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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 8, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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do we need extra hair products? >> why not. never hurts to cover. >> a little greasy as you start out, cloudy skies. it all clears up later on today. locally in the 70s. 58 degrees in san francisco. 57 degrees up into the mid-70s for the south bay peninsula, east bay and the north bay as well. =mike/hset= we're tracking a slow down, that we see. we have a live look at san mateo bridge. it's unexpected in the southbound, 680 out on seminole boulevard. as far as i can tell, the cause for that slowing.
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we'll check it out, back to you. >> we move now to breaking news out of the south bay this morning and flames flying, sparks flying, next to a das station in sunnyvale quickly spreading to nearby trees. >> today we are live there now with how the fire may have started. good morning, damien. >> reporter: yes, good morning. it could have been much worse at the bo ler ro gas station in sunnyvale. what's left is four charred trees and the back of these cars. yes, it could have been much worse. the images are amazing, flames as you saw shot up in the air as crews arrived to put out the fire. it was called in after 2:00 this morning in lake haven in sunnyvale, off florence in highway 101, embers were lighting up the sky. with the fire department light, it looked like snowflakes. now it was 50 feet from the gas
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pumps. that's why things could have been much worse. crews say the potential was there for the fire that was spread. >> there are embers blown in the wind. is there a potential for a threat? >> that's always a concern. when we get here, the initial units were careful to make sure there were no exposure risc. >> reporter: investigators are still trying to determine how this fire started. thanks, to the quick work of the crews here. but again, this incident could have been much worse. >> pretty unnerveing there. thank you very much. also breaking overnight. as we talk about things igniting. well this car fire broke out in oakland. it happened just after 2:30 at
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41st and santa rita streets. firefighters extinguish the flames. it's not clear how it broke out. also new this morning, oakland police say a woman was shot and killed on alameda avenue a. witness drove the victim to the hospital where she later died. an investigation is under way. no arrests have been made. police did not release any information about the shooter, turning to decision 2016 coverage, just overnight, wins for hillary clinton this morning, putting her over the top, officially now, clinton is the projected winner here in california. >> she's already secured a majority of pledged delegates for the presumptive nominee, but her opponent bernie sanders is not backing down any time soon. >> now the numbers overwhelmingly favor clinton. "today in the bay" chris sanchez has the latest election results. >> good morning to you both. clinton won california. she won two other states. bernie sanders is still vowing to continue his campaign through
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this last super tuesday before the democratic national convention in july. clinton was declared the presumptive nominee for the democratic party after securing enough pledge delegates and enough delegates overall yesterday. while bernie sanders said he would continue his campaign, he did request a meeting with president obama and on thursday, they will discuss where sanders goes from here. >> for the first time, for the first time in our nation's history, that a woman will be a major party nomination. >> we will take our fight for social economic, racial and environmental justice to philadelphia, pennsylvania. >> tonight we close one chapter in history and we begin another.
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our campaign received more primary votes than any gop campaign in history. >> donald trump also said his camp would welcome any disgruntled bernie sander's voters. however the comments he made about a federal judge, some party leaders say are racist. they cost him the endorsement of un one gop senator. he got a scolding from the speaker of the house yesterday. we will continue to follow those last final numbers as they are tallied. there is about 20% of the votes being counted. we will bring you the update as we get them. presidential politics, thank you. it's a night nice for kamala harris. it included 34 candidates, harris hauled in about 47% of the vote. southern california congress with him loretta sanchez finished second, putting two democrats on the ballot.
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it marks the first time that two candidate of the same party will meet in november since california voters approved that top two primary system back in 2010. harris speaking to a crowd of supporters in san francisco last night. she says she is ready to tackle climb change and immigration reform in washington. a lot of comments made by donald trump, both candidates say race will be an issue during their campaign for the next five months. >> if you go at us, if you call us names. if you are nasty to us, we're probably going to come and hit back and the way you hit back in this country is that you come out to vote and you vote against that person. >> we reject those people that talk about us versus them. we reject those people who are trying to divide us. we reject those people who speak this anti-muslim rhetoric him we reject all of that. >> so it's harris and sanchez, both candidates gearing up for another five months of campaigning before they meet in the general election in
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november. one of the most watched congressional races in the country playing out still. it sound like silicon, we saw it before. >> it looks like both are setting up another showdown in november. o 81% of the precincts in. with all precincts reporting. they will square off in november. our election coverage continues online, nbc bay has up
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to the minute results. you can find scrolling at the bottom of your screen. we'll have reaction from all of the leading candidates. four south bay men arrested in a san jose rally for donald trump have been identified. all four are between 18 and 19-years-old, three face assault with a deadly weapon. the fourth is charged with misdemeanor refusal to disperse. it raised questions about san jose leadership and police enforcement. investigators implied there will be more arrests. happening today arc rally for one of trump supporters attacked last week. juan hernandez was brutally beaten simply because he says he supports donald trump. he says police did nothing to stop the attack on him and other trump supporters. >> it terrified me, because our law enforcement didn't jump in and do anything. we're looking for accountably. the reasons why they were allowed to stand by idle while
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peoplep getting attacked. >> we did call san jose police about this case. we're still waiting for a response. hernandez suffered a broken nose, a rally calling for justice will be at san jose city hall. we are calling for a cool down. we did that. prayers answered so far. do we have another day of beautiful weather? >> we do. we have a couple more days of comfortable weather. we start out with cloud and sunshine. this is the way it feels now, all across the bay area, upper 60s, highs today reaching 79 in san jose. 70 in san mateo. two spots my cool you down in
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the east bay. >> just about 5:10. a clear view of the bay bridge. look at your maps. over on the right side of your screen, first of all, northbound right at the connector of the crash the connector report is clear. that's the slow direction. the crash cornered in the northbound side, sean over at the desk here. he is calling chp, from this pattern, i suspect that one lane is blocked southbound, not northbound, watch it through the area. a real quick look at san jose. no, we'll send it back to you. >> it looks like it, thanks, mike. coming up, jumping in action to save a herd of goats. we are not on the farm, on the local highways. how local chp officers helped move them overnight. a money-back guarantee on your house coming up in business &
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an unexpected highway hazard, you might say a herd hazard, put chp officers to the test. >> it happened in the form of a large herd of about 50 goats that somehow ended up on and near busy highway 24 early this morning. the chp says the driver who struck at least one of the goats called to report the problem. officers herded the goat over to
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cal cot lane where they continued to graze. the chp says the owner was contacted t. goats have since been cleared. well, the decision to cut down 100 trees the trimming has already started on monterey road on highway 5 in san jose. the plan is to replace them with trees to don't leave streets and sidewalks covered in olives. >> that petition drive to save the trees gathered more than 100 signatures t. city says maintenance and safety issues forced them to follow through with their plans. >> it gets really messy. your shoes get messy when you walking in there. not only that, it could be a liability. >> these trees have been neglected for over a decade and we need the permit from the city to maintain the new replacements and these safe trees. >> she says she wants a commitment from the city to maintain the new trees as well.
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olive tree lovers encyst some of the trees can be spared and the city has already cut back on plans to replace all of them. crews will be back on the job later this morning. santa clara county leaders have signed off on what is called a pioneering new law to govern high-tech tracking and under surveillance. supervisors yesterday approved the measure, tightening rules on electronic under surveillance. it's aimed at protecting privacy rights. >> that would include drones, phone tracking and license plate readers along with technologies that are still coming down the pip line. it requires policies to be firmly in place before new technologies are implemented. new rules this morning for airbnb an other short-term rental companies to follow in san francisco a. board of supervisors approved a few law last night that only representals listed with the city could be listed. it will cost them thousands
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daily. tragic news, a death of a fortune 500 will be a mystery. >> ahead of chesapeake energy, part owner of the oklahoma city thunder. a lot of people suspect suicide? >> they did. he was killed in march in a brutal one-car accident in oklahoma t. car was going at least 80 miles per hour, it hit a bridge. he was not wearing his seatbelt. the one car accident on a sunny day came one day after he was indicted on federal charges to rig energy bids. oklahoma city police concluded their investigation and said last night there is nothing about this that points to suicide but then again they're not going to rule it out, either. to happier news, elon musk says he's ready to do the things spacex was set up to do. he's going to relaunch a rocket. we showed you video of the
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landing safely on a sea-born barge. that's the whole point of the return to bay strategy, so spacex could reuse the rocket and musk says a launch of a used rocket could come as early as september. the international energy agency says the future is very bright for electric cars, pointing out the cost of a battery is falling 400% since 2008 t. same battery got five times as good. there are more than one and a quarter million cars on the road, 100 times as many as in 28. let's check the rest of the news before the bell, landon dowdy is live at world cnbc headquarters. good morning, landon. >> hi there, scott. good morning to you as well, wall street could be headed for gains today, futures are higher today, early on tuesday, thanks to a boost in oil pricing. crews moved to $50 a barrel t. dow stopping 18,000 closing well off the highs of the session t. ap ap 500 index t. broadest market is away from a new record
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high. rising nearly 18 points to 17,938. scott, back over to you. >> thank you. here's a crazy idea. you boy a house, if you don't like it, return it. open doors is offering a return policy of 30 days for a home if it's not home sweet home. get your money back minus closing costs. they are based in silicon valley. it already had a warranty plan in place, when you buy a home through them, everything in the house is covered for two years. this makes total sense, everything else has a warranty. if you don't like it, you can return it. real estate agents, why not offer the same thing wal-mart offers. >> which is so interesting. i wonder if that would work here. it's so competitive. there are so many bids. >> few bought a house and returned it, they could resell that house for more. so it probably would be, they would be willing to take it
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back. >> interesting. obviously, buyers remorse. okay, now with the home business. >> the golden state warriors by the way. they are building a house of championship, if they break things out. it looks like they're going to. they are up 2-0. looking for the second straight championship with a win. the doves would commandeer a commanding lead. this much hyped showdown has been pretty disappointing. >> the warriors set a new mark for largest combined margin of victory through two games of the nba finals. they won by 33. kickoff for tonight's game is 6:00 p.m. >> people are watching. games are so pumped about it. they're turning it off by the middle of the quarter. >> you got to watch it. you can't turn off again. >> i didn't watch the whole game. >> come on. they're ahead by 20 points.
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>> come on. >> you got to play the whole game. >> you never know. >> time is of the essence. >> and we're going to have some great weather for whatever you plan to do into the day. mostly cloudy skies and to start, but we will see sunshine later on today. here's a live look at san jose. we are seeing those clouds and not a lot of rain. there may be mist and drizzle mixed in there. some spots closer to the coast. this is what it feels like, it's in the upper 50s now. 59 degrees in the peninsula and the south bay. 61 degrees. you can see what it feels like there. it is 56 in brentwood, dublin 57, newark now at 59 degrees, 57 is the north bay. and let's go hour by hour in san francisco today and start out at 10:00 where we still will have some clouds covering pretty much the entire city. it starts to clear out. still on ocean beach, 59 degrees.
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temperatures warm up around at&t park before the game later on this evening, cool back down as the clouds roll back in. we will be breezy as well, a strong westerly wind brings down those temperatures. if are you out at the park later on this evening, expect mostly cloudy skies. it will be foggy, at times breezy, winds from the west at ven to 20 miles per hour. over the next three days, our temperatures will feel very nice, mostly in the 70s, 60s for san san francisco and we will get rid of the '80s in the tri-valley. mike you have an update on that lane closure. >> that's right. the southbound side is affected. we will show you as the buildup happens, just starting now right on schedule. chp gave us the update. it is southbound before seminole boulevard, one lane closed. they were trying to pull this
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truck that went off the road onto the roadway. it may be until 6:15 when they have that closed. this is foothill road. that's an option because the backup starts around stone ridge. we will show you palo alto. there is one on northbound headed up into the city. >> thanks a lot, mike. coming up next, california right-to-die law goes into effect tomorrow t. bay area doctors become the first in the state to specialize in practice. >> it's a story of conversation, new details of the judge that handed down the controversial sentencing for a former stanford swimming brock turner. in effect tomorrow.
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a bay area doctor will become the first in the state to specli california controversial death with dignitary laws go into effect tomorrow a. bay area doctor will become the first in the state to specialize in end of life options. he is opening a practice in berkeley to provide terminally ill patients with a prescription for life-ending medications. lawmakers passed it following the widely publicized case of brittany maynard the east bay woman that had a terminal brain tumor but had to move to oregon to legally end her life. >> i think brittany would feel a great sense of pride in that we
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were able accomplish what we did. >> under the new law, terminally ill patients can ask their doctors for a prescription for life-ending medication. well, the bay area judge who sparked last week's international backlash for his sentencing of a former stanford swimmer many thought was too lenient may face a recall. the judge, a that cuss of a new petition campaign that's received hundreds of thousands of signatures launched by a stanford law professor. he sentenced brock turn tore six months in jail after a jury found him guilty of sexual assault on campus. those close to the judge say he made the right call. critics say it's far too lenient. >> can we discuss how a judge of judge perski'sable and fairness, that he is threatened by people that know nothing ability the case. >> i just simply think he applied the law incorrectly and came to the wrong decision and that his decision is dangerous
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and that it makes women at colleges less safe. >> so here's where things go from here. opponents hope to get a recall vote on the state ballot in november of 2017. state law requires organizers to wait until next april to begin collecting signatures. coming up, a victorious sign for hillary clinton in the golden state. >> we are following breaking news out of the south bay a. dangerous situation in sunnyvale that almost became disastrous as trees catch fire right next to a gas station. how it all unravelled in a live report. joining us. i'm sam brock.
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=laura/4shot= =4shot= laura garcia-cannon. ad lib toss to weather >> good morning on your wednesday, thank you so much for joining us. >> halfway through that workweek already. >> pretty decent weather. >> it will be nice today. temperatures about where we should be, so no complaints. we will start out with some clouds and some afternoon sunshine. it's now 58 degrees in san francisco and 59 in the east bay and peninsula. highs today reaching the mid-70s for most of us. while we'll have 60s in san francisco, currently 76 degrees. uters... =mike/hset= mike is now track a slow down. >> whatever you got. over here, a big drive for oakland. let me show you the big problem east of the bay, looking over here, not for 880 it is 680. look at that southbound still
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has one lane blocked. you are jammed up from the dublin interchange down to the crash the hillside where it went down. foothill road is one option for you. we are tracking everything from there. in just five minutes, we saw all of this fill in. right on schedule, guys, back to you. >> breaking news, we continue to cover, disaster and firefighters in the south bay quickly contained what was a very dangerous situation. >> more on how this all happened. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it really was a close call here at this gas station t. trees iend behind me caught fire, that
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spread in front of those trees. crews had to work hard to keep it from spreading to homes behind this wall here. but images from this morning's fire are just amazing, flames shot up in the air as crews arriv arrived. the scary part the fire was only 50 feet from the gas pumps here. that's why then, could have been much worse. crews prevent further damage. >> is there a potential for it to spread? >> that's always a concern. so when we get here the initial units were real careful to make sure there were exposure risks, they were taken care of. that's something we keep an eye
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on as the incident progresses. >> reporter: several homes were spared thanks to the quick work of the crews. investigators are still trying to determine how this fire started. now the pumps here are still on at this point. there is no gas available at the gas station, itself, is closed for now. >> thank you, damien. 5:33. turning now to our decision 2016 coverage. we have learned overnight, hillary clinton is the projected winner here in california. certainly a big night for clinton and bernie sanders both clinching several states. clinton secured majority of pledged delegates to be the presumptive nominee. sanders says, he's stick around to the very bitter end. >> hillary clinton most certainly padded her lead. "today in the bay" chris sanchez has the latest election results. >> clinton won california and
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two other states, while bernie sanders is still vowing to continue that campaign, though this was the last super tuesday before the democratic national convention in july. clinton had a raucous celebration in brooklyn. she was declared the presumptive nominee for the democratic party after securing enough pledge delegates and delegates i don't have all. while sanders says he will continue his campaign, he did request a meeting with president obama and on thursday, they will discuss where sanders goes from here as clinton sets her sights on the november election and on donald trump. >> for the first time, the first time in our nation's history, that a woman will be a major party nominee. >> we will take our fight for social economic, racial and
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environmental justice to philadelphia. >> tonight we close one chapter in history and we begin another. our campaign received more primary votes than any gop campaign in history. >> and that was in california. now, trump also said he would take any disgruntled bernie sanders voters. we will see if they switch side. however, he lost key support because of comments he made about a federal judge, some party leaders are calling racist. one gop senior withdrew his endorsement. he got a scolding from the speaker of the house, paul ryan. we will bring you the final numbers. >> thanks so much, chris. some bay voters overwhelmingly shot down a measure to loosen a restriction on marijuana collective. >> that's measure c. it would have undone medical marijuana. voters almost 65 to 35% to keep the new marijuana laws in place.
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as for another measures san jose voters were looking at, they passed measure b last night. 62% of voters approved it, 30% voted against it. the tax will last for 15 years. it is the first measure aa the bay area's first ever nine county ballot initiative appears headed for victory, right now, 77% voted yes. it's intended to preserve wetlands across all those nine counties. >> people think this makes sense, they want to vote for their homes. they want to contribute to the health of the bay. so we're feeling really good about the reception we're getting out there. >> measure aa proposes a 20-year parcel tax that would raise $500 million for marsh restoration and improve access along the bay shore line. our investigation coverage
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continues online. we have up to the minute results. there you can find reaction from all of the leading candidates. the three suspects accused of killing a nevada student is all expected in court later today, all three are expected to be arraigned. they are accused of stabbing two fellow students on a public trail. one victim did survive the attack. investigators are still looking for a fourth suspect. one man is considered to be orlando and dangerous. a boy was stabbed inside an east bay bank continues to recover. this morning, his family is asking for help. there is a go fund me page for jacob. he is waiting patiently for his grandmother to finish banking at a wells fargo and a woman stabbed him with a pair of sis sors. jacob was stabbed several times. he's gone through surgery and has received 50 stitches.
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the good news is jacob is expected to be okay. hammond was arrested as she actually walked out of the bank. she faces attempted murder and robbery charges a. tragic thing for a young boy to go through. >> a hard thing, we are all pulling for jacob. we get a check of your microclimate forecast, a beautiful start to our day as we glance at those cameras. >> it feels nice, too. we will have warmer temperatures for those inland trfls today. nice and comfortable along the coast. it will be up to 79 in san jose. 63 at half moon bay. =mike/hset= right now we have three, we will keep adding on to them.
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>> unfortunate 4ri. here at the bay bridge toll blaz sa is one. expect a slow spot. we are looking at the maps. that would be 880 and 680. we will start with 680 and the continuing closure of the right lane. speeds improving a little bit. that's deceptive. you seen them fluctuate, jam from the scene of the crash. for those familiar with the area, that can get you by if you know that off-ramp. of here northbound 238, reports of a car that hit tires in the roadway wedged under the car, so there was activity. i do see the speeds improving. meanwhile, as you look at the rest of the bay, a smooth flow traffic here. across the san mateo bridge. you see the volume starting to build. back to you. >> sounds good. thanks, a lot. 5:39, coming up, confusion at the polls. a hiccup reported by voters in
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the bay area. >> the markets all time high. should investors be worried, though, coming up? >> reporter: i'm bob redell, why a california highway patrol had to rely on some of their shepherding skills here in the east bay. that story coming up =sam/2shot=
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california highway patrol offic a massive herd of goats somehow ended up on highway 24-- as cars whizzed by. . >> all new this morning, california highway patrol officers puts it to task after a
5:43 am
massive herd of goats somehow ended up on highway 44. >> bob redell is live with how officers helped to herd those animals, good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you lauren, sam. early this morning the california highway patrol looking more like the california herding patrol had to deal with a somewhat unique situation here in the east bay and oakland. several goats somehow watered onto the highway 24 on the oakland side of the tunnel. cal-trans has to shut 1 down one of the tunnels so officers can shepherd them off the freeway. about 50 goats made it on, one driver did accidently hit several of the creatures, hard enough to cause front edge damage to their vehicle. remarkably, without killing the goats, in other words, it's our understanding all the goats survived. you can hear the officers, they
5:44 am
herded them to a locked cal-trans parking lot. we joined them with their owner the hundred or so other goats who were a part of the herd the hundred or so other goats behaved and came down to west bound 24. can you come out here live. you can see them, they're grazing above the tunnel. we're on the oak side the westbound side westbound 24 hour. it's possible these goats have been hired to clear that hillside of tall grass, which is not uncommon here to see a herd of goats doing that in the area. >> they're just tidying up there on the hillsides. bob. thank you very much. a quarter to 6:00 on your wednesday morning. ballots have been counted, some voters say they experienced party affiliation confusion. life long democrats within they got the sample ballot stating his affiliation is npp, they were confused.
5:45 am
it means no party preference. they are upset this party affiliation makes voting confusi confusing. she said her husband made no changes. they were registered democrats. she hopes it does not discourage people from voting. in san mateo county, a host ware glitch, nearly 150 electronic voting machines caused them to hand out ballots. the machines were down for about an hour-and-a-half t. error impactedant 10% of the voting machines in total. san mateo county is one of two counties in the state that uses an electronic system. a quarter to 6:00 right now. for all the worry in the world the stockmarket is doing quite well. >> scott mcgrew ponders if investors are a not wearing enough, scott. >> there are two important elections that can change the face of the worlding sam the economy as well. obviously, our election, donald trump, like him or dislike him, has promised to change the face
5:46 am
of the american economy, chinese products as high as 40% of tariffs. on the other side of the screen in the other side of the pond, britains are considering the brexit. >> that comes in two weeks t. u.k. leading the european union would cause major changes to the economy of our biggest trading partners. yet the s&p 500 hit the new yearly high, earlier this week. 18 points from a record high. oil prices are up, too. in the anticipation the economy will continue to strengthen and demand will continue. ellen hao is writing a book. she's going to call it reset. her publisher calls it a tell all. we should point out pao lost her case against that firm. more everyday the iphone have you is better than the iphone you don't. analysts say not only are people resistant to upgrading their iphones that resistance is
5:47 am
growing. apple says iphone sales are slowing. we talked about this before. we are continuing to see everyday of this, unless apple comes up with something amazing. there are other amazing products. give them credit for the old products aren't amazing enough. >> exactly. have we hit our cap then? >> apple is not necessarily losing market share, people aren't switching from the iphone. >> they want you to upgrade every six months. >> i'm a tech, i have an iphone 5 i am perfectly happy. >> you are proud of it. you moo it have a flip phone. >> it's better than the flip. >> right, exactly. it's probably been around since you upgraded it if. >> it's been over a year, there is no need to. >> exactly right. >> good story, thank you, my friend. a great story for people that like to dine out in the bay area. this is for all foodies. four bay area restaurants have been named among the best in the world to no one's surprise t. diner's club released half of the 2016 list. n at 67.
5:48 am
there could be more good news next week, with the release of the "top-50" restaurants. ==laura//topvo== a new fast-food mashup is sparking a big internet buzz. but - this video may be as close as you ever get to having one. it's called a "whopperito" - and it 'is' what you think it is: >> a fast food mashup, sparking a big interness buzz. all right. so maybe this is the closest you want to get to the whopp-rrito. it is what you think it is. a deconstructed whopper wrapped in a tortilla. so far they're offered be afew franchisees in places like texas and ohio on a local level. they have no plans to spill it out nationally. >> don't you want to try that? >> how can we pair that story with all these great restaurants? moving on. >> to the ducks. >> why did the ducks cross the
5:49 am
road? we only know the answer to that age old question. we did know they had a formal police escort. is there anyone on that highway? drivers on a phoenix highway were treated with a rare sight wherever they are as a family of ducks took control a. public safety trooper escorted the group. there is a car, making sure none of their feathers were ruffled. >> why does the duck cross the road? to get to the other side. >> did they need an escort? >> it's always rettical. >> i thought that was the chicken and the egg. >> trying to keep cool. i think. they have feathers providing the downs. for us the downs is the temperature. >> every morning we start out with cloud, it makes the temperatures feel cooler. gradual clearing expected again this afternoon. we are going to see those clouds hovering around as we take a live look now from at&t park.
5:50 am
ki get that out. we will have another game there for the joints later on this evening. also taking a look from another vantage point in san francisco. you see the low clouds there. temperatures now, 58 degrees in san francisco. 61 degrees in the south bay. let's drop in to get a closer look to see what it feels like when you step out thor do you. 69, 60 in campbell, sunnyvale at 60 degrees. as we go hour by hour for berkeley, upper 50s to start out the day. it may not be until noon when you start to see the sun peeking out from behind those clouds. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds throughout the afternoon. temperatures reaching into the upper 60 tlhere. a stronger on shore flow from the west makes it feel better today. we will bring the temperatures down a couple more degrees. once again, we start the game at at&t park t. giants' first pitch will be at 7:15 and 60 degrees
5:51 am
into the upper 50s. more clouds and maybe some mist and drizzle by the end of the game t. next three days, we keep those temperatures in the 70s for the south bay and the peninsula. san francisco will be in the mid-60s and the north bay looking at 76 trees for today as well as friday. in the east bay, some of the 70s there, we'll bring you down from the low '80s in the tri-valley into the 70. this area of low pressure still well to the north of us. it will be far enough away to keep the rain. then we start to see high pressure building in once again from the west. that will give us more of a northerly wind instead of an on shore flow. so looking ahead to this weekend. it's hot on sunday, there will be 07 spots hitting the low 90s. we'll mostly see 70s and '80s, a little warmer than what we'll see today. let's head over to mike now. he's looking at the south bay. >> we have been talking about stuff, east bay slowdowns. they do have a slowdown. it's a typical, we are prepared
5:52 am
for this one. we are looking at your map, showing you a slowdown on the camera. that's about it for silicon valley. now to the unexpectedly slow spots. we have big gem from san money before you get to the dublin interchange, past 580 and sonoma boulevard, foothill road is an option for you. it's probably getting crowded as well. stone ridge boulevard and the mall. chp hope to get things cleared from the roadside crash there. so far, no updates there. meanwhile the rest of the bay moves very well, slowing northbound, 238, a crash involving a tire and a car off the interchange there, looking at palo alto, representing the peninsula side and the drive in towards the area.
5:53 am
back to you. >> a stolen ambulance chase in san francisco ended up in a fiery crash. emtsp responding to 911 calls at the ambassador hotel when police say a woman jumped in the vehicle and took off. officers were able track her down thanks to the gps system on the ambulance. the woman ended up kroocrashing treasure island and arrests soon after. ticket for muhammad ali's thursday prayer service in louisville are being distributed. eulogys will be given by former president bill clinton, actor billy crystal and several others. >> he was a man of the people. most of the public will be there. coming up next, sharing her survival story, a southern california swimmer attacked by a shark. but first happening now, we are staying on top of breaking news from overnight.
5:54 am
towering flames coming dangerously close to a fuel pump. we will bring you another live report at the top of the hour. plus, with some of the most expensive housing in the bay area, we introduce you to residents opting to build homes to save cash. we'll be back in two minutes.
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new this morning, a leisurely bike ride takes a tragic turn, leaving five people dead, four others injured. police in michigan say someone veered into a group of cyclists riding on the shoulder of a city street and ran from the after math. this happened last night north of kalamazoo. officers managed to arrest the 50-year-old suspect. police say they were trying to track down that truck due toly the separate reports about an erratic driver prior to that crash. in the east bay, sam the city of clayton is getting an earful in the homes of fighting vandalism. east bay times reports they're using special high pitch audio transmiters at two separate parks t. grove and lydia lane park. each has vandalized him for the past year t. transmiters are more easily heard by young people and used to repel sharks in the oels ocean. some teenagers claim they're being unfaron i fairly targeted
5:58 am
because the vandals were never caught. san francisco is setting aside a small viewing area near the fenced off square park. the department says too many camera-happy visitors were climbing through a hole in the fence to get pictures of the famous painted ladies t. iconic row of victorian houses. tourist season ends in november. the viewing area will be eliminated t. park will reopen with drought-tolerant landscaping in a few months. all right. speaking of landscaping. the decision to cut down dozens of trees is getting a big divide in one neighborhood. crews are planning to remove about 100 olive trees. the plan is to replace them with trees that don't leave the trees and sidewalks covered in olives. a petition drive to save the trees gathered more than 100 signatures t. city says maintenance and potential issues forced them no follow through with their plan.
5:59 am
>> it gets really messy. your shoes get really messy when you are walking in there. not only that, it could be a liability as well. >> these trees have been neglected for over a decade. we need the city to replace the new replacements. tree lovers insist the trees can be spared. they cut back to replace all of them. crews will be back out on the job this morning. a southern california triathlete that survived a shark attack is now speaking out about the terrifying encounter. >> it just felt like piercing teeth and i was like, oh my god, i think that was a shark. >> we heard about the attack last week. shelves training for a half iron man triathlon sunday when the shark clamped down on the right side of her body. it happened several 00 feet off
6:00 am
corona del mar state beach. she 81 went surgery and is now clearly in stable condition. a close call at a south bay gas station as flames shoot high into the skies. coming dangerously close to the gas pumps. live in sunnyvale. that story is coming up next. plus a woman shot to death just hours ago on a bay area street. what police are telling us about the victim this morning. and hillary clinton accepts the congratulations of president obama, but bernie sanders does not accept the speech. >> that story, ""today in the bay"" continues right now. a good wednesday morning for you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sack brock. the cloke smoke smoke is cleari. >> we will see the clouds before


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