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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  June 9, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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stanley cup final. game five in pittsburg tonigh t. if the sharks lose tonight, the dream season is over. you can see some sharks fans there. game time 30 minutes from now. more coverage in a few minutes. but first the headlines. new twists in the brock turner sentencing controversy. not only jackie speer, but jbidn now weighing in. turner will likely spend only three months in the santa clara county jail. >> michelle roberts is at the palo alto courthouse with the latest. a lot of new layers in this case today. >> reporter: yes, it's confirmed that he's expected to be released on september 2 which is three months early. we also know from the sheriff's department that he's being held in protective custody and being separated from the general population inside the jail. 20-year-old brock turn are was found guilty of sexually
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assaulting an unconscious woman, expected to be released from jail before labor day. today we're learning more about his party history through newly released court documents. in a letter to the judge, turner wrote coming from a small town in ohio, ied a never really experienced celebrating or partying that involved alcohol. and says he was influenced by the party culture of the stanford swim team. but evidence in his own cellphone tells a different story. the documents show he had several text messages from high school referring to drinking, smoking weed and doing acid. the documents also refer to a video of him using a bong. the judge was aware of turner's lies before the sentencing. >> our justice system must become better than this. >> reporter: this morning on the house floor, congressman jackie speer introduced a new piece of legislation to help survivors of sexual assaults on college campuses. she also read parts of the
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survivor's statements allowed in congress. and will continue to go so over the next week. >> rape is one of the most violent crime as person can commit. not as will turner's father said quote 20 minute of action. >> reporter: millions of people have watched and shared this powerful video in honor of the woman who survived the attack. the stars are calling on everyone to stand by her and other survivors. nearly 100,000 people have signed the petition to have the judge removed. and tomorrow that petition will be brought to the state judicial commission in san francisco. and on sunday, there is a planned protest on the stanford campus also graduation day. i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. vice president joe biden is weighing in, as well. the vice president read the victim's powerful letter which
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she read in court. that lter has been read and shared millions of times across the country. biden in turn composed his own open letter to the 23-year-old calling her courageous and unforgettable. part of the vice president's letter reads you are a warrior with a solid steel fine and your story has already changed lives. the vice president is now calling for action saying leak i tell college students all over this country, either the it's o, we have the responsibility to stop the scourge of violence against women once and for all. our coverage tipcontinues onlin. you can right the complete message from the victim and as well as all the attempts to recall the judge. you can find it on our website and app. there are major developments in that ongoing sex trafficking investigation in oakland. three teenage girls have been rescued and two arrests have been made. we first reported the story to
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you yesterday. a teenage girl told police officers she had been kidnapped. they found her in a home on 65th street in oakland just off san pablo avenue. police rescued two more girls from the same home today. the two suspects, a man and a woman, both in their 20s. a moment after a woman was dropped off by parra transits bus in san francisco, she was killed by the same bus. it happened last this morning in japan up to. christie smith is in the city this afternoon. it's a busy part of town. what happened? >> reporter: i have to tell you, this is still under investigation. the circumstances. police believe this is a woman in her 50s. what they're telling us is that she got off the paratransit bus on this side of the intersection, somehow hit and dragged. the bus came to stop on this side. busy franklin street came to a stand still after a woman was killed. san francisco police say she exited a paratransit bus and
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began to cross the street. >> at some point the driver of the vehicle beingaxlccelerated collision occurred. >> reporter: the bus stopped being a roacross the intersecti. it's unclear who had the right-of-way. the woman used a walker. in oh, my god, yes. i told them oh, i was on paratransit this morning and it scared me. >> reporter: this 77-year-old was attending a meeting for seniors. she had flyers on upcoming down meetings about pedestrian safety. >> my concern now because i have osteoporosis is because i can't look up and down, sideways. >> reporter: police say the driver is cooperating. a spokesperson says it regulates the contract tor and the drivers a veteran operator who previously worked with this provider, but it was his first day back.
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>> we need more help to help disabled people. >> reporter: the chairman of the board did is you a statement late this afternoon of course offering condolences and pledged it that everything would be done to make sure police had everything they needed to complete their investigation and also commitment to vision zero with a goal of eliminating traffic fay tails. christie smith, nbc bay area news.tails. christie smith, nbc bay area news. more arrests in connection it a donald trump rally. police say three more people have been arrested for playing a role in anti-trump protests outside the convention center. police released these photos of two additional foe suspects that they're still looking for. one appears to be a woman caught on camera burning a flag and walking around with it. today's arrests bring total numbers arrested in connection with last thursday's rally to seven. the mayor has publicly denounced the violence. several of the people arrested are minors.
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receiplet's get back to the sharks. if they win, they stay alive. if not, the stanley cup goes to the penguins. >> we don't want to sea the tha. let's we team coverage. collin resch drove to pittsburg. h and this is quite a ride for the bay area and for you. take it away. >> reporter: it is quite a ride. but a lot of fun. there are over 20,000 penguins fans outside the consol energy center. sharks would like nothing more than to prevent it, but since 1939, teams that have are the stad the series 3-1 have gone on to win the cup 31 out of 3 ti2 times. so you're telling me there is a chance. yes, yes, i am. most important hoe, the sharks
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believe that they can do it. and they can look no further than the warriors that you mentioned for inspiration. also to themselves. they're 3-0 in game fives during these playoffs and every game of the series has been close. so with that in mind, there is no thought of changing tiactics or personnel, right? >> no. you know, i think i said it yesterday, we're going for dance with the girl we bruought to th dance. we'll go out there and play. >> we're still right here. we can find a way to win this game, you know, definitely breathes more life into us. and we've always had a lot of fun regardless of the situation. and we think we still have a push in it. >> reporter: dance with the girl we brought to the dance. i like it. let's hope the sharks dance well tonight. we'll be back at 8:00 with highlights and postgame
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reaction, hopefully from the victorious sharks locker room. collin resch, nbc bay area. and now downtown san jose where there always a big party waiting for the puck to drop. sharon, we got about 20 minutes. what do you have there? >> reporter: countdown is on. and the fans feel it here. you can see the big screen tv hnd behind me and fans have been piling in. they're getting ready for the big 23w5igame. and also earlier today the blowup shark tank, that parted started around noon and continues until 6:00 tonight. fans tell me the last game was hard to watch, but they aren't giving up yet. >> i'm really excited. we have to do this. one last game. we have to do it. can't go home. we're not ready. >> what do you think of the
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penguins? >> you know, they have been looking really good the whole series, but it's about how our bys are doing and how serious we'll get about tonight p do or die tonight. >> reporter: as she said, it is do or die tonight. that's the attitude that the fans have. they're buying souvenirs, a lot of gear and they're so excited for this game to get started. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. i love it, sunshine outside and talking ice hockey for the sharks. it will be quoite a party. we want to see your fan photos. e-mail us at i see at i'm jodi hernandez and sanders supporters are trying to figure out where to go through here as the sooanders campaign winds down. a live report coming up. and himself ahead, the
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presidential announcement that hillary clinton has been waiting for. also tesla is getting even cheaper. the price tag for the car it's ready to reintroduce to the general public. and good afternoon. we're tracking warmer temperatures for the weekend. we'll let you know how hot it will get.
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decision 2016, it is what she has been waiting for. today president obama made it official, endorsing hillary clinton for president. >> i want to congratulate hillary clinton on making history as the presumptive democratic nominee for president of the united states. look, i know how hard this job can be. that's why i know hillary will be so good at it. in fact i don't think there has ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. >> the white house went on to say that president obama will be campaigning with police clinton
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next week in wisconsin. >> the president endorsed hrk after meeting with bernie sanders. so what the end game for sanders? the vermont senator is pledging to stay in the race for now, but he says he'll meet with hillary clinton soon to talk about how they can work together. jodi hernandez is at the sanders oakland campaign office. the office is now closed. what is going on there? >> reporter: well, definitely a mix of emotions out here. none of them happy ones, however. now, the bernie sanders oakland campaign office has been a hub of activity over the last several months. in fact bernie sanders himself paid a visit here a few weeks ago. but now volunteers are getting ready to close the doors for good. >> cleaning up, packing up. >> reporter: bernie sanders' volunteers are closing up shop, preparing to shut down sanders'
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oakland campaign office as the race winds down. >> i will of course be com 350e9ing in the d.c. primary. which will be held next tuesday. >> reporter: sanders vowed to stay in the race through early next week, but after meeting with problem who endorsed hillary clinton today respe, sa hinted he may soon join the clinton camp. >> i look forward to meeting with her to see how we can work together to defeat donald trump and to create a government which represents all of us. >> hasn't really fully sunk in yet. >> reporter: sanders supporters who helped rally huge crowds say they're doing a lot of soul searching right now as they figure out where to go from here. >> thinking of a small cross section of people who will choose not to vote, but i think that the majority of them will turnover and vote for hillary
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because a trump presidency is a horrific reality. >> this is a political revolution. and it's not stopping. >> reporter: now, sanders supporters say they're very proud of what they have been able to accomplish over the last week and months. the doors will officially close on friday. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area. donald trump took the day off from campaign events, but he certainly was active on twitter. reacting to president obama's endorsement, trump tweeted, quote, obama just endorsed crooked hillary. he wants four more years of obama, but nobody else does. mrs. clinton tweeted back today delete your account. >> firefighters are getting ready for a very long hot summer. smoke rising west of highway 4 in eastern antioch was just a
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drill. they are setting controlled burns to prep. they say the hills in antioch are a perfect testing ground. >> anything can start on fire and i think last year in our area there was 300, 400 acres that burned. >> firefighters are also practicing maneuvering heavy equipment on the steep slopes. they say they will be out training in apt yntioch for the rooes of the week. >> and there was a real fire that damaged some house, so we have to be aware. >> certainly great advice as el nino continues to fade the hope of getting any major storm system. this weekend temperatures going back up and get hotter. but right now it's about the mini cooldown. you can see it's been modest, but a cooldown has been noticeable noticeable. 2 to 4 degrees from this time yesterday. part of it is the fog and other component is cooler air moving
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in from the pacific northwest. so we'll take you outside and there much more enjoyable weather currently south bay at 73. 68 for the peninsula. 60 in san francisco with the foggy wind. and. >> narrator: north bay at 74. tomorrow more sunshine for some of you than others. so let's break it down.bay at 7. tomorrow more sunshine for some of you than others. so let's break it down. we'll have partly cloudy skies in the south bay and 54. but east bay and san francisco, expect the areas of fog and temperatures in the low 50s. so what about friday's forecast? it will stay just as beautiful as it was today. that means in the south bay san jose at a 76 degrees. close to 80 in morgan hill. for the peninsula, palo alto, atherton, mid-70s. but then you head a little further up the peninsula towards san mateo and we'll be colder, 67. san francisco, 66. financial district.
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colder micro climate, 62. for the tri-valley, we eek out one more comfortable day here across danville, livermore, temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. for the east bay, walnut creek 78. and then oakland at 70. so again, it's all about the area of low pressure in the pacific northwest hoping to bring the cooler weather. tomorrow this begins to move to the north and also the east. so again, mild on friday, but then another change by the weekend. look, i wish this area of low pressure would just stay and hang out the next five days or so so it would be enjoyable but high pressure set to build in for saturday and sunday. and that is officially going to bump the temperatures up. so i want to get to that next. and you'll be able to see the trend here. south bay, 77 on friday. saturday 83. then by sunday, 87. tri-valley good l. go from 78 on
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friday up to 88 on sunday's forecast. so dry sunny and warm through the upcoming weekend. and what about our rain prospects? we mentioned that. it doesn't look great. el nino continues to fade, so that will set us up with typical dry summer months. 75% chance it could develop into fall or winter. not a lot of help on the forecast, but we will track it very closely over the next several months. let's hope el nino does bring us more rainfall obviously. up next, we're counting down of course the sharks stanley cup final. but right now what are they billion.
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we talked a little bit about will this, antioch, a fire that
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sw swe swept through a couple homes. the fire department says it started in a home and spread to another home and three other buildings. several strike teams helped put out fire. no word yet on what sparked the flames. the ballot for november's general election now includes another big issue. billions of dlollars for b.a.r.. board of directors just approved a $3.5 billion bond measure. voters will now decide the fate of a number of projects including replacing worn out tracks and replace tunnels. and work under way on the pre-s visitor center. when it's all done, the center will offer 365 degree views of the bay area. folks at the national park
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service say it is a fitting addition and one of the most visited landmarks that we have here. >> should be very nice. up next, a price break for the tesla model s. >> but how long are you going to have to wait for this one?
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the full size tesla, a little too expensive? how about a more affordable model s perform it's called the s-60 and prices will start around $66,000 compared to the current model s well above $75,000. orders for the new model are now being taken online with delivery estimate of next month. a delay but no cancellation. leaders confirming despite a few snags, it will soon arrive in san jose. the company had scrapped the plan without any real explanation. today air traffic confirmed that
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the company still plans to establish san jose to shanghai service, but not until september. the company is not the saying why it had to wait and what caused the delay. a few more minutes until we send you out to pittsburg. we're back with the another update right before tipoff -- i'm i'm thinking warriors.
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one last look at pittsburg just a few moments ago, you see the sharks tag t taking the ice. they have to win tonight if they don't, the series is over. if penguins win, they will award the cup to the penguins. but joe thornton, his weird and the rest of the sharks are not going to let it happen about. >> if you win, that's when you're allowed to touch the trophy? >> and each player gets to spend one night with the stanley cup oig. >> very interesting. >> enjoy the game. .
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>> very interesting. >> enjoy the game. of learning finish 82 years ago. 56 years ago pittsburgh pirates won a world series just 11 yards away. 1 is world titles have been won since, two miles west on center avenue on a mild night in june there is enormous hope. >> time is our most valuable commody


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