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tv   Today  NBC  May 31, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> like anybody cares, hoda woman. >> yes, they do care! >> hello, everybody, it's boozeday tuesday. it's also spanky tuesday, may 31. and if you can hear it, it's superstar by pit bull featuring becky g. >> becky g. is in this one, all right. >> and we have such a funny guy with us today. you came to the right place for a laugh. hello. >> good morning. good to see you. >> what are you cooking up for us today. >> i am preparing a nice wild sockeye salmon that you'll enjoy
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thoroughly, i do believe. [ laughter ] >> what makes your specials. >> it lots of dill. lots and lots of dill. dill and olive oil is the secret. my wife is greek and italian so there you have it. >> keenan, by the way, is going to be on the new show called "maya and marty." >> yes, i am! >> we think you're the secret sauce on that show. >> oh, i like. that's my nickname. >> well, we look forward to hearing what's going on in your life. you wanted some time off but lorne michaels wanted you working. >> time off is not in my existence. >> beats the unemployment line. >> got to pay for college. if you want to know what your favorite celebrities were up to this holiday weekend, we'll get you caught up with the latest buzz.
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>> plus, laura morano is all grown up, she's perform boom box with elvis duran. in the meantime, hoda and i went to the same place but refused to be seen together lest people talk. >> we were trying to make sure people weren't gossiping. >> you were at the beach. >> yes. >> no sunscreen, right? >> well, you know, itch my secret sauce there, too. so it was my mom, joel, me and the kids and adele and colleen and we have our napkins and that was the ella photo bomb. we did spend a lot of time just hanging out on the beach laughing with the girls and we had a great time and -- by the way, the water was like 60 degrees and the kids were in it. it was freezing. it was freezing. >> isn't it nice we can show boots now. >> no more hiding joel. >> you're coming up on three years. >> i know, isn't that weird? i think it's this week. i mean, it is this week.
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[ laughter ] i'm not great with this. >> off couple days to figure it out, hoda. have your crack investigative team find out for you. i went as well, hung out with my sister and her husband and her daughter and schecky -- and my friend denice who we hadn't mean? a long time. she was my backup singer for 25 years. >> did you get the band back together? >> we got the voices back together. the first song i ever wrote was for shanny when she was one. i called it shannon from heaven so we brought it back and called it "erin from heaven". >> for schecky? >> for schecky. ♪ erin from heaven, sweet little erin mine ♪ erin from heaven, gift from
10:04 am
the lord divine ♪ yay! [ applause ] >> that was the only time he was quiet the entire weekend. >> can we just talk for one second about the three of you singing that beautiful harmony? >> in about a fifth lower than we used to sing it. too many fleet weeks for me, if you know what i'm saying. [ laughter ] >> kath! did you guys think that was great or what? [ applause ] no, kath it was great. why don't we bring them on and we'll sing together. >> no. no. ♪ aaron from heaven >> he loves music so much. keenan, you have a little daughter, they're crazy and music comes on and they're just -- [ laughter ] is that what she does. >> she'll be all crazy and then music -- >> what's her song? >> any ghetto hip-hop song grabs her attention like that.
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[ laughter ] >> she stops, she doesn't dance to its? >> no, that's her dance. >> well it was fun, it was nice to see everybody. it was a beautiful weekend there and always over too soon. how do you all feel about a holiday week end that you're all excited for until you get an invitation to a wedding that you have to go to? >> "usa today" broke down the holidays reveal which had ones are fine if you're going to schedule your wedding on a holiday and which are rude. they say these are the totally fine holiday weekends to have a weekend if you want. columbus day, martin luther king day, president's day and new year's eve. >> i don't agree with new year's eve. but the others. and groundhog's day. perfectly fine if you want to get married then. >> will and jada were married on new year's eve, in case you were wondering. so borderline rude to super rude holidays are memorial day is borderline rude. labor day is borderline rude and july 4 weekend is borderline rude. kim and kanye got married on
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memorial day weekend. [ laughter ] >> and the rudest, you would imagine, is thanksgiving or christmas. i've never been to a wedding then. >> no, me either. or that weekend. >> we'd love to know what you think. let us know on our facebook page. >> it's time, one of our favorite times on tuesday for "the bachelorette" and here is amanda avery. how was it? >> good! jo jo continued her quest for love last night. let's talk about derek first. this guy, she had her first one on one date with him, this is when things started to get serious. i have to tell you this date was so boring that they ended up playing like a thumb war. it was just -- and they even tried to make it into a game, it was boring to watch. so i'm hope waffling going what's interesting about this? and i couldn't get over he looked like someone and i couldn't place it. john krasinski from "the
10:07 am
office." >> yes, he does! >> that's the only interesting thing about that date. and then it was the chad show last night. we'll be talking about this guy for the next week or so. he's the villain of the show. the guys in the house hate him. >> why? >> they say he's rude -- >> is he the one that was drunk? >> no, that's daniel, another guy, who is friends with this guy. >> birds of a feather. >> so they always say he needs to be the alpha male in every room so his workout is a good example of that so he needed to work out in the house so the guys put protein powder shake things in his suitcase, attaches it with a chain to his waist and he's doing pullups outside. >> i'm gagging. >> and he's constantly eating, too, on the show. he eats like large amounts of meat in his hand all the time and now no one ever eats on "the bachelor" or "the bachelorette" so that's strange. >> it's kind of caveman. >> very caveman. he's always eating. >> [ laughter ]
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>> he's eating during the rose ceremony, like eating ham in the back. >> makes you like him more, doesn't it? >> no, the more you watch him, you won't like him. >> so he goes on a group date last night and one of the things they had to do was propose in a large way to her, to jo jo, and then do a press conference afterwards, like a practice press conference because that's what you do, i guess. so let's look at his proposal to jo jo. >> what are the things you love about me? >> in that moment you should already know that. >> no. >> chad's not a giver. >> you need me to tell you the things live about you? >> they're already having a fight. >> starting off a little nagy here. >> who do you think is in the house for the wrong reason here? >> i feel like everybody right now, man. >> the wrong reason? >> yeah. >> why? >> y'all don't know her yet, owe can't be in love with her. if you are, that's weird. and what's to stop you from falling in love with the next girl that walks up. you haven't seen pretty girls. y'all don't have tv or
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magazines. yeah, you're beautiful, i want to get to know you. i want to see where this goes but i can't right now as far as we've gone say i want to marry you. >> he's honest, he's up front, i like that about him. but i don't know if it's too much. >> no. >> i'm sorry but he doesn't know her, he has a point. >> he's rude to every single person on the show. >> so they go to the cocktail party and he kept interrupting the other guy's time with jo jo so they confront him last night. look at how he handles the confrontation. >> you're going to lose your damn teeth. >> don't touch me, dude. don't touch me. you think i'm scared of you, bro? >> i think you are. i think you should be. >> i can promise you, i'm not scared of you, dude. you are the most disrespectful dude in this entire house. every single person here knows it. you're a meltdown. >> it's like watching "west side story." a bunch of dudes just surrounding me, man.
10:10 am
just coming in a circle. all right, let's get chad. >> all these guys just trying to compete for jo jo and falling each other making fools of themselves. i'm not impressed. it's a parade of losers. the guys are all acting like they never met a beautiful girl before. i will not write a song about how much i love her. i will have protein shakes, keep working out and eating food and continue doing what i do. it will be easy, at the end of the day i'll get the girl. [ laughter ] >> i kind of like him. [ laughter ] >> i heard more about protein shakes -- >> i don't like his personality but i like that he's honest about "i don't know you. how am i going to sing you a song?" >> he's so confrontational. >> that was a marine he was confronting, a united states marine. >> compared to the mush and the gush that goes on, all right. >> well, next week it's -- it should be interesting. >> amanda, thank you for all you do. >> i might watch it now, hoda woman. >> you might like it. >> you mow what i'm saying?
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the idea that you get out of a limo and you say to somebody "i love you, i want to spend the rest of my life with you." that's ridiculous. >> i agree but in total the guy isn't a cool cat. >> so in other words you watched the entire show. >> not all of it. enough to gag on him. >> i believe you. we have a shoutout for hoda woman. what is it? >> you remember a little while back we did this thing where we surprised people who were celebrating big milestones, we went to a wedding and somebody's birthday. well, we've got another scheme up our sleeves. this time we want you to tell us about somebody who has something they want to check off their bucket list. so if you have a best friend or your husband or wife or somebody and they're always selfless and so kind but they have something on their bucket list that they wanted to try but never had the chance. why don't you guys tell us about it and we'll try to make it happen. >> give us an example. >> like for instance if someone wanted to direct the national symphony or they wanted to play in a band. something that they've always dreamt of doing that could be
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olay regenerist. olay. ageless. and try the micro-sculpting cream you love... with lightweight spf 30 keenan thompson likes making people laugh. he stole every scene in "the nighty ducks" and kept the giggles going on the sketch comedy "all that." >> we love this one. but he's probably best known for his wide array of characters he plays on "snl." >> i thought we were going to -- now there's a new place for keenan fans to find him on nbc's new variety show "maya and marty." take a look. >> welcome to little big shots bringing you talented kids from all over the world.
10:16 am
y'all know how this goes. kids come out here, they say things and then i make a face like this. [ laughter ] >> that's true. that's a good one. keenan, comedy gold. life is good for you, isn't it? >> it's great. >> i remember watching you with my kids when they were little and they're in their 20s now on "all that" and then the keenan and kel show. have you ever had a vacation? >> i've heard of the word but i've never -- [ laughter ] -- put it to use. i like working but, you know, i take my breaks. "snl" is great because we only shoot from october to may. >> but then you do movies in the hiatus. >> if you're lucky, yeah. >> so how did they tap you for this "maya & marty" show. >> well, maya is my big sister and she did her special a year and a half ago and she had fun and she just wanted to include more people so she grabbed martin short, which was a brilliant move. and they asked me to come just do some different sketches and show some love and support which
10:17 am
i will do to the end of my time. >> so doing stuff like that, like we just saw a clip like that with little big shots, is that part of your deal? >> yeah, just doing different sketches and characters and maybe doing a neil degrasse tyson. maybe my ving rhames will come around. >> do you have a favorite? >> steve is a lot of fun to do. >> what do you like about doing steve? >> i love the fact that he keeps give megathings to do. [ laughter ] he's just moving through life. he doesn't retire, he's got, like -- >> how did you master his voice. what do you do? >> i just met him and i know he's from texas and spent a lot of time in chicago so between those two he's very country in my opinion. >> so do it. >> [ as steve harvey ] it's almost immediate. people just have those clear voices. congratulations on the new show. we understand we just sort of told you be doing it.
10:18 am
[ laughter ] >> he just has inflections like that. >> who's the hardest to get? >> i don't know. i mean, i tried this ben carson before jay got to do him but i think i missed that one. jay picked him up pretty perfectly so that was a miss. >> what does steve say when you do him on "snl"? does he like it? >> i think he loved it five years ago. [ laughter ] now he's a little tired of it. but he's always cool about it. >> the miss universe thing? >> oh, my goodness, the miss universe thing, the day after we went on hiatus for two weeks so by the time we got back around the story was just nothing like -- he owned up to it almost immediately. >> he's a good guy. >> he's a great dude. so i don't have any problems with him. >> sounds like lorne michaels is smart. he thought about putting maya and marty together. >> well, thank you very much. lorne is a great very smart dude. there's a reason he's been doing it for -- just did season 41. >> wow.
10:19 am
>> in the remaining seconds, tell us about your little girl. >> my baby's getting big. so happy. >> how old is she? she's two? >> two in june, june 20. >> tomorrow's june. >> tomorrow is june. it's the 31 snst st? it's our premier night! the show is coming on. tonight at 10:00, please watch. >> 9:00 central on nbc. thank you keenan. >> thank you. >> give our love to maya and marty. >> i will. she was a hit on tv and she'll make her mark on the music charts. laura marano is elvis every year we look for a better way to tame the backyard. sfx: sheep baaing. pretty sure this is a health code violation. fortunately there's get the credit you deserve and low monthly payments. save $50 on select patio furniture today! hurry to and give your backyard a new look for summer. sfx: sheep baaing.
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with a clean feel. the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®. transform everything. to show you, we're doing a taste test. but don't i need a fork? not for this taste test. which salad tastes better? "b." and which oatmeal is bursting with flavor? obviously "b." and... "b," "b," "b," and... mmm. ..."b." add a bright, bold taste to every bite. craisins® dried cranberries. flavor you can see. mmm. national radio host elvis duran always brings us a great new artist of the month. >> this time around she's already an accomplished actress with a starring role of disney's "austin and ali." >> she's also a singer songwriter with a new single called "boombox."
10:23 am
welcome laura marano. >> hey, laura. >> i'm so excited to be here. >> we've adopted her as our daughter. laura and i have been friends for a while. >> it's a good place to be. >> but to know her albums will finally probably be out in the fall. >> i'm freaking out. >> you have a big single already. >> "boombox," which i recorded last august. >> what? >> it's been a long -- >> it's going to come out in a year. >> weird. >> how did you first meet? >> we went bowling. long story. friends love to bowl together. >> we don't know each other. >> we started bowling with each other. >> i did tj martello foundation in brooklyn. and for me it was love at first site. i was like "elvis." i didn't bowl because i'm a bad bowler. so that didn't happen. >> but she perform and we raised money for tj martell.
10:24 am
>> you knew she was a great singer? >> absolutely. >> no way! >> alex and i are going to adopt laura as our daughter. >> you said that? and the reason is because she likes to bowl. >> it's complicated. >> but wait until you hear her perform in a few minutes i love bringing her to you. it's a gift. >> and you're busy. you have your acting, your singing, your song writing. your radio show. >> and my hair. i'm going part time to school because why not? >> you are? >> yeah, i'm not going to graduate until i'm like 37 but i kind of have some things going on. >> laura's fans are huge fans. she has millions of followers online. >> faithful. >> there they are outside. >> you've got 10 of them out there. that's great. >> lauren will be back to perform her hit song "boombox." >> plus how j. lo and other celebrities spent their week end. >> and we'll cook a healthy summer supper after your local news. i'm at the perfect age. and i've found the perfect skincare.
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10:27 am
feed as well. did you know bernie sanders is already a big hit with the warriors fans. he made a splash all his own at the arena. they were tlinching their trip to the finals, find that story at nbc by we'll look at weather and traffic after the break.
10:28 am
we'll see a summer like spread of temperatures around the bay area from upper 80s and
10:29 am
low 90s around the south bay and mid 8's towards redwood city. low 70s closer to san francisco and north bay mid to upper 80s and mid-90s in the forecast. temperature trend will turn even hotter in san jose downtown, mid 90's on friday. 'clouds and little bit of cooling for the weekend. san francisco too, temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s for the weekend. here's anthony with the weekend commute. >> we're still looking at slow going across the bay bridge plaza for the last hour or so. still slowing across the east bay. across the rest of the east bay, we still have a few accidents littered across parts of the highway near the san mateo bridge and sunol bridge and slowing across the peninsula. 101 southbound is slow and lots of traffic here but no accidents. back to you. >> make sure to join us at 11:00
10:30 am
for our next newscast. it's boozeday spanky tuesday and we're back up with today's buzz, a wrapup of the celebrity headlines you might have missed. >> here with the scoop is editor-in-chief of >> he likes the spanky thing. >> hello! >> i like this trio, amy schume kate hudson and goldie hawn together on a boat. i want to be on that boat. >> we saw them over the weekend on a yacht just off hawaii. kate hudson posted this video saying she was hanging out with her girls and we really did a little digging to get to the bottom of it. not only are they great friends, goldie is making a movie with amy so after -- >> with amy? >> yes, amy schumer, it's a
10:31 am
mother and daughter movie. it doesn't have a title yet but they are mother and daughter that go on vacation together and get in a ton of trouble. >> how fun. >> so amy wrote the movie and they'll be doing this together. goldie hasn't made a movie for about 13 years. >> she's a great comedic talent. >> what she said is she said it just felt right, like that time to make people laugh again. >> because she's very, very serious about that education thing and her foundation so good for her. they will have a lot of laughs. >> and you know already they're hanging out so that shows them with the dolphin. >> j. lo had a pool party in vegas. >> nobody throws a party like jennifer lopez. she was in vegas where she's performing her soldout show. >> look at that hat. >> that's a ginormous hat. it's a massive hat. there she is with casper. they had a fun day at the pool. looking at her. >> i bet she has sunscreen on. >> i hope she does.
10:32 am
and a few days before we saw an intimate moment where her son max was backstage giving his mommy a head massage before she took the stage of vegas. this show, i've seen in the vegas. >> loved it. >> it is fantastic. so she's there now doing the show. great show. >> and her kids have been at that show, too. and her mother was in the audience shielding their eyes through parts of it. >> thank you, mama. >> kerry washington was spotted at the show as well so it's become a celebrity hangout. >> well, she's got a lot of friends. >> on a serious note, johnny depp and amber heard. >> well, they filed for divorce last week -- >> she filed? >> she filed for divorce last week. on friday she filed for a restraining order alleging there had been emotional and physical abuse and even an incident where a cell phone was alleged to have been thrown. his lawyers fought back saying that this was nothing that they needed because they've already agreed to stay away from each
10:33 am
other. and he also had a very curious -- saying this might have been financially motivated so that's where we are with those two. his daughter now has spoken out as well. lily rose, his 17-year-old daughter, she took to instagram and put up a really sweet picture of her much younger saying basically her dad is the sweetest, kindest living person that she knows she also too sends out a link to a "people" magazine story that claims on the day of the alleged phone incident there was no evidence of that found by the police. but this is getting ugly. they think it will get worse. >> you know, we think about prince who did not have a will and we think about johnny depp who's got a lot of money, he's worked very hard for a long, long time and no prenuptial, who's giving people advice? >> and they were only married 15 months. >> very, very short time they were together. this is a story we'll be following for -- i peer for months. it won't end happy and it won't
10:34 am
end soon. >> and the "finding dory" trailer is out. >> this is the sequel to "finding nemo." people are going nuts on twitter saying there they are, we might have a first-ever lesbian couple in a pixar movie. this is making social media headlines. these two ladies here. ellen is the fish. so these two ladies, look at the stroller, they find an octopus and now social media is saying we might have our first gay couple. this is on the heels of a campaign on twitter for elsa in "frozen" for a girlfriend in the sequel so this is moving very fast. >> it ain't your grandma's disney. >> no, it ain't. thank you! ready for a simple supper. >> chef ryan scott whips what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else,
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10:39 am
no one wants to spend nourse the kitchen niche spending over a hot oven so we enlisted our friend ryan scott. he's here with a simple summer dish, everything is vegan except, of course, the salmon. >> what are you making for us? >> "finding nemo"esque kind of food here. this is roasted salmon. you can put in the a salad, serve it room temperature on a platter. so dijon mustard, hot sauce, oil, dill, parsley, jalapeno deseeded so you get the spice but it doesn't hurt you later. lemon, shallot and salmon. so when you're making a marinade you want to make sure that things that are raw like jalapenos, put those in here for me real quick. with jalapenos and shallots you want to break them down so there's lemon juice here. if you're going to make a guacamole or a salsa, let them
10:40 am
steep in lemon juice, it takes away the harshness, the heat. >> has it been a minute. >> it's been a minute in tv world. we have dill and parsley. i'll have you season the salmon. heavy with the salt, heavy with the pepper. now you added your herbs, add your dijon, tobasco, hot sauce, anything you like. then i'll add salt. this marinade goes right on top of the salmon. unlike a lot of other salmon you have that's overcooked, there's something called albumin in the salmon, you ever see the white pockets that come out if you overcook it? low and slow, 225. that will keep it tender and beautiful. we'll add olive isle, which i can't find and it looks like this. hoda, just lather it like the sunscreen you put on over the weekend. [ laughter ] >> okay, hold on. you got color this weekend. if it goes off on the side it gets crunchy and delicious. it's super, super good. you can put this on top of a steak, pork chop, anything you want, piece of tofu. doesn't that sound delicious.
10:41 am
>> yeah! awesome. >> let's do tofu. salmon, 225 in the oven, about 40 minutes or so and then what you do is you put it on the platter but look here, flaky, not overcooked in the middle, you see that? >> but also not raw looking. >> not raw at all. and you can check it real quick. then we'll make three sides. >> this is what i'm waiting for. >> this is the three sides that are hoda sides. no dairy. >> smoked almonds with chopped tomatoes? >> lemon, boom. >> boom. >> is this soy? >> no sherry vinegar. garlic, jalapeno and parsley. salt and pepper up high, watch your hand, mix that kathie lee with a little bit of oil in there. >> i'll dump it in. no dairy is great. it gets better at room temperature, the longer it sits it gets better. do carrots, raw celery. >> almost like bruschetta. >> the almonds are great on here. last but not least i wanted to
10:42 am
make these sides dairy free and delicious so not only did i make a grape crufruit cucumber salsa >> this looks like your favorite dinner. >> then i made a cali churri. oil and spice, take your salmon here, take a bite of this and please, try this. last but not least i want to tell everybody, if you go on today sh, i made a vegan cesar. so the dressing is made out of tofu, capers, garlic, smoked almonds go on top and this is raw snap peas that are just shaved. this is so nice and fresh. especially for spanky tuesday because we want to be nice and slender, right. >> that's delicious! >> isn't that good? i tasted that. >> so good. so all your nice light sides delicious. >> thank you for going to so much work. >> ryan, this is delicious. >> you can find the recipes at
10:43 am
>> love it. >> she made a name for herself as a kids star on tv, now she's all grown up, going to sing for us, a performance by elvis' artist of the month, laura marano after this. olay regenerist renews from within... plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age... your skin never will. olay regenerist, olay. ageless. and try the micro-sculpting cream you love now with lightweight spf 30. cscrub away even the toughest, withdried-on messes.... ♪ take back your surfaces... with clorox disinfecting wipes.
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10:48 am
earlier, we sat down with actress and singer laura marano who's been chosen as elvis duran's artist of the month. now it's time to hear her sing. >> her single "boombox" as 26 million youtube views and counting. it's soared to the top of the top 20 u.s. videos. >> she's so talented. she's my friend. you're going to love her. this is "boombox" laura marano. >> go get them, laura.
10:49 am
♪ press play on the day that you came into my life ♪ felt our eyes harmonize, it was strange ♪ it was paradise, oh, cause when i look back on it ♪ life lacked the sonic, a quiet kind of solitude ♪ tell me how'd you do it, you added the music ♪ i've never heard a song like you ♪ ♪ cause you're my boombox, baby, you can say anything ♪ blow my speakers out with you, you're my boombox, baby ♪ you can sing anything, i'll sing along with you ♪ and if i push the right button, will you show me something ♪ little melody that i can groove to ♪ cruising with my boombox,
10:50 am
baby, you can say anything ♪ blow my speakers out with you, you're my boom, boom ♪ boombox baby ♪ press because just because all i want is to stay right here ♪ for you to spin me round right, round right, round ♪ till we disappear ♪ cause when i look back on it, life lacked the sonic ♪ a quiet kind of solitude ♪ tell me how you'd do it, you added the music ♪ i've never heard a song like you ♪ cause you're my boombox, baby, you can sing anything ♪ blow my speakers out with you, yeah, you're my boombox ♪ baby, you can sing anything, i'm a sing along with you ♪ if i push the right button, will you show me something ♪ little melody that i can groove to, cruising
10:51 am
♪ with my boombox, baby, you can say anything, blow my speakers ♪ out with you, you're my boom, boom, boombox, baby ♪ ♪ you make me one that move my feet ♪ shake, shake my hips making brand new moves with you ♪ you make me wanna move my feet, shake, shake my hips ♪ brand new moves with you ♪ cause you're my boombox, baby, you can play anything ♪ blow my speakers out with you, you're my boombox ♪ baby, you can sing anything, i'm a sing along with you ♪ and if i push the right button, will you show me ♪ something, little melody that i can groove to ♪ cruising with my boombox, baby, you can say anything ♪ blow my speakers out with you,
10:52 am
you're my boom, boom, boombox ♪ baby >> thank you, that was awesome. >> terrific, sweetie, all the best. >> thank you so much. >> we're about to give it away. but first, this is "today" on nbc. go, donna! thank you, laura. >> that was fun!
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
we are about to make five viewers very, very happy. >> because it's time to give it away. >> this week's surprise a microsoft band two. >> and a pair of brooks glycerin 13 neutral running shoes worth a combined $399. check them out. >> whether running, biking, golfing or at the gym, the microsoft band tracks your heart rate, exercise, calorie burn and sleep patterns. >> wow. so you'll be ready for anything. >> all right, you go first.
10:56 am
this is so exciting. >> let's get one of these. >> who's your first one? >> the first one is mary wasenault of feeding hills, massachusetts. >> good job, mary. i have maureen hearn from franklin square, new york. go, maureen. >> i have got debbie hayden from springfield, ohio. >> i want to get way in the bottom. >> low, low, low. >> people on the bottom never get picked. >> well, they've been on the top, it's been rotated? >> don't confuse me with your fancy lingo. [ laughter ] i have lisa barlag from valparaíso, indiana. >> and karen mcmichael of reading, pennsylvania. >> okay. all righty. that's funny. you're funny, trying to avoid the inevitable.
10:57 am
is. >> make sure you enter to win. >> tomorrow, john leguizamo and billy ray cyrus and how to cut your own hair. what? >> and how to prepare your school age kids for repairs. have a great spanky tuesday. >> nobody likey, nobody likey. ==scott//con't vo==
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now at 11: >> announcer: nbc bay area news starts now. [ cheers and applause ] now at 11:00, senator bernie sanders continues his bay area push, talking about health care today. good morning, everyone, i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm kris sanchez. people packed in to hear sanders speak today. and more than a hundred health care workers got together to let everyone know who their preference is for president of the united states. >> bob redell is live with more. >> reporter: good morning. senator sanders wed


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