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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 31, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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bernie in the bay. the democratic presidential hopeful trying to woo voters. he'll continue campaigning in the east bay today. >> it happened again. another law enforcement officer's weapon stolen out of his car in san francisco along with credentials. that weapon belongs to an fbi agent. a good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we'll get to traffic trouble in the south bay. >> our temperature is chilly in the north bay. 47 to start your morning. by lunchtime, upper 80s. san jose and south bay in the 90s today. mid 90s tomorrow before those temperatures get hotter approaching friday. a look at that and our full forecast in a few minutes. here's anthony. >> earlier telling you about the south bay.
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you can see in realtime happening the police cars here stopped traffic on 101 northbound because they are trying to clear a very bad accident that happened. it seems as though they are trying to tackle this. looks like there is a lane blocked. they've got all lanes stop and go. there is a car fire that started a grass fire off to the shoulder. this could be a huge issue. we'll continue to track it as we get going this morning. >> steph curry on fire. warriors were down early but never out. they became only the 10th team in history to come back from a 3-1 deficit in the series. >> they did it. bob redell is live where it all
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happened last night. we are seeing oracle came alive last night more than ever before. >> some fans told us the sound inside oracle was deafening. this series against oklahoma city was not easy for golden state. it was a struggle at times. you see thunder blew out the warriors two games straight forcing steph curry. he was in the unwanted position of having to win the next three games. at times it seemed like the warriors might not pull it off. the warriors did come back in the second with great plays. great shots. they won 96-88, earning a trip back to the nba finals against the cleveland cavaliers for the second year in a row. >> this series was tough for us.
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we couldn't find a consistent rotation off our bench. both were trying to create different matchups and counter different matchups. we never settled into a pattern off the bench but that's what they forced us into. with everything on the line, our guys came through. >> golden state becoming only the 10th team to come back from being down three games to one in a playoff series. the nba finals starts this thursday, game one here at the oracle arena. tickets go on sale at 5:00. the team reminding us to remind you to buy your tickets from reputable sellers. there were fraudulent tickets to last night's game. >> they defied the odds.
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keep going. the crew of graphic sports wear working overtime. the minute the game ended, they started printing out the western conference champion shirts. the sharks stayed in it to the end during the first game of the stunly cup finals. they took a tough loss to pittsburgh. a goal by the penguins with about 2:30 left broke a 2-2 tie. sharks what theled back to tie up the game. players said they need to do more. >> we've done it all postseason. we'll forget about this in ten minutes and be ready for game two. >> we could have won that game. we didn't play good at the start. feel okay about that. we'll play another day. >> looks like they can shake it off. game two is tomorrow night also in pittsburgh. the series swings to the sap
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center for games three and four with game three saturday. win one game away from home. decision 2016. to borrow a basketball metaphor, today bernie sanders will continue his full-court press on bay area voters. sanders holding a health care news conference in emeryville. it will follow his appearance yesterday in front of thousands of people. at one point, three protesters caught commotion when they tried to rush on to the stage. secret service able to stop that before it started. support are cheered on the many needs to win a big victory in california. >> if there is a large voter turnout, we will win and win big.
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>> stay in as long as he can. >> hillary clinton is officially about 70 delegates shy from clinching the democratic nomination. that's not counting super delegates who can change their mind. california has close to 500 delegates at stake next tuesday. we'll stay on the sanders story as he continues throughout the state and a look at both sides. >> 5:06. new questions as san francisco police investigate the theft of another gun from a federal agent's car. this happened near alamo square. the car and weapon belong to an fbi agent. the thief store the agent's badge and other credentials. it happened sunday afternoon. police say the gun is a.40 caliber clock. it is the latest in a series of san francisco car thefts of weapons used by agents. last year it led to a shooting
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death on pier 14. students returning to class since last week's shooting. a second student was shot and stabbed and still recovering. three suspects are in custody. police continue to look for one more teenage suspect. prosecutors have not decided what charges to file or whether two of the suspects will be charged as adults or juveniles. that decision is expected to come later today. >> the penalty phase of the trial involving a convicted child killer in oakland resumes today. jurors convicted darnell williams of first degree murder in the shooting death of an 8-year-old in 2013 and convicted him in a separate murder. jurors are choosing between the death penalty or life in prison without parole. police have caught a man and charged him with felony hit-and-run driving.
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witnesses caught 26-year-old driving erratically late thursday afternoon. they reported him drifting off the road or going out of control. he hit someone in the dirt field in the intersection. the victim flipped a couple of times in the air. other people gave chase and called police and caught him. the victim was last reported in stable condition. we are coming off a holiday. people enjoying the warm weather. you ain't seen nothing yet. >> right now we are looking at temperatures in the 50s and 60s. 59 in san jose right now. clear skies. that's an exception to the rule. on the coast, patchy dense fog. 40s and 50s to start by noon, mid to upper 80s.
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70s for san francisco. tri-valley and out toward concord and antioch. we will see a few upper 90s toward the delta. watch the temperature trend thursday through saturday. mid 90s around downtown san jose. pleasanton close to 100 on friday. san francisco should approach the 80s on friday. that weekend cooling may include a chance of thunderstorms which we'll look at that in a few minutes. another check of our tuesday morning commute, here is anthony. >> the flares are out. apparently there was a car fire that caused a grass fire. they are trying to move things over to the shoulder. we'll continue to update you and check out the rest of the bay area. coming up next, your business and tech news. >> eric holder, former ag saying
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he's changing his mind about about snowden. we'll take a look. donald trump says he'll reveal
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his donations to veteranstoday.. and hillary clinton goes to plan b... to win california... ==sam//boxes== . donald trump says he will reveal his donations to veterans. tracie potts joining us live from washington, d.c. this morning with more on what that plan b is. good morning, tracy. >> plan b is the new game plan to try to win dal voters, which bernie sanders has been out there doing for days now. we will talk about what she is going to adjust in a moment.
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first, donald trump now explaining the money he says he collected months ago for veterans. some vets groups are skeptical about where that money went. >> we are going to create jobs. >> later this morning, donald trump is holding a news conference to name the veterans' group who got $6 million in donations. >> we love the vets. >> they claim trump lied about the money. >> still no debate with bernie sanders who promises a comeback like the golden state warriors. >> they turned it around. sanders saw protesters rush the stage in oakland. >> we don't get intimidated easily. >> he is predicting a win one week today. >> hillary clinton's fund raising in new york and new jersey today, then headed back
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to california a day earlier than planned for five state days of campaigning before next week's primary. sanders has already had several straight days of campaigning in california. he continues today with two more events. those will focus on health care. the california june primary is a week away. some counties offer early voting. in contra costa you can cast your ballots in these locations. in alameda county, this is the last day to request a mail by vote in that county.
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this is aç topic that was once dominating headlines. former attorney general eric holder said snowden would have to go to jail. now he said he did a public service. >> we would never imagine this happening. holder voiced that change of mind in a podcast monday saying, "i think he actually performed a public service by raising the debate that we engaged in and by the changes that we made." snowden is the former nsa worker who released secret about the u.s. spy program showing u.s. spy agencies recorded information about every cell phone call made in the united states and tapped into the private information owned by silicon valley companies like google. holder says snowden committed a crime and should be punished, but a judge should take into account that they were a public service. snowden revealed his secrets to the "guardian" newspaper which
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is having trouble this morning. it caught one of its freelance reporters working in california making up quotes. even people. the guardian says it is scrubbing 13 articles written by san francisco-based joseph maten after fact checkers said he fabricated quotes. >> you can count on landon dowdy. >> you better believe it. good morning to you. markets look to start the week out on a positive note. dow had its best week since march. futures are higher this morning. big week with economic data on reports on personal income and spending. home prices and consumer confidence. last friday the dow rising 44 points to 17,873.
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>> law makers in michigan to be the first state to allow anyone to own a driverless cars. this has been a debate. when you build an automated car, is it like a regular car or start from the ground up with nothing in the driver's seat because it's an automated car? michigan will say you don't need a steering wheel. >> just in case you need to take over that seat. >> michigan's attitude is going to be the car is smarter than you are. >> that's the state with american car manufacturing. >> they want to get ahead. >> thank you. let's get news from canada where that wild fair was serious problems for many communities that forced the evacuation of a city. it's now looking like hundreds
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won't be allowed back to their homes for months. some 2,000 people cannot return home until september due to toxic ash and debris. the cleanup is still under way. more than 80,000 people in total had to flee the city mcmurray earlier this month when the firefighter broke out. fires there, flooding here. incredible video this morning from woodlands, texas. rivers overflowing, their banks and streets washed out by flood waters. texas and the midwest have been hit hard by rain and flooding. six people died. the region is expecting more severe weather throughout the week. these people are not getting any relief. >> still a possibility. rivers outside of houston cresting ten feet above flood stage now through friday. here we've got thunderstorms,
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low clouds, misty skies this tuesday morning. you see that looking north across the golden gate bridge. 53, nice and comfortable. try to soak in as much of that air as you can. we'll see temperatures soar. there's the loud spot last night. oracle 55. basking in the glow of that western conference finals win. you see san jose, hazy skies to start. 59. the fog is an issue for santa rosa about 3/4 miles visibility. it does drop off. down into gilroy, half mile visibility. 3/4 mile around half moon bay. patchy dense fog around the coast and temperatures will quickly climb into the upper 80s and low 90s. 70s closer to san francisco. mid 80s around the peninsula. mid to upper 80s today.
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mid 90s for pleasanton and livermore and likely taking, as we head to thursday, friday and saturday, watch the temperature trend. mid 90s around san jose. little bit of cooling as we head toward sunday. pleasanton near 100 friday. close to 105 on friday. san francisco climbing close to the 80s on friday. a little bit of weekend cooling as an upper level low approaches the cost. things could get interesting here. could see a chance of thunder. that is not a good thing. we are going to get onshore winds cooling us off for sunday. watch for scattered showers. i do think we are going to get a break from the heat sunday. thursday through saturday, numbers climbing from mid 90s to near 100 degrees.
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>> we were talking about that accident northbound near the 280 interchange. it's been cleared within the last few minutes. all lanes are opened. it had been a slow go from folks in the south bay. you may want to use an alternate route. 101 has been backed up for an hour. it goes back north of capital expressway. we've seen backups worse than that. they've got that cleared now. across the altamont pass, a little bit of slowing. patchy fog near petaluma. been a while since we checked on it. we've got wide open lanes. >> thank you very much. 5:21. how do you turn a two-hour flight into a 12-hour travel
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session? the nightmare for passengers aboard this allegiant flight. =sam//contvo=
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honoring our fallen heroes. the bay area paid tribute to the brave men and women who fought and died for our freedom some nice commemorations honoring our fallen heroes. the bay area paid tribute to the men and women who fought and died for our freedom. there were musical tributes from the delmar high school band. oak hill, scout troops placed flags at headstones for the memorial program there. in gilroy, hundreds of community
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members lined the streets for the city's memorial day parade. organizers say the event not only honors veterans, but celebrates gilroy's diverse community. today is your last chance to catch vintage world war ii planes, maybe ride them if you want that are now appearing in the bay area. >> these aircraft visit more than 30 states every year. many are still in great flying condition. veterans can attend free. otherwise adults pay $12. despite this past weekend being one of the busiest travel days of the year, there were no major delays at airports across the country. people found themselves moving through airports easily. one reason the tsa has extra k-9 teams at the busiest airports. dogs can screen large groups for explosives eliminating the need for people to remove their
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shoes. it's going to move on to more travel news. it took a flight out of florida three trys to get to its final destination. allegiant airlines was headed to north carolina yesterday. the plane went back to the gate when a passenger suffered a medical issue. once in the air that same plane experienced electrical problems that forced the plane to turn around. later boarding was halted as a piece of emergency equipment had to be inspected. passengers were left waiting more than ten hours for a flight less than two hours long. passengers were taken off a united airlines flight in tampa. this video was taken by a passenger inside the plane. firefighters were able to put that fire out and no one was hurt. coming up next, bernie sanders is not leaving the bay area yet. the presidential hopeful making his rounds trying to woo voters
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ahead of the june 7 primary. a law enforcement agent's gun stolen after a car break-in in san francisco. wales the thieves made off with. celebrations... from the historic warriors win last night! today in the bay will be right back. >> plus your high lights and celebrations from the historic win last night. i'm sam brock.
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=laura/4shot= and i'm laura garcia-cannon. ad lib toss to weather
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. thank you for joining us on this tuesday, i'm sam brock. >> i'm lara garcia-cannon. >> later on this week temperatures are set to climb. clear skies. san jose 59. different story around san francisco heading into north bay. you can see low clouds blocking out most of the towers there. golden gate bridge. 40s and 50s to start by lunch time. upper 80s around livermore. hottest spot around the tri-valley. close to 90 in san jose and a more comfortable 72 around san francisco. >> things more active across the bay area roadways. metering lights turned on. you can see the traffic is stop and go. across the bay, looking good. fog forming across the bay. that may impede your view but looking good on the roads. lots of green across the tri-valley.
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build coming in from livermore. across the south bay we have an earlier accident. that is clear. you see the red on the map that denotes slowing in the area 101. oracle arena will be the center of the basketball universe for the next few days. thursday is game one of the nba finals. like last year, warriors take on the cleveland cavaliers. season ticket holders get the first crack. did you see last night's game. it was a good one. >> of course we saw last night's game. >> clutch shooting in the second half. warriors come back from three games to one deficit to beat oklahoma city. the splash brothers led the way. they were soaking those nets as doves scored a 96-88 game. they overcome a 3-1 deficit in
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the playoffs. >> the sharks stayed in it right to the end during last night's first game of the stanley cup finals. >> close does not count. a goal by the penguins with about 2 1/2 minutes left in the third period broke a 2-2 tie and gave pittsburgh a win. sharks battled back from a 2-0 deficit. game two is tomorrow night. that's also going to be in pittsburgh. series swings to the sap center for games three and four with game threeç on saturday. this morning, are there are new questions being asked as san francisco police investigate the theft of yet another weapon from a federal agent's car. this one happening over the weekend by alamo square. the car and weapon both belonged to an fbi agent. kris sanchez joining us live from treasure island with more. this person's credentials were stolen as well. >> reporter: right. their badge, credentials,
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identification and of course that gun. this happened on sunday. was reported to the san francisco police department just afternoon. hayes and pierce street. san francisco police are not revealing more details about that left, but we know from our reporting that this is a hot spot for car burglars. it was nearly a year ago kate steinly was shot and killed with a stolen law enforcement gun. some people can't believe after that high-profile case officers are leaving their weapons in their car. >> i can't believe someone is so stupid to leave a gun in their car. >> that's scary. why are they leaving them in the car? that's the question for me. >> our investigative unit worked to find out how many weapons are missing or reported stolen from law enforcement. since 2010, 500 weapons were taken from state and local agencies, 379 missing in the bay area alone.
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that is not counting the agencies who declined to release their data. some guns missing are military grade assault rifles. we reached out to the fbi in san francisco. they have not responded to our request. we hope they will do so today. kris sanchez, today in the bay. decision 2016 now. bernie sanders continuing his bay area push. sanders will hold a health care news conference later this morning. it follows his appearance yesterday in front of thousands. at one point three protesters caused commotion trying to rush the stage. supporters cheered on the man for many they believe needs a big win in california. >> if is there a large voter turnout, we will win and win big. >> sanders' rival hillary clinton 50 delegates away from
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clinching the number nation. california has close to 500 delegates at stake next tuesday. >> hillary clinton canceling events in new jersey to come out to california. canceling events back east to come to california might be an indication she is facing a tougher fight. >> donald trump is coming back to california. first he is holding a press conference 8:00 in new york before heading back to the golden state. trump is due at sacramento at the airport tomorrow night. he thinks california is in play, referring to the general election.
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trump thinks he can beat any democratic in this state even though a republican candidate hasn't won california since ronald reagan in the 1980s. new this morning, north career appears to have failed another missile launch. the news agency reports a mid range missile exploded at a mobile launch pad as soon as the launch button was pushed. the u.s. is closely watching developments here since they could be capable of reaching bases in the pacific. the divide is deeper for zoo workers who killed a gorilla to save a boy who fell into his cage. they show him dragging the boy by the ankle through the water.
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>> naturally, we did not take the shooting lightly, but that child's life was in danger. >> an online petition calling for the mother's boy to be charged with endangerment. a suspect in a deadly los gatos shooting scheduled to enter a plea. andre redman is facing murder charges. authorities say he and another man tried to burglarize a los gatos home. they ended up shooting and killing one man who lived there. two other victims were injured. the pair jumped into a get away car but crashed during a high speed chase. the other suspect died in the crash. still no sign of missing vallejo teenager pearl pinson. they searched a remote area and were not successful. she was abducted in vallejo while on her way to school last
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wednesday. witnesses say they saw her being dragged across a pedestrian walkway. the man suspected of taking her was shot and killed in a shootout with police that ended in the central coast. a barn fire closed down highway 116 in sonoma county for several hours yesterday. flames engulfed a large barn and car. this is the west of sony point road. wind and humidity made that fire much worse. police say the second floor of the barn looked like people lived there, but no injuries reported. >> elevated risk for wildfires. >> we are going to see temperatures 90 to 100 for areas probably a few days. one of the warmest spots are expected today later on. pleasanton, start to the morning there at 58. 40s and 50s as we go through our morning forecast. patchy areas of coastal fog and
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mid to upper 80s around the tri-valley. san francisco, up ever 60s to low 70s. upper 80s in the low bay. mid 90s around pleasanton and life more. mid week into the weekend shows mid 90s possible. san francisco also seeing numbers acrocing close to the low 80s by friday. speaking of san francisco and bay bridge approach around san francisco, let's send it over to anthony with traffic. >> we have slowing from petaluma down to mill valley. also slowing across parts of the try valley. 580 at the 680 interchange.
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there's an accident. creating slowing there. there is good news out of santa clara. a big community event going ahead despite devastating fire. this fire nearly took out the round hill dance studio. they put on their annual ballet. >> when we first saw the fire and got the news, i thought how am i going to pull this off? >> they managed to pull it off thanks to other studios. the performance is slated for june 18th at santa clara high school. good news for them.
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>> it is a communicate working together. scott has tech news for us. one of the most popular people on twitter appears to say naughty things. we'll investigate. concerns about nba bay area is your home for the stanley cup finals. live post game coverage from the shark tank and pittsburgh with the insiders. announced on a regular basis -
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may be changing. =laura/anim= if it's not a holiday, it's
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become a new american tradition. >> apple has gotten in a pattern. >> a rut. one upgrade in the spring and a brand-new iphone every other fall. the major announcement. cnbc says apple may move to a once every three-year release schedule on brand-new phones. bigger changes, but coming less often. french prosecutors say it may be as long as a year until we see a result or a raid on google's paris offices. nearly 100 offices raided google last tuesday. we think the issue is taxes. the prosecutors say it will take months to process the information seized. >> the science channel will launch a new tv series about people who build drones.
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the most popular person on twitter katy perry was hacked over the weekend. perry has 89 million followers. there is no doubt it was a hack. you could tell the tweets were not from her. quarter to 6:00. what a dilemma to bay area sports fans. two incredible choices. local hockey history. many decide we can watch both games inside a crowded bar. >> i was here to watch all of it. >> keep an eye on the sharks. >> i'm supposed to be here for
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both. we need to support both. >> bay area teams came out with a split decision last night. this was a win/win. certainly those bar owners like it. everybody keeps coming back to watch the game. >> they are going to squeeze every last drop for a couple of weeks. the nba finals haven't started. >> have a cold drink because temperatures are going to be warm here. >> temperatures set to climb as we see right now. patchy fog for you this morning around parts of the bay area. misty skies near the coast. there is oracle looking at hazy skies for the morning. we switch over to san francisco. 56. low clouds across the bay. clear skies around san jose. 59. toward pleasanton 58. further inland around the
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tri-valley. one thing to watch, they've got a beach hazard statement up for rip currents, southwest facing beaches. could see a large shore break and use caution there. temperatures are going to warm up. folks want to head out to the coast. conditions out of the southwest making for dangerous conditions along the shoreline. santa cruz should see 70s there. lake tahoe check out temperatures. 91, hotter temperatures, too, heading toward the sierra as we finish off the week ahead. upper 80s and low 90s around the south bay. low 70s, maybe upper 60s around the west side of downtown san francisco and the peninsula. 70s and 80s today. numbers in the upper 80s in santa rosa and mid 90s for the tri-valley. temperatures will climb more as high pressure should reach its peak intensity friday to early
5:48 am
saturday. mid 90s and upper 90s south of downtown. temperatures come down as we go through the weekend. tri-valley mid 90s. close if not slightly above 100 on friday. even as the clouds come in near 90 on saturday and san francisco looking at high temperatures close to the 80s on friday. notice temperatures dropping down. here is where the forecast gets interesting. area of low pressure approaching the coast. will bring an onshore push of air but may include a chance of thunderstorms. we may have to watch out for a chance of lightning-sparked fires. in the meantime between now and saturday, numbers way above average. clouds filling in and some late cooling coming up through the weekend. starting to build across the
5:49 am
bay bridge approach. metering lights on. you can see we are looking at green on the map. things are moving good. there are spots in the east bay that are patchy. 880 towards fremont and sunol seeing slowing down there. earlier accident we had at 101 near mckey still seeing slowing. this is a slow spot. now as traffic starts to build, traffic will take longer than usual because of that earlier accident. back out to the san mateo bridge. earlier we were talking about the fog. you can see that across the san mateo bridge. not all that bad. traffic moving good. back to you. people in brazil right now responding with outrage over the reported rape of a 16-year-old girl by more than 30 men. two suspects are in custody from
5:50 am
that alleged gang rape. one of them is a professional soccer player. police have only four other definitive suspects. one is head of a major drug trafficking ring in the slum where the attack took place. some athletes would do anything to make it to the olympics, others say no clanks. nba star and three-time olympian pal gasol says he may skip the game because of the zika virus. he says anyone going should think about the risk. but helena scott says her dreams areç worth the risk. the 23-year-old stanford grad is ready to head to rio. >> we are able to focus on our training. >> the world health organization says keeping half a million people out of rio will not make a dent stopping the spread of
5:51 am
zi zika. beijing celebrating no tobacco day. >> this annual observeians comes with added meaning. it's been a full year since the capital initiated what is believed to be the world's toughest smoking ban. lighting up is prohibited in all spaces accessible to the public. china has some of the highest smoking rates to the world and government sees a way to help avefrt a looming health crisis. the bay area paid tribute to the brave men and women who fought for our freedom yesterday. >> this is in the south bay where they held their annual memorial day commemoration. san jose's oak hill memorial park, scout troops placed flags and headstones at the annual
5:52 am
program. >> in gilroy, hundreds lined the streets for the city's memorial day parade. it not only honors veterans but celebrates the diverse community. >> today is your last chance to catch vintage world war ii era. fighter planes in the area. >> these aircraft visit more than 30 states every year. many of the praens are still in fine condition. veterans can attend free. coming up, standing by their actions. zoo action after a gorilla is killed. >> bernie sanders attended last night's warriors games. our app is the best way to stay ahead of the traffic.
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new this morning: =sam/vo= north korea appea to ve failed at another missle ln. south korea's news agency po new this morning, north korea appears to have failed another missile launch. south korea's news agency reports a mid range missile exploded at a mobile launch pad soon as the button was pushed. this is file video not from
5:56 am
today's launch attempt. if confirmed, it would make the fourth failed missile launch from the communist regime. it was a full day ordeal for passengers that took a flight out of florida. >> allegeant airlines was headed to north carolina yesterday. the plane went back to the gate when a passenger suffered a medical issue. then once in the air, electrical problems forced the plane to turn around. later, boarding halted as a piece of emergency equipment had to be inspected. passengers left waiting more than ten hours for a less than two hour flight. scary at o'hare international airport when a taxi cab crashed into a terminal. the cab jumped the curb and slammed into the baggage claim area. fortunately, nobody was hurt. >> 5:56.
5:57 am
the divide keeps getting deeper over the actions of cincinnati zoo workers who killed a gorilla over the weekend to save a 4-year-old boy. that boy got through a fence and fell into the enclosure. zoo leaders are standing by the actions of workers even though the outrage continues to grow. >> naturally, we did not take the shooting lightly. but that child's life was in danger. >> online petition calling for the boy's mother to are charged with negligence has grown past 200,000. prosecutors have still not indicated if charges will be filed. it took weeks of negotiations, but now thousands of verizon workers who walked off their jobs are returning back to work today. workers reached a tentative contract agreement. workers were concerned over job shifting overseas.
5:58 am
verizon says it is going to hire more u.s. workers and give raises to current union employees. 40,000 workers have been on strike since mid april. the city of cleveland tries to show it's ready to host a republican national convention. they worry the city is not prepared for what could turn into a rowdy affair. the mayor and police chief will detail their plans. the convention will be held july 18th through the 21st. president barack obama welcomes the ncaa champions to the white house. >> it wasn't the team he picked to win but the villanova wildcats won in dramatic shot as time expired to beat university of north carolina in april. president obama's love of college hoops is well known. he appears on telecasts and even reveals his touament bracket on espn. golden state warriors clinch
5:59 am
the western conference title. on to their nba finals for the second year in a row. bernie sanders trips to the bay area hits a snag as protesters storm his rally. the east bay town. >> this happened again. fbi agent's gun snatched right out of his car in san francisco. what's being revealed about the suspect. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good tuesday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. this last weekend was the unofficial start of the summer. later this week will be the real thing or feel like it. >> yesterday we did see mid 90s in parts of the bay area. we get you clear around parts of the south bay. comfortable start if not chilly around the north bay. 40s for the moment.
6:00 am
by lunch time everybody in the 70s. numbers again in the mid 90s for livermore and pleasanton. close to upper 80s and downtown san jose. hotter temperatures on the way. >> earlier we were telling about the crash 101 near mckey. the backup has cleared. that is good news. we are still finding slowing across the east bay. 101 looking at wide open lanes. patchy slowing across the east bay. not all that bad. it could be worse. metering lights have been on the bay bridge approach. not that extensive. good news on area roadways this morning. we do have breaking news coming into our newsroom where fire crews are battling a very


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