowing down. what day of the week officials say you'll likely see the longest lines this summer.
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>> cell phones and a possible link to cancer. coming up, what doctors are saying about a new radiation study. and good afternoon, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. it will get uncomfortable this weekend as we track 90s.
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it is the fourth busiest
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travel day of the year. millions of people heading out for the holiday weekend. the travel rush comes at the same time the tsa is scrambling to hire more screeners among a crush of complaints along long security lines. michelle. >> reporter: things are not so bad right now. the line will take you just under a half an hour. i'm told this summer fridays are going to be the day you'll wait the longest. but the airport and tsa doing what they can to minimize these long waits. 19,000 people are expected to fly out of san jose today. the travelers we caught up with followed tsa recommendations and showed up early. >> about two hours. >> an hour and a half. >> we got here about two hours before our flight. >> reporter: around lunchtime, they breetzed through the lines but officials are expecting huge crowds every week thnd summer. >> we had lines during spring
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break which was our last peak travel period aproing two hours. >> reporter: this spokeswoman says because of long lines tsa plans to hire 23 more full-time screeners assign to san jose. and hire another bomb sniffing canine unit to canvass the security line which allows travelers to keep their shoes on. but hiring and training new employees will take time. >> we expect to see every friday going forward into the summer to be a thanksgiving travel day period. >> reporter: urging travelers to show up two hours early and sign up for tsa precheck which will cost $85 and your fingerprint. >> we have precheck. it's amazing not everybody. probably shouldn't advertise it because that line is often a lot shorter. >> reporter: today, i signed up for tsa precheck. i was in and out in 20 minutes. but i'm told i was very lucky
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and some people wait up to three hours if they just walk in. another option is clear. you zip to the front of the line. that will cost you $179 per year. michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. cancel the olympics? a group of medical professionals is calling for the summer games to be called off because of the zika virus. 100 doctors, researchers and scientists signed an open letter urging the world health organization to consider it. the letter says currently 32,000 cases of people with the virus in rio alone. the letter says having the games there is unethical. rio's mosquito killing program has been unsuccessful. some 500,000 foreign tourists are expected to go to brazil for those games. are cellhones dangerous to your health? we've heard it over and over again, different studies, bub there's a new study that points to a relationship between cell phones and cancer. our tech reporter with new
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information. scott. >> yes, jessica, it is important to say also we have not seen evidence linking cancer to humans using cell phones. this recent study linked cell phones, cancer and rats. it comes from a government study showing consistent cell phone radiation led to an increase in tumors showing up in male rats. the american cancer society says this is not a cause for great alarm but, rather, a reason to maybe use blue tooth ear buds once in a while, especially for younger cell phone users. >> i do believe that in terms of cancer and cell phones we're at a point now where some people, most people ought to be taking some precautions and should think about how they're using a cell phone, especially when we talk about children. >> the study comes from the national toxicology program. there are some questions. for instance, why did the radiation cause cancer in some of the male ralt rats but not females.
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food for thought. >> thank you very much. a message from cal fire. enjoy the outdoors but remember to be safe. the warmer dryer conditions, the risk for wildfires is running high. they're increasing the number of firefighters on duty just as a precaution. firefighters say they will keep a close eye on the skies. >> we have not only the weather with the increased temperatures and the wind but also up in the mountains where we expect the possibility of some lightning which could spark wildfires. >> firefighters also want travelers to be wary about parking their car. it can spark a wildfire. they're thinking of everything. >> we've seen that a couple of times already. let's go to jeff renn fnary. >> there's no chance of lightning in the bay area, it's more for the sierra. our forecast getting a lot hotter. you can see tonight a little
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side note here. giants and the rockies on nbc bay area following this newscast. we have some thunderstorms in the area but we still think that game is going to happen 56, right around first pitch. as we head through 9 tonight, it will dry out and 51 degrees. we have quite a few changes here. a cooler 64 in san francisco with a westerly wind in place. for the intervallies, it's having a hard time. the colder weind at the coastline. for the south bay, low 80s. through tomorrow morning, forecast we are expecting to start off mostly clear. a big jump on those afternoon temperatures. take a look. san jose expected to pop up to 87. some of the warmest in cupertino with 89. for the peninsula, we'll remain cool at the beaches but palo alto, sunny 83. san francisco, warmest climate
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in the financial district, sunny 71. warm et weather tomorrow right here across danville, 91. over towards livermore, we're expecting 90. for the east bay, oakland at 79. maybe you're heading up to wine country. it's also going to get hotter there with 89 in napa and back into mill valley, 84. we had this area of high pressure building into place but we think it's going to get some added energy by sunday and monday as we get a surge of hotter air moving in from the south. as you'll see in that scrolling seven-day forecast, that's really going to put intear yor valleys into the low 90s. the uv index is going to soar up to a 9 which basically means you can get skin damage in as little as 15 minutes so remember spf 30 and/or higher. once again, the hotter temperatures getting here by
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memorial day, that will put us at 92 in the south bay on monday. san francisco, 72. 92 in the trivalley. the north bay going up to 90. if you're looking for a way to escape the heat, the good way to do that will be to i don't know maybe sailing on the bay. winds out of the northwest 10 miles per hour. if you want the beach, maybe surf's up for you, waves 2 to 4 feet. expecting the warmest weather on the beaches on monday with 70. maybe you're heading out on the boat. it will get hot on monday with 90. once again, remember that spf. because that sun will be very strong this weekend. great weekend ahead for us. >> fantastic. maybe we'll go out in jessica's yacht. >> yeah, let me go get one. coming up, sap center double booked, the international opera star and the sharks scheduled at the same time but one side is being a really good sport about this. ==reveal==
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the iconic victorian home -- featured in the opening of the 1980's sitcom "full house" -- is up for sale. the price tag: jus the iconic home featuring in the hoopen of "ful house" is up for sale. the price tag, $6 million. gearing up for the bottle rock festival this memorial day weekend.
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the president made history today. and it turned into a ver. =vo= he became the first u-s president to visit hiroshima. the president made history today and it turned into a very emotional event. he became the first u.s. president to visit hiroshima. the president didn't apologize but he acknowledged the 140,000 who died and the suffering by others. he met survivors, even embracing one of the victims of the bombing. >> we stand here in the middle of this city and force ourselves to imagine the moment the bomb fell. >> the president laid a wreath at the bombing memorial and he also renewed his call for a nuclear free future. the excitement brewing in san jose as the city gets ready to host its first stanley cup final. some late minute adjustments, including rescheduling a popular concert. ♪ >> the italian singer andrea
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bocelli was joined by his wife to deliver congratulations to the sharks. he decided to move his performance up one day so it would not conflict with a sharks game. brcelebrating a golden gate bridge milestone.
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the golden gate bridge turns 79 years of age today. take a live look at san francisco's most photographed landmark. 79 today. was actually first proposed in 1872. long time ago. the first construction permit was not issued until 1930. almost 60 years later. so some things never change. the first design was much different. back then, it didn't have the two suspend towers. and did you know the bridge design had to be approved by the war department because the military owned that land on both sides of the bridge. it said hello, go for it. got to be bloglad they did. >> a bull weekend. unfortunately, it is raining in colorado so there is a rain delay. we'll keep you posted.
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