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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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terror in orlando. this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt, reporting tonight from orlando. we're back with more of our continuing coverage of the terror attack at a gay nightclub here in orlando. now the deadliest mass shooting in american history. 49 people were killed by the attacker, 53 others were injured. there are so many new questions about how a man who was once on a terrorist watch list who was interviewed multiple times by the fbi was still able to buy guns and carry out this atrocity. also under scrutiny, the police response, and whether officers should have stormed the club earlier. all of this as we learned so much about the victims, and stories continue to emerge of incredible heroism during that horrific night.
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for more now we return to nbc's miguel almaguer. >> this horrific crime lasted more than three hours from the time the first gunshot was fired to the last. the initial 911 call came in just after 2:00 a.m. police saying a man opened fire inside the pulse nightclub where more than 300 people were inside. a uniformed off-duty police officer was working security at the club. he went inside, engaged that suspect in a gun battle. the suspect shot back. the officer withdrew, waited for backup, and with a team of officers went inside that nightclub and again opened fire on that suspect. the officers retreated when the suspect went into a back bathroom. i want to give you a diagram of what this relatively small club looks like. the gunman was inside one bathroom with four to five other hostages, inside an add jointing bathroom there were up to 15 other hostages. investigators say they waited for some two 1/2 hours.
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as they continued to talk to the suspect who called 911. they then decided they had to enter the building here. and immediate imminent loss of life was likely. officers penetrated inside the bathroom and killed the suspect. they're investigating if any of the officers may have accidently shot any of the victims. but the police chief said the officers did everything right. if they didn't enter that club when they did, the loss of life would have been much higher. >> the change is when it became a hostage crisis. that's where everything changed. >> that's right. >> nearly all of the 49 victims have been identified. so many innocent lives cut tragically short. we're continuing to learn more about them tonight. we turn to gabe gutierrez for that. gabe? >> reporter: lester, good evening. many of these families learned today at a nearby senior center that their loved ones had passed. when authorities read the updated list, it was an extremely emotional day. there is a vigil under way where many people have turned out to remember the lives
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lost. there were a cross-section of americans celebrating life at a nightclub called pulse, of all things. they were professionals, 20-somethings that worked at the nearby amusement parks, tourists passing through town before the gunfire ripped through that club, and never seemed to stop. now, 48 of the 49 victims have been identified. these are their faces. now, here at this hospital, 29 people are still being treated, five of them are in grave condition. lester? >> all right, gabe gutierrez, thank you. the nightclub where this massacre took place just a block behind me was supposed to be a haven, a place for people to enjoy a night out, to feel safe. in fact, it was latin night. very crowded. very popular. it was opened by a woman in memory of her brother, john, who passed away of aids. the name of the club pulse, a way of keeping his heart and memory alive. matt lauer spoke with her late today. >> can you describe the phone call? can you describe how
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you found out about this? >> it was the most surreal phone call i've ever received. when my manager called me and told me, he was just yelling into the phone, i just didn't understand it. i couldn't wrap my brain around it. he said, we have a shooter, we have a shooter. i kept saying, what? and finally it sunk in. and i -- i can't wrap my brain around that. i just can't. >> you know every inch of that club. >> mm-hmm. >> how do you stop yourself from imagining what it was like? >> i can't stop. i can't stop imagining what that was like for them. sorry. >> it's all right. >> i don't think i'll ever stop that. >> you can see much more of matt's exclusive conversation tomorrow morning on "today." now, to more questions about gunman
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omar mateen's embrace of radicalism. while mateen disexpress support for radical extremists, the fbi said it's not a clear picture. our justice correspondent, pete williams, has more about the complicated puzzle investigators will piece apart. >> reporter: the fbi director says tonight that omar mateen was radicalized at least in part through the internet. but it does turn out to be a complicated picture. investigators say he pledged allegiance to isis, but also praised other terrorists who had nothing to do with isis. he claims he had family connections with al qaeda. but he also said he himself was a member of hezbollah, which is a bitter enemy of isis. his former wife, and people who work with him, say he was an angry and violent-prone man. investigators say that's the picture that emerges. as for his travel, officials say mateen went twice to saudi arabia, but the fbi said agents found nothing troubling. the saudi foreign ministry said the trips were for muslim pilgrimages. the fbi did investigate mateen after he claimed in
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2013 to have terrorism connections. but after a ten-month investigation, agents concluded there was nothing to it. fbi director james comey said agents are reviewing all past contacts with mateen. he says if the fbi can find a better way to predict future terrorist behavior, they'll do it. lester? >> all right, pete williams in our washington newsroom. thank you. the parents of a shooter are also speaking out tonight to nbc news. we're hearing from his mother for the first time. and his father says he has no idea what his son was planning, though he has made conflicting statements, that as pete pointed out raised questions about his own ideology. we get all of that from nbc's kerry sanders. >> i don't approve of any kind of terrorist activity. >> reporter: seddique mateen said his 29-year-old son omar destroyed 49 lives, as well as the family he left behind.
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his mother, did you know your son could do this? >> no, never, ever. >> reporter: emotional, she continued to speak off-camera. the gunman's wife and 3-year-old son are now holed up on the second floor of their in-laws' home. >> everybody, she cannot talk even. >> reporter: in a series of interviews over the last 18 hours, he condemned his son's rampage but also brought up pakistan, blaming the country for allegedly funding radical islamic groups. >> the taliban, al qaeda, this isis came from pakistan. >> reporter: the gunman's father has a long digital footprint posting online, hosting a tv show, traveling to washington as recently as april, to try to lobby congress and the state department to influence afghanistan's political future. he's previously spoken favorably about the taliban.
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he says, our warrior brothers in the taliban movement are rising up, god willing. but in an interview with nbc news, he denounced that former support. >> one last question. you sound like you're offended when we ask you about the postings online that are sympathetic to the taliban. >> sir, taliban is a group. you keep asking me like ten times. taliban is a terrorist group. >> the father there tells nbc news that he is the president of the provisional government of afghanistan. and that the taliban tried to kill him in 2013. meantime, here at the apartment where his son lived, where the gunman lived, the fbi has searched -- served a search warrant, taken items here, as well as the computer from his father's house to see if they can determine what radicalizes american-born muslims. lester? >> all right. kerry sanders, thank
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you. let's turn now to the political firestorm erupting on the presidential campaign trail after this awful tragedy. donald trump today going on tv and he seemed to be suggesting that maybe president obama doesn't want to stop terrorists. nbc's katy tur has that story. >> reporter: donald trump taking a dark turn, suggesting president obama can't stop terror, because he doesn't want to. >> he doesn't get it. or he gets it better than anybody understands, and either one is unacceptable. >> reporter: late today, the white house pushing back. >> look at the president's record. it speaks for itself. that record includes a lot of dead terrorists. >> reporter: trump also going head-to-head with hillary clinton, in dueling addresses on national security. while trump attacks, falsely criticizing clinton's stance on guns -- >> she wants to take
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away americans' guns. admit the very people who want to slaughter us, let them come into the country. we don't have guns. let them come in. let them have all the fun they want. >> reporter: clinton didn't name her republican rival and said calling for the same unity in the face of fear after 9/11. >> we did not attack each other. we worked with each other to protect our country and to rebuild our city. >> reporter: trump messaging today, the same as it was after the terror in san bernardino, paris and brussels. one rushed to tweet self congratulations. appreciate the congrats. thank you for giving me credit. i'm proven to be far more correct about terrorism than anybody. the tweets often coming before offering condolences. two cast down on american muslims -- >> they have to work with us, they have to cooperate with law enforcement, and turn in the people who they know are bad. and they know it. >> reporter: and three extend that doubt to president obama. >> there are a lot of people who think maybe he doesn't want to get it. a lot of people think he doesn't want to know about it. >> reporter: trump is going farther to the right. hoping the same
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extreme rhetoric he championed in the primary will work again in november. now, donald trump is banning another news organization from attending his rallies. the "washington post" joins at least eight other organizations that have been banned at one point or another. lester? >> all right. katy tur, thank you. also in focus tonight is the assault weapon used in this attack. the ar-15, a weapon of war, able to be legally purchased by americans, is a weapon that has been used repeatedly in mass shootings on u.s. soil in recent years, from orlando, to newtown, connecticut. nbc's peter alexander has more. >> reporter: at a gun shop near atlanta today, a stampede of buyers. more ar-15 rifles sold each hour than a typical day. >> normally we might sell three or four a day. but we've been selling about ten an hour. and right around lunchtime we were selling about 15 an hour. >> reporter: the ar-15, the country's
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most popular rifle, now a symbol in both sides of the fierce gun debate. to owners they're fun versatile and accurate. to critics, they have no practical application, a weapon of war with a violent record. 27 dead at sandy hook, 14 in san bernardino, 49 in orlando. gun rights advocates say the problem suspect the weapons, it's the shooter. >> they were terrorists, and they were looking for a way to kill as many people as they could before they went down themselves. >> reporter: montgomery county maryland police chief tom major said officers are now forced to compete with criminals carrying similar weapons. built for the military, not for sport. >> from a law enforcement perspective, from somebody who's been a cop for 40 years, i think we'd be safer if those kinds of weapons were not so readily available. >> reporter: the national shooting sports foundation estimates the number of ars in the u.s. has soared to more than 8 million. and today gun manufacturers saw their stock prices surge.
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while the orlando shooter bought his weapons legally, president obama again today warned about americans' access to such powerful guns. on pbs, ten days before the orlando shooting, expressing frustration about efforts to keep guns out of terrorists' hands. >> if he wants to walk into a gun store or gun show right now and buy as much -- as many weapons and ammo as he can, nothing's prohibiting him from doing that. >> reporter: legislation to restrict gun sales has gone nowhere. after the so-called assault weapons ban expired in 2004, efforts to reinstate it failed. most recently, in 2013, with 15 senate democrats joining almost every republican voting against it. a separate house bill last year, largely ignored. in the eyes of the law, the ar-15 is no different than any other rifle. in most places a guy can take one home today. peter alexander, nbc
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news, washington. >> still ahead tonight, the emergency trauma surgeons who sprang into action to save lives after the attack here in orlando.
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back now with the men and women on the front lines of the hospital during that sudden emergency, when waves of victims kept coming. the trauma surgeons who jumped into action saving as many lives as they could. nbc's jacob rascon spoke to some of them about that moment of crisis. >> reporter: when survivors began pouring into orlando regional medical center, dr. chad smith was a trauma surgeon on call. >> they said, we've got multiple gunshot wounds coming in. it's not out of the ordinary. i went downstairs, and they started bringing
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one, and two, and three patients in. then another patient came, and another patient came, and another patient came. >> reporter: they would admit 44 patients, six trauma surgeons, and hundreds of staff responding to the deadliest mass shooting in american history. >> almost a traffic controller. he was looking at the patients, identifying who needed to go, and then sending them to the operating room with one of us. >> how is it in the middle of that you're able to make life-and-death decisions? >> you don't have another choice. those people are depending on you. and you're there, and you've got to do it. >> looking back, and now that the rush of it, or the chaos of the initial part of it is the least is done, now how do you look at it? >> proud that we were able to do what we did for sure. >> this is the worst and best day of my career. i think we would all say that. >> i think one thing to point out is gun violence is nothing new to all of us. you know, everybody's hearing about this tragic day. but that's something
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that we see and care for every day. >> but the gravity of the overall situation, when it does finally sink in, i went home and just grabbed my wife and kids, and was unbelievably grateful that i had family to go home to. >> and thanks to them, 35 survivors at this hospital can do the same. jacob rascon, nbc news, orlando. >> and we're back in a moment with what this attack reveals about the terrifying reach and influence of isis in the u.s.
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federal officials have revealed that the
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orlando shooter had traveled to the middle east at least twice. though there is no evidence at this time that he went to join or train with extremists. but as nbc's richard engel reminds us, isis has had success recruiting americans who are just a click away. >> reporter: the massacre in florida is the latest in a string of isis so-called lone wolf attacks that started small and crude, and grew increasingly deadly. in 2014, a man with a hatchet attacked cops on a new york subway platform. a year later, two gunmen shot up a convention by a right-wing group urging members to draw muhammad cartoons. then came mass casualties in san bernardino. but who are the perpetrators? u.s. officials say about 250 americans have tried to, or succeeded in joining isis overseas. a recent nbc news investigation into 15 americans who went to syria about two years ago found them to be misfits, lost souls,
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seduced by isis' propaganda. including molt from new york who is now in u.s. custody. look molt from new >> it's deceptive. it promotes utopia. it promotes an image of islam as a place. >> reporter: the recruits we found came from all economic backgrounds, with active fbi investigations in all 50 states. >> we are looking for needles in a nationwide haystack, but we're also called upon to figure out which pieces of hay might some day become needles. >> reporter: officials say american authorities are these days doing a better job at stopping isis recruits from going overseas. but that has presented new challenges. >> more recently we've seen them call on people to attack and kill where you live. >> so it's isis telling people, don't come to syria and iraq, stay at home. is that worse from an american law enforcement
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perspective? >> you need to think about both. >> reporter: there's a flip side to the crackdown on isis travel, and to attacking the militants in iraq and syria. it is that the recruits simply don't come to this part of the world, but arm themselves and attack at home. lester? >> richard engel tonight, thank you. when we come back, the outpouring of support for the victims from around the world.
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finally tonight, in the aftermath of the attack here in orlando, a reminder of the power of love to overcome hate. here's sherri smith. >> reporter: to many of us, orlando is a kind of fantasy. a dreamy landscape of family fun. in the real orlando today, folks waited
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impatiently in the withering heat to give blood. tom o'toole says this is what you do for your neighbors. >> i just felt like giving blood, or i'd give everything i had. but, you know, it ain't right. >> reporter: the blood center has been overwhelmed with donors and kindness, food and cold drinks seem to magically appear. >> you see the outpouring of love and support and the help, to help one another. this is what orlando is all about. >> the phone rings, phone rings. no answer. >> reporter: volunteer conrad's friend was killed in the attack. >> i'm really sorry for your loss. >> it's not my loss. it's everybody's loss. >> reporter: the world feels orlando's pain. today the london chorus gathered to sing bridge over troubled water, from paris to tel aviv, signs of solidarity with the colors of the rainbow, the symbol of gay pride.
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at the lgbt community center here, there were hugs and tears. >> we're all going to be okay. we're going to stand here, we're going to continue feeding our community, we're going to make sure that medical and funeral expenses are taken care of. >> reporter: orlando, it turns out, is a real place. and while the city mourns, there is also resolve. to be strong. harry smith, nbc news, orlando. and that will do it for us on this monday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching, and good night. next at 6:30 on a special
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edition of nbc bay area news: ==raj/vo== what we just learned about the orlando gunman. and the well known places he visited in-person and online before the deadly shooting. what we just learned about the orlando gunman, and the well known places he visited in person and online before the deadly shooting. the you can hear the gunshots.
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new video, inside the nightclub . [ gunfire ] right now at 6:30, those were gunshots you were hearing. new video inside the nightclub as the gunman carried out his massacre. other coverage of the terror in orlando continues now. i'm jessica aguirre. >> a lot happening this hour in orlando and in the bay area. here's what we know. some numbers to share with you, 49 people are dead, 53 are wounded and five of them in grave condition. the fbi twice investigated the gunman who was born in new york. now, the feds found no direct links to isis or al qaeda. the gunman recently scouted
6:31 pm
disney world as a potential target. witnesses say the gunman had also been to the pulse nightclub at least a dozen times before this weekend's attack about and the l.a. times reporting late today he used a gay dating app called jacked. >> we have a team of reporters covering the story for you tonight. i understand michelle that vigil that was being held tonight. very emotional just ended. >> it really was an outpouring of support for the victims and this entire city. thousands of people came to attend this vigil in one of the most powerful moments, everybody stood side by side with a candle in the air, as the church bell rang 49 times for each of the victims. >> at the club. >> moments before shots rang out inside the post nightclub, amanda posted this video to snap chat, the 25-year-old then turned the camera toward herself.
6:32 pm
>> as you can hear what sounds like several gunshots, amanda was one of the 49 people shot and killed early sunday morning. >> it was just devastating. >> angel says nothing can prepare you to tell a parent that their son or daughter didn't survive. today he volunteered as a translator for police to share the heart wrenching news to spanish speaking families. >> the people breaking down in front of you, just crying, just basically wishing that those family members can come back. >> 49 people were shot and killed, 53 others were injured. today the shooter's father apologized for the terror and heart break omar mateen caused. >> i'm as shocked as you are. i do not approve this. >> we're learning today about the three-hour long stand-off sunday morning. and why police officers made the critical decision to shut down negotiations and move in. >> there were statements made about imminent loss of life.
6:33 pm
>> john is the s.w.a.t. team explosive to bust through the wall of the pulse nightclub. >> more than a dozen hostages ran outside, followed by mateen, who exchanged gunfire with police before he was taken down. >> we will not be defined by the act of a cowardly hater. >> before the attack, mateen called 911 expressing his devotion to isis. president obama said there was no clear evidence he was part of a larger plot. and was likely motivated by extremist information online. >> now, it is important to note that police yesterday asked people to hold off on a vigil so they could focus on the investigation. there's a heavy police presence out here tonight. the mood, of course, is somber, but also very hopeful for the future of orlando, and also the lgbt community. reporting live in orlando tonight. michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> we can see behind you 9:30
6:34 pm
eastern time, it's active in orlando florida. we learned president obama will travel to orlando as he's done in newtown, south carolina and san bernardino for those mass shootings. he will pay his respects to the families and stand in solidarity with the community. it will happen this thursday. >> the gunman's mother-in-law lives in the east bay. residents were shocked to hear the news. >> i find it really disturbing. i actually didn't expect it from their family, you know. i'm not going to say that they're, that was their intention too, but -- it just so happened to be his -- they're involved, and it's tough on them. and i know it's not their intention, how they feel, they're good people. >> that neighbor told us the mother-in-law used to klatt with his family, since the daughter married and moved to florida, with her husband, the gunman, he didn't allow her to visit his
6:35 pm
mother any more even when the mother was hospitalized. >> we've seen this many times after a mass shooting, we get to know the victims, family members and friends are now sharing fond memories of their loved ones. edward sotomayor was known as eddie, he was popular and remembered as an angel. fun loving is how gertrude remembers her son. >> he had a heart for the elderly. he lived with his grandmom because he wanted to take care of her. >> also among the dead, luis velma, eric ortiz and so many more. 49 lost souls, 53 others are wounded. of the love for the victims spread here to the bay area. a bouncer in that nightclub who lost her life, shared text messages with a local woman
6:36 pm
before the shots rang out. pete joins us from the castro district in san francisco. it must have been difficult for this woman, what did she share with you. >> difficult time for that woman. i want to show you, this is the memorial that's been set up since yesterday, honoring those victims in the orlando shooting. i spoke with that woman in san francisco whose friend was one of those victims. she wants to make sure her friend is never forgotten. >> star sent a simple text message to her ex-girlfriend on saturday night. she didn't know it would be the last. >> i said, i miss you. she wrote me back, her last words were i miss you too. >> kimberly k.j. morris was one of the many victims in yesterday's shooting. the two of them dated in boston in 2014, eventually moving together to hawaii. they parted ways when shelton moved to san francisco for school. and k.j. moved to orlando to be
6:37 pm
with family. she just started working at pulse as a bouncer two weeks ago. >> i know that in her last moments it was to help people. she was never a coward, she would never run away from anything. she would do anything she could to help people. i know that's exactly what she did that night. >> it's a tough time for shelton who says k.j. was her best friend. k.j.'s life cut short at the age of 37 about and now her best friend wants to make sure her spirit lives on. >> i want people to know that she's a wonderful person, a great spirit. always smiling, bringing joy to everyone around her. >> definitely a life gone too soon. shelton tells me she plans to fly out to orlando, for the funeral services of her close friend and also to help out her family during this tough time. live in the castro district. >> a heart breaking loss for so many. j.k. rowling tweeted this photo last night. this is one of the 49 victims
6:38 pm
killed in the attack. rowling's tweet says he worked at the harry potter ride at the universal theme park. steve burke released a statement today. saying two of the people who were killed were nbc universal employees. velma and jonathanjonathan. a new mass shooting and a new call for change. state lawmakers are ready and poised to vote on some gun laws, laws that were brought forward after the san bernardino massacre. lawmakers are pushing to get those laws passed. >> it's a package of five bills, both in the senate and state assembly. one of them being tauted as a way to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally unstable. >> and then there is the bullet
6:39 pm
button ban. >> every semiautomatic rifle sold in california is required to have a bullet button. gun manufacturers installed them after california passed its first assault weapons law. a law that required a second step to remove an ammunition magazine. the intent of the law was to make it more difficult to reload. manufacturer's installed the button to comply with the letter of the law. but not the intent. >> do you listen to anybody who was there and they say, it was bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang. of course it was. he had an automatic weapon. >> it's the same at every mass shooting where a rifle is used. they all come with the bullet button. >> i was able to reload the weapon in seconds. i have no training at all. i walked in off the street. >> mark laveen says the quick reloading should be banned. and that's the intent of the bill. >> if we can slow that down. if we can make people take more
6:40 pm
time to reload bullets. we can stop innocent lives from being taken. >> the owner of the bull's eye gun range says the proposed law will have unintended consequences. >> in the near term, the likelihood is, that sales will rise as people are concerned that this law has the potential to restrict their ability to get a product that they want. in the long term, there will be a lot of questions. >> jacob says there are millions of gun owners in california that have a gun now with that bullet button. they will be forced to register them as assault weapons. ultimately, manufacturer's will likely find a work around, the bill is expected to be debated tomorrow in both the assembly and the senate public service committees. public safety committees, rather. reporting in san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area. >> even before this shooting in orlando, a lawsuit was filed to stop the upcoming pride
6:41 pm
celebration here in san francisco. a hearing is set for this thursday. lawyers for the two men who were wounded by gunshots after the 2013 parade, claim it's impossible to guarantee safety in an event that draws more than a million people. leaders of sf pride have dismissed the lawsuit as an intimidation project. scott weiner is taking steps to improve security on the june 25th event. the event will honor the victims of orlando. hours after the massacre, people in orlando started lining up to give blood. almost as quickly, there was outrage on associate media over rules that restrict gay men to donate blood. bay area representative barbara lee is among the lawmakers calling for change. the fda points out that other people at high risk of hiv or other bloodborne diseases are also excluded from donating. right now, about 200 people are gathered at san jose city hall to speak out against
6:42 pm
violence. i'll have that story coming up in a live report. >> there's one thing easier than buying a car online. being tricked into thinking you're buying a car online. i'm consumer investigator, some costly real life lessens next. i'm jeff ranieri, temperatures for most of the bay area. we're also tracking the possibility of rainfall. my forecast in a few minutes. in - cities across the bay area
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thoughts and paryers are in orlando tonight, the deepest grief imaginable. and in cities across the bay area, thoughts and prayers about healing and prevention, tonight there's a rally at san jose city hall. for that, we bring in mary ann
6:45 pm
favreau. people there also commiserating with the horror of what happened in orlando. >> yes,er in, they're coming together as a community. about 200 people are gathered here right now at san jose city hall. mr. of them are from organizations like youspace. they're focusing on healing, but this is also a call to action to take steps to keep this community safe. >> amanda -- >> as the names of the victims of the massacre read, the pride flag was lowered to half staff outside the city council chambers in san jose. among those honoring the victims, newlyweds terry vargas and johnny psych. >> we've always been targeted. i don't want to get used to it. >> santa clara county's first openly gay supervisor organized
6:46 pm
the gathering. >> as we gather here today as one community. we are sending a message to the world that here in santa clara county, we do not tolerate hatred or violence. >> law enforcement leaders here agree security is critical. >> we're definitely going to be looking into how we can provide security to the gay bars that are in the area. we work very closely with the frank center. >> it's up to us as a community to report acts that we think may be suspicious. >> some question whether that will be enough to allow this shaken community to feel safe. >> i hate that we've come to a point where it almost feels like it's the norm. it's like, objection another shooting. >> you can see the pride flags flying behind me. in just a few minutes, the group is going to march downtown to three different gay bars, they're going to reclaim those
6:47 pm
bars as their own. and coming up, at 8:30 tonight. they will return here to city hall to begin a candlelight vigil. reporting live in san jose. a big event in san francisco kicked off today. cook opened apple's worldwide developer's conference with the tearful reflection on this tragedy. he called it a senseless unconscionable act of terrorism and hate. >> our coverage continues online, at nbc bay you'll find the latest information including pictures and bios and short stories on the victims. new details tonight on a possible motive for last friday's murder at a san francisco construction site. sources say a woman fatally stabbed a construction worker because she had been denied
6:48 pm
access to the site's port-a-potty. sources went on to tell us, two suspects are likely linked to a nearly identical stabbing at the same issue earlier in the week. >> nbc bay area responds, be careful buying that used car. especially on craig's list. >> some of our viewers reaching out to chris kamur. what's the warning? >> we heard from a couple people who thought they were getting a great deal on a used car online. they ended up losing their money. taylor in san francisco alerted us to one possible scam, saying they're being transferred and they have to sell a vehicle cheap. they want money wired to them up front. >> dallas told us his family fell for a scam, his son sending $3,000 to a person who posted a ford bronco for sale on craigslist, that suv never
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materialized. three grand gone. craigslist warns consumers with an entire page dedicated to scams and frauds right there. deal locally, they said, face to face. follow this one rule and avoid 99% of scam attempts. a quote, also be aware of offers involving shipping and never wire funds opinion craigslist cautions us that anyone who asks you to wire money is a scammer. also, don't rent or purchase anything site unseen. online thieves are rarely if ever traceable. if you have a complaint please call us, we'll respond. 888-996-tips or tell us about it online, i guess there is something to kicking the tires when you're buying a car. you want to see it. >> that's exactly what it is. >> thank you, chris. this is a big deal, getting a lot of headlines, $26 billion, that's what microsoft will pay to acquire mountainview based
6:50 pm
linkedin. are you one of the linkedin users? microsoft wants all those users. linkedin has 400 million users. the buyout is expected to close later this year. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri, it's the start of a new workweek and the start of different temperatures too. >> we're tracking that possibility of rainfall as we head throughout this week. let's get you a quick look at your micro climate forecast. we will start off with these areas of clouds, temperatures in the upper 40s and also low 50s. expect fog coming back into san francisco. so as we take a look at your micro climates tomorrow, again more cooling, this will put san jose at 73 degrees, for the peninsula. over toward palo alto, 72. san francisco take your jacket if you're headed to the city with numbers in the low 60s. for the north bay, east bay and trivalley, 70s all around, comfortable day across livermore, president anton and
6:51 pm
danville with the low 70s, as we get a closer look at the forecast, the reason we've seen this cooling, it's all about this area of low pressure beginning to development across the pacific northwest. not only the chillier air this week, but now it looks more and more likely that we'll see the possibility of rainfall. let's get to that next. you're going to see cloud cover increases on wednesday. our best chance this week of getting any rainfall will be here by thursday evening. that's from the north bay down to the south bay. how much rainfall could we be looking at? anywhere from trace amounts to around 5/100 of an inch. looks like the north bay and alameda counties would have the best possibility of picking any rainfall up. scattered chances wednesday and thursday. after we pass this, there will be another change for the upcoming weekend. check out what happens once we hit sunday's forecast, a lot hotter, up to 90 in the south
6:52 pm
bay. 71 in san francisco, and 89 for the north bay. we're tracking more of this coming up after the giants game on nbc. >> giants and brewers at 7:00. >> that's good, we'll be back in a moment. one of the warriors most popular
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
players -- was suspended for tonight's game. draymond arena.can't en ter the you probably heard, one of the warriors most popular players was suspended for tonight's game. he can't even enter the arena? >> not even in the building. >> the warriors have to win the title tonight without draymond green. >> let's check in with cheryl hurd at oracle. the players and fans are burning up over this whole draymond issue.
6:55 pm
>> the fans that's all we're talking about tonight. these fans are going crazy. the ones that can't get out here tonight are cheering on their team. earlier on in the parking lot it was a carnival like atmosphere. this is what stephan curry does before every home game along with a group of ushers. curry says it helps him with his rhythm. meanwhile as you said, the talk of the town or the el fan the in the room, draymond green and his suspension. >> it's sad to not have him in the building tonight. to experience it either way. >> the whole thing was instigated by somebody else. he didn't seem to really put too much retaliation into it, and kind of walked away from this situation, and he got punished for it. >> they're feeling so strongly about it.
6:56 pm
they printed out these t-shirts, #freedraymondgreen. these folks are taking pictures in front of the banner, they're having a good time. and this clown is also having a good time. the game is underway and the bay area is waiting for the outcome. reporting live in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> that was a clown. tonight you can watch "american ninja warrior on cozitv, after the game you can watch spartan challenge right here and we'll join us for the 11:00 news. >> hopefully we'll have some really good news. >> giants and brewers, we send you out to john and mike live from at&t park.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
giants won the last two in dramatic fashion to go five games up in the national league west. tonight matt cain returns to the rotation against the milwaukee brewers. giants looking for their third straight win, next. it's a beautiful night here at the corner of third and king streets. however, the wind is blowing, as usual. the giants and the brewers, game one of a three-game series. hello, everyone. i'm john millerit


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