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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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it's with great sadness that i inform you all that this community has lost an officer in the line of duty. >> right now at 11:00, a gut-wrenching night in san jose. a police officer dies after a terrible traffic collision. more on the young officer and the family he leaves behind. good evening. i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. a good samaritan tried to save
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the officer but the crash was too severe. shpd giving details and announcing the dead. the crash happened in the 4:00 p.m. hour near the 101/888 interchange on north 10th street. terry mcsweeney was first on the scene. >> reporter: tonight officer mike kapaman is gone. the street blocked off, the investigation continues six and a half hours after the collision. a short time ago i was over at headquarters and listened to police chief eddie garcia choke up, talking about what the police have lost and what the community has lost. >> put a uniform on, left to go to work, wanted to see his family when he got off. and he didn't make it. >> reporter: a gut-wrenching moment for san jose police as one of their own, 11-year veteran officer michael katherman, gone. a moik otorcycle officer strucka
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minivan. >> the adult male driver a silver minivan traveling southbound on north 10th street attempted to make a left turn onto eastbound horning street. >> reporter: the fallen officer's brothers and sisters in blue swarmed the scene. just moments before, just after the collision, a passerby tried to side of the officer. >> provided first aid to officer katherman and actually used officer katherman's police radio to call for help. >> reporter: the van's front left fender vaged, blinker flashing, front end in the lane of oncoming traffic. officers stood over the downed motorcycle which you can see came to a stop about 100 feet from where it collided with the van. the officer taken to regional medical center in san jose where he died. chief garcia spoke to his family. >> they are grieving but they are unbelievably strong. they have very strong faith. they're strong for each other. >> reporter: the driver of the
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minivan is not in custody. the investigation continues. as you can see over my shoulder, funeral arrangements for officer katherman will be announced later this week. >> our thoughts are with his family tonight. the last san jose police officer killed in the line of duty was michael johnson in march of last year. johnson died while responding to a welfare check. a man who was threatening to kill himself and others shot and killed officer johnson. mourners grieving for the deaths of two teens who drowned in a swimming pool accident ended up becoming shooting victims this evening. the shots rang out in downtown oakland a block from the 12th street oakland city bart center station. one person is dead and three others are hurt. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd joins us live from the scene. what do we know about what happened? >> reporter: right now oakland police still have the area blocked off where the shooting happened around 5:30 today. the day began with a funeral for two teenage boys and 3,000 mourners.
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but it ended 1 with those mourners, a 16-year-old girl, dead. venue packed with young people who came for a vigil to be with family members mourning the death of two 15-year-old boys, jose pratt rose, dem achari wil who died in a water accident in stanislaus county last month. today they were laid to rest and hundreds came to celebrate their lives. >> the funeral had 2,000 people came out to the events. ended up being more than expected. >> reporter: a lot of teens were hanging outside the dance club all dressed in white. around 5:40, witnesses say there was some sort of altercation in the streets and then shots rang out. >> heard several shots. probably about six in a row. and then at that point i saw a bunch of kids run. >> there were a group of people
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in the 1300 block of franklin, two individuals who shot into the group, striking the victims, then fleeing. >> reporter: the shooting happened in front of the golden lotus vegetarian restaurant located a block away. police say three are in stable condition. 16-year-old reginald jeffries taken to highland hospital. she died a short time later. ironically, that 16-year-old was a part of today's funeral. she did a praise dance about celebrating life. the tears and heartache continue across the country but especially in orlando. a moving scene tonight as many faiths came together to help each other. there are new developments in this investigation, including fbi agents in contra costa county today. let's start with michelle roberts in orlando. michelle, what are you seeing tonight? >> reporter: certainly a powerful day as the survivors have been sharing their stories.
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downtown orlando, this is what we are seeing this incredible memorial has been growing by the hour. people leaving notes and flowers and lighting a candle, even here in the middle of the night on the east coast, people are stopping by to pay their respects and take a moment of silence. >> we will get through this and we'll be stronger because of it. >> reporter: nearly 1,000 people of all different religions joined together for a public vigil in orlando tonight. the entire church prayed for the 45 men and women killed and for survivors like patience carter. >> the guilt of feeling grateful to be alive is heavy. >> reporter: patience and her two best friends are supposed to be on vacation celebrating their high school graduation. they were enjoying their first night in orlando at pulse nightclub when shots rang out. >> everyone was rushing to the bathrooms. the gunshots were still going off rapidly.
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and it's still not real to me yet. >> reporter: omar mateen begins shooting into the stalls where dozens of people were huddled against the wall. >> i could see other people pile behind me. some were dead, some were moaning in pain. >> reporter: she says he went back into the main area of the club where angel colon was laying on the floor, injured after being shot in the leg earlier. >> he's shooting everyone that's already dead on the floor, making sure they're dead. >> reporter: not making a move, he braced for another round. >> by the glory of god, he shoots toward my head but it hits my hand. >> reporter: bleeding and unable to move angel laid side by side with dozens of victims while the shooter went back into the bathroom where he stayed three hours until the s.w.a.t. team moved in. >> i was begging for god to take the soul out of my body because i didn't want to feel any more pain. >> reporter: patience and her friend are recovering from injuries and mourning the loss of their best friend,
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18-year-old kyra murray. >> from having the time of our lives to the worst night of our lives in a matter of minutes. >> reporter: there are more than 20 people still in the hospital and six of those are in critical condition. it will be a long road to recovery not only for the survivors but the entire city as everyone tries to unite around this horrible tragedy. we have clues and answers in this tragedy that lead to the bay area. the feds are investigating the gunman's wife who once lived in rodeo. three fbi agents were in rodeo. here's video of the agents leaving. they were interviewing the family of the gunman's wife. the feds say the wife tried to talk her husband out of the attack. they also say salman was with him when he bought the ammunition and holster. officials familiar with the case say she told agents that she drove her husband to the pulse nightclub at least once because he wanted to scope out that
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club. in oakland a powerful start to the a's game. how the team and fans paid tribute to the victims. that story later in this newscast. the sex scandal that rocked the oakland police department is now widening. at least four bay area law enforcement agencies have launched their own investigations. those departments looking into whether their own officers had sex with an underaged girl. the girl now 18 says she slept with 28 police officers while she was working as a prostitute at the age of 17. she alleged some of the officers paid her while others tipped her off about a prostitution sting. protesters in oakland today demanded change. >> it's a shim. it's a disgrace. and they need to get out of our city. >> so far at least one contra costa county sheriff's deputy has been placed on leave as a result of this investigation. decision 2016. washington, d.c. democrats have spoken and they want hillary clinton to be their presidential nominee.
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the former secretary of state won today's democratic primary with a whopping 79% of the vote. that is the last primary election, now on to the convention and the general election. clinton and bernie sanders ended a lengthy primary fight with a face-to-face meeting in d.c. the meeting lasted about 90 minutes. both campaigns describe the meeting as positive and said the two noted their shared commitment to stopping republican presumptive nominee donald trump. a terrifying attack tonight at disney world. a toddler is missing and an alligator is to blame. can the judge in the brock turner stanford sexual assault case be fair in another sexual assault case? tonight the district attorney says no. i'm jean elle, that story coming up. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. big changes this week that include the return of rare june rain. my forecast in a few minutes. the judge at the center of so
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much outrage over the brock turner sexual assualt ca h off the case. the judge at the center of so much outrage over the brock turner sexual assault case has been removed from presiding over another sexual assault case. the santa clara d.a. saying he doesn't believe judge persky can be fair. jean elle is live at stanford with more on the move and how students on campus are taking the news. >> reporter: the district attorney says seeking a new judge is a rare move and tonight students at stanford who signed a petition asking for that judge to be completely removed from the bench say it's a good start. judge aaron persky sentenced former stanford student brock turn tore six months in jail after a jury convicted him of three felony sexual assault charges related to the assault of a 23-year-old woman on campus. the sentence drew outrage from around the world. now the santa clara county district attorney has had persky removed from a different sexual
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assault case. >> each side has the opportunity to use one challenge of a judge. >> reporter: legal analyst steven clark says while it's allowed, it's unusual. >> was clearly a response to the d.a.'s displeasure with the sentencing that occurred in the brock turner case that they are now saying, at least when it comes to sexual assault cases, we're not going to allow judge persky to hear these cases. >> reporter: in a statement the district attorney says in part, we lack confidence that judge persky can fairly participate in this upcoming hearing in which a male nurse sexually assaulted an anesthetized female patient." at stanford, some students agree with the d.a. >> until judge persky shows some sort of acknowledgement of people's outrage and kind of addresses that, i think this move is a good way to go. >> he probably would be under a lot of public scrutiny if he did take the case. so it might just be wise from
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that perspective. >> reporter: the question now is how often will the district attorney seek to have persky removed and will it affect his ability to serve if? jean elle, nbc bay area news. "not guilty" the plea from a teen accused of killing a little girl. 16-year-old adrian gonzalez will be tried as an adult for the murder of maddy middleton last july, accused of beating and sexually assaulting his 8-year-old neighbor and dumping her body in a recycling bin underneath their apartment complex. gonzalez sat quietly in court, showing no emotion. outside maddy's family gathered. >> just to have maddy's face out here and remember what this is really about. >> that was her father. gonzalez will head to trial next february. he faces life in prison. a 15-year-old boy is facing burglary and vandalism charges after ipads and computers disappeared from an east palo
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alto school. police say several classrooms at brentwood oaks school were vandalized. officers stopped a group of teens yesterday and discovered a stolen ipad. officers found the rest of the electronics hidden on campus. a lot of concern in stockton after a paint ball attack outside of a gay nightclub. 20 minutes before the orlando mass shooting, someone in a white pickup pelted several people outside the paradise nightclub in stockton with paint balls. at first the victims were upsaid, then they learned about what happened in orlando. >> i feel like although they were not gunshots, i feel it was a personal attack on our identity. >> it's horrible. who could do that to somebody? i don't understand. regardless if it's bullets or not. >> this was in stockton at a gay nightclub on saturday night. the sheriff's department is investigating this as a possible hate crime. among the tributes to the victims in orlando tonight,
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oakland a's game, a night of baseball dedicated to them. the team and fans standing in solidarity with the victims. it was pride night at the coliseum. as ian cole reports this year's celebration began on a somber note. >> reporter: sometimes sports can be a release. an escape from the outside world. tonight the oakland a's baseball game clashed with reality to help in healing. >> there's too much life to hide in our houses. >> rainbow head wands handed out, flags were flying. >> you're born a certain way. celebrate it. >> reporter: this year was different. the team dedicated the game to the orlando shooting victims and instead of a ceremonial first pitch, the baseball was handed from one person to another, from center field to second base, all by supporters of the lgbtq community. >> at this time -- >> reporter: the ball placed on the mound for a moment of silence by jennifer acey, one of the only openly gay division i
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women's head basketball coaches. >> i can't even imagine what it's like to have known someone that was in the nightclub or have friends or family -- i can't imagine what those people are going through. >> reporter: pride night continued. the oakland east bay gay men's chorus sang the national anthem. the fans remembering the victims but also celebrating each other. >> tonight is especially important for us as a group. >> reporter: for one night, an escape to simply watch a baseball game. to heal and try to start moving forward. >> we're not going to be scared to go out as a group in mass quantities. we're here to have fun and support our athletics. >> it wasn't just in oakland. people around the world are paying tribute to the victims. you can see many of those tributes on our website, click on the tab at the top of your screen and look for "orlando shooting" tributes. chief meteorologist jeff
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ranieri with our microclimate forecast, i believe we have rain in the middle of june? >> yes. a triple-checked forecast models and it is still on the way as we head throughout the next 48 hours. certainly a bizarre forecast for june but we'll take it. it will help our fire danger. the microclimate forecast for tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies across most of the bay area. 54 here for the south bay. areas of patchy fog for the peninsula and san francisco. my coldest temperature to start will be the north bay at 49. as we head thought wednesday, it still will be really nice in the south bay. going down a degree or two, this will put san jose at 70. notice for the peninsula, beginning to feel the impacts of this colder storm that's getting close. pacifica 59. palo alto also in the 60s, a high of 68. san francisco coolest microclimate at the marina with 68 degrees. downtown sf, temp in the low 60s.
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you know the drill, you'll probably need that light jacket or hoodie to keep you warm as fog rolls in. north bay, east bay, tri-valley, temperatures beginning to cool off here. fremont at 69. oakland also expecting 68. again, the main reason why temperatures have continued to drop since that hot weather past weekend is this area of low pressure. it has a lot of cold air wrapped around it but not only temperatures dropping, but also of course that chance of rain. let go ahead and get to that. i know a lot of you are excited about this possibility. you can see by 8:00 a.m. thursday, that is by far the best chance to get anything out of this storm system. every single forecast model is showing something for the money hours. north bay the way it looks flight, that will be the best chance thursday morning down to about san francisco. as the system moves inland it will break apart. we still think we may get spotty rainfall for the east bay and south bay. how much rain are we talking about?
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let's get to that next. you'll be able to see in our accumulated totals, trace amounts to .1 inches on average here from san jose to san francisco. but check it out in santa rosa. maybe near a quarter inch. i want more verification on this for tomorrow when we get a close are look at forecast models but we could be looking at account a decent amount into the north bay. this weekend hotter temperatures. sunday 89 in the south bay. san francisco 72. and 90 in the tri-valley. a lot happening, raj and jess. we're tracking it at don't forget your umbrella thursday morning. next, tragedy at disney world. the search for a toddler dragged away by an alligator. how the father tried to wrestle the boy from the gator's mouth. an out-of-control truck slams into a south bay home. the homeowner wasn't surprised. hey, guys. lena dunham is here. plus we have don rickles, music from dj shadow.
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do not change the channel. happening now, asking for action after many gay men were unable to donate blood to help the victims in orlando, san francisco supervisor scott wiener is calling to end that controversial ban on blood donations. the full story on our facebook page. the popular ramen restaurant from japan plans to open its first west coast locations in san francisco and berkeley.
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♪ this goes out to every backyard hero. for all the effort you put into making the perfect barbecue, there's only one grill that's engineered and designed with the same kind of passion, weber. available at the home depot. we have new video of a frantic search right now at disney world in orlando. a toddler who was attacked by an
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alligator. officials say the little boy was playing on a beach with his family in an area that had "no swimming" signs posted. that's when the alligator surfaced and grabbed the little boy. the father of the boy tried to wrestle the child from the alligator's mouth but was unsuccessful. again, they are still looking for this boy at this hour. frustration for a family in east san jose. it seems cars keep crashing into their home. for the fourth time an out-of-control driver slammed into their home. this happened last night. police say a pickup truck careened through an intersection and hit the house. the truck plowed there through a fence and post the homeowner built to protect the property. no one in the house was hurt, the driver was arrested. it's better but drought is not over. the santa clara valley water district is lowering its water reduction targets to 20% down from the 30% target over the past 18 months. our winter rains were helpful to our water supply but more
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conservation is needed. next we're heading out to cleveland to check in with the warriors, and draymond green. >> he's free. >> he's free.
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the warriors are in cleveland tonight, resting up and hoping for a better outcome
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than in game five. eyes are on this guy boarding the plane, you know who he is, draymond green boarded the plane with his teammates this afternoon. #freedraymond. the all-star is back from a one-game suspension. warrior fans are looking for history to repeat idaho becautse last year the team won the title in cleveland game six. >> will the return of draymond be enough? let's bring in jim kozimor. >> all right, guys, thanks very much. golden state warriors trying to lick their wounds from a game five loss. let go to cleveland right now. bring in former warrior with insights on this warriors club. and let's focus in on draymond green. his impact in not being there for game five, how that hurt the warriors, then roll it into game six and what he could mean in that pivotal game. >> him not being there game five meant the defense was not as good and him being there for game six means the defense will
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be way better. he's a great help defender coming over from the weak side, challenging guys at the basket, makes up for a lot of mistakes. they made a lot of mistakes last game. usually draymond green covers that all up a lot because he's got such anticipation, timing on the defensive end, his effort, communication, he's huge there. you've talked about a lot of players that we're talking about a lack of communication last game. on the offensive end he makes the ball screens with steph curry that much more lethal because he can make plays off the bounce, shoot the three, great decisionmaker, high iq. they're lacking in that last game. the cavs really took advantage of that. that really affects you on both end of the floor to have draymond greenback. >> insights on the warriors, thanks kelenna, we appreciate it. for the warriors they're gearing up for a big gik six. can they do what they did last year, close out nba finals on the road? the report from cleveland the rest of this week leading up to game six. that will do it for sports for now. developing story in san jose.
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==take liv= an officer -- killed in theline of duty -- after a c developing story in san jose. an officer killed in the line of
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duty after a crash today. what you're looking at now is live pictures of a procession for officer michael katherman about to get under way this evening near the regional medical center in san jose. we presume they will soon be taking the hearse of the officer to the coroner's office about a 10 to 15-minute drive. this is a long line of san jose police cars and san jose fire department vehicles at mckee and jackson near the regional medical center where they expect to take the hearse over to the coroner's office. 34-year-old michael katherman, an 11-year veteran of the force, he leaves behind a wife and two sons. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- don rile


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