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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 20, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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cavaliers accecelebrate the enda curse for cleveland. it ended with a record setting year and a championship title. there was a heavy police presence outside oracle arena. i have more on the fan who fought and then fell. returning to ruins, victims of a massive fire that tore through san francisco's mission district over the weekend will attempt to recover whatever can be salvaged. a day in the bay starts right now. thanks for joining us. >> it is officially monday and it's officially the start of summer. it's hot. >> yeah. >> there will be no question what season it is as we go into today. first day of summer starts at 3:34 this afternoon. so we're celebrating. >> we're not there yet. >> we're celebrating with some
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heat i guess. we're going to have hot weather over the next few days. well we'll have a clear sun rise as you head out this morning. temperature wise we're at 50 in the north bay and 61 degrees in the south bay with highs reaching 93 degrees there. 90s in the tri-valley and 80s in the peninsula. we'll look at what to expect over the next few days. mike's tracking a new crash reported for san jose. >> it sounds like it's relatively minor but a couple of lanes blocking. this is the is 101. it's off of 280. nothing major here but we are looking over here toward the 280 where they're slowing because of the crash at seventh street. there's debris blocking the two left lanes. watch it there guys. we had to watch the king and
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the rest of the cavaliers celebrate last night as they were dethrowned as the headline of the chronicle would suggest. a historic performance from lebron james ended the warriors perfect season without a championship title. we'll have more on that in one minute. a developing story in the stands. police are searching for witnesses after a fan fell from one of the upper decks last night at oracle arena. >> we are live at the hospital where that fan is recovering. chris, do we know what led up to the fall? >> reporter: we can tell you that that fan is in critical but stable condition but it appears the fan may have fallen after a fight in the stands on that second level at oracle arena. there was a heavy police presence outside the arena during and after the game but the biggest trouble was on the inside.
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oakland police are investigating a fall as a felony assault. the man who fell is in his 20s and according to the arena their people and para medics jumped into action to help him and he was transported to the hospital. he is here at the hospital and his condition is critical but stable this morning. it's one incident the police are investigating. in addition to that assault there were five citations for offenses ranging from public intoxication to illegal ticket sales. one person was arrested and two people were ejected from the game. we can tell you that oakland mayor said that the city was ready though they don't have a police chief. >> we are great at doing this. we had a great experience last year. i'm very confident that the good people of oakland will express their grief appropriately but we're prepared, we're out. >> reporter: the police did interview some people who
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witnessed the fight and the fall and they are also reviewing surveillance video from within the arena. with so many people in attendance and so many people so well connected with their gadgets there could be more video to come. >> trying to piece that together. thank you very much. the fans leaving the building dig pointed as a king is crowned. the warriors are waking up to realize the win. >> the cavaliers outplayed the warriors. the final score was 93-89. ending the curse for the city of cleveland. >> they did their best and we're for them so steph curry did his best. clay could have done better. but there's next year. >> cleveland hasn't had a championship since i've been alive so i guess that's good for
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their city. the warriors will be back. >> some nice attitudes there from warriors fans as we see cavs fans celebrating in cleveland. last night's win marks 52 years since a cleveland team walked away a champion. the question is how did the cavaliers manage to pull this off. the warriors had not lost three games in a row all season and many believed it wouldn't happen last night. this was a great game. they were up seven points at the break but at crunch time lebron hit the money shot. that was with 53 seconds left in the game to give the cavs a three-point lead. they celebrate on the warriors
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home floor. >> you play seven game series, the best team wins and they were better than us. >> i think it was a great game. both teams battled. they made the shots that they needed to make and we couldn't. >> it hurts real bad right now but i promise we're going to get better from this and it's not the last time we'll be at the this stage. >> no doubt a tough loss to swallow but there's no reason to think they won't be back here again next year. a they have the best young court in the league. the warriors are the favorite to win it in 2017. for complete coverage head to our website where we've posted a slide show. >> good for them but a tough weekend for many in the mission. tenants of burned out buildings in san francisco will be allowed back into their apartments and businesses.
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crews spent yesterday much watching hot spots and trying to figure out what sparked the fire. it broke out on mission street and spread to six buildings. >> we have residential, commercial, a bar, a couple of restaurants and a lot of people displaced. >> a big loss for the community. at least 58 people lost their homes. fire crews will watch the scene throughout the day. >> we have been seeing more fires in richmond. flames high into the sky at the chevron refinery. social media lit up with reports of a fire last night but chevron tells us no emergency. it reportedly is due to a type of flaring that chevron claims is normal and helps to relieve pressure during the refining process. there were reports of smoke from flaring.
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a shark sighting keeping people out of the water. there was a white shark about 250 yards off the beach early evening saturday. dozens of people in the water at that time. lifeguards quickly responded to get them out safely. >> as we approach the first beau ewe heard the mega phone directing us to swim under the wafr and get out at the platform. >> the water evacuated and an advisory was posted warning people to avoid swimming, surfing or other water sports. . keep that in mind. as temperatures will rise a lot of people will head to the beach. >> a freezing pacific ocean is looking pretty good these days. >> even with sharks. >> not so much. it will be very hot for those inland areas, even closer to the
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coast we'll have warm weather. as we look outside now nice and cool this monday morning. this afternoon we will be heating up into the 80s and 90s. half moon bay 79 degrees. 90 in napa. 95 in pittsburgh. so i'll show you how long this lasts in a few minutes. let's head over to an update on that crash. >> we're watching the 280 in san j jose. we had a traffic break from 680 around the bend, right there at seventh we have reports of that crash there. the metal debris looks like it's been cleared. we'll send it back to you with that shot of the bay bridge. >> look how green it is out there. coming up, not just talking
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about gun control, what you need to know about the policies that are up for a vote today on capitol hill. a week after the worst mass
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shoong in theation'shistory-- today-- the u-s senate is set to vote on four gun control os a week after the worst mass shooting the senate is set to vote on four gun control proposals. >> that paifz the way for a
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vote. we are joined live from washington with more. they're actually going to have to iron out a compromise. >> reporter: we'll see if that happens. it hasn't happened before. we've been here before where we have a mass shooting and then gun control legislation and then nothing, nothing happens, no follow up. they have not been able to get it passed. we'll see if today's four votes come out any differently. as emotions smil over for the victims in orlando. >> we're going to try to get the votes. >> reporter: the senate considers four gun control measures. the strictest would ban sales from people on terror watch lists and others under investigation. >> 99.5% are foreigners. they come in and there's reason for them to be suspect. they'll go through the same appeal process anybody else goes through. >> reporter: the republican
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alternative delaying gun sales for three days pending court review. donald trump says it's time for the u.s. to consider racial profiling, targeting people based on race or religion. >> i hate the concept of profiling but we have to use common sense. >> reporter: the national rifle association says gun control isn't going to stop situations like orlando. none of those measures are expected to pass. we'll see what happens when they vote later today maybe on in to the evening as well. some republicans have said they're willing to compromise and democrats may have to compromise. will they go for the three day wait the republicans are pitching. >> interesting to see how it
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will turn out. thank you. it is 5:14 right now. nearly 2 million children suffer from concussions in sports every year. many of these kids who get hurt never get treatment. the study looked at data and researchers say up to 1 million concussions go unreported. those children could suffer issues with future problems. a shake up at facebook. >> reporter: good morning. facebook has its shareholders meeting today, a time when the people who own stock in the company come together and listen to mark zuckerberg temperatulls how the company has progressed.
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teal caused controversy after he helped hulk hogan. some people felt teal used his money to suppress free speech. while every shareholder gets a vote mark gets a 60% vote. the winning side is whatever side zuckerberg chooses and he has said he'll keep teal. >> it's brexit week. i know you're excited. >> we are excited. it's a big week for us. the markets look in positive territo territory. futures are higher this morning. the brexit vote is on thursday. home sales and durable goods,
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the dow fell 15 points on friday. >> thank you. hope monday. we used to get excited about rocket launches back in the day, now it's about the landing. blue origin ran tests in the texas badlands over the weekend ending with blue origin falling back to earth and relighting its rocket. there come the landing gear and look at that, just pulling into the garage. amazing. now blue origin did launch a capsule and they tested some parachutes. we don't pay attention to all the stuff they're trying to accomplish. remember when space x launched two new sites. >> that's about as smooth as it
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would be. that was a perfect landing. >> absolutely. >> nailed it. >> all right. a new study revealing how much the simple act of going to work is costing you from grabbing that cup of morning joe and getting gas. all of this taking a bite out of your paycheck. $276 each month. that adds up to about $3,000 every year. >> so if you drive an electric car and brew your coffee you're saving money. >> of course. >> you could be making money if you sell it. >> yeah. >> mike is looking to make a quick buck. we're looking to make it out of the heat today. >> air conditioning a necessity today. if you don't have it, head somewhere that does have air conditioning. it's going to be hot the next couple of days. let's look outside this morning.
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take a look at that view. you can see a few clouds and mostly clear sunrise this morning as the sun begins to come up earlier and earlier each day. we will have clear skies through this afternoon. over the next several days and now the temperature's at 50 in the north bay and 60 degrees in the south bay. as we look at our weather in san saratoga, we have a calm wind today that won't help us out with this heat. it comes in from the north and it allows the temperatures to heat up unless you're along the coast. dangerous heat for not only the bay area but especially for the southwest. if you want to put things in
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perspective at least it's not palm springs here. 120 degrees, that's what they're preparing for today and the next several days. we're in the 90s. still dangerous heat as we go into the next three days with highs in the upper 8 0s for the peninsula and san francisco into the 70s by wednesday. 91 degrees in the north bay and 82 degrees in the east bay. the tri-valley making it into the low 90s. average high 81 degrees and the south bay will be up to 93 degrees on thursday. san francisco well above average with a high of 80 degrees. the peak of the heat on thursday. let's head over to mike to see what's happening this morning. we have another problem with some lanes blocked and fremont
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moves well. we're showing you overall there's a nice drive. green pretty much everywhere you look. we did see some color changing, southbound 680 heading down to vargis road. a car and pickup truck got into a crash. people were inside that call. we have a couple of lanes blocked and we saw it go to red over here. that will be an issue. so far no crews have arrived on scene but there are crews heading out theral. meanwhile the bay bridge we're looking at the build we expect but it's not there. not even the cash lanes are a major problem. back to you. if you need another way to get around amtrak expanding service. the agency is adding another round trip service.
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it starts today making it the seventh daily round trip. officials say extra service is added due to a growing population and congestion on highways links the regions. an emergency situation in the north bay, a stretch of highway ready to crumble and what crews are doing to save it. no red flag warnings for the bay
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area - but the hot weather is ill keeping fefightersbusy.
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our chopper yesterdayu caught s no red flag warnings for the bay area but there was smoke and flames along highway 84. traffic had to be diverted off the freeway so firefighters could hose it down. there was there one in campbell. if was a small fire that caused traffic slow downs. a plan is in the works to move a portion of highway 1 away from an eroding cliff. the problem is effecting a southbound lane. for now a traffic signal will allow drivers through one direction at a time. that means delays of five to ten minutes for anyone headed through that area. a temporary detour could start in late summer or fall. lgc on father's day. you got to give dad a big hug.
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the first family enjoying part of father's day in yosemite national park. >> the photo was posted on the first lady's instagram account. the president gave a speech saturday pushing for more conservation efforts. >> as long as we're talking about magical father's day moments, the clintons have a new member of the family on board. bill and hillary clinton tweeting out this photo with chelsea and her son aiden. she has had her second child. they have a daughter born in 2014. grandma, hillary clinton, had no public events this weekend. >> hopefully she lowered her voice a little. coming up a disappointing end to an epic season.
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>> reporter: we'll hear from fans and the warriors after last night's what you could describe as a devastating loss here at oracle arena. that story coming up. residents of the apartment that went up in frames in this san francisco neighborhood will be allowed to return to see the damage inside. we are live with what they'll see when they come back. for joining us.
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=lra/4sho ock. and i'm laura garcia-cannon. =4shot= ad lib toss to weather rise and shine. >> monday's are kind of tough. hello everybody. >> easier said than done. >> especially after last night's loss. >> i'm heart broken and looking at this week's forecast it's going to be hot so it's going to be a lot to deal with here in the bay area. as we start out this morning it's 50 degrees. the coolest spot in the bay area is the north bay and it's 61 degrees in the south bay but this afternoon we heat up into the low 90s. up to 93 in the tri-valley. we'll talk about what this week looks like coming up in a few minutes. let's head over to mike with an update on that crash. we'll show you the expected backup over here at the bay bridge. we're looking over here and
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fremont is where we see that red. the rest of the bay is green. the but this crash blocking the left two lanes. we have traffic jamming up coming down out of the pleasanton now. if you want to get around the backup you can take the 84 but it's a winding road. you might want to stick it out because chp should be arriving on scene soon. back to you. >> it's over! it's over! cleveland is the city of champions once again. >> reporter: it was not the way any fan anticipated the season to end. the dubs dethrowned and a new king is crowned. everyone waking up this morning that the championship title has moved to clean land. >> we are live from the oracle
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arena, this is one thing that nobody scripted. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, especially a week and a half ago when the warriors were up three games to one but last night here the cleveland cavaliers came back to win it all and win the championship. this was a warriors fan last night overcome with tears after the cavaliers won 93-89. the warriors were done because of an injury. green hit his groove. he had a tremendous performance last night especially with the three-pointers but unfortunately for the warsoriors it wasn't enough. >> they did their best. clay could have done better but
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there's next year as well. >> another team won. that's the beau tee of the play yofrs. >> it was a great game. both teams battled. >> cleveland hasn't had a championship since i've been alive so i guess that's good for their city. the warriors will be back. >> reporter: he's correct. the last night's win is the first win for the city of cleveland which hasn't had a professional sports title since 1964 when the browns win the nfl championship. that's when the nfl championship was known as the nfl championship before it was called the super bowl. >> it was a long time coming. >> as the games came to a close one fan suffered a fall that
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left him critically injured. police are reaching out to anyone who may have seen the man fall. >> the man was involved in a fight with another person before the fall. they don't know any other details here. that fan is hospitalized in stable but critical condition. outside of the arena things remained calm on the streets of oakland. many fans did not have much to celebrate leaving the oracle disappoint disappointed. for complete coverage of the game head to our website where we have posted a slide show. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a small plane to crash in hayward killing the pilot. the plane went down and witnesses say the pilot tried to avoid nearby homes and landed his plane in a bart maintenance
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yard instead. >> we saw him going down and the propollers weren't working. he was trying to keep clear of the homes. >> better haultd service through the area for a few hours. records show the man bought the plane last september. dozens and dozens of residents set to return back home. >> we are live with a glimpse of the damage they'll be returning to. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. tough for anyone to take in much less for the 51 people forced out of their homes. the hardware store has damage inside and the apartments and several building that went up into flames after 2:00 saturday afternoon.
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firefighters spending the day here yesterday monitoring hot spots and continuing the investigation into what started the fire. we're told restaurant and hardware store will not reopen. the rest of the damage has forced out dozens of people from a 5-month-old to an 89-year-old, those who are homeless are trying to keep a positive b perspective. >> everything we owned was there. >> reporter: first responders took two adults to the hospital for minor smoke inhalation. fire crews are set to keep watch through today and some businesses have reopened here in this area of mission and 29th but there is still a police car around the corner, some closure between mission along 29th street. live here in san francisco. >> all right.
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a tough go for those folks. across the western united states blistering heat is making an uphill climb for firefighters trying to contain wildfires. the largest is the sherpa fire. crews are up against strong winds with temperatures in the 90s. around 8,000 acres have burned. no homes or structures have been damaged but many people have been forced out of their homes including ranchers and their animals. >> it's scarey and seeing the red flames and smoke and ash coming down and knowing that you have no control over it. >> two homes were damaged when a brush fire broke out in the silver lake area of los angeles yesterday. fire crews knocked it down in about an hour. in new mexico more than two dozen homes were destroyed last week by a wildfire that firefighters say started -- they
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started to contain over the weekend. intense heat is to blame for at least four deaths in arizona. authorities say all of the victims died in separate heat related emergencies while hiking. a 28-year-old personal trainer is among the victims. the heat overcame her so fast that she died despite having water and being treated by a doctor in her group w7 the highs in phoenix could hit 120 degrees today. the heat is going to continue to sweep through the bay area this week as well as we look outside right now at san jose during sunrise and we're bracing for another day of hot temperatures. how long are they going to last? >> we'll be stuck in this pattern for the entire week across the bay area and the valleys will be the hottest with temperatures in the mid 90s
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today. we start out this morning with comfortable temperatures. up to 90 degrees for gill roy. 90 in napa. once again it's going to take a while before we break this pattern so i'll show you what else to expect throughout the week. let's head over to mike to get a view of the commute. we're looking at fremont. a normal look at 880 southbound. we're seeing the build because in another part of fremont we have a crash. you want to use 880. 580 westbound a lot more mileage but a lot clearer as well. look at this crash, has two left lanes blocked. pleasanton road will not take you all the way there. you have to go through that
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backup so that is a very unpleasant drive. the rest of the bay moves well though. there's will toll plaza, it's full. >> thanks a lot. starting today a portion of san francisco's great highway closes tore ten days. the closure is done every year to ensure sand doesn't bury the roadway. it will close between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on week days. crews will remove some of the sand build up. more than 5,000 cubic yards of sunday will be put back into the ocean. wind causes that sand to build up. coming up next new details emerging today about the orlando night club massacre. we knew donald trump didn't like apple and apple isn't hot about trump either. today, new details will emerge
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in the orlando nightclub shooting revestigation. the f-b-i will new details will emerge in the orlando nightclub shooting investigation. the fbi is going to reveal partial transcripts of the shooter's conversations with police. they say omar mar teen called
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911 and pledged his allegiance to isis. he sent text messages to his wife during that time. 49 people were massacred. at least 50 others injured at the hands of the shooter. he was killed in a gun battle with police. ♪ and yesterday marking one week since that rampage. tens of thousands of people came together to remember the lost and to help heal the injured. the bells at the saint james ka thed ral tolled for the victims. >> this time is important to pray for the victims and our city. four gun control measures will be voted on today in the u.s. senate but it appears none of the measures have enough
5:45 am
votes to pass. republicans are calling for delaying gun sales for three days pending a court review. the strictest measure would ban sales to people on terror watch lists and others under investigation. >> 99.5% are foreigners. they come in and there's reason for them to be suspect. they'll go through the same appeal process anybody else goes through. >> it's like they're trying to stop a freight train with a piece of clean ex. >> the other measures up for a vote today include requiring background checks another gun shows and restrict sales to the mentally ill. the gun maker in the gun used in the sandy hook school shooting goes to court today. the lawsuit claims the company
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knew the rifle was meant for the military. the company argues the gun was legally sold. the hearing is to decide whether or not the lawsuit goes to trial. the ruling is expected to take several months. new reports this morning say that apple will make a political statement and not participate in the republican convention. >> this puts more pressure on other companies to drop out. >> it does like google and facebook. facebook sponors a lounge at the convention. google will live west cast the convention. apple will not participate in the convention, not provide computers, not take part in a sponorship. donald trump has called for a boycott of apple by tacking on a 40% tax when he becomes president. lots of companies sponors
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conventions and this year companies have said they will reduce or end their sponsorship of the republican side. the brexit vote on thursday will decide whether they should stay or leave. getti if they vote to leave things unchanged in that would be brunch. wall street pleased with that news. the dow could jump as much as 200 points. facebook has a meeting today with shareholders. the faa could release new rules about drones that would allow more businesses to fly them but we suspect the rules
5:48 am
restricting flights will remain the same day time only, only line of sight. the drone has to be visible to the operator. that means an amazon delivery drone is impossible because what's the point of delivering something if you can see the house. >> amazon would be most impacted. >> it looks as if they are not going to get their rule change 1234 thanks. we turn to an update from t sierra snow that's melting faster than ever. if this were a normal year snow would melt gradually through the months avoiding the need to release water. rising temperatures is behind the snow melt. >> summer officially starts later this afternoon. >> it does.
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at 3:34. >> that's an estimate. >> yes. at 3:34 you'll be like it's summer and then it's here. >> some air conditioning, some bottles of water, something to stay cool because it will be a hot day and we're looking at 90s today. as you head out the door the golden gate bridge looking beautiful with this clear sunrise and when it's clear in the morning we'll have a sunny and hot afternoon. here is another view of what it looks like as you head out. 56 degrees is what it feels like in the east bay and 61 degrees on the south boy. we'll get a look at what the temperatures are in the east bay. hayward 51 degrees. it's 50 now in the north bay.
5:50 am
what won't help us out today will be the winds. we will have a northerly wind and it doesn't pick up that much this afternoon. as we go into the evening it gets a little bit stronger but it's not an onshore flow. it's all because of this high pressure off to the east of us, but if you want to put things in perspective we're looking at 120 degrees today in palm springs and that includes a great portion of the southwest. we're kind of on the outer fringe of this hot dome of high pressure and over the next few days it stays there so our temperatures don't change very much. we'll be in the upper 80s in the peninsula and san francisco mid 70s, 90s for the north bay and the east bay will be in the lower 80s. our temperature trend stays above average and the hottest
5:51 am
day looks to be thursday. up to 93 degrees in the south bay. saturday it will be above average but we're feeling those temperatures coming down by a couple of degrees. more the same in san francisco. well above average. looking ahead to the weekend, we'll still have the 90s for the tri-valley and peninsula into the upper 80s into the weekend. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up in a few minutes. let's see what's lappihappening the roadways. no big problems here but for the big backup is coming into fremont. there's a jam on the 680. the update makes it a worst situation. we had the left two lanes blocked with a minor injury crash but it's in the two middle
5:52 am
lanes so folks are trying to get by. that's more of an issue as folks try to squeeze by on either side. this will be a continued issue. this is a problem. you have a longer route or 580 is a more pleasant drive. maybe take that because this jam we're not sure when that's going to clear. in the north bay there's an easy drive there. the 101 is a light flow of traffic. businesses in oakland doing clean up after a fire this weekend and flames tore through a church on saturday. flames damaged a church, a warehouse and realty office. a shark sighting is keeping people out of the water in santa
5:53 am
cruz. there was a white shark spotted saturday night. dozens of people were in the water at the time. lifeguar lifeguards responded quickly. >> we heard the mega phone directing us to swim and get out on the the platform. so we followed instructions. >> the water was evacuated and an advisory was posted. the signs went up at west cliff surf accent points. gunmen storm a hospital in rio. investigators in oakland trying to figure out what led to a sports fan falling from the upper deck of the oracle arena following last night's game. he's in critical condition. we will have a live report at the top of the hour.
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as the heat wave continues be sure to download the free nbc bay area app for real time conditions wherever you are. we'll see you on the other side of the break. a developing story
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==laura/o==heavily ard men stor a developing story, heavily armed men storm a hospital in
5:57 am
brazil killing a patient and wounding a nurse to free a suspected drug trafficker. it happened in rio. at least five men attacked the hospital before dawn to free the suspect who was being treated for a gunshot wound. there were as many as 15 gunmen outside during the attack. after the shootout the suspect and gunmen took off. this same hospital is designated to treat tourists during the upcoming olympics. the biggest terror plot ever to target iran has been foiled. that's according to iranian state tv. several suspects have been arrested a plot to bomb the capit capitol. anton yell chin was leaving
5:58 am
home to go to a rehearsal when he got out of his car and the car rolled backwards down the steep driveway pinning him against a mailbox. he had finished filming for the latest of the star trek beyond series coming out next month. never leave young children in the car, in their car seats. make sure they're accounted for before locking the car and heeding inside. rescuers had to five a 5-year-old girl after people spotted her locked in a hot car. the auto industry is trying to help. general motors will install rear seat remainders in their 2017 suvs. >> we want to challenge all of
5:59 am
the auto makers to include a reminder and some type of technology to prevent children from being left in a backseat. >> 13 children have died in hot cars this year. a rare and dangerous mission is under way to rescue six scientists. the scientists in the south pole station, no details were provided about that person's medical condition. it's the middle of the winter which means the temperatures are 57 below zero and planes flying in and out is impossible because jet fuel freezes but two weather planes are headed down now. rescuers have only been attempted twice in the station's history. heart break as the warriors are dethrowned by the king.
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>> it's over! >> the exclamation point on what would have been the best season. >> it hurts but we're going to get better from it. >> so many records set. the most wins in a single nba season. in the end one win short of back-to-back titles. >> it's tough to kind of swallow with the opportunity we had in front of us. >> instead of preparing a victory parade the dubs are preparing to clean out their lockers today. reaction right now on today in the bay. good morning. thanks for joining us. >> more on that devastating loss. they had their work cut out for them and t


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