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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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what happened? his family says a fight led to the fall. his family and police still searching for clues and witnesses. nbc bay area's robert handa is at the oracle this evening. robert what's the family saying tonight? >> reporter: well, as you know there was a lot of emotion going on here during game seven sunday. and as we've seen before, bad things can happen when that kind of emotion gets out of hand such as we saw with brian stowe. this time the victim's father says his son was just standing too close. >> salvator bimbo is recovering today in highland hospital in oakland. he lives in los angeles, grew up in san francisco and came back to the bay area where most of the family still lives to see his beloved warriors in the nba finals. he paid $900 for this ticket to game seven sunday in the upper-level section 220 of oracle arena. right after the game an alleged fight broke out between rival
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fans on the concourse near the seating area. he shot some footage on his camera when his family claims he was pushed and fell 50 feet. his father says salvatore suffered major injuries. >> he's asking me what's happening to him, what happened to him. >> does he have any recollection of what happened? >> he told me he remembers a fight. and he don't remember nothing else. >> reporter: the father says police took salvatore's cell phone and the family is asking any possible witnesses to come forward. >> if anybody knows anything or seen anything or reported anything, please contact us. >> reporter: oakland police echoed that police and said questions remain. >> it's still under investigation. still trying to determine whether or not this was the result of an altercation or if other means had caused this man to fall. >> reporter: now just a few minutes ago the family told me that salvatore is awake and feeling a little better.
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the family says it is still contemplating legal action because they believe the upper-level concourse needs more safeguards and more security. the coliseum -- the arena has referred most of the questions to oakland p.d. there is no denying there were major injuries and the family has set up a go fund me account. you can get details on that at live in oakland robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> robert, thank you. new at 6:00 they let the wrong man out of jail. it's all about the name in this case, the confusion caused san francisco county jail officials to release the wrong inmate last night. both men were named michael willis. they were both in custody. both were born in 1971 both are 5'10". at 9:23 last night deputies released the wrong michael willis. this morning sfpd found the released man in the tenderloin and took him back into custody.
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the correct man was properly released today. an exceptionally tricky fire fight in the north bay. several explosions inside a burning home possibly from ammunition. this happened around noon today on nebraska avenue in santa rosa with flames shooting out in all directions. firefighters found one person dead inside. it is unclear if the fire was to blame. power lines also posed a big hazard here. tonight fire investigators are still looking for the cause. when is the last time you checked out the emergency exits and fire extinguishers in an apartment or maybe a condo complex? san francisco leaders have their way that information and training would become mandatory at some san francisco buildings. this comes after a massive fire over the weekend. nbc bay area's pete suratos, how related is this proposal to the fire? >> reporter: supervisor katy tang wants to see that fire information displayed more prominently in certain structures around san francisco.
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what's behind me is what's left after that massive fire. it's what remains of a two-story building in burno heights that went up in flames this past weekend displacing 58. the cause of the fire is still unknown. >> our buildings are mostly touching each other. we don't have mostly detached homes here in san francisco. >> reporter: and now san francisco supervisor katy tang wants to make it mandatory for owners of buildings with more than three units to provide more fire safety information to tenants. >> ideally a map with symbols to show everyone in the building where things are such as emergency exits, where some of the fire extinguishers are, any kind of information that would be helpful in the event of a fire. >> reporter: and for those building owners with 16 units or more -- >> you would actually have a training that occurs every year with the tenants so they all know how to be safe to prevent fires from occurring in the first place, and then also how
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to react in one. >> reporter: no one was seriously injured during this weekend's five alarm fire. but with the area experiencing its fair share of structure fires in the past year, some locals welcome the proposal. >> it's good to hear that people are thinking about it and discussing whether or not to make it official. i know we live a very regulatory city. but at the same time, fire safety is important. >> reporter: now, supervisor tang is introducing this legislation right now at city hall during the san francisco fire commission meeting. and she terms me the board of supervisors could vote on this as early as next month. live in san francisco, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> pete, thank you very much. right now let's take you to some breaking news. in emeryville police are searching for two shooting suspects. these are live pictures from our nbc chopper above the scene. this is at 41st street and san pablo avenue. this is near the oaks card club and also the pixar studios campus. a witness told us she heard about ten gunshots around 5:00 this evening.
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police tell us at least one victim right now is being treated. the extent of their injuries isn't known. as you can see here police present, also some crime scene tape around this area. they're warning people in the area to avoid this particular street and also officers are still searching for the two suspects. the local district attorney is responding to the international outcry about the stanford sexual assault case. brock turner is now in jail, but his case is prompting a possible change in the law. it's designed to help the victims, even if they're drunk and unconscious. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is in san jose this evening. michelle, this isn't really about the verdict here, it's about the sentence. what are the specifics? >> reporter: mandatory prison time essentially. the d.a. said he was disappointed in the judge's decision to sentence brock turner to jail, although it was legal, which is why he and others are trying to change that particular law. >> we've read her letter. now let's give her back something beyond worldwide
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sympathy. >> reporter: districts attorney jeff rosen says he's working to right an injustice in honor of the woman who survived an attack by brock turner on the stanford campus. >> to change the law to protect the next emily doe against the next brock turner. >> reporter: the woman sexually assaulted by turner was unconscious during the attack. if she were awake, judge persky would have been required to sentence the former stanford swimmer to three years in prison instead of six months in jail. >> because rape is rape. >> reporter: district attorney jeff rosen is now calling for a new law that would require anyone convicted of sexual assault to be sentenced to prison with no exceptions for predators who assault an unconscious woman. >> that concerns me. because essentially we're limiting judicial discretion and their ability to take into account individualized circumstances into sentencing. >> reporter: deputy public defender is against increasing the minimum sentencing for all sexual predators, saying he
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along with more than a dozen of other public defenders believe stricterer sentencing guidelines will lead to mass incarcerations. >> we want a more holistic analysis of each case. >> reporter: there will be a hearing in sacramento next week on the d.a.'s proposed law. meantime the calls for judge persky to be recalled are only getting louder. >> we do believe that he cannot be fair. >> reporter: another bill is expected to be introduced this week that would require all sexual predators to serve their entire sentence and not be eligible for early release. reporting live in san jose, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> michelle, thanks very much. right now in san francisco, the city's police commission is debating changes to the department's use of force policy. a previous attempt was interrupted by protesters who were prompting the meeting here to be canceled. tonight the commission must choose between two key words. those words are shall versus should. they're deciding whether or not officers shall deescalate
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situations versus using officers should deescalate a situation. the police officers' association is concerned that the phrase shall could lead to a rise in false complaints against officers. new at 6:00, as if bay area rents aren't high enough, the amenity millennials want most could drive prices even higher. here talking about google fiber which delivers a faster internet which includes better streaming for your favorite online shows. a new survey from the fiber to home council found renters would be willing to pay 11% more if an apartment has fiber internet. google is in the process of wiring parts of san francisco, palo alto and santa clara. is it a good deal or is aylan musk flying too close to the sun? the high profile ceo wants to buy the solar company he started using his tesla stock. these are both bay area companies. a business tech reporter scott budman broke the news of this deal yesterday. scott is musk bailing out the
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solar company? what's the buzz on wall street? >> reporter: in some ways it makes a little sense for tesla to go solo. but targeting solar city where musk is the chairman has brought out charges of conflict of interest. a car company making a big move into solar. but tesla's $2.8 billion plan to buy solar city was met with a clang on wall street. >> big question mark on production can they get the production or are they going to be so distracted? >> reporter: even as tesla ceo aylan musk talked up the quote "shared ideals of the companies and customers" between tesla and solar city, where we should point out musk is the chairman. he calls the deal a no-brainer. >> this appears to be a no-brainer in that nobody with a brain cell would want to put these two together. >> what's really more interesting is the strategy behind the deal, which is to transform tesla into an energy
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company. >> reporter: now, to be fair, solar executive who does not have a stake in the deal has a different take. he says long term our economy will value energy far more than it values cars. >> that's the hidden story of how cheap solar is becoming in u.s. and california it's already one of the cheapest forms of power. >> reporter: the power to shake both the energy market and the stock market. >> speaking of wall street, let's check reaction. it wasn't great. a 3% gain for solar city, but still a ways below the potential buy out price. also a 10% drop in shares of tesla today. that's a dollar loss equivalent to the entire value of solar city. back to you guys. white sharks. probably saw about ten sharks. >> marine biologists spotting great whites along our coast. what they now say is unusual about the sightings. i'm damian trujillo live in
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gilroy where attorney gloria allred goes after the unified school district again. what she's alleging this time coming up next. and i'm meteorologist jeff rainieri. a mix of 70s and 80s for the east bay. we're tracking this trend and a big change for the weekend in just a few minutes. school failed to protect its
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students from a predatory teacher. in april gilroy poli announced more allegations that a south bay school failed to protect its student from a pred to pred /* predatory teacher. prominent attorney gloria allred filed suit against the school. tonight she says the victim list is growing and she has two more lawsuits to file. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is live outside the district offices where damian all red recently wrapped up her news conference. >> reporter: that's right. all allred says this is on behalf of two male students who said they were harassed by former teacher doug lay earlier this year. that is a sign something needs to change here she said in gilroy. at a news conference she said in front of the steps of the district offices in april she announced her first lawsuit in this same location.
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she claimed the district failed to protect its students after learning about the inappropriate text allegedly sent by gilroy teacher dougley. he was accused of luring children to send him sexually explicit images. he resigned days later. the d.a.'s office tells me they have not yet formally charged him with any crime. about a half hour ago the district spokeswoman e-mailed me and said they cannot comment because they have not seen the two new lawsuits. back in april, the district representatives told us they were disturbed by the allegations but also had no proof of any crime. allred says gilroy unified needs to implement new policy and be held accountable. >> we allege negligence. negligent supervision. negligent retention, intentional after flikz of emotional distress, sexual harassment and gender violence. >> reporter: the d.a. says a
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criminal case against lee is still under review. they should have a statement early next we're. nbc news has learned the wife of the orlando gunman wants a refund to the plane tickets he purchased to san francisco. sources tell nbc that noor salman called the unnamed airline after the massacre and told them her husband had died and then requested a refund. so far she hasn't received any money back. the gunman bought three tickets for a july 14th flight here to san francisco. the family have reportedly planned to visit salman's ailing mother who lives in rodeo. here comes the president. this time not for a big money fundraiser. instead president obama will speak at an economic summit on the peninsula. tomorrow he'll arrive at mof fit field and spend the night in san jose. friday morning mr. obama will speak at the annual global entrepreneurship summit at stanford right there on campus. u.s. leaders have invited more
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than 700 entrepreneurs from across the world. the silicon valley will be well represented. facebook ceo and google ceo will be among the speakers. an intense fight now continues for thousands of firefighters that are battling several wildfires across the state of california. one of the largest is this one in los angeles county. it's being called the san gabriel complex fire. so far it's burned abo5,000 acr. only about 10% contained. the flames have not reached any structures. farther south it's ripped through 6,000 acres in san diego county near the mexican border. it's also only 10% contained and about 800 structures here are threatened. we're into the season. heat is back with us for a fer roegs /* ferocious situation. >> the hot weather in southern california does not want to budge. for us thankfully we're seeing a
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little bit of relief on that fire danger odd. the area of high pressure we've been monitoring is basically moving a little more to the south. that is helping temperatures to drop. then we're also tracking this area of low pressure as we head through tomorrow's forecast to help to continue to keep temperatures down. let's go ahead and get a look. you can see for thursday morning we'll start with sunny skies in the south bay at 56, east bay at 53, san francisco 55, with patchy fog and the north bay at 50. as we head through tomorrow, we'll have partly cloudy skies with us. once again we should stay out of the 90s for the interior value his. tri-valley will still have an average of 87. cool 66 in san francisco and the south bay expecting 84 let's push towards the weekend. that's when we we do expect hotter temperatures to return. right now looks like no triple digit heat. but it's going to get closest pegsly on sunday. you can see for the south bay 93 degrees, san francisco 73. and for the tri-valley 94. speaking of the weekend, a lot
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happening this saturday and sunday out at sonoma raceway. toyota save mart 350. sunny skies expected all days. sunday the warmest weather in 91. san francisco pride this weekend a huge celebration with a pride parade on sunday. 10:30 in the morning. we do expect conditions in the 60s to start, by the afternoon a very comfortable 73 degrees. we're tracking that full forecast. we'll have more coming up in about 25 minutes. >> thank you, jeff. more white shark sightings at the santa cruz county coast. i'm marianne favro. what experts say is the reason they may be coming here. i'm marianne favro and i'll have that story coming up in a live report. ==reveal==
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game keepers in florida -- believty've caughthe alligator -- that killed a 2-year-old boy at disneyworld. it comes after an extensive investigatioby staff mbers game keepers in florida believed they've caught that alligator that killed a 2-year-old boy at disney world. it comes after an extensive investigation by staff members with expertise in fatal alligator attacks. looking for fourth of july parades and fireworks? check out our bay area fourth of july events guide as we approach the big holiday. what else is in the water?
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hundredslunged to the ean in santa cruz toy - despite recent shark what else is in the water? hundreds plunged into the ocean in santa cruz today despite the recent shark sightings. i think most people know that they're.
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>> this is summer vacation, too. when we say recent we mean this morning. just offshore. nbc bay area's marianne favro is at the santa cruz wharf with more on the sightings just offshore. >> reporter: raj, this is a warning that went up on saturday, a lifeguard was here on the santa cruz wharf when he looked out and near the buoys and he saw a white shark breach. that's only about 250 yards from cal beach here. and earlier today, even more sharks were spotted south of here. they may have been whale watching, but today people on this charter boat off sunset state beach got an unexpected surprise. this video shot from a helicopter shows a white shark swimming very close to their boat. and the shark wasn't alone. >> we saw a few white sharks. probably saw about ten sharks. many of them were sort of between 5 and 8 feet. there's a couple of them that were probably 10 or 12 feet long. >> reporter: today's sightings come just a few days after santa
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cruz fire department laich guard spotted a possible white shark off the santa cruz wharf saturday around 6:00 p.m. just 250 yards from shore. >> our gief yards advised the public in the water to clear the water at the time the initial possible sighting. headquarters lifeguard used the p.a. system to orally advise everybody from headquarters to stay out of the water. >> reporter: the fire department also posted this warning sign at cal's beach. the warning was lifted sunday. today as hundreds of people soaked up the rays in the same spot, very few seem concerned. >> we aren't concerned coming to the beach. we know that there's always a risk anytime you go in the ocean. and we take that rix. >> we'll keep an extra eye for sure. >> reporter: expert say shark sightings off the coast of santa cruz are not unusual. what is uncommon is spotting young sharks here. marine biologists believe they may be coming here because thanks to el nino the bay area waters are warmer than in the past and more inviting.
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the shark experts we talked to said that these sightings are not alarming. he says that people need to realize if they go hiking in the foothills they're likely to see a mountain lion, and just the same way, they're likely to see a shark swimming here in the ocean. the key, he said, is heeding those advisories and being aware. reporting live in santa cruz, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> we were just saying that here in the studio, marianne. thank you so much. the threat of tickets apparently not stopping california drivers from using their mobile devices when behind the wheel. the most recent data showing nearly 13% of drivers do it which is at an all-time high. nearly all types of usage on smart phones and phones were up but especially posting on social media sites, that increased by more than a third. also when people are stuck in traffic and rush hour, electronic device use jumped by 71%. last year more than 11,000 people were killed in crashes related to distracted driving. still to come here at 6:00,
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a rare sit in inside the nation's capitol. members of congress, you can see it here, staging a protest, and how social media helped spread their message. a teenage girl has been at the
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center of a sex scandal plaguing oakland police, and right now at 6:30, a teenage girl has been at the center of that sex scandal plaguing the oakland police department and several other local agencies. tonight we're learning she might not be alone. her story is hitting close to
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home for several victims of sexual exploitation. >> nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is in oakland where one survivor says this scandal, jodi, shining a light on a problem that is bigger than most people think. >> reporter: that's right. the survivor says you can drive down international boulevard here in oakland on any given night and see girl after girl after girl. she says the police sex scandal has exposed a huge problem that unfortunately many girls can relate to. >> sometimes, you know, things happen, you find yourself in a situation where you have to do things that you never thought you would have done or would have wanted to do. >> reporter: this 24-year-old sex trafficking survivor knows that all too well. she was just 15 when she found herself being victimized on the streets of oakland by men who didn't care about her age. >> sometimes i would lie, sometimes i would just tell the truth. either way, i mean, they're still going to pay. >> reporter: the scandal
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involving celeste, a girl who says she had sex with more than a dozen oakland police officers has hit close to home. while this oakland survivor was not sexually victimized by officers she now counsels other young girls who have been. >> i work with a lot of girls now that have said that police have attempted to have sex with them. so i know that it's real and that it's happening. >> there's lots of guaps out there. >> reporter: vanessa russell runs a nonprofit that helps survivors. she says the opd scandal has exposed how big a problem sex trafficking is in the east bay. >> so until we start to care about seeing that young lady -- not that prostitute but that young lady on the side of the road, it's not going to change. >> reporter: this young woman says she still lives with the trauma of her past. she hopes the teenager at the center of the scandal gets the support she needs and the community and the police department wake up.
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>> for it to be public it lets everyone in the world know that something needs to change, something that's happening that's not okay. we need to fix it. >> reporter: the survivor tells me she hopes that this scandal will lead to more services for survivors for victims and to big changes at police departments across the bay area. meanwhile, we have just learned that because of so many leaks to the media about this scandal and other scandals in recent days, that the city has launched a leak investigation. they want to know who is leaking information to the media an assistant to the city administrator confirms this investigation is under way. she says that those leaks could impede investigations and make it difficult to hold those responsible for misconduct accountable. reporting live in oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> an amazing story, jody. thank you so much. history on capitol hill tonight in the fight for gun control.
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right now as we speak, democratic lawmakers are entering their 11th hour as they stage a sit in protest on the house floor. more than a dozen california democrats are among those taking part in this sit in. that does include east bay congressman erik swawell who took individual is yo of this protest after c-span live feed was haumted when the speaker of the house halted the congressional session. other members are live streaming the protest on periscope after the senate rejected four gun control measures on monday, including one that would block gun purchases by suspected terrorists. >> our members are gathering on the floor of the house in protest that we cannot even have a vote because we truly believe that if there were a vote that we would win the vote. >> house republicans are calling this protest a democratic publicity stunt. also democrats are demanding a new vote on bipartisan gun control measures. back and forth, the back
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biting and name calling intensified today between donald trump and hillary clinton. trump made a series of visits today raising much-needed campaign funds and really promising his donors that he will stay disciplined and focused on defeating hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the united states. >> going after me personally because he has no answers on the substance. >> also today, an interview with c-span bernie sanders admitted it doesn't appear he'll be the democratic party's nominee. he's scheduled a news conference for tomorrow in new york. the immigration debate is at the forefront of our presidential elections. also at the heart of what's happening overseas. u.k. residents will vote tomorrow on whether or not britain should make an exit or a brexit from the european union. the u.s. is closely watching because what happens there could
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certainly change the future here. >> i think we should take the chance now. >> london's former mayor rallied to supporters in a vote that could be as important worldwide -- >> empty promises. >> -- as the american presidential election. tomorrow british voters will decide whether to stay in the european union. polls are currently deadlocked, but at the heart of what's being called the brexit debate an immigration battle. >> the percent of them in the town is becoming too much. it's dragged the town down because there's been white flight. >> anti-brexiters say those who look to least union are calling a so-called trump strategy. >> make america great again. >> in fact, the candidate is said to visit his scottish golf resort during the referendum. >> in that sense, it would allow donald trump to say, look, the rest of the world agrees with me. >> political science professor dennis gordon says though u.s.
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borders are less forrous than in europe the sentiments are more similar. >> we've already seen really bad terrorism in europe, some of that coming from the syrians that are coming in who are isis affiliated. so it's not a stretch to say there are real risks. >> economist tim kaine says the decision could trigger spikes in the u.s. stock markets and a short-term impact on american home mortgages. brits cast their vote tomorrow. but regardless of the outcome, experts say nothing will really happen for at least two years. that's about how long it would take for britain and the e.u. to negotiate the split. only on nbc bay area, an infant must undergo a rare surgery for a birth defect that occurs in one out of every 2,000 births. turns out the doctor who's going to be treating the baby girl also treated her father at the same hospital more than two decades ago. nbc bay area's elyce kish murch has the story. >> reporter: 9 weeks old.
6:37 pm
>> it's okay. >> reporter: her name is navea. >> it's okay. >> reporter: today she is getting fitted for a helmet to correct a rare condition she was born with. >> she looks like her daddy. >> reporter: her parents brandi and april bore say she also had respiratory issues. >> i would say she stopped breathing 100 times a night. >> yeah, it was very very scary. >> reporter: her father brandon has a better idea than most. what else his little girl may have to endure. >> i was made fun of a lot. the nerdy kid in school picked on because of the way i looked. >> reporter: but he knew where to get help. >> i had total of two surgeries here, one for the cranial surgery and a jaw surgery. >> i remembered exactly who he was. >> reporter: nearly 25 years ago, dr. brandt toft operated on brandon at children's hospital in oakland. >> for this condition. these are his records. >> reporter: multiple surgeries here corrected the condition which caused brandon's head to be deformed. >> that can result in blindness,
6:38 pm
it can result in retardation. >> go down to the o.r., dr. toft came by to take pictures. kind of a celebrity around here. >> reporter: toft is treating brandon's daughter for the exact same condition. he performed a ten-hour surgery to rearrange the bones in her skull so her brain will have enough room to grow properly. >> it just broke my heart. that's my daughter. >> this is navea post surgery. >> reporter: her surgery went well. >> the minimally invasive surgery, like the time is so of different. >> reporter: still more followup appointments are will ahead. but brandon says he'll know how to get navea through it. >> i can be there a little bit more for her, i think, in a supportive manner. doesn't change who your having to go through something like this. in a sense it makes you stronger. >> reporter: even more rare, dr. toft says this is the only father-daughter case he's ever treated. medical experts may now for the first time be looking to see if
6:39 pm
there's a genetic link. reporting from our contra costa news room, elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. >> what a nice story. like father like daughter there. we wish them the best. up next, banned from amazon. how it happened to a woman and how nbc bay area responds got her account back. stay with us. license plate readers will soon
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be watching drivers in danville. ==vo== gave the cameras a greent night light. soon be watching drivers in danville. town council members last night gave the cameras a green light. more than $800,000 will go towards installing 36 fixed and 18 portable devices. the cameras will be spread throughout the town, including the all wars memorial which has been vandalized several times.
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would you wait in line for an hour for a doughnut? what if it was a dunkin donut? the famed chain opened up its first bay area store in decades. check out the crowds here. this is the walnut creek location at newell avenue just off i-680. the grand opening started at 5:00 in the morning. people were not swayed by that. they waited in line for an hour for their famous coffee and doughnuts. some people like the coffee better than the doughnuts. put me on that list. many bay area customers swung by there. they sold 5,000 doughnuts within the first four hours. the hottest doughnut by the way the boston cream. >> okay. we're in we have a dinner break coming up. maybe we can get a couple dozen for the news room. >> first born in boston that chain people love it. >> i know. it's everywhere. i think there's more of those than probably starbucks in our area. >> everywhere. >> you know it was cooler today. we're going to see temperatures continue to go down over the next couple of days at least through tomorrow. right now 78 in santa theresa and 73 in campbell.
6:43 pm
we're tracking that full forecast. i'll have details in just a few minutes. her amazon account is closed and she's prohibited from opening another. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. one woman asks if amazon can ba?
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
nbc bay area responds when one woman asks if amazon can actually ban her from the site for life. >> consumer investigative reporter chris chmura has the answer to this squha unusual question. >> reporter: never heard this one before. it doesn't seem amazon can ban you. jenn, right there, she's proof. she says amazon closed her prime account without warning. >> i was shocked. i said what do you mean i'm banned from amazon? how is that even possible? >> reporter: too many returns. that's how.
6:46 pm
jenn says amazon blind-sided her with this e-mail that reads "we have closed this account because you have consistently returned a large number of your orders. jenn admits she returned merchandise weekly. >> i did send a lot of stuff back. i'm not going to argue about that. i mean, i did. >> reporter: but she had no idea what the limit was. amazon said it sent her a notice 30 days before her lifetime ban. jenn says it never arrived. >> because e-mail is apparently like a warning which i never saw. >> reporter: we'd never heard of amazon banning anyone. we couldn't find the policy on its web site. so we wondered, how many returns will get you banned? a spokesperson would only say "our practice is to work directly with the customer to handle any issues with their account." amazon wouldn't confirm jenn had been banned. but we're confident she was. because a few days after we asked about her case, am do ama reversed course. >> i got aechld mail back from
6:47 pm
them saying after reviewing my account it has now been reinstated. >> jenn is 50-50 on returns to amazon. she's asking the company to make its returns policy clearer so customers can adjust their returning and buying habits accordingly. >> i understand they were probably losing money on some of my returns. i get it. just tell me. >> reporter: stores have billions of reasons to get tough on returns. fraud and abuse cost them anywhere from 10 to $17 billion a year. that figure is according to the national retail federation. if you have a question for us, please reach out. we'll answer the phone. 888-996-tips. or you can tell us your story on our web site. head to,/response. have you ever heard of that before? >> no. >> very interesting. many people didn't know you could be banned especially for life. >> i can't imagine amazon turning away a customer. i suppose there's a line there. the question is where is it? we still don't know. >> peggy's going to stop returning a lot of her stuff
6:48 pm
now. >> i may just keep it. >> i think a lot of us are that way, right? >> thanks, chris. we have a new millionaire in the bay area. you may recall the san jose cask and flask store sold a winning powerball ticket last month. lottery officials now identify the winner as luhon doe. they say he wants to remain low-key about where he lives and what he plans to do with all that money. we do want to check in with chief meteorologist jeff rainieri. it did feel cooler today which is nice. >> for some folks near the bay it felt like winning the lottery at least a little bit after temperatures that were in the 90s to 100s yesterday. we have seen a major decrease today. let's get a look at that microclimate forecast. you can see right now the fog is at the immediate coastline. that's been there the past few days. but it's the fact that the winds have now helped to usher in the fog from the coastline to the interior valleys, a westerly wind that we've seen
6:49 pm
temperatures drop anywhere from 10 degrees in san jose to 14 degrees cooler in livermore at this hour as compared to this time yesterday. so hitting the jackpot in livermore with much cooler temperatures. get you outside to that sky camera network. 75 and sunny in the south bay. peninsula at 72. san francisco the cool foggy breeze and 60. currently the north bay at 78. tomorrow morning's forecast partly cloudy skies for most of us we will see the sunniest conditions this the south bay with 56 and areas of fog in san francisco with 55. i do think tomorrow we'll continue to stay comfortable. the area of hot high pressure that was with us on monday, also on tuesday, is pushing a little bit more to the south. that's going to make way for this cold front to move in across northern california. and that again is why temperatures will be trending down as we head into thursday's forecast. the other thing we're going to see with these numbers going down in that westerly wind coming in from the coastline is improved air quality. it was up close to unhealthy the past couple of days, now it's pushing down to moderate.
6:50 pm
so a little bit easier for you to breathe especially if you suffer from asthma or any kind of allergies. let's get you into that microclimate forecast as we head throughout thursday. here's the deal. south bay beautiful weather in san jose. sunny skies and 83. it will get hot where morgan hill at 88. for the peninsula cool wind at your back in pacifica with 64 degrees. head over to palo alto. it will be a sunny 81. for san francisco typical 60s coming back. areas of fog near the marina, also for the mission. north bay east bay and also for the tri-valley it's going to be warm here in livermore, pleasanton and danville but we're staying out of the 90s and 100s. danville 88 degrees for your expected forecasted high. livermore 84. now as we focus in on the weekend, temperatures will begin to change yet again. i wish i could do something is about this. i know this heat is just really uncomfortable for you. you can see by sunday's forecast we go back up to 94 in the tri-valley, and you can also see hotter weather in the south bay
6:51 pm
with 93. the spot to be might be san francisco on sunday with 73 degrees. we know thousands of people come here for san francisco pride celebrations and parade on sunday. 73. going to be some perfect weather for that. raj and peggy, of course we're always tracking more at >> very nice. thank you, jeff. up next, we knew this was coming, right? the cavaliers' victory parade. more than 1 million people in cleveland but some fans took it a bit too far to get a view of the celebration. we're going to show you that. the warriors and sharks...
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
didou notice theirst placgiants raj/2shot we know we've been pretty focused on the warriors and
6:54 pm
sharks. certainly do not forget about the first place giants. >> we haven't forgotten they're red hot. pitching is a big reason why. it's not just the star players though. here's nbc bay area's colin resch. >> reporter: for years jeremy affelt acted as a safety valve. he retired this off-season. how do you replace a savvy veteran with 14 years of experience? with a 25-year-old rookie, of course. meet derek law. >> pitcher now for the giants making his major league debut is derek law. >> definitely my debut. my parents, her parents, my two best friends. surreal moment striking out the batter. i gave up a hit to turner. but dodger stadium, bumgarner kershaw day. >> welcome to the big leagues, derek law.
6:55 pm
>> when you get here and they ma make you fit in and feel welcome. after the first week fans already knew my name. i was like oh, you know me already? it's just crazy. because you go through your whole life and you're just dreaming of that moment, dreaming of getting here. now that you're finally here it's like wow, i'm here. now what? to do your job. but being around the guys, these guys are awesome, man. the giants do a great job of just getting great people. and hopefully they feel the same about me. >> 1-2. got him. >> with an e.r.a. under 3, the guy's off to a pity good start to his young career. in san francisco, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> thank you, colin. well, it hadn't happened in 52 years. and we knew this was coming. cleveland finally getting its championship parade. look at all the people down below. an estimated 1.3 million fans
6:56 pm
flooded the downtown area of cleveland today to celebrate. lebron james obviously the big star. really to his credit he thanked his teammates, coaches, and all the fans for their support. >> how do you get a great view of the parade? here's a shot of j.r. smith from the cavaliers celebrating. notice behind him there. >> oh. >> those are people. >> wow. >> you can see dozens of cavs fans shum yesterday up the side of that parking garage to get a glimpse of the champions. >> settling a bet is no fun. but here's senator barbara boxer toda today. >> thank you, everybody. now can i take this off? >> she wasn't necessarily sportsman like. she was like, can i get it off? she's wearing lebron james's jersey. this was payback from an ohio senator who challenged her to wear it. she made a bet over the nba finals. if the warriors lost, that meant this. >> she's got to pay now. thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening.
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breaking couples news. a new blow for gwen stefani and her divorce and taylor swift's first public kiss with her new man. >> now on "extra." ♪ ♪ ♪ two hot couples, two big headlines today. gwen and blake going strong as she confesses to a divorce depression. taylor and tom all over each other going very public with their new relationship. trump's war with hillary goes nuclear, stepping up the attacks after she shredded him. >> he's written a lot of books. they all seem to end at chapter 11. >> she has a bad temperament. blake lively glowing wit


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