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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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right now at five: his family's safety after a and home invasion. right now at 5:00, forced to fight for his life and his family's safety. plus on the loose, the search for an inmate who walked away from an correctional camp. first we follow the investigation into a missing girl. tonight we speak with her father as search crews spend another day looking for the missing girl. thanks for joining us. it's been three days since 15-year-old pearl was seen crying for help as a man dragged her away. that man was killed in a
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shootout but pearl is nowhere to be found. this is the second day of searching after investigators picked up to a lead that lead that to a small town. investigators are not giving up hope that the girl will be found alive. christie is live after speaking with the girl's father. so many people are looking for pearl. >> reporter: absolutely. day two has concluded for search teams and still no sign of pearl. meantime her family and friends desperate for answers. they have been searching today, including the overpass where she may have last been seen. search and rescue teams from the sheriff's department did help and there are dozens of deputies and others who are looking. she wasn't found today and a facebook post says that at this time there are no future plans to search the area. investigators haven't said exactly what brought them but
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deputies say the 15-year-old was abducted near her home and there were reports of a scream for help and a car pulled away from the scene and there was blood there. today family and friends are looking in other areas and near the bridge. >> we don't know what happened, if she's alive. we don't know. >> reporter: now, an amber alert was also issued for the suspect in this that was fernando who led police in pursuit. he opened fire and the officers fired back and he was killed. investigators are continuing to follow up on leads and will update as soon as they have more information. that's the latest from here. >> thank you very much. new at 5:00, terrifying
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moments when a couple woke up to a man kicking in their door. the couple heard the dogs barking and the husband went to investigate who ended up getting in a fight with the intruder. >> he broke down the door and ended up in the husband and he kicked my husband in the face and broke his nose but when he kicked him in the face he got off balance and my husband was able to take him down. he took him down and held him down until the police came. >> the suspect has been identified as a 29-year-old transient. we spoke to the hospital who was discharged from the hospital with a broken nose and a broken hamstring. he happens to be a former police officer. we're going to hear from him at 6:00. the search is on for an inmate who walked away from a minimum security camp. this is the 46-year-old leroy hampton. he was serving time for a robbery conviction. officers say he walked away from the camp last night. he was part of an inmate
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firefightering camp. they saw hampton walk away but they were not able to stop him. he was due to be released in 2019. following up on a story we first reported last night at 11:00, a suspect is under arrest for a hit and run that killed two dogs and sent the owner to the hospital. the deputies say they arrest in the the driver this morning. the police have been searching for the driver after the truck hit a woman walking her dogs wednesday evening. those two dogs were taken to the vet but could not be savedwe. the woman is expected to be okay. a serious warning for people heading to the beach this holiday weekend. the san francisco fire department is warning of rip current along the coast. beautiful weather outside with blue skies but along the beaches and coast line likely to be popular on this warm weekend we do have some concerns. we are joined now with our meteorologist. a lot of people are thinking
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beach. yeah, especially with 75 degrees right now in san francisco and we're seeing the wind speeds and wave heights six to seven feet offshore. that northwest swell creates sneaker waves and some potential for rip current will be an issue through the weekend. check out the temperatures outside. 75 in san francisco and you see concord at about 85 degrees and brentwood, 96 degrees to start off your memorial day weekend. right now in livermore you're noticing 84. we have the ocean air conditioning trying to come in and as we head towards tomorrow morning we may find a few patches of low clouds approaching the coast around san francisco temperatures in the low 40s to 50s but the trend for
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memorial weekend day plans even warmer temperatures on the way. we'll show you how hot it's going to get in a few minutes. >> thanks. tonight warriors game could be the last game of the season. the team is facing yet another win or go home situation in oklahoma city. a live look right now at the arena. that's not where the game is but there's going to be a party there, a watch party for warriors fans. we have live. fans are certainly hoping there's going to be a game seven and if it is it will be right there. >> reporter: a lot of people with fingers crossed. about 19,000 fans are expected tonight. the game starts at 6:00. they want a chance to watch the game with fellow warriors fans and there are still a few tickets left but many people i talked to are very nervous about tonight's game. fans paid $20 each to watch the game on the big screen and soak
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up the atmosphere. they're hoping their team will spend 48 minutes on the court crushing the oklahoma city thunder. this woman has been a fan since 1950 when the team was called the san francisco warriors. >> to be among the folks and we are bond together. >> i was going to watch it on tv, but i'm just a big fan and i really wanted to come here today. >> reporter: the warriors are treating this viewing party like a regular game so they're going to have a full concession and even a halftime show. if oklahoma wins tonight they will clench the western conference final but if they lose the warriors will play back here at the arena on monday night at 6:00. of course that is what all the fans are hoping for. talk about die hard fans. we saw a lot of people that were
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here at the open game and they switched t shirts and went over and got a ticket for tonight's viewing party to watch the warriors. talk about bay area pride. reporting live from the arena. nbc bay area news. >> thanks. you can follow the warriors and their chase for the championship on area app. it's free to download. still ahead, mayors coming together for hillary. why city leaders from across the country including the bay area are showing their support for the presidential candidate. also a message to college grads. and danger for millions of americans this holiday weekend, the wild weather is effecting much of the country. turning now to decision 2016
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==peggy h set== current d formemayors fromarounn the bay area tonight, lending their support to hillary clin current and former mayors from around the country are in the bay area tonight lending their support to hillary clinton's campaign. the mayors have been in san francisco, oakland and san joes say talking about why clinton belongs in the white house. this is where clinton supporters have been making calls trying to win over more voters. the former mayor of is a big reason why he's backing the candidate. >> hillary clinton is really the
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only candidate in this race who has and will continue to stand up to the gun lobby. we know donald trump will not and his ideas if you can call some of the things that he says are ideas but his proposals would make america less safe. >> that's the philadelphia mayor there. in diaddition to nutter the mays of south carolina and kansas city are part of the visit. hillary clinton's rival bernie sanders held a rally this morning, this in addition to his typical talking points and he continued to call for a debate with donald trump. >> donald trump initially said yes and then he said no, then he said yes, then he said no. so i think for a guy who changes his position so many times i would hope he would change it one more time and say yes. >> there are about 6,000 people
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at that rally there for bernie sanders. there were thousands more at this rally in santa maria. sanders will be in the east bay on monday. how about another party, this weekend the libertarian party is selecting the candidate to go against the republicans and democrats. as many as 950 delegates are expected to attend the convention in orlando. this makes this the largest libertarian convention in the party's history. former new mexico governor is running as a candidate and says there's a lot of overlap between libertarians and the two major parties. >> the overlap is civil liberties. a woman's right to choose and legalizing marijuana and marriage equality and capitalism is alive and well and let's stop dropping bombs. >> according to the latest wall street journal poll 47% of respondents said they would
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consider a third-party candidate in the presidential election. >> it's been a wild election season. >> let's add one more. >> why not. still to come, millions of people spending the holiday weekend in fear as wild weather effects much of the country. some incredible scenes as a group of boy scouts were honoring fallen heros ahead of memorial day. temperatures in the mid 80s but some 90s could be in reach by the end of memorial day weekend. we'll show you how hot it's going to get when we come back. a touching gesture today to
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honor fallen soldiers. ==vo== bay area boy scouts took time during this memorial weekend, to remember those who died in battl a touching gesture today to honor fallen soldiers. boy scouts took time this weekend to remember soldiers who have died. me placed flags on graves. it's something that boy scout troops have been doing for two decades. >> that's cool. civil rights icon who worked for the golden state warriors was there to be deliver the commencement speech. he addressed the graduating students at spartan stadium this morning. he was an activist in the 1960s who took historic stands for rights in the olympics. he remarked on the interesting path he took to get back to san jose today. >> san jose state stepped up to
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the plate and got it done and so remains to this day the only institution that i have ever been affiliated terminated my contract and fired me. >> he was fired. edwards went on to say he is humbled to speak and receive an honorary degree. he graduated from the university in 1964. he's been teaching social olg at berkeley. this weekend wild weather is putting millions of people in danger with tornados and hail hitting the plains and on the east coast a tropical storm is occurring. will it make land fall possibly or maybe hug the coast. >> reporter: as the tropical depression takes hold. across southeast texas
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relentless rain leading to raging waters, flooding homes and stranding drivers. rescuers working around the clock, police breaking the window of a flooded car to save a woman who risked her life by driving around a barricade, in texas two dead and three feared missing believed to be swept away in their vehicle. police say mitchell posted this photo of his truck filling with water before he disappeared. his caption, all i wanted to do was go home. this man is cleaning up after riding out the storm with his family. >> we saw this tree come down and smash my shop to pieces rrtd . >> reporter: in the plains no relief, heavy winds and hail in kansas and funnel clouds in minnesota and north da cot tau and in michigan people forced from their apartment complex
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after flash flooding. >> it was the roar of the water that was coming through and how fast it came up. >> reporter: it follows a week of powerful tornados in the heartland, more than 100 reported. >> this really is kind of season for this wild weather. >> you see the severe weather usually early may in the southern plains and up and down the midwest and the tropics active as well. i've been watching this develop today. right now severe thunderstorms moving across the upper midwest aiming on chicago. you can see the large area effected. you can see some severe weather there and as we move over towards the southeast we do have a tropical storm bonnie. very interesting at least according to the calendar the tropical season gets started on june 1th. this storm is not expected to strengthen too much in terms of wind speeds but flooding rains
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over the carolinas over the next couple of days. we've had some big thunderstorms over the sierra but not much around the bay area. we're going to see areas of low clouds pushed in by a sea breeze. it's windy outside right now. we've had wind speeds up to 15 to 20 miles an hour. patchy low clouds and by tomorrow morning a cool start with some hazy skies. not as much in the way of low clouds. patchy low clouds moving in as we start the day and the all day sea breeze is going to keep the coast with temperatures staying in the mid 60s. if you want some relief from the heat those locations are looking good. 85 degrees in san jose tomorrow
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san francisco low 70s so a little bit cooler for the coast and bay tomorrow as the winds pick up a little bit more strongly coming in onshore. valley temperatures around the 80s. as high pressure now strengths from sunday all the way through tuesday this is going to lead to that warm up. a less strong sea breeze and more of that high pressure influence which is going to do this to the temperatures as we go through monday and tuesday, pleasant and now you're talking low 90s in the forecast, a little bit muof cool down wednesday and thursday. you got a drop in temperatures tomorrow and it rebounds for monday and staying above average through the week. san francisco should see temperatures climbing close to 70 on monday and numbers dropping wednesday and thursday and this high in the seven day forecast may stick around for a while even through next weekend as an area of low pressure tracks through the coast and the
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first weekend in june still looking warm. mid to upper 80s could be in the better part of the next seven days. still ahead, concerns during the olympics just a little bit away. the world health organization making their stance clear after 100 health experts say the virus is a serious threat to the olympic games. we saw the flightening we weather here and in europe as well injuring children. the 2016 summer games -- will go
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on. the world health organization said today there is no need to postpone or cancel the rio olympics o the 2016 summer games will go on. the world health organization said today there is no need to postpone or cancel the olympics so for concerns about the zika outbreak and that response comes after more than 100 health experts sent a letter asking for the games to be postponed or cancelled. experts saying having thousands of people travel to the games would speed up the spread of the virus. experts say it won't significantly increase the spread. the olympics are held in august and that's the the coldest month. the torch made its way through the state this week. it makes it to rio for the start of the game the torch will have
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crossed more than 1,000 miles. frightening weather in europe, children were injured in lightening strikes today. the first strike happened at a park in paris at a birthday party. 11 people, including eight children were hit by lightening. four of the victims have life threatening juries. it's not clear if the victims are children or adults app the next strike happened at a soccer game and 30 children were taken to the hospital but they're expected to be okay. three adults were seriously injured in that strike. still ahead. >> runners coming together in san jose. why the race is called the happiest 5k on the planet. ==peggy/2 shot==
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the annual "color run" blasted through san jose today it's been called the
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happiest 5k on the planet. this is the annual color run that blasted through san jose stood. ta take a look. a difference in most 5ks is that runners are not timed and there's no prizes. contest ants are pouded with food starch. >> they team up to raise money. colorful and chalky and good for you. >> and good weather. >> we're going to see temperatures in the 70s and 80s inland and a warm trend will kick in for the memorial day weekend. san francisco too getting close to 70 on memorial day there on
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monday. >> wow. thank you so much for joining us. nbc nightly news is coming up next. on this saturday night, the deadly storms that just keep pounding parts of texas. with dramatic rescues after days of record rains, tens of millions facing severe weather this holiday weekend as tropical storm bonnie sets its sights on beach goers in the east. doomed flights and cameras rolling as a vintage world war ii plane crashes into the hudson river killing the pilot. tonight the latest on what may have gone wrong. senseless shootings children dying when guns at home get into their hands. and now parents facing criminal charges if they don't store their weapons properly. an important new use for drones, getting medical supplies to those whose lives may depend on them. and cops and


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