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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> it's over! >> the exclamation point on what would have been the best season. >> it hurts but we're going to get better from it. >> so many records set. the most wins in a single nba season. in the end one win short of back-to-back titles. >> it's tough to kind of swallow with the opportunity we had in front of us. >> instead of preparing a victory parade the dubs are preparing to clean out their lockers today. reaction right now on today in the bay. good morning. thanks for joining us. >> more on that devastating loss. they had their work cut out for them and the warriors could not
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make it. >> it's going to be hot. there's no question what season it is and it starts later in afternoon and that's when the temperatures will soar into the 90s. in the north bay it's 46 degrees and it's 59 degrees in the south bay. feels nice as you step out the door but it's going to be another hot one into the low 90s for the north bay, south bay and tri-valley. we'll talk about what to expect through the week and now let's head over to mike with a crash and big delay through the tri-valley. most of the bay looks pleasant. this is san jose. the big problem is in the tri-valley. look at southbound 680. you are jammed. this crash still blocks three lanes. the toll lane gets by if you pay through the area and the slow
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lane off to the right, are getting by. three lanes are blocked. a big distraction jamming up past highway 84. take 580 over to 880. chp is on scene. the rest of the bay moves well towards the plaza. developing story a fan in the hospital this morning after he fell from the second deck of oracle arena to the ground below. that fan might have been pushed during a fight. >> we are live at the hospital in oakland. what do we know about that man's condition. >> reporter: i can only imagine what his condition might be considering he fell from the second level to the first level and that was after a fight so that adding to in he injury that he might have had in the first
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place. there was a heavy police security outside the arena during and after the game as fans were leaving but the biggest trouble was inside. oakland police are now investigating this fall as a felony assault and the man who fell is in his 20s. according to the arena they j p jumped into action to help him and transport him to the hospital. he is in critical but stable condition. that's just one incident that the police are investigating. in addition to that felony assault there were five citations issued from public intoxication to illegal ticket sales. one person was arrested and two people were ejected from the game. though there was a heavy police presence outside the arena and the oakland mayor said they were ready, we have to remember this is a police department without a chief. >> we are great at doing this. we had a great experience last year. i'm very confident that the good
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people of oakland will express their grief appropriately but we're prepared. >> reporter: the police did interview some witnesses to the fight and fall and they're also reviewing surveillance video but in an age where so many people are constantly rolling on their cell phones and devices it is possible there will be other video that the police will consider. >> thank you very much. it's over! it's over! cleveland is a city of champions once again. >> as for what happened on the courts, this for dubnation is going to hurt for a long time. king james and the cavaliers proved to be too much for the warriors as they fall to cleveland in game seven of the nba finals. 93-89. it henends a curse for the city
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cleveland and it keeps the warriors from claiming back-to-back championships. >> it hurts real bad right now but we're going to get better from it and it's not the last time we'll be here. >> you have to take the good with the bad. i understand that we hopefully will have many more opportunities to fight for championships and be on the stage because it is -- it's what it's all about. >> no doubt a very difficult morning for warriors fans but they know this team will bounce back and quickly. >> cleveland hasn't had a championship since i've been alive so i guess that's good for their city but the warriors will be back. >> that's right. the warriors are already the favorites to win next year. in cleveland this was a long
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time coming for that fan base. fans lighting up the city last night in celebration. the victory marked 52 years of drought ending with cleveland finally walking away a champion. the san francisco chronicle tells the story. we are going to be live with more post game reaction coming up at 6:30. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a small plane to crash on bart tracks killing the pilot. the plane went down yesterday. witnesses say it appears the pilot tried to avoid noearby homes and landed his plane at the part station as webart stat >> he was trying to avoid the homes. >> the plane is registered to a 60-year-old man from hawaii who has an address from fremont.
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records show he bought the plane last september. an alarming sight in richmond, flames high in the sky at the chevron refinery. chevron tells us there's no emergency. it's due to a type of flaring that chevron claims is normal and helps relieve pressure during the refining process. there were reports of smoke from the flaring. we have seen simply put blistering heat in recent days which is making firefighters' work difficult as they fight to contain wildfires raging throughout the west. the sherpa fire is burning for the sixth straight day. firefighters are up against strong winds and temperatures in the 90s. 8,000 acres have been burned and many people have been forced out of their homes including ranchers and their animals. >> it's so scarey, seeing the
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red flames and the smoke and ash coming down and knowing that you have no control over it. >> two homes were damaged when a brush fire broke out in the silver lake area of l.a. yesterday. fire crews knocked it down in about an hour. in arizona a wildfire has burned 12,000 acres of land and in new mexico more than two dozen homes were destroyed last week by a wildfire that firefighters had started to get on a handle on over the weekend. here at home we could be in store for dangerous heat as well. today is the first official day of summer later this afternoon. yes, later on today. it will definitely be hot and we continue on this heat that we had from over the weekend. here is a live look now. all clear skies all across the south bay. we'll get sunshine and quickly
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warming temperatures throughout the morning and afternoon. up to 95 in gilroy. some spots could hit the mid 90s. the trilal-valley will be up to degrees. coming up in less than ten minutes. mike is still looking at the commute right now. the tri-valley is having a tough time right now. 880 moves well and that's an alternate for it. the traffic is light but the big red section there is really jamming on the brakes down past highway 84 and toward fremont where the crash blocks three lanes. that's why i'm suggesting taking west 580 over here and south on
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to 880 which is starting to show the build now. look at the north bay, an easy flow of traffic. the sun is coming up. no major slowing coming toward us. back to you. it's been a dark week in orlando. up next, what did the shooter who took the lives of 49 innocent people tell police as he was inside the pulse nightclub. the details we're he expecting to learn next. silicon valley companies sweep the places people most want to live and work. nightclub shooting
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investigation. t f new details is set to be released in the orlando nightclub shooting investigation. the fbi is going to reveal partial transcripts of the shooter's conversations with police during those hours. the shooter called 911 and pledged his allegiance to isis. he also sent text messages to his wife. 49 people were massacred and at least 50 others injured at the hands of that shooter. he was later killed by police. 50,000 people came out yesterday to mourn together during a vigil for the victims. people dressed in pride colors. candles were lit as a moment of silence was held and after each
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victim's name was read they chanted we will remember them. >> we need to focus on the good stuff and loving each other because that's the only way you're going to stay strong. >> that person didn't come from orlando and i think we're showing that when you look around here you see people of all faiths and color and people that are straight, gay, old, young, we're all hurt. >> something amazing happened during the vigil. a perfect beautiful rainbow appeared above the venue. something was heard over and over again was that love was stronger than hate and hate will never win. it's been eight days now since the deadliest mass shooting in history that we've been talking, gun control votes taking place today on capitol hill. >> reporter: as emotion spills
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over for the victims in orlando. >> we're going to try to get the votes. >> reporter: the senate considers four gun control measures, two from democrats and two from republicans, the strictest would ban sales to people on terror watch lists and others under investigation. >> 99.5% are foreigners. they come in and there's reason for them to be suspect. they'll go through the same appeal process anybody else goes through. >> reporter: the republican alternative delaying gun sales for three days pending court review. donald trump says it's time for the u.s. to consider racial profiling targeting people based on race or religion. >> i hate racial profiling but we have to use common sense. >> reporter: the nra says gun control isn't the answer. >> it's like they're trying to stop a freight train. >> reporter: measures would
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include requiring background checks and restrict sales to the mentally ill. none of the measures are expected to pass. we are watching to see if there might be some compromise here, some republicans have indicated that some democrats may have to compromise if they can't get the no fly, no buy measure to move forward. the question today will they support the alternative which is restricting those weapons after the fact as opposed to at the point of sale. >> searching for that much sought after middle ground. thank you. facebook shareholders gather today to vote on the future of the company. >> it is democracy in action kind of. >> reporter: kind of. everybody gets to vote but their votes are weighted by how many shares they own. one vote is whether to keep peter teal as a member. all seats are up for a vote
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today but we mention teal because he ran into that controversy after he funded a lawsuit for hulk hogan. facebook itself faces scrutiny after it was accused of skashing conservative news stories in feeds. we mentioned shareholders is sort of a democracy because mark zuckerberg gets 68% of the vote. former twitter ceo joins zuckerberg to have his account hacked. he said his twitter wasn't hacked but a different app that was allowed to access and publish to twitter was. linked is published places to work. number one is not going to be
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surprise you. the top four places, google, sales force, facebook, apple. here is the top five. there is google. salesforce comes in second. researchers like where you can mediate. amazon does squeak in. they've had reputations as tough places to work. on the back half you have four out of the five bay area companies. microsoft gets number seven which is something for linked in because they're bought by microsoft now. linked created the list and they didn't make the list of their own great places to work but microsoft did. >> it's great to be able to work at one of those companies. it's difficult to get a job there. >> true. part of the factor and one of the reasons that google came in at number one, great place, hard to get there.
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>> as we know. shark sightings keeping people out of the water. there was a white shark early saturday evening. dozens of people were in the water at the time. lifeguards responded quickly to get them out safely. >> we heard the megaphones directing us to swim straight under the wharf and get out at the platform so we just followed instructions. >> the water was evacuated and an advisory posted warning people to avoid swimming, surfing and water sports. >> something to keep in mind because the temperatures are going up and a lot of people would like to head to the beach. >> yeah. >> apparently the sharks like to go sto the beach too. >> it's going to be hot. all week long we will be stuck in this pattern with highs in
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the 90s reaching far inland and we'll see those temperatures cooler along the coast. a live look at the golden gate bridge. it will be warm but not unbearable over the next couples of days. a nice cool start to the morning with mostly some 40s and 50s as we drop in on the north bay. we do have a wide range in temperatures. it's 47 degrees. we have 60 to start out the morning and santa rosa is at 50 degrees. we will have a calm wind throughout the day. it gets up to about 15 miles an hour later on but it's not an onshore flow. it's coming from the north so that will allow the temperatures to be hot and dry for the day and the next several days.
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we have a strong area of high pressure off to the east of us and at least we are not dealing with temperatures over 100 degrees. check that out, palm springs 120 degrees. dangerous heat across the region. as we get a look at the next three days we'll be in the low 90s for the south bay and peninsula. san francisco in the upper 70s with 75 degrees on wednesday. the east bay today into the lower 80s. we are well above average. in san joes say we should be about 81 degrees and tomorrow we will be 90 degrees. the hottest day will be thursday and then we start to come down gradually as we go into the weekend but it will be very warm and well above average. another weekend with some 90s in the forecast for the valleys and
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san francisco will be the nice comfortable spot with lower 70s both saturday and sunday. let's head over to mike to see where you may be slowing down on the roadways. the bridge is starting to show a build but the drama is in the tri-valley. the rest of the bay moves well. we move over toward southbound 680. slower heading over out of niles as folks will head over there. this crash blocks all but the hot lane and express lane. the alternate will be a longer drive but a more pleasant one. south on 880 but the build is on through the entire area. three lanes are blocked and two
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lanes are open and we're looking at the plaza has a backup and the build kicking in now. the hot lane chp has opened it up for everybody to try to get people through there. >> coming up next nbc bay area responds. >> 65 bucks a month for a home phone. ==sam/2shot==
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to a san francico custer who was having problems with comcast. ==laura/2shot== we should note - comcast is the consumer reporterhrbc universal. nbc bay area responds to a customer who was having trouble with comcast. >> comcast is the parent company of nbc universal. >> reporter: he says he signed up for a special package of $99 a month for two years, that price included cable and internet. the problem is when he tried to add telephone service his bill increased by $60. he felt that was too much so he contacted us and we contacted comcast. the cable company gave a new rate of $170 a month. comcast owns nbc bay area. if you have a complaint phone us or find us on our website. tomorrow unfreezing frozen debit
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cards. have a great day. >> thank you. 6:26. up next an emergency situation developi developing along the stretch of highway 1, the conditions causing the road to crumble. flames ripped through an apartment complex over the weekend. we're live with what they're returning to. i'm laura garcia cannon.
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=sam/4shot= an good morning to you. the first day of summer. >> it is going to be a hot monday and this is just the start because it's heating up throughout the week. >> it's going to be like the weather we had over the weekend. it started to heat up yesterday and that continues today and continues to build throughout the week. at least it's cool now. it's 55 degrees in san francisco. up to 91 in the north bay. the peninsula will be at 86 degrees. we'll talk about how hot it gets this week coming up. mike is tracking a new crash. here is the curve and the slou down. reports of a crash involving a motorcycle. watch for these smaller swee
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vehicles. the rest of the bay moves well except for the tri-valley but i have better news for this. south bound 680, the crash i'm getting word the roadway is starting to open. all lanes now are opening. just stick it out because i think we should see improvement over the next 20 minutes. 880 a good alternate for you. >> thank you very much. a developing story and a devastating story. police are searching for witnesses after a fan last night fell from one of the upper decks at arrowa kel arena right after the game. the police say that fan may have been pushed over the railing during or after a fight. this is being investigated as a
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felony assault. police did talk to some witnesses and reviewing surveillance video. the person who fell is in his 20s. he's at highland hospital this morning. we will have the latest on his condition in 25 minutes. >> it's over! it's over! cleveland is a city of champions once again. >> no farry tail ending. >> we are live in oracle arena. the warriors missed their last nine shots. you can't win a title doing that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you think about it, a week and a half ago fans would not have seen this coming considering the warriors were leading the series three games to one but last night here at oracle arena the
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cavaliers made history by coming back from that deficit to win the championship and cause grown men to cry. we saw at least one golden state warrior fan overcome with tears. 93-89. green hit his groove and had a tremendous performance especially with those three-points but it wasn't enough. >> steph occcurry did his best. >> you play a seven game series and the best team wins and they were better than us. >> i pg think it was a great ga. both teams battled. they made the shots they needed to make. >> cleveland hasn't had a
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championship since i've been alive so that's good for their city. the warriors will be back. >> reporter: that gentleman is correct, the last time the cavaliers -- the city of cleveland won a championship was in 1964 when the browns won the nfl championship before it became known as the super bowl. reporting live. >> it's been a while. they took the trophy. the defeat is hard to swallow. we can't forget about the run for the warriors this year. for a look back at the highli t highlights head to our website. dozens of people living in san francisco at the outer mission district are going to return to what's left of their homes today after flames ripped through several buildings over the weekend. this was a five alarm fire at one point. we are live from mission and
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29th this morning. come people don't know if they have anything to come back to. >> reporter: the damage is massive here. 58 people forced out of their homeland and some may be able to get their belongings. i spoke to two woecmen this morning and they describe this as life changing. you can see a kitchen, refrigerator, remnants of a life before. apartments in neighboring buildings after flames tore through them. firefighters spent the day checking for hot spots and looking for the cause of this fire. the damage has left dozens homeless for now. >> we have my son and our good health so it could be worse. >> reporter: no serious
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injuries. two people did suffer minor smoke inhalation. crews are set to keep watch here today. some businesses are set to reopen. a restaurant and this hardware store will not reopen. it is gutted floor to ceiling piled with debris. tough for people to bounce back. police are still here because there is a street closure 29th and mission. no red flag warnings for the bay area but the hot weather is keeping firefighters busy. our chopper caught smoke and flames along highway 84. traffic had to be diverted off the freeway so firefighters co hose it down. and this small small near campbell caused traffic slow
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downs. amtrak is expanding service. the agency is adding another round trip service between oakland's square and bakersfield. that starts today. amtrak officials say extra service is being added due to a growing population and increased congestion on the highways. a portion of san francisco's great highway closes for the ten days. the closure is done every year to ensure sand doesn't bury the highway. it will close between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. bu during that time crews will remove sand build up. more than 5,000 cubic yards of sand will be put back in the ocean. there's an emergency plan to move a portion of highway 1 in sonoma county away from an eroding cliff. that problem is effecting the
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southbound lane. a traffic signal is going to allow drivers through one direction at a time, that means delays of five to ten minutes through that area. a temporary detour could begin in late summer or early fall. a major realignment likely won't happen for three years. snow in the sierra is melting faster than normal. earlier than normal run off is forcing reservoirs to release water due to flood control regulations. if this were a normal year snow would melt gradually. rising temperatures is what is behind that early snow melt. >> did you say rising temperatures or record temperatures? >> let's check in. >> we're going to be close but not expected to break records.
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in san j we're 95 degrees in gilroy. it could be as hot as 95 in fairfield and the tri-valley will be up to 93 degrees. this hot weather continues through the week. let's head over to mike to see what's happening as you head out. confirm all lanes clear southbound 680. 880 into oakland looking slower but the biggest build for 680 is starting to clear up. the earlier crash has been cleared. the crash has activity on the shoulder that will be a distraction. we're looking at the rest of the bay and a smooth flow of traffic.
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more folks might have headed over there to avoid the area and that might be the reason for more traffic as well. we'll give you a live look out there for northbound 101 starting to see the slow down here. back to you. >> thank you very much. coming up, hot temperatures fueling wildfires across the southwest, including two in southern california. crews struggle to gain the upper hand. some really cool rocket video to show you. 246 points to the positive. it's about the brexit. we'll explain it coming up. (big board) ==omni== =laura/vo= a lawsuit against the maker of the gun used in the 2012
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almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk.
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==laura/vo==heavilarmed mestorm spital in bral -- killg a paent and wounding a nurse and an off-duty police heavily armed men storm a hospital in brazil killing a patient and wounding a nurse and off duty policeman to free a suspected drug trafficker. it happened in rio. police say five men attacked the hospital to free the suspect who was being treated for a gunshot wound. there were as many as 15 gunmen outside during the attack. that same hospital is designated to treat tourists during the upcoming olympics. summer school is not exciting to
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students but this class could save lives. the chp is offering a free course to teenagers to reduce the number of deaths on the roadways. car crashes are the leading cause of death for americans between 15 and 20 years old. they are starting the classes next week wednesday june 29th. many teens their first car may be an electric car. >> reporter: a study predicts americans will need 20% less gasoline in the next two decades because so many americans will buy and drive electric cars. tesla is to be sure but less expensive models. lots of used cars willen electric cars as well. looking ahead the biggest news story this week will be the
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brexit vote on thursday when great britain decides whether their country should stay in the ue or leave. here you see david cameron appealing to voters to vote to stay. we saw new data that show arguments to stay are winning. we have not seen a lot of polling because polls and campaigns both for and against were suspended. looking at wall street they love the idea of britain staying in. the dow is up 250 points. blue origin ran tests on its booster in texas there. look at that falling back from going into space. rocket launches going fast and then there comes the landing gear and the world's most gentle baby soft landing.
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we've been paying a lot of attention to these boosters coming back down. there's a lot of science involved in the original mission but this stuff is so new and cool and it works so well. >> right. that's the thing. they're doing it so well. >> it's like science fiction. >> it looks like it was in slow motion. >> it wasn't. that was the actual landing. it did about five miles an hour. >> just backs right in. >> thank you scott. president obama is going to be at stanford university on friday attending a global entrepreneurship summit. he is going to participate in a panel discussion with mark zuckerberg and other business leaders. president obama founded that summit to help investment and private enterprise in developing countries. the president has been a busy man these days. he and the first family enjoying part of their weekend in california at yosemite. >> getting back to nature. this photo was posted and shows mrs. obama with the president
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and their two daughters. they spent the weekend where the president gave a speech saturday pushing for more conservation efforts. >> they had a water fall that wasn't dry. developing right now extreme heat is not helping the situation in santa barbara soent where a wildfire is out of control. hundreds of firefighters are battling the flames. many are saying it's back breaking work. >> steve patterson joins us live. steve, how is the situation looking this morning? >> reporter: we're joining us from the staging area where all of the hot shot crews are starting to gear up for their day on the front line. the situation here is kind of a good news, bad news. the sun downer winds have died down and they're hitting in places where the fire has burned out a lot of vegetation so it's
6:48 am
more like it's pushing back the fire. the bad news is this extreme heat. three firefighters air lifted off the line last night and it is with the temperatures not helping the situation here or in other places around the southwest. there's a new fire near the u.s./mexican boarder that's burned 1,500 acres, destroyed three instruct ustructures and e firefighters. in arizona 12,000 acres and the dog head fire in new nemexico i only about 10% contained. beyond that you can throw out the wildfires and we can talk about how hot it is, 120 degrees expected in phoenix, the cause of four heat related deaths, two of those people were in their mid 20s. it really puts a good perspective on how dangerous this is. those are the elements we're
6:49 am
working on for the "today" show. >> we look forward to that. thanks so much steve. >> steve makes a good point. there's something like 30 million americans who are under a heat advisory right now throughout the southwest. this is record breaking stuff. >> thankfully that does not include the bay area. we're on the outer fringes of that heat dome but we stay in this pattern for the next several days. as we start out this morning gorgeous view. a little bit of clouds rolling across but otherwise all clear skies throughout the day. it's in the mid 50s and upper 50s for the south bay but the north bay is 46 degrees. windows open to let in the cool air because it will be very hot this afternoon. as we look at the south bay we have made 50s there.
6:50 am
the wind will not help us out at all. with the wind coming in from a notherly direction and only about 10 to 15 miles an hour it does not provide us with the natural air conditioning and onshore flow so the temperatures will heat up today unless you're along the coast line. so that high pressure is causing all of this record heat for the south west and look at these highs today, palm springs 120 degrees expected later on this afternoon. so we want to put things in perspective. it will be hot here but nothing like that. still dangerous. our highs reaching into the low 90s in the south bay for the next three days and the peninsula upper 8 0s and low 90s for the north bay and the east bay will be in the lower 80s. our average high is 81 degrees and today's record is 102.
6:51 am
we will not be that hot but tomorrow we're up to 90 degrees. the hottest day will be thursday before the temperatures slowly start to come back down but still very warm. in san francisco the average high 67 with a high on thursday up to 80 degrees. as we look ahead to the weekend pretty much the same thing as this weekend, we are looking at those highs reaching into the low 90s and san francisco drops back to the lower 70s. we are going to have some very warm temperatures. we'll be talking more about that and keeping you up to date. let's go over to the traffic now. we had a crash on the east bay. the volume of traffic is the issue now because that crash did clear. no major injuries but a make involved indicates you're going to have these motorcycles out on the roadway because it's a
6:52 am
beautiful weather for a ride. it's harder to see so take an extra second and look over your shoulder when changing lanes. the bay looks good but we have this big jam here. it's likely to see more traffic as some folks are avoiding pleasanton. folks taking 84 to get out of the backup and moving over toward mission. this ask kind of messing up the whole tri-valley commute this morning. it will add time on to your commute as well. we see the build off the 880 and northbound 101 shows it continuing to build here and 85, 87. i'll give you a bigger look coming up. coming up next, terrifying
6:53 am
moments at oracle arena as a fan fells from the second deck after the game tumbling to the floor below as the finalss were comin to a close. now we know he might have been pushed. as we prepare for the temperatures to soar into the 90s in some places today he you can ctrack the conditions wherever you go. the mayor usually wrestles with local issues but this week he just wrestled. on our home page read why he decided to try to his moves on a college champion. before you head out the door -h
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bay area... ==sam/anim== first - a delo welcome back. before you head out the door here are the top stories. first a developing story in oakland. a fan is recovering this morning after he fell from the second deck of the oracle arena. >> reporter: we can only imagine what those injuries were. it was after a fight and at this point it appears that man may have been pushed. there was heavy security outside the arena during and after the game as fans were leaving but that fan was injured inside.
6:57 am
according to the arena the fight happened on the second level and again that man in his 20s fell below possibly pushed. arena personnel and paramedics jumped into action to save him. he was transported to the hospital and he's in critical but stable condition. in addition to that felony felony there were five citations issued for public intoxication to illegal ticketed sales. one person was arrested and two people were ejected from the game. if you know anything about the fight the police remind you you can report it anonymously. >> it's over! it's over! >> the heart breaker are fo the dubs, elation for the cavs. perhaps the news is it was one of the greatest basketball teams that lost. they're taking the loss as a
6:58 am
lesson and inspiration to come back stronger next season. >> it hurts real bad right now but i promise you we'll get better from it and it's not the last time we'll be here. >> we're going to take the good with the bad and understand that we hopefully will have many more opportunities to fight for championships and be on the stage because it is -- it's what it's all about. >> it's going to be a tough monday for warriors fans. this is just the beginning of what could be one of the greatest moments for our team in history. one of the greatest dine arresties in the world of sports. >> cleveland hasn't had a championship since i've been alive so i guess that's good for their city but the warriors will be back. >> we will be back. the warriors are already the favorite team to win it all next
6:59 am
year. as for the postmortem the chronicle headlines says dethrowned by the king. lebron james having one of the greatest performances in the history of the league. good for us if you like the heat it's going to get hot this week. definitely pool weather, beach weather. >> shopping mall weather. >> library. it's going to be a very hot over the next several days. today we're hitting the 90s for the north bay, tri-valley and south bay. it's the road to recovery. >> they have a slow drive right now. i want to show you silicon valley. a big surprise for some south 680 jammed up through pleasanton. 880 sees more traffic. don't do that it's a windy road
7:00 am
and better on the freeway. >> be patient. that's what's happening today in the bay. >> thank you for everything you do to all the dads out there. see you again in half an hour. good morning. king of cleveland lebron james makes his city proud. >> it's over, it's over! cleveland is a city of champions once again! the superstar leading the cavaliers to a thrilling win over golden state 93-89. and back home, an epic celebration. ♪ and the party is not over yet. record-shattering temperatures soar across the west. the intense heat blamed for at least four deaths and fueling new wildfires. 103 degrees in los angeles, 115 in phoenix, a scorching 123 in palm springs today.


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