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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 31, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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==scott//con't vo== right now at 11: >> announcer: nbc bay area news starts now. [ cheers and applause ] now at 11:00, senator bernie sanders continues his bay area push, talking about health care today. good morning, everyone, i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm kris sanchez. people packed in to hear sanders speak today. and more than a hundred health care workers got together to let everyone know who their preference is for president of the united states. >> bob redell is live with more. >> reporter: good morning. senator sanders wrapped up a
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brief policy speech here to about 100 nurses, many wearing red "nurses for bernie" shirts. they listened and cheered as the senator called for a, quote, radicalize transformation of the american health care system. he arced the affordable care act doesn't go far enough, that 28 million people are either uninsured or underinsured, and saying 40,000 americans die each year as a result. he wants a single pair system that would be a right for americans. >> we have a dysfunctional system. we're going to change that system. that's what the american people want. we are going to take on the private insurance companies and the drug companies. the function of health care in a democratic, civilized society is to provide quality care for all of our people in a cost effective way. not to make billions of dollars
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in profits for the drug companies or the insurance companies or golden parachutes of $180 million for some ceo of a drug company. >> reporter: critics argue that sanders' single pair health care system would cost too much and force some americans out of their jobs. senator sanders also invited doctors and nurses to the podium to share their experiences in health care. he did not take questions from the media, we're talking about senator sanders. he left for a 1:00 rally in santa cruz. bob redell, nbc bay area news. our scott budman sat down one on one with senator sanders. we'll have that interview coming up later in the newscast. governor jerry brown is throwing his support behind hillary clinton. in an open letter, brown says he believes clinton is the only person who can win the presidency and, quote, stop the
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dangerous candidacy of donald trump. brown adds that he is impressed with how well bernie sanders has done, though. he continues saying there is more at stake, saying that this is no time for democrats to keep fighting each other. the general election has already begun in california. on the other side of the aisle, donald trump outlined a list of charities he says received money from a fundraiser he held last year. trump had previously refused to disclose which charities received the funds. he repeatedly criticized the press, saying reporters should be, quote, ashamed of themselves for asking where the money went. an art fipartment fire in martinez had firefighters
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battling to contain the blaze. two units were destroyed and another seven had heavy damage. one person suffered a minor injury. our chopper shows the firefighters trying to attack the fire from above. no word yet on how the fire started. traffic is moving along the san mateo bridge after a big rig overturned this morning. our chopper also caught video of this scene. the big rig was moved by 8:00 a.m. no word whether the driver was hurt. new questions asked this morning as san francisco police investigates another theft of another gun from a federal agent's car over the weekend near alamo square. the car and the weapon belong to a fbi agent. authorities say the thief also stole the agent's badge and other credentials. car break-ins are a common occurrence in san francisco. but alamo square is a particular hotspot. the gun that killed kate steinle was stolen from a federal agent's car.
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some people can't believe that after that high profile case, officers still leave their weapons in their cars. >> i can't believe they're still leaving their guns in their cars. >> why are they leaving them in the car? >> our investigative unit worked to find out how many missing weapons have been taken from law enforcement. 5000 weapons are missing, 379 of those from bay area agencies, not counting agencies that declined to release data. several of those weapons included assault rifles. san francisco's interim police chief is once again in the public eye, this time leading with business leaders. he took over after serra's sudden resignation. he will attend a meeting on polk street focusing on police use of force. students at nevada high school are back in class for the first time since last week's
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offcampus shooting. a 17-year-old was killed and a second student shopped and stabbed. that student is now recovering. police are still looking for one more teenaged suspect. prosecutors have not decided what kind of charges to file or whether two of those suspects will be charged as adults or juveniles. that decision is expected to come later today. a microclimate forecast. the bay area is heating up for sure and will get hotter. >> that's right, a live look from our traffic camera from sunol, one of the hottest places, you can tell because the grass is so brown. >> things have been changing around the valley. mid-80s for san francisco. we've already beat the average highs as of 11:00 a.m. things are starting to warm up around the bay area. alamo, 87 degrees. brentwood, 86. the south bay seeing pretty warm
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temperatures, south of downtown san jose. the coast will continue to see 60s and 70s, as our valley it was begin to heat up. 90 places at the hottest places today. as we approach the weekend, 100-degree temperatures become possibility. one extra item to watch, an increasing chance we could see some thundershowers in the weekend as temperatures peak later this week. an areas low pressure approaching the coast will start to bring heat relief. we'll let you know how much cooling to expect as we move into the weekend and how much rain this weather system may bring. we'll look at coming up in about eight minutes. >> thank you very much. surprising that the heat at the oracle arena didn't show up on your radar. it will undoubtedly be the center of the basketball universe for the next few days. season ticket holders are getting the first crack. for the rest us, tickets go on
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sale at 5:00. >> last in night's game 7 was a nail-biter. the warriors came back in the 4th. >> he fires. yes! >> the warriors came all the way back from a three-game deficit, 3-1 deficit to defeat oklahoma city. the dubs scored a 96-88 win in game 7. the warriors are the tenth nba team to overcome a 3-1 deficit in the playoffs. for many fans right now, it's about getting the gear for the game. here's a live look at vic's sporting goods in fremont, which opened at 7:00 this morning, early. fans picking up anything that shows their pride for the warriors. the assortment of conference championship gear tends to sell out fast. the person person showed up in line at 4:15 a.m. >> it's a good year to be in the bay, a good year for sports. a good year to be a fan. i'm going to see what i can get
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my hands on. >> here is what the nba finals schedule looks like. game is thursday night at oracle. game 2 is sunday. game 3 moves to cleveland next wednesday. game 4 is next friday. if necessary, game 5 would be monday, june 13th, back here in the bay area. >> let's not forget the sharks, they stayed in it right until the last minute of the very first game of the stanley cup finals. in the end, a tough loss. >> it was tough to watch. a goal by the penguins' nick bo game 2 is tomorrow night. that's also in pittsburgh. the series swings to game 3 on saturday. >> great time to be a bay area sports fan. coming up, the former u.s. attorney general who wanted one of the nation's most well-known whistle blowers in jail is changing his tune about edward
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snowden. that's up next at 11:00. plus the latest on the investigation into the shooting of this gorilla after that 3-year-old boy ended up in his enclosure.
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=reopen omni!!= scott/vo that's alexander rossi.. who made a name for himself over the weekend.. the 24-year old from placer that's alexander rossi who made a name for himself over the weekend. he came out of nowhere to win the indianapolis 500 on sunday, on his very first try. as for the markets, the dow jones industrials are down 137 points. nasdaq essentially not moving. it's the last trading day of the month. former attorney general eric holder has changed his mind about whistleblower edward snowden. holder said in a podcast released monday, "i think that he, snowden, actually performed
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a public service by raising the debate that we engaged in and by the changes that we made." snowden of course is the former nsa worker who released secretes about the u.s. spy program, which tapped into phone calls and private information owned by companies like google. holder says snowden still committed a crime and should be punished but says a judge should take into account that snowden's actions were a public service. snowden tweeted, "2013, it's a treason. 2014, maybe not, but it was reckless. 2015, still, technical, it was unlawful. 2016, it was a public service. and who knows in 2017?" i think snowden is being seen in a different light. >> we're talking about these things differently. >> even a former attorney general of the united states who
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wanted him in prison. so no more curbside stick-ups. in two weeks, target will end its experiment with that service that allowed shoppers to call ahead to various stores and not just target but have merchandise waiting for pickup. target officials say instead the company will focus on core store offerings like shipping online orders from stores. that curbside service was tested at more than 100 stores around the country. thousands of verizon workers are back on the job after weeks of negotiations. those workers reaching a tentative contract agreement over the memorial day weekend. workers had walked off the job in part over concerns, they said, that jobs were shifting overseas. verizon says it will hire more u.s. workers and give raises to current union employees. 40,000 workers were on strike since mid-april. back to a developing story, still no sign of missing vallejo
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teenager pearl pinson. authorities searched a river. she was abducted while on her way to school on wednesday. witnesses saw her being dragged across a pedestrian walkway. the man accused of taking her was shot and killed in a shootout with police. sheriff's deputies have recovered the body of one of two oakland teenagers who drowned after jumping off a boat. the two 15-year-olds were with family. the group of seven jumped into the water but two teens never resurfaced. the boys were not wearing lifejackets. the search continues for the other boy's body. now to the cincinnati zoo officials' decision to shoot a gorilla who had hold of a
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3-year-old who had fallen into its exhibit. >> nbc's blake mccoy reports. >> reporter: this morning zoo keepers posted a video they say shows an agitated 400-ground gorilla putting the 3-year-old's life in danger after the child fell into its enclosure at the cincinnati zoo over the weekend. the zoo's director said he made make the call to shoot the gorilla again. >> you can't take the risk with a silverback gorilla. >> reporter: anger grows towards the child mother, an online petition demanding she be charged with child neglect has more than a quarter million signatures. the mother responded, "as a so the we're quick to judge how a parent could take their eyes off their child. if anybody knows me, i keep a
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sharp eye on my kid." this file video shows the enclosure, a metal railing with wires underneath, 4 feet of bushes, then a 15-foot drop into the moat. that's where the boy fell in. >> the exhibit is safe and the barrier is safe. that said, any of us in this room could climb over barriers if we choose. >> reporter: this morning we're hearing from the zookeeper who raised harambe, the gorilla. >> how intelligent he was, how inquisitive he was, how playful. he was a big boy. he grew up to be something else. and he was very special. >> reporter: harambe was one of 11 western low land gorilla the at the cincinnati zoo, one of two silver backs the zoo planned to use in their successful breeding program. jones refuses to second-guess the people who decided to kill harambe. >> they had a terrible decision
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to make. >> reporter: a similar incident in chicago in 1996 saw a very different outcome. in somethi something th in that case, the 3-year-old was picked up and protected by the gorilla. >> you don't know what's going to happen. >> blaming the parent, i lost a kid once, temporarily, not very long but long enough for him to move 4 feet. >> no matter how careful you are, they're curious, engaged people. >> counting down three years. if you're heading outside, outdoors today, we're seeing temperatures climbing on up. a word of caution on the coast. due to some dangerous surf. right now temperatures around the bay area cool, at least around san francisco, because of what you're0h;h seeing right th. we have low clouds and dense fog around the golden gate bridge. a different story in the tri valley, already 82 in pleasan n
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pleasanton. san francisco downtown in the sunshine. golden gate bridge, eight to ten degrees cooler weather across the golden gate bridge and along the coast. hot temperatures inland, from high pressure. as high pressure builds, it tends to squish down those low clouds along the coast, atop the golden gate bridge. on the coast we won't see much of a warm-up today. ocean beach, looking at temperatures in the low to mid-60s today. watch out for the lives as the swell comes out of the southwest in the evening. a threat for the southwest facing beaches. use caution along the rocks and shoreline. waves will get up to 5 to 8 feet at times. you'll want to use caution here over the next few days. not exactly a warm day on the coast. santa cruz managing briefly to climb into the low 70s mid-afternoon today, and for the coast, the fog will kind of keep
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things status quo, or we like to say, stratus quo. inland temperatures in the low 80s and 90s. low 70s around san francisco. mid- to upper 80s into the north bay. mid-90s around please an toon and livermore. as we move into the evening, it's going to be very pleasant outside. 80 and 78 degrees from livermore to san jose. 11:00 p.m., still mid-60s outside. so the ac will keep going in the tri valley. the peak of the heat wave should last until friday. temperatures will continue to climb. san jose, mid-90s downtown. south of downtown you can see upper 90s as we close in on the weekend. pleasanton, livermore, a few spots will climb very close if not slightly above 100 degrees on friday. saturday and sunday, we get more clouds and cooling. san francisco closing in on 80 degrees by friday.
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the weekend, temperatures start to come down but not a big relief in terms of the heat. 90s on saturday. the interesting component, an area of low pressure switching the wind direction back onshore. if it pulls it up, mid-level moisture into the system, here is the problem. after five to six days of hot and dry weather, we could see mid-level higher elevation thunderstorms, sometimes referred to as dry lightning, setting up across the coastal rage. central coast, we're still extremely dry. we've had extreme drought continuing for central and southern california. these are the areas we may have to watch late saturday and sunday for a chance of thunder. we hope to get some rain out of this. right now the projection is for sunday we briefly may see shower activity through the bay area. that would be a good thing. if we have lightning strikes, we want at least rain to hit the ground to put some of that out the. next weekend, 5 to 10 degrees, cooling between friday and
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saturday, still high temperatures in the low 90s four the weekend. as the clouds thicken up, cooler by sunday. stay tuned, watching for the risk of thunderstorms and a few scattered showers around the bay area as we wrap up this upcoming weekend. back to you. >> thank you, rob. coming up, a fire also destroyed a south bay dance studio. we'll show you the way the community is stepping in to make sure the show goes on. first, happening now, we're tweeting about the theft of jewelry from two large banks in san francisco's mission district over the memorial day weekend. police say the suspects pried a window open to get into the jewelry shop. singer adele has a strong message for a concertgoer who wouldn't stop videotaping her. watch her reaction on our facebook page and weigh in and tell us what you think. and-e is warning more than 100
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homeowners their trees may be too close to gas transmission welcome back. pg&e is warning more than a hundred homeowners that their trees may be too close to gas transmission lines. right now the utility is seeking consent from property owners to survey the trees and determine whether they should be cut down. pg&e requires feet within 5 feet of gas lines to be removed. memorial day was no day off for a business owner at a santa clara shopping center last
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wednesday. we showed you as flames roared through that shopping center on el camino real, destroying one business after another. the fire also threatened to snuff out a popular upcoming cultural event. from the fire scene, the community stepped in and saved it. >> reporter: it's going to be cleanup time for quite a while at the rancho shopping center. at one time it was thought that maybe the round hill downstairs studio had escaped major damage. but it's turning out the overall structure is weak and may not be salvageable. but the dance studio owner is finding out community support is still strong. donna has owned round hill dance studio for many years. now instead of getting ready for a 30th anniversary show on june 18th, she finds herself cleaning up after the five-alarm fire. even though crews stopped the flames jus short of the studio,
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there is still major damage. the cause is still under investigation. >> we won't be able to continue our business in this location. >> reporter: their annual fairy tale ballet is a big area event. some performers who were here as children are now performing as adult. >> my first thought was, how am i going to pull this off? >> reporter: but she's been contacted by several dance studios offering space free of charge. >> the show will go on, as always. i feel like i'm always the master of plan b. if plan a doesn't work out, you always look to plan b and c and d if necessary. >> reporter: it's not often that a major fire like this one leaves success in its wake. but the show will go on and the
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people in the community will be able to take a bow. robert handa, nbc bay area news. coming up, one on one with presidential candidate bernie sanders. he's pinning his hopes on the golden state.
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==scott//2 shot== bernie sanders is reaching out to voters during his bay area visit. >> nbc bay area's scott budman sat down with the senator yesterday in oakland. >> reporter: senator sanders spoke to about 200 people inside the church today. he also spoke to us one on one, stressing the importance of economic equality and access to education.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: senator bernie sanders struck a chord inside the allen temple baptist church. he sat down with us outside the church, talking about how his message of closing the wage and education gap is resonating with bay area voters. >> most people understand that the economy has changed the nature of education. we have got to make public education include free tuition at public colleges and universities. >> the fact that he comes to east oakland means a lot to me. because a lot of candidates aren't going to come out and hear from people and let us hear from them. >> reporter: he says he wants to give democrats a choice as we approach the california primary. >> we have seen a huge uptick and voter registers. a lot of young people are getting involved in the political process, latinos are
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getting involved in the political process. i think that's good for democracy. >> reporter: congresswoman barbara lee is a member of the church. she is not here today and thus far has not endorsed a candidate for president. in oakland, scott budman, nbc bay area news. hillary clinton has cancelled campaign events in new jersey to come out to california. here she is yesterday at chappaqua, new york, at an annual parade there. it could be an indication she's concerned about bernie sanders's chances here. she'll begin a five-day campaign swing through here thursday. now, exactly where and when those events will be has yet to be announced. donald trump is coming back to the golden state as well, due in sacramento for an airport rally tomorrow night. a republican candidate for president has not won the golden
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state since ronald reagan back in the 1980s. the california june primary is exactly a week away. in some counties folks are already voting. in contra costa county, folks can cast their ballots in these places. in san ramone, the city community center is now open. in concord you can vote starting today at the salvation army church. in alameda county, this is the last day to request a vote by mail ballot in alameda. despite fears of the worst, tsa's security lines were pretty much drama free this holiday weekend. according to officials with the tsa, 99% of travelers waited less than 30 minutes on friday, saturday, and sunday. 95% of travelers waited less
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than 15 minutes, far shorter than the two-hour waits being recorded a week earlier at the nation's busiest airports. the tsa credits improved screening procedures and the public. it took three tries for a flight to get to its final destination. the allegiant airlines flight went back to the gate when a passenger suffered a medical issue. in the air, electrical problems forced to plane to turn around. later, boarding was halted as a piece of emergency equipment had to be inspected. passengers were left waiting more than ten hours for a flight that was only supposed to be two hours. passengers were taken off a united airlines flight in tampa, florida after a tire blew and caught fire. this is video taken by a passenger from inside the plane. the plane was going to take off when that tire blew. firefighters put the fire out
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and no one was hurt. several communities in texas are under mandatory evacuation orders this morning after days of torrential rain. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more. >> reporter: this morning parts of texas are preparing for more strong storms, historic flooding. rivers expected to reach some of their highest levels in decades. authorities in austin recovered the body of a woman who drowned while tubing in the floodwaters. >> this goes to show how dangerous the water can be right now. >> reporter: high water rescues were under way in symington. >> we thought we were going to sit it out. obviously it wasn't a good idea. >> reporter: some residents are refusing to follow mandatory evacuation orders. >> we don't want to leave anymore. >> reporter: the water reached 7 feet in some homes. >> i don't know what to say right now. i'm devastated. >> reporter: this is much worse than you expected?
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>> oh, yes. >> reporter: in rosenberg, residents scrambled to grab what they could. >> i took out my dogs before i took anything else. i can't leave my dogs. >> reporter: she wasn't the only one holding on tight. this 7-foot alligator found in the floodwaters got stuck in a trapper's car. other swaths of the country battling their own severe weather. these funnel clouds spotted near the colorado/nebraska border. but it's texas today once again in the flood zone. >> it's frustrating. at the same time i have enough faith to believe we're going to be all right. >> reporter: the weather-related death toll here in texas is now up to at least eight, including a 16-year-old boy killed when a tree branch fell on him during the cleanup efforts. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, rosenberg, texas. >> hard to see. >> what was the lady trying to do, get him out of the -- let the alligator have your car. coming up next, summer is
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nearly here, that means cooling off in the pool. how clean that water is. the results might surprise you. temperatures are feeling a lot more like summer in the bay area. closing in on 90 around the 680 corridor near alamo.
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those "sell by" and "use by" dates.. the question i when you go grocery shopping, you likely sell those sell-by, use-by dates. >> what is the difference between them? this year alone, hundreds of billions of dollars of food will be wasted, not because it turns bad or spoiled, but because the sell-by dates confuse you. nbc's sheinelle jones reports on a new push in congress to make things clear. >> reporter: when it comes to wasting food, america leads the way. >> the dates are not telling you the food is bad or will make you sick. they're really just the manufacturer's best guess as to when the product is at its freshest. >> reporter: america wastes
11:41 am
$1500 a year worth of food because of those dates. a new bill in congress will try to clarify the dates. >> the dates are not an exact science. every state has a different law. there's no uniformity or consistency around the country. >> some product are completely fine for weeks after the listed date. there are few easy things that you can do to assess whether you're food has gone bad. trust your nose and trust taste. if you see mold on your bread, get rid of it. if vegetables start to get
11:42 am
wilted, throw them in an ice bath and most of the time they'll come back to life. >> reporter: the bill is a quick fix to a growing problem. >> one of the solutions in the future for this is smart packaging, packages that actually monitor the food. we'll also have a conversation about the fact that we waste 40 percent of what we produce. >> just be specific. >> absolutely. people are afraid it will hurt them. it really won't. >> just sniff it. >> the cdc says thousands of pools across the country have to be shut down because of bacteria being off the charts. >> nbc's jeff rossen is supposiexposing the hidden germs at public pools and water parks. >> reporter: it's pool time. families across the country are diving in and hitting water
11:43 am
parks. today, so am i. but ever wonder what germs are lurking in the water? to find out, i'm going to undercover, taking samples. >> got it. >> reporter: sending them off to a certified lab. but this time, it isn't just the visual dirt down under or clumps of hair floating on top. we're testing for bacteria you can't see, that can actually make you sick. >> ready to test. >> reporter: let's start at this public pool. our tests reveal enterococci. simply put, fecal matter. maybe this water park will be cleaner. >> here we go. now back to the lazy river. >> reporter: our test reveals shocking results. total coliform, and e. coli, doctors say that's the perfect
11:44 am
cocktail to make you sick. and we found that same disgusting bacteria in these two pools as well. yep, you're swimming in 2. >> either someone went to the bathroom and didn't clean themselves properly, or went to the bathroom in the pool. >> reporter: we shared our results with an er doc at lennox hill hospital. >> i always thought the chlorine in the pool killed the bacteria. >> not all of it. in fact the heat can cause bacteria to thrive. >> reporter: both pools, even the lazy river, contain pseudomonpseud pseudomonas. >> only one pool we tested came back completely clean. but when we pulled out our chlorine test strip, we found a
11:45 am
different problem. the chlorine is way too high. >> reporter: yep, sky high chlorine levels. doctors say that can be just as bad. >> what's the problem with chlorine? >> an excess of chlorine can cause breathing problems and burns in sensitive kids. >> that's jeff rossen reporting. you can buy those test kits for ten bucks at any big box store. dunk it in the water and it will tell you if you want to jump in right on the spot. >> today is a good day to jump in the poo-pool. >> not today. >> or in the ocean. >> i don't know, jeff rossen was there too. if it you'll head out to the coast, we have some large waves. an interesting story taking place around the peninsula in san francisco. that's the sunny side of things, one side of the coin, if you will. you've got clear skies around
11:46 am
the embarcadero. ocean beach, a different story, socked in by low clouds. they're at the west side of the peninsula, around the golden gate bridge. we're seeing those microclimates around san francisco. mid-50s around twin peaks. south of market, almost 70 right now. you can see the temperature is different between places away in the marine influence, in the mid-80s by 11:00. pleasanton right now, up to 82 degrees. east bay, towards 680, likely seeing the hottest temperatures. alamo, lafayette, all the way up to 90 degrees already. brentwood, up to 89. 85 in livermore. south bay temperatures soon starting to climb into the upper 80s south of downtown. right now, close to 80 degrees. should see 87 later on in
11:47 am
downtown san jose, low 90s closer to los gatos and saratoga for the afternoon. mid-80s around redwood city. san francisco, just muenough of sea breeze to keep temperatures in t 70s. in the tri valley, mid-90s, not just for the bay area. check out yosemite, numbers in the 90s this afternoon and even lake tahoe should see numbers in the mid- to upper 80s as we finish the week. as this high continues to strengthen, hottest temperatures of the week will be from thursday into early saturday. san jose, mid-90s downtown, which means a chance of upper 90s south of downtown hand so say. pleasanton having a chance to climb to 100 around friday. antioch to the northeast could see temperatures as hot as 104
11:48 am
degrees. temperatures will cool down through the weekend. stay tuned for the weekend forecast. we're talking about some cooling, but fire dangers could increase if we get mountain thundershowers, which may happen saturday into sunday. that should bring our it was down 15 to 20 degrees cooler between friday and sunday. >> thank you, rob. next, going to the olympics is the dream of many athletes. but one says the danger is too high in rio. the reason a basketball superstar will sit out the game. kris///vo turning to the 2016 summer games in rio:
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yesterday -- a paralympian made one of my favorite songs. turning now to the 206 summer game in rio. yesterday a paraolympian made his case to go for the gold. a german long jumper presented a study to the international
11:51 am
association of athletic federations showing prosthesis wearing athletes have no disability over regular athletes. he hopes to become the second athlete with a prosthesis to compete at the olympics. in 2012, oscar pistorius competed in the summer games in london. while some athletes are trying to make it to the games, others are considering not going. >> another olympian says he is seriously thinking about skipping the rio games because of the zika virus. he told reports it may be a bigger threat than we think. jessica aguirre reports. >> reporter: he's the latest athlete to raise concerns over the zika virus. he says he may skip the rio games, rather than risk his health.
11:52 am
he says other athletes, especially those planning to have children in the near future, should think about it too. >> reporter: she thinks her olympic dreams are worth the risk. a similar story for this 24-year-old. >> i do that want to have children. i'm a little concerned. >> reporter: this rio-bound athlete says he's been out of the loop when it comes to zika. >> i don't know much about it. i think i'll keep it that way. >> reporter: but for doctors treating babies born with brain defects, ignorance is the worst risk. many health care workers are asking rio to move the olympics. >> it could be a global height crisis. >> reporter: but the w.h.o. says
11:53 am
keeping half a million people out of rio won't make a dent in stopping zika. >> the games should go ahead as planned and we should continue to work to make sure they're as safe as possible. >> there have been at least one global supporting event moved from its host city. that was back in 2003, when the women's world cup moved from china to the u.s. because of the threat of sars. the olympics, though, have never been moved because of medical concerns. we're 66 days away from the opening ceremony. jessica aguirre will go to rio to bring you live updates. presidential candidate bernie
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sanders showed up to watch th the warriors felt the "bern" last night at oracle arena. senator bernie sanders showed up to watch the game with actor danny glover, a campaign supporter, ahead of the june 7th primary. i guess that's how you get to game 7, you have to be running for president. >> exactly. maybe he's seated farther back. >> we're watching the warriors win and watching the forecast. >> and feeling the "bern" mid-90s in theyv tri valley.
11:57 am
friday looks to be the hottest day of the week, some places 100 to 105 degrees. cooling with more clouds as we move to the weekend. >> a little awards ceremony at school, sitting on the grass and the sun, kind of hoping -- >> a lot of outdoor graduations. >> a lot. >> thank you so much for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. >> get the latest information all day at of course we have an app that will work on your iphone and google device as well. have a great day. ==anchor/ani
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