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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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but today is the one day that's different, rob. >> the sea breeze is a little stronger, moving all the way into solano county, winds southwest at 15. that's a good seen if you want to get a little cooler. right now, clear skies for the most part in san jose, 59 degrees. not as clear. san francisco the fog machine moving over downtown. 53 right now. 12k3w4r6r7b8g9 12k3w4r6r7b8g9sz. >> those clouds are hovering over the east shore freeway. we can see the backup, an easier build right now let me show you the other slow spot after you got a look at the entire bay building off the north 230 as
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well we have the combination as well as the crash cheer by the time we hit san mateo bridge. no problems across that span. it's a hazy drive. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. right now, breaking news we have been following since we came on air at 4:30 a. woman is dead, a suspect in custody. >> it happened off south jackson avenue at interstate 680 in san jose overnight. "today in the bay" bob redell is there with more on how they tracked down the suspect so quickly. >> there were witnesses to what happened here last night. good morning, sam, lawyer. >> reporter: you see san jose police have in the past half hour or so reopened jackson avenue here at 680 t. woman was hit and killed underneath the 680 overpass you are looking at right now. >> that happened around 12:30 last night. it's not clear whether the woman
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was walking on the sidewalk or in the road when she was hit by a driver who did not stop. she died on the scene. police say that she was between 20 and 30 years of age. there were witness as i mentioned to this hit-and-run who stayed with her and helped police identify the driver who did not get far. police pulled over this person a short distance away on southbound 680 at the the king road off-ramp. police believe there was also a second car that hit the woman and fled the scene. they are still looking for that driver. reporting live here, bab redell, "today in the bay." . heart breaking news, thank you very much, bob. now, internationally word search crews may have located the black books for that egypt airplane that crashed last month, killing all 66 people on board. egypt's civil ministries says they picked up pinging signals
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from one of the data recorders. plane was traveling from paris to egypt when it suddenly spun in midair and plunged 38,000 feet into the water? a developing story this morning at 6:02. four people dead, ten others injured after an explosion in seoul, south korea. it happened at a construction site. they say the workers were about 50 feet under ground when the explosion occurred. now the cause of that explosion is not yet known. here at home, a major thorofare shut down, cal trans crews work, around the clock to repair a sink hole. all north bound lanes are shut down near highway 132. they won't be opened any time soon. traffic is diverted back on to i-5. the sink hole was first spotted yesterday morning. this is about noon. it's about three feet in diameter. cal trans crews began excavation work mid-day, more than tripling
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its original size. the ultimate goal is to figure out what caused the sink hole in the first place. >> we're not sure right now. we're still investigating. there is an irrigation pipe underneath. it's one of the things to look to see if possibly that irrigation pipe may have had a leak or something of that nature. >> cal trans says they could repair it fairly easy. they expect the lengths to reopen by tomorrow afternoon. turning our attention to the north bay. two accused of stabbing a classmate. the 17-year-old teenagers will be tried as adults t. marin county district attorney also says those teenagers suspected of shooting and stabbing studen students. over the week, police arrested a suspect of a ruthless
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armed robbery. they storm a business, then they attack employees. happened in late april. these show two men entering hp food supply. it appears to be a machine gunpointing it at an employee. he walks around the desk. two men ransacked the front office. they left in a silver early 2000 acura tl with no front license plate. >> it's great, it's a grocery business. >> as you recognize, either of these two men police want to hear from you. we have new details and tragedy at an increasingly popular event. a man has died after an accident at the bottle rock festival in napa. they say the man was a
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production worker and he was killed in an industrial accident breaking down as a 35-year-old working as top productions in richmond. there are no further details of that accident released. nearly a week after she was kidnapped, investigators are hoping for a break in the case of missing teenager pearl pinson. police have released this image of a backpack very similar to the one the 15-year-old girl was wearing when a man dragged her away last wednesday. investigators are holding out hope shy is alive. three suspects accused of murdering a millbrae father tiffany lee is facing conspiracy charges. all three are expected to enter pleas in court today. they say they killed keith 14 the father of lee's children.
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. someone slammed into a motorcycle cop and took off. officers found the car near industrial and hayward. they are looking for that suspect. but so far, they have not succeeded in making an arrest. video this morning of two men wanted by police in the east bay while talking about union city. union city police say store security video shows the pair shoplifting items from a rite aid in arinda. the same two menner involved in a crash in piedmont involving a car stolen from a house in union city. investigators say after that crash, both men walked away from the scene before officers airve radioed. anyone that knows to contact will call union city police. police think they know who stole a cannon, police issued an
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arrest warrant for a 44-year-old, the man was caught on under surveillance video stealing the world war i air cannon from the richmond veterans memorial hall. he sold it to an unsuspected checker who returned it after learning it was stolen while watching it on our newscast. >> it's 6:08. we are watching temperatures that seem to be exploding. . the 60s, san jose has cooled to a 59 degree temperature. probably the ac running overnight. can you see out to the tri-valley. a pleasant 57 degrees, clear skies, not so clear. >> that drive across the golden gate bridge. low clouds, 7:00 to mid-80s inland around noon, eventually climbing into the upper '80s, notice san francisco, fairly
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comfortable, upper 60s near 70s. around the peninsula, from the north bay, highs in the mid-80s, tri-valley, numbers soaring into the 90s. for a check of your commute in hayward, here's mike. >> we are tracking an earlier crash near 880 and hayward. let's show you the map. this being the holiday weekend, we had memorial day offul an earlier crash, cleared to the shoulder at wynton. we still have slowing. building off 238 for the area. meanwhile, the tri-valley shows more slowing. 680 for pleasanton t. slowest spot 101 north of 680. back to you. coming up next, new competition for donald trump. but is it too little too late in the new faces entering the presidential race. >> plus if you had an electric
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car company, what would you name it? i have ideas coming up in business.
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>> decision 2016, donald trump could be facing new competition in the fall as several third party candidates are throwing their hats into the ring, is it too late to seifen off support? >> "today in the bay" tracy pott
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has more on how this could impact trump's campaign. >> reporter: good morning, maybe the other side as well, who ill the democrats are vying it out there in. ka. whoever comes out on top, it's bombing clear it may not be a one on one race with donald trump. there are new faces in the presidential race, libertarian and former new mexico governor gary johnson with his running mate in their first interview on msnbc. >> neither of us have any intention of attacking trump or hillary. >> and nbc has confirmed, national review writer david french is considering an independent run. >> i know for a fact an awful lot of republicans are throwing in for donald trump right now. because they feel they have no other option. >> trump says he's not worried. >> the fact is you can't win as an independent. >> reporter: hillary clinton is focused on winning california. >> i'm feeling very positive about this campaign in california. we are working really hard. i was proud to get governor
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jerry brown's endorsement. >> reporter: bernie sanders insists she's only ahead because of super delegates who supported her even before the primaries got started. >> it's an unfair system. it's a dumb system. it's a system we will change. i'm and it's a system that's given hillary clinton an edge of almost 800 delegates when you add in those super delegates that he's so concerned about. >> he's trying to get right in striking range there, see figure he can persuade them. thank you tracy potts from d.c.. a panel of judges says they don't need a warrant to track the cell phone. >> privacy advocates are very concerned. >> they are hoping it will end up in the supreme court. it doesn't seem likely. you may know your cell phone pings towers all the time t. fourth circuit court judges say police can use a court order, now it's complicated to get a warrant to use that data and find out where you have been. they can rewind that data as well for weeks. other news, the vallejo city
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council plans to build a factory on mare island. they haven't talked about financial terms. just last night they voted to their the eggs go. faraday wants to build a customer experience center, you and i call a dealership. he says they will feel a factory in northwest vegas. it had a ground breaking ceremony there, no construction yet. no factory means they haven't built a car no prototype either. it's showing off a model. it is testing some of the components, but no car. this is the vision, guys, the one-seater super car. if you are wondering, why the name faraday because he was a famous physicist, right, and worked with electricity just like tesla. >> right. >> you want to beat tesla, you should name yourself something like faraday. if you wanted to name your own
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car company, tesla is already taken. faraday is taken, not tesla, you can't name it faraday, you dolph hertz, that was taken by a car company and the lesser volta, they have the chevy volt. we have the luigi galvani and georg ohm. nobody wants to drive an ohm. and james wattt. i drive a watt. you say a what? i say, yes. >> who's on first? what's on 2nd. >> a lot of megawatts in it. i see that. i'll drive the new galvani and the batmobile apparently from faraday. thank you very much. when duty calls, sfpd officers are ready to answer, even if that duty involves baby-sitting a stranded sea lion pup. they found him on ocean beach
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monday, look at that. in an outdoor stairwell, shivering and in distress. the story ends well. they call the marine map center. they say to rescue it, it's too far away. they had to sit, basically baby-sit. >> look at it in there the little jung u youngster for a while. that's exactly what the police officers did. they pup sited for 8 hours. right now he is undergoing treatment at the marine mammal center. >> that's so friendly. >> i know, right. it was perfect. >> the dog is no longer man's best friend. >> in the bay area, that itself for sure. hanging out near a body of water. >> especially more so later this week. we got numbers climbing through friday. right now, though, you have -- >> oh, wow. it's san francisco. these the view, the crossing of the golden gate bridge, what you can see of it. san jose, a different story remember a sun flare,
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tri-valley, a few spots waking up to 60s this morning as we slowly cool off from those upper 90s to near 100 degree triumphs inland yesterday. here you go, san francisco, golden gate bridge, misty skies right now. you see the visibility\has dropped since we last saw this graphic about a half hour ago. now it's a quarter mile visibility in santa rosa, along the coast, three-quarters of a mile in gilroy, once you get out of the santa clara valley, you will run into fog into gilroy this morning. so temperatures in the 50s and 60s for now. we head towards about noon. mid-80s inland. notice how san francisco will stay cool t. sea breeze a little bit stronger today, which will prevent our temperatures from skyrocketing as least as high on friday where the sea breeze comes to a stop for inland valleys. upper '80s to low 90s inland around the south bay. we should see mostly 60s in san francisco, '80s in the north bay, still 90s around the tri-valley and upper '80s into
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parts of the inner east bay into concord today still numbers in the 90s. here you go, through friday, temperatures on the rise, the hottest day of the week in san jose, should be friday. a hot start to the weekend with, notice pleasanton climbing umm. clouds and cooling in the weekend. san francisco should finally see temperatures climbing into the 70s on friday, trending cooler as we move through the weekend. >> rob, 100 degrees on a friday, that's unpleasantton. moving towards the bay bridge t. backup on the left side is lighter. no major problems around the bay as far as the slowing, except for one, looking towards southbound 880. let's zoom in over here. let's show you this first. any time we hear the tunnel, we get very worried. the activity over on the shoulder, mild slowing build out of the tunnel towards highway 13, warren freeway. that's much better than we saw when the road crew cleared. still slow from marina boulevard all the way down to wynton, earlier crash again on the
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shoulder there, that distraction is enough to kick off the slowing, recovery for 238 t. rest looks good, fremont with a build south 880. palo alto, there is much sunlight as well. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up next, we introduce nbc bay area responds. our new initiative to tackle your consumer problem.
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zblmpblgsz "responds."
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our new initiative to tackle consumer problems. we'd like to introduce our new consumer investigator.
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=sam/2 shot= chris chmura (kuh-more-uh ds more tha rs experience to our team. wcome to this morning, we'd love to introduce our new investigator. >> let's give a big welcome >> nbc respond is all about you. we solve disputes, get refund and bring about change. case in point, rose, aaa refused to tow her van, she wasn't with it when it broke down. crews couldn't get to it. she had disability. aaa wouldn't budge. rose contacted us. we contacted aaa. guess what happened, they gave her a free year of service it is changing its policy for members with disability.
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so tonight we pose a question, is your child safe when the dentist poses anesthesia? one says no, some dentists say the stat to quo is safe. week ago explain why. we will ask state regulators serious questions they can't answer after the 11:00. these stories begin with you. so please, either call us at 888-996 items, or visit nbc bay slash respond. >> which is great. i love these stories. they make a difference in people's lives. >> unfortunately, there are so very many of them. >> you are talking laws, policy, crony business, all sorts of matters you will tike into account. >> you name it. we got it. the top complaints we think will be about trpg and housing. it drains our budget. if there is a dollar missing.
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the next assignment is fake tickets with the warriors. what is going on with that? the hottest ticket in town, hundreds of people were turned await in the western conference finals because of fraudulent tickets. warriors saw an average of 50 people sellers on third party web sites. tickets went on sale yesterday. they sold out in minutes. some fans say third party tickets are too pricey to take a chance on. >> i'm excited they're going again, it's great to be there. i'll have to do it from home $605 is a little rich for me. >> game one of the nba finals is thursday in oracle t. team says the fans should only use verified ticket resale sites to ensure they buy the real ticket. coming up next, breaking
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news, a hit-and-run crash leaves a woman dead in san jose, how police tracked down the suspect moments later. >> reporter: i'm live in san rafael, where two teenage suspects will be arraigned as adults for murder. i'll have a live report. and sunny or foggy, it depends on your point of view, we are tracking temperatures still soaring into the nine inland, how long the heat will last when we come back. a live look outside at sunol..
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just one spot expected to reh the mid 90's for yet another day.. heading our way.peratures are . >> the heat is starting to set in. just one spot expected to reach the mid-90s for yet another day and more hot temperatures are headed our way. good morning on this wednesday, thanks for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> we had upper 90s in a few spots, san jose, a pretty start to the morning. can you see the sun rise there, in san francisco, glowing clouds and mist around san francisco.
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53ite now. we go through the visibility. notice north bay valleys, santa ro', reduced invisible along the coast, temperatures will climb eventually to the mid-80s inland around noon, highs today still in the nine around the tri-valley, upper '80s, closer to downtown san jose, upper 60s, where that ocean ac and the fog will help to make for a cooler day, mike. >> starting with this shot. i feel cooler already. we are looking over to what pay be an issue. you showed them fog in the north bay, south of there, not a major problem. watch half moon bay, mostly green. we call out the shots here, south 880 recovering, the earlier crash cleared at wynton, slow for the tri-valley. southbound 680, a difficult plan right there. getting over towards the bay bridge. not a major issue, lighting the orange there, petaluma highway 101. santa rosa, low clouds may be a
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factor there as well along the coast. back to you. >> we do have breaking news we are following in the south bay, one person is in custody following what police say is a deadly hit-and-run. it all started a little after midnight when a car struck a woman walking on jackson avenue underneath the 680 overpass. police say a second driver struck the victim and took off. officers took off near the king offavrp, that driver is in custody. the driver of the second car on the loose. bob redell will join us with a live report coming up a little later in this news kat. one of the search crews located the black boxes that crashed last month killing all 66 people on board. a french ship picked up pinging signals from deep in the mediterranean sea. right now let's assume those
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signals are coming from one of the data recorders. investigators say the plane was traveling from paris to egypt, it spun in midair and plunged 38,000 feet in the water. today, two teenagers accused of killing classmates. they will be charged as adults. >> we have details on the case and the charges they are facing. sharon, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam, laura. you know, the nevada community is very uneasy about this case because one of the suspects is still on the loose. two of the suspects will be arraigned here. both of the 17-year-old suspects will be arraigned as adults. you will recall a mallsive search last week prompted the closure of the high school. they will be joined by another tried as an act saysry after the fact. the marin county district
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attorney says the teens suspected of shooting and stabbing two students last week will face murder and attempted murder charges. one of the victims died. the other victim, authorities are searching for another suspect and police arrested the older cousin of one of the suspects for conspiracy last weekend. back here live again the two suspects will be arraigned here at about 9:00 this morning. we will, of course, have the very latest. reporting live, san rafael, sharon katsuda, "todayth in bay." the suspect in last year's deadly pier 14 shooting is back if court today for a preliminary hearing. juan francisco sanchez faces second degree murder charges in the shooting death of kate steinly. lopez sanchez was deported five times before. a trial date has not yet been
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set. yesterday the police union officially signed a off for a plan to equip officers with those cameras. the city's police commission still has to take up an issue at the hearing today t. current proposal would allow them to watch the footage except in cases of police shootings or in custody deaths. it's been a key sticking point in this career's long fate. >> we want to make sure the body camera is used in a way to root out officers who are telling the truth. >> we want body cameras. it's great. it thells the story on the othe side, it's about transparency. >> the mayor lee says he hopes cameras will rebuilt trust in the community. who has not visited this community in recent weeks when
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we are talking politic, pre summitive nominee donald trump, this time he is in san jose tomorrow night. >> just last month, he was in burlingame. they blocked the entrance so he was forced to hop a concrete barrier to actually sneak in the back door. the democratic presidential hopeful in the bay area, he was in emeryville yesterday, today sanders will be in palo alto for a community panel with asian american and pacific islanders leaders. that's happening. he heads off to a rally at 2:30. both take place at the center fields. a this is in palo alto. sanders visit coming as his supporters try to shake up the sum rear, election day june 7th.
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>> that motion will be considered today by a federal judge. sanders supporters argue california's primary process is too confusing. right now, california's most prominent democrat is throwing his support behind hillary clinton. governor jerry brown called her quote the only path forward to win the presidency and stop the dangerous candidacy of trump. a new poll shows him ahead of sanders. the poll last week showed the two with a virtual tie. stanley cup finals, sharks gaining home ice advantage. >> game one was a heart breaker. they will brush it off from pittsburgh, pa, game two will be played later tonight. they let game one slip away in the end, pittsburgh penguins scored that tie breaking goal late in the 3rd period.
6:37 am
sharks fans are hoping they get a split in pittsburgh before the series moves back to san jose in the sap center for games three and four. game three will be on saturday night. nbc bay area is in pittsburgh covering the game for us. you can watch live reports throughout our evening newsca s newscasts. >> if you want to be on the ice, holding up the cooling trend, still, a warm one. >> temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above where they should be, better than the numbers up to 101 droo es in parts of the tri-valley yesterday, right now, that's one of the cooler spots you will see all day long. san francisco, low clouds, misty clouds, sunrise over san jose. 59 degrees, from coolest to what i think will be a warmer spot or one of the warmest places today around the bay area, later on, pleasanton, 57 degrees, no low clouds around the tri-valley, the wind speed direction interesting, fairfield, southwest wind about 10 to 18 miles per hour at tiles, that's food
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good. >> 50s and 60s for morning. noongs, though, you see the numbers soaring through '80s. highs upper '80s to 90s in the south bay. 60s closer to san francisco, mid-70s to mid-ynts around the peninsula and east bay. you see the north bay, mid-80s in the forecast still, low- to mid-90s around dublin and pleasanton this afternoon. now to see what's happening with your south bay commute. >> the commute kicking in now t. slowing at 6 guilty t. map shows you at the bottom of your screen, nothing surprising about the rest of the bay. we are looking at slowing 880 towards fremont, west 24 continues slow, west of the tunnel. over on the shoulder. while we are looking at the
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issue, i know we will touch upon this, we will show you video, i meant to show you, i apologize back to 33, i know you will talk about more details. we are tac tracking that. over to you. >> thank youing mike. coming up next, an alarming number of security breaches. the new report that shows sa is not helping this problem. >> if you invest in under surveillance cameras, you better hope they work this well. crystal clear under surveillance video of alleged robbers who cold cocked a woman aiming an uzi-like gun at her. a plan to actually give away free money. the dow industrials are losing 114 points this morning.
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>> a brutal attack on video. >> the disturbing video police hope will help them nab the thieves. >> reporter: i'll tell you, police don't know the names of the armed robbers. they should know their faces. >> that video is crystal clear. they roll up to a warehouse on
6:43 am
south 3rd street near downtown san jose. they have what appears to be a machine gun. he point as a terrifying employee. he punchs her out cold. then he and the other suspect who tries to hide his face ransacked the office. they were inside that business for about a minute before they made off with cash and other personal belongings. it's kind of crazy. this is just a grocery business. >> those folks and other neighbors nearby told us they wish they had known about this crime sooner. the armed robbery actually happened on april 23rd, a st. evening the duo got away. san jose police say the suspect with that uzi-like submachine gun is somewhere between 30-years-old. the other guy is between 20 and
6:44 am
25, also 5' 10" around 200 pound. it still daylight out. folks want them to be caught. few have information, can you report it anonymously and there is a reward for their arrest and capture. >> you can find them on nbc bay in the news room, chris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> we have more information about the weapon stolen from an officer. agents in armored cars and suvs blocking off. they were looking for a glock pistol swollen along with his badge and identification t. problem is the badge and i.d. have not been covered contractor recovered.
6:45 am
neighbors say at least the gun is found. >> i think it's good if they got it back. if it was led to the wrong hand. we have more violence than we have. >> the fbi has yet to be raided. the agent was in town. new at 6:00, questions about security at the nation's airports after a federal study on perimeter safety. the u.s. government accountably. they are identifying they conclude that may be citing roughly 2500 incidents over the past three years at the nation's 400 plus commercial airports. it found small and mid-size airports are more vulnerable. >> airbnb launched a new feature which they dubbed the animal house, john belucci style.
6:46 am
earlier, that profiled residents living next to an airbnb was disrupting and upsetting. go to that website. you can list your complaint. you have to identify yourself to the company. they are promising not to tell the unit's owner. tech news. a group of people are moving forward to give people money, regular money. >> except this would not be a prize, sam. this is something called the universal based income. what if you just gave people money, a basic income for existing. the tech incubator wants to try it. they previously announced that i will do it in oakland. now word this morning. they're one step closer to actually doing it they have met with the oakland mayor and will
6:47 am
hold meetings to get people's thoughts. they were going to start off with a wide group. the organization scaled that back. it says it needs to figure out the basics. who to pick. how to distribute the money. i know, everyone says, how do i get in on this? the answer is they haven't explained this part yet. this is a real plan. in fact, switzerland is thinking of a universal income, will vote on making this a law, giveing every citizen $20,000 a year. this is not welfare. you get it if you have a job, if you were rich or poor. you'd be encouraged to have a job, in fact. the idea is to solve poverty is literally give people money. >> which sounds like a fantastic money. it would raise the quality of life. if you give everybody $30,000. how is this not going to create an inflationary environment will things cost more money. >> where does it come from?
6:48 am
a welfare programs that are already helping the poor in this is one of the reasons why they want to do this as a slow experiment and see, they're really going to do this in oakland and see how it works with a small group of people. >> very good. >> a test lab. >> 6:48. happening now, deep in the heart of texas. the rivers are certainly rising. so are the worries four days of historic flooding t. death toll from the storms is up to eight. this morning the region is bracing for another onslaught. >> this is june 1st, which starts the official start of the hurricane season in the north atlantic. this year is national oceanic atmospheric association is
6:49 am
predicting a normal season. >> that means ten named storms and four hurricanes. >> certainly not happening in our neck of the woods. the heat is happening here. >> we have seen interesting hurricanes now. >> we had tropical storm bonnie. the season starts. we are already to the third named storm. in the atlantic here. we have temperatures soaring into the 90s inland. there are signs we pay get a brief respite out there. hazy skies in san jose san francisco got a lot of low cloud, into the north, san jose, 53 that drive across the golden gate bridge. pleasanton. 57 degrees. the wind is interesting.
6:50 am
trooi valley, into solano, fairfield 11 to 18 miles per hour, on shore winds push into the delta. a sign we may need cooling for the interior valleys, high pressure ensure the temperatures climb. headed out to the beaches, watch out for rip currents, hazard statement in effect through thursday. temperatures in the '80s, san francisco, likely saying in the 60s for most of the day, around the peninsula, temperatures in the 70s and '80s north bay temperatures, mid- to upper-'80s the hottest spots, oakland seeing temperatures in the mid-70s. here's the reason why high pressure reaching peak intensity. san jose in the low 90s around downtown, cooling sunday.
6:51 am
climbing up close to 100 degrees a stretch that could get up to 1 much to 105 cooling towards sunday. notice sfraebs, perhaps stay tuned on that weekend forecast. coming in from the southwest. it should lead to cooling. if it has mid-level moisture, we may have to watch out for thundershowers. >> we have a new crash. i want to quick start off with the bay bridge toll plaza, because it's the holiday week. we often see that. the approach is slow out of arinda t. earlier crash ripples back. no lanes blocked there. meanwhile, moving south toward hayward. 880 recovers, now we have a typical pattern.
6:52 am
in the south bay, northbound 101, slowing there, 280 and 17 and 880 cut over there, we look for northbound 101 in san jose. you see the effects. it sounds like all lanes are clear there. >> that is southbound toward the shift south of the university. in newark yesterday, the plane bounced hard as it first touched down, dislodgeing ceiling panels. some fell into the aisles. luckily, no one was injured. the pilot cancelled the landing and took off and circled around. >> as if you don't have enough jitters. a baby with zika-like birth
6:53 am
effects. >> she contracted it in another country. the baby was born with microsefly. u.s. health officials have been monitoring at least 279 pregnant women with zika in the states and its territories. an update to breaking news, a woman died, a suspect is in custody, we are live at the scene with bob redell. >> one san francisco landlord is being sued from letting his rental properties fall into a terrible state of neglect. our new nbc bay area app is the best way to stay ahead of traffic. get traffic alerts by downloading our app. before you head out the door -
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here are the top stories on nbc bay area... =sam/anim= first breaking news in san jose.. today in the bay's bob >> welcome back a. good wednesday morning to you. before you head out the door, here are the top stories. >> breaking news, "today in the bay" bob redell, a woman hit not once but twice. >> reporter: good morning, sam, laura, unfortunately this tragically happened over the 680
6:57 am
overpass at jackson avenue in san jose around 12:30 last night. a young woman was either walking down the sidewalk or the road. a person in the car hit or ran her over. witnesses stayed with her and identified that car, police were able to catch the car. southbound 680 qualify ramp. witnesses say there was a second car, that person is still outstanding. reporting live here, bob redell, "today in the bay." a nan is dead after an accident at the bottle rock festival in napa. the man was a production worker. he was killed in an industrial accident braking down the vip lounge area. he has been identified as a 35-year-old man working in richmond. no further details have been
6:58 am
released. right now, caltrans crews are working around the clock to repair a sifrg hole around three feet if diameter at noon yesterday. it more than tripled in original size, it is also about 15 feet deep. all north bound lanes are shut down and traffic is being diverted northbound up to i-5. they expect them to open by noon. reports of something going on in cal-trans, just in a moment, we'll get to that. >> break out the short and tee shirts. >> inland temperatures, 60s, 70s, '80s, by friday, 100 degree temperatures, right now you got misty skies, sfraenls visibility
6:59 am
a quarter mile in santa rosa. halfmoon bay down to a quarter mile, temperatures in the 50s and 60s, starting to pop up towards lunchtime, temperatures in the mid-afternoon, '80s to mid-90s, a bit cooler by a couple of degrees from yesterday, it's friday, we see more widespread upper 90s to 100s. >> cooler-ish. we are hearing problems on caltrans. a northbound train. >> it sounds like something much more serious. stop service right now from redwood to belmont. we have that bus in place. 305. in injuries to people on the plane train. there is very light traffic around the bay. we will track it, it's the northbound side affected in a
7:00 am
single track there, meanwhile, in the south bayage earlier crash at 880. >> that's what's happening in the bay. >> see you in a bit with updates. t baby with zika-related microcephaly born in the continental united states. this morning, how and where the mother contracted that virus, and what this case says about the fight to contain it. following the money. harsh questions for donald trump over his handling of charitable donations to veterans, which he quickly turned into an assault on the media. >> you're a sleaze. i've watched you on television. you're a beauty. i find the political press to be unbelievably dishonest. >> he then questioned hillary clinton for not holding a press conference in nearly 200 days. 400-pound controversy. the parents of the boy who fell into the gorilla enclosure at the cincinnati zoo now under


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