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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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francisco police department. the list of complaints handed over to the chief by community members. "today in the bay" starts right now good thursday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we'll get to that morning commute. >> the fog is rolling right now. >> we need more of it to cool things off. >> wish we could get it to the tri-valley. 70s in the coastline because of that fog. it's not going to be overly hot once again at the coast line. another day of sunshine. even the inner bay we'll see warm temperatures. 80s today, 90s for inland valley. triple digits expected by the time we get to tomorrow. we'll talk about that and the weekend forecast. you're tracking that bay bridge slowdown. >> it's a slowdown but other than that a pleasant drive. the metering lights are on. the approach looks great. so do the rest of the spee@ç sensors. mild build. you do have slowing over in the
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tri-valley and the east bay. we are focusing on fremont where we have closures for the activity near the irvington district. the ones of concern for the breaking news. >> we continue to follow that breaking news out of fremont. an intense standoff situation entering its seventh hour. law enforcement officers surrounded the suspect involved in yesterday's shootings of two free throw mo fremont police officers. >> right near the safeway on washington and fremont boulevard. bob redell has been live at the scene all morning long. >> good morning. you can see the front porch is still on fire. within the past hour we've seen significant movement out front as police s.w.a.t. team has taken over. we've seen at least two armored
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cars flank both sides of the house. over the past hour we counted 14 large popping sounds. the most frequent in the past three minutes. we don't know what those sounds were. this man has been holed up in this home since last night. no one was at home at the time. at around 2:15 this morning is when deputies launched tear gas into the house. that caught the porch on fire. they had been talking with the suspect via phone. still around 3:30 this morning. he was alive inside the home after the tear gas was launched and after the front porch caught fire. then it was around 3:30 that the line went dead. law enforcement believes it's quite possible he's still alive. holed up inside this small
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single-story home. trying to get this man to give up and come out. >> at this point, daylight will be our friend at this. we are waiting for daylight. we are going to use robots and other technology to see what is going on. >> you were negotiating with him about 3 1/2 hours. did he give you any sense of why he shot the two officers? >> no. there was communication but we are not going to get into those details. strictly our job and focus is the tactical operations. we'll turn that over to the oakland police department now. local police will take over the scene. >> they know who the suspect is but are not identifying him publically. they did say that he is familiar to law enforcement. this started around 1:30 yesterday afternoon when fremont police pulled over the suspect a couple of blocks from here.
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there was a confrontation. one officer was shot. the suspect fled. they found him about ten minutes later. there was another exchange of gun fire. that's when the detective was shot two times. both officers taken to san jose regional medical center. our understanding he is in stable condition. the first officer in critical condition. back out here live, we are a couple blocks away from this home. the suspect is holed up inside. as the front porch burns. the house is surrounded by s.w.a.t. alameda county sheriff's department was talking to us earlier. they were running the tactical part of this until 5:00 this morning when oakland p.d. came in. they have at least two armored cars out here and talk of deploying a robot to go inside. thank you very much. you see a busy neighborhood with
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families getting ready for work and school. serious situation. we will continue to follow this breaking story on all of our digital platforms. head to our website or download our nbc bay area app for updates. a former stanford swimmer set to be sentenced for rape of a woman outside a campus fraternity party. prosecutors recommend brock turner receive six years in prison. the 20-year-old has no criminal record. part of the reason why santa clara county probation department recommends only six months in county jail. the victim has written a letter to the judge. she says the probation department's recommendation is a mockery of the seriousness of his assault. the case helped spark a national debate of the seriousness of sexual assault on college campuses. >> closure in a community policing policy. san francisco police officers will soon be wearing body cameras. the police commission voted 5-2 to approve that camera policy. last night critics of the
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department let acting chief tony chaplin know they are not happy with his performance. they want a community meeting to discuss the officer-involved shooting that led to the death of an unarmed woman last month. the police chief has no such plans. >> i am not having town halls after somebody gets murdered. that is a step backwards. >> if the department is going to look backwards and stop being as transparent as it has been, i don't think that is a good sign. >> chaplin is moving quickly to address the issues that led to police shootings, including expanding the escalation training. he plans on meeting with officers at every district station. decision 2016, pushing forward in the golden state where donald trump is back in the bay area. this time in san jose. >> officers are warning people to prepare for protests. kris sanchez has more on the preparations. >> good morning. as many as 15,000 people are expected to show up for this rally this evening. of course not all of them are
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sympathetic to the trump campaign. you can expect crowds, traffic and road closures in anticipation, as well. at noon today, several streets around the convention center will shut down in anticipation of demonstrations like these that followed the trump campaign. this rally today is not until 7:00 tonight. market street at william street and south of ben carlos street, south first street, almaden boulevard. these are road closures that will impact people no matter their politics. >> i have trouble listening to him on tv much less in person. >> we are going to work a lot of states you wouldn't work and work them hard. we'll be here a lot.
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>> he may be pressed about the new unsealed documents related to trump university school and accusations that upsold students who couldn't afford it. today's rally is expected to go from 7:00 to 8:30. the hillary campaign tour is expected to make a stop in california today. >> optics are not bad if she does not win in california.
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bernie sanders is continuing his trip in the bay area. he told a large crowd in silicon valley he plans on vying for the democratic nomination. he has the support from the tech industry which is key for his campaign. our political coverage continues online at go to decision 2016 section. i hope the candidates can take the heat. temperatures cranking up. >> go to san francisco. that's where it's cool. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. it's going to be like that once again. the sun is up. you've got clear skies. we'll see sunshine in the tri-valley but at the coastline it will stay foggy a little bit longer. 71 in san francisco.
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83 for the east bay. 82 for the peninsula. the south bay up to 95 degrees. even the tri-valley pushing 100 and north bay up to 90. we'll talk about maybe the chance of maybe a couple of rumbles of thunder. mike tracking that morning commute. >> i'm hearing rumbles of an issue on the bay bridge. i'll reference the north bay. slight haze here. maybe low clouds. visibility is all right. our camera cannot see the san francisco side of that bay bridge because of low clouds. getting out of san francisco on to the lower deck here at 7th street for eastbound 80, reports of a truck packed with cardboard in the back and now affecting a lot of debris. that will affect you getting out of the bay bridge. map shows you the rest of the bay moves very well.
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the five points area. a live look shows you quickly in san jose and northbound 101 has slowing as you travel north. coming up next, paying the pri price. >> the first female self-made billionaire isn't. a look coming up in business and tech. >> we continue to stay on top of breaking news happening live in fremont. now the oakland police department has brought in their tactical team with robots you see there to help bring a barricaded suspect in a burning home out. we're tracking breaking news in
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fremont.. =laura/live=ad lib lis we continue to follow breaking news at fremont at washington and robert. police have a home surrounded. they believe a suspect from an officer-involved shooting yesterday is inside that house. it is burning because tear gas grenades were launched into the house in hopes to bring the suspect out. the fire started on the porch.
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they have contained it in a way. they know the suspect could be inside a room in that home. it's not even his home. he went into it yesterday afternoon after reportedly being involved in that police shooting. multiple agencies on the scene. bob redell is there gathering information. we'll have a live report at 6:15. pg&e getting hit with $24 million fine for shoddy record-keeping on top of a $10 million fine for a natural gas explosion in carmel that destroyed a home two years ago. they say a judge rimmed an additional $24 million fine. utility tells the chronicle improvements are being made and executives are reviewing that decision. the state senate wants to delay coal exported facility.
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the state of utah is pushing for the facility to revitalize its economically depressed rural counties. environmentalists are doing what they can to derail the plan. they want an environmental impact report to include the cost associated with shipping and processing the coal. the assembly must approve the measure before it can move on to the governor's desk. san francisco supervisors considering more regulations on short term rentals. they say they've done nothing to clamp down on complaints by neighbors with rowdy visitors from out of town. they are asking for the support on a new tax measure. the sacred heart community service is pushing a half cent sales tax increase. they say it is a way to pay for
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improvements for public transit. many of the silicon valley's elected leaders say it's likely to pass if it includes funding for highway improvement. rental prices soaring across the country. >> according to a study by, san francisco, the priceiest city in the country a two bedroom costs about $4,500 a month to rent. that is triple what people around the rest of the country are paying for the same thing. san jose is very high coming in sixth on the list. the price just over $2,700 a month. the head of intel was supposed to host donald trump today. >> scott mcgrew tell us about it. >> all because of a newspaper article. "the new york times" did a piece on who supports trump. asked intel ceo about his plan to host the republican candidate as he visits san jose today.
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that's when he withdrew the invitation and said he is not supporting any presidential candidate. one, the two really don't have a lot in common. it is curious there was ever a connection between them. looking at their public statements, they have very different opinions on women and immigration. secondly, it's an indication how devisive trump is that the mere mention, a simple question in the "new york times" could have one of the ceos of one of the biggest companies going from hosting a candidate to announcing he doesn't support any candidate at all. a strange update in the fading fortunes of elizabeth holmes. the one-time wonderken was worth billions and is now worth nothing. "forbes" admits it doesn't have access to her financial information but holmes opens half the blood testing company theranos which was worth
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billions but now by "forbes" estimate is only worth hundreds of millions. because investors will get first crack at any assets before she does, that leaves holmes with zero. >> uber drivers will be back in court today. some urging the judge not to approve a settlement between the car drivers and the car sharing company. drivers get money but won't be classified as employees. the king of saudi arabia invested $3.5 billion in uber. that gives an overall value of $62 billion. the biggest, most valuable private start-up. >> aot of money in saudi arabia. >> from oil to ride sharing. thank you very much. warriors fans, are you ready? a live look at the now quiet oracle arena, but tonight they come out and play game one of the nba finals against the
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cleveland cavaliers. this is the rematch of last year's nba finals won by the warriors in six games. this time around, cavs entering the series with a full complement of players. two key components were injured last time around. it should be quite the matchup. >> i cannot wait. >> sharks returning to san jose empty handed. their road trip to pittsburgh was unsuccessful. >> went to sudden death overtime. you thought the sharks have a chance here. a gut-wrenching loss last night. pittsburgh takes a commanding 2-0 series lead. however, sharks' head coach says hold off the funeral plans. we are not dead. a big crowd watching last night in downtown san jose. games three and four coming back to the friendly confines of the sap shark tank. that begins saturday. we cannot tell you enough, don't
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lose the faith. >> everyone else is worried, mike is doubling down. >> i have more teal ties. maybe i'll wear two ties and see how it goes. >> you'll need something on ice. wake up to fog there. we are still tracking dry conditions as the hills turn a little more golden over the next couple of days. at the coast line, lots of fog. san francisco completely fogged in. 55. daly city looking at fog. south bay, bright sunshine. sunny skies, 58. we are going to see a nice bright day.
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90 for the north bay. 95 for the south bay. tri-valley getting up to 98. going to be hot especially for the inland valleys. we have changes, especially once we hit saturday and sunday. there will be a trough that develops to our south. that will bring in the chance for thunder and lightning. not that we'll get rain but maybe the sierra will. you see swirling across the pacific. i don't think we'll see a whole lot of rain. maybe parts of the sierra. this high pressure has been keeping our atmosphere dry. once this area of low pressure moves in, we'll get clouds out of it. i don't think we'll get rain saturday night to sunday night. temperatures cool off toward next week. we are talking about 90s going back into the 80s. what is it looking like on this
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thursday morning? >> temperatures are relative. the bay bridge still slow. look at the maps. westbound, your commute out of oakland. slowing on the approach in towards san francisco. that is westbound 80. out of san francisco we have word an earlier truck carrying compacted cardboard in the back caught fire on the 73th street on ramp. that is a distraction. the rest of the freeway moves clearly. there is fremont southbound 880 slows. your typical pattern. >> thank you very much. this week we're kicking off nbc
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bay area "responds." our newest team members are solving consumer welcome back. this week we are kicking off nbc bay area responds. our newest team members solving consumer problems. >> consumer investigator helps a san jose man who asks, what happens when my amazon deliveries arrive late. >> fair question considering amazon prime members pay about $100 a year for two-day shipping. todd documented one prime order that took seven days to arrive. amazon declined to discuss todd's complaint with us. when prime packages are delivered late, members can request either a $10 credit or 0 a free month of membership. the key is, you have to ask.
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we tested amazon's unwritten rule. we went shopping and tracked our shipments. and requested credit. you can see how this went tonight at 6:00. if you have a consumer problem, the nbc bay area responds team is ready right now. call us or visit our website. we'll respond to every call, every e-mail. that's neat you get $10 back. thank you. >> hopefully your package on time, too. an update to breaking news in the south bay. we are live in fremont where that suspect accused of shooting two fremont police officers police believe is still holed up in this home where the fire has now spread. a suspect allegedly connected to
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two officer- a tense situation continues to unfold in the south bay. a suspect allegedly connected with two officer-involved shootings holed up inside a fremont home. we've got a live look from the scene this morning. the standoff now inching in on its seventh hour. bob redell is live getting updates for us. good morning and thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a lot of streets blocked off. first anthony joins us right now. the only thing keeping us cool at this point is the fog.
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>> the air conditioning. it's been unbearable. if you're waking up in the peninsula, you have fog in san francisco this morning. that will leave temperatures not as hot. 90 for the north bay. 80s through the inner bay and south bay will see temperatures in the mid 90s. we do push the 100 degrees for tomorrow. weekend cooling and chance of thunder. if you're traveling the sierra, thunderstorms there. >> good morning. tracking this, the live look at the san mateo bridge from the toll plaza. suddenly i've seen traffic jamming up. nothing reported so far. the arrow here shows the approaching the bay bridge. we have your slow lane blocked by a truck carrying compacted cardboard in the back of it. there was a fire in that compacted cardboard. they took the fire out and slow
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lane out. the rest of the bay smooth. following activity off 68 by the five points area. fremont boulevard and washington boulevard, two major roadways heading toward the intersection, avoid that. from osgood, train tracks toward fremont boulevard, avoid that portion. that's by the shopping center. use automall parkway. i've got all the activity that's been going on since yesterday. >> it's breaking news now continuing this morning. a neighborhood on edge. police surrounded a suspect that is connected to two officer-involved shootings that happened yesterday in fremont. >> the perimeter in place. it's by washington and roberts avenue. an active standoff continuing this morning.
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bob, the latest here we saw robotics trying to get inside of that house. >> the latest development happened within the past five to ten minutes. that's the house in question there on roberts avenue. what you can see is that the fire that was initially contained on the front porch has now spread to the main part of the house where police believe the suspect is holed up inside. since 5:00 this morning when oakland p.d. brought their s.w.a.t. team in there, they let off a series of flash bangs or tear gas canisters. we heard large popping sounds. within the past ten minutes we heard three more large popping sounds and then the fire. you can see one of those armored vehicles pulling up with officers on either side of it. it's not clear if that fire spread because of the original porch fire or that was caused by
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the more recent pops we heard. the armored car is backing up with the s.w.a.t. officers. this man barricaded himself, broke into this home last night. this is a random house he broke into. fortunately, no one was at home. he shot his way in. police started communicating with him around 11:30 via phone trying to get him to come out. that wasn't working. around 2:15 they launched their first tear gas canister. that started the original porch fire. they kept talking to him after that tear gas canister was launched. the indication being he was still alive. then it was around 3:30 they lost communication. the cell phone went dead. here we are, the last time they spoke with him was 3:30. they are going under the assumption he is still alive inside. they've been trying to flush him
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out. we don't know if those were flash bangs or tear gas canisters. this house is becoming more and more involved. this man, they know who he is. they are not publically identifying him. they say he is familiar with law enforcement. he is expected shooting two fremont police officers. it started yesterday afternoon. fremont police tried to pull him over for a traffic stop. unclear what the traffic violation was. there was a confrontation. he ended up shooting one of the officers. police found him and he ended up shooting a detective twice. the detective and that first officer was shot. taken to san jose regional medical center. the detective is in stable condition. the first officer who was shot is in critical condition. to get a sense of the scene
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here, there is law enforcement and ambulances here. if you were to pan out several blocks from a radius, you would notice is there a lot of law enforcement out here and check points. this large section of fremont is shut down and inaccessible. they are trying to get this suspect who they initially thought was alive and because of this fair and with the smoke, they are not sure if anyone survived that. >> we've been getting developments changing news all morning long. we are staying on top of it. head to our website or download the nbc bay area app. check us out on twitter and facebook. an identityç revealed. this is the third suspect in last week's shooting in connect
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to the attack on two high school students. he is a known gang member and dangerous. he is a relative of one of two teen suspects already in custody. they are being charged as adults for the murder of one of their classmates. trying to generate leads in the mysterious death of a man who just moved to the bay area. he was riding his bike when someone shot and killed him. this happened april 30th a little after midnight. police have no idea what led up to that shooting or if he might have been targeted. they are hoping this image might jog the memory of someone who saw him that night. 6:37 happening today, the former stanford swimmer convicted of raping a woman outside a campus fraternity party will learn his fate in a few hours. sharon is live in palo alto with what could play out in court this morning.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the former olympic hopeful is reportedly out on bail. we may see him walking up to the courthouse today. the former stanford student and star swimmer brock turner will be sentenced for sexually assaulting a woman outside a frat party. the prosecution recommends he gets six years in prison since he has no criminal record. the probation recommends only six months in county jail. the most he can receive is 14 years in prison. the victim herself has written the judge and says probation department's recommendation of only six months in jail is a mockery of the seriousness of his assault. no mat ware sentence he receives, turner will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. he is expected to be here at 9:00 this morning. sharon katsuda for "today in the bay." >> 6:38. we are getting a peek at your
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microclimate forecast. it's hard to see in some places. >> looking foggy. especially the peninsula in san francisco. low clouds in some spots. overall you see traffic moving along without a problem. 55 right now in san francisco. 58 in the south bay. later on we are going to see temperatures very warm in inland locations. 90s in the north bay, south bay and tri-valley back into the 90s. it will stay relatively mild at the coast line over the next couple of days with 60s and 70s. not the perfect beach weather. if you're getting out the door right now, what is happening? >> looking towards palo alto. crash report eed in embarcadero. better news out of san francisco. northbound 101 to eastbound 0 to
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the lower deck, that crash is clearing from the slow lane. no injuries. westbound shows slowing and a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. at the san mateo bridge is just the volume of traffic. no incidents on the span. thank you. coming up, a scary situation for students at a southern california university. a live update from ucla after a murder/suicide rocked the campus yesterday. keeping swimmers safe. new way to track sharks in the water using technology. >> google trumpets a big new announcement. we'll look at the big board.
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california university... we're learning more this mornine a frightening situation at a southern california university. we are learning more about a murder/suicide that happened yesterday on the campus of ucla. >> michelle, good morning. >> good morning. most operations and classes are back to normal on the ucla campus this morning. this morning the shooter has been identified as maynack sarcar in his 30s and out of
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state. he believed the professor had misused a computer code so it appears they did some research or work together in the past. watching it unfold yesterday, we reported a suicide note and hand gun were found on campus. not long after the campus had to seek cover. many watching it unfold unsure if that active shooter was on campus. two hours later, police determined it was a murder/suicide if an office inside engineering four building. professor klugh went to bible study, coached little league. he and his wife are the kind of people who would show up at games even if their kids were not playing. bill as his friends called him had a tight bond with the little league team.
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>> everybody came down here to get a little, to gather almost like a family to mourn a little bit. >> more information expected to come out on the suspect who has been identified this morning and more about the strained relationship between the suspect and provfessor. classes end tomorrow on campus with finals beginning next week. the campus is open with normal operations except for the engineering department and building where that murder/suicide took place. michelle valles, back to you. >> thank you very much. 6:45. new details about a man facing charges in connection with the deadly san bernardino shooting in december. investigators say enrique
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marques was a friend of the suspects. he pled not guilty. prosecutors say he also associated with a group of california jihadists arrested after they tried to join al qaeda. this is the first connection prosecutors made between marques and other possible terrorists. chicago teenagers trying to bring attention to a national debate with the wear orange campaign. it began in chicago inspired by the shooting death of a 15-year-old high school student there friends decided on orange because it is the color hunters wear in the woods to protect themselves from being shot by someone else. they are now taking it nationwide with the march across the golden gate bridge. different story on education. new study shows students who attend for-profit colleges may make less money afterwards. >> this information comes from the national bureau of economic
6:47 am
research. it says for-profit colleges tend to give what it calls disappointing outcomes. the study shows people who attend but do not graduate from trade schools or for-profit colleges will make less money in the five to six years after college than they did before college. those who make it through who graduate break about even. that is not because of tuition. the study isn't saying the students have less money, they earn less money with one exception, beauty school. we wait for friday's big jobs number. controversy in the newsroom over the mascot that is clearly a dog on the left. we are not sure if that is a big fat duck on the right? it's not clear. >> google updating the world on its google cars. the company has a major announcement. google cars now off.
6:48 am
backing up too close. google cars didn't honk because computers were learning when it was appropriate. google says, as our honking algorithms improve, we've begun broadcasting our car horn to the world. >> it will only honk when appropriate? >> it's still learning. most adults don't know when it's appropriate to honk. >> i wonder what the honk will sell like. >> whoever wrote that honk 0ing algorithm not from new york. they honk whenever they want. thank you. imagine drones monitoring sharks to keep swimmers and surfers safe along the coastline. this could be closer than you think. north carolina researchers are
6:49 am
trying to develop drone technology that not only spot the shark but tracks it. similar project is under way in australia. a bit of a problem with the technology which is not accurate all the type and has difficulty differentiating between the real thing and a piece of drift wood. >> there is a big difference. in alaska, dozens watched as a moose gave birth in the middle of a lowe's parking lot. >> it happened tuesday. there you see. it is rare to see it happen in a lowe's parking lot. they got plenty of attention and privacy from the adoring crowd. they appeared to be healthy and doing fine. took a while for the driver of that car to leave. don't want to disturb the moment. just want to take my ladder home. >> they wanted to exercise their
6:50 am
honking algorithm by not honking. >>. >> anthony trying to explain how we are going to deal with all this heat. >> loose-fitted clothing, light colors, lots of water. >> a friend with a pool. >> air conditioning. it's looking good for pool weather. at the coast line will stay c l cool. there you can see bright sunshine. microclimate this morning. we've got fog, sun, got it all. cool temperatures and hot temperatures later on. right now in the 50s and 60s. later temperatures will spread. low 90s today for the south bay. mid to upper 90s for places like the tri-valley. san francisco only managing 71. we do have a system to our north that is breaking down this ridge we've been under the past couple of days.
6:51 am
bringing rain showers to the pacific northwest. we are going to get in our own cooling. unfortunately, i done think we'll see rain. because of a trough you can see denoted by these clouds here. that is what we are watching, this trough getting under this ridge. that will bring us a potential for clouds and even weekend thunder. the air is so dry i don't think we'll squeeze rain out of it. 9 s for san jose. 87 for palo alto. upper 60s to low 70s for san francisco. low 90s possible for places like the north bay. 80s there and mid 90s for the tri-valley. we are going to talk about an area of low pressure moving in. more of that coming up. way back the last report a few minutes ago i said nothing reported for the san mateo bridge. now we see the flashing lights.
6:52 am
chp has reports for the flat section. i marked the arrow where you see the slowing westbound 92. low clouds there lower visibility. might be a factor. the bigger issue is there is a car somewhere across that flat section. that will be an issue. westbound 84 across that dunbarton bridge. here is south bay with the start for that morning commute. the freeways are showing slowing. area around washington boulevard and fremont boulevard, police activity since yesterday. bob redell updates that. automall parkway. the fremont breaking news we've been covering all morning long. we'll take you back there live. look at the house now fully engulfed in flames where a suspect believed to be involved
6:53 am
in an officer-involved shooting from yesterday is barricaded inside. the most famous u.s. stamp stolen back in 1955 is about to be returned. we are getting you prepared for california's primary june 7th. what your personalized ballot will look like. before you head out the door -
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here are the top stories on nbc bay area.. =sam/toss=. let's get straight to today in 6:56. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on the nbc bay area. >> bob redell joins us live from fremont with an update on that breaking news. an active standoff still under way. are police narrowing in on the suspect? we see the fire has gotten bigger by the minute. >> this is the home on roberts avenue where they believe this man who shot those two fremont police officers has been holed up since last night. within the past 30 minutes, the house, the entire house caught fire. it's fully involved. within the past minute, the fire department finally started putting water on it. the reason they are letting it burn because the thought is if he was inside, if he was still alive, they didn't want anyone going nearby and risk getting shot by this man.
6:57 am
this fire started 30 minutes ago. they had the house surrounded. they didn't see him come out. it's hard to imagine he would still be alive given the amount of smoke and flame you can see right there. around 11:30 police started talking with this man. this is the home he broke into shot his way in. no one else was at home at the type. this is a random house. they are speaking with him via phone starting 11:30. it was around 2:15 that the s.w.a.t. teams launched their first tear gas into the house. that set the front porch on fire. they were still in contact with him. they kept talking with him till around 3:30 when the phone line went dead. since then they set off tear gas canisters and flanked the house with armored cars. around 6:30 the fire started after they launched three more tear gas canisters. maybe those canisters are what caused the rest of the house to catch fire.
6:58 am
this house is fully involved. the house is surrounded and they do believe that suspect was inside at the time. it's hard to imagine if they didn't see him come out that he would still be alive given the situation. yesterday around 1:30 yesterday afternoon fremont police did a traffic stop on the suspect. they pulled him over for whatever reason. when they did pull him over there was a confrontation. he shot one officer, took off. police found him ten minutes later. he shot a detective two times. beth the detective and officer were taken to san jose regional medical center. the detective was in stable condition. the first officer in critical condition. police just told us they will have a news conference with more information at 2:00 this afternoon. they do know who this suspect is or was. they are not identifying him publically.
6:59 am
they said he is familiar to law enforcement. i'll have a live update at 7:25. bob redell for "today in the bay." >> the homeowners themselves were actually in that home when the suspect came in. they are a couple in their 70s or 80s and managed to get out. the family pulled them out to safety. more news developing there. >> that is a busy area. there is a safeway right by there. >> we want to talk about that right now? >> we only have 30 seconds. >> going to be a hot day. this is breaking news. i'll jump to the forecast. temperatures later on going to be back into the 70s in the coast line. 80s and 90s inland and valleys. >> avoid that area. trump coming into town, that is going to be convention center. closures starting midday today. this is fremont.
7:00 am
washington and fremont boulevard, five points and safeway shopping center, avoid that area. good morning. wild wild west, candidates take aim and fire in the all-out battle in california. >> we saw someone who is unqualified and unfit to be president of the united states. >> she has no natural talent to be president. >> hillary clinton racing to california, bill clinton racing to california, maybe they think the campaign is not quite over. >> just ahead the race out west. campus chaos, a ucla professor shot and kil


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