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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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threaten hundreds of homes in southern california t. latest developments, plus a view of the flames from spriechlts and i'm chris sanchez at the courthouse in palo alto, where brock turner was sentenced to six months in jail for sexual assault. how this case may be inspiring change in state law. and the road does not lead to rio for one of the world's best and most recognizable golfers. the big name that announced he is jumping out of the summer olympics and why. right now on "today in the bay." a very good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> i'm sam brock. today on the links, at least, they have something cool, watery. >> you better have an early tee time. >> yes, do everything early. the weather goes on for your tee time or hitting the links. ==trx/set h=
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==maps full== =trx/m full= full pal alto mike is tracking the bay bridge toll plaza. >> everything was on schedule for your typical backup. it held off at mid-parking lot for the lanes off to the left. everything else approaching the maze, looks good, we show you on the map, the speed sensors, off the berkeley curve, itself, just a slight build. a wider look at the east bay, no problems. coming off the dublin interchange. a little more slowing, the earlier crash, 680 around mission truck scales. palo alto, nice, easy light drive. all along the peninsula.
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101. 280 is just as clear. the controversial nation wide out rage is the driving force set to be detailed by the santa clara county dat. legislation inspired by the victims sexually assaulted by brock turner smr we don't know many more details beside that. "today in the bay" chris sanchez is joining us live this morning as we await monumental news. >> good morning. the deputy district attorney on the case said she felt like she failed the victim. well, she will talk about the inflation inspired by that victim. judge aaron persky sentenced him six months rather than six years in prison that the deputy da was seeking. nachg, he had the judge moved from another sexual assault case as well. now rosen has a chance to talk
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about legislation inspired by that young woman t. justice for victims act passed the assembly public safety committee yesterday. the state bill elittle na its the current ten-year statute of limitation on rape, that would allow definite prosecution for rape and sexual assault, including sexual abuse of a child. that bill has bipartisan support. victims rights advocates applaud that change. most of the uproar in this case was over the sentencing. on that, the national women's advocacy group is paying for a billboard, pushing a petition to ask the state judicial commission to take action against a judge. there is a counterpetition on >> that one signed by many attorneys supporting judge persky and the need for judicial discretion t. district attorney will make ris remarks. we will have coverage in our mid-day newscasts. in palo alto, chris sanchez,
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"today in the bay." a new scandal surrounding city council member lynn et gibson mcelhenny, a report says she misused city resources to stop a townhouse project next to her oak home. people are taking the frustration out on the mayor. outside oak pd headquarters, they voiced their anger over recent opd suspensions. >> it is time to step forward and blow the whistle or will you go down with this ship. >> we should be auditing the police as of now, because everything is happening. i think that libby shock should get on that. >> more than a dozen oakland police officers are now under investigation in connection with an underaged sex scandal, other officers are being tied to a racist texting scandal. >> lauren. what has been a lengthy process the police commission is going to decide on new use of force
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rules for its police officers. now, those policies the commission is considering include requiring offers to go through surgeon steps to deescalate situations to use force that's proportionate to a perceived threat and to make using fire articles a last resort. sfpd has come under intense scrutiny following several incidents where officer shot three suspects. three men are accused in a string of an armed robbery. four of the robberies went down during the early morning hours last week. targeted neighborhoods, include the pan hand him, inner sunset and presidia heights. witness helped police capture those suspects. if san francisco voters say yes to one measure, the police department could alter how it cracks down on crime t. city wants to create a new eun that responds spell to home burglaries, car break-ins, which have seen a huge spike in car thefts.
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officers from that unit would also enforce laws deterring vandalism and aggressive panhandling. new developments now on a brazen smash n grab last year at the bloomingdales, you see a car plowing through gas there. police say the three men driving a stolen suv went through the front doors taking jewelry with them. now, investigators are identifying two suspects, which have in jail. that i are looking no ar the third suspect joseph sand viet nam right there. detectives believe there could be a fourth suspect, a woman who played a role in the heist. they're working to identify her. sam, we have developing news out of southern california right now, where two passive fires have officially merged into one in l.a. county. 5,000 acres are scorched. hundreds of residents are evacuated. the fire is being called the san gabrielle fire. right now, firefighters have that fire about 10% contained. this is interesting. take a look at this.
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it's the view from space, taken from nasa's aqua satellite. the image shows tall smoke plumes standing out northeast of l.a. one weren't of el nino storms is not going to erase the damage done by years of drought. it will take california another four years of above average wet winters to recover. now, that itself the predictions, courtesy of ucla researchers. those researchers say that the droughts are a result of four straight dry years, is the worst drought the state's endured in the last 1200 years t. current drought is still ongoing, entering its fifth 84. our forecast does not include any signs of rain. what it does have is plenty of sunshine and heat, kari hall, which is continuing through week. >> it does. we will see very intense heat for the next several days, including the weekend. so as you start to make plans to get outdoors, keep in mind, it will not be at all very comfortable. as we start out this morning, a live look outside, you see the clouds, something we haven't seen recently.
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so that will bring our temperatures back down along the coast and a stronger on shore flow will also help us out by a few degrees. look at how hot it gets in gilroy, still up to 94 degrees. 82 in foster city. and 97 in fairfield and antioch. 76 in oakland. 92 today in livermore. we'll talk about how hot it gets as we go into the weekend. that's coming up. let's head over to mike. >> we have only a brief building right now for the morning commute. >> that could be the two blending together. now, the tri-valley, the 101. moving over to the tri-valley, southbound 680 the earlier crash completely cleared around mission scales. let's you see where the arrow is. a breakdown around whipple. southbound south of that san
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mateo bridge. from the center divide. >> that caused some slowing. it should start to move better, approaching the bay bridge. all throughout the east bay. no real problems. a slower, more gradual build. still slow over there. we're looking over towards the peninsula side, foster city at the san mateo bridge. the traffic works well off that high rise, no delays for 92 at 101 or 280. >> you know well about this, a construction project may snarl traffic. crews are putting in a sewer loan along pittsburgh antioch highway. it's the latest phase involving two-and-a-half miles of the highway near love ridge road. at the end of the year, work will take place between 8:30 and 3:30 p.m. closing off, one of the best golfers from the olympics. up next in the bay, out of the
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games before they even start t. reason the top golfer, rory mcilroy, says he will not be competing in rio this summer. >> elon musk has been on the phone an hour-and-a-half, trying to explain the solar city deal. we're not convinced. we will take a look at business next.
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==sam/v set== within the la fehours - ry mcilroy announced he's >> one of the world's top golfers is choosing not to take the road to rio. in the last few hours, we learned rory mcilroy is opting out of the summer olympic games because of the concerns over the
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zika virus. pittsburgh ill roy had been slated to compete for his homeland of ireland. he said, quote, it is a risk i am unwilling to take. mcilroy is one of the biggest names in sports to drop out of the games. his decision is considered a major blow as golf returns to the olympics for the first time in over a century. in the meantime, researchers are launching a new study to learn more about the zika virus. we know it causes birth desks. researchers want to physical out when the virus is most dangerous to fetuses, we want to find out if birth defects start early on in the pregnancy. a mother is more than someone who never knows they're infected in the first place. the national institutes of health will follow 10,000 women in the countries hit hard st by the zika virus.
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poland's tallest building is sending a message to the european union, stay in the union. it was lit up last night. britain's prime minister and president obama say leaving the eu would have a negative impact on the world economy. scott mcgrew had a lot to say. >> he does, he has been getting an earful from elon muck instead. >> musk has been on the phone defending tesla's plan to buy solar city for more than $2 billion. he's having a tough time explaining it. musk is ceo of the bay area tesla. he is chairman over at the bay area solar city. he holds an enormous amount of stock in both companies. son some analysts are worried one musk company is bailing out another musk company. shares skyrocketed on the news tuesday afternoon, leaving those who had shorted the stock in a
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very precarious position, which must have given muck a bit of satisfaction. musk says he won't participate in the vote because of this obvious conflict of interest. there is a lot of cross pollenation between the two companies. elon musk's countries as is another executive. tesla ceo sits on solar city's board as well t. big concern is tesla doubts that they can make the model 3 cars pre order him. tesla had to go to the finance well a couple of times, to be fair, it won't cost them money. it's all stock. we say it's a $2.8 billion deal. it won't be, tesla's stock is worth so much less. the price continues to drop this has the making of the worst ideas and from net flicks said it would split into two companies. the columbus dispatch, the
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newspaper in columbus, ohio, reporting this morning, u.s. transportation secretary anthony fox will announce columbus, not san francisco, is the winner of the smart city competition and will get millions of federal dollars to test autonomous cars, build electric chargers and other cool stuff. it's a bummer for the bay area. they wonder if ohio is a swing state. >> we're not saying. we're just pointing it out. >> columbus ohio. >> right. >> futuristic cars. >> futuristic things. >> the buckeyes, they got great football over there. >> all those people from columbus this morning. ocean beach, an experiment, the park service actually removed the trash chance to help cut down on dumping. people that live there say it's made the problem even worse.
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garbage chance were taken out in okay. so people visiting the beach would try to take their trash home with them. we found many people saying the plan is not working. the park service disagrees. >> no, they don't. i see garbage left in the places where the garbage cans used to be. >> people are pulling up, putting it at the top of the stairs. it blows all over the neighborhood. >> we found there is less trash than during periods in which trash cans were in the area. it may seem counterintuitive. that's their experience with it. >> the park service spokesperson says clean-up crews monitor ocean beach every morning and the reports that the experiment is working. but neighbors point out the experiment is not being done at beaches surrounded by wealthier communities, whether or not that has anything to do with it, we don't know. >> bottom line, less trashy, more classy. that's what they're saying. >> got that butcher statisticer.
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>> we're picking up where we were yesterday. in there the heat ramps up as we go into the weekend. as you head out, you are seeing something you didn't see yesterday, clouds in san francisco and a very weak onshore flow will help bring down the temperatures in san francisco. a little more than yesterday. as we start out with cloud, we have temperatures at 56 degrees in the city. 49 degrees in santa rosa, livermore starts off at 57 degrees. our winds coming if from the northwest, turning a little more westerly by early afternoon. also a bit stronger than yesterday. so that will knock us back a few degrees as we get ready for more intense heat to build, so high pressure still off to the east of here. pumping in this high heat and temperature wise today we're in the upper 90s for parts of the delta, while we still have low
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70s, a wide range in temperatures from the coast to those inland valleys. 95 degrees today. headed into tomorrow the heat continues with very warm temperatures for those inland areas and looking at san jose the next five days, for today, up to 92 degrees. 90 degrees tomorrow, back to 92 t. average is 82. and by sunday in the upper 90s. >> that continues into next week. so it will be so very warm this week in san francisco for pride weekend on sunday for the parade, which start at 10:30 in the morning. 65 degrees.
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==trx at set h== ==live we'll talk more about what to expect as that heat continues. mike has changes for with you that drive into freedom. >> that's right. looking over here the live look for 880 shows the freeway. let's talk further north. you look at your map, no problem through san jose and silicon valley. we will move over here first, the earlier crash had been cleared about 20 minutes ago, we see slowing through pleasanton, that's improvement. over here, 1880 south. traffic held up as that ripple back up over towards hayward because of the earlier disabled vehicle. that cleared out to the shoulder. now we saw a lighter flow of traffic that will change as this bulk of traffic comes over the dunbarton bridge. no major problems through
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silicon valley. slowing in to downtown san jose t. golden gate has a flow of traffic. here's a clear view. sun's up. coming into san francisco out of the easy drive out in san rafael. back to you. >> it looks pretty smooth there. >> coming up next, calling for backup. the reenforcements that could be patrolling the streets of san jose. >> one woman's story, our question next. >> good morning, everyone, ahead on "today" the presumptive nominee, donald trump gets set for a major speech. his topic, the clinton. how tough will he be? a preview of that speech. extreme weather, 62 million people at rick for severe storms, while the heat refuses to let up out west, al is going to have much more on all of it. and forget trump and clinton. how does another bartlett administration sound? we will have an exclusive when
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we see you on a wednesday morning here on "today. san jose is looking towards
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c-h-p officers and sheriff's streets - and that's because there aren't enough city officers to go around. ==vo== the city council unanimously >> san jose looking towards chp officers and sheriffs deputies to patrol the streets. city council unanimously approved the plan yesterday to hire the additional staff. along with traffic enforcement, the extra staff will patrol monterey road to crack down on prostitution and the ever14 area to deter burglaries.
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>> i think it's a good idea. i think they can use all the help they can get. >> i think it's a good, they should consider having more police officers and chp to keep this group safe in san jose. >> the plan will go before the public safety in august and the city council in september for a final vote. if approved the plan would go into effect by the end of the year. pg & e says it will take the diablo canyon nuclear power plant completely off line by the year 2025 t. utility is closing down that plant. located on the central coast as a part of the agreement with environmentalists. this allows the utility to meet that, in its place, pg & e says it will develop more wind and energy you newable sources. >> nbc bay area response, kind of an unusual question. >> jen says amazon closed her
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prime account and issued a lifetime ban. why? she returned too many orders. she concedes she sends stuff back. she has no idea that she crossed the line. >> how is that possible? >> we asked amazon, how many returns will get you banned? a spokesperson will say it works directly with a customer to hand him issues. amazon wouldn't confirm jen had been banned. yet a few days after we asked about her case, amazon reinstated jen's account. if you have a question for us. reach out, call 888-996 tips. visit have a great day. coming up next on "today in the bay," bay area bound the new information we are learning about the gunman in the orlando massacre and his plans to fly his family to san francisco. >> and it was supposed to be a
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night of partying for dozens of pa rin county teens. instead, it end with calls to parents and an arrest. i have more on this bust and what police found when they went aboard the bus. and i'm sam brock
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(toss kari) == a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we have been talking about the heat. san francisco is like an oasis. 73 degrees today. everyone else is dealing with
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90. >> the good thing is we have places to go and escape from the heat. >> you have to have something when it gets this hot. it stays hot as we go into the next several days. look at the north bay. no air-conditioning on now. it's 57 in the south bay highs up to 90, the south bay and the tri-valley. you can see the clouds this morning. what to expect as we two into the week. let's head over to mike. the san mateo bridge is looking popular. >> folks are moving over to the peninsula, west 92. there you go. slower speeds off the southbound 880. the earlier issue, that disabled vehicle has cleared off the roadway there. meanwhile, in the south bay, itself, a little build for 101
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and 85. a like look shows you the camera. northbound shows that you second of the morning. this will continue to build, slowing here in san jose, moving up to the rest of silicon valley, we'll track it, back to you. >> 6:31, 30 bottles of hard liquor, pot, prescription drugs and dozens of minors caught on board a bay area party bus, rented out by a 16-year-old. now the driver of that bus is facing felony charges. >> good morning, sam, lawyer. >> reporter: an anonymous caller tipped off police but this was a nightmare they have a switch blade, alcohol and drugs. it's the central police authority who gave us this picture and said this bus was
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leaving this area monday night. on board, they found 33 teenagers from 15 to 17-years-old, including a 16-year-old girl with a purse full of prescription drugs. she was cited for possession and having safe i.d.. the bus driver, james green, from san francisco, told officers he was taking kids to their parents. he didn't know about the drugs and alcohol. police say they couldel the marijuana and alcohol as soon as they got on the bus. >> he was arrested for a felony charge of felony child endangerment, due to the age of the children on the bus. >> reporter: it was a 16-year-old male from tibburon who rented it using galactic police say the bus is owned by richmond based fantastic voyage transportation. how they got the rental is another part of the investigation. police say they didn't have to produce i.d. and that these teams have $900 in cash for
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payment. a lot of questions still. meantime, grown, that bus driver is scheduled for his first court appearance this morning. >> thank you very much. the search is on for the person that stabbed two people in the martinez area. it happened near shell and martinez avenues. coincidentally, deputies were around the corner getting ready to search a search warrant. they rushed over, saw one shot, another stabbed. no sign of the attacker. there has been no update on the victim's condition, sam. it was a moving farewell for police officer michael katerman. a procession through several south bay cities ended up at the sap center for a final salute a. police officer was shot and killed in the line of duty during crash last week. >> i hope we are not here to think of the day, but track the
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life of a man that touched so many people. >> the memorial service credited him as a police officer and family pan. >> april and the boys all in, basketball all in. riding motorcycles, all in. music all in. his passion for protecting and defending citizens of san jose, totally all in. >> another emotional moment came when a friend read letters from officer katerman's two sons, telling their dad they missed him. after the ceremony, katerman's body was taken to its final resting place at gavelin hills memorial park in gilroy. one person sam liccardo. they asked the family not a attend, because they slashed the pension of the police department. laura. >> it was quite the procession,
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thank you very much. it is 6:34. police say elmer fernando rivera harbored juan enriquez. the teen was arrested tore stabbing and shooting two nevada high school students last month. police are looking for a third suspect. enreexz is suspected of rapeing a person the week before the attack. more than 800,000 will go towards installing 36 and 18 portable cameras that read vehicles. the cameras will be threaded throughout the town and the all war memorial, which has been vandalized several times. according to east bay times, dublin readers will be installed
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along 580 and 680 at the entrances into dublin. more disturbing details emerging in the orlando terror investigation as a bay area succession revealed. we now know a day before that attack the shooter bought plane tickets bound for san francisco. "today in the bay" bob redell is joining us live with more on that, plus the tribute to all of the victims for this weekend's pride celebrations. bob. >> good morning, san francisco police telling us there are no known threats to this weekend san francisco pride celebration, but given the mass ter at that gay nightclub in orlando. at least one lbgtq par in castro is wanding organizers for weapons. they will have entry points.
6:37 am
they have hand held wands or walk through medal detectors t. city will restrict bags allowed. sfpd will deploy about 25% more officer this year compared to last and to honor the people killed a week and a half ago, volunteers will carry 49 memorial boards with the victims faces and names during sunday's pride parade. >> we can't stop celebrating because we're killed. that's the reason we're celebrating. we refuse to make us sad and crush us. >> reporter: a new development into the investigation, nbc news found the shooter had purchased three airplane tickets the for travel to sfo in july. the tickets, salman and their son, salman's mother lives in rodeo is representativeing from
6:38 am
surgery t. thought is the family will spend an extend period out here. reporting live here in castro, in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, been. today both sides are actually coming toke to give it another try. >> tracy, a vote could come as soon as this week. still not without major hurdles? >> reporter: no, they got to get people on board. democrats and republicans clashed on this. a group of moderates from both sides are trying to come up with a middle ground that will be presented this afternoon the plan to take the strictest, the narrow version, the no fly list and people pulled aside in airports for extra screening. only those people would be restricted from buying guns.
6:39 am
even they would have a right to appeal. that's the compromise. we'll see if this will splooi ply. republican leaders here say the jury is still out as for the white house the comment there is they are still reading it. the justice department may be willing to back it. it looks like it's better than nothing, nothing is what they have, more votes later this week. >> all right. if you need to get it done, get it done early this morning, take the dog out. >> that's right. again, all of the sunshine, although we are starting out with clouds in san francisco. it's 56 degrees.
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49 in santa rosa. still intense heat is this area of high pressure remains to the east of us. we'll see those high temperatures inland reaching into the mid- to upper-90s, while we do have some '80s for the inner bay and some 60s right along the immediate coastline. still a wide range in temperatures today as well as tomorrow. we will talk about intense heat, that's coming up. let's head over to mike now. he is tracking a crash in the tri-valley. >> we are tracking the sunshine, sunshine in the south bay. yes, a crash in the tri-valley. we will show you the map. not a lot of slowing to speak of. the red out of the altamonte pass. westbound, 580. eastbound does have a crash. that's right around livermore, truck scales not concerned about this either. no injuries, no lanes blocked. no real slowing. it appeared on our report. in the south bay, north bay routes continue to build. 101 at capital expressway.
6:41 am
280 and 80. 87 and 85, show you the traditional build off those as well. i want to take you back up to the san mat eo bridge as well, jamming up right now. i just got reports of a disabled vehicle, somewhere approaching that in your commute direction t. dunbarton bridge is a better choice if you have an option. we will get more once a crew gets there. back to you. >> we will check back with you. coming up, check your mail, there could be cash waiting for you. the reason caple is dishing out refunds this morning. >> if musk spent the whole morning trying to convince investors not to slam the stock. it isn't working. we'll take a look. federal investigators say
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6:43 am
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several pro atheletes have been targeted in a ponzi- style scheme. that list includes giants pitcher jake peavy. =vo= the feds claim investment adviser "ash narayan" has stolen more than 30-million dollars in total. >> federal investigators say several athletes have been targeted in a giant ponzi scheme. he is accused of investing clients money into an online ticket business. >> that investment went belly up. a lawsuit has been filed. happening today, former disgraced house speaker denny hastert will check into a federal prison in minnesota. he pleaded guilty to cover up the fact that he sexually
6:45 am
molested four boys decades ago. he tried to pay millions to one of those victims as hush money t. 74-year-old will serve a 15 month long sentence at a medical facility. he will also have to pay $250,000 in fines. hastert served as house speaker in 2009 to 2007. it is a quarter to 7:00 right now, check your apple account, there might be a small refund for you. apple will be giving up to $4 million in refund. 33 states sued apple, accusing it to hike up prices. apple denies wrong doing, but has agreed to settle. apple also be pay ebook users belonging to amazon, barnes and noble and cobo, all of which had to raise their prices to compete. six bucks will automatically appear in your account or you will receive a check. shares in the bay area tesla plunged for a second straight day as ceo elon musk tried to defend the company's decision to
6:46 am
buy solar city. >> scott mcdrew was on the phone for hours. scott, few people seem convinced this is a good idea. >> i'm not sure sam muck convinced anybody. tesla wants to buy bay area company solar city. the people who put solar panels on your roof for more than $2 billion in stock. muck says the deal is obvious and a no brainer. many other people can't see how these companies are related beyond the obvious. mu muck said, quote, that was a false description. investors, obviously, are going to spend the day stomping up and down on tesla stock. otherwise, we don't expect a lot of movement ahead of great britain's vote on whether to leave the european union. let's talk about the other business story, brexit, the bay
6:47 am
area first dunkin' donuts in walnut creek. iowa congressman steve king tried to block tubman from appearing on the $20 bill t. other house republicans defeated his bill before it got to the noor. king says, it's racist to choose a black woman to put on our money, because that divides us into groups. i am not making this up. he also doesn't believe in global warming. he is not the first republican opposed to putting tubman on the 20. donald trump says he thinks she belongs on the $2 bill with i you use that never. >> denigrating comments aside, andrew jackson, talk about racist. >> so, yes. >> that's amazing. >> i have a $2 bill in my wallet. >> it's supposed to be good luck? >> i think it's a lucky one. hey, it's time to set him. today california senator barbara
6:48 am
boxer and ohio senator sharod brown will settle that nba finals wagers. >> boxer will put on a lebron james jersey and serve brown beer from san francisco's 21st amendment brewery. both lawmakers made that wager on twitter before the games. boxer felt confident beforehand. they made the same bet last year. boxer and the warriors were the big fans there. >> they will serve it. are they going to drink it, too? come on. >> let's look at the official record. >> so the championship feel at least. we lost our feel here. they gained some in cleveland. >> yes, it will be another hot one outside. we will continue to see a few clouds in parts of the bay area along the coast. a live look at oracle arena. as we continue to thank the
6:49 am
warriors for a good season. we are seeing mostly sunny skies, all clear skies in the south bay where the temperature now is at 57 degrees, also 57 in the peninsula and 47 in the north bay. as we drop to the east bay, we get a closer look at 54 degrees now in pleasanton, wal future creek 57, 57 in newark. as we see the sunshine, we will have again, quickly warming temperatures, late morning, early afternoon, still a wide range in temperatures. there are these excessive heat warnings in effect that do not include the bay area.
6:50 am
compare that to 113 today in palm springs. 114 in vegas. still, very hot and our heat continues to build as this high pressure slowly slide off to the west. >> that will be the trend, causing the temperature to go up more from here. as we look at 682 or as we go into today in parts of the south bay, len look at the trend, once again, climbing up, as we go into the weekend. 97 degrees on sunday. even hotter next week. one place we can cool off, san francisco. the pride weekend happening the parade on sunday. a nice comfortable weather for that. a lot of people gathering to see some beautiful weather for a great event. now, as we head into this weekend the tri-valley, south bay, as well as the north bay, peninsula expect highs to top out near 90 degrees, once again,
6:51 am
staying hot next week. let's head over to mike, now checking on that stall at the san mateo bridge. >> that's what it sounded like. we see traffic flow moving now. i can tell you, westbound, look at eastbound, looks like there might be a pause. what's going on this year? traffic is moving better. this is a service lane. a lot of people ask why. if they have space on either side, why don't they add another lane? they added it because of incidents like this, when there is an issue. they pull it out of lanes, traffic moving right again. just a note there. we're getting back to the maps. we will show you overall, the speeds look great along the bay. san mateo bridge. the south bay, it builds, there is a disabled vehicle on the santa monica expressway. keep that in mind.
6:52 am
it might be slowing for the surfacetreets t. build now, west 80 through richmond, not atypical. we have slowing, so there is that bill. look at our shot from emeryville t. like camera will show you the berkeley curve. >> that moves well around the bend here. 580, slowing at the very end, the american happens approaching the toll plaza. that's a great flow of traffic, this wednesday morning. back to you, guys. >>. athletes are not all competing for the united states a. gymnast is making headlines from berkeley to jamaica. >> tony williams was born to ja make can parents. she has been a standout for the cal gymnastic team. she was a pac 12 freshman of the year. she will become the first to compete for jamaica and for cal. >> i definitely have moments int day, i realize, wow the whole country is looking to me for this sport. it's definitely a lot of
6:53 am
pressure. >> quite a bit of pressure there. williams hopes to be an inspiration for children in jamaica. her coach will travel to rio to be the jamaican head coach. summer games, they're quickly coming upon us. 44 days. bc bay area is your home for all the action. we will be covering it live in rio in early august. >> hard to believe it's a month-and-a-half away. we have new pictures on that major south bay library. >> they showed them cutting the ribbon in san jose. volunteers helped with the revamp, making it into a state of the art space for students, teachers around parents t. library now includes new areas to read to students and provide instruction. there is also upgraded connections to allow for the use of mobile computing devices. >> transformational change is what that is. coming up next, using anything tore catapult change. the santa clara county district
6:54 am
attorney, inspired by justice over brock turner's sentencing. will it be a victory for victims rights neighborhood, first happening now, a friendly dog can make the kick for a senior citizens settling. head to our facebook page for a list of the top dog breeds for senior citizens. hillary clinton made history as the first woman to become the presumptive major nominee. the first woman ran 144 years ago. read more about her on bc bay we'll be back in two minutes. bay area...
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==sam/anim== ==sam/boxes== y the santa clara unty d-a ll discuss new legislati >> 6:57. welcome back. before you head out the door, here are the top stories. >> the santa clara d.a. will discuss a proposal for the sentencing for brock turner. chris, this legislation, jeff rosen says is inspired by the victim in this case. >> reporter: it's inspired by the victim in this case. it definitely would be a win for survives of rape or other sexual assaults. it doesn't address the main outcry in the brock turner case, which has been the sentencing. in the 20 days since aaron persky sentenced brock turn tore six months rather than six years in prison, there has been a push
6:58 am
to remove him from the bench because of that perceived lenient sentence. in fact, d.a. rosen had the judge removed from another sexual assault case t. justice for victims act, yesterday, doesn't address that. instead, state bill 813 seeks to eliminate the ten year statute of investigation for rape and other sexual assaults, including the continual sexual abuse of a child, that bill has bipartisan support. meanwhile the national womens advocacy group is paying for a bay area billboard to ask for a judicial commission to take action. and a counterpetition on signed by a lawyer supporting judge persky and for judicial discretion. the district attorney jeff rosen will make his comments at 10:00 here where brock turner was convicted and sentenced. we have tried to get more details on what those comments
6:59 am
might be. when we reached out to the d.a.'s office, they said, we'll see you there. we will see them here at 10:00. >> thanks so much. >> playing close to the vest there. let's get a quick check of your weather can kari hall, let me guess, it will be hot today. >> you don't want to wear a vest? >> more the same. >> no big changes, though, we start out with clouds in san francisco and the north bay and along the peninsula, we look at those highs, still in the 90s in the valleys, 76 in the east bay. >> all right, what about the san mateo bridge? >> it's a stall there. an option for drives. we have a smooth drive, still lower than you might like across 92 t. rest of the bay looking really good, slows. now there is a buildup on the peninsula side. enough traffic got there. 84 the dunbarton bridge, another option. northbound routes through the silicon valley not bad at all.
7:00 am
a good drive. it will continue to build. >> we will check in with mike. 7:25 is the next live local news update. >>. >> hot, hot, hot, on a wednesday. >> try to keep cool. ♪ good morning. trump's turn. a day after hillary clinton attacks him for his failed business deals and questions his readiness to be president, donald trump expected to deliver a blistering takedown of her and her husband in a speech today. ing to extremes. more than 60 million americans at risk for severe storms. hail and tornadoes possible across the midwest while out west soaring temperatures and wildfires still a major concern. lost at sea. a father and his three teenagers vanish during a weekend sailing trip off florida. this morning the desperate search to find them. and takeoff.


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