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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 30, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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next seven is the heat is on in the valley. >> 5:00 right now. breaking news out of iraq where isis unleashed a new wave of bombings around baghdad. at least 20 confirmed dead in three separate attacks. after the attack, isis claimed responsibility. it comes as iraqi troops launched a new offensive to retake fallujah. happening today, memorial day commemorations take place across the nation to remember u.s. militaries who died. >> president obama is scheduled to visit the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery. it starts 8:00 a.m. our time.
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some events you can attend later this morning. check out world war ii. there are wings of freedom tour in livermore. in the south bay, san jose metropolitan band at memorial park. in san francisco, is there a march with veterans at the san francisco national cemetery and 21-gun salute. a memorial day tradition returns to hawaii. thousands of floating lanterns will light up the water. tens of thousands of visitors are expected to head to the shoreline. people light candles and let them floating in the water to remember veterans and loved ones. >> presidential candidates have their sights set on california. >> bob redell, bernie calling the california primary the big
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enchilada. >> he will kick off the week with danny glover. he tries to win as many delegates as possible. hillary clinton is expected to win enough regular delegates to clinch the democratic nomination. a fact not lost on senator sande sanders. he is staying in the race with hopes the super delegates will switch their alliance to his campaign. >> right now every poll done in the last month, six weeks, we are defeating trump, often by big numbers and always at a larger margin than second clinton is. we are going to make the case to the super delegates, your job is to make sure trump is defeated
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and bernie sanders is the strongest candidate. >> that was senator sanders on "meet the press" when asked by chuck todd if he would consider being secretary clinton's vp running mate, he didn't say yes or no. he's got two appearances today in oakland. he will be in palo alto, santa cruz and monterey. the 2:00 rally at that church is not open to the public, but the rally at 4:00 in ogala plaza is. >> bob will have much more coverage of the campaign trail. a live report from washington, d.c. coming up. it is 5:03. on the look out for a bank robber. the fbi is teaming up to find this man who ran off with an
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undisclosed amount of money. happened about two weeks ago. the first national bank of northern california on mission street in daly city. he is described as middle eastern or hispanic man in his mid 20s. if you see him contact the fbi. another arrest in the case of a novato high school student shot and killed last week. 21-year-old san rafael man was arrested being an accessory to the climb. two novato high school students were shot and stabbed wednesday. one died and the other seriously hurt. thursday two suspects were arrested. police are still looking for a third teenage suspect. >> strange twist in a south bay man arrested for killing two
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dauchlgts he runs a dog walking business. he hit a woman walking two labradors. the dogs had to be euthanized. he then allegedly fled the scene. a facebook page revealed he ran a los gatos dog walking business. the page has been taken down. he is credited with developing a specialized dog leash. several people in san francisco recovering after a car crash sent seven people to the hospital. san francisco fire department warned people to avoid the area around 8 and mission street. six of the victims were doing okay but one remained in critical condition. a b.a.r.t. station agent hurt on the job. a man grabbed his head and threaten ed threatened to kill his dogs. this unfolded after the worker asked the man to pay his fare.
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he was booked as john doe because the man refused to identify himself. warriors have a chance to return to the nba finals when they play a pressure-packed game seven at the oracle. >> fans will be glued to their television. you don't have two tvs next to each other. >> for diehard fans, heading to the local sports bar might be your best option. while loyalty may be divide, many will keep their eyes on both games. >> i'll be right here watching both games. 25 years we've been waiting for the sharks to do this. absolutely. super good stuff. >> here is the run down.
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warriors game 7 kicks off at 6:00 at oracle. sharks play pittsburgh against the penguins at 5:00. where can you watch it? >> maybe right here on nbc bay area. how about that? >> my first choice would be dds in los gatos. >> there you go. you've got your sports options. the heat will be rising this week. >> that's with the sharks on the road at pittsburgh. going to see breezy conditions. numbers on the rise through the week. 55 in san jose. game one of the stanley cup on the road in pittsburgh. you want to hang out. oakland quiet around oracle arena as we head toward the evening.
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6:00 start for that game. temperatures in the 60s around the east bay. upper 60s to low 70s around san francisco. mid 80s to the north bay. look at pleasanton, livermore and concord. we'll see a chance of numbers in the 90s today. look at san jose. numbers in the mid to upper 80s. friday probably the hottest day of the week. especially when you take into account pleasanton monday and tuesday. average high should be 65. most of this week upper 60s to low 70s. coming up, a soccer star rescued from kidnappers in me mexico. >> honoring veterans and asking for votes. what the presidential candidates are up to this memorial day. a live report from washington, d.c.
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the presidential candidates are honoring veterans and making their final dash to the finish line in. =la/ presidential candidates honors veterans day making their final dash to the finish line. >> tracie potts live from washington this morning with the latest on the race for the white house. good morning, tracy. >> good morning, everyone. let's start with bernie sanders who will be in oakland today if he continues to push to win california. hillary clinton back home in new york.
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donald trump taking the day off, at least publically. politics focusing on veterans this memorial day. donald trump promises they'll get better treatment than immigrants. >> thousands of people are dying waiting on line to see a doctor. that is not going to happen any more. >> clintons marched in their hometown parade on defense about her e-mails. >> if he did that, he would know it's all but over. >> sanders is fighting for california's primary one week from tomorrow and standing with farm workers. >> conditions exist today for our farm workers, the people who feed us that should not exist and have got to change. >> and chiding donald trump for backing out of a possible debate. trump's campaign chair says they'll wait till clinton or
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sanders win. >> mr. trump will debate whoever emerges from the system. >> johnson. >> he could face more competition this fall. libertarians nominated former new mexico governor gary johnson and conservatives are promising, quoting here, an impressive independent withç a strong tea and real chance. who could that be? mitt romney's name has been thrown around. whoever it is could split the republican vote. that is a concern. but not so much for donald trump. he says, and this was his tweet, these conservatives behind the independent candidate movement are a bunch of light weights trying to put a spoiler out there. >> thank you very much. other stories, chaos erupted in houston after 10:00 yesterday morning as a gunman took aim at random people. he fired at officers when they arrived at the scene. one man was killed sitting in his car. a police helicopter was hit five times by gun fire.
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>> we do not know what started this. we know they were shooting randomly at whoever happened to come upon the scene. these officers, training kicked in. they took care of one another and contained the scene. >> those s.w.a.t. officers shot and killed the suspect. he's not been identified. the officers hurt in the shooting had been released from the hospital and are recovering at home. >> a traffic stop in florida turned violent. it was caught on police dash cam. early sunday morning a florida officer pulled over a man driving with his headlights off. he noticed the driver was wearing a bulletproof vest. the driver fired once as the officer opened the car door and asked him to step out. after a short chase, he arrested the suspect. a soccer star is safe after
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he was rescued by mexican police. it came south of the texas border. he had been visiting his hometown in the northern mexican state when the kidnappers took him by gun point saturday. state and federal police went into action and rescued him before midnight. his hand was bandaged. otherwise, he's okay. they took him away quickly. reporters couldn't ask what happened. >> computer service running in new york's kennedy airport. a service crash caused massive delays for passengers out of terminal 7. many were given handwritten boarding passes. severe weather in the midwest and texas, this is video shot by a student in montgomery county heading home from school. the water was rushing over the road the bus he was on.
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in texas alone, six people are dead. a number of people are missing. in san antonio, ten inches of rain fell in just a few hours saturday night. coast guard searching for a man who was swept away between freeport and galveston. investigators are looking for a boy who was swept away by flood water. bonnie was downgraded but still packed a punch in georgia. they are putting up signs warning people do not drive through flooded streets. >> they are going to see a few more inches of rain in the same spots. you saw texas into the carolinas right now. we are watching what was left of former tropical storm bonnie. we show you the view of the storm coming up in a moment.
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let's take you outside to san francisco. patchy low clouds. that's about the only weather concern we have this morning is thick fog on the coast. the satellite radar across the southeast coast, you see bonnie sustained winds of 30 miles per hour. nothing more than an area of low pressure redirecting in a lot of rain across eastern portions of north carolina and south carolina for memorial day. here is what they don't want to see in texas. more heavy rain spreading toward the gulf coast approaching austin and houston. heavy rain continues there. you are not going to get it. we have a wall in the form of high pressure clocking incoming storms. sinking warming air aloft, especially by tuesday will leave inland temperatures on the rise. on the coast temperatures will stay fairly cool. 50s for the morning. as early as noon, mid 80s around livermore. high temperatures around san
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jose. upper 80s south of downtown. temperatures in the 80s. north bay, highs in the mid 80s. upper 80s to low 90s around pleasanton and livermore. your memorial day outlook for san francisco fairly comfortable. temperatures near 70 in danville. oak hill park you'll see temperatures climbing quickly, upper 80s by 1:00. relief can be found on the coast. ocean beach to santa cruz, temperatures in the upper 60s. sierra temperatures, the southern sierra to yosemite starting to heat up. 87. watch temperatures spike twice this week. next two days, low 90s. then a brief break wednesday. mid 90s possible by friday. for san jose, numbers in the upper 80s for tuesday. even downtown can be closing in to 90 by friday.
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san francisco not hot but above average. one thing to watch toward next weekend, we should get cooling. more clouds. depending on this area of low pressure, we may have to watch out for a chance of thunder showers. we may have to watch out for lightning strikes to the south. that low pressure system we think will bring the coolest temperatures over the next seven days by next sunday. valleys in the 80s to mid 90s by the end of the week. >> amazing. thank you. coming up, it's getting closer. planet mars drawing closer to earth. it's not going to look this
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close.. but mars night wl be real cle to earth. in fact, 's it's not going to look this close and probably won't have words on it, but mars will be the closest to earth than it's been in more than 10 years. the earth has lined up directly between the sun and mars. that elliptical nature of our orbit makes mars 46 million miles away. you can enjoy that after the sun goes down. mars will make its way around the sky. >> it sure is beautiful. >> memorial day kicking off with cookouts and barbecues. >> fire them up. sounding the alarm about a serious hazard that may pop out when you plop that burger on the
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grill. chris clackum has the details. it turns out a good cleaning of your grill could present a bigger hazard than not cleaning at all. researchers at the university of missouri who supplied some of this video say grillers need to be aware of the risk when cleaning with a wire brush. >> be aware of the possibility that there might be a bristle in your burger. >> a bristle that falls off the wire brush, plants itself on the grill and creates a serious hazard for grillers mike matt, a husband and father of four. >> last thing i want is a metal piece to end up in their food and cause complications down the road. >> complications doctors say can't be understated. one little bristle could get lodged into various areas of the body. >> or lodged further down like the stomach or intestine.
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a worn-out brush should be thrown away or better use, use only a nylon brush. the website trip advisor survey tells thousands about what they are planning to do. if you plan to attend a barbecue, you're not alone. hardcore grillers are probably hard at work getting things ready. 50% say the barbie is on the agenda. 22% plan on swimming. 18% plan to shop. memorial day is supposed to be a good day for deals. >> two people plan to get up really early to read the news. >> two people. right here. is anyone watching out there?
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it's 5:24. a u.s. air devil strikes again. >> jeff jumped out of a helicopter. right over the great wall of china. he said the goal was to push the humanity limits. >> pope francis honored hollywood celebrities. he awarded medals to richard gere, george clooney as well as salma hayek. their foundation was inspired by the pope. >> he is getting a great reception from hollywood stars. the nation honors those who lost their lives serving our country.
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president obama will do the same at the tomb of the unknown soldier. senator bernie sanders back here in the bay area as the california primary just over a week away. for joining us.
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5:28 am mcgrew -- in for sam =laura/4shot= and i'm laura garcia-cannon. toss to rob weather. many. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew for sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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rob is in with the forecast. >> we've got some low clouds there across the san mateo bridge. 56. 54 in san francisco. by noon, low 80s in the tri-valley. near 90 around livermore. for some of our events around the bay area today out of presidio, numbers in the upper 60s near 70. danville numbers in the upper 80s. hot temperatures in the high valley. from here, temperatures are going to turn hotter on tuesday. high pressure really is the big story next five to seven days. mid 90s possible across our valleys. we'll let you know when relief from the heat might arrive. >> we look forward to that. 5:29. breaking news this morning out of iraq.
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isis has unleashed a new wave of bombings around baghdad. at least 20 people confirmed dead in three separate attacks. this is new video. the largest bombing killed eight people near a military checkpoint. after those attack, isis claimed responsibility. iraqis launched a new offensive to retake the city of fallujah. memorial day commemorations take place across the nation to remember u.s. military members who paid the ultimate price. >> president obama scheduled to visit the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national ceremony. >> presidential candidates have their sights on california today. >> bob redell live on treasure island with sanders' latest trip here. he is calling the california
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primary the big enchilada. >> with so many delegates up for grabs. kicking off the week with appearances today in oakland, one at 2:00 at the allen temple church. that one is not open to the public. you can see these are some of the appearances he'll be making. oakland,ç palo alto, santa cru monterey. he pledged to stay in the race even though hillary clinton is expected to clinch the nomination a week from tomorrow during the california primary. sanders is hoping to convince the superdelegates to flip their support. hillary clinton is back home in new york. she took a day off from campaigning yesterday after a tough week last week. that's when the state inspector general report says she never asked permission to use her
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private e-mail server. something she said she did ask. >> the democrats are all over the map. from very liberal to moderately conservative. who is historically it's been more difficult for the democrats. this year looks more so because of this huge fight that won't end between sanders and clinton. >> senator bernie sanders in oakland today. not open to the public, but he does have a rally at ocala plaza. 5:32. hillary clinton has new campaign offices in california. there is also a "hillary for california sncht "office in fresno. brings the total number of her campaign offices to 11 in our state, including several in san francisco, oakland and san jose. >> as for the presumptive
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republican nominee, donald trump spent some time in washington, d.c., speaking to thousands of motorcyclists in town for rolling thunder yesterday. this is an annual event that honors veterans. he promised to rebuild the military making it bigger and better than ever before. the united states military is currently the second largest in the world. as for the california primary, voters in alameda county offer convenient options. they'll be able to drop off vote ballots. many will be able to hand them out without getting out of their car. 5:33. an emotional night for the flame of a missing vallejo teenager pearl pinson. friends and relatives gathered on a bridge last night. >> i've been aemotional.
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to think this would happen to her tars me up. >> she is alive and i know it. >> police say fernando castro may be responsible for her kidnapping. he was killed in a shootout with police on the central coast recently. >> strange twist in the arrest of a south bay man accused of killing two dogs in a hit-and-run crash. the alleged driver runs a dog walking business. he was driving his pick-up truck on wednesday morning when he hit a woman walking her two labradors. the dogs had to be euthanized. the owner was knocked to the ground and injured. he allegedly then fled the scene. a facebook page reveals he ran a dog walking business. the page has been taken down. a dramatic rescue in east bay. a car with two teenagers plunged off grizzly peak boulevard.
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fell hundreds of feet down a ravine. >> it's amazing they lived. amazing they got stopped on that ledge there. they were lucky. it would have gone harder. >> one teen had to be carried out. the other airlifted to the hospital. it's unclear what caused that crash. search for missing father and daughter last seen in the bay area have come to a tragic end. yesterday the body of 1-year-old caylee jackson was pulled of a lake in sacramento. the two disappeared after leaving antioch. the slew where the bodies were found was near walnut grove. search for two oakland boys turned into a recovery effort. the 15-year-olds were with family on a boat on woodward
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reservoir. sheriff's deputies say the boys were not wearing life jackets. it is believed they both drowned. they spent the day looking for their bodies in that murky water. it is just north of oak dale. questions and outrage linger along with relief for two parents after their child fell into a zoo gorilla exhibit. authorities say a 4-year-old i would fell into an exhibit and was briefly dragged by the 17-year-old gorilla. the zoo shot and killed the prime it a after determining the situation was life threatening. >> made a tough choice and the right choice. they saved that little boy's life. it could have been very bad. >> thousands signed an online
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position criticizing the zoo and police for how they handled the situation. it also calls for the parents to be held accountable. a deadly car crash delayed light rail service for hours before 6:00 yesterday evening. a car and truck collided. the woman driving the car died. the man driving the truck and his passenger were taken to the hospital and are expected to be okay. it landed right there on the train tracks. the bus bridge was set up to get riders to and from great america. no 0 word on a cause. a san jose city councilman is back after spending the night in a homeless encampment in portland. he said he went with an open mind and willingness to learn. he came out wishing he had done this much sooner even though he
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spent the night fighting off rats. >> i don't mind the noise and snoring but i couldn't sleep because i had to fight back the rats. the rats are big and fat. >> he says he was impressed with the camp and those who live there. santa clara county has an estimated 6,000 homeless people. their camps are illegal. the challenge is to find out if there is a right spot for a city-approved camp in san jose. he is trying to gather enough support but might be tough. lifeguards will decide later this morning whether to reopen a southern california beach. it was evacuated after what is believed to be a shark attack. a woman swimming 150 yards offshore was attacked by a shark. lifeguards used the boat to pull that woman to safety. she was wearing a wetsuit but
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suffered bite marks on her torso and arms. they say her wounds are consistent with a shark attack. a florida teenager recovered after he was bitten on the leg by a shark. the 13-year-old was swimming in two feet of water when that attack happened. it's east of jacksonville. he was quickly brought to shore by another swimmer. >> he went under. we both went under and came back up. he's like shark. go, go, go! >> the boy was taken to the hospital with cuts to his calf and shin. he is expected to be okay. speaking of sharks, does it get any better? if. >> these are the good kind of sharks. >> warriors have a chance to return to the nba finals. they'll play a pressure-packed game seven at oracle.
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fans will be glued to their tvs but probably want to watch both at the same time. >> probably a good bet is to head to your local sports bar. stanley's sports bar in san jose expect the evening hours to be packed. loyalties may be divided when it comes to the full attention of fans, many will keep their eyes on both games. >> i'll be right here watching both games. 25 years we've been waiting for the sharks to do this, absolutely. super excited. warriors spoke for themselves last night. super good stuff. >> this is a fantastic time for bay area sports fans. florida's game sevenle kicks off at 6:00. sharks play in pittsburgh against the penguins. that's at 5:00 p.m. 5:40. this weekend's work on b.a.r.t.'s fremont line is wrapping up earlier.
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b.a.r.t. workers are doing regular upgrades to the track. especially san leandro and the bay b.a.r.t. station. with the warriors playing game seven tonight, they wanted to get it done quicker. the line will be back up and running by 3:00 this afternoon. >> they want to get it done despite the triple pay they probably make on a holiday. >> very interesting. when was the last time two bay area team that the warriors would be confident to get to the finals. stanley cup finals and nba finals. >> so exciting. >> right now in san jose we've got clear skies. we've got temperatures in the mid 50s. clear skies, fog-free right now. the game is on the road.
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it's in pittsburgh. we have a stanley cup viewing party for $5 benefitting the sharks foundation. out of oracle, quiet now. temperatures around gametime 6:00 outside in the upper 60s around oakland. a breezy evening out there with ra ra raining threes indoors. >> as we head towards new, look at livermore in the 80s. one of the warmest spots. mid 80s around san jose. peninsula temperatures 70s to mid 80s. hottest temperatures today should be around concord, pleasanton and livermore with highs close to 90. high pressure strengthening through tuesday. again on friday. the five-day outlook for pleasanton, 90s tuesday as well.
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look at friday. mid 90s possible. upper 80s will return on tuesday. thursday into friday look hot. san francisco, relief from the heat. upper 60s to low 70s as we go through the week. coming up, vandals may have defaced this veterans' memorial but it's uniting a community. a wall honoring soldiers,
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missing in action, vandalized right before memorial day. now, vets are doing what they
5:46 am
can, cle welcome back. a wall honoring soldiers was vandalized before memorial day. >> dozens of people showed up at the vietnam memorial yesterday in venice beach. this past week someone spray painted thick layers of point over the 2,000 names of veterans missing in action. many of the volunteers decided it was their duty to help restore the wall. >> i was so hurt by what i saw on the news this morning that i knew this is my job for this memorial day. >> this is as bad as burning american flag, stomping on it. >> the restoring of the wall comes in an added hurdle. a protectant was never applied to the wall after the names were added to it so removing the graffiti removes the names. the volunteers plan to repaint the names on once all the graffiti is gone. dozens gathered yesterday to
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remember the crew for the battleship that made a major role during world war ii. san francisco leaders joined military personnel to honor the crew of the "uss san francisco." the ship raced in harm's way to help unprotected marines. veterans of the korean war were honored. 5:47. here are some events you can attend later this morning. check out some world war ii airplane at the wings of freedom tour in livermore.ç in south bay, san jose band will be performing as part of the memorial day program. in san francisco, there will be a march with veterans. whatever you do, bring your sunscreen, bring your water. it's going to be sunny and hot. >> especially across the valley.
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possibly five to seven days of hot weather coming our way. it's fog that might slow you down around the bay area. case in point, you can see the towers there of the golden gate bridge. san francisco at least through mid morning we'll continue to see low clouds. we'll see numbers by early afternoon approaching close to 70. a different story out in danville out at oak hill hark. we have a memorial day event occurring there from about late morning to early afternoon. look how quickly temperatures rise in danville. upper 80s. right now low clouds and fog. san jose not seeing too much in the way of low clouds. you can see the lowest numbers and visibility down around the coast from half moon bay.
5:49 am
highway 17. dense fog as you approach the summit, conditions improve. hour by hour we'll see numbers in the mid 50s. quickly accelerating into the 70s and 80s inland around lunchtime and livermore. eventually today, mid to upper 80s in the warmest spots. 75 in burlingame. red wowood city. your san francisco for the north bay, mid 80s from napa to san rafael and concord, antioch and brentwood, we'll see low 90s. relief from some of that heat if you head out to the coast. look for that patchy dense fog. close to 70 in santa cruz. low 60s in half moon bay for the sierra. less in the way of widespread thunderstorms for the afternoon. south lake tahoe, yosemite on
5:50 am
the warm side. 87 this afternoon. the culprit for the hot temperatures, strong ridge of high pressure, strengthening into tuesday. we'll get two spikes of temperatures this week. one coming up over the next couple of days for pleasanton, low 90s. friday could see mid 90s in the forecast towards the end of the week. san jose seeing numbers in the mid 80s today. upper 80s tomorrow. closing in on 90s friday around downtown san jose which means saratoga and los gatos. you could see mid 90s by friday. san francisco average high 65. low 70s and rising thursday into friday. then the weekend may get interesting. this high will start to weaken as this area of low pressure approaches southern california. it should bring more clouds which may cool us down. if it taps into this mid level moisture, we may have to watch out for mountain thunder showers. it should bring relief from the heat as the temperatures finally
5:51 am
drop into the 70s and low 80s across the valleys. more clouds, some cooling. could be a chance of mountain thunder showers. we'll have to watch that closely. fire danger could be a concern with lightning next week. >> with clear skies at night, you may be able to see mars. it will be the closest in more than a decade. the earth is lined up directly between the sun and mars. the elliptical nature of the orbit will bring mars 45 million miles away. enjoy the view tonight. a u.s. dare devil vikes again. he jumped from a helicopter and flew through the air with the greatest of ease at 120 miles per hour. he says the goal of the stunt was pushing human limits rather than be to death-defying. >> the pope honored celebrities.
5:52 am
awarded medals to richard gere, george clooney. the awards were presented for their work promoting a foundation that links technology with the arts in four communities. it was inspired by the pope. did you get a chance to get to the carnaval parade in p san francisco? >> crowds filled the streets for the annual carnaval parade. the theme was long live mother earth. started at 24th and bryant street and continued on to mission street. >> it is so nice. it was a great day to enjoy a parade, hiking or what not. everybody is enjoying this memorial day weekend.
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coming up, dramatic video from cincinnati zoo where a boy fell into that gorilla exhibit. why people are outraged over how the zoo handled that situation. >> at 5:53, friends and family try to remain optimistic after the search is called off for a 15-year-old girl violently abducted last week in vallejo. police later shot and killed her suspected attacker. why those who know the girl refuse to lose hope. >> would bernie sanders be considering being hillary clinton's running mate? try the top of our homepege - which will be certain to get you ready for tonight's big playoff games! >> sharks, warriors, where to begin what do you watch?
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several people in san francisco are recovering, after a car crash sent seven people to thho seven people in san francisco are recovering after a car crash sent them to the hospital. the san francisco fire department tweeting out these photos warning people to avoid that area between 8th and mission street. happened after 7:00 last night. six of the victims are okay.
5:57 am
one is still in critical condition. scary scene in upstate new york. a secure camera captures a car barrelling through the convenience store. the 20-year-old driver was drunk. >> questions and outrage linger this morning after their child fell into a zoo gorilla exhibit prompting a lethal response from zoo workers. >> authorities say a 4-year-old boy fell into the zoo's exhibit and was dragged by the 17-year-old gorilla. the zoo's dangerous animal team shot and killed the gorilla after determining the situation was life threatening. the zoo's director stands by the zoo's action. >> they made a tough choice and
5:58 am
the right choice. they saved the boy's life. >> thousands signed an online petition kriltsizing the zoo for how they handled that situation. it calls for the unidentified parents to be held accountable. 5:58. life guards will decide later whether to reopen a southern california beach. it was evacuated yesterday after what is believed to have been a shark attack. a woman swimming about 150 yards offshore was attacked by a shark or some other sea animal. lifeguards used a boat to pull the woman to safety. she was wearing a wetsuit but suffered bite marks on her torso and arms. a florida teenager
5:59 am
recovering after he was bitten by a shark. he was swimming off neptune beach when the attack happened. he was quickly brought to shore by another swimmer. >> he went under, we both went under and came back up. he bit my leg. go, go, go. >> he was taken to the hospital with cuts on his calf and shin. right now at 6:00 -- >> senator bernie sanders making a big push through the bay area with the california primary just over a week away. friends and family are not giving up hope for teenager pearl pinson. >> two very critical games. sharks facing off against the penguins for their first-ever stanley cup final game. warriors hungry for a win. game seven tonight. today in the bay continues right now.
6:00 am
a good day for bay area sports fans. good morning. thanks for joining us. happy memorial day, as well. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> scott mcgrew in for sam brock. >> temperatures quickly rising. right now we have a lot of low clouds and patchy fog. you are seeing a bit of that around san francisco into the north bay. upper 70s close to san jose. mid to upper 80s san jose. 90s concord, livermore and pleasanton. san francisco out of presidio, looks pleasant. upper 60s to low 70s. danville, it's hot. we'll see temperatures on the rise. they rise more into tuesday's high pressure strengthens. midnight is possible


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