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tv   Today  NBC  May 30, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. [ band playing "god bless america" ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ band playing "god bless america" ]
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♪ ♪ >> wow! >> thank you so much, everybody. it's funday monday, not just any monday, it's may 30, of course, that's the navy band northeast brass quintet performing "god bless america" to help us honor the men and women who have given their lives in sabcrifice to ou country on this great memorial day. it's always a sobering day but we're so grateful. >> those men and women down stairs are doing incredible work. this is a day we're going to celebrate america and we hope you're enjoying your three day weekend because we have a great show for you, don't we? >> yes, first we have three guys standing around who will get us in the holiday spirit with a game you can play along with us or at home. doesn't that look fun?
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all you need are two whiffle bats and a bucket of balls. oh, come on, kids. i love to see them having such fun. [ laughter ] >> that looked like a blast. >> plus, if you're not exactly a grill master but you're throwing a barbecue sometime this summer, we have short cuts that will make you look like a pro. >> nice! and straight from the fashion police, brad gareski, he has the summer must haves for your wardrobe. he'll set us up for the summer. take a look if you wouldn't mind at this bowl. >> we were all guessing what this was. somebody said it was -- >> don't do that. don't do that. >> these -- first i thought they were unripe strawberries, don't they look like they need to be on the vine a little longer? >> but they're not. >> they're white strawberries. it's a brand new variety being grown in california. >> this has been given to us by specialty foods mobile market. >> i bet they taste the same.
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>> oh, my god. those are like sugar sweet. >> they're delicious and they've become very popular in hong kong. >> oh, my gosh. >> why? >> for more info. >> wait a minute -- >> hoda does enjoy it. >> don't you like it? >> and we are drinking a different kind of wine today. i usually won't do that because i feel like i'm cheating on myself but this is the eod warrior foundation and they have partnered with packet family vineyards to offer the eod cellars wines. this is a great idea. >> a lot of this money is going to help. prices start at $17. 22% of the proceeds go directly to the eod warrior foundation. eod stands for explosive ordnance disposal so the military eod personnel perform one of those terribly dangerous jobs. they disarm those explosives on the battlefield. this foundation is going to help
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warriors past and present. >> and we salute you for your service and for -- >> we certainly do. >> i lost my -- my father lost his stepfather in world war ii. he lost his brother at -- i think it was normally or in italy then my father's other brother came back wounded. >> wow. >> i never understood why my grandmother was a burdened woman. then you watch something like "saving private ryan" and you watch those first 25 minutes and you wonder how anybody could have been the same after that. >> you're right. okay. now we are going to enjoy ourselves. we hope you do, too. >> look at this piece of video. this is what a baby did when she wanted a little treat. this was courtesy of "america's funniest home videos." [ laughter ] how adorable. >> oh my gosh!
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>> how sweet is that? >> i can't handle it. >> give them both a treat. >> the baby saw the dog was spinning and getting treats so she was like -- >> "i can do that." >> "look how i turn, too." adorable. >> hoda works out everyday, i work out almost everyday. >> you work out a lot. sometimes when you find the right workout for you you actually go and do it. there are so many times we tried things. so there's a quiz that will tell you which exercise best fits your personality. go to to find out about it. we took the test, you and i did, on the huffington post web site. there are questions like this. do you consider yourself competitive? do you consider yourself a focused person? do you get distracted easily. blah blah blah. >> do you say blah blah blah? >> we did all that. so your best workout activity is outdoor activities. >> oh. >> maybe. they say you may love the thrill of exercise in the great
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outdoors, activities include skiing, no. hiking, not really. rollerblading, no. running, hmm. walking -- that's true. i like to walk in the great outdoors. >> you really do. >> hoda is team and group fitness. >> that is true. they say i'll enjoy a workout like playing a sport, spin class or zumba. i like -- i feel like i get energy when other people are working out around me. if i'm a lone ranger trying to do something, i quit quickly. >> somebody asked the great dolly parton if she went to the gym and she said "honey, i like to choose the people i sweat with." that's me. we're going to play celebrity age game. >> we matched up celebrities and we'll guess you if they are the exact same age -- >> meaning same year. >> -- right, or at least four years apart. so either they are the exact same age or they're four years apart. so we'll try some of these.
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ryan reynolds and ryan gosling. >> i'll say four years apart. >> same. [ buzzer sounding ] no, ryan reynolds is older. ryan reynolds is 39. ryan gosling is 35. you were right. >> it's just a guess. >> next, brad pitt and johnny depp. brad pitt is older than johnny depp. >> no! [ buzzer sounding ] they're both 52. wow. brad pitt -- okay. >> doesn't even look like him in that picture. >> kate winslet and charlize theron. >> i'll say charlize is older, i think. >> same. [ buzzer sounding ] >> they're both 40. you're right. >> they're both 40? gosh, i don't even remember being 40. what about amy schumer and lena dunham. >> i think -- no i think they're farther apart. >> who's older, hoda? why don't you get into a little trouble today? which one is four years older if that's your answer. >> i think amy's a little older.
10:08 am
lena dunham is younger! i got that right! okay, last one. daniel craig and will smith. >> i would think daniel craig would be older. >> he seems older. >> let's see if we're right. same age! >> really? >> they're both 48. wow, daniel craig seems like he has more maturity in his face. >> that's the word i was looking for. that's exactly what i was looking for. >> diplomatically speaking. don't go away, we still have our -- >> these are good. >> these are delicious. >> white strawberries. >> they're going to keep playing through us throughout the show plus tim stack is here to swing into summer with a fun game you can play in your old backyard. >> or in your house. >> you can even do it indoors. but first, one last listen to the navy band northeast brass quint quintet. [ band playing "anchors aweigh" ]
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woah. wow. now i feel more like making a mess is part of growing up. stop cleaning. start swiffering. it's time to swing into summer on this memorial day monday and we have the bats and the balls to do it. >> here too test our summer pop culture smarts and apparently our coordination is "entertainment weekly" senior writer tim stack. what are we doing, tim? >> playing a little ball. we're going to play a game called "swing into summer." instead of a buzzer i'll ask you questions, you have to make contact with the that ball, i know you can do it, or you can answer the question. and andrew is the referee. >> of course he is. >> alex will be shagging the
10:13 am
balls. >> oh, no! >> we're ready. >> first question, "field of dreams" starring kevin costner is one of the most beloved -- >> wait! >> hoda! >> answer the question because he didn't get it out. >> what do you think i'm going ask? >> shoeless joe, that's the answer, b. >> hoda gets it right! >> wait for the question! >> that was so awesome. >> shoeless joe was the original title of "field of dreams" but it didn't test well so they changed it. great movie. all right, number two. one o the biggest summer flops of all time was the movie -- >> wait what? >> summer flops. >> i can't hear. >> what was the biggest summer blockbuster of all times, "star wars," "grease" "jaws" or "jurassic world." >> "jaws." >> no. >> it was! >> "jurassic world." >> "jurassic world" is correct.
10:14 am
>> jessica shaw told me -- >> well, she might be a liar. >> that's probably how she knew shoeless joe, too. >> "jurassic world" came out last year, it's the highest summer grossing movie of all time. number three, which megastar has a highly anticipated action thriller coming out, chris pratt, matt damon, daniel craig? >> i'm going to go with chris pratt. >> no. >> kathie lee, do you want to try? [ laughter ] >> nice! who is it, kath? >> it's matt damon. >> how did you know? >> it was a guess but i didn't cheat. >> he has jason bourne coming out this summer. it's the fifth bourne movie, the fourth starring matt damon. >> come on. >> there's a new "ghostbusters" reboot coming out in july with a team of high-powered women. but which star turned down the bill murray role in the original "ghostbusters."
10:15 am
>> chevy chase! >> yes. >> did you know or did you guess? >> i guessed. because i knew kevin costner wouldn't even be -- >> chevy turned it down. >> it's not shevy, it's chevy. >> when you hit balls you get testy! >> whoo! [ laughter ] >> happy memorial day! number five. last summer was filled with good music but according to billboard, what was the song of the summer in 2015 "cheerleader" "bad blood". >> hoda. >> i think it's "cheerleader." >> even i knew that. this was a remix of -- ♪ she is always there when i need her ♪ i think i found myself a cheerleader ♪ >> i want to give you my pick which is justin timberlake's "can't fight this feeling." that's the song of summer.
10:16 am
>> everybody's already said that. don't get testy. >> these balls are bringing out some -- number six. there are 320 million people in america. how many hot dogs are consumed every summer. [ laughter ] >> nice swing! you've got to play tennis. >> 20 billion. >> no. >> okay, i'll guess. i'm going with seven billion. >> yes. >> that's all? >> well, there's 20 billion hot dogs a year but during the summer -- >> that's what i'm saying. >> i said summer. this is summer oriented. >> will this is a long segment. [ laughter ] >> this is the last question -- >> wait, it's a tiebreaker. >> this is it. >> buckle up. more than 371 million people will go to a u.s. beach this year. what did trip advisor name the best beach in america, is it little compton, rhode island, rehoboth beach, malibu -- >> you have to pick it. we have to pick it.
10:17 am
>> i am going with the hometown favorite because that's where both kath and i are going for memorial day. rehoboth beach, delaware. >> no. >> i'm going to say clear water beach, florida. >> correct. clearwater beach, florida. kathie lee. >> the sand all along the gulf coast is unbelievable. it's like sugar. >> and the winner, you get a delicious pie. >> oh, a pie. oh! >> america! >> should i? yes! all right. >> yay for alex! >> if you need a new summer do -- >> there you go, honey. >> we're here with the latest styles. and did you burn your burger? no problem. oh, god! >> all right, right after this. good-bye. >> poor alex.
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today the big day to get out the grill and have a cookout. but what happens when your friends are over and maybe you burn the burgers or your food cools off before everybody arrives? >> here with short cuts for a better barbecue is the director of culinary development for the institute of culinary education james brizzione. that's a fancy title for burgers. >> we'll make sure everybody has the skills they need to knock their cookout out of the park. so the first thing is a clean grill. >> people don't like to clean their grill. >> you have to. and if you forgot your grill brush, right here, just take file, crumple it up, nice hot grill and you can use that to scrape your grill clean. >> that's it? >> that's it. >> so let's pretend you have a whoopsy and you took yourburg err little too much. >> you got a dark top like this. just shave that off.
10:22 am
there's one thing i've learned in all of my years of cook, cheese fixes everything. and i have a special cheese for you today. this is merlot bellavitano. it melts buttely. delicious. >> just like that. then put it back on the grill, melt it over, the charred part is gone, nobody knows and we're rolling on burgers. >> what's the name of the cheese? >> merlot belavitano. so this is me. i don't care how many lists my wife gives me, i'll forget something. if you forget your skewers for your kebobs, make little packe packets. >> do you work for reynolds wrap. >> it's the key to saving your ingredients. take your stuff, close it up in a packet and grill them. >> it cooks right throw. >> how do you serve it, though? you let everyone -- >> everyone gets their own
10:23 am
packet and they're good to go. >> i like that! >> nothing for you to clean when you do that. >> that's true. that's smart. >> so people are straggling, food is getting cold. shut off half of your grill, load everything up in pans, close the lid and leave your food here to stay warm -- >> so people can at their leisure. >> that's the first rule of the chef, hot food hot, cold foot cold. so you can have this grill to cook on fit you need to. >> smart. >> i love this. this is clever, clever. >> all of the condiments, my daughter loves the ice cream sundae bar during the cookout. but you have your condiments out. you don't want piles of everything, all the bottles hanging out, things getting blown over. line it up in there. >> keep refilling it. look at this, watermelon, cut it this way, cut it that way -- >> like little popsicles. >> comes out like that. so easy to eat. who knew you've been cutting
10:24 am
watermelon wrong your entire life. >> that's fabulous. >> we're also grilling fruit. i have another great unique fruit. this is a sun gold kiwi. you scoop it out like this. it's from new zealand. it has smooth hairless skin. we grill these, grill limes, put them in here, shake it up, a little tequila -- >> wait, what is it? >> grilled sun gold kiwis, grilled wines, tequila, and the best part of that kiwi, loaded with vitamin "c" and potassium. >> so it's good for you! >> drink up. it's good for you. >> thank you so much, what a pleasure. coming up, hair styles for the stars, he'll show you how to get a cut above the rest. >> and david mizejewski with wildlife you can encount they are summer. >> oh, dear, packs a punch. wow, delicious.
10:25 am
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optimistic - after the search is called off for a 15 year-old girlio friends and family fry to remain optimistic after the search is called off for a 15-year-old girl violently abducted last week in vallejo. police later shot and killed her attacker. on our website, why those who know the girl refuse to lose hope. bernie sanders visits the bay area today. our bob rydell is visiting him
10:27 am
on the campaign trail. how does sanders feel about the possibility of being hillary clinton's running mate? on our facebook page, what his take might be on playing second fiddle. get ready, the sharks/warriors. our twitter feet, the best place to get your twitter feed ahead of tonight's big game. traffic and weather after the break.
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for some seeing a cloudy
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start, misty skies, low clouds along the coast and inner bay. this afternoon, hazy afternoon sunshine around the south bay. mid to upper 80s around san jose. 84 near palo alto. notice the numbers coming up for dublin, pleasanton, livermore. the trend for the next five days looks a lot more like summer. downtown san jose closing in close to 890 degrees for tuesday. especially friday in the tri-valley, some of the hottest temperatures we'll see around the bay area. low 90s into tuesday. bit end of the week, mid to upper 90s possible. san francisco above average as well. those highs in the upper 60s and mid-70s toward the end of the week. then temperatures cool midway through next weekend. there's lots going on in the bay area for this memorial day. we'll have a list of the observances and take a look at what's happening nationally on this memorial day as well.
10:30 am
this is all coming up at 11:00. we hope you'll join us then. it's funday monday, memorial day, and if you're in need of a new summer look, you have come to the right place. >> we're here with celebrity hair stylist louis locari la, la, la, la, la, and rodney cutler. >> of locari cutler salon. >> they have three lucky ladies waiting behind the curtain to show us the newest celebrity style. hey, guys. >> hey! >> nice to see you two together. so you took celebrity looks and you tried to inspire -- >> exactly we wanted to take -- all three girls were incredibly beautiful but we used the celebrities as inspirations to give them that feel. >> let's look at if first celebrity photo we are trying to inspire from rosy huntington whitely who is always gorgeous.
10:31 am
>> perfect, isn't she? >> she's going to bring back the shag, she's gorgeous. >> all right. so we have our model crystal. this is her before picture. okay, so you wanted to have -- what did you have to do to crystal to give her that look. >> we brought it up to a lob length, that in between length that's been really hot and we wanted to bring in lots and lots of layers so it's textured, sexy and effortless. >> we want to bring her out while we talk about her. >> look at that. that brightened her hair and i gave her the -- rosy has that beautiful lighter piece around the front which i felt was so key and essential to her hair. the back is much more subtle, much more natural and it's just loose, wild, sexy but at the same time reserved. >> beautiful. >> gorgeous look. >> our next inspiration comes from the one, the only kerry washington. that's a cool look. this is what our model bruna looked like before. let's look at her before look.
10:32 am
>> all one length, about, right? >> so what was the goal? >> this is about bangs and, the work on curly hair, straight hair, fine hair. this is very versatile, this look and it has a strong sense of style. >> come on, bruna. cool! nice! >> and, again, if you notice even though she's a brunette she does have highlights. just like terry washington does, by the way, very subtle but there. what that does is that -- t doesn't make your hair look like a block of color which is essential. by the way, all these beautiful dresses today are by leila sharon. >> did you have to -- what about the texture? >> just blowing it out smooth and a little bit of a flatiron. the good thing is it's such a strong shape you can wear it curley. it's all about the bangs, you can tie it up. it's a trong silhouette. it's simple and chic. >> one of the great summer pony ta tales. >> zen daya is our third
10:33 am
inspiration. she's always got a bunch of different looks. you wanted this look for alexis. look at her before picture. >> alexis had long beautiful curley hair. >> you're going to chop it? >> we shopped it to look like zendaya. she changes her look every time. >> wow! that's fantastic! >> i love it. i was worried. i was just a little worried. >> even if you have something that's great, this is fun, it's bold, make a change, go for it. she looks gorgeous either way. >> absolutely. i love those earrings. >> me, too. >> and if you notice even though we emphasize the highlights just in the front of her hair, there's a few in the back so the front makes sense but she looks sensational. >> so lovely on your features. >> i know they're telling you not too smile but -- i know you're a model but models can smile, too. >> you look beautiful. she has a lot to be happy about, smile. >> do you like it? >> it's so beautiful. i love the color.
10:34 am
>> it's so weird to lose all that hair but it looks lovely on you. thank you, gentlemen. all the best with is the salon. i'm glad you two guys found each other, it's awesome. >> it's meant to be. >> they creep, crawl and fly, animals you could run into this summer. >> and what you should do if you encounter one coming up this after this.
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north america is home to a fascinating array of wildlife from coast the coast. animals have adapted to live in a variety of different habitats, including our backyard. >> here are some creatures you might encounter. here host of "gnnat geo wild pe talk" david mizejewski. now it's david? you used to be dave. what works? >> well, you can call me dave. my friends call me dave. >> so you have a baby red fox. >> i have a baby red fox even though he's not wed. they have a wide range of color phase. you can see him in dark phases. >> he seems sweet. >> he's very sweet. this guy was born in captivity. you can pet him on the back. this is an animal you might see in your own backyard. >> should we be concerned? >> you don't have to be concerned. these animals are eating things like insects, berries roerks dents. this suspect animal that will pose a risk to your pet.
10:40 am
but they're wildlife so as cute as they are, keep them wild. don't feed them, don't try to pet them. just sit back and enjoy them. this guy is the kind of animal that might be born right in your own backyard. >> if there's another type of fox you should be -- >> foxes are not a danger to people or pets. coyotes are. >> what do they say about the henhouse? they're a danger to the henhouse? >> if you have backyard chicken, keep them in a secure coop so they stay safe. >> should we bring out the otter? >> we otter. >> we're going to let her do her thing out here. this is a river hotter and she is -- >> look at her! >> as the name suggests, that i live in the rivers. this is animal that if you're lucky you might see if you're kayaking or camping in a wetland area. >> oh, my gosh, what a fascinating -- >> do they not like being out of the water? >> they're fine out of the water. what she's doing is what they do in the mud. they like to go down the banks and basically it's like a game. they're playful animals.
10:41 am
on the decline in the u.s. because we've trash sod many wetlands. in fact this is the symbol of the national wildlife federation's clean water work because as we store america's waterways we are restoring habitat for these guys. >> it's wild. >> so if you're out in the -- >> hello, sweetheart! >> if you're out kayaking or camping by a rufr or a lake you might get really lucky and spot one of these guys. that fur is so dense that it keeps her skin from getting wet. >> doesn't look it, though. looks so smooth. will they bite you, otters? >> absolutely. these are all wild animals and if they have a mouth they can bite. >> i was going to test it, maybe not. >> she was found orphaned so she can't live in the wild. but if i went up to her right now, she would totally nip me. >> this next animal is one of my favorites. >> they love hoda's hair. >> it's a super common bird. this is a red tailed hawk. >> oh, he's looking.
10:42 am
>> this hawk nests here in new york city sometimes on the sides of buildings. what an incredible opportunity to see wildlife than literally right outside you window. >> i'm terrified of hawks where we live because of my little dog bambino. >> i heard you saying that a second ago. there's not a lot of recorded instances of small dogs being taken by birds of prey. it could happen, but i don't think it's anything you need to worry about. >> did you see the movie "the proposal" with sandra bullock? >> i didn't. >> something swoops in and grabs the dog sfwlrchgts it was scary. >> i believe it's happened. >> they're mostly eating rodents, small rabbit, things like that? hawks eat other birds. >> but rabbits weigh how much? >> five pounds. so your dog is probably still a little bit -- >> okay. i was worrieworried. >> beautiful animal you can see. look up in the skies. if you're on a road trip, look on the side of the roads, you can see them hunting in the grass for mice. >> i think the raccoon says no. >> our last animal is deciding
10:43 am
not to come out of his enclosure. >> i see raccoons all the time trying to get into my trash. >> that's what i wanted to talk about. raccoon, wild animals. sore your trash in a bin with a tight fitting lid and you won't have any trouble. >> we love you, dave. >> thank you, ladies. fashion police co-host brad goreski has an eye for style. >> the must haves to add to your summer wardrobe after this. ladies, why just dream of worry-free nights? i'm linda, and like millions of women worldwide i trust tena. and with new tena overnight underwear i can now sleep worry free all night. the unique secure barrier system gives me triple protection from leaks, odor and moisture so i can keep being a sweet dreamer. tena overnight underwear and pads. only tena lets you be you. we started selling kraft mac & cheese
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i was walking down the street and from the other side, "hey! hey! who is that? she just...she cat called you? no. he was just friends... he was friends with my pavlik. and that's a different story. oh, you stole her from her boyfriend? and since then i'm suffering. they lived happily ever after for how many years? 15? 130. no, contenders.
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10:48 am
celebrity stylist brad goreski has dressed jessica alba and lea michele. >> he happens to be the creative director for sea wonder. >> and you can catch him as co-host of fashion police on our sister network e. >> and who better to show us the hottest trends and how to pull it off than our guy brad. hey. >> how are you? >> are you having a good time
10:49 am
over there? >> yes, so much fun. >> are you loving "fashion police"? >> yes! we get along so well. >> let's talk summer trends to get us started. you selected three or four or five trends, right? >> my top picks for the summer. >> we'll bring out brittany. she works with us. she's one of our bookers and she has her dog lila. >> is the dog in the trend? i'll take her. that's lila, right? >> dogs are always a big trend for the summer. but the big trend here that brittany is wearing is ruffles, so you can see the ruffle on the sleeves so ruffles aren't just pretty and girly anymore but ruffles are showing up in a very simple yet chic way. >> unusual places. >> i love that. >> we love a ruffle. >> we are all for that and those darling little pants. >> aren't they so cute? >> and the slip on mules are part of the trend. so put away your flip-flops, put on a cute little slip on mule,
10:50 am
look sheik and po look chic and polished and comfortable at the same time. >> thank you, brittany. we have anna in the house. what is anna wearing? >> this is bo ho. >> boho doesn't mean hippy dippy anymore. it means there's a new polish. there's like the upper east side meats bohemia, so we have this really, really cute linen top with the nice bohemian detail. an ikat pant and it's not messy. >> how about her phone? >> she's very busy, she's on social media, waiting for her husband for the glass of wine. she looks so good all eyes are on her. >> how about tassel earrings? >> for a little extra texture you can add a tassel earring. the tassel is super bohemian as well but i love how this look is chic and fresh and summer
10:51 am
appropriate. >> and cool with lyinen. >> can we move on to mom and daughter? crystal and kayla are at the farmer's market. >> the produce is excellent. >> you have to get there early. >> one of the big trends for summer, we keep seeing this come up again are florals, but, again, florals aren't like super precious anymore, you don't to wear a floral dress and feel like super feminine and girly. you can wear a floral and it's easy and a print that packs punch so i love that trent. the bucket bag is really the it bag of the summer season. you can wear it cross body, it carries a lot of things but it's structured and modern looking. >> i can't believe they're mother and daughter. >> aren't they gorgeous? >> off the shoulder trend is absolutely everywhere. it's so nice. it's the great part of the body to show off.
10:52 am
it's in a light fabric, the gorgeous stripes and the a-line denim skirt we're seeing that everywhere. the denim skirt is back you can pull it on with your bathing suit. it will carry you through the entire summer. >> those mirrored shades are everywhere. >> aren't they fantastic? >> if you keep something long enough, it comes back. >> if briann rihanna is wearing mirrored shades, we all need to wear them. our favorite things are next. >> but first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
time for favorite things. >> you know how much i love banana grams. there's a new party addition for ages 10 and up. prices start at $19.99. >> you love your bananagrams. >> it's so much fun and it's ban
10:56 am but you learn stuff. and the new party version gives you these kinds of things so it changes it up. you can use it against your opponents. >> i like it. this is my favorite thing but one of your favorite things, too. >> love her. >> this is the debutante farmer bloody mary mix. we had elizabeth on the other day. she says this stuff has very little sodium, it's got tons of real toe to may toes. >> you can have 15 of them and not bloat. >> and your rings will come off. $33. >> maybe you should check with your doctor before you try it. >> why? tomorrow we'll get you caught up on the celebrity buzz you missed while you were barbecuing over the week end. >> plus hilarious keenan thompson from "saturday night live" tells us about his variety show with martin short and maya rudolph. >> and elvis duran is coming by. >> we hope you've had a wonderful weekend. hope you'll make it to your job on time tomorrow. spanky. >> oh, no. >> tuesday.
10:57 am
>> nice talking to you. i'm leaving because i'm afraid you'll squeeze it in on monday. >> thank you for your service.
10:58 am
sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. plus 36-month financing. only at a sleep number store.
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11:00 am
and right now at 11:00, remembering those who gave everything in their service to our country. president obama honoring their memory at the tomb of the unknown this morning. and here at home, memorial day observances across the bay area. plus, the big push bernie sanders is making today in the bay area. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. kris sanchez has the day off. bernie sanders is busy on a whirlwind trip that stops in oakland. let's bring in bob redell live in


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