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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 30, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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and right now at 11:00, remembering those who gave everything in their service to our country. president obama honoring their memory at the tomb of the unknown this morning. and here at home, memorial day observances across the bay area. plus, the big push bernie sanders is making today in the bay area. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. kris sanchez has the day off. bernie sanders is busy on a whirlwind trip that stops in oakland. let's bring in bob redell live in oakland.
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bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. bernie sanders will be coming over here to oakland later on this morning for two events. one at a rally and this event here at the allen temple baptist church. outside you can see supporters lining up to hear the candidate who will be with glover. the people who live around here have been politically active since the '60s, which is why you have politicians like sanders choosing to speak here. >> i feel like for the first time in my lifetime there hasn't been a politician who kind of permeates honesty and integrity about him. i believe that he truly represents what the masses
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really -- what we're concerned about. >> he's unwavering on his ideas. unlike hillary, she tends to change her opinion on the topic. >> reporter: should hillary clinton become the nominee? >> i haven't decided yet. >> i have not made that decision. honestly and truly, i have not. but being a person i believe that we need to vote no matter what. i refuse to even consider donald trump. >> reporter: senator sanders had several appearances scheduled here in the bay area and tomorrow emeryville, tomorrow, palo alto and eventually will hit san jose. the california primary is a week from tomorrow. that's when secretary clinton is expected to clinch the democratic nomination.
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senator sanders says he's not going to drop out of the race. he hopes he can win the nomination by convincing the party's superdelegates to switch to his campaign. >> right now in every poll done in the last month, six weeks, we are defeating trump, often by big numbers and always at a larger margin than secretary clinton is. we're going to make the case for the superdelegates. your job is to make sure that trump is defeated, that bernie sanders, in fact, for a variety of reasons, is the strongest candidate. >> reporter: and you can see some of the sanders supporters outside of the allen temple here in oakland. we know the church can hold about 1200 and then they have the rally. that will be open for the public in downtown oakland scheduled for 4:00. reporting live from oakland, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> bob, thank you. meanwhile, presumptive
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republican nominee donald trump is speaking to veterans this memorial day. more what he is pushing for in the next half hour. in the meantime, the microclimate forecast, it is hot, hitting the 90s in some parts of the east bay. here's a look at the golden gate bridge but that's going to burn off. let's bring in meteorologist rob mayeda. good morning. >> you can see all different kinds of weather conditions. across the golden gate bridge, san francisco is starting to clear out at 64 degrees. san jose, 71. and over into the inner east bay, around oakland, 64. that will be a hot spot at oracle arena. mostly sunny right now but check out dublin. already 76 degrees and it's going to be the tri-valley that begins to see the hottest temperatures moving into the afternoon. low 80s and close to 90 in the tri-valley. upper 80s around the south bay.
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this is the reason why. for most of the week, temperatures will turn even hotter as the ridge of high pressure sets up. even warmer temperatures tomorrow. and now a revised seven-day forecast that takes the end-of-week temperatures even hotter. how long the heat will stick around and a chance of weekend thundershowers in the forecast. >> rob, thanks. if you want to check out the weather in your neighborhood, check out our nbc bay area app. click it and click on the weather tap and get a personalized forecast. happening now, memorial day observances across the bay area. the mayor of campbell will speak here shortly. this is just one of the many events going on this morning. earlier this morning, a ceremony in campbell paid tribute to armed service members who made the ultimate sacrifice. the campbell veterans memorial foundation held its annual memorial day commemoration next
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to campbell city hall. the ceremony is featuring musical tributes from the del mar high school band. we spoke with a veteran who takes people will take more time to honor fallen service members. >> it's important to come here. i wish more people would come. they are out walking and stuff. they could take an hour or half an hour and come. >> the foundation provides support for veterans and provides scholarships for student veterans. a silent moment this morning. president obama at arlington national cemetery for the 148th national memorial observance. the president spoke about master sergeant josh wheeler, the elite delta force soldier killed while fighting isis. his wife attended the ceremony with their 10-month-old son.
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he talked about how master sergeant wheeler should make us all want to do better. >> today, this husband and father rests here in arlington in section 60. and as americans, we resolve to be better, better people, better citizens because master sergeant joshua wheeler. >> residents attended the ceremony saying that the nation is judged not on the people that produced it but the people it remembers. if you are looking for ways to commemorate this holiday, here's some events for you. you can check out some of the world war ii era planes. the wings of freedom in livermore. in the south bay, the metropolitan band will perform in los gatos. and in san francisco, a march with veterans. the san francisco national cemetery followed by a 21-gun salute. a deadly shooting involving novato high school students and there's been another arrest in
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the case. last night, the marin county sheriff's office said a 21-year-old san rafael man was arrested for being an accessory to the crime, though he's not a suspect in the killing itself, you may recall two high school students shot and stabbed on a hiking trail wednesday. one of them died. the other seriously hurt. now, on thursday, two teenage suspects were arrested for the murder. again, police still looking for a third teenage suspect despite this last arrest. two oakland teenagers likely drowned over the weekend. the 15-year-olds were with family in woodward reservoir in stanislaus county. dive teams searched for the bodies in the water. this is east of stockton north of oakdale in the central valley. it's the unofficial start to the summer and beaches should be packed but in california one of
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the most popular vacation sites will be closed down for 24 hours because of a shark after a confirmed shark te all across the country. nbc's steve patterson reports. >> reporter: fear on a florida beach. a boy just 13 years old bitten by a shark. >> hold on. >> reporter: his father kneeling by his side, his wife provides treatment on his right leg. a woman cradles him and you can hear him cry in pain. this is the devastation left behind. splotches of blood dotting the stretch of neptune beach. the shark was between five and six feet long. it's not the only shark scare this memorial day weekend. >> it happened so fast. i didn't know what happened. >> the kids had to get out of the water and we had to sit on our blankets and stuff. >> reporter: in newport beach, california, lifeguards rescued a
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woman. she was taken to a local hospital. a two-mile stretch of corona del mar state beach now evacuated and shut down for 24 hours as police searched the waters for the beast behind the bite. >> obviously, if there's aggressive behavior by a marine mammal, we feed to take precaution. >> reporter: last year, there were 59 shark attacks in the u.s. the highest on record. one of them fatal. more than half of them happened in florida. a reminder for the millions of americans at the beach this holiday. well, let's turn to the nice sharks. many household bay areas are going to have to have two tvs running at the same time tonight. the warriors face off against oklahoma city in game 7 of the nba western conference finals. the sharks are playing in their first ever stanley cup. it is a great time to be a bay area sports fan with some die hards that head to the local sports bar.
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in san jose, expect the evening hours to be packed. teams will be divided when it comes to attention of the fans but people will try to watch both games. >> i'll be right here. 25 years we've been waiting for the sharks to do this. absolutely. superexcited and the warriors. super good stuff. >> reporter: the warriors tip off at 7:05 at oracle arena and the sharks play pittsburgh penguins right here on nbc bay area. coverage starts at 5:00 and then tune in for a special newscast at 4:30. tonight's warriors game means thousands will take b.a.r.t. to oracle arena. we shot this video yesterday of crews working on a section between san leandro but the closure really had been scheduled to last through early tomorrow morning. but you have the warriors
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playing in game seven tonight. the line will be back up and running by 3:00 this afternoon. coming up, backlash is growing after zoo officials have to shoot and kill a gorilla. and she's only 25 years old and running for congress. marin county native erin schrode looking to become the youngest member of the house. she says she's more than qualified. killed at the cincinnati zoo
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today. zoo workers killed the primate welcome back. a vigil is planned for a gorilla killed at the cincinnati zoo. zookeepers had to kill the gorilla after a 4-year-old fell into the enclosure. after falling in, the young boy was dragged 17 feet through the water by a gorilla named harambe. the zoo's dangerous animal team shot and killed the gorilla after determining the situation was life-threatening. the zoo's director stands by the
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team's actions. >> made a tough choice and they made the right choice. because they saved that little boy's life. it could have been very bad. >> thousands have signed an online petition criticizing the zoo for how it handled that situation. that petition also calls for the unidentified parents to be accountable. prosecutors have not yet indicated if criminal charges may be filed. two teens are lucky to be alive after their cars plunged off a cliff in the east bay. the car fell hundreds of feet down a ravine off grizzly park boulevard in the oakland hills yesterday. remarkably, the teens only have minor injuries. passersby say they are stunned that the victims survived. >> it's amazing that they lived, isn't it? >> it's amazing that they got stopped on that ledged. >> reporter: one of the teens had to be carried out and the other was air lifted to the hospital. it's unclear what caused this crash. family members still believe
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a vallejo teenager will come back home. friends and relatives gathered at a vigil last night at the overpass where it's believed that pearl pinson was abducted. a witness remembers hearing calls and screams as pinson was dragged away. search crews were busy this weekend looking in sonoma county but no signs of the victim. >> it's tragic. i've been emotional for the last three days because i've known her and to think something like this happened to her, it tears me up. >> she's alive and i know it and i believe she's going to be found soon. >> reporter: fernando castro may be responsible for her kidnapping. he was killed last week. a millennial is shaking things up in california's congressional race. 25-year-old erin schrode is running for congress and if she wins she'll be the youngest ever
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elected to congress. morgan radford has that story. >> welcome. >> reporter: 25-year-old erin schrode could become the youngest congresswoman ever. >> i'm a challenger. i'm ruffling a lot of feathers. >> reporter: after consulting for heavyweights like apple and the u.s. state department, schrode says she's tired of being ignored on issues that matter to her. >> paid leave, equal pay, access to reproductive health. >> reporter: the video has gone viral more than 600,000 times. how is social media really pro telled your campaign? it's enabled us to take this action. >> reporter: so how does a 25-year-old with little campaign money and weeks before the primary run for office? we spent the day with her to find out.
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>> hello there, i'm erin schrode. >> reporter: she uses technology to bridge the gap for older voters. >> so on this app you can decide which house you have the best chance? >> absolutely. >> reporter: is age an issue for you? >> you're older than 21, right? >> yes, sir. >> then it doesn't matter. >> reporter: while you're doing this, you're doing things like facebook live and snapchatting. >> yeah. to show people what it actually looks like, boots on the ground. we're pounding the pavement. >> and you have your whole team behind you. >> reporter: she's out in the community every day, not just targeting millennials for their votes but their parents. >> we need your voice. >> reporter: proving she's qualified. >> i'm out here talking about politics, talking about the issues instead of sitting in a room dialing for dollars because, to me, this matters more. >> my name is erin schrode. >> reporter: and on june 7th,
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she hopes it matters to her constituents, too. >> thank you for your service to our country. >> amazing. >> so she is the youngest woman to ever, if she wins, to get into congress but in the 1800s, it got down to about 22. it's not a new thing but it's exciting to watch her run. >> not since the 1900s. interesting. all right. our weather is going to feel a lot more and numbers into the 90s have reached several days this week outside right now into the 70s around the bay area. there's a view of san jose. hazy skies and temperatures close to 71 right now in downtown san jose. tri-valley takes the top spots. also looking at sunshine and still a little bit of low cloud cover right across the top of the golden gate bridge. temperatures are in the 60s.
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closer to san francisco, 76 in dublin. there's san francisco. you can see the low clouds off to the west. 64 degrees in san jose. 71 and later on the stanley cup at nbc bay area. there's a viewing party. $5 gets you in there to benefit the sharks foundation. very likely still near 80 degrees. oracle arena, 64 degrees. game seven tonight, temperatures in the upper 60s and starts at 6:00. breezy out there. northwest wind at 10 to 20 later on. the wind is onshore and it's helping to bank up the low clouds and for now keeping the heat in check. as you can see, hour by hour, your memorial day plans look comfortably cool. if you head to the sierra, we'll see partly cloudy skies and temperatures around yosemite are starting to climb. upper 80s around the valley. south lake tahoe, looking pretty
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nice at 75. numbers warmer than that for san jose, mid-80s today and then we'll see a chance of some 90s popping up later on this week. redwood city, low 80s. upper 60s to low 70s around san francisco. 80s around the north bay and trivalley, temperatures in the upper 80s to low 90s. through tuesday, we'll have two spikes in the temperature trend this week. the first coming up to start the week, temperatures starting to climb for san francisco. mid-70s possibly by friday and here's an adjusted temperature trend. mid-to upper 90s possible south of downtown san jose on friday afternoon and in the tri-valley, numbers in the 90s. and now 97 as we approach friday. the heat is certainly on. heat looks like it's going to peak on friday but watch this system approaching the coast on saturday and sunday. that will bring cooling and more
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clouds and there is a chance after the heat that we're seeing this week, sunday with measurable rainfall and a chance of mountain thundershowers. hot temperatures between now and then saturday, it's starting to come on down and dropping a nice five to ten degrees and unfortunately after several days of heat, a chance of some lightning which may increase fire danger late into the weekend. it will bring cooler temperatures but hopefully without the lightning in the forecast as we finish off next week. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, san jose city leader take as trip to portland to learn about the homeless. the lessons he's bringing back to the south bay to help. happening now, the s.a.p. cent center and how you can watch it
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live. the research facility pe dikted in "finding dory" inspired by the monterey bay aquarium. gl to our facebook page. more news here in two minutes. many people clean their dentures
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a south bay man... accused of killing two dogs a strange twist in the arrest of a south bay man accused of killing two dogs in a hit-and-run crash.
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it turns out the man actually owns a dog walking business. santa clara county sheriff's deputies say christopher aisles was driving in saratoga when he hit a woman walking her dogs and dragging the dogs for a distance. the owner was knocked to the ground and injured. he left the scene of the crime. spending the night in a city-approved homeless encampment in portland. sleeping in portland's controversial area on friday night. he came out wishing he had done this much sooner even though the spent the night fighting off rats. >> i don't mind the noise of snoring but i couldn't sleep because i have to fight back all of the rats biting me.
11:27 am
it was all over the place. the rats are big and they are fat and they just stare at me. they are not afraid. >> well, aside from the less than nice conditions, he says he was impressed with the camp and those that lived there. santa clara county has an estimated 6,000 homeless people. their camps are illegal. the challenge now is to find the right spot for a city-approved camp in san jose but says gathering up enough support may be tough. coming up, a new controversial lawsuit when the driver was crashing. the victim is going over who the driver was messaging. plus, campaigning on memorial day with donald trump who is turning to you for more votes.
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in san francisco, bernie sanders joined the memorial day commemoration at the presidio. the democratic presidential candidate was among the thousands of people who attended the annual ceremony.
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his appearance was a total surprise for the organizers of the event. later today, the vermont senator will join actor danny glover at a campaign event in oakland. it's also closed to the public. he will speak at a rally at city hall and that's an open event. scott budman will be sitting down one on one with the candidate this afternoon. we'll have all of that on a special edition of nbc bay area at 4:30 ahead of tonight's game one of the stanley cup final. meanwhile, hillary clinton will march at a memorial day parade at her home state in new york. all of this as speculation is swirling about a possible third-party candidate entering the race. kristen welker reports.
11:31 am
>> reporter: donald trump rolled into the annual rolling thunder event honoring prisoners of war. >> look, memorial day, so important. it's our day and we have to be very proud of it and we are very proud of it. >> reporter: trump, who did not serve in the military, arguing he'd be better for veterans than hillary clinton making this claim about undocumented i immigrants. >> illegal immigrants are taken much better care by this country tha than our veterans. >> reporter: but the reality is la aimed at restricting government services to those in this country illegally. trump also raising eyebrows. >> i tell you what really amazes me. i thought this would be like dr. martin luther king where the people would be lined up from here all the way to the washington monument.
11:32 am
>> reporter: and this morning, could a third-party candidate be set to join the race? conservative commentator bill kristol dropping this hint on twitter. "there will be an independent candidate, an impressive one with a real chance." trump firing back calling bill kristol an embarrassing loser and a spoiler. trump went on a 12-minute tirade against the federal judge overseeing the trump university lawsuit. >> the judge who happens to be, we believe, mexican, which is great. i think that's fine. >> in fact, the judge was born in indiana. meanwhile, over the weekend, hillary clinton was off the trails but top surrogates, dianne feinstein, turned up the heat on bernie sanders. >> he ought to be able to read the sign post and if he did that, he would know that it's all but over. >> reporter: on "meet the press," sanders saying that he's in the race to the end and when
11:33 am
asked about party unity -- >> if secretary clinton is the nominee, it is her job to reach out to millions of people and make the case as to why she is going to defend working families. that's the candidates job to do. >> hillary clinton's campaign opened an office in san bernardino and there's an office in fresno that just opened. that brings the total number of campaign offices for her in our state to 11 including san francisco, oakland and san jose. a soccer star was rescued by mexican police south of the texas border. he plays with one of europe's biggest soccer teams. the greek squad. he had been visiting his home town when kidnappers took him by gunpoint on saturday. he was rescued.
11:34 am
reporters were not able to ask him about the kidnapper or what happened to him. speeding up health care for veterans, a new multimillion dollar facility in the carolinas is part of providing top-notch care. erica edwards takes a look. >> reporter: the veterans administration's first free-standing health care center is opened for business and the government agency insists it's less to do about fixing the negative publicity of the past and is focused on its future. >> it's part of the evolution and it's part of a larger program that the va has been working on for many years. >> reporter: it's the veterans administration's newest health care center. >> some veterans think of it as a super clinic. >> reporter: it opened in april and has a dialysis clinic,
11:35 am
women's health care center and an imaging center. they will serve 25,000 to 42,000 veterans each year. not just for primary and mental health care needs but for the growing specialty needs of these vets. >> dermatology, neurology. we are poised for future growth in the areas like dental, rehabilitation medicines, physical therapy. >> reporter: they have appointments for general health care needs and pressing health care issues are available. this is part of the plan to reduce scheduling wait times at va hospitals and other community service providers. the veterans administration's goal is to accommodate vets' choices. erica edwards, nbc news. >> back here in the bay area, the search for a missing father and daughter has come to a tragic end. yesterday, the body of 1-year-old kayleigh jackson was
11:36 am
pulled out of a slew in sacramento. this comes a day after her father's body was found. the two disappeared one week ago after leaving antioch headed for sacramento. it's not clear what happened. the slough is near walnut grove about 30 miles south of sacramento. searching for a bank robber on the peninsula, the fbi and daly city police are looking for this man. this happened two weeks ago at the first national bank of northern california on mission street in daly city. the suspect is described as a middle easterner or hispanic in his 20s. seven people in san francisco are recovering after a car crash. the san francisco fire department tweeted these photos and warned people to avoid the area around 8th and mission. this crash happened last night about 5:00. at last word, six of those victims were doing okay but one is still in critical condition. a b.a.r.t. station agent says a passenger grabbed his
11:37 am
head and threatened to break his jaw around 7:00, 7:30. all of this unfolded after a worker asked the man to pay his fare. officers say the man was listed as john doe because he refused to give his name. the family of a man killed by a distracted driver is not just suing the driver but those who were allegedly sending texts to the driver. nbc joe fryer reports. >> reporter: when it comes to technology, courts are now driving over new legal ground. at issue, can someone sending a text message be responsible for an auto wreck even if they are not in the car? >> the larger question here is how society wants to deal with behavior that might be okay in one place but becomes dangerous on the road. ♪ >> reporter: the case centers on a retired fire chief and navy
11:38 am
veteran killed in 2013 leaving behind his wife mary lou. >> it's lonely. it's just little things. >> reporter: his motorcycle was struck by a car driven by someone who was texting. >> he was a great husband, a great father, a good grandfather. the best. >> reporter: in criminal court, the driver who hit him, laura, pleaded guilty to involunta inv manslaughter and illegally texting while driving. but they are trying to send a message of their own, suing not just laura but two others claiming that they were texting her at the time of the crash. >> this isn't about my dad dying. this is about making his legacy to save lives. >> reporter: it's still early, but for now a pennsylvania judge has ruled that the suit can proceed. he points to a new jersey case where the court found the sender of a text message can potentially be liable when an accident is caused by texting
11:39 am
but only if the sender knew that the recipient would view the text while driving and thus be distracted. >> it's a very high bar. the person has to know that they are texting with someone who is driving and continue to do it. >> reporter: the pennsylvania judge notes it's quite possible the two men may not have known that she was operating a vehicle at the time of the text messaging. in court documents, one of the man argues there is no proof that he knew she was driving and "even if we assume that he knew or should have known, he did not encourage her to read the message". >> the gallatins are very well aware that this case may turn out that maybe the sender of the text didn't necessarily know. coming up, a veterans wall in southern california has been defaced with graffiti. how the community is gathering to repair that damage. and temperatures starting off in the 50s and already close to 80 in sunol.
11:40 am
60s near the seashore. mid-to upper 90s in the forecast when we come back. a wall honoring soldiers,
11:41 am
11:42 am
missing in action, vandalized right
11:43 am
before memorial day. now, vets are doing what they can, to clean up the damage. a wall for soldiers was vandalized and now vets can do what they can to clean up the mess. hundreds of people showed up in venice beach and painted over the more than 2,000 soldiers missing in action. many of the volunteers said it was their duty to help restore that wall. some of them veterans themselves. >> i was so hurt by what i saw on the news this morning. >> this is as bad as burning an american flag and stomping on it. >> a protectant was never applied to it after the names were added so when you remove the graffiti, you remove the names. tropical depression bonnie slammed into the carolinas at
11:44 am
least six deaths. >> reporter: it's a washout for millions of americans. heavy rain and flooding. a section of interstate 95 south of charleston submerged and authorities shut it down after too many drivers tried to go through it. in georgia, floodwaters hit homes. some vacationers were afraid to go in the water. >> i'm very concerned about my kids being out there. i get nervous when they get further than their knees. >> reporter: late saturday after swimming in rough water, in texas is was another round of flash flooding. several communities calling mandatory evacuations. >> we knew it was coming and at
11:45 am
the same time, you don't prepare for something like this to pack up your whole house. >> darren mitchell, who posted this haunting image on facebook, as floodwaters overcame his truck writing, "all i wanted to do was go home." in houston, a river is spill over its banks. another river doing the same. more than 2,000 inmates from several prisons moved to higher grounds. 's and there's more rain in the forecastor southeast texas. janet shamlian, myrtle beach, south carolina. >> in the meantime, a memorial day forecast that looks like it's summer. >> yes. we're jumping ahead. temperatures starting to rise into the 80s and maybe even low 90s and then towards the end of the week we're talking a chance of upper 90s around the bay area. we'll show you a view around
11:46 am
sunol and it's something that we'll have to watch as the hume t humidity begins to drop. meanwhile, we're seeing rain of 2 to 3 inches per hour and more than a foot of rain and a bit of a break as we have heavier showers that push off towards the gulf coast. a chance of severe thunderstorms today but no chance of that here. notice the lack of clouds off shore. a sign of strengthening high pressure. you get sinking and warmer air aloft that prevents any clouds under this ridge of high pressure. as it strengthens, temperatures will climb a little bit today and then more so as we head into tuesday. on the coast, still some relief from the heat is found with a weak sea breeze and inland valleys, highs soar. fog around the golden gate
11:47 am
bridge. 64 degrees right now. as we take you over to san jose, light winds. not too much of a sea breeze. temperatures in the 70s but check out dublin, 76 degrees. some of the east bay locations, 85 degrees already in brentwood. this corridor along 680 and certainly out towards antioch and brentwood have a chance of climbing into the low 90s. so, winds are still on shore and it will keep the low clouds entrenched on the coastline. sunshine is inland and temperatures will climb. mid-to upper 80s around downtown san jose. 60s and 70s and comfortably cool. mid-80s and upper 80s. livermore, upper 80s and low 90s. as the high continues to strengthen, as we showed, it looks like the first half of the week will keep that high in place. temperatures spiking towards
11:48 am
tuesday. san francisco, in the 70s. dropping towards wednesday and then on thursday and friday, numbers climb for san francisco. the bigger jump will be found around the south bay and tri-valley. san jose, upper 80s. maybe close to 90 south of downtown and then by thursday and friday, downtown san jose in the low to mid-90s, areas around south of saratoga, you can see highs in the upper 90s and tri-valley, one of the hotter spots that we'll see, at least five days of upper 80s to 97 degrees. concord and out towards brentwood, you may see 100-degree temperatures on friday. so several days of hot temperatures and it gets a little more interesting for the weekend. area of low pressure which starts to approach us out of the southwest. we'll breakdown some of the heat saturday to sunday. increasing clouds but we could see a slight chance of showers as we head towards sunday. so a real taste of summer for the next few days all the way through saturday and then stay tuned for your outdoor plans next weekend.
11:49 am
scattered showers and a chance of thunderstorms. fire danger could be set to increase in the sierra and coastal range. >> thank you, rob. coming up, roots is getting a remake and it's airing tonight. the changes to the mini series that broke barriers. series "roots" premieres
11:50 am
11:51 am
tonight. co-produced by the original star lavar burton, this 4-night, 8- a remake of the epic series "roots." this four-night, eight-hour version hopes to bring the "roots" story. >> reporter: one of the stars of the original and now co-executive producer of the remake, lamar burton says race is still a controversial topic nearly 40 years later. >> i'm continually surprised
11:52 am
that we haven't made more progress where racial tension in america is concerned. i'm really hoping that with this retelling of the roots story that we can once again revisit this conversation and this time perhaps absent some of the guilt and certainly some of the shame that was associated with the conversation this time around. >> reporter: there are similar cast members and repricing roles that stir up an emotional connection. >> i think that all of the actors involved are -- have come to this project with a real sense of import and responsibility to get it right and to do the original honor to uphold that legacy and move it forward. >> reporter: the same role that made burton safety, it was initially intimidating to take
11:53 am
on such an iconic character. >> i was terrified. i was prepared to do it without lavar's help but when he came, his help was very necessary and mostly to support and have the decision to have me involved made taking on this journey a lot easier. >> malaki kirby is an amazing human being and actor. i can't wait for you to see his performance. his heart was perfectly matched to the character. i gave it up to him. he's got this. trust me, he's got this. >> i'm not sure whether to feel excited or just really old. we'll be right back. many people clean their dentures
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with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean,
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in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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wildlife officials in sri lanka rescued an elephant that fell into a storm drain. they had to pull the little guy out. nobody is sure how he got in there. the weather is going to
11:57 am
change starting today. temperatures on the rise and into the 80s. maybe as hot as the bay area sharks and temperature trend looking more like san jose, upper 08s and low 90s in pleasanton and a lot of red on this five-day temperature trend. low 90s the next few days and then on thursday and friday, very interesting, upper 90s in the tri-valley to wrap up the week. want to beat the heat? not a bad place to be. mid-70s towards friday and for the weekend, we get heat relief but a few scattered showers and thundershowers along the coastal range. very interesting days ahead. hot temperatures for the next five to six days. >> a programming note for you, "nightly news" will be at 4:00 and regular news at 4:30 and then we're airing the sharks. right here at 5:00, nbc bay area. see you tomorrow.
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