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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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news. >> christie, thank you very much. friends and family of a missing vallejo teenager are not giving up hope. a vigil is held tonight for pearl pinson. the teenager has not been found after she disappeared on wednesday morning bleeding and shouting for help after a man dragged her away into his car. a vigil will take place in vallejo. this memorial is growing on this overpass. a lot of people are leaving notes and cards and tieing ribbons here. her alleged kidnapper was later killed in a shootout with police. investigators spent friday and saturday scouring near a town in sonoma county. they were looking for pearl and any clues about her disappearance. it's still unclear what led investigators to the area. we're following developing news near sacramento where search and rescue crews have discovered the body of a young girl and it may be that of a 1-year-old last seen leaving the
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bay area with her father. last night, crews found the body of kyler jackson 30 miles of sacramento. today, they found a young girl's body in the water nearby. it's believed they were heading to sacramento. it's still unclear, though, if that body found today is that of kayleigh. the search for two oakland boys has turned into a recovery effort. the 15-year-old boys were at a family event on a boat when several people decided to jump into the water. it's believed that both teenagers drowned. the reservoir is east of stockton and north of oakdale. dive teens and search crews spent the day looking for their bodies in the murky water. the boys were not wearing life jackets. many people heading outside on this warm holiday weekend, let's look at san rafael. also, a lot of light traffic. >> it's very nice. >> very nice out there. if you've been out and about
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driving around or perhaps heading in to work like we did, the roads are exceptionally easy. meteorologist anthony slaughter has a look at the conditions. how was your commute? >> easy. it's remarkable. >> yep. >> wish we could have this every day, right? unfortunately, not the reality of it. everybody is out of town. if you are in town, you're enjoying beautiful weather. take your pick. 60s at the coastline, 70s across the south bay and even 80s across the tri-valley. we're looking good all in all. look at watsonville. 62 degrees. strong ocean air pushing in. morgan hill, 72. we have nothing but blue skies as far as the eye can see but you'll notice the hills have started to turn a little brown out there. and that's because fire season started to get under way. we have some thunderstorms popping up across the sierra. that's the trend from south of tahoe down towards yosemite park. keep that in mind if you're
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traveling in that direction. here at home, it's going to be dry and comfortable and cool at the presidio. by 1:00, up to 70 at the coastline. the hot spot, though, danville. if you're headed to oak hill park, it's pushing 90 degrees by tomorrow and it looks like the 90s will be with us through this upcoming week. we have a brief cool down and by that i mean in the 80s. >> thanks, anthony. well, the bay area is getting ready to feel the bern again. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is planning several rallies tomorrow as crucial primary looms. taking a look at where sanders is appearing, oakland, palo alto, santa cruz and monterey. marianne favro is joining us from the california registrar. bernie sanders talked about how critical california will be to his campaign?
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>> reporter: he did, come june 7th. finally, california voters will have some clout in the president sham primary and, in fact, bernie sanders has said today that he considers the california primary the big enchiladda. >> it will make our path much, much harder if we don't do well in california. >> reporter: he'll be in oakland for a 2:00 p.m. rally tomorrow along with actor danny glover. sanders will push reforms to provide free tuition for college students. meanwhile, hillary clinton took the day off from campaigning today after a tough week when a state inspector general report said as secretary of state she never asks permission to use a private e-mail server. clinton said she did, adding to her upward battle to clinch the nomination. >> the polls show that two of them virtually are neck-and-neck. you take out the margin for
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error and they are absolutely deadlocked. that's all there is to it. it says a lot about their campaigns. her difficulty in closing the deal, his incredible ascendens. >> and today on "meet the press," sanders was asked if he would consider becoming hillary clinton's running mate. he did not rule the possibility out. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> hillary clinton opened up two more campaign offices in california. one opened in fresno and then today clinton's campaign opened their office in colton, san bernardino county. that brings a total of 11 clinton offices in the state of california. her bay area locations are in san francisco, oakland and san jose. on the republican side, donald trump has done part of a
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memorial day rally in washington, d.c.. the presumptive republican presidential nominee spoke to thousands of rolling thund der motorcyclists. >> we're going to rebuild our military, we're going to make it bigger and bigger and better and stronger than ever before. >> trump said undocumented immigrants said better care of the veterans and that he electrified that crowd. the libertarian party has nominated former new mexico governor gary johnson as a presidential candidate. johnson was the candidate in 2012. the former republican describes himself as fiscally conservative and socially liberal and wants to eliminate federal income and replace them with a national. coming up, just sheer terror from a mother as her child falls into a gorilla enclosure at the zoo. the new dramatic cell phone video released today showing
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this gorilla over this child at the cincinnati zoo. we have the details sfoo plus, texas continues to deal with heavy flooding. rescue workers from the bay area are helping the flood victims. and an east bay memorial for the victims of the 9/11 attacks. a 4-year-old boy is recovering
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at home today after falling into the gorilla exhibit at the cincinnati zoo. a 4-year-old boy is recovering at home today after falling into the gorilla exhibit at the cincinnati zoo. we're getting the first look at the cell phone video of the terrifying scene. >> reporter: witnesses captured this chilling moment inside the cincinnati zoo's gorilla exhibit when the 17-year-old gorilla grabbed a 4-year-old child. >> you heard a splash and people are yelling, there's a boy in the water. there's a boy in the water. >> reporter: kim and her family watched in disbelief. the primate grabs the little boy across the enclosure. harambe looked as if he was trying to protect the boy. >> i don't know if he thought we were coming in but then he pulled the boy down further away from the big group.
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>> reporter: o'connor said she heard the 4-year-old saying he wanted to jump into the gorilla's habitat. the boy's mother also tending to several other young children. >> the little boy himself had already been talking about go in, go in, get in the water and his mother is like, no, you're not. no, you're not. >> reporter: o'connor tried to keep others calm while zoo officials shot her. that moment was not caught on film. >> unfortunately, we heard it. we hadn't gotten much outside the gate. we were hoping, hoping they were just putting him to sleep. >> reporter: now her thoughts are understandably with the boy's family. >> we would just really like to know that that boy is okay because what we saw, the trauma of what we saw. in the bay area, red cross is coming to the rescue. the organization says local volunteers are in texas helping
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the flood victims. you can see there's a lot of flooding between austin and houston which was especially hard hit. four bodies were discovered there after two feet of rain fell in a span of two hours. well, a new memorial in the east bay to honor the victims of the september 11th attack. coming up, we'll introduce you to the man who created this memorial and his connection to one of the men being honored. many people have outdoor plans this holiday weekend. how hot will temperatures sore soar in some places? in san francisco this memorial
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day weekend, a special ceremony to honor the crew of a world war two battleship named in the ci . in san francisco this memorial day weekend, a special ceremony to honor the crew of a world war ii battleship named in the city's honor. the "uss san francisco" played a battle role racing into harm's way to save unprotected marines. the public paid tribute to those who died and survived. more than 100 members of the "uss san francisco" were killed and another 100 injured. veterans of the korean war were honored as well. and honoring the victims of the september 11th attacks. >> that's right. the bay area man who created
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this memorial and his connection to one of the men who will be honored. >> reporter: he was a wonderful guy. warm, loving. there are very few days -- >> i think we still think about jason daily. >> reporter: -- when bill doesn't think of his brother-in-law jason dahl. >> for a couple of years, we couldn't listen to songs that were his favorite. >> reporter: he was a commercial pilot. his last journey was at the helm of united flight 93, the day it was taken over by terrorists on its way to san francisco and crashed into a pennsylvania field september 11th, 2001. >> i just couldn't believe it. he was snatched away so quickly. >> reporter: there's a memorial for dahl and the other flight 93 victims in shanksville, pennsylvania. >> we come out here regularly. >> reporter: just miles from where he grew up and just below -- >> we're in the fly-over for san jose airport right here.
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>> reporter: but soon, dahl's memory will be part of a new bay area tribute. in the east bay city of hayward. crews have volunteered to install the monument to the victims of 9/11. >> i think it's something that we can't forget. >> reporter: the memorial was designed by michael emerson, a gulf war veteran who recently built a memorial to flight 93 in union city. >> the world changed after 9/11 and i just don't want anybody to forget. >> reporter: the city of hayward donated the land. emerson and others donated the money, labor and the will. >> good to give back to the community. >> reporter: the sight also pays tribute to veterans. >> the planes were used as weapons of mass destruction. >> reporter: among the granite benches and etched images of the twin towers is a brick paying
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tribute to pilot jason dahl. 16 years since the attack yet his memory still looms large. >> time heals all wounds i'm not so sure. they just change. it's a huge loss. >> one of the many things to think of this memorial day weekend. >> that's right. it looks like it's going to be hot out there in some spots. 60s at the coastline and maybe 100s in places like sack sack over the course of several days. yeah, this week, the unofficial start of summer and, oh, boy, it's going to feel like that over the next couple of days. you can see the fog move back into san francisco. it's covering up the towers there. that's going to be the general trend this evening. the fog is going to pull back into the coastline. tomorrow morning when you wake up, you will see gray skies. it's 65 degrees right now in the east bay. you go over to the tri-valley and we're still in the 80s.
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77 in peninsula and 77 in the south bay. as we mentioned, we're expecting thing to start off gray at the coastline. that's going to leave for some cooling but still nice and comfortable. 77 for san francisco. 79 tomorrow for the east bay. temperatures coming up a little bit. tri-valley getting up to 90 degrees there and even across parts of the north bay and south bay, mid-to upper 80s. temperatures going up for our inland valleys and even at the coastline, it's going up a little bit. anywhere from bodega bay down to santa cruz, 70s for tomorrow. a decent beach day for tomorrow. 80s tomorrow as well as for tuesday and 90s possible for the south bay and tri-valley tomorrow and for tuesday. look at that, triple digit heat across parts of the central valley. that's going to be with them at least all week long. for us, again, 70s and 80s and then a few 90s sprinkled in here as we go through the week. for monday, san jose, up to 86
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degrees. san mateo, 77. upper 60s to low 70s for places like sonoma. north bay, back to the 80s. 70s like you were for today. 84 in santa rosa. 85 for napa and 90s return for the tri-valley tomorrow. san ramon, 90 degrees and same for pleasanton tomorrow afternoon. let's switch gears and talk about the east coast. the tropical depression bonnie will bring you rain to south carolina and north carolina and georgia. they picked up anywhere from 4 to 8 inches of rain and it's a slow-moving system. it's going to be with the folks across parts of the southeast for the next couple of days. if you've got to do any traveling, keep in mind, not only are we talking about the potential of rain but all the way up to the eastern seaboard over the next couple of days. again, it's going to be quiet and high pressure in control. not a lot happening other than coastal fog each and every morning and then potential for thunderstorms across the sierra. anywhere south of tahoe towards
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yosemite park, potential for thunderstorms this evening and also for tomorrow same deal for tuesday and wednesday. that will be the trends all week long. the forecast for memorial day across the entire state, keep things dry except for yosemite park and south fd of tahoe. palm springs, up to 101 tomorrow. it's going to be cool at the coastline. low 70s and even 60s by wednesday and thursday. the hot spots will be the inland valleys. a completely different story. 90 for tomorrow and 92 on tuesday. we cool just a little bit on wednesday and thursday back into the 80s but then the heat goes back up on friday. just keep in mind, the unofficial start of summer. along with it is the unofficial start of fire season. let's all do our part to keep the bay area safe. back to you. >> good reminder there. that's for sure. thanks, anthony. >> yep. >> oracle arena is going to be a sea of blue and gold. changes being made to accommodate east bay fans ahead
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of the big game. plus, a colorful sight in san francisco today. the event that recognizes south american culture. ♪ for the first time in 40 years
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-- the warriors will host a game 7. ==live cam== tickets for tomorrow's game at oracle went on sale for the first time in 40 years, the warriors will host game seven. tickets for tomorrow night at oracle went on sale online. everyone else can now buy tickets. they went on sale. that happened just about 23 minutes ago here. >> you know, i am stunned that
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there's any tickets available. >> yes. >> this is game seven. >> it's go time. >> that's right. >> the team touched down in san francisco very early this morning. there they are. this is after last night's thriller in oklahoma city. what a game. the warriors, of course, are fighting to make the nba finals for the second year in a row. >> and i know the warriors it's early in the morning but i'd rather be the warriors than the thunder getting off that plane. >> that's right. >> the game tomorrow night starts at 6:00. b.a.r.t. is making accommodations. they have been working on track repairs on a section between san leandro. the closure was supposed to last until tuesday morning. >> they better change that. >> now repairs will stop early and b.a.r.t.'s normal service will resume tomorrow at 3:00. i think they knew you were going to say that. >> they know better. tomorrow will also be an exciting day for sharks fans. the sharks will be taking on the pittsburgh penguins.
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the game is in pittsburgh. games one and two in pittsburgh. it's the first time in franchise history the sharks have made it to the stanley cup finals. it is amazing. you don't have to miss it. don't miss any of the action. the nbc family of networks is covering this. game one right here on nbc bay area. 5:00 tomorrow night. we're going to have post-game coverage on nbc bay area and csn california. if you're not a sharks fan or hockey fan, you may not understand the magnitude of this. >> it's huge. >> it's massive. >> the puck drives at 5:00. well, crowds filled the street for the carnaval parade. it was quite a sight. we'll tell but this event this year in san francisco. cool pictures. crowds filled the streets in san
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francisco today for the city's annual carnaval well, crowds filling the streets today in san francisco for the city's annual carnaval parade celebrating latin america and caribbean culture. ♪ >> you wore green. >> i did. >> that looks very nice. >> thanks. >> this year's theme, long live mother earth. more appropriately stated. [ speaking in foreign language ] always a colorful parade. started at 24th and brian streets. continued onto mission street. these pictures are great. >> uh-huh. >> there were laborers there, civil rights activists serving as marshal of the parade and that is colorful. one after the other. >> and this is when i appreciate social media because so many people tweet pictures and then you can see it if you weren't able to make it. >> you feel like you were there. >> yep.
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>> looking good, even tomorrow if you're planning to get out in san francisco, temperatures are nice. inland valleys, it's going to be warm. tri-valley, one of the warmest spots tomorrow all the way through the week. the heat will be with us. 80s and 90s through next weekend. it will stay cool in san francisco. comfortable just like we like it. 60s and 70s. a little bit of something for everyone and we won't have any rain in that seven day. we have rain in the sierra. of course, whenever we get rain in the sierra, that means thunderstorms and that means lightning. so we'll continue to track that and the potential for any more heat-related issues as it moves towards the next couple of days. other than the 90s, i think we're going to be doing good. >> thank you so much. thank you for joining us. "nbc nightly news" is next. more local news on nbc bay area at 6:00.
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>> game seven tomorrow night. go out there and get your tickets. on this sunday night, terrifying moments. the heart-stopping scenes at a zoo after a 3-year-old boy ends up trapped by a 400 pound gorilla. tonight the controversy over the way zookeepers responded. shooting rampage. violence at a houston neighborhood during this memorial day weekend. eight people shot including two officers. deadly storms sweeping up the east coast tonight, bringing drenching rain, high winds and flooding. in texas, the search for the missing continues. a bridge too far. major questions about judgment and wasteful spending to replace part of a california bridge. how a seemingly simple infrastructure project costs billions and american jobs along the way. and the human arrow, a daredevil in a wind suit has a close encounter with china's great wall. "nightly news" begins now.


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