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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 13, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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we'll get to the morning commute but we want to check the forecast with kari. >> we will have cool temperatures as you head out the door starting out with upper 50s and low 60s. and you'll see another nice day. not as warm as it was over the weekend with highs in the mid 70s. mid 60s in san francisco. 74 in the east bay and the north bay today. 75. heading into the next few days, we will have some more cooler air. i'll talk about that. let's head over to mike checking in on the bay bridge. >> over my shoulder, first thing in the morning just before 5:00 we have all these backed up. we don't see anything unusual. at the top of the screen there is the bay bridge. between the bay bridge we have traffic between san francisco and oakland. a lot of activity there. games on either side of the bay. big one for the warriors
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tonight. altamont pass we have a crash reported. a minor crash at grant line. that is not the cause of the slowdown. these move very smoothly to the dublin interchange. we still have that closure coming over tassajara. one more look here. no problems out of the morganville area. we have overnight construction includes which haven't cleared. on this monday morning, we are following the terror in orlando. the night club shooting that tragically took the lives of 49 people, including the gunman. it is the deadliest mass shooting in this nation's history. >> we heard from orlando officials all morning. they spoke for about 15 or 20 minutes starting at 4:30 this morning our time, describing their number one priority which is continuing to identify the victims and notify their next of
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kin. they downgraded the number, at least it was erroneously reported there were 49 killed. that original count included the shooter. they said they have identified 48 out of 49 of those victims, all of whom have been removed at this point from the pulse night club. >> of course, the gunman himself was killed in the gun battle that followed after they were trying to pull out very many people from that area. this is a live look at the scene. it's not known if anyone else will be charged. they don't believe there is a threat of other danger to people. good morning. a lot of sadness here as people are wanting more answers to all these questions, trying to make sense of this terrible tragedy. we are here about two blocks
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away from the pulse night club. this investigation continues this morning. officials have identified 48 of the 49 victims. so far 25 names have been released as their families have been notified. their ages range from 21 to 50 years old. this morning, orlando police are releasing more details about that terrifying attack. the s.w.a.t. team used an armor vehicle to break a hole into the building where people were held hostage in the bathroom of that night club. officers say that decision likely saved dozens of lives. we are learning more about the shooter, 29-year-old omar mateen. his ex-wife describes him as abusive and bipolar. in 2015 he was interviewed by the fbi after making radical comments to a co-worker. the moat any of of this possible terror attack is still under investigation. whether or not he had any ties to terrorists overseas unknown at this point.
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>> we've been collecting a great amount of electronic physical evidence. there is an ongoing criminal investigation. it is still in the early stages. we do not know yet whether anyone else will be charged in connection with this crime. i do want to let you know we have no reason to believe that any one connected to this crime is placing the public in imminent danger at this time. >> this morning officials are saying their main focus today is contacting all of the victims' families. obviously, they still have a lot of work to do. it's unknown how long this scene will be active. you can see several agencies out here. they say they are working together. the fbi is the lead investigator on this. to the victims, there are vigils planned. yesterday there were several vigils planned canceled because
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police want all their resources to be focused here. especially after what those first responders witnessed going into that night club. so horrific, it will be a long journey for those officers who had to see this and help the victims get out safely. obviously, we'll have much more as this unravels today. >> you're very right. the affeeffects of the tragedie like this on so many people. >> trauma and stories we will never forget. michelle, thank you so much. this morning the names of more victims are being released. at least 24 people have been identified. >> kris sanchez has much more on that. good morning. >> good morning. it had to be terrible for the family and loved ones who had to wait so long to find out whether their loved ones were among the victims or survivors. the gunman killed 49 people, all of whom have been identified at this point. 24 families have been notified
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and those victims' fames are public. 53 people were also injured. we will continue to update the full list of victims at nbc bay area all morning long. the three victims who were identified overnight are edward sotomayor. stanley almodovar. kimberly morris worked as a bouncer. her son was texting her for 45 minutes as the gunman made his way to the bathroom where he was hiding with other people. the first text was, "mommy, i love you. this was among the last.
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>> please call police. i'm going to die. call them, mama, now. i'm in the bathroom. he's coming. i'm going to die. >> her family was relieved to find out their loved ones were shot. each time the gunman returned to where he was hiding. the woman next to him did not survive. some are still in grave condition in the hospital. we will continue to update their condition as those become available. a lot of outpouring of support. there are vigils planned outside of the city of orlando. also a lot of fund-raising going on online. >> we've seen vigils across the nation with the outpouring of support for the victims. >> love being used to overcome
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the hatrehatred. >> in san francisco's castro district, stephanie chuang joins us live from there. >> it was packed in the castro yesterday with hundreds, maybe more people to honor the lives of the victims. you see the usual giant rainbow flags here replaced by the smaller one to fly at half staff. you can see how much support there was last night for that vigil. people leaving messages, candles, flowers in the memorial that continued to grow. people coming from across the bay area. supervis supervisors came to organize the event. on of several city leaders rallied the crowd. >> to the extent you have anyone
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out there who has decided to target the lbgtq community we have to be vigilant. >> if you dislike someone because of who they seek to be with is ridiculous. we are the 21st century, but still backwards. even here we have bigotry here against gays. >> the march to city hall and castro named after the first gay city supervisor in san francisco was also a victim of gun violence. there were extra officers here in the castro yesterday for security. on that note, there is talk of security for the upcoming city pride parade which draws more than a million people. they are not going to cancel the event, but speaking with police on ways to make sure to take every precaution possible.
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>> heightened awareness. it's 5:09. much more to come. we continue to follow the tragedy in orlando as we learn more information about the nature of the investigation. of course, all the victims being identified as making sure their family members are aware of what happened. certainly, there is just so many elements to this the bravery of the police officers and responding officials who saved countless lives according to the governor and fbi. we'll have much more after this. their lives in orlando this
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morning. ==vo== >>. >> 5:13 monday morning. welcome back. we are remembering those who lost their lives in orlando this morning. >> san francisco city hall draped in the rainbow flag last night. the shooting in orlando happened in a gay club and san francisco is standing in solidarity with orlando as is the rest of the country, the rest of the world. much more on the developing story throughout the morning as we learn more information about the victims, the actual criminal investigation. we have live reporters in orlando, washington, d.c. and san francisco, all covering this tragedy. >> there is a really beautiful tribute in san francisco this morning. 5:13. walgreens ended its relationship with the bay area's. >> you have the foolishness of
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venture capitalist and walgreens which should have terminated its deal with elizabeth holmes months ago. theranos was the billion dollar company that promised to test for dozens of health problems in a single drop of blood. federal investigators may actually bar holmes from her own lab. we are waiting on that decision. we don't know much about the company's financials. we don't know much about the company. nobody seems to though it didn't stop anybody from investigating in it. we suspect walgreens has the only income providing the company has, the only income theranos is getting comes from walgreens. let's check the rest of the news before the bell. good morning, landon. >> good monday morning. wall street could start the week off in the red. u.s. market snapping a three-week win streak. asia is sharply lower as
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investors become concerned abouç the brexit in the uk. look for retail sales and inflation. the feds start a two-day policy meeting tomorrow. nasdaq losing 64 to 4894. back to you. >> thank you. apple's worldwide developer's conference starts today in san francisco. if you are going, you'll be part of about 6,000 people, a small conference. 135,000 people attend a dream force. apple does tend to make big announcements at this conference. we expect there will be a lot more about siri. we've been talking about amazon's echo and alexa. google has gotten into that. siri was a miracle when it started. now looks super dated. >> needs a little upgrade. >> yes. more smart. >> thank you very much.
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5:15. another oakland police officer placed on administrative leave during the ongoing sex scandal investigation. this is the fifth officer put on leave. oakland pd made the announcement as it continues to look into the alleged sexual misconduct case. accused of having sex with a minor last year. that teenager is an adult. the names of the officers are not being released but two already resigned. anger on full display during the graduation at stanford university. it follows the recent sentencing of a one-time swimmer at stanford convicted of sexual assault. the class of 2016 graduated yesterday. some students upset over the sentencing of brock turner used the opportunity to voice protests with the words 1/3 on their graduation cap. a recent study found one out of every three students is sexually assaulted in the process of earning their degree.
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that counters stanford's own study which put the numbers closer to 1-50. >> we are worried it will be a moment in the mediand next week we'll be on to something else and survivors will not be supported at stanford and other places and people like brock turner will continue to go to school at stanford. there are people like brock turner crossing the graduation stage today. >> a judge convicted brock turner or sentenced him to six months in jail for sexually assaulting a fellow student on campus. with good behavior he could be out of jail in three months. a car crash claimed the life of a bicyclist in campbell. a car and the cyclist collided. the cyclist died at the scene. we are working on getting more details as to exactly what happened. 5:17. city of san francisco is battling an epidemic of car
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burglaries. police and prosecutors are blaming each other. the police say a new law that reduce felony crimes to misdemeanors is the result of the rise of robberies. police have not made enough arrests. only 2% of cases are solved. out of the more than 26,000 reports of break-ins last year, that's the most in the country on a per capita basis. 5:18. time to get a look at that forecast with kari, see what the week holds. >> it looks nice. especially when you consider it was so warm over the weekend. won't be as warm in the next couple of days. looking at cooler temperatures all around the bay area today. and that cooling trend continues as we go into the middle of the week. here is a live look from at&t park with clouds starting out the day. other spots are mostly clear. depends where you are. we have coastal clouds and inland clearing already. temperatures now in the upper 50s in the south bay.
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peninsula at 57. watch the east bay to see what's happening from our weather underground sites. antioch 357. livermore 57. a look at all the microclimates with highs and low to mid 70s today in the south bay. mid 80s yesterday in some of those spots. san mateo to 74. in san francisco expect a high of 65. it will be 79 in fairfield. 78 in concord and 78 in pleasanton. we have the warriors game tonight. 66 and sunshine at the start of the game. next door an hour later, the a's game kicks off. first pitch 65. more clouds moving in by the end of the game. across the bay we've got the giants going on. a lot of sports at the same time. 62 at first pitch and clouds increasing with temperature dropping back to 58 by the end
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of the game. by the middle of this week there will be a cold front dropping in. it look to only bring in scattered showers for the north bay. unfortunately, the rest of us doesn't look like we'll see any rain. we will have cool temperatures for at least a day or two before the weekend. over the next three days, expect a high temperature to drop back to the low 70s and san francisco will stay at about the same in the low to mid 60s. light chance of rain for the north bay. looks most of that stays well north of here. east bay will have temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. tri-valley, a high of 76 on thursday. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up. let's head over to mike to see what's happening on the roadways. >> looking at the bay bridge in emeryville. there was a disabled vehicle reported around treasure island
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and in the tunnel. chp says there is no slowing or problem. we'll see a smooth drive around the bay. two events over there, the a's and warriors playing tonight starting at 6:00 and 7:00. some folks might be getting into work early, trying to get out of work early. the rest of the bay looks like an easy flow of traffic. one crash west 580, minor slowing at the scene. san mateo bridge, sensors looked good there. between this live shot and 880, you may have slowing. there is a minor fender bender at industrial. lanes are clear but flashing lights could be a distraction. we continue our coverage from orlando. new details about the night club terror attack. here is a live look from that city and crime scene blanketed with investigators, police, fbi agents. police just tweeted out the negotiators were in contact with the suspect who was talking
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about bombs. >> at some point he came out with two hand guns and shot at officers. they returned fire and killed him. in new york city -- at stonewall
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inn, a gay rights landmark, hundreds of people showed up for a vigil. waving the gay pride flag, in new york city at stonewall inn, hundreds showed up for a vigil. people gathered to share their
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grief and support. the stonewall inn became iconic back in 1969. also in orlando, people will remember a voice cut short. mourners plan to gather in the hometown of christina grimy who was shot and killed. she was a one-time performer on "the voice." a deranged fan shot and killed her after she performed at a show in orlando. people in her hometown in new jersey plan to hold a vigil tonight to remember her. >> another story that was hard to believe this weekend. 5:25. prince will be inducted into the apollo theater's walk of fame. officials announced the late singer will be honored during the annual spring gala. that is hosted by l.l. cooljay. a new sentencing hearing
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begins for paralympics star and convicted killer oscar pistorius. in december, south africa's supreme court of appeals convicted him of murder in the death of his girlfriend. that overturned an earlier conviction on the lesser charge of manslaughter. he found his first conviction was based on a misinterpretation of laws and dismissal of key circumstantial evidence. a live look at orlando this morning where the grief and sadness continue as more victims are being identified in the night club terror attack. within the last ten minutes, 26 victims have been identified.
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and a somber morning in orlando and across the u-s today-- as we mark the deadliest massshs a somber morning in orlando and across the united states today, we mark the deadliest mass shooting in this country's history. live pictures from orlando right outside the pulse night club. >> dozens were killed inside that club saturday night. 53 others injured.
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many in critical condition this morning. we have much more coming up with team coverage of the shooting. a nice week ahead. >> it feels cooler today. that cooling trend continues over the next couple of days. take it in. we'll start out the morning at 58. >> we'll talk about the rest of the week. >> i want to show the back up at the bay bridge toll plaza. we didn't have that big deal. warriors play tonight. looking to the rest of the bay.
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it's a smooth easy drive. a little extra slowing. we continue to follow the deadliest mass shooting in this country's history. terror in orlando. they are also identifying so many victims. there were 49 people killed by that shooter inside the night club saturday night. >> we understood victims are
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priority number one for the folks in orlando. >> good morning. notifying the family in the next of kin, that's the top priority. they have an extremely large job here. take a look behind me. very active scene. law enforcement, hundreds of them out here. and the moment that led up to the shooter's decision to open fire. they are combing through electronic and physical evidence. officials do not believe the public is in any danger at this point. we are learning more about the horrific attack. they were in contact with the shooter trying to negotiate with him. when he said he was wearing a bomb and officers drove an armored vehicle into the building, the gunman omar mateen exchanged fire with police, exited the building through that hole created by policeç where
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people were being held hostage inside. the decision to move in likely saved dozens of lives. the motive of the attack is under investigation as well as a possible connection to terror attacks. >> we probably processed about 100 leads worked on by agents and task force officers combined. >> 43 people are still being treated at the hospital. 48 people have been identified, 49 in total were killed in total by the shooter. 25 people have been released. their ages ranging from 25 to 50
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years old. such a horrific moment for many of these families who feared the worst and are getting that confirmation their loved one was inside. so many are hoping and waiting for any answers that may explain why he did this. the police were describing the moments in the aftermath and were able to pin the shooter in the bathroom a period of time and that saved countless lives? >> he had a bomb on him. police had that difficult decision. how do we get in there and do we play that out? they made that critical decision to move in on this situation. they created a hole in the building. you may have seen pictures with
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the hole the gunman escaped, allowing some people to escape. many say that did save dozens of lives. a difficult decision police were faced with. of course this morning the fbi is in charge of this investigation. the police must be in shock when they had to walk into the night club. >> we'll continue to check in with michelle live in orlando this morning in our next half hour. >> the names of the victims are being released. at least 26 people have been identified. >> the numbers are growing this morning. kris sanchez has more on that. >> people had to wait to find if their loved ones were among victims or survivors.
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the gunman did kill 49 people. all but one of whom had been identified by police. 26 families had been notified. that means those victims' names can be public. 53 people were injured. some of them have been released by the hospital. the three victims who were identified overnight so bearded and baby faced. luis guillermo worked at universal studios, orlando. some families got nuts early on like kimberly k.j. morris who was a bouncer. and this is heartbreaking. this is the mother of 30-year-old eddie justice who was texting her 45 minutes as the gunman made his way into the
5:37 am
club and into the bathroom where he was hiding with other people. the first text message was "mommy, i love you." >> please call police. i'm going to die. call them mama now. i'm in the bathroom. he's coming. i'm going to die. >> she did call 911, but it was too late. some families relieved to find out their loved ones were shot but survived. he was shot each of the three times the gunman returned to where he was hiding. the young woman next to him did not survive. 53 people injured. some of them still in the hospital in grave condition. this had $1.3 million contributed by more than 33,000 people around the world.
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>> thank you so much. complete coverage of the night club terror attack continues on our website, where you can find the latest on the investigation and information on the victims. another oakland police officer is on administrative lead amidst an ongoing sex scandal within that department. this marks the fifth officer put on leave in the sex scandal. >> this is the fifth oakland police officer put on administrative leave involving alleged sexual misconduct involving an underaged woman. she was a teenager at the time, now an adult. opd did not release any more details. internal affairs is continuing to investigate. two of the five officers already resigned. yesterday's announcement about the fifth officer comes after
5:39 am
friday's announcement oakland police chief whent is stepping down. libbey schaaf left for personal reasons. he was pushed out. his did he tart your comes after a federal judge appointed an independent monitor to oversee this investigation into the sexual misconduct case. ben farrow has been on loan from b.a.r.t. >> bob redell, today in the bay. thank you, bob. 5:39. coming off a warm weekend. i think we are going to have a nice week ahead. >> it's all about contrast. it feels cooler after the heat this weekend. >> it will be nicer today. you don't have to turn the air conditioner up on full blast. it will be a day for opening the windows as we get a look at what to expect as you walk out the door. 59 in oakland and 56 in san
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francisco. highs today reaching 77 in san jose. palo alto 76. we'll have upper 70s for fairfield while oakland is at 67 and livermore, high of 77 mike is updating us on a crash near the san mateo bridge. >> first reporting the toll plaza. the crash was on the ramp. this live look at san jose northbound 101 does show more slowing than the last time we took a peek. this should clear up and kick in once again 45 minutes in now. there are the typical patterns. 680 northbound 101. the rest of the south bay moves, as well. bay bridge toll plaza, we showed you the backup there.
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we are looking over toward the north. there were no delays. napa, highway 29 watching for a car going wrong way. >> something to watch out for. san jose sharks had an amazing playoff run. some might have said it was improbable, but now it's over. with the stanley cup on the line, pittsburgh finished the job last night at the shark tank. >> penguins took the 2-1 lead thanks to chris letang's goal. penguins put in an empty net goal with about a minute left to ice the game. penguins win that series four games to two. they were hoisting the trophy on san jose's home ice. >> put in all the work and effort to fall short, not a very good feeling. >> we thought we had the team. it's tough right now.
5:42 am
>> it is tough. when the bitterness does begin to fade, sharks and sharks' fans can look back on this season as the deepest run the team ever made. sharks have never before played in the stanley cup finals. >> it was a heck of a season. now they get to actually shave their playoff beards. >> see those faces. scott, what are you working on? >> a high-tech ceo taking on donald trump.
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>> the nhl, the san jose sharks and pittsburgh penguins ask that you please stand and join in a moment of silent reflection on this tragedy. >> that tragedy in orlando even touching the sports world as fans pause for a moment as silence before the stanley cup game at the sap center in san jose. san jose sharks and their loyal fans honoring the victims in a very touching and somber moment. reaction to the largest mass shooting in u.s. history came from the highest levels of government and organization. >> edward lawrence joins us live from washington with that side of the story. good morning, edward. >> good morning. reaction came in almost immediately from the highest levels of congress even. members of congress condemned the attack on the orlando night
5:46 am
club. the president called it an act of terror and hate. waking up this morning, flags on all federal buildings will be at half staff to honor the victims of the orlando mass shooting. 50 people died and another 53 injured. the president was briefed immediately. >> place where they were attacked is more than a night club. it is a place of solidarity and empowerment. >> our condolences go out to the family of the 50 plus people who lost their lives. >> hillary clinton tweeted her thoughts are with those affected by the horrific act. donald trump tweeted he was praying for all the victims and their families, but then took credit for his radical islam claim, calling for more toughness and vigilance. vigils were held in austin, texas, indianapolis, countries like brazil for the victims of
5:47 am
omar mateen's terror. in washington, the gay men's choir sang the national anthem on the steps of the u.s. capitol and people gathered at the white house. >> to share in the grief of what happened in orlando, that sense of community is special. >> right now, the president is being briefed by his director of fbi, the secretary of homeland security, and also the deputy attorney general about the terror links associated with this case. live in washington, edward lawrence. back to you. as he had to do so many times throughout his presidency, weighing in on yet another mass shooting. thank you very much for that report. all we can say is you are not on your own right now. your tragedy is our tragedy. theater is a place where every race, creed, sexuality and gender is equal. it's embraced and is loved.
5:48 am
hate will never win. >> very well done. a touching tribute to the victims of the orlando shootings at the tony awards last night in new york city. the show did go on. broadway smash "hamilton" took home the top prize in best musical. not a big surprise to many. the show won 11 tonys just short of breaking the 12-tony record held by "the producers." >> more tributes. dozens of people gathering in san jose to honor the victims yesterday. this happening outside the lgbtq center. earlier in the day, folks at santa clara's headquarters raised a rainbow flag and lowered it to half staff. over the weekend, high-tech ceo meg whitman reportedly compared donald trump to hitler. >> did so at a republican's only retreat. strong words from whitman. >> she is a loyal republican.
5:49 am
she is one of the party's biggest contributors and ran for governor on the republican ticket here. both "the washington post" and "new york times" quoted people inside that private republican meeting as saying whitman compared trump to hitler and mussolini and warned it could get worse if you elect this fellow. what happens next time, hinting there may be a future candidate out there that is far worse than donald trump. trump was not at that meeting of republican leaders because it was hosted by mitt romney who is mr. trump's biggest critic. trump responded saying, i have never met meg whitman, with you the job she is doing at hewlett-packard is not a very good one. based on the disastrous campaign she ran in california, i have learned a lot from her and i do not want her support." apple's worldwide developer's conference starts today in san francisco. wwdc is o the place where apple makes a big announcement, at
5:50 am
least outside its regularly planned press conferences. we expect the company to update the voice-assisted siri to let you order an uber, for instance. something amazon's echo does right now.ç futures are lower on wall street. investors worrying about great principle leaving the european union. we'll talk more about it. >> do you expect right here at home with the orlando shootings to have an impact on the markets? >> i can give you the history of it. we have so many mass shootings, i can look back at the data and tell you not really. >> it will be interesting to see. some of the stokes held at gun manufacturers can be pumped up. >> people buy guns when there is gun violence. >> something to track. thank you very much. a check of weather and
5:51 am
traffic. kari hall join us on the start of this monday morning. we are obviously looking at what was a steamy we'll. we have the official start of summer coming up. it's not going to feel like that today. >> not today. it will feel like spring where we should be this time of year. i'm sure you will welcome it. you don't have to worry about sweating off your make-up all day. we take a live look at the bay bridge. we start out with clouds in spots. we are going to see clouds slowly clear as we go into the next several hours. live look at sunol. it is all clear there. we do have low clouds just below those hills. starting out the morning with the need of sunglasses in spots like the south bay. 58 there. 57 in the peninsula. north bay we get a closer look, novato 53. 53 in san rafael.
5:52 am
venecia at 54. in san jose, lower 60s to start out. a light jacket may be needed. you'll be taking it off as our temperatures warm. 11:00 we are up to 69 with mid 70s there. much more comfortable day, especially compared to yesterday. right at 6:00, we'll have the warriors game going on at oracle arena. winds from the northwest at 15 miles per hour. temperatures are at about 66. then just about an hour later, next door we've got the a's game going on. it will be 65 dropping back to the lower 60s by the end of the game. more clouds move in, it will also feel breezy. of course it will feel breezy at at&t park. 62 as the game gets started and winds from the northwest at 15 to 20 miles per hour. we have an area of low pressure helping to bring in a stronger onshore flow with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. that will bring our temperatures back in check.
5:53 am
into the middle of the week there will be a slight chance of north bay showers. looks like much of that rain stays well to the north of us. we'll keep a chance of rain in the forecast for the north bay as that moves closer. we'll fine tune that for the end of the week. temperatures in the low 70s into the upper 70s by thursday. in the peninsula into the upper 60s today and san francisco, 63 for the next couple of days with our temperatures generally in the 60s and 70s. not feeling bad at all. then as we look ahead to the weekend, it just heats up once again. another beach or pool weekend. we'll have temperatures reaching to the 80s and 90s. 91 in the south bay by sunday. i'll have another quick look at the forecast coming up. let's head over to mike. i was listening to your report but watching. one of the bay area on the peninsula side. the buildup happened on the toll
5:54 am
plaza. through this little haze we have here, sunny in the south bay but hazy in the east bay. there is the berkeley curve. slow here. there is a sizable commute starting to build. nothing dramatic, but the live shot shows what will show slowing on our sensors here. the rest of your bay moves well though. it is warriors and giants playing. bay bridge will get crowded later. we continue our coverage from orlando. all the victims of sunday's shooting have been removed from the night club. a live look there as today in the bay michelle roberts continues to collect information. she'll have a live report later. >> michelle is talking to investigators and members of the community there. her reports on our twitter page. >> faces and personal stories of
5:55 am
the victims are now beginning to emerge. head to to read up on the lives that were tragically cut so short. soon.
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possible attack in southern unrelated to the orlando nightclub shooting. officers in santa monica found rifles, ammunition, and bom police may have thwarted a
5:58 am
possible attack in san francisco. they found rifles, ammunition and bomb-making ingredients inside a car. the owner said he planned on going to the nearby l.a. pride festival. that man james howell of indiana is under arrest. police retracted an earlier statement they made that howell told an officer he was going to the parade to do harm. authorities say his arrest does not appear to be linked to the massacre in orlando. 5:58. the first ever lgbt studies class at a public high school has been so successful it's going to expand to more schools next year. that class was caught the first time in san francisco. the examiner's reporting it will expand next fall to san francisco's mission high school and thurgood marshall high school in the bay area. stanford graduation following the recent conviction
5:59 am
of a swimmer charged with sexual assault. some students angry over the sentencing of block turner, using the opportunity to voice protests with the words 1-3 on their graduation cap. a recent study found 1-3 students are sexually assaulted while earning their degree. that counters stanford's own study which puts the numbers at closer to 1-50. >> we are worried it will be this moment in the media and next we'll be on to something else and survivors will continue to be not supported at stanford and other places, and people like brock turner will continue to go to school at stanford. there are people like brock turner crossing the graduation stage today. >> a judge convicted brock turner to six months in jail for sexually assaulting a fellow student on campus. with good behavior, he could be out in three months. new sentencing hearing will begin for paralympics star and killer oscar pistorius. he appeared in south africa's
6:00 am
high supreme court for a second hearing. the supreme court of appeals convicted him of murder in the death of his girlfriend overturning an earlier conviction of manslaughter. >> oh, my god. people are getting shot, dude. >> right now at 6:00 a.m., moments of terror followed by a wave of heartbreak. live team coverage of america's worst mass shooting in history. i'm michelle roberts in orlando where investigators are combing through evidence trying to figure out exactly what happened here. we'll have an update on that investigation coming up. gunned down with so much life yet to live. these five victims were just 20 to 37 years old. i'm kris saz.


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