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tv   Today  NBC  June 17, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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more because cash has no backup. >> it's father's day weekend. happy father's day to all those dads. good morning. good morning. chilling messages. the texts exchange with the orlando nightclub shooter and his wife as the shooting happened. and a look at the gunman's past stretching back 20 years as president obama and vice president biden meet with grieving families. >> they don't care about the politics. neither do i. and john mccain forced to clarify his controversy statements that the president is directly responsible for orlando. taking action. overnight, disney world announces plans to post more signs warning of alligators following the attack on the 2-year-old boy as his parents break their silence.
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and extreme heat. record shattering heat wave for 12 states. 70 million people impacted as the hot conditions cause several wildfires to explode. and frightening scene. meat loaf collapses on stage in the middle of the performance. >> is this really happening? >> the singer rushed to the hospital. the latest on his condition today, friday, june 17th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today" on friday morning. we have willie in for matt. i wish we had a decibil counter. >> we will have charlie puth
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later this mortganing. more on the shooting in the night club in orlando. the investigators are looking at the text messages with his wife during the actual shooting. we have nbc's stephanie gosk with more on. this good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. the shooting lasted nearly four hours. we are learning that during that time in between firing his semiautomatic rifle at innocent club goers, omar mateen was posting on facebook and calling and sending text messages. including the exchange with his wife. new images show the quiet horror. survivors huddled in the bathroom. the shooting at pulse had just begun. according to a source noor salman, she said she texted to his after 2:00 a.m.
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do you see what is happening. no, i love you babe. the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. salman was with mateen days before when he bought ammunition. according to a source, they were at a walmart and she was with their 3-year-old boy in the toy department. the owner of the florida gun store lotus gun works said he refused to sell body armor and ammunition to mateen weeks earlier. he alerted authorities, but law enforcement sources tell nbc news they were not contacted. meanwhile, mateen's troubled history is surfacing. as early as the third grade, teachers were concerned. one writes, he is verbally abusive, rude and much talk about sex and violence. obscenities. fifth grade. opposition al. lacks remorse. years later in high school,
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mateen was charged with battery for a fight with a student. this letter mateen wrote explaining this was part of the job application with the florida department of corrections obtained by nbc news. the charges were dropped. mateen called it the experience of me growing up and i learned a big lesson. as investigators try to nail down mateen's motivation, president obama met with families on thursday. >> i held and hugged grieving family members and parents and they asked why does it keep happening. >> reporter: the survivors are paying tribute to first responders who saved them. like angel colon. >> he came in with a smile on his face. happiness. i was so happy. i wanted to see the man that took me out of that horrible place. >> and the source close to mateen's wife tellss that
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police were here at their condominium before the shooting was even over knocking on the door telling mateen's wife to come out with her hands up. since then, she has been cooperating and she is willing to take a polygraph, but so far they have not given her one. guys, back to you. >> stephanie, thank you. president obama was down in orlando, back on capitol hill, republican senator john mccain stirring controversy saying his actions led to the attacks. we have hallie jackson with more. >> reporter: trying to link him to donald trump who today will again be in texas. it is a state the presumptive nominee nomin, ma'a thinks he c. >> people say i'm not going to say who i'm voting for. >> reporter: defiant in dallas, donald trump says he is the best
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ally after new protests against him. >> who is better for the gay community and who is better for women than donald trump? >> reporter: hillary clinton quickly responding tweeting hi. trump rejecting critics who say he is unqualified. >> i have a thing called lots of common sense. >> reporter: democrats fighting back trying to paint gop lawmakers as trump's puppets. pointing to the rhetoric like comments from john mccain. effectively blaming president obama for the orlando shooting. >> barack obama is directly responsible for it. when he pulled everybody out of iraq, al qaeda went to syria and became isis. >> reporter: it took an hour for mccain to walk it back. >> he bears responsibility. >> i want to be clear. are you back tracking? >> i'm not back tracking on anything. >> reporter: mccain said he will
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back the nominee in november. and house speaker paul ryan said not all republicans have to support trump. telling chuck todd they should vote their conscious. >> this is a unique nominee. i feel as a responsibility institutionally as the speaker of the house. >> reporter: ryan with his own message to trump after the advice to party leaders. >> please be quiet. don't talk. republicans either stick together or let me do it by myself. >> you can't make this up. i will say we represent a separate, b equal branch of government. >> now trump's rivalries look ready to heat up. bernie sanders plans to inten intensify his fight against the gop nominee. and the fight over gun control looks ready to heat up with the
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senate ready to take up a couple of amendments on monday. >> paul ryan and a lot of republicans tap dancing around trump. hallie, thank you. >> let's bring in chuck todd, moderator of "meet the press." good morning. >> good morning. >> i listened to your interview with paul ryan. he called trump a unique nominee and puts republicans in a strange situation. he said members can vote conscious, but he will vote with the nominee. what do we make of this? >> look, he is acknowledging the obvious which is right now it looks like donald trump is not the most helpful nominee for republicans down the ticket. he knows that every republican is basically getting close to every republican for themselves. he said at end of the day, he makes the best decision as elected leader of the house. not as congress member ryan, but speaker ryan. he understands that every
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republican may have to make the best decision for their state. you say it any way without saying i can't run with donald trump is essentially what he is saying. >> chuck, on wednesday night, donald trump said republicans criticizing him, please don't talk. be quiet. if i have to go it alone without the rnc or establishment, i'll be just fine. he was right about that in the primary. is he right about that in the general? >> he is not. i understand why he wants them to stop talking. the more public the divide, the tougher it is for trump to raise money. right now, he is on a sort of cramming issue trying to raise as much money by the end of the july. that is why he is in georgia and texas and arizona rather than swing states. he is in big money communities. i tell you, the money is not coming in fast. that's the problem. the more you hear ryan and mcconnell and other senators wringing their hands about
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trump, more donors are wringing their hands. >> let's talk about hillary clinton. i know you think this is significant. she has a significant ad buy on air. why do you think this is an important time to do this? >> this is sort of the july and summer break and summer holidays and two conventions. the olympics in august. this is one of these important two or three week periods where you sort of where the race is at the end of june is where the race will be on labor day. if you recall four year ago, barack obama unloaded on mitt romney in the period before the convention. set a baseline and romney never recovered. this time -- romney actually had money to fight back on television. hillary clinton is up by herself. trump, the republicans, no one is countering this. she will be up by herself for two weeks. there are negative ads on him and positives on her. it could make it where he would be in a hole he cannot dig out.
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>> chuck todd, thanks so much. you can see more of the interview with paul ryan this sunday on "meet the press." another big story breaking. diplomats breaking ranks with the president calling for air strikes against the syrian government. richard engel is in istanbul this morning. richard, this is remarkable to have a break with the president from his own administration. >> i think it expresses the deep frustration that is even within the state department about the current u.s. policy in syria. don't forget 400,000 people had been killed in this five-year conflict. there is a dissent channel in which state department employees register opposition. what is unusual is that more than 50 mostly mid level state department employees choose to use this dissent channel to say they want a different policy. they want more military pressure put on the assad government.
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then that dissent was leaked to the media. it is something of a revolution within the state department whether it will change u.s. policy seems unlikely. the issue is the policy does not preve prevent assad and russia from killing civilians. unless pressure is put on assad, this bloodshed will continue. >> thank you, richard engel. back at home, disney world will add more alligator warning signs at the resorts. we are hearing this morning from the parents. we have nbc's gabe gutierrez with more. gabe, good morning. >> good morning. disney has not expressed how many signs will be put up. the medical examiner said the toddler di from traumatic injuries after drowning. this morning, disney world says
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it will beef up warnings signs following the death of 2-year-old lane graves. a prayer service in the nebraska hometown. his family saying words cannot describe the shock and grief we are devastated. the last gator related injury at disney world was 30 years ago. today, paul santa maria still has the scars. >> it thrashed me around side to side. >> reporter: last year, david heiden said two alligators chased his son. >> i'm not from florida. i don't know there are gators everywhere. >> reporter: disney world had a number of signs warning not to swim, but no alligators. other signs warned guests not to feed the wildlife. we only saw one mentioning alligators. disney said we closed all of our beaches and made a decision to
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add signage. we will have a swift review of processes. and this family live near the park. she is photographed plenty of gators. >> if there is water in florida, intere there's a gator. >> reporter: they defend disney. it clearly struck a nerve with parents across the country. >> the minute i heard they couldn't find him. that poor father trying to pull that child out of the alligator's mouth. >> the investigation into the child's death continues. a local sheriff says the wildlife officials pulled a couple more gators from the water, but so far have not determined which one grabbed the boy. willie and savannah. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you. other news now. new numbers to report on the zika virus. the number of women in the country have given birth to babies with birth defects tied
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to zika. nbc's tom costello is following it for us. >> good morning, savannah. no cases of women effected with the zika virus inside the continental united states. all cases involve women who contracted zika while out of the united states. this morning, the latest numbers from the cdc suggest three babies born in the u.s. with birth defects linked to zika. in all, 234 pregnant women in the u.s. have been diagnosed with zika. another 189 cases reported in u.s. territories. mostly puerto rico. now with summer heating up, concern that zika carrying mosquitoes could revive on the mainland. university of maryland bug expert michael ropp says dump the standing water. >> bird baths, flower pots,
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buckets of water. those will be the perfect breeding sites for mosquitoes. >> all of the experts advise wearing mosquito repellent. savannah. >> one big question, i think, for researchers and a lot of people at home. how long is the incubation period? how long between when you get zika and you start showing symptoms? >> the incubation period from exposure to symptoms not known exactly. it could be 2 to 14 days. sexual partners and pregnant women who have the zika virus are to practice safe sex. men in zika hot zones and return, even if they did not have symptoms are encouraged to wait eight weeks before having unprotected sex. guys. >> that's a tricky part. a lot of people don't have symptoms.
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tom, thank you. now to the extreme heat. temperatures in triple digit fuelling wildfires and power out a outages. we have janet shamlian for us. >> willie, good morning. the temperatures are soaring. in the past 24 hours, the number of calls to ambulances related to heat-related illness has spiked. this morning, sadly, another child has died in a hot car incide incident. this time in texas. this morning, a 3-year-old is the latest hot car death found in searing houston heat. police say the boy crawled in the backseat possibly to get a toy. the rear doors had the child safety locks so he could not get out. >> a kid is a poster child for the energizer bunny. >> reporter: the season's first
7:18 am
major heat wave has firefighters battling fires in california and arizona. mandatory evacuations in new mexico as the winds pick up and the threat spreads. across the plains and southwest, excessive heat warning in effect. a huge drain on the power grid and the hottest temperatures some cities have seen in a decade. >> by this weekend, sunday, 118. 120 for next monday. this is dangerous heat. >> this morning, st. louis and memphis are among the cities dealing with power outages. in california, the sherpa fire, exploded. u.s. 10 is closed for the second night. here in oklahoma city and cities in the region, it will feel like 110 degrees or hotter. guys, back to you. >> janet, thank you. we have dylan in for al and
7:19 am
more of what we can expect. >> it is scary because it can last through next week. in the middle of the country, it is the heat and humidity which makes it so unbearable to be outside. in the southwest, the dry heat. in southern california, that spreads the fires that are developing. we have 70 million people under some sort of heat alert right now. this lasts through the next several days. excessive heat warnings and advisories and heat watches in the general area. also includes the coast of south carolina and georgia too. look at our temperatures later on this afternoon. you put in the humidity, it feels like 105 later on today. that will last for several days. the southwest, air temperatures are up around 112 in phoenix. el paso should hit 107. the warmest in phoenix ever is 122. we are forecasts 119. palm springs, 117. we are most likely going to break records in the areas.
7:20 am
as we go into sunday and it will last through next week. drink water. stay out of the outdoors through the middle of the day. stay in the ac when you can. check on elderly and pets. it will be dangerous. that's is the local forecast. your forecast coming up. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. temperatures will get hotte as well. we are taking in milder temperatures today, low 60s in
7:21 am
east bay and san francisco. mostly cloudy skies but more sunshine in the south bay with a high up to 80. the peninsula will be topping out in the mid 70s and upper 70s for the east bay. the tri-valley will also be fairly warm this afternoon, up to 83. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan. thank you. what is being done to control the florida alligator population as we see first hand what it takes to capture one. and the o.j. documentary. never before seen photos from the crime scene and what simpson told a friend about refusing to take a lie detector test. first on a friday morning, this is "today" on nbc. detector test. this is "today"
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just ahead, something to think about. what is the best purchase you ever made? >> charlie puth tickets. a live concert on the plaza. sh t .
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we're on a whale. i can't believe my role isn't bigger. real ingredients. unbelievable taste. enjoy i can't believe it's not butter! ==vo== as plows to this sta clara home - narrly a very good friday morning to you. 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. an suv plowed into a santa clara home this morning narrowly missing a young boy and family inside. the suv crashed with another car at lafayette and lewis and hit a signal pole, a fence around the yard and smashed through the house itself. a 5-year-old boy was sitting on the couch when his mom and dad saw headlights through the window behind him. he was able to get out of way. little boy is okay but some of the family members and driver of both vehicles did have minor injuries. things are going to warm up this weekend. do we have a cool day at all? >> we'll feel nicer compared to the weather we had last weekend,
7:27 am
but it will still be hot toward the end of the weekend. our high temperatures reaching upper 70s to low 80s today. slightly above average. napa 77, oakland 77 and livermore up to 81. alameda county fair happening tonight. it will be very comfortable right after sunset. 72. once again our temperatures will be ramping up on sunday into the start of next week. let's head over to mike for a look at the commute. >> easy drive around the bay. two key spots we are watching. northbound 85 toward camden. there is still debris. slow from 87 but clear by 17. 101 jammed up to 880 -- sorry, 680 to the crash at 87. trying to get one more car out of the roadway. that will continue to back up right there for the bayshore freeway. rest of the bay too easy. bay bridge metering lights are on. we'll be back with another local news update in a half
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♪ ♪ to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day.
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♪ 7:30 now on a friday morning. june 17th, 2016. those are the sounds of charlie puth. we have will have a concert from the three-time grammy nominee coming up. that shot looks like i don't know what. it is a shot, but the train, the crazy train. never mind. >> she'll explain in the commercial break. >> this is the pregnancy brain. good morning. here are the headlines. the flight recorder has been recovered from the egyptair flight 804 one day after the cockp
7:31 am
cockpit voice recorder was found. rews are working around the clock across the west to contain several dangerous fires. this one in santa barbara county, california and one in new mexico. both fires fueled by hot dry weather. and the nba finals heading to game seven. cavs beat the warriors last night. that evening the series at 3-3. lebron james led the way with 41 points for the second straight game. the alligator attack at disney world is putting a spotlight on the gators in florida and how dangerous they can be. nbc's kerry sanders went out with trappers last night. >> reporter: good morning, willie. if there is a fresh body of water, assume there is a gator in it. they get too close to people or pet which are deemed to be
7:32 am
nuisance alligators. last year, the trappers that go out for the state, captured 7,513 nuisance gators. this is how they do it. it is a precarious business. one wrong step could be deadly. for three generations, the family has been trapping alligators in florida. the preferred method is a fishing rod and hook to snag a gator and drag to shore. on this night, a monster. a 13-footer. that's the death roll. >> let him roll on up. let him roll on up. >> reporter: this wild gator is almost 1,000 pounds. so big, the team tracked it ashore with the pickup truck. now climbing on its back and covering its eyes to calm it down. >> you're not scared? >> heart's beating. i respect them.
7:33 am
i don't know if scared's the right word. respect for these guys. >> reporter: as the sun sets, alligators begin to stir. they are nocturnal animals that need to eat once a week to survive. the mosquitoes are swarming and there's a tremendous amount of tension. every splash, every movement on the water, could be a gator. >> was that a gator? >> that was a bull frog. sounds like a gator. >> reporter: this is the sound of an alligator broadcast to lure them to trappers. it's mating season which experts say makes the gators more aggressive. that may explain why the gat or after sunset. at disney, there are no swimming signs, but there are no signs warning of the gators. >> i think they should have signs everywhere. >> do you think it is irresponsible they did not?
7:34 am
>> i don't think so. >> reporter: disney now plans to post gator signs. in the last two days as many as seven gators have been captured on the lake where the toddler has killed. bait lines are set to see if there are anymore. >> so if you worked at disney, would there be any way to control the gator population to make it safe for people? >> no. you know, i say no because they are in the wild. >> reporter: it is estimated there are 1.5 million gators in florida. the population controlled by a yearly hunt. it is smart to have a healthy respect for a lake, pond or ditch because there could be a gator lurking. state statistics show since 1948, 23 people have been killed by alligators. sadly now, guys, 24.
7:35 am
>> gator trapping is a dangerous business. kerry, thank you. we have dylan dreyer here with us for al. >> we have the wildfires in southern california. these are sundowner winds. they are similar to santa ana winds. as they rush down the mountain, they heat up and dry out. you have the dry conditions and it is not as windy as yesterday, but gusts near 20 to 25 miles per hour. temperatures will also heat up. by saturday, 86 degrees. by sunday, along with the gusty winds, temperatures up around 96 degrees. taking a look at the dangerous heat in the southwest. the hottest in tucson, 117 degrees. we are close to that by sunday with the forecast high of 116. in phoenix, 122 is the record. we are close to that on sunday with 119. possibly 120.
7:36 am
in las vegas, it will be hot, i don't think we will break the record. we should at least get up to 109 by the time we get into sunday. elsewhere across the country. we have a couple of spotty thunderstorms across the northern plain. unsettled across the southwest. still some of the thunderstorms will produce dangerous lightning. we could see brief gusty winds and small hail alo it will be slightly warmer today and we are already in the low 60s in parts of the bay area, like the east bay as well as the south bay. mostly cloudy skies in spots and sun peeking out in others. we'll be up to 70 in san francisco with a breezy wind in the east bay. 78 in the tri-valley reaching into the low 80s. into the weekend, we will have warming trend up to 90 on sunday. 90s stick with us for the start of next week. and that's your latest forecast, willie and savannah.
7:37 am
>> all right, dylan. thank you. now to that new documentary on o.j. simpson filled with revelations about the simpson murder case. a lot of people talking about this. >> absolutely. good morning, guys. this is actually the anniversary of the infamous o.j. bronco case. it happened 22 years ago today. despite all that passage of time, the documentary airing right now on espn still manages to reveal chilling new details. o.j. made in america is the latest course in seemingly e endless feast about the simpson saga, a critically acclaimed documentary over eight hours long divvied up over five nights hailed a masterpiece. >> one of the things we've learned this year is that even a story as as well and often told as the o.j. simpson case there's a lot more to run. >> the people versus o.j.
7:38 am
simpson. his non-fiction book was turned into this year's popular tv series on fx. >> your ex-wife, nicole simpson, has been killed. i'm so sorry. >> that program featured actors the espn documentary centers on real people like friend ron shipp who says simpson refused to take a lie detector test from police after ron goldman and his wife were murdered. >> they asked me to take a lie deterkts test. i told them no. what do mine you told them no? to be truthful, shipp, i have had dreams of killing her. >> the documentary is unflin unflinching revealing photos never before seen at the crime scene too graphic for us to show. and we spoke to carl simpson on simpson's so-called dream team. >> the viewer can appreciate the reasons why a jury decided the prosecution had failed to prove its burden of finding mr. simpson guilty.
7:39 am
>> race plays a pivotal role in this series, the civil rights role and rodney king riots serve as backdrops about a football star who distanced himself from racial politics. >> the documentary illustrates the central paradox of the o.j. simpson story, is that o.j. himself did everything he could to try to be seen as a non-racial figure. but the story of his acquittal is the story of how his defense team used race to o.j.'s tremendous benefit. >> marcia clark gave us a statement saying this documentary provides what is perhaps the most profound examination of the history of race relations in los angeles in any medium. the series tells the truth about the context in which the simpson trial took place and it is far and away one of the most riv riveting, moving and honest pieces i have ever seen. the fourth installment airs
7:40 am
tonight. it's just now starting to get into the infamous trial of the century which tells you how much there is to say about o.j.'s life. >> a rave review from marcia clark and she was the person at the center of it. thanks. coming up, what alecia keys is making her fans do at her concerts.
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prince william speaking out about his fight to end cyberbullying and why it's such a personal one. kelly is outside kensington palace for us this morning. hello. >> reporter: hi, good morning, willie. this is clearly a passionate topic for prince william. he was speaking at the founder's forum in london gathering of some of the top minds in technology. he told these people he's hated bullying ever since he was a child. that as a dad, he's alarmed by how much of it is online. he asked them to be part of the solution. from a dancing robot to virtual reality. >> flying fish. >> reporter: prince william got a taste of the latest high-tech toys, using the opportunity to tell the world's top internet companies and entrepreneurs that as a father of two young children, what he'd really like to see is a way to stop online bul bullying. >> from a young age, i detested bullying in all its forms.
7:46 am
as kathryn and i started our family a few years ago i was alarmed about the increasing reports of online bullying around the world. >> reporter: the royal power couple getting industry giant facebook, twitter, google and snap chat on board, moved not only by what their own children see online but also what they've heard from kids across britain. >> face to face traditional bul bullying. >> reporter: signature causes. >> from eating disorders after being subjected to a campaign of abuse on social media to the teenage boys who took their own lives following constant targ targeting, as a parent myself, i was appalled. >> reporter: the numbers are frig frightening. a third of all u.s. teenagers say they've been victims of cyberbullying, more than a million children bullied on facebook. kate, now a glamorous princess, was reportedly bullied as a child. the royal family all tweet and share pictures of prince george
7:47 am
and princess charlotte, get likes from around the world. as technology continues to evolve, prince william is urging the tech world to do its part, to make sure all children are safe online. >> prince william brought together this task force with the likes of twitter, facebook and other tech giants to brainstorm over the next several months about how they could develop something to stop cyberbullying, prince william s saying, guys, these companies can be a force for good on this issue. >> good for him on this. thank you very much. coming up next, meat loaf collapsing on stage, a scary collapsing on stage, a scary ♪ ♪
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some frightening moments during a meat loaf concert. hi, carson. >> meat loaf was performing in edmonton, canada, when fans witnessed a health scare on stage. ♪ as you see there, security rushed to his side. concerts watching that show were sharing pictures on social media and some weren't sure if it was part of the act. shortly after the audience was cleared out of the venue, meat loaf was taken to the hospital. this wasn't the first time this was witnessed by fans and witnessed it in 2003 and he cited conditions like exhaustion
7:52 am
and asthma. we haven't heard back. he was to have another concert in the same venue and we hope he's doing okay. >> thank you, carson. just ahead, charlie puth performing live on our concert stage. bill's family went to lowe's to find him the perfect gift for father's day. they have all the brands that dads love. i'm last and i wish mikey put in a little more effort. get a free lowe's gift card when you spend $200 or more on char-broil® grills and accessories.
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
good friday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are seeing clouds mixing in with the sunshine today. a few sprinkles left over in the north bay. temperaturewise, we made it into the low to mid 60s. it continues to warm up from there up to 80 in the south bay. the east bay 78 and in the tri-valley 83. san francisco looking at 70. we'll have mid 70s also in the north bay this weekend we are getting ready for intense heat to build across the southwest. it starts to spread into the central valley and eventually into the tri-valley. for our inland valleys heading into sunday and the start of next week. we'll keep you up-to-date on that. we areç looking over towar oakland where we are seeing slowing northbound 880. starting the morning build right north of the coliseum. i want to take you to the maps and show you the traffic around the rest of the bay shows a smooth, easy drive.
7:57 am
early crash around the airport cleared. backup off 280. happening now, vandal targeted the former home of steve jobs in palo alto and made threats. you can read more about that incident and the home's history on nabs bay a burglary victim chased down the suspect and detained him before cops arrived in san mateo. it's not the first time the burglar struck. we linked that story on our twitter page. a sting at a peninsula school led to a teacher in cuffs. how investigators joined forces with a student to land the arrest. check that out on our twitter feed. all the highlights and all the bad calls from last night's golden state warriors' game. i'm sure you saw it. they returned to the oracle on sunday to win the nba finals.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today" the new drug suddenly being rushed to patients treating certain kinds of cancer. could this be a game changer. asking men how becoming a father has changed their lives. >> i looked at my daughter's eyes and i said i am responsible for this tiny human. >> the life i led before is no more. it's been replaced by much better one. ♪ and charlie on the spot. grammy nominated sensation charlie puth takes to our summer
8:01 am
concert stage to perform his biggest hits live today june 17, 2016. ♪ only one call away i'll be there to save the day ♪ ♪ have a great weekend. good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." the weather is perfect. cannot wait. we're excited. they're excited. about to take our concert stage. we have everybody here. we have willie in for matt. nice to have you along. >> great crowd on a great new york city day today. today's concert is going to be a good one and we have three, count them three more for you over the course of the next week. >> bit of a homecoming here charlie from new jersey. a great lineup.
8:02 am
meghan trainor will be here tuesday morning. on thursday, we've got macklmore and ryan lewis. they are in the middle of a huge tour. and then wrap up our epic week in music one week from today steven tyler. bring it to the plaza. let's go inside now and natalie has a check of the top stories. hi, nat. >> new details this morning about the massacre in orlando. sources say the gunman was on social media during that attack checking to see if the carnage was trending. also texting with his wife. his final words to her, i love you, babe. meanwhile, president obama to the victims families on thursday. >> today, once again, as has been true too many times before, i held and hugged grieving family members and parents and they asked why does this keep
8:03 am
happening. >> in washington, republican senator john mccain said president obama was, "directly responsible" for the orlando attacks because of the rise of isis. mccain later said he misspoke. today britain is a country in shock and mourning after the assassination of a member of parliament there. jo cox was shot and stabbed on a street in northern england on thursday. witnesses say the man who was arrested shouted britain first before the attack. cox death comes heated debate whether europe should exit the european union. she was 41 years old and the mother of two young children. this is decision day for russia's track and field day. could be banned because of a doping scandal. nbc keir simmons is there. good morning. >> officials are still meeting here in vienna but multiple sources tell nbc news they are planning to uphold the ban on russia's track and field team
8:04 am
and they are unlikely to compete in rio. this morning, russia's track and field team are fighting to go to rio. if they're banned, it will likely boost team usa's medal count. in moscow, we meet 23-year-old world champion high jumper who has never been accused of doping and hopes to compete. have you ever doped? have you ever been asked to dope or told you must dope in order to win? >> no. >> never? >> never. "why should i pay for someone else's mistake," she says. but the olympic head admitted that his country has a doping problem. >> doping has been widespread in russia. >> also mainly, yes. i think, mainly, yes. >> reporter: he says they are cleaning up and shouldn't be banned. but in germany, the journalist who first exposed the scandal involving bribes and even russia's secret service says
8:05 am
russia cannot compete. >> having seen all the evidence, all the facts, i don't believe that there's any realistic chance that suspension will be lifted. >> reporter: the outcome will impact athletes like olympic high jumper who may have missed out on gold in london. >> i don't know if there will ever be a level playing field because i don't know if we can ever completely clean out doping around the world. >> reporter: she will head for rio, officials will decide today whether maria will be left at home. how much do you want to go to rio? >> very, very much. >> very much. >> yes. >> it's your life. >> my dream. >> so, we are expecting an announcement any time now that russia's track and field team will not be allowed to compete in rio. the olympic committee can overturn that ban or allow individual athletes to complete
8:06 am
but that would be unprecedented. natalie? >> we'll fall though story from vienna. thanks so much. just in time for father's day, this foul ball drive hit into the stands at the philly's game shows off this dad's amazing skills. not only make this one-handed catch there, his daughter resting in his lap and drink tray in the other hand and he's seated the whole time. i don't think his drink even spilled there. no problems. multi-tasking dad of the year award. >> and the little girl, no idea. >> impressed. natal natalie, thank you. one step closer to a cure. dr. natalie azar weighing in on the fight against cancer. what is the most life-changing purchase you have ever made? we'll see that on trending. charlie puth live on the plaza. but, first, these messages. . >> first, these messages. kohl's has hundreds of great gift ideas at prices you'll love! like a new dress shirt or tie
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the citi double cash card. i will change you. change your goals to get you home earlier every day. sometimes i will give you superpowers. but sometimes, i'll make you feel like the weakest man in the world. i will test your patience to make your heart softer... ... and your limits to make you tougher. but i promise dad, it will be the greatest journey of your life. ♪ > major news in the fight against cancer, a large scale trial of the drug keytruda ending early because it's showing great promise, treating people with advanced lung cancer. dr. natalie azar is here with us. how big a deal with this is for
8:12 am
people with cancer? >> this is a huge deal, willie, for people with what we call non-squall cell lung cancer, the most common type of lung cancer. keytruda has approval to treat this lung cancer as a second line therapy, meaning after you tried and failed conventional therapy, this trial looked at it compared to standard. first line therapy, and the study praarticipants did so wel they had to discontinue the trial early because it would be unethical to continue to not give all the patients the study drug. >> this is the same drug, is it not, former president jimmy carter was using and said it helped him with melanoma and shrunk the tumor in his brain? >> it's the medicine that allows your immune system to attack cancer cells. cancer cells can be very tricky and evade your body's immune system. the medicine allows your body to take a break and allows your body to fight cancer itself. >> this could be very exciting
8:13 am
for cancer patients watching our show this morning. what kind of cancer patients should be thinking about this treatment? >> that's important. not every single person with this type of cancer will be a candidate for this therapy. they tested the patients' chancer to make sure that it has on its surface the particular cell that the drug targets. we think 25% of patients with this non-small lung cancer do have that and theoretically make the drug more efficacious in those people. >> exciting because this could be a first treatment before chemotherapy. in other words, you might not have to do chemo. >> that's right. this could be practice-changing. for people with this type of small lung cancer, we should say there can be serious side effects associated with all medicines, immunotherapy is considered generally much more tolerable than conventional chemotherapy. >> potentially exciting news. >> very exciting.
8:14 am
very exciting. >> thank you so much. now to dylan with a look at the weather. >> we have a few showers in washington, d.c. and maryland. yesterday, we had 200 reports of wind damage because of some of the storms we saw yesterday. now, it will continue to slide to the south and see a few scattered showers and storms in savannah, georgia, then moving into northern florida. none should be very severe. and we could see downpours leading to brief flash flooding and onshore winds and lead to rip currents in the southeast. we're starting out with a mix of sun and clouds, and we are looking at some warmer temperatures later on this afternoon. we will have some temperatures up to 83 degrees in the tri-valley and the east bay. also looking at some 70s. mid-70s for the peninsula and 76 degrees in the north bay. a mix of sun and clouds in san francisco with a high of 70 degrees. now, it will be fairly mild today, but our temperatures will be warming up this weekend. inland valleys will be hitting the low 90s by sunday.
8:15 am
>> that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you so much. time for "what's trending today." we're going to play a game of cups. just kidding. this is freshman year of college. no. who does not love fast-food, convenient and delicious, not all created equal. there can be huge calorie differences in the same foods from different chains. this is an item we read online that was trending. and a little quiz. you will raise your glass to vote. you have starbucks, mcdonald's and -- >> chick-fil-a. >> chick-fil-a. who do you think's coffee has the least calories? starbucks, chick-fil-a or mcdonald's? >> mcdonald's? >> it is starbucks, people. >> really? >> they're cold brew has only 60 calories, before the half and half. yogurt parfait, the least calories?
8:16 am
sit mc -- is it mcdonald's, starbucks, or chick-fil-a? >> i'm hoping mcdonald's. >> willie gets it. mcdonald's. >> exactly. breakfast sandwich. whose is the least calories? >> does chick-fil-a have a breakfast sandwich? >> i wish we had one to try. >> always chick-fil-a. >> chick-fil-a. >> dylan? >> i'm going mcdonald's muffin. >> okay, guys, it's starbucks. starbucks. >> not chick-fil-a. >> least caloric? finally, salad. whose salad is -- >> who cares? >> chick-fil-a, starbucks or mcdonald's. >> mcdonald's. >> mcd's. >> chick-fil-a has it. >> i still feel like we should be trying all of those. >> i know. we really should have been. >> generally speaking, chick-fil-a. >> yes, exactly. now, to what may be the future of concerts, a lot of performers including alicia keys embracing a new technology to
8:17 am
encourage phone-free shows. introducing the yonder. a pouch that locks your smartphone inside. concert-goers are given one when they show up. you can hang onto it all night but can't open it yourself. if you want to use your phone, you have to walk back outside the venue and tap it on a metal disk to unlock it. i guess she's tired of people holding up their phones an recording. >> i get the sentiment. live and let live. if you want to ruin the concert by looking through a little phone the whole time, go ahead. >> videos never turn out. so, it's not like -- >> you're ruining everything. >> i just per for, for security reasons, i would want to have access to my phone. yeah. whatever. >> we will speak with alicia keys next week. so i'm going to go with, that is genius. the whole no-makeup thing. you are on to something. i love you. i can't wait to see you, go
8:18 am
"voice." >> the answer is chick-fil-a! >> and alicia keys. >> what is the best purchase you ever made? don't say chick-fil-a. thousands of people responded on reddit to this very question. some said a luxury matt res. kindle. lasik surgery. running shoes. >> a good mattress. >> the boring answer is your home. i finally bought a home two years ago after pouring money into the rental market. but i did buy a 1994 ford bronco when i was in college, and we were inseparable. yeah. >> a really good blow dryer. in this business, that's like as important as your pen and pad. okay? >> finally, it's friday, we've got this -- just kidding! just kidding. natalie. >> i got nothing. i got nothing.
8:19 am
don't even go there. no! [ laughter ]. >> you can have a shot of tequila or take a fishbowl question. >> a shot of tequila. >> every time. let's get to pop story. we have a lot to get to. let's start with amy schumer. the comedian gracing the cover of "vogue's" july issue, and meeting with the head honcho, miss anna wintour. and the ladies decided to switch roles for a day. >> i could totally do what he does. >> i could do what you do. >> which one of these? it shouldn't be a big decision. >> are those not the same? >> no. >> no? >> not at all. >> yeah, i know. i just didn't know you knew. >> so then i said to her, you go first. [ laughter ] that's my time. but remember, winter is coming.
8:20 am
>> whoa! anna wintour can do it all. we still love you, amy. you can find that july issue of "vogue" on newsstands on the 22nd of june. and now to "hamilton." a change in casting. the writer and star lin-manuel miranda has other projects in the works. his understudy, javier munoz will take over. they'll finish with the original cast before lin-manuel departs. it will be documented. >> that's insane. >> javier is great, by the way. lin-manuel is lin-manuel. but javier, the understudy, he'll be great. >> great, thank you. >> you're welcome. the today parents team life changes project is created with our sponsor, johnson's.
8:21 am
discovering wonders with parents and babies. our today parenting team is celebrating father's day a couple of days early today. >> we asked how fathers changed their lives and some are weighing in. take a look. >> my life changed when i became a dad, when i looked in my daughter's eyes, and i was like, oh, my gosh. i'm responsible for this tiny human. >> i didn't know how much love my heart could hold. i didn't know. >> the life i led before is no more. stst been replaced by a much better one. >> i was always a happy go lucky person, which i still am, but suddenly i realized i had a bigger mission. >> being a dad, especially being a dad of girls, means being covered in glitter at all times. >> i'm not a perfect dad, no question about that. until they tell me to quit showing up, i'm just going to be as engaged as i can. >> i am the kind of dad who is wrapped around my little girl's finger.
8:22 am
and i don't see how that's going to change. >> i wanted to be a dad when i was 5. so, it's better than anything. better than a bagel with lox and cream cheese. >> my relationship with sleep is totally different now. before, we were totally in love, me and sleep and now she doesn't even call me. >> i knew i was a dad when i was asked to coach basketball by my younger daughter, and i can't even make a layup. >> when i changed my first poopy diaper at 1:00 a.m. >> on a rainy afternoon we looked in the backseat of our car and went, we're actually taking her home? >> i never knew how many dance moves i had until i became a dad. >> hang on. it's okay. it's scary and terrifying, but awesome. >> hey, i love you. >> i love you. >> one bit of advice i give to new dads is to slow down and enjoy the little wonders of life. >> they can teach you more on a
8:23 am
single walk around the park than you probably can learn from 20 years of school. so look at them. listen to them. take them in. >> the most joyful moments for me of being a dad, i wake her up in the morning. i'm the first one in there and so i see her, like, first smile in the morning. >> the joy we see when the five of them on occasion are all loving and helping and being part of kind of swimming in the same direction and pulling the same rope is awesome. i mean, it's indescribable. >> when they take the first step, your heart is going to break. and then they get on the school bus, you think your heart is going to break. they get on a plane and go to europe by themselves and you think your heart is going to break. really, your heart is not going to break for sad reasons, your heart is filled with joy. >> going on a big big slide at an amusement park. she's really afraid. i think, do you trust me? she's like, you know what, daddy? i do trust you. we went wn the slide and afterwards she gave me a hug and
8:24 am
said, daddy, i'm really glad you helped me. i was like, oh. >> 107 days in neonatal to a college graduate. it's like being on a magic carpet ride. >> an ideal father's day, for me, it sounds so simple, but the day where we're just together as a family. and have no distractions. >> they aren't watching some youtube video or chatting with their friends. i think if they're just hanging out with me, it's a perfectly fine father's day. >> before, everything was 2d and now everything's in 3d. everything sort of matters a little more. blastoff! whoo! >> every day is father's day for me. i know it sounds cheesy and corny, but it truly is. >> beautiful. yeah. >> not a dry eye. >> we have two good daddies here at the table. >> it's really changed you,
8:25 am
right, fatherhood? >> my daughter was born nine years ago this week. and you could feel it physically. the moment she appeared in that delivery room, your heart turned outward instead of inward. and in that moment, nothing else matters. >> i lost my dad when i was 5. and my mom re-married when i was 8. i had early lessons how important parenting is and blessed with two incredible fathers. by the time i had my first kid, i understood the fragility of life, number one, and the importance of fatherhood. everything we do in a day somehow is geared towards that decision reflecting my family and kids. >> it's so awesome. we get to see you guys in action. you're such active fathers. so patient and sweet. >> you look at dylan going to have her first kid, what she feels now we remember from our first. >> just watching that, i can't wait for myself to feel, for brian to feel. >> your life changes for the better. they say, you will be tired. changes forever but for the better.
8:26 am
>> it's just fun. it's fun. >> almost every day. >> almost every day. all right. we're back right after this, === opening statement a very good morning to you. it is 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. opening statements begin this morning in the criminal trial against pg&e and the deadly pipeline explosion. a jury was selected yesterday. eight people died. 38 homes were destroyed when a major pipeline ruptured back in 2010. the utility is now facing 12 separate criminal charges involving pipeline safety, including shoddy record-keeping and failing to properly inspect its lines. there is also an obstruction of justice charge for allegedly lying to investigators. pg&e pleaded not guilty to all those charges. let's check that morning commute. is there one out there, mike? >> you know, not much of one, laura. what there was in the south bay as far as any big issues, looks like they've cleared as well. north 87th slowed up near
8:27 am
kurtner. there may be something going on on the shoulder. that may be the reason for more slowing going into downtown. that's it. the rest looks very well. southbound 101 at willow, we heard about a crash or debris, something blocking the fast lane, so a minor delay. the rest of the area, approaching the bay bridge, the maze is clear. maybe slowing past the coliseum for the nimitz. the bay bridge toll plaza, look at this. oh, yeah, good stuff. back to you. >> that's what i thought. friday light sometimes, right? all right. another local news update coming up in about half an hour. hope you have a great friday.
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪ hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
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♪ ♪ 8:30. it is friday morning the 17th of june. there is the man of the hour, charlie puth, meeting and gre greeting and getting ready to take our concert stage. we cannot wait for that and he will do so in a couple of minutes. >> i'd love to react to what you just said but i didn't hear a world of it because of the charlie puth nation out here. we'll catch up, bill simmons made his mark on the sports world and now trying his hand on
8:31 am
late night tv and pop culture and more in a second. >> first, a check on the weather. we are inching closer and closer to the weekend. gorgeous in the northeast. low humidity and temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. we look back in the northern plains, especially northern north dakota and montana, a chance we could see isolated stronger stores, scattered storms sunday and it will continue to move to the minneapolis area. it is all about the heat and hot and humid through the plains and midwest. it will feel it's up around 100 and sunday especially in the southwest, we could be close to breaking all time record highs. the hottest ever good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have some low to mid-60s already across the bay area. 64 degrees in san francisco with mostly cloudy skies. our temperatures are starting to
8:32 am
warm up, also where we have a little bit more sunshine in the south bay. now, the skies will be clearing in the north bay. you're seeing a lot of clouds there now. it will be up to 76 degrees in san francisco, 70 degrees, and some mid-to-upper 70s for the east bay and peninsula. south bay 80 degrees. we'll also have low 80s for the tri-valley and much hotter this weekend. >> that's your latest forecast, carson. >> thank you, dylan. we have our experts here, joy bauer, jenna bush hager, helping you get a fresh start today and live on "today's" facebook page taking questions everything from fashion to fitness. we have a question from ann asking how do you stay organized during a busy work week? >> i get asked this question all the time. whatever you have worn and your kids have worn and your significant other, you hang up and put away. that will put you in a great position to start the next day. for women, you have big bags, like all of us.
8:33 am
at the end of the day, go through everything. take everything out of the bag and see what you need and don't need from the day and start the next day fresh. it makes a huge difference. >> take all that candy out. >> all the candy. >> they will be hanging out the rest of the hour. that's right. >> keep those questions coming. they're on today's facebook page. send to it you guys. >> thanks. sports writing, books, podcasts, documenta documentaries, bill simmons has done it all, not too shabby for a guy from boston who dreamed of having his own sports column. >> now, he's adding even more to his impressive plate, called "any wednesday" take a look. >> i'm bill simmons, here's what i believe. i believe in the four point line. i believe soup is the perfect food. i believe in this presidential pick. i believe every dicaprio movie would be just a little bit better as a matt damon movie. >> bill simmons, good morning.
8:34 am
congrats on the show. so people know it's not just a sports show. soup is an important issue to address, matt damon's talent is important to address. what do we expect? >> little pop culture, where stuff's going type things. i'm really about -- i love having conversations with people and the show is geared around that. some stuff i'm writing. we're trying to figure out if the show is this wednesday night what the opener is and thought the win is in five and now last night, ooh, whatever happens sun night will determine the opener of the show. i don't know what will happen. >> since you brought it up, what will happen. you go to a game sepp and probably didn't think it would last that far. lebron goes nuts again and scores 41. >> i thought the gaime would en in five and draymond decided to get somebody's other region in play. they lose game five and lose game six. iguodala is hurt now, the guy that normally guards lebron and
8:35 am
walking around with a bad back and no andrew bogut. i'm wondering can lebron do this? if he does, does he leave cleveland and say, thank you, i did what i said and moving to l.a. and now phase two. >> the first part of your show you don't know what you will do. you have guests books? >> eventually i will know. the first guest is ben affleck, boston homey and charles barkley. >> nice. >> we knew the nba finals would be leading up to it. the draft is the next day. the nba is my sport and that will be good. who is your dream guest. you talked to the united states, went to the white house and interviewed him. you talked to larry bird, your hero. where do you go after those two g guys? >> i hate the dream guest thing because anybody watching this not the dream guest, they'll be like, screw him. any dead person would be a dream
8:36 am
guest. because of the ratings. i'm intrigued with michelle ob, talking about girls and sports and things like that things she cares about i care about because i have an 11-year-old daughter that plays soccer. i think that would be good, we can have a conversation. i'm all for like who can i click with. i think my booker -- you guys have bookers? >> we sure do. sometimes my bookers get a little frustrated and like, really? i just don't see it and somebody else, that one, that's a good one, let's do that one. it really depends who you will click with. >> a rot -- lot of people know you because you spent many years with espn as a sportswriter. you left espn last year and a little bit controversial for those that don't recall. >> willie was right in the middle of it. i worked with his sister for years. a wild family, very tough for all of us. >> what happened there? i mean, it seems like -- you might call it a personality
8:37 am
conflict? >> see, i look at it the other way. i made it 14 years. it's a place that people that are outspoken or creative or frustrated creative people, they're not really meant to be there for two decades. i look back and i think, like, seven years, eight years might have been probably the max. to get 14 and you did some great stuff, created 30 for 30 and created grantland, stuff we did on, i look back it an and i'm amazed by all the stuff we're able to do. >> this is a legal requirement, i have to read what the espn president said on his statement some comments you said on "the hollywood reporter" i know you said you regret it but some thought disparaged some of the employees there. >> i wasn't talking about the employees when i said it, which is the problem. it's fine. >> he said i severed our relationship with bill because of his repeated lack of respect for this company and more important the people who work here. >> what's interesting about that, at grandlatland i had 50
8:38 am
people there and 27 of them are with me now. stats don't lie. >> i will do a quick rapid fire round. either/or. bigger boston sports god. bird or brady? >> i think wrabrady at this poi. he has the four super bowls and deflategate has galvanized massachusetts and the surrou surrounding states behind him because it's the us against them thing that makes boston so special. >> that's big for you to say that given your bird thing. >> 90210 or "melrose place"? >> 90210. more longevity. "melrose place" spawned off 90210. >> better fake football coach any given wednesday, al pa economy pacino any given thursday or -- >> pacino had the great speech on any given sunday better than any coach taylor moment and had explosi
8:39 am
explosions. >> guacamole or mac-n-cheese? >> that's your last question? >> i thought it was a hard one. >> avocado. one of the things i like about being in l.a. avocado overrated. >> talking trash about avocado. >> i was going to talk trash about how you guys are number 1 again. i was going to congratulate you. >> glad you brought it up. >> they just gave us three minutes. >> abc cripples their 9:00 a.m. show to make their 7:00 a.m. show a tiny bit weaker, i didn't agree with that decision. >> bill simmons. >> we're all happy now. >> any given wednesday premiers next wednesday. figure skating or gymnastics? >> spend more time with bill on sunday today. coming up next, one commercial break away, bill simmons. charlie puth live on our concert
8:40 am
stage. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:41 am
♪ this goes out to every backyard hero. for all the effort you put into making the perfect barbecue, there's only one grill that's engineered and designed with the same kind of passion,
8:42 am
weber. available at the home depot. the city concert series on "today" presented to you by citi. >> before charlie puth performs, let's look at his road to stardom. ♪ >> it's been a rapid rise for 24-year-old charlie puth. just last year he broke out on the music scene as songwriter, singer and vocalist. the tribute to the late paul walker was featured on the movie "serious seven" and stayed on the top 100 six weeks and platinum six times. the three time grammy nominated star has been unstoppable ever
8:43 am
since. >> his rise has been meteor rick, going from a youtube sensation and breaking streaming records. in his debut album nine track mind, puth joins force with some of music's powerhouses including meghan trainor on the hit song, "marvin gaye" and selena go metz -- gomez on we don't talk anymore. today, the new jersey native is home and ready to rock our plaza. here he is, ladies and gentlemen, charlie puth! [ applause ] ♪ we don't talk anymore we don't talk anymore we don't talk anymore ♪ ♪ we don't laugh anymore we don't talk anymore like we used
8:44 am
do ♪ ♪ i just want to know how you feel ♪ ♪ even after all this time why i can't move on ♪ ♪ the dress you're wearing so tight ♪ ♪ i can't get you out of my brain ♪ ♪ we don't talk anymore we don't talk anymore, we don't talk anymore like we used to do ♪ ♪ we don't love anymore, we don talk anymore like we used to do.
8:45 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we don't talk anymore we don't talk anymore we don't talk anymore like we used to do ♪ ♪ we don't laugh anymore we don't talk anymore like we used to do ♪
8:46 am
♪ ♪ if it's just right the way i did before ♪ just right the way it was before i can't get you out of my mind oh, it's such a shame that we don't talk anymore we don't talk anymore ♪ ♪ we don't talk anymore like we used to do we don't laugh anymore like we've done it before oh we don't talk anymore like we used to do ♪ ♪ we don't talk anymore
8:47 am
♪ the way we did before we doan talk anymore like we used to do ♪ ♪ we don't talk anymore [ cheers and applause ] >> more from charlie puth and all our concert artists. we have a lot more music from charlie, but straight ahead, this is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
sfx: turbines revving up, getting louder and louder
8:49 am
you hear that? that's the sound of our summer sale firing up its engines with fares as low as $69 dollars one-way. so get ready to take off... because sale prices as low as these don't happen every day! book your low fare now at low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. sfx: clap, clap, ding ♪ we don't talk anymore we don't talk anymore ♪ we're back with three-time grammy nominated charlie puth. charlie, good morning. >> good morning. >> can i just say, in case anybody hasn't heard, your record, "nine track mind" has
8:50 am
just been sir if ied gold. >> yeah can you believe that? amazing. i just found that out yesterday. it's only been out five months. >> you said we don't talk anymore, who are you talking to? >> something special. >> it's the we don't talk tour. we just announced that. tickets go on sale, i think today. it's just like a theme and people that know the song. >> you burst on to the scene with the song "see you again." the song from the paul walker movie. you used that song as a tribute song and this week as a tribute to the 49 people killed in orlando. >> i dedicated it to my friend, christina grimmie and those in orlando who lost their life. like i always say, your body dies and your soul lives on. and earn's soul that was lost that day goes into everybody else. that's what "see you again" is all about. it's to help everyone with the loss. >> you will sing it now and dedicated to those lost in
8:51 am
orlando. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ it's been a long day without you my friend and i'll tell you all about it when i see you again ♪ ♪ we've come a long way from where we began ♪ ♪ i will tell you all about it when i see you again ♪ ♪ when i see you again ♪ she had to leave so soon she had to go why'd she have to
8:52 am
leave me when i needed you the most ♪ ♪ play it back over and over hear the last words i know you're in a better place but it's always gonna hurt ♪ ♪ carry on give me all the strength i need ♪ ♪ it's been a long day without you my friend and i'll tell you all about it when i see you again ♪ ♪ we've come a long way from where we began oh i'll tell you all about it when i see you again ♪ ♪ when i see you gone ♪ oh, oh oh, oh, oooh
8:53 am
♪ hold ever memory as you go and i will always miss you ♪ ♪ it's been a long day without you my friend and i'll tell you all about it when i see you again ♪ ♪ we've come a long way from where we began ♪ ♪ oh i'll tell you all about it when i see you again when i see you again ♪ ♪ ooh, oh, oh, oh, ooh
8:54 am
♪ ooh, ooh, oh [ cheers and applause ] >> charlie puth, a beautiful tribute. thank you. we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. ♪ when i see you again
8:55 am
8:56 am
stay tuned for what we have coming up. >> we have more charlie puth and bacon pancakes. i say again,i'm ... ==map== mosqes keep tting posive for the west nileus in the good morning, everyone. 8:56. i'm scott mcgrew. mosquitos are testing positive for the west nile virus in the south bay, so more fogging will take place. you're looking at a map of the area that crews will fog thursday night into friday morning. this includes oak ridge mall area, gunderson high school and marshall coddle park. that's the area they're focusing on for now. but mosquitos with west nile in large regions of the south bay from campbell to south san jose,
8:57 am
several neighborhoods have already been fogged. sn snmt. happening now, we continue to watch the fallout offer the warriors' emotional loss to game six in the nba finals. the big buzz this morning is that controversial tweet from steph curry's wife. you can get in on the conversation on our facebook page. plus, onstage drama. singer meatloaf collapsed during a concert in canada on stage. you can get an update on his condition and see that video as he collapses on our website, and looking for adventure? how about a night in a gas station? one northern california business will let you do it for 50 bucks. you can read about that on our website as well. more news coming up in a half hour.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on today's take, charlie puth kicking off his tour with a big concert on our plaza and the latest twist in the feud of bad blood between taylor swift and kim kardashian and jim and his love of family and food, all that and more coming up from nbc news, this is "today's" take with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this friday mornings, june 17th, 2016. a special day because charlie puth is playing on the plaza. boy, does he bring a lot of people. >> a lot of people and
9:01 am
screaming. i love it. >> he will be sitting with us in a few minutes for all your charlie puth fans and another song later on in our hour. >> he's a jersey boy. >> remember when he wfirst came on and was vowed to be this huge star and talked about going to the beach and digging in the sand. that song, he wrote just orga c organically, "hanging out in jersey." >> you watch him, a huge talent. can do it all. al is on assignment. our morning gem was -- what is this one? this is marvin gaye. charlie and meghan train nor. >> was there another song i missed? >> i love that song. >> we'll talk to charlie in an a couple minutes. let's start with the final moments of the nba, lebron james willing his team to victory.
9:02 am
but star guard mvp steph curry was ejected in the final minutes of the game after losing his temper after getting his sixth foul, throws his mouth guard aapparently hit a fan and gets in a fan's case, a little out of character for him, a pretty dude usually. it wasn't just any fan he hit with a mouth guard, the son of one of the cleveland cavalier's owners. >> what are the odds? >> he did go sorry. >> of all the people, he hit that kid. he later apologized. >> his wife tweeted in and then deleted this, i lost all respect. this is absolutely rigged for ratings, or money i don't know which. and then later tweeted, sorry, heated in the -- tweeted in the heat of the moment and thought the foul calls were called late
9:03 am
in the game. >> there's always controversy conspiracy theater, did they force a game seven. the score was so clear the cavs outplayed them. >> this is what we were talking about today, you're right, matt, everyone believes, it is rigged, the team is against my team. when it's your spouse, is it appropriate for you to go in on -- remember another saying my husband can't catch and throw the ball at the same time. remember christina, willie's beautiful wife, our friend, coming in today. i'm with the wives on this one. would you show up at joe's work? >> this is his job. >> you're passionate and more of a fan because of that. >> you're passionate about your husband. >> you're passionate about your husband and the team and want them to succeed. i don't know.
9:04 am
listen, i just think it's hard to separate, like your heart is there with them in every way. >> that applies to regular life, too. christina's heart is with willie on "today's" take. >> christina has read things about willie and said, i will reply, and i'm like, don't do that. don't engage. >> she said she tweeted in the heat of the moment. i can understanden eneand somet been that wife where you want to go off. >> you wanted to call joe's job? that would be amazing. >> i would never do that. i think in this situation talking sports and fans, it's a little different. >> he was fired up. you know steph didn't want that and will be asked about it and a conspiracy, and they had a talk. >> you can't accuse my employer -- >> i love it. >> next up on our list of things, we showed you a great foul ball catch. we often show them and yesterday
9:05 am
we did one as well. here is one i'm told is even more. this is real. philadelphia yesterday, the phillies and toronto blue jay game, a dad caught a foul ball holding not just a child but a plate of food and a nacho. not a chach -- nacho, a tray of nachos. i am more impressed with the child having great confidence in her father. >> she didn't even get out of her seat. >> it's days before father's day, ply mom is watching and he is not going to drop me. >> this is my dad. >> he's so casual, hold s that hand up late, i got this. >> dad of the year. >> speaking of dad of the year, we have a great dad of the year, dad of many many years, dad of five, sunday, of course, father's day. jim is here with us now. >> he's here now?
9:06 am
>> what a surprise! >> we're talking top guests for father's day. >> i've only been here three days in a row. you can't get rid of me. >> that's why we keep bringing you back. >> we want to talk top gifts with you. >> top gifts. >> for father's day. i'm desperately looking for that top gift right now and i think a lot of people are in the crunch. >> i think for father's day, what i'm hoping that my children will leave me alone. i know that sounds horrible, i joke, whatever they do. amazing, a little kid, they have no money, no income. >> right. >> and they will make you junk. they're horrible artists. you act like you enjoy it and you love it, right. >> what do you do with their artwork? >> i throw it away, and crumple it right in front of them and go, garbage, get back to work! >> you throw it away? >> no. i'll hold on to it and hand to it my wife and it will sit on
9:07 am
the table for a week and then -- >> you don't put it under covers or anything like that? >> that's only for good stuff. we'll have some stuff up. >> your general feeling about father's day. we kind of down play it in our house. i feel mother's day is the big deal and father's day is the throw away. >> what are you saying? >> maybe it's just me. >> the guy's home, yeah yeah. >> father's day is not like any dad looks at whatever sunday it is and goes, oh, finally, father's day. finally, i can -- it's a strange thing because it's a maid up holiday but all holidays are made up, right? there is a certain aspect you sit there and you go, hey, is father's day important? yes. maybe not as important as cinco de mayo. it's a good day. >> a margarita and gift and card. >> i think obviously not to get too sappy, it's the most
9:08 am
important thing we will do, right, if you have children, it's like -- it's not like you can -- you can't suck at it. >> that's true. >> if you drop the ball, it's over. >> or if you drop the kid at a baseball game. >> that's right. >> it's over. >> that guy, that was planned. >> oh, no! >> how did they orchestrate that. >> first of all, that was a fake baby. the ball was already in his hand. like if you slow down the footage, he just has the ball. >> okay. >> see, look at this. >> narrate this for us. >> yeah. >> they just cut to -- >> that was edited video. >> that baby -- that kid is sohn onto his shirt. it wasn't that impressive. do that with five kids. >> there you go. >> right? >> there you go. you're a great dad just for keeping track of your children. with five of them in a new york apartment, how do you do it? >> i don't do it very well.
9:09 am
>> look at that! >> i'm creating my own nationality. it's going well so far. there's some random guy, that's my lover. >> that's school of rock. >> that school of rock was amazing. >> what are the ages of your kids? >> 12, 10, 7, 5, 3. >> you just made those up. you wouldn't know otherwise. >> a lottery number. how do you keep track of the numbers? >> people ask me how old are your sons? 10 and 2. no, wait. that's wrong. >> a certain amount of guilt. the photos out there, this isn't what they're like anymore. this is from two months ago. i don't know. that's why i get on a bus with my kids. you've got to -- it's finding time to spend with your kids. >> so true. >> i don't know if i'm doing it right. >> you want a peaceful day on sunday? >> i'm sure, it's spending time with them.
9:10 am
yeah. n napping, i'm married to an amazing women where she lets me nap. otherwise, i do want to be alone. >> by the way, fun difvo, gre greeting cards, special outing with dad on the bus, as you said and clothing and gift cards are the top gifts. >> what are you going to get? >> when you expect nothing, you are never disappointed. i want to hang out with my kid. if they make me something, that's great, a card. >> they have no income to get you -- this is all you spend on your zero income. >> i know you didn't buy that. >> what did your mom give you to give me? >> cute. >> we will do the weather. we will talk about jim's show in a few minutes, first, a check of the weather with mom to be, dylan dreyer. >> that's nice. nothing to do with father's day. that's nice. >> for brian. >> for brian. we are looking at pretty exceptional heat down through
9:11 am
the southwest. this area of high pressure will cause sinking air and heats up as it does so. we have 70 million people under some sort of heat alert in the southern plains and midwest. the humidity will make it feel like it's closer to 105 and in the southwest the air temperature will be exceptional. 112 in phoenix and tomorrow and sunday we could be approaching all time record highs at 120 degrees. now a peek out your window. and that's your latest forecast. guys. >> all right, dylan.
9:12 am
thank you very much. up next, a little more of jim. and charlie puth on the concert stage before he heads your car insurance policy is 22 pages long. did you read every word? no, only lawyers do that. so when you got rear-ended and needed a tow, your insurance company told you to look at page five on your policy. did it say "great news. you're covered!" on page five? no. it said, "blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah..." the liberty mutual app with coverage compass makes it easy to know what you're covered for and what you're not. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. what it can't do. your calculus homework. what it can do.
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everyone gets kohl's cash too! that you can use later on just about anything you want online or in store! all weekend at kohl's. now that's the good stuff. kohl's. 24-year-old charlie puth went from videos on youtube to the platinum that earned a grammy nomination tore the duo. >> including hits like "marvin gaye," one call away and "we don't talk anymore." he's been outside and taking time to talk with us. good morning. >> i like how you said gold. gold, i like gold! certified gold! >> yes! >> i'm a gold puth.
9:16 am
>> gold puth. >> there you go. >> want to be platinum puth. >> next 007. >> when's our next collaboration coming about? >> meghan trainor. >> she's a friend of the show. does she know how we sing? we're terrible. >> she has to adjust. >> the tambourine. >> there was a time on the plaza here your dad was telling us a story about when you were a kid, i don't know how old, you were here for james taylor? >> in 2007, james taylor did a christmas album. i remember i swkipped school, i had a spanish test that day, sorry, i can't remember, i speak a little spanish but i was more excited to meet james taylor and i literally waited three hours. i wanted to be first. >> you were one of those kids. >> james, if you're watching this -- how do you know which camera?
9:17 am
>> the lred light. >> how do you do the thing like the news update, this just in? >> that's your close-up. straight ahead. >> there you go. >> say this just in. >> the album is gold. >> you have to say, this just in. >> this just in. i keep missing it. i met james taylor right here. i gave him a cd, i was nervous and everything. pretty incredible. like the same amount of people come to see me. >> maybe that's the collaboration. >> my god. >> wouldn't that be amazing? >> i just got little goosebumps. >> you know what's fun for us to watch on the break, the first time you're on the show with us, in here with your piano and a group of us in here watching, to watch you graduate outside, you have people sleeping outside in the street for hours waiting to see you, filling up a plaza, huge crowd, has that been a wild year for you? >> i wanted to offer them some pill pillows.
9:18 am
i re-tweeted their tweet, how, you guys got here last night? it's a dream come true but they don't have to like wait outside for me. >> they want to. >> they want to. >> i'll never understood that. >> you admired james, so you understand that phantom. >> -- that fan-dom. >> you're right. i came three hours early. >> let's talk about this heartthrob status. >> you have that? >> you've got the three button-do button-downs. that's calvin or something -- >> this is actually the fanciest thing i own, a flannel, and i think i -- >> you even said it right. >> samaron. >> my hair is straight out of the bed. >> you're lucky. >> i upgraded the skin products. >> you're a heartthrob, you have to do that. >> heartthrob, i'm a goofball.
9:19 am
>> so cute. we love you. we love you so much. come back all the time. >> you have to come to my shows. >> we will come to your shows. when are you playing in jersey next? i'm a jersey girl still, for now. >> i know i'm playing in new york at the beacon theater. >> there you go. >> the track -- not "the nine track" the last one. >> "we don't talk anymore". >> but we will always talk to you. >> one call away. next half hour. coming up next, kim's new "gq"
9:20 am
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in its class. well that calls for a round of kevin nealons. make mine an arnold palmer. same here. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. kim kardashian just added a little more fuel to the kanye taylor swift back and forth. quim r kim appears on this month's "gq" magazine and for the first time, publicly defends her husband. in the song he mentions miss swift saying, i will paraphrase here, that he and taylor may still hook up because he made her famous using a derogatory term to describe taylor.
9:23 am
miss taylor's team said they were not aware of the actual lyrics but warn kanye about releasing that storm. kim tells "gq" taylor was aware of the song lyrics ahead of time. she says she totally approved that and reality star said she totally knew that was coming out and wanted to act like all of a sudden she didn't. taylor's team was swift to respond to kim's claim releasing a statement saying taylor does not hold anything against kim kardashian as she recognizes the pressure kim must be under, ooh, and only repeating what she's been told by kanye west. i will sip some tea on that. it wept on to explain taylor and her team were aware being reported is not true and taylor cannot understood that kanye west announces kim kardashian will just not leave her alone. that's a lot. surrey cruise, growing up before our eyes, a picture of her adorable daughter yesterday
9:24 am
shows surrey and katie on set. the dawson creek star is currently in the midst of fi filmifilm ing "the kennedys" and camelot. and this went viral on what would have been shakur's 45th birthday and the shooting in 1996 and the role being by someone who has a striking resemblance to him. and check out the trailer. it will be amazing. and jim hanging around after your local news and weather. unofficial co-host. >> i'm on television.
9:25 am
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satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. take the revlon gel envy challenge today. =vo= new alletions ts morningf criminal misconduct a very good morning to you. it's 9:26. new allegations of criminal misconduct against a police department employee. they are now on administrative leave in a case not connected to the sex scandal plaguing the department. no word on the misconduct or what role that employee serves at the oakland police department. there will be a major closure this weekend in contra costa county. all lanes will close between san pablo avenue and the road for construction. lanes will close down saturday at 11:00 and reopen sunday morning at 7:00. it is part of a project to
9:27 am
improve that area. construction is constructively and expected to wrap up next spring. the first family is california-bound. they are expected to arrive in the central valley today. they will take a tour of yosemite and the carlsbad caverns to showcase the 100th anniversary of the national park service. we will have a look at the traffic after the break.
9:28 am
>> we are in for a nice day, slightly warmer across the bay area with a mix of sun and clouds. expect low 80s and mid 70s for the peninsula. san francisco up to 70 and in santa rosa, 76 and oakland 77 and livermore will top out at 81. the temperatures warm up over the next several days on sunday and to the start of next week with low 90s. let's go over to mike for an update on the morning commute. >> a light drive across that bay
9:29 am
bridge. you see the camera trembling and a lock at the map and traffic itself is a breeze. the commute not really a problem. no back up and no slow downs. y. one crash at desoto and thornton over on the shoulder. that is a distraction so very late slowing and unusual for the rest of the bay. that's the only slow drive. not all of fremont is a problem and they will see you again. easy driving. it's a breeze. >> that's a good one, mike.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines, disney world said it will take a look at putting up new signs after the death of lane graves. the medical examiner says he died of traumatic injuries after he played along the shores of the lagoon. three women in the united states have given birth to babies with deformities connected with the virus. the cdc reports 237 women are pregnant and dealing with zika. most are visitors to the u.s. or contract zika outside our borders. this is the final weekend
9:31 am
cosco customers can use their american branded american express cards and in two weeks they change to visa. that affected 7 million customers and the new cards go out in the next month. robotics working to create a smart shopping cart that would scan your customer shopping list and navigate through the aisle and count the shelves, guiding them to all the products you want on your list. walmart sees the way to compete with online convenience of amazon and other online retai r retailers. have you checked your mailbox lately. seems like most of the time it's junk mail. a woman who lives on whitney island in washington state doing her best to keep it alive. she marked her mailbox, love letters only, and collects just that, dozens of them, the occasional love letter from jim
9:32 am
gaffigan. the literaetters range from sad silly. i'm doing the news, jim. >> i like your dress. >> you like my dress? thank you. i like your shirt. >> you look great. >> good for you. >> have a good summer. >> you're doing this during my newscast? >> i'll talk to you in a little bit. >> the lady gets bills, still, not just love letters. she gets bills! >> i like the idea. >> we need more love letters in our life. >> we do. >> you take the glasses off for that? >> accentuating. we will be right back. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> let's get a check of the weather from dylan. dylan. >> i think you look better with your glasses. >> dylan looks great. i'm the only unattractive person on the "today" show. >> not so 123467. >> he would probably come up here and interrupt the weather but i don't know if he could find his way upstairs.
9:33 am
we are looking at lower temperature and humidity in the lower 80s. it will be hot in the plains and southwest where we will break all time record highs and slight risk of stronger storms in the northern plains and montana and the storm moves eastward to the minneapolis area on sunday. the record highs will make for dangerous heat across the southwest and the good morning. i'm carrie hall. the temperatures will be a little bit warmer and mostly sunny skies. in the south bay sfip degrees and 75 in redwood city. at&t park will be 68 degrees and low 80s for fairfield. oakland at 77 and pleasant with a high of 82. the temperatures will be warming up over the next couple of days and very hot temperatures in the southwest and start to build into the central and trivalley.
9:34 am
>> that's your latest forecast. g guys. >> sold out comedy tours, platinum albums, the glamorous life of jim gaffigan. >> now live on the "today" show. >> when am i going to get paid! i'm on here everyday. [ laughter ] >> let's be honest, i kidnapped al roker. i'm taking over. i'm taking over for al roker. >> can due the weather? >> no, i can't do the weather but i'm not engaging or anything like that. i'll just be here. >> not engaging. >> one of the things you do, comedian, foody, father of five. tv show is back. can you add this in? >> i can add it in. maybe i can be like the "today" show napping correspondent. >> we've never had one of those. >> it's a special skill. let's academic in with jim in his bedroom. napped out again. >> yesterday, i had a flap about 30 minutes and it was interru interrupted because of the screaming in the other room from my children.
9:35 am
>> so we have a clip of your show, season two, just to set it up. i thought we would show a little bit of what you may be missing if you haven't caught onto jim gaffe gigan yet. >> what if i told you, mr. gaffigan, your loyal faithful husband visited 64 fast-food establishments last month! >> what? >> i present for evidence 245b, last month's credit card statement belonging to mr. gaffigan. >> i trusted you! >> that food meant nothing to me. [ laughter ] >> what? you're in court now? >> i was in court and i was found guilty of eating horrible food. but that's some of -- this show is -- i love doing my show, not as much as the "today" show because it's my favorite show ever. >> ah. >> my show is -- you know, my wife, jeanne and i, we write all the episodes and we really get
9:36 am
to explore a lot of the neurosis and paranoia. >> you're eating constantly. >> i'm eating constantly. >> who is the co-host on your show? >> i do my own stuff. it's always fun, like the first 20 pierogis, but then when you've established eating a pierogi, and a scene, now, we have to do it from another angle. the back 20 are hard but that's what an acting life is about. >> what do you feel like at the end of the day then? >> i don't feel good. that's why i look like this. i feel how i look. >> we had a few of your co-stars on a couple days ago. adam goldberg said typically in a movie or tv show you eat the food and chew and they say cut and you spit in a bucket. for you no bucket. >> that's for amateurs.
9:37 am
this is filled with gravy right now. it's all about -- it's delicious. delicious gravy. i taste a little gizzard. >> do your kids believe you're funny. do they think you're funny? >> so far. so far. i think we have a really good time, my kids and i, and my wife is very funny, too. and they make some appearances here and there on the show. it's a whole crazy family chaos. it's a good time. yet i think that inevitably they will think i'm the most unfunny person in the world. >> down the road when they're teenag teenagers. >> that's going to happen. >> but you have so many that at some point someone will think you're funny along the way. >> all i have to go is 1 for 5. pretty good odds. >> you stacked the deck. >> where is the jim gaffigan show begin and jim gaffigan's real life ends? >> a good question. >> is this really you? >> this is -- i like to think
9:38 am
that jim gaffigan, not that bright of a guy but jim gaffigan that does stand-up, lower iq. jim gaffigan, television show, lower iq and just a pile of b e bones. >> the layers of jim gaffigan. >> levels all over aeating, different levels of iq, that's the story of jim gaffigan. >> that's the story. >> at the end of the day with gravy. >> your wife is real and writes with you. you have fun together and never any conflict on set? >> it's -- you know, my joke is we've never argued once. there are like disagreements. we write all the episodes together and it's inspired by our lives. there's disagreements. we're usually on the same path and do want the episodes to bring a little bit of life, not just con structed on shock and
9:39 am
making people feel uncomfortable. >> jeanne is such a good writer. and it premiers soon. >> we will have bacon pancakes next. >> you have to try it. >> i had that for breakfast. >> you can have it again. >> oh, my see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur...
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9:43 am
on "today," a father's day brunch any dad would love, bacon pancakes. here to show us is eric from a restaurant called "north" here in new york. how are you? >> nice to see you! >> i love this, like a savory pancake, bacon -- >> i like to cook for father's day. i love to eat as a father of two wonderful munchins. we have this market north and we pour pancake batter over bacon. >> plain pancake batter, we can go through this pretty quickly. >> flour. >> i would say use a box but
9:44 am
you're better than that. >> you could if you wanted to. >> you could but it ease too easy. the key to the entire thing is bacon. >> you make your own bacon. >> beautiful slab of bacon. you can use any kind of bacon you want except turkey bacon as there's no bacon on turkeys. >> ah! >> super simple, crisp it up in a pan and stick a slab you want. >> go with the form of the bacon. >> who wants to make a circle? >> go along the length of the bacon. >> just like that. >> perfect. >> fakes a couple minutes on each side, flip it. >> let's get to the spicy kick to this. i was like, huh? it's an surachi honey butter sauce? i have to try this. not sure about this. >> whipped butter, maple syrup, makes sense. >> what do you guys think? >> i was supposed to start a
9:45 am
vegetarian diet yesterday and my first day, it's over. i will restart. i will start my vegetarian diet after i eat this, amazing. >> we will add a little bit of honey and sriracha to the batter. >> nothing better than a stick of butter and bacon. >> i want to send a shout-out to today's club member, bobby, who made a delicious pan-fry to get that recipe. i have a mouthful again. i have a mouthful again. charlie puth is next sing you t. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back.
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presented by citi. >> charlie puth with his gold album "nine track mind." ♪ i'm only one call away i'll be there to save the day ♪ ♪ i'm only one call away ♪ call me baby if you need a friend i want to give you love ♪ ♪ wherever you go, i'm only one call away i'll be there to set the day i'm only one call away ♪
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♪ and when you're weak i'll be strong i'm gonna keep holding on ♪ ♪ now don't you worry, it won't be long darling and when you feel like hope is gone ♪ ♪ just run into my arms ♪ i'm only one call away i'll be there to save the day ♪ ♪ superman got nothing on me i'm only one i'm only one call away ♪ ♪ i'll be there to save the day superman's got nothing on me ♪ ♪ i'm only one call away i'm
9:53 am
only one call away ♪ [ applause ] >> charlie puth and all our summer concert artists at app charlie, thanks so much. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
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♪ this goes out to every backyard hero. for all the effort you put into making the perfect barbecue, there's only one grill that's engineered and designed with the same kind of passion, weber. available at the home depot. willie, what's coming up this weekend? >> back on sunday today. malls may be a thing of the past. with ordering online, roadways."=
9:56 am
=runs 29= =trx at ck= ck bay bridge expect a mix of sudden clouds and a little bit warmer than yesterday. 80 degrees in the south bay and mid- to upper 70s in the east bay and trivalley. up to 83 degrees. san francisco right at 70 with a
9:57 am
mix of sun and clouds. comfortable and the skies will be clearing after early morning clouds in the north bay and the possibility of a couple of sprinkles from the weather system. let's go over to mike to see what's happening on the roadways. >> your dream day with a beautiful sky and a clear roadway. we do see a problem on the east bay. from union city down past to thornton, a crash on the roadway that was there about a half hour. since the last report on the dumbarton bridge. keep that in mind and the peninsula. >> thanks. happening now, a vandal targets the former home of steve jobs. you can read more about that on a burglary victim chases down
9:58 am
the e suspect and detains him before cops arrive. it's not the first time the burglar struck that home. police say a sting in a peninsula school led to a teacher in custody. more news in a half hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. you made it to friday. june 17th. that allegedly is california lovers. >> we have a great show to kickoff the weekend. >> jim and jeannie gavaghan, creators and writers based on their life. they won a christopher award a couple weeks


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