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tv   Today  NBC  June 1, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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single track there, meanwhile, in the south bayage earlier crash at 880. >> that's what's happening in the bay. >> see you in a bit with updates. t baby with zika-related microcephaly born in the continental united states. this morning, how and where the mother contracted that virus, and what this case says about the fight to contain it. following the money. harsh questions for donald trump over his handling of charitable donations to veterans, which he quickly turned into an assault on the media. >> you're a sleaze. i've watched you on television. you're a beauty. i find the political press to be unbelievably dishonest. >> he then questioned hillary clinton for not holding a press conference in nearly 200 days. 400-pound controversy. the parents of the boy who fell into the gorilla enclosure at the cincinnati zoo now under investigation.
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the incident raising concerns about safety at zoos all across the country. and speaking out. the motorcyclists who survived this road rage incident telling their story to nbc news. >> he said -- i can't say that on tv either. before we knew it, he was on top of it. >> today, wednesday, june 1st, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on this wednesday morning. we start with major news. it comes from the world of health. >> yes. pretty disturbing. a pregnant woman with the zika virus has given birth to a baby in new jersey. >> the birth believed to be the first of its kind in the continental united states. natalie is here with the details on this. a lot of people paying attention. >> a lot of people very concerned, with good reason, guys.
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the baby not only has the virus, but a condition known as microcephaly, which stunts the infant's growth and often causes severe brain damage. it's important to point out the mother was visiting the u.s. from honduras and had contracted the zika virus before she arrived here. >> reporter: this morning, a team of doctors at new jersey's hackensack medical center providing intensive care to a baby girl born overnight with microcephaly, the serious medical condition commonly linked to the zika virus. the 31-year-old mother, who has not been identified, was visiting the u.s. from honduras. she reportedly contracted zika early in her pregnancy after she was bitten by an infected mosquito. it wasn't until last friday that an ultrasound found the microcephaly in her unborn child. >> i think all pregnant women should be aware this is a travel-related case of zika and this does not occur in the u.s. >> reporter: this on the heels of new guidelines released by the world health organization. the w.h.o. advising people who
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recently travelled to zika-infected countries to wait eight weeks to conceive, even if neither partner has had symptoms. that's twice the length of time the w.h.o. previously recommended. >> the guidance is to consider delaying pregnancy, certainly recognizing this is tough for some populations. >> reporter: major league baseball player francisco rodriguez revealed he contracted the virus this past offseason in his homeland. the 34-year-old relief pitcher for the detroit tigers, a native of crackous, venezuela, was ill for two weeks. >> officials have been pressured to move the olympics, but the w.h.o. says doing so would not significantly alter the international spread of the zika virus. guys? >> we'll be hearing a lot more about this, natalie. >> big deal.
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we move to politics now. a new name surfacing in the race for the white house as donald trump rips the media during a fiery press conference. we have complete decision 2016 coverage starting with hallie jackson. she joins us from trump tower in new york city. good morning to you. >> hi, savannah, good morning. the scene here at trump tower, a combative candidate giving us a preview of what a president trump would be like. while he brushed off our questions about a possible independent opponent, this morning, word that someone new could challenge the presumptive republican nominee. many americans now asking, who? >> reporter: donald trump's new mystery challenger revealed. multiple sources telling nbc news, conservative writer david french is considering an independent run. >> you give all of these people another option. >> reporter: but without money and name recognition, many think it is a long shot to take on the billionaire businessman. trump, not commenting yet, taking on his favorite target instead, the media. >> you're a sleaze.
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i've watched you on television. you're a real beauty. i find the political press to be unbelievably dishonest. >> reporter: trump, angry over questions about what happened to the $6 million he says he raised for veterans back in january. >> i have never received such bad publicity for doing such a good job. i'll give you the names, if that's what you want. >> reporter: trump detailing $5.6 million in donations to various veterans charities,icallying $1 million of his own money. an nbc news analysis find about a third of the donations, $1.9 million, was dispersed only this past week, when pressures started building for trump to explain what happened to the money. >> he bragged for months about raising $6 million for veterans and donating $1 million himself, but it took a reporter to shame him into actually making his contribution. >> reporter: trump taking a testy tone, promising if he makes it to the white house, this is what to expect in the briefing room. >> yeah, it is. let me tell you something.
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i'm a person -- yeah, it is going to be like this, david. >> reporter: his insults aimed not just at the media, but his fellow republicans, too. conservative writer bill kristol. >> bill kristol is a loser. >> reporter: new mexico governor susana martinez. >> he wasn't nice. >> reporter: former rival mitt romney. >> why should people believe you when you say you'll bring the party together? >> i made robocalls for romney. he let us down. >> reporter: hammering romney, calling him a stiff in the interview in the hollywood reporter. >> romney himself, by the way, the subject of speculation, he could be considering an independent run. a top aide reiterating, romney is not running. he is tweeting about david french, calling him an honorable, intelligent and patriotic person. matt and savannah? >> hallie, by the way, among the targets at the press conference, the judge who oversees the fraud
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case involving trump university. that's the case going on right now. there was a trove of records just unsealed. what did we learn? >> these are the playbooks surrounding the case. used to sell the course for the for-profit university. it shows the sales people were told to play to people's emotions, telling them you don't sell products, benefits or solutions, you sell feelings. the salespeople were also told to suggest to potential customers to rely on credit card debt, retirement funds, to pay for trump university. all of it, savannah, opening up trump to potential new attacks from his democratic rivals. >> we've already seen that in action. hallie jackson, thank you. let us turn now to the democrats. hillary clinton gets ready to shift her campaign to delegate-rich california, where bernie sanders is gaining ground in the polls. nbc's kristen welker is on the trail with secretary clinton in new jersey. kristen, good morning to you. >> matt, good morning to you.
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secretary clinton will spend the day campaigning here in new jersey before she heads back out west tomorrow. her top aides telling me there will be no shortage of attacks for donald trump. all this as her campaign is coming under fresh scrutiny for its strategy and messaging. >> reporter: bernie sanders barn storming california late into the night. >> i think we're going to win here in california. >> reporter: as hillary clinton takes a page out of the trump playbook, flooding the airwaves on the phone, calling into news programs. telling msnbc's chris hayes -- >> i'm feeling very positive about my campaign in california. we are working really hard. >> reporter: but the clinton team is clearly concerned, with polls showing a tightening race. she's added a five-day campaign swing throughout the golden state. >> i want to cover as much of the state as i possibly can. >> reporter: clinton was also on defense tuesday, amid criticism she hasn't held a formal press conference in months. >> i have done nearly 300 interviews just in 2016.
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>> reporter: trump tweeting late tuesday, i am getting great credit for my press conference today. crooked hillary should be admonished for not having a press conference in 179 days. clinton aides say while she campaigns in california, clinton will keep her eye on her likely challenger. >> i think the problem here is the difference between what donald trump says and what donald trump does. >> reporter: as both candidates gear up for the fall fight, some democrats expressing concern. that while trump's campaign has a clear theme -- >> we're going to make america great again! >> reporter: clinton's message seems to keep shifting. >> i'm fighting for everyone who has ever been knocked down but refused to be knocked out. breaking down barriers has been one of the major themes to my campaign. we are stronger together in facing our internal challenges and our external ones. >> reporter: clinton's team says stronger together is aimed, in part, at countering trump's decisive rhetoric in the general election and they argue her
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guiding principle hasn't changed. >> some of her democratic critics are concerned her messaging has been muddled. has that hurt her with voters? >> i don't think the messaging has been muddled at all. particularly the last few weeks. our country is going to be stronger when every single american can live up to their god-given potential. >> a new quinnipiac poll just out this morning shows secretary clinton with a slim lead in a hypothetical general election matchup against donald trump, 45% to 41%. yesterday, she picked up a key endorsement. california governor jerry brown said it is time to unite the party to take on trump. now, the reality here, secretary clinton can win the nomination without winning california. but if she wins there, she could blunt any remaining argument sanders has for staying in the race. matt and savannah? >> kristen, thank you very much. chuck todd is nbc's political director and moderator of nbc's "meet the press." good morning to you.
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>> good morning, sir. >> over the weekend bill kristol teased us with a name, a person who would be a respected, qualified independent candidate for president. turns out he was talking about david french. yes, respective and qualified, a veteran. but be honest with me, when you heard it was david french, what was your first question? >> it was who? i had to double check. did he really mean the guy from "national review"? i mean, it was sort of one of those moments. i, for the life of me, matt, if bill kristol and the never trump people are so emphatic about finding somebody else other than donald trump, there is a ticket. the libertarian party ticket is not one but two former republican governors. >> weld and johnson. >> it seems silly to go down this road with somebody most people have never heard -- bill kristol has higher name i.d. than david french. >> write the bumper sticker for david french's campaign. what women it say? >> i might go, country first, vote french.
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or who i am and why am i here? >> chuck, it's hard to follow up that. let's talk about the donald trump news conference yesterday. obviously, we know it is a no-lose proposition to blast the media. let's not get distracted by that. let's go to the substance. where do we net out on what happened with the donations to the veterans. and also this issue of the trump university documents that halle just talked about. >> i would say to me, there were two more important take aways than the back and forth with the media. number one is the trump university. you know why these documents are public? because donald trump has done nothing but beat the living daylights out of this judge. the more he's done that, the more the judge has basically said, our credibility is called into question. we have to put everything out here. it is a reminder, is this the way he would govern? is this how he would act in office? any critic from the judiciary branch, another branch of government. this is something minor in his own office.
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if he did this while in office, it could trigger a constitutional crisis. it is truly borderline irresponsible behavior, on that front. on the second thing, to me, that jumped out of the press conference, again, skipping the media, was his willingness to just trash anybody who's not form him, including republicans. it may work politically but, again, it's no way to govern. he will find out he is lonely in the oval office. >> may work politically, it plays well to the people who have been long-time trump supporters. >> right. >> does it expand his support though with people on the fence? >> not only does not expand his support, it actually is hurting him financially. the point of that question, where he snapped out of it and said, hey, i'm not going to -- i am who i am. i'm always going to go this way. it was about how the chief fundraiser, essentially for the republican governor's association, the organization that new mexico's susana
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martinez leads, said, will you stop bashing republicans or i won't be able to raise money for you. if you want to raise $500 million in three months, and you're way behind, stop trashing republicans. do it for a week and see what happens. >> chuck todd, interesting morning. thanks very much. >> yes, it is. you got it. evacuations are under way in parts of southeast texas this morning due to record flooding there. even more rain is on its way. rescuers made their way through deserted neighborhoods in fort bend county tuesday and found a dog chained to a house. the pup was struggling to keep its head above water. rescuers were able to free the dog and take it to higher ground. take a look at this dramatic video of a jeep being swept away by floodwaters. thankfully, nobody was inside. already nine people in texas have lost their lives in the flooding. >> i want to talk about the continuing controversy over the shooting death of a gorilla at the cincinnati zoo after a 3-year-old boy fell into the animal's enclosure. police are confirming they're investigating the actions of the boy's parents.
7:15 am
as the incident raises questions about safety at zoos all across the country. nbc's joe fryer is in cincinnati. he has the latest. joe, good morning. >> good morning, matt. we now know the cincinnati police department is looking into what happened here, but that investigation will not focus on safety or operations here at the zoo. >> reporter: these tense moments captured on video have captivated the world. cincinnati investigators are concerned with what happened right before a 3-year-old boy fell into the gorilla enclosure. police say their review is only regarding the actions of the parents/family that led up to the incident. however, the zoo is the focus of a complaint filed with the usda by animal rights activists. >> what happened this last weekend made it very clear that the physical barriers at the cincinnati zoo are not adequate. >> reporter: the eyewitness who shot the video said the little boy seemed curious about the gorilla pen.
7:16 am
>> the little boy himself had been talking about wanting to go in, go in, get in the water. >> reporter: zoo officials say it appears the boy climbed over a barrier that's a little more than three feet high, making his way through bushes before falling 15 feet into the mote with harambe. >> mommy loves you. >> reporter: at times, the 420-pound silverback gorilla dragged the child around the enclosure before the zoo decided to shoot harambe. a controversial decision supported by some of the country's top experts. >> i believe in my heart that the zoo had found itself at the point of no return. >> reporter: what happened will likely prompt many zoos to review their barriers. the miami zoo was already installing higher fences and has other layers of protection, including thorny hedges. >> so if you managed to climb in here and you can stand the thorn pricks going to the other side, we have a ledge with an electric wire that's a second line of defense.
7:17 am
>> reporter: much of the outrage is directed at the boy's mother. on social media, give me ten children and i can guarantee none end up in a gorilla enclosure. the tragedy is bringing back memories of another incident 30 years ago in the uk. a gorilla protected a boy who was knocked unconscious after falling into the enclosure. but in this case, the child was rescued without harming the animal. this morning, the family of the boy here in cincinnati released a new statement saying the boy had a checkup with his doctor and is still doing well. the family does not want to accept any donations from the public. instead saying gifts should be made to the zoo in the name of the gorilla. matt and savannah. >> thank you very much. frightening moments for passengers on a united flight from newark to houston on tuesday. panels came loose. this video was shot by a passenger. this happened after the plane bounced when touching down in newark. the pilot cancelled the landing and took off again. the plane circled the airport
7:18 am
for about 30 minutes before finally landing again. fortunately, nobody was hurt. we have an important recall to tell you about this morning. general mills is recalling 10 million pounds of its flour, over a possible link to an e. coli outbreak. the recall is for several varieties of gold medal and signature kitchen flour sold at safeway, albertson's and other supermarkets. state and federal health officials say flour seems to be the common link between 38 illnesses in some 28 states. general mills says e. coli has not been found in any of its flour products but it's recalling them out of an abundance of caution. let's turn to al. we showed the video out of texas. unfortunately, they're under the gun again. >> we'll going to see more scenes like this, unfortunately. you can see right now, not too bad. heavier showers and thunderstorms in southern texas. we are going to be looking at 15 million people under flash flood watch through the evening hours. scattered storms coming across saturated ground.
7:19 am
this is a slow-moving front. the risk of flash flooding continues today, moves on into thursday. the risk increases as we get tons of gulf moisture. the atmosphere is juiced up right now. then what happens, this front just lays there. the risk for flash flooding continues into the weekend. look at the rainfall amounts we're talking about. generally, two to three inches. five inches, not unusual. parts of south central texas may see, get this, 10 to 15 inches of rain. we are going to be talking about possibly catastrophic flooding going into the weekend. that's what's going on. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. ic transformation without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age... your skin never will. olay regenerist,
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olay. ageless. and try the micro-sculpting cream you love now with lightweight spf 30. this morning seeing clear skies around san jose, pretty thick fog over the golden gate bridge, hazy sunshine, 61 for the moment on our way to some '80s closer to downtown san jose and low 90s possible south of downtown, san francisco likely in the 60s in the afternoon. tri-valley highs in the upper '80s to mid-9090s. expect those temperatures to climb even more approaching friday.
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talk to your doctor about januvia. ==anim== breaking news... ==cu== caltrain riders should expect up to 90 minute delays this a very good morning to you. it'sp:26. cal trans riders should expect 90 minute delays this morning after a train stopped and hit a pedestrian. buses are using to transport people to the belmont station. a deadly overnight hit-and-run. san jose police say two cars hit a women on jackson avenue. each left the scene officers caught up a few blocks. the second driver is still on the loose. secondary driving after a cool start.
7:27 am
>> especially san francisco, the bridge, misty skies there, sunshine in san jose, 61 degrees into the tri-valley, pleasantson, 61 degrees right now. we will see our temperatures climb up, south of downtown san jose. north bay temperatures in the '80s, low- to mid-90s in the tri-valley. we see more of a sea breeze today. it will go away as we head into thursday and friday. san jose, downtown, approach the weekend and places like pleasanton warming up through friday. >> because of the cal trans crash, enough delays for the tracks. the roadways are moving well on that portion of the peninsula. th in south bay, it's northbound jamming up to 280 off that
7:28 am
split. you see it near petaluma back to you. >> we'll have another local update in half an hour.
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it's 7:30, wednesday morning. pretty day, and it is the 1st of june, everybody. kicking off the new month with an energetic crowd on the plaza. we're so happy they're here. we'll say hello in a few minutes. inside studio 1a, let's take a look at stories making headlines. donald trump may have a new challenger in his bid for the white house. sources telling nbc news conservative writer david french is considering an independent run. trump has yet to comment. instead, taking on the media after being questioned about what happened to the $6 million he says he raised for veterans. a pregnant woman with the zika virus delivered a baby with microcephaly at a hospital in new jersey. the birth is believed to be the first of its kind in the continental u.s. the mother is from honduras, which is where she contracted
7:31 am
the zika virus. record-high flooding has parts of the southeast and texas underwater, as the region braces for more rain. several rivers in the lone star state have crested at historic levels, forcing a lot of residents from their homes. tuesday, the weather-related death toll in texas climbed to nine. and we turn now to hollywood and the split dominating headlines around the world. the divorce of johnny depp and amber heard, getting uglier as we hear from heard's attorney about new allegations of abuse. natalie is following this story. >> there are a lot of allegations out there, different reports out there. here is what we know. last monday, depp's wife, amber heard, filed for divorce. on friday, she was granted a temporary restraining order against him, claiming spousal abuse. for a case heard says she wants to keep out of the media, that has now all changed. >> reporter: they were the picture perfect hollywood power couple. smiling for the cameras as glamorous red carpet events
7:32 am
around the globe. now, allegations suggest their marriage may have been different from their public image. heard's legal team issuing a statement tuesday saying, in part, we took the high road. unfortunately, johnny's team immediately went to the press and began viciously attacking amber's character. her team says these attacks come after allegations she suffered constant verbal and physical abuse by johnny depp over the course of their 15-month marriage. this past friday, heard was granted a temporary restraining order against depp. >> issuing a restrainer order. >> reporter: police responded to a domestic incident call at depp's los angeles home may 21st, but officers found no evidence of a crime and no charges were filed. amber did not provide a statement to the lapd in an attempt to protect her privacy and johnny's career. >> nine times out of ten, the domestic violence victims i've represented will protect the
7:33 am
perpetrator over and over again. >> reporter: heard says she is extremely afraid of johnny. describing the may 21st incident where he grabbed the cell phone, wound up his arm like a baseball pitcher, and threw the cell phone at me with great force. pictures of heard with a black eye were also filed with court documents. yet support on depp's behalf has been vigorous. vanessa parody, mother of his children, stated in a letter to tmz, in all the years i've known johnny, he's never been abusive for me and this looks nothing like the man i lived with for 14 wonderful years. in court documents, depp's lawyers claim amber is attempting to secure a financial resolution by alleging abuse. but the battle inside the courtroom may not be the most important. >> there are two big battles
7:34 am
going on here. one in the courtroom and one in the court of public opinion. for johnny depp, the court of public opinion is probably more important to him. he has a multimillion dollar reputation to maintain. >> reporter: and we reached out to johnny depp through his lawyers and publicist. we got no response. according to court documents, depp is overseas until june 7th. >> natalie, thank you. it is a first today. >> june 1st. >> yeah. >> also? >> first day of hurricane season. also, the first day of the meteorological summer. actual calendar summer begins june 20th this year, but we've got the remnants of bonnie. will not go away. still spinning out there along the north carolina coast. it is going to probably dump maybe another one to two inches of rain before it's all over, causing rip current problems. we're going to be continuing to watch this. now, here we go as far as the hurricane season. noaa has put out its hurricane outlook for 2016. 30-year average, 12 named storms. this year, looking at 10 to 16.
7:35 am
six hurricanes over a 30-year span. we expect four to eight this year. category three or higher, anywhere from one to four. this being about an average year. next storm would be colin. that's what's going on around the country. he we're seeing low clouds and a little bit more of a sea breeze across central bay, bringing in patches of low clouds, temperatures by lunchtime, mid-80s inland, san jose staying likely in the 60s throughout the day, closer to san francisco, for the peninsula, highs in the mid-80s, south at downtown san jose, into the north bay, numbers in the mid- to upper-'80s, the tri-valley, highs today still soaring into the upper '80s into the 90s. >> that's your latest weather. up, what has jetblue apologizing this morning? here's a hint. it has something to do with that outfit.
7:36 am
up next, a special rossen report. >> i'm jeff rossen, treading water in the middle of the atlantic ocean. with the weather getting warmer, the coast guard is out rescuing people from the sea every single day. this morning, how to conserve energy and stay alive longer in the water. plus, a dramatic demonstration. the coast guard is going to the coast guard is going to rescue me, hoisting me up into a pb&j. it's just pb&j. unless you make it right. then it becomes a sandwich as mighty as it is humble. easier to make than a mistake. as simple as a sunny day, but just as perfect. when you make a pb&j with smucker's, that's the difference between ordinary everyday and exquisitely delicious in an everyday sort of way. because with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. ♪ and exquisitely delicious in an everyday sort of way.
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country. thank you for all the work you do. be safe in the water. i know i will be. back to you. >> we certainly should recognize all the work they do every day. jeff, thank you very much. coming up, he'll be back. the elephant that took on arnold schwarzenegger and won. >> reporte carson has the selfie s
7:46 am
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7:50. we turn to carson with a statue that's getting a lot of attention. hey. >> listen, outside city hall in sugarland, texas, stands this brand-new, beautiful bronze statue of two girls snapping a selfie. let's just say, it is safe to say not everybody is a fan of the art. mariah writing, so much history in sugar land but they put a statue of two girls taking a selfie. gabby adds, is the city expecting us to take pictures with that statue? i'm embarrassed for everyone. i'm going to steal that line. that's great. another tweet here, when you just wanna mess around with taxpayers' money. the city said, this was not your money. it was donated privately from a resident. inevitably, guys, there's ten statues in the installation. they show other people doing activities common in the public plaza. there's a guy playing guitar there. love it or hate it, it's not stopping people from taking selfies with the girls taking selfies.
7:51 am
very confusing but it's happening in shoeiugarland, tex. what are your thoughts? >> very metta. >> the thing about art is it's supposed to incite some sort of conversation. >> exactly. >> and it's in the eye of the beholder. >> if it gets people to take selfies with it -- >> in closing, carson, let me take a selfie. >> there we go. >> my favorite song. >> thank you, carson. coming up, a car versus motorcycle in a case of road rage. we told you about this. it was caught on camera. we'll hear from the victims coming up. prince harry delivering a medal to a wounded warrior from en from the hospital that saved her life. >> selfie. >> no, no, no, no. m so comfortad take a nap right now. so, our rates are a little bit different... okay we charge by the amount of gas consumed.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
. >> good morning to you. waking up to misty skies. a different story, san jose, 63 degrees. for the moment, on our way to '80s and low 90s in the south bay, cool ocean air-conditioning in san francisco, keeping temperatures in the upper 60s. 70s to mid-80s around the peninsula, in the north bay today, highs to upper '80s, walnut creek to the trivalleys, high todays to the low- to mid-90s t. temperatures will warm more towards friday. high pressure strengthens for the week. >> the golden gate bridge, invisible is an issue. southbound 101 at the tunnel, there is a crash affecting lanes. that will be here a half hour from what i am told. marin county. over in the east bay, things are
7:57 am
cool. a typical patterns there. south bay, on the peninsula, better news, caltrans trains are running. they're at slow speed, still, speculation, an earlier incident. normal bus service to belmont. laura, back to you. >> thank you very much. happening now, police trying to track down one of two drivers involved in a deadly hit-and-run in san jose. we are talking to police about how officers managed to arrest one suspect. for the very latest on our twitter field. search teams may have found the black boxes belonging to the egypt airplane that crashed last month. stay current on our home page a. large sinkhole, closures continue at least through tomorrow. details on our facebook page. i'll be back with another local news update for you coming up in our next half hour. i hope you enjoy your wednesday morning. it will get warm at the end of the week.
7:58 am
i will krek check in with bob on that forecast as well.
7:59 am
8:00 am
coming up, prince harry keeps a promise. the royal veteran follows through and delivers a u.s. soldier's invictus games medal back to the hospital staff who helped save her life. we're live in london. plus, through her eyes. ronan farrow takes us inside the transgender bathroom debate, as he follows a college student facing the issue firsthand. >> i understand you use the women's restrooms for the first time here on campus? >> yeah, it was really scary. i mean, i know i don't want to hurt anyone, but if someone says something, i could get thrown out. taking off. drone racing is pulling in new fans and investors from all over the world. how the lightning fast competition is soaring to new
8:01 am
heights. >> it's the sport of the future. i believe it's going to become part of the global culture. >> today, wednesday, june 1st, 2016. ♪ from the big easy to the big apple, we love "today"! >> love you, natalie. >> al rocks. love from south florida. ♪ there ain't nothing but noise ♪ >> we love you from central colorado. >> we're in the big apple. we're back now. 8:00 on a wednesday morning. we made it to june 2016. it's the 1st today, and it's a beauty here in the northeast. hoping the weather is nice where you're waking up, as well. >> this might be --
8:02 am
>> a lady said she found the shiny, black rock you found in new mexico. >> you can have it. i'm not touching that again. fool me once, shame on me. katie lee has mexican inspired dishes that will be entertaining the summer. very easy. >> do you like soft tacos or hard taco shells? >> i'll take either. i like a crispy taco. >> i like the soft taco. >> i like the soft taco. >> disparaging remarks from that direction when i said i like td crunchy tacos. >> very '70s of you. let's get a check of the top stories from natalie. >> good morning once again. health officials in new jersey say a baby born there overnight may be the first in the continental united states with serious zika-related birth defects. the 31-year-old mother who has not been identified arrived in the u.s. from honduras more than a month ago. she was apparently bitten by a mosquito early in her pregnancy.
8:03 am
do doctors say the premature baby girl has severe microcephaly, in which the head is smaller than expected. she also has intestinal and visual issues. donald trump could face a new obstacle on his path to the white house. sources tell nbc news that conservative writer and iraq war veteran david french is considering an independent run. trump, meanwhile, insulted reporters at a news conference on tuesday. for raiseing questions about the $5.6 million he raised for veterans groups. nbc news analysis did find about 1/3 of the donations were only disbursed this past week, after pressure started building for trump to explain what happened to the money. trump took to twitter saying hillary clinton should be admonished for not holding a news conference in 179 days. clinton responded saying she's given nearly 300 interviews so far this year. she's also refocusing her campaign on california, where polls suggest she could be upset by bernie sanders in next week's
8:04 am
primary. clinton got a boost on tuesday with an endorsement from governor jerry brown. more than 7.5 million people have gone online to watch video of a car driving over a motorcycle with two people aboard. this morning, we're hearing from the bikers, as the car driver faces serious new charges. nbc's kerry sanders reports. >> reporter: this morning, charges against the man who allegedly mowed down two people on a motorcycle in a terrifying road rage incident have been upgraded to two counts of attempted murder. >> appoint a public defender to present you. >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: 31-year-old robert vance facing charges in addition to suspended license. he's being held on $115,000 bond. the two victims attending a memorial day rally are recovering this morning. navy veteran joe calderazzo from a broken leg, and
8:05 am
melanie milinkovich, a severe case of road rash. vance had been driving erratically. at stoplight words were exchanged. he said? >> i can't say that on tv. >> reporter: you said? >> i can't say that either. >> reporter: the car drove away. other motorists who saw the whole thing dialed 911. >> it was a silver pontiac g6, and it had a baby on board sticker in the very back window. >> reporter: despite the close brush with death, joe and melanie say they're ready to ride again. when you recover, you'll get back on a motorcycle? >> yup. >> i'm not going to let somebody else's mistake change what i love doing. >> reporter: kerry sanders, nbc news, tampa. >> scary video there. we have grim warning this morning about young drivers. the aaa foundation says the deadliest season for teenage drivers begins today. during the summer months, an average of ten people die each day from accidents blamed on teens behind the wheel.
8:06 am
nearly 60% of these crashes involve driver distractions, such as using a cell phone. on a lighter note, wt are friends for if you can't depend on their sympathy and support? especially on the golf course, right? we all know what can happen when you balance on the edge of a water hazard. as this guy was doing. that's what happens. after dunking there, the guy had to climb out by himself. you hear the laughter in the background. his buddies can't contain themselves. one was kind enough to eventually give him a towel. >> he was a hole in one. >> you take that shot, i guess you take the risk. >> it just had bad news written all over it. >> the friends were on the ready with the phone. you knew they were like, let's see what you got. >> natalie, thank you very much. coming up, prince harry delivers a medal from a u.s. soldier to the british hospital staff that saved her life. plus, the bouncing bundle of surprise caught on camera after a new mom is shocked.
8:07 am
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8:10 am
and look where it got you. time to shine. orbit. we're back at 8:10. royal promise fulfilled. a little bit earlier today prince harry kept his word to a u.s. soldier by presenting her invictus games medal to the hospital staff that saved her life. >> we're joined by bill neely from kensington palace with the rest of the story. >> from windy london, which was a promise kept to an american veteran, elizabeth marks, but it was more than that. for her, she says it was an honor to work with the prince. for harry, this simple gesture at kensington palace was about everything he holds dear. sacrifice, courage and winning. >> reporter: mission accomplished.
8:11 am
war veteran prince harry hands a gold medal to the hospital staff who saved an american combat veteran's life. >> it's a huge, huge, thank you to all of you. >> reporter: without their medical care, sergeant elizabeth marks would never have won the medal. she'd almost certainly have died. >> lane four is way out in front. >> reporter: the medal was one of four golds sergeant marks won at the invictus games in florida. >> elizabeth marks is storming home. >> reporter: she had a plan. she told prince harry she'd give him one medal to pass on to the medical staff who saved her life. but when it happened, he seemed taken aback. >> once the race was over and he awarded me the medal, i think he knew i was going to hand it to him. he still was surprised that i wanted to give away my gold medal. >> reporter: 25-year-old marks was injured in iraq in 2010, losing all feeling in her left leg.
8:12 am
during rehab, she became a record-breaking swimmer and qualified for the invictus games in britain two years ago. until disaster struck. >> i landed for the games and became immediately ill. >> reporter: at britain's papworth hospital, she was on life support. doctors battling her serious lung condition. she pulled through, fought back and has a medal for them. >> they afforded me the ability to live again. >> reporter: but there is a special bond, too, between the sergeant and the prince who paid tribute to her at last month's games. >> what is the force that drives elizabeth marks to return to these games after nearly dying two years ago? invictus. >> reporter: it's a bond the prince wasn't hiding. charmed by this combat medic and her leg tattoo. a bond she feels, too. >> he's like a brother in arms, and he is the big brother of the invictus games.
8:13 am
i think it is just a comfortable camaraderie. >> reporter: don't get your hopes up, harry. she's happily married and has her eyes set on other things. more gold medals. sergeant marks has given away one medal, but she's hoping to win a few more representing the u.s. at the paralympic games in rio. there is a very good chance of that. she is currently the 100 meter breaststroke world record holder. back to you guys. >> bill, nice story. thanks for bringing it to us. we appreciate it. >> we had all done a match making thing. but she's married, which is wonderful. good friend in prince harry, for sure. trending today. if you thought there was not enough drama at the airport, here's another. a jetblue passenger was blocked from boarding a flight because of what she wore. here it is, the offending outfit.
8:14 am
these striped black and white shorty shorts. jetblue said it was too short. maggie said she didn't have anything else with her, bought extra large pj pants and, apparently, that passed muster. made her flight from boston to seattle. jetblue said she was not denied boarding but offered her credit for a future flight. >> and some jeans. >> i think i've seen worse. >> i've seen a lot worse. >> southwest, la to vegas. >> vegas being the key word. >> there is an exception. >> that's the short pants flight. >> the original outfit camouflages her from the lions on the plane. >> throw it up one more time, everybody. from short shorts to the pants that are impossibly long. remember we told you about this on tuesday? we talked about the online retailer asos. you have to be careful. every time you see that on the prompter, you have to be careful with that one. a lot of people complained they ordered these jeans online and
8:15 am
they came ridiculously long. everyone was baffled by this. they started sending in photos of their long jeans. this morning, we have an explanation. in what could be the understatement of the century. asos says the jeans are, indeed, cut longer, and they're meant to be gathered at the ankles. >> ankle to the knee? >> exactly. the gathering goes all the way up to mid calf. >> i would like to see matt wearing those jeans, with the gathering. >> leg warmers at the bottom. >> with all that fabric? >> it would be impossible to take off at the end of the day. >> it's like ruching. slenderizing. >> i'll wear them with dark socks and sandals. now to the mom that got the shock of her life in the delivery room. she had been told during her pregnancy it was a girl. her and her husband picked out a name, were showered with pink gifts. after birth, the baby was a boy, not a girl. this was her reaction. utter shock. >> that's the best. >> might call it horror.
8:16 am
at first, she thought everybody was joking. after the shock wore off, she didn't really mind, of course. happy to have a baby boy. >> hilarious. >> don't get it right all the time. let's talk about the new mary poppins, getting a dose of "hamilton" magic, and simon cowell returning to form on "america's got talent." >> the children's classic getting an update. "mary poppins" new movie is coming out. big names set to star. emily blunt. she'll take on the role made famous by julie andrews. lin-manuel miranda, star and creator of "hamilton." he won't be playing dick van dyke's shoes but a new character. a street lamp lighter named jack. it's called "mary poppins returns." hits christmas 2018. next, arnold schwarzenegger's safari in
8:17 am
south africa in a jeep. the elephant is scoping out the crew. then it starts chasing the vehicle. >> oh, my goodness. >> get to the chopper! >> arnold did say, i'm absolutely in awe of these beautiful, strong animals, even though some of us had to change our pants after this. large pants, too. finally, simon cowell. he's a big man. arnold, big guy. tuesday night, simon cowell made his debut on "america's got talent." if you missed the tough-talking judge, simon did not disappoint. ♪ going under ♪ but i know i'll make it out alive ♪ ♪ calling you my lover [ buzzer ] ♪ >> what's your name in the middle? >> tyler. >> you shouldn't be singing.
8:18 am
>> that's harsh. >> you shouldn't be singing loudly. >> well, simon -- sorry. that was mean. comes right out. classic simon. what's your name, kid? get off the stage. you shouldn't be singing. you shouldn't have a larynx. >> that would be even better. >> it's crazy. simon wasn't all mean, however. he and his fellow coaches were stunned by this 13-year-old girl. ♪ ♪ >> oh, my god. she starts to sing, this is not going to work. then that just happened. i have never heard anything like that in all the years i've been doing these shows. >> simon is also referring to his years as a producer of "america's got talent," as well.
8:19 am
he was impressed. mother was speechless. both sides of simon, which is great. calls it like he sees it. nice to have warm moments like that. >> great tv. >> when he is mean -- when he's nice, he really means it. >> it works. >> what did you mean by the schwarzenegger thing? >> he's a big man, has to make a change of clothes -- >> get to the chopper! >> get out now. al, check of the weather, quickly. >> i need the chopper. >> my friend, you're on your own. unfortunately, we have flash flood watches to talk about in texas. this is for through thursday evening. 15 million people. scattered storms on top of saturated ground. some areas, upwards of 10 to 15 inches of rain through sunday through south central texas. flooding is obviously going to be a problem. the opposite problem out west. from arizona on into nevada and california, we've got excessive
8:20 am
heat warnings out in effect. big ridge of high pressure. jet stream way up to the north. you look at the temperatures for today, 10 to 15 degrees above average through tomorrow. look what happens over the weekend. we're talking temperatures, record heat in a lot of cities. highs, 20 to 30 degrees above average. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck o all right, seeing a lot of low clouds on the drive across san jose. hazy sunshine, 63 degrees. in pleasanton, 65. temperatures climb by almost 30 degrees by the afternoon. high today in the south bay upper 80s to low 90s, cooler 60s in the north bay numbers in the upper 80s, pleasanton, livermore highs in the low to mid 90s. hotter for the valleys for thursday and friday. >> al, thank you. this morning on our new
8:21 am
series, can-do kids, jenna bush hager has another tale of kids making big waves. this time in politics. jenna, good morning. >> good morning. today, i had the story of one young girl whose battle to change the constitution is a true testament to the american spirit. >> reporter: just when you thought the field had narrowed, there's another candidate out for america's top job. >> my fellow americans, i'm running for the office of the president of the united states of america. >> reporter: barely tall enough to clear the podium, but 11-year-old alina -- >> i pledge allegiance. >> reporter: -- is on the short list for 2040. she and hentered politics threes ago after a family trip to washington, d.c. and hearing these inspirational words from president obama. >> she heard him say -- >> we are true to our creed. >> when a little girl knows. >> she has the same chance to
8:22 am
succeed as anybody else because she is an american. >> did you play shortstop? >> i raised her to think she can be anything she wanted to be. when she told me she wanted to be president of the united states, i said, honey, that's the only thing you can't be. it was heartbreaking. >> reporter: alina was adopted from china when she was nine months old. >> there is a law that says you have to be a natural-born citizen to become president. i think it's very unfair. >> dear mr. president and mrs. obama. >> reporter: she set out to change that law. first with the petition signed by 120 of her closest pals. she even heard back, though it was just a form letter. >> i was really excited because i got a writer from the president. then mom asked me if it changed anything, and i told her, not really. i will make our country a better place. >> reporter: like our founding fathers, alina took no as the first step to yes. she drew up a resolution, urging congress to clear a path to the white house for citizens just like her.
8:23 am
>> it's such a big deal because there are some kids out there who would be the perfect candidate to become president. we're also denying them that chance. >> reporter: this kid took her petition all the way to the massachusetts statehouse. >> i am an american, first and foremost. >> reporter: and testified in front of her local representatives. >> why do you think it is important that adults listen to kids like you? >> because some kids have great ideas. they just sometimes haven't been heard yet. >> what does it mean to be american? >> to have the opportunity to speak your mind and to be free. >> i want to go in and see where all the magic happened. first, i don't think you're dressed properly. we got you a little something. >> you got me a pin? >> we got you a pin to wear proudly. your first presidential campaign item. you like it? >> yeah. >> reporter: one little girl's
8:24 am
idea currently under debate by lawmakers here in boston, birthplace of the american revolution. >> what happened? tell me what happened in the room. >> i felt the world was slowing down. waiting for me to walk up there. then i got used to having that feeling, so i overcame the nerves. >> once you got up there, what do you think, guys, right in the 34id middle? >> yup. >> reporter: alina is doing this for any kid like her who has a big dream. >> awesome. car was never better. >> reporter: even if it is a long shot. >> that makes me think that that slight chance could be my chance. >> you can count on me and, together, we can make america the best it can be. >> and the bill is still being discussed in the house, but she says more than anything, she wants adults to know that kids can do big things. >> adorable. >> great story. >> can you top yesterday's story tomorrow? that's a really nice one in this political season.
8:25 am
>> courageous little girl. >> yup. coming up, how does a honey dew margarita sound? >> perfect. >> katie lee has summer recipes so easy, it'll seem like a day at the beach. >> tell them about the i'm ...
8:26 am
==anim== a developing story...==topvo== one person is in custody - following what police say is a inaovernight hit and run very good morning to you. i am laura garcia-cannon. a developing story. one person in custody after a deadly overnight hit and run involving two cars. it started a little after midnight when a car struck a woman walking on jackson avenue under the 680 overpass, the driver of the car left the scene. police say a second driver struck the person and took off. it was near the king off ramp. that driver is in custody. the driver of the second car is still in the loose. the victim is in her 20s. let's check the morning commute. >> overall, we expected lighter traffic, laura. we have an issue for the north bay, effecting folks headed to
8:27 am
golden gate bridge. we have a crash on the south of the tunnel, blocking one line. chp doesn't know when they can move them. that's causing a jam. a live camera shows fog. also shows it on the edge of the coast. toll plaza, the bay looking smooth, south bay heaviest drive northbound silicon valley. 101, slow from 85 to the airport. back to you. thank you very much. we will be back with another update in a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on this wednesday morning. it's the 1st day of june, 2016. great day out on our plaza. awesome crowd. we're so happy to say hello to them. by the way, we have a great concert coming up. 48 hours from now, country music superstar luke bryan will be here. looking forward to that, as the gang has assembled. >> avengers, assemble! coming up in this half hour, we've talked about the transgender bathroom debate. ronan farrow is here with his "undercover
8:31 am
"undercovered" series. he'll talk to a woman who is experiencing that firsthand. the sport of the future. drone racing and the tricks they can do, unbelievable. >> amazing. >> something like a "star wars" set. katie lee is in the kitchen. it's good news. she has no-sweat summer recipes for us. so easy, you might want to make it for dinner tonight. >> i like her pineapple skirt, too. let's get a check of the weather. >> gorgeous day along the eastern seaboard. remnants of bonnie causing showers on the north carolina coast. heavy rain through texas. out west, beautiful except a few hit or miss showers through the pacific northwest. tomorrow, that continues. we've got more sunshine through the southwest. temperatures will be building into record-setting temperatures. heavy rain continues, texas into the northeast. southeastern atlantic coast, looking pretty good. plenty of sunshine through the southwest. that's what's going on around the country. that is a very, very nice -- oh,
8:32 am
you dropped your glasses. where are you from? >> south fl seeing a lot of misty skies, low clouds around san francisco, san jose hazy sunshine, low 60s. and mid-60s in the tri-valley, pleasanton will see temperatures in the upper 80s, low to mid 90s inland. staying in the 60s on the coast with patchy low clouds in san francisco. south bay temperatures in the mid 90s. the forecast moving forward for san jose shows temperatures climbing through friday, and cooling midway through the weekend. >> don't forget, check out the weather any time you need it. weather channel on cable. online. >> al, thank you. now to a new installment of our series "uncovered" where ronan farrow brings you the stories that aren't necessarily in the headlines every day.
8:33 am
>> he's here on the personal side of the national debate over transgender rights. >> 11 states sued the obama administration after it directed public schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms matching their gender identity. for one young woman we've been following for the past year, that hits very close to home. >> reporter: when we met eve last year, she was heading off to junior year at university of notre dame. >> good to see you. >> reporter: a year that's brought rites of passage a lot of college students face. >> i'm taking a geometry course. >> reporter: and different ones. >> i inject myself with some of this. it's estrogen. >> reporter: eve has been juggling school with a gender transition. keeping us updated on changes outside. >> my face looks a little different. >> reporter: and? >> feel different emotionally. like a 13-year-old girl right
8:34 am
now. >> reporter: eve returned to an all-boys dorm, where some have been accepting, like his r.a., forest. >> it's important to be compassionate. >> reporter: others aren't as supportive. >> things behind my back were being said, about how i was messed up, mental disorder. >> there were a couple of guys who would come to me and ask, why? this is a men's residence hall. why is there a person dressing and presenting as a woman? i had to say, she is a women. >> i would prefer to live in a women's dorm. >> have you asked? >> i've asked about it. administrations are slow. i expect, honestly, that the university is hoping that as soon as i leave, no one will ever try this again. >> i think she would be safer in a girls' dorm. >> reporter: theresa is eve's mom. >> does it make you angry when you hear about people at the school, people elsewhere,
8:35 am
blocking her from being where she wants? >> absolutely. you always want what is best for your child. moms are a very protective club. >> reporter: notre dame declined to comment. the lack of acceptance make everyday activities frightening. >> i understand you used the women's restroom for the first time on campus. >> it's scary. i don't want to hurt anyone, but if someone says something, i can get thrown out. >> reporter: it's a struggle that america's 700,000 transgender men and women face. so far in 2016, 18 states have introduced bills to restrict the rights of transgender americans according to the aclu. including so-called bathroom bills that ban transgender people like eve from the bathroom of their stated gender. >> i am safer using a women's restroom than a men's restroom. people don't consider the safety
8:36 am
of the individuals. >> all they want to do is use the bathroom. they're probably more uncomfo uncomfortable than the other person. it's a safety issue. >> for transgender people? >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: last year was an all-time high for anti-transgender hate crimes. this year, there's been 12 killed in suspected hate crimes. for eve, the numbers are an everyday reality. >> i don't like going out at night when everyone is drunk. >> you fear for your safety? >> yeah. imagine if i tried to go to a party or something. like -- pardon my language, i'll use a slur -- but the tranies hitting on me. >> what is your reaction, worrying about her personal safety? >> i can't imagine what it is like, for someone to deal with that on a daily basis. >> reporter: it's left eve struggling once again with depression. every person who has shown
8:37 am
support has been a lifeline. that includes eve's sister, kaitlyn. >> she still has the same personality. she looks different. i'm jealous of her hair. she's gorgeous, and i'll be there for her. >> what is your greatest hope for eve? >> she can be whoever she wants to be without the fear of being judged. to be happy. be strong. be tough. you can do it. you're better than they are. you can do it. >> eve says after repeatedly asking notre dame to move her into a women's dorm, she finally had enough and recently moved to off campus housing, which she says is helping her be herself. >> i know you've been following her story for a long time. it is heartening to see her have such a supportive family. >> we had to update the number of transmurd-murders in the pasw days. >> i'm surprised that notre dame
8:38 am
didn't sit down and talk to you about it. >> it's new for them. we'll see if they respond after this airs. we'll talk about how to green your routine when you're on vacation this summer. first, on a wednesday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
we're back at 8:40. if you're like millions of americans who have embraced the idea of reduce, reuse and recycle around your house, here are ideas to help you stay green when you go on vacation this summer. mark ellwood, contributing editor at "conde nast" magazine. good morning. >> morning. >> this is thought provoking. we have it down at home but don't necessarily when we travel. >> we worry when we travel that going green might cost the earth. >> yes. >> it doesn't have to. >> the first issue, of course, is airplane travel which, by definition, is tough on the environment. >> i think we feel very guilty when we travel by plane. there are simple things you can do to minimize your impact. the first, which is great news, is book a direct flight. >> yeah.
8:41 am
>> the more ascend you take, the more fuel you use, more miles you fly, more fuel you use. >> that makes sense. absolutely. go ahead. >> pack light, remember? you have to pack light. that's too heavy, it will use more fuel. >> let's talk about the hotel. >> one of my favorite ways to book a hotel is using green hotel which is a booking engine, a nonprofit that uses all of its commissions for eco-projects. doesn't cost you anything. it saves the planet. >> search for hotels that are attentive to these issues. >> search for hotels with the leed certification. l-e-e-d. they're eco-friendly. >> once in the hotel, there are things you can do to help. we see the signs, if you don't want your towels or sheets washed everyday. >> common sense. exactly what you'd do at home. turn the lights off when you leave the room. little things make a huge difference. >> turn the air-conditioning up for example. >> up when you're there, down when you're not. >> let's talk about activities.
8:42 am
you don't need the rental car? >> why would you take a rental car when you could ride a bike? it's eco-friendly, great exercise, and you'll see way more. a lot of hotels offer free bike loans, and there are civic bike rental programs in lots of cities. 600 worldwide. in america, there's charleston, south carolina, new york, salt lake city. >> lots of cities. it's a fun way to see a community. >> absolutely. book a group tour. don't use your car to drive around. join a bus, in london, a double-decker bus to is an experience in itself. great for the environment. >> great to use the public transportation. >> absolutely. >> let's get to gadgets. >> these are my favorite. if you want to travel and recharge your phone, use the thumb power there. keep it in your pocket. instant power for the cell phone. >> that's great. >> we should always stay hydrated when traveling. you don't want to put more water bottles into landfills.
8:43 am
you can use one of these, which refills and then fold it up. >> you can pack it right there in the suitcase. >> or these bottles. they're bulkier but keep water cold for 12 hours. >> what do we have here? >> should i eat this or what? >> i wouldn't. they contain natural soap. when you have dirty clothes, you can use these to wash in the basin of the hotel room instead of sending your laundry out. >> easy to carry. >> don't eat them. >> i'm just hungry. it's 8:45 in the morning. great ideas. up next, katie lee, glad i'm hungry. she'll introduce us to refreshing flavors to welcome summer and the entertainment that goes with it. matt is going in for the tacos. this is "today" on nbc. >> thank you.
8:44 am
8:45 am
we're back now at 8:45. all week long, we're showing you how to simplify summer entertainment. katie lee is the host of "beach bites," which debuts tomorrow night on the cooking channel.
8:46 am
>> yes. >> nice to see you. >> you, too. >> i read about the show. you travel to the best beaches in this part of the world and pull recipes from each of these. >> it was a tough job. >> serious? >> especially because it was filmed in the winter. i went around eating, having great food and hanging out at the beach. >> this is a scam. it works for us because the recipe you're making today was inspired by the show. >> it is. i went to mexico on the show, and these are grilled pork tenderloin tacos with pineapple cucumber salsa and lime. >> nothing complicated. anything that jumps out as unusual? >> super simple. it's an easy recipe. pork tenderloin is lean, almost as lean as boneless, skinless chicken breast. it needs to marinade to give it a lot of flavor. >> this is a step you don't want people to skip. >> you have to marinade. in the blender, i have honey. kacanola oil and lime juice. matt, add the cilantro. >> okay. do we have our guys down stairs?
8:47 am
>> yeah. >> are you eating? >> mm-hmm. >> unbelievable. >> margarita is real strong. >> heavy hand. >> we're going to get to the great taco shell debate in a second. go ahead. >> jalapeno. if you want this really spicy -- >> i can smell those. >> -- put in the seeds and the membranes. if not, leave it out. chili powder. put the top on the blnd ender. >> got it. >> i like to blend up the marinade because it gets evenly distributed and into the meat. let it puree like this. put it into a sealable bag. two pork tenderloins, a pound each. marinades up to four hours. don't do it longer because the lime juice breaks down the meat and you'll lose the texture. >> grill it on top of the pork in a second. talk to me about the toppings. >> i have pineapple. you can substitute peach or
8:48 am
apricot. why don't you stir that for me? cucumber has a high water content and adds a lot of crunch. if it is hot outside, a food like that will help cool you off. >> i saw the sour cream over on the ingredient table there. what is the reason for that? >> it is a lime sour cream, so just sour cream and lime juice. i think the with tacos, you have to have sour cream. i love sour cream. i put it in a squeeze bottle. easy to squeeze on the tacos. >> forget the margaritas for a second. >> i can't. i'm drunk. >> i give you a lot of alcohol so you'll like the tacos. >> really good. >> we love the tacos. >> i love the salsa, pineapple and cucumber. >> it's a soft taco. >> but it's been grilled a bit, right? >> they've hijacked the segment here. >> sorry. >> take it out of the
8:49 am
refrigerator a half hour before you grill it. if the meat is room temperature, you'll get a better sear. salt and pepper it. do the grill really hot and fast to get a sear on it. move it to indirect heat, let it rest for ten minutes before you slice it up. >> now the debate over hard shell or soft shells. what do you prefer? >> you like hard, right? >> i like the crunch factor. >> i'll take it anyway i can get it. i like hard or soft shells. pork tenderloin goes on your taco. why don't you make one? >> they're harder to make in the crunchy ones because you have to fit it in there. >> salsa. i like the shredded purple cabbage. gives crunch and color. >> guys downstairs, has anyone changed their opinion on the hard or soft smell debate? >> we have another thing going on here. >> you do not want to -- you don't want to know. >> margaritas talking already. >> thank you very much. >> i know you guys too well. >> as soon as it came out of
8:50 am
your mouth, you knew it. >> sometimes working with people for too long is not a good thing. >> you're blushing, matt. why are you blushing? >> serve with the margaritas. fresh lime. >> the nice, summer fruit. it's sweet. >> guys, congratulations, graduating from third grade. >> take a bite. let's see you eat it. come on. >> no. i'll say, katie lee, thank you. for these recipes and more, head to up next, summer is coming. we'll take you inside the game of drones making waves around the world. first, this is "today" on nbc. >> there he goes. our mission at clover is to create the best tasting, highest quality dairy products. clover has relationships with 27 different family farms. the environment is who clover is. without it, we're nothing.
8:51 am
pg&e's been a great partner. they're the energy experts, we're the milk guys. pg&e worked with clover on a number of energy efficiency projects to save energy every month. if you're part of the fabric of the community, you've got to ensure that you do things right, environment included. learn how you can save at together, we're building a better california. ♪ ♪ maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do.
8:52 am
that was an interesting food segment. >> it was. >> we're back at 8:52. >> i'll go home and watch it again. >> it'll be great when i see it around 7:00 tonight. if you have the need for speed, a new sport is in town called drone racing. >> popularity is rising at an unprecedented rate. it is expected to go mainstream. nbc's steve patterson got an inside look at the new craze. >> reporter: it's a symphony of
8:53 am
speed, sound and skills. this is drone racing. >> i believe it's the sport of the future. i believe it's going to become part of the global culture. >> reporter: professional drone pilot jesse perkins drove 1,100 miles across the country to louisville for one of the biggest organized races in the sport's short history. >> lap 40 and now on to 41. >> reporter: hundreds of drones tear through a neon-lit obstacle course in an underground cavern at speeds close to 70 miles an hour. >> it's incredible. it's exhilarating. it's elating. i take my goggles off and sit and laugh out loud sometimes. >> reporter: what's the big deal? goggles with first-person view gives the pilot the real perspective and sensation of being inside the drone. attracting tech heads, adrenaline june kekies and inves
8:54 am
from every corner of the global. the idra is betting big on the sport. >> the market is growing at such a great, exponential rate, that the potential for it is all there. >> reporter: they're sponsoring this event and an announced deal with espn to bring drone racing to the masses. >> final race of this championship. >> reporter: last march, a british teenager won the world drone grand prix in dubai, taking home a prize and instant praise among his peers. if you think it's as easy as playing video games. >> there you go. close. >> reporter: think again. >> so close that time. >> reporter: for real pilots to earn credibility, they have to win consistently. what we're just finishing is a challenge. but even skilled pilots aren't exactly quitting their day jobs. remember that world grand prix
8:55 am
in dubai? bryan morris came in second. he's as close as it comes to the sport's tony hawk. at the top of the sport, he can't make a living. >> the first event i won in france, people were calling me world champion. the first day i'm back, sitting in the office, receptionist comes in. she says, hey, world champion, i need some toner. okay. we're back to normal life. >> right now, this is a hobby. we all want to find a way to make money doing it. i'm not sure how or when or if that'll happen. in the meantime, it doesn't really matter because it is so much fun. >> reporter: for "today", steve patterson, nbc news, louisville. >> that is awesome. >> amazing. >> looks cool. >> the goggles, i'd get vertigo. >> what do you have next hour?c. biggest movies and music coming out in june. >> jennifer beals is stopping
8:56 am
by. >> did you drink half the margarita? >> wii did. >> will you make it? >> i will. this is not part of the training at team usa's olympic training center. i'll take you to colorado springs. ==topvo== ing up, as well. two novato teenagers accused of killing their classmate-- are scheduled to appear good wednesday morning at 8:56. i am sam brock. two teens accused of killing their classmate are scheduled to appear in court to enter pleas. they're being prosecuted as adults, one is 16, one 17. facing murder and attempted murder. they're accused of shooting and stabbing two fellow students off campus. one of the victims, edward
8:57 am
ramirez, died. the other was critically injured but survived. one of the suspects was an accessory to the crime and third teen on the loose, the suspect. happening now, we will attend the hearing and watch for updates in our twitter feed. san francisco police will soon be equipped with body cameras. the police commission is set to reveal a new policy. there are questions about putting that into place. get the full story on our facebook page. sharks fans getting ready for a make or break moment in the quest for the stanley cup. link to a preview on the road in pittsburgh. that's at the top of the home page. see you in a half hour.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," julia roberts gets an honor. find out what piece of new hardware she's adding to herschel of. natalie gets ready for rio, going for gold with america's olympic athletes. save the date for dori and the biggest entertainment in june. all that and more coming up next. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today". it's wednesday morning. it is the 1st day of june. we've hit june. i'm willie along with al, natalie and tamron on a beautiful day here in new york city. inside studio 1a, we have the whole crew, which is always great. my morning jam, once again, you get the e-mail from amanda.
9:01 am
asks what your morning jam is. first song on the phone, "midnight city," m83. this isn't the best part, but it's there. it builds. >> still not there. >> if you still with us through the end of the take. >> it has a famous hook we're not playing. otherwise, it would have been great. >> you can sing it. >> wow, would have been great. >> i can only do so much. i can give you the song. >> i don't know the hook. i want to know. >> i'll play it for you on the break. let's talk about the gorilla, man. crazy. still going on. everybody is talking about the incident at the cincinnati zoo. the 3-year-old boy fell into an encloe s encloe sur with a 420-pound gorilla, harambe, before zoo officials made the decision to shoot and kill the 17-year-old gorilla. the police department is investigating what happened before the boy fell. the review is of the parents and the family that led up to the incident. the zoo is the focus of the complaint filed by the usda
9:02 am
animal activists. they'll look at the enclosure and everything surrounding that. the boys family issued a new statement, noting the child is doing well. saying, we're presappreciative the expressions of concern and support that have been sent to us. some have offered money to the family, which we do not want and will not accept. if anyone wishes to make a gift, we recommend a donation to the cincinnati zoo in harambe's name. the headline is that the police are looking into the family. if you ask any legal expert, it'll be a difficult charge to bring about, child endangerment. it typically means leaving a kid alone for hours on end in a house or somewhere. this was a matter of seconds or a minute. >> the reaction online, the hating is beyond the pail. it is stunning, the vitriol that people can spew without knowing facts. without knowing what exactly happened. >> right. >> which is probably standard operating procedure.
9:03 am
that's why the police are probably looking into it. but it's just unbelievable. >> it's so cruel. especially when you have experts on, and these are jack hanna. doesn't get bigger. he says, this was necessary, and he made the point on msnbc again, if the child had been killed, people would -- but it is the level of nastiness. later on today, on my msnbc show, i'm speaking with a woman who started a petition to have the woman charged. i'm curious, you know, we don't know anything. i want to see the police report and see what happened from the mother's point of view. we only know dribs and drabs. now they're under investigation. i believe it's a formality. >> sure. >> what is clear, we brought this up yesterday, is you know, this is an enclosure that has a 14-foot mote. it has a 3-foot tall fence. if you ask the average person, a child, a 3-year-old child, can
9:04 am
easily crawl over a 3-foot fence, then get over the foliage. >> those are prickly bushes. >> thankfully, the child didn't get hurt by that fall alone. then what happened with the gorilla is just horrible. horrifying. thankfully, the child is okay. i do think, they have to look at that enclosure and say, is it tall enough, high enough? what do we need to do to make this -- >> yesterday it was said, 36 years, this has never happened. i said, well, it only takes one. in the '70s, our parents put us in the back of the car with no seat belt. >> or the front. >> i rode in a pickup on the wheel, thinking it was the best spot. my uncle clearly didn't care if i made it to age 10. you know after a bad incident, sometimes there is a correction curve. just because it's never happened doesn't mean it shouldn't be
9:05 am
examined. >> right. >> as we've said for two days, it is sickening that harambe had to die. it makes you sick that that happened. >> horrible. >> but everyone who is tweeting and is furious at the parents, who do you think is more upset by this than the people who cared for harambe, who lived with him all these years? that is the most agonizing thing they could have had to do. they made the decision it was what had to be done. >> dragging the child. some were saying it looked like he was trying to protect the child. we don't know. the child is being taken through the water. you have to do what is best to save the child. >> it'll continue. we'll continue to talk about this for a while. another thing people are talking about, on a lighter note, sugar land, texas, outside of city hall. >> sugar land. with a southern accent. not correcting your pronunciation, sweetening you up a bit. >> sugar land. >> get your texas on. >> sugar land. in sugar land, there is a new statue. two girls snapping a selfie.
9:06 am
>> oh. >> first of all, it's a piece of art. people are criticizing this new piece of art that was not paid for by government funds. >> right. >> why are they criticizing it? >> they found it was government funds. >> waste of money. but it wasn't spent by the government. it was a private donation. one of ten statues to show common activities that go on in the public plaza. of course, people, again, online start tweeting negative stuff about it. some folks are out there taking selfies with the statue. >> it starts a conversation, that's what art is about, right? it's not only started a conversation, but it's started other people taking selfies with the selfie takers. >> enjoying themselves in a public place. >> my favorite al roker line. just don't go there. >> stop whining. >> or go and take a selfie. >> you don't like it, don't go. >> with all these internet outrage machine stories, i'd
9:07 am
love to know the raw number of people that are actually mad. is it seven? is it eight? >> and are the numbers real? the anonymous egg with three followers -- and they may be your friend. >> sure. >> but it's like they tag you. when people write us and tag you in the insult, i go, why do you want me to see that? you can tell your friends you don't like me. i'm cool with that. you're tagging me for a reason. i'm not quite sure what you want me to do about it. >> it's sugar land. >> sugar land. >> if i did that, people would say i'm making fun of texas. >> you get a reprieve. >> i get a pass? >> statue on your hip like me. >> is that a brand? >> it is a brand. >> it's a whole different thing. >> this is the tattoo i have. one day, i may show it. maybe the day i get ready to quit. it's the size of this mug.
9:08 am
>> the people playing volleyball with you, they saw it. >> willie saw it. >> i have? >> how has willie seen it? >> and moving on. >> it took a turn. >> i am going to save this conversation and move on to the -- >> it was because -- >> it's not on a bad side. it's on a public display side. >> sugar land. butter would melt in her mouth. it's a southern saying. speaking of no-noes and what not to do at work -- >> yeah. there we go. >> show tattoos. >> maybe that's what not to do. let take a look at our desks. shall we? see if you can guess whose is who. >> they look similar. >> not a great look. >> the one with the 18 little
9:09 am
bobble heads on the left. >> created a list of things you shouldn't have on the desk. >> including bobble heads, like al has plenty of. >> grooming items. >> sassy mugs. candy. leftover food. anybody who has fish on their desk. leftover fish. >> who would have leftover fish? >> salmon leftover yesterday. >> you know what? i have a story. savannah guthrie, if you're upstairs, i'm going to tell the secret. savannah and i have a secret. she left for three days a mediterranean tuna melt thing on my desk. i came back -- she was using my desk one day at msnbc. i came in after a long weekend. it had fused on to the desk. >> directly on the desk? >> savannah, she may run down if she's here. it was our secret.
9:10 am
>> not anymore. >> people do leave fish. she says it wasn't fish. i don't know because after three days, everything smells like fish. >> there is a question about whose desk was whose. let's take a look. up here -- >> there's one. >> that's my desk. kung fu panda and mr. t. over here, i'm guessing this must be natalie's desk. >> yeah. gro >> grooming items and things like that. this has to be tamron's desk, with all the makeup and -- >> what do you mean all the makeup? >> right there. hello. that's certainly not willie's desk. >> willie wears brown makeup. >> there's willie's desk, the primo desk. neat and clean. >> you know i am. i keep everything shuffled. >> very impressive.
9:11 am
swipe it out. we've got more for our friends in sugar land and all over texas, unfortunately. 15 million people under some sort of flash flood watch. we're watching this very closely. funnel system taking its time. the atmosphere, very juiced. all the moisture coming out of the gulf. we have the risk of flash flooding today, tomorrow, right on into the weekend. in fact, this becomes a stationary front. it is just going to continue to rain. look at this, some places may pick up 10 to 15 inches of rain in south central texas. we'll be watching this very, very closely. that's what' right now we're seeing a mix of clouds and sunshine over in downtown san francisco but looking at lots of low clouds missed around the golden gate bridge. 67 degrees in san jose and already into 70 in pleasanton and livermore. some 80s and low 90s in the south bay.
9:12 am
70s to mid-80s around the peninsula. mid-to-upper 80s in the north bay and inland locations in the tri-valley an walnut creek into the low 90s. >> we were just trying to remember where i would have seen the tattoo. we were talking about it one day. >> on set. i said, this is the tattoo. not like this. >> just to clear it up. >> had to clear it up. >> you be the judge. up next, the long-awaited follow up to "finding nemo" is in theaters this month. we'll talk "finding dori" and the best in
9:13 am
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9:16 am
>> let's start with the new "teenage mutant ninja huturtles film, without friday. >> this is a sequel to the first. they're adding human cast members. the producers say there's going to be less turtle time -- less human time and more turtle time this year. when you have megan fox in the movie, don't you want to look at a cgi turtle? >> that's the plan. also this friday, the movie, "me before you" is coming out. >> it's like forget turtle time. this is tissue time. you're going to be weeping. sam from "hung er games" plays character who was injured in a car accident. >> stephen king, new book. >> it is "end of watch." it's the third of his trilogy.
9:17 am
basically, the guy responsible for the mass murder in the last one has been sort of in a vegetative state for five years. he gets up and wreaks havoc. >> james patterson has one out that day, as with el. >> he's doing a cool new thing. he's releasing no vevellas. >> the cmt music awards. >> j.j. watt and aaron andrews are hosting. athletes and commentators love country music, too. carrie underwood and chris stapleton lead with three nominations a piece. great performers. luke bryan, blake shelton. >> country music does good award shows. a lot of people show up, a lot of numbers and collaborations. >> theaters june 10th for the "conjuring 2." >> patrick wilson is back. this is a scary movie. they play paranormal investigators and look into
9:18 am
creepy stuff that happens. the first, there was creepy stuff on the set. for this one, the producers called in a priest to bless the set. i'm not going to pass judgment because i don't want the conjuring to come my way. >> no, you don't. june 12th, tony awards. i wonder if "hamilton" may pick one up. >> have you heard of the show? james corden is hosting. "hamilton," 16 nominations. we'll see if they beat "the producers." >> corden will be great, too. >> theater guy. >> let's jump to june 16th. new season of a show i love, "comedians in cars" with jerry seinfeld. >> he gets in a car with a comedian and they drink coffee. this season is going to be good. he has judd apatow, lauren michaels, john oliver. see if he can stop last season's interview with obama. >> it'll be tough. june 17th, favorite tag line,
9:19 am
central intelligence. i don't think i can say it on tv. >> what is it? >> stars kevin hart. >> and dwayne johnson. >> play on the names. >> dwayne johnson plays a guy who is overweight and nerdy in high school. grows up to be a tough, cia operative. takes heav s kevin hart, best f from high school, on a mission. >> on the 17th, "finding dori." >> ellen has been campaigning for this movie. 13 years after the original. dori is looking for her parents. diane keaton. great pairing. >> june 24th, "independence day resurgence" without will smith. >> they killed off his character. as the director says, he's too expensive. >> jessica, thank you so much. coming up, she's already got an oscar, but this award might just top it.
9:20 am
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let's get this hump day party started with a hot cup of hot picks. salma hayek is revealing the secret to a scheme steamy roman. in the new issue of "red" magazine, the actress says sex is not the key to a happy marriage, but it is a side effect. though not every day. if it is every day, it loses its charm. tweet me about that. she wed a billionaire in 2009. also says she considers her marriage her biggest accomplishment. that's interesting.
9:24 am
and kim kardashian continues to document her post baby weight loss on social media. on tuesday, kim k. snap chatted another scale picture. she has 12 more pounds to go to reach 2010 kim. that's her goal. kim has been open with fans about her journey to lose weight since having her little boy last december. following a strict diet of protein, healthy fats and zero sugar. the scale was 132. that's where she is now. she's got an oscar and golden globe. now, julia roberts is resealing a special honor that comes around once every ten years. she's named woman of the decade. we should note, roberts' career has spanned 30 years. adam j. miller wanted me to tell you that. men, ben affleck and matt damon, the guys of the decade. the athlete, kobe bryant. it airs june 9th on spike tv. you'll hear me repeat that list
9:25 am
ten years from now with a new list. coming up, jennifer beals joins us to talk about her new what body aches? what knee pain? what sore elbow? advil liqui-gels make pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. it's my decision to make beauty last. fix. roc® retinal started visibly reducing my fine lines and wrinkles in one week.
9:26 am
and the longer i use it, the better it works. retinal correxion® from roc® methods, not miracles.™ ==topvo== two novato teenagers acsed of k good wednesday morning at 9:26. two novato teenagers accused of killing their classmate are expected in court. the pair are being charged as adult. one 16, the other 17. they face murder and attempted murder charges. the two accused of shooting and stabbing two fellow students off campus last week. one of the victims, ramirez died and the other was critically injured but is expected to survive. over the weekend police arrested a 20-year-old cousin of one suspect who investigators say was an accessory to the crime. there's also a third teenage suspect who is still on the loose. also one person is in custody following what police say was a deadly overnight hit-and-run accidents involving
9:27 am
two cars. san jose police it started a little bit after-month when a car struck a woman walking on jackson avenue underneath the 680 overpass and left the scene. police say that a second driver struck that victim and also took off. officers were able to track down the first car a few blocks away on southbound 680 near the king off-ramp. that driver is in custody. the driver of the second car is still on the loose. police say the victim is a woman in her 20s. we'll confront provide updates on that story. right after this break we have a look at your weather and traffic. we'll be right back.
9:28 am
oooh, i think i saw dessert! but you just had a big lunch! it wasn't that big. steve! hey! come back here! steven, stay strong! wh-what's that? want me to eat you? honey, he didn't say that! he did! very quietly. y-you can't hear from back there! don't fight your instincts! with each for 150 calories or less, try our chocolate-y brownies, tangy lemon bars and creamy cheescakes! fiber one. go on, have one. we're seeing sunshine inland, patchy clouds and cool conditions closer to the coast including san francisco today highs upper 60s, 80s to low 90s in the south bay in a new brunswick numbers in the mid-0e8z. further inland walnut creek, concord, tri-valley highs today in the mid-90s. trend unfortunately looks hotter into start of the weekend cooling as we approach sunday.
9:29 am
temperatures starting to climb for pleasanton up to close to 100 degrees for friday. coming out of the north bay southbound 101 just south of robin williams tunnel one lane blocked by a crash. there may be a secondary in the back. san francisco on the other side 101 a couple of crashes bogging down traffic in both directions jamming up just north of 281 interchange. rest of the bay typical pattern. slow through oakland and south bay. san jose northbound 101 still jammed up from 680 to the airport. that will do it for us right now. we'll be back in half an hour with more updates. for now back to the "today" show.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. hospital officials in new jersey say that a baby born there overnight is believed to be the first in the continental u.s. to be born with zika-related birth defects. the baby girl was born at the hackensack medical center with severe microcephaly. the child's mother is from honduras, and doctors say she came to the u.s. for treatment after contracting zika early in her pregnancy following a bite by an infected mosquito. general mills is recalling about 10 million pounds of flour because of a possible link to an e. coli outbreak. the recall includes batches of gold medal and wondra signature flour. no e. coli has been found in any of the products, but it is recalling them out of an abundance of caution. state and federal health
9:31 am
officials say flour seems to be the common link between 38 illnesses in 20 states. aaa says the next 100 days will be the deadliest of the year when it comes to teen drivers. the group says during the summer months, an average of ten people a day die in accidents caused by teenagers behind the wheel. aaa study shows 60% of the accidents involved driving while distracted, with texting and talking on the phone or to other passengers among the biggest distractions. the atlantic hurricane season starts today and runs through november. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration expects a normal season with 10 to 16 storms. four hurricanes may become major, category three or higher. when you live on the edge, things don't always go your way. takegolfer, for example, balancing on the edge of the water hazard. after the dunking, the poor guy
9:32 am
had to climb out by himself because his good buddies there, as you see, laughing on the ground until one of them, i guess, felt his pain a little bit and kindly handed him a towel. he'll never live that one down. let's get a check of the already from mr. roker. >> the water looks clean, too. thanks, natalie. now, you can see beautiful weather in the east. k remnants of bonnie in the eastern coast and southern virginia. heavy rain in texas. out west, spectacular weather. exception, the pacific northwest coast. we're looking for the rain to continue tomorrow. more heavy rain in texas. it stretches up into interior sections of the northeast. again, out west, the heat is going to start building. we'll be watching that into the mostly sunny skies. san jose 67 degrees and temperatures already climbing in to the 70s around pleasanton, over towards livermore low 70s
9:33 am
and the warmest spots around the bay area will be the interior east bay under towards the via valley. south bay pretty warm. up 80s to low 90s. low 80s around redwood city. mid-80s for the north bay and close to 90 towards walnut creek and throw mid-90s around livermore and dublin this afternoon. >> that's your latest weather. jennifer beals delivered one of the most iconic performances in movie history in the 1983 hit "flash dance," changing how we think about waterfallifalling f the sky. >> then she starred in "the l word" as betty porter. now, she's back on the small screen, joining the cast of nbc's hit medical drama "night shift" for its third season. jennifer plays an army may gejo stationed in afghanistan. >> what was that? >> that was close.
9:34 am
>> it was nothing, sweetheart. just fireworks. we set them off all the time. show me. i'm proud of you. >> major, we have casualties. >> okay. i've got to go. 24. >> 7. >> i love you. >> i love you, too! >> let's go. >> jennifer, that was so tough to watch. >> that's the first time i've seen it, actually. i was like, oh. my baby. my baby. >> you know, this role, you're playing a medic in afghanistan, stationed there. what kind of training did you go through for that? you want to obviously get something like that pretty right. >> well, i had done a lot of reading, obviously. i spoke to some afghani students, to get their take on how they saw americans being in their country. i had to learn some of the
9:35 am
language. [ speaking foreign language ] i'll take care of it. >> what struck me watching is you going through what so many of the men and women over there are going through. they're in the middle of a war, but they have family back home. for the moment, you have to be with family. >> you're torn. particularly for female veterans coming home, it's very, very tricky. so often, you're not seen as a veteran. your service is not honored in the same way that a man's service might be. so it's kind of hard to find your community. >> we also know you're taking on "taken." you're super busy with this. will you be able to channel your action hero or action skills, i should say? >> i hope i get some action sequences. right now, i'm behind the scenes of the action. i'm more of like the puppeteer, in a way. >> you're the mastermind? >> well, i wouldn't go that far, but yeah, she's got skills of her own. skills of her own.
9:36 am
>> when is that set to be released, the prequel? >> 2017, i think. early next year. >> look forward to it. >> it's phenomenal. i saw the pilot, and it's really, really great. it's like a '70s film on ster noi -- steroids. it's got the action sequences but the characters are well-developed. alex cary wrote the pilot and is the show runner. >> fantastic. >> you take on shaquille o'neal, not on the basketball court, but the lip sync stage. >> i heard. >> taking on your character. >> shaq doing "flash dance." >> this happened? >> oh, boy. >> oh, no. >> i don't know. i'm going to say the resemblance is uncanny. >> might not have the dance moves you did. >> i did feel my soul leave my
9:37 am
be body a little bit. >> i think we all did. >> breathe. >> well, jennifer beals, we will leave it there. season three of "night shift" premiering tonight at 10:00/9:00 central here on nbc. up next, if you want to be an olympic athlete, you have to train like one. ms. morales is taking us to the place where america's olympians are in it to win it. ♪ look, the wolf was huffing and puffing. like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day.
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9:41 am
just over two months, 10,000 of the world's best athletes and millions of fans will gather in rio for the olympic games. >> the american athletes are already hard at work, of course, training for the big event. i recently got an inside look at the u.s. olympic training center in colorado springs. it's the right combination of high tech and high altitude, to put this summer's to liolympian the top of their game. >> reporter: it's the bat cave for the world's best. the olympic training center in colorado springs, a campus full of technology, catering to america's top athletes that today is getting me into gold medal shape. training like an olympian starts by eating like one. >> how many meals a day? >> about five. >> five or six. >> reporter: since my goal today is to swim like a champion, i'm dining with conner dwyer and two-time gold medalist par
9:42 am
limpian rudy. >> protein, carbs. we have a recovery center. i'll plan a protein shake. we'll come back up here and eat after that. take a nap, come back and eat again. refuel before our next practice. >> it's about fueling your body before practice. >> i like the nap part. >> the nap part is nice, yeah. >> that's the key. that's the key. >> sounds good. >> reporter: after fueling up, it's off to the alter g for a run inside some rarefied air. >> step all the way into the center. >> reporter: it's an anti-gravity treadmill that decreases the body weight to cut down on the wear and tear of training. >> we can adjust the weight and say 1%, 10%, 60% off. >> i feel it's carrying me. i love this. i wish i could train like this every day. makes it so much easier. >> reporter: cardio done. meeting back up with connor for
9:43 am
strength training before i hit the pool. >> hold this for 20 minutes. >> 20 minutes? this is hard. >> this is good for underwater kicks, core strength. >> my form looks nothing like your form. four, five. one more to beat him. 11. >> reporter: i'm ready for the water. tomorrow, i'll be swimming at an olympic pace, with extra help, of course. olympians sometimes use a tow line as part of the training. >> we get on the pulley system to simulate race speed. try to hit our paces we're going to go in a race. we're going to get you on there. >> how fast? >> see what it is like. around 21, 25 seconds. it'll be fast. >> 50 meters in 25 seconds? >> it'll be hard to breathe. it'll be pulling you so fast. >> i could drown? >> you could drown. i'll jump in.
9:44 am
i don't want to jump in, but i will. pick it up. pick it up. >> i like this thing. >> reporter: it's been a long day. after training like an athlete, the best part is getting to finally recover like an athlete. time for my massage. >> yes, it is. >> best part. the napping and eating all day, i could do. the rest of it, that makes them olympians. >> you were pretty good there. >> with the harness dragging me, i swallowed so much water. >> incredible. >> what you didn't see was the spit take after. >> could have gone all day without hearing that. >> i'm impressed. >> don't forget, the rio olympics opening ceremony is august 5th. we'll be in rio for all the
9:45 am
action. we'll be back right after this. with micro-scrubbers... scrub away even the toughest, dried-on messes. ♪ take back your surfaces... with clorox disinfecting wipes. ♪ caress presents... the world's first bodywash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. now in 4 unforgettable fragrances
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9:49 am
this morning on hope to it, an estimated 6400 americans are diagnosed with als every year. often, those with the disease depend on their children for intense, around the clock care. >> one new jersey mother made it her mission to help those kids, creating a camp where they can meet and play with other children who are learning to cope with their parents' illness. >> reporter: 10-year-old zoe is adventurioous and extremely bra. >> do you want to do this for someone you love? >> yes, my dad. i think he'd like me doing this. he always wants to have fun. >> he does? >> do crazy things. >> crazy things. >> daredevil. >> reporter: zeo and her twin brother, zach, are going through more than any kid should have to endure. >> i love the camp because it's really sawesome. you know a lot of people are there for you when you're talking about als. >> reporter: like the other kids at camp, their father is battling als. the weekend-long camp is run by
9:50 am
hope loves company, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children and young adults who have family members with als. >> my favorite activity is probably fishing. because my dad said when i was little, i went fishing with him. i just like -- i love whatever i do with my dad. >> reporter: the camp is completely free. >> so this is cabin 19. >> it's awesome. >> reporter: kids sleep in log cabins, eat in the mess hall and play. letting kids be kids. >> keep looking up, look toward your hope. >> reporter: jodie o'donnell started the non-profit after losing her husband to als. >> in 1995, my husband, 29 years old, started symptoms of als and i knew nothing about it. within five years, five and a half years, he was vented. feeding tube, paralyzed and speechless. our daughter, alina, was 2 1/2 when he was diagnosed and 8 when he passed. >> reporter: years after kevin died, jodie met warren, whose
9:51 am
wife had also died of als. they married, and with their big, new family, they decided to focus on the kids. >> very quickly, raising five people who are healing, i thought, when my children, who have all experienced this great loss of a parent due to als, become adults, i will create an organization. >> reporter: keeping that promise, jodie launched hope loves company in 2012. >> the kids get the understanding that they are not alone. that someone understands how they feel. that someone knows what they're going through. >> good job, abby. >> reporter: the kids cheer each other on during the team building activities, and gather for group counseling sessions to help them cope. >> it's giving them a place just to be. some of these kids, or most of them, are caregivers. this is a great opportunity for these kids to come together, to cry when they feel like crying, laugh when they feel like laughing and just be in a safe place.
9:52 am
>> i didn't know who else had -- whose parents had als. when i came here, i was happy that i found people that had parents that had als. >> this camp has single handedly changed my life. my mom passed two months ago from als. when she was still going through this, coming here was a relaxing weekend that i didn't get much of when my mom was going through als. >> after each camp, it is so clear to me that this is all meant to be. and i don't want to say i was meant to lose my husband, but i do know that i was supposed to use that difficulty to help others. so each camp is a reminder, and it's a reason to continue to fight and to grow. >> what a wonderful place. hope loves company runs camps in indiana and massachusetts. they hope to expand to more states. for more information on how you can help, go to by the way, for those of you in the new york city area, check
9:53 am
out the new amsterdam city swim. it's a charity event that benefits als research on june 12th. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
sexy ladies, what you got going on? >> eating a tuna wrap at the moment. in preparation to say hello to john. >> we also have billy ray cyrus with us today. >> carson is here and will tell us how you can cut your own hair and save a few bucks. >> who else? >> we have great career advice. hoda and i will ask what to do with our lives. we can't wait. >> pre-show ritual, the tuna wrap? >> it needs to become one. >> and the
9:56 am
good morning. starting off with low clouds. by lunch time 70s to mid-80s inland and our temperatures weighs move through the afternoon up 80s to low 90s around the south bay. 60s closer to san francisco with an all day seabreeze. north bay temperatures in the
9:57 am
mid-0e8z. tri-valley temperatures mid-80s to upper 90s turning hotter as you approach friday. let's see what's happening with your wednesday morning commute. >> still bogging down in the south bay. 101 slow from 680. it extends up towards the airport from 101. an earlier crash at lawrence expressway. 85 looking much better same for 87. slowest spots with this crash over dublin, 580 west jams. crash at 101. things tied up in both directions north 101 towards 280 and slowing off of that bay bridge. a large sinkhole creating headaches for drivers on interstate 5. closures continue through tomorrow. we'll find out what has to get done to get that corridor open. search teams believe they
9:58 am
may have found the black box on the egyptair that crashed last month. we'll have another local news update coming in half an hour. we'll see you then.
9:59 am
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♪ from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and oda kotbe. >> it's june. >> i cannot believe it. that's my girl. that's harmony. >> we have a great show to kick off. the very funny and talented and very very elegant john leguizamo is here. his life has taken a little bit of a dark turn. >> a tiny bit. >> that show


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