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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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to denounce this court's decision. a lot of families are in limbo. >> damian trujillo joins us from the mlk library and damian thshgs is an active night for a lot of people. >> reporter: it really is, the rally at san jose state begins at 5:30 this evening and put on by the student immigrant student rights group known as sahe. he would aren't be able to live without daca and dapa. after the supreme court ruling, the pina family came to sit in the pews of our lady of guadalupe parish. >> jose pina is a student athlete at san jose state. on saturday, the smartance wisp compete for the track and field and pina is undocumented and without a daca program he said running track for the spartans would have been impossible. >> because of the daca they allowed me to compete. i am so proud and so are my
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parents because it's something that you fight for and it's not like an easy thing. >> pina will run the 5,000 meters on saturday knowing his parents can now be deported at any moment especially since the supreme court ruling did nothing to allow parents of immigrant schoolchildren to stay in this country through the dapa program. [ speaking spanish ] >> today the pina family joined more than a dozen south bay community groups in denouncing the supreme court ruling and vowed to keep fighting. >> how much relief this would have had on everyone. >> we know that our power is strong and this will not be over. >> the pina family says they put their faith in the highest law of the land and now they feel it's time to ask for a higher form of intervention. and the silicon valley chamber of commerce also spoke at today's rally at our lady of guadalupe. they say this valley stands to lose millions without the passage of dapa.
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we are live on the campus of san jose state, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. today's ruling is a setback for california lawmakers who are fighting to offer health insurance to undocumented immigrants in california. if the court had upheld the president's plan more than half a million of undocumented immigrants could have signed up for medical and that is the state's low-income medical program. the state is awaiting a federal waiver that would allow undocumented immigrants to bypass through obamacare at full price. as we mentioned, the ruling will impact an estimated 4 million undocumented immigrants and in 30 minutes we're going to answer many of the questions about today's ruling. we're hosting a phone bank in conjunction with our spanish language partners at telemundo 48. it you have a question, this is the number to call, this is 1-800-548-4884. the phone bank will be opened from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. tonight.
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immigration law experts will be available to discuss the rules and the impact. this is a live look now at moffett field. air force one is scheduled to touchdown in 25 minutes. as soon as he arrives he'll head to san francisco's intercontinental hotel. what you're lookings at there is marine one and the helicopter used by the president. presumably, mr. obama will get on marine one and fly to chrissy field as he's done before and then to the intercontinental hotel in san francisco. the president is here for the global entrepreneurship summit at stanford. he'll be on campus tomorrow morning. one more time. the president should be here in about 20 to 25 minutes. one more ruling today from the supreme court. in a narrow victory for affirmative action the court upheld a university of texas program which strives for racial balance. the justices voted 4-3 to let the policy stand, an outcome dramatically altered by the
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death of justice antonin scalia who opposed affirmative action. justice elena kagan recused herself from this case. >> this was taken from my body. the five bullets ripped through my body. >> an emotional moment during an unprecedented protest over gun control on capitol hill. bay area congresswoman jackie spear brought along a horrific reminder of gun violence. one of the bullets that nearly killed her three decades ago. spear was shot when cult members at joanstown attacked her congressional delegation in 1978. the world watched her moving moment on the house floor via social media. lawmakers turned to live web stream when traditional media was shut down. scott budman is here with that part of the story. scott, they took it into their own hands. >> literally into their own han hands. safe to say many people outside of silicon valley learned about
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social media streaming when it was used over the last two days for the democratic sit-in over gun control. >> the video is jittery and sometimes people get in the way. that's because this footage from the floor of the house of representatives was streamed from cell phones when the mikes were turned off during a democratic sit-in to raise awareness about gun violence. >> for 25 hours we were streaming live video to outlets across the country. >> members of the house turned on their phones, broadcasting instead via bay area social media companies like periscope and facebook, streaming services that let people watch and comment. >> we saw the comment stream of people saying keep fighting. keep doing this. finally congress is standing up and doing something. >> periscope, via periscope calls it a watershed moment in its history. >> to show how periscope can
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really bring this conversation out of traditional forms of broadcasting. >> the message got out, reaching millions of people who watched on their own mobile devices. >> meanwhile, in the so-called upper house the senate voted to allow further talk about gun control. as for the sit-in facebook said within 24 hours, 19 members of the house used the streaming service with the viewership of 3 million people. mark zuckerberg weighs in on the mix of streaming media and politics. raj? >> okay, scott. we'll see you soon. >> the world is watching. what will great britain do? the brexit votes are being counted as we speak. the brexit, the european union. it is 1:00 a.m. in london and the polls are closed and we should start getting results over the next few hours. if they pull out of the eu this will have an economic impact in the usa and beyond. lester holt has more on our
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brexit coverage "nightly news" begins at 5:30. >> we do want to take you live to moffett field. these are live pictures. air force one just touching down. mr. obama is here for the stanford entrepreneurial summit tomorrow. tonight, expect some traffic now in and around the city in and around moffett field. we presume as he gets off air force one, he'll get on marine one, his helicopter and fly to chrissy field in san francisco, though that is not confirmed and he'll spend the night in the city tonight. >> we do see them waiting and with the traffic that's the most logical way that he has a chance of getting there. air force one is touching down moments ago. >> as is usually the case with several visits to the bay area, usually he has several fund raisers to attend and this time no official fund raisers. we do believe he'll be dining in the city with friends or perhaps colleagues. his official visit and his official business is tomorrow on the stanford campus.
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san francisco doing an act to protect bicyclists and this was a question after two deadly hit and run accidents took place last night. >> nbc bay area's christie smith is there where the mayor tried to calm a lot of nervous people. such a big biking community. >> reporter: that's right. these were horrible scene, but i have to tell you that people did try to help at both locations. for instance near where we are, one man apparently tried to get the driver who was leaving to at least wait for police, but the plea tonight is for that remaining driver to come forward. >> i think i said out loud, oh, my god. i can't believe what i just saw. >> reporter: jason was riding through golden gate park when he saw a woman hit last night. i heard a loud bang and it caused me to look up further at which point i saw the bike tumbling head over heels. >> he says the driver had a shattered windshield and the driver ditched the car and ran
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off. he called 911, but they were too late. 41-year-old heather miller of san francisco died. shortly after that, another bicyclist was killed in a hit and run at 7th and howard. >> the operator of the bmw continued through the red light again at a high rate of speed, struck the bicyclist and the operator of that suspect vehicle continued on. >> the victim was identified as 26-year-old katherine flattery. the hit and run suspect arrested a few blocks away. >> we are simply outraged. >> reporter: today, san francisco mayor ed lee talked about efforts to make city streets safer and that both drivers need to be held responsible. >> in both cases, we have people that were riding their bikes legally and were hit by vehicles traveling at high speeds. >> as you can imagine, the bicyclists that we spoke with are pretty shaken up about this. it was also pointed out today
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that some safety upgrades were already put in this intersection. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. vallejo's bizarre kidnapping case takes another turn. the key piece of evidence a judge refused to throw out that could have derailed the case. also, a lot of questions about those driverless cars, but here's one more. should they save pedestrian's lives or passenger's lives? how many americans are reacting to this morality debate. good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri and we're tracking the weather for the weekend and where fire danger is expected and that's just in a few minutes. >> it's humbling. a dream come true. >> plus the amazing gift that one man is getting that will help so many more. it's a story that will make you bay area proud. as we mentioned...the president
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we will get back to our live pictures now. always an impressive sight. air force one taxiing just as it arrived at moffett field in mountain view. president obama is onboard. we'll stay with our coverage here and he'll be getting off the plane in a few minutes and heading to san francisco for the night. the president is here for the global entrepreneurship summit in stanford tomorrow. the man accused of a violent
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and bizarre kidnapping in vallejo. matthew muller is charged with kidnapping a woman last year and it is a case that garnered national attention after police called it a hoax. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez was in court as muller's attorney tried to convince a judge to throw out the evidence. >> reporter: a lot hinged on today's hearing in federal court. matthew muller's attorney claimed a key piece of evidence was obtained illegally, but the judge didn't buy it. >> i was nervous most of the morning pip morning. i felt pretty good that the judge would go in favor and the uncertain they it would go the other way. >> reporter: that is how the family felt as the man accused of kidnapping denise haskins and drugging aaron quinn tried to derail the case. the cell phone muller left behind at a separate home invasion in dublin last june should never have been opened by
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police without a search warrant. the phone led investigators to evidence linking mueller to the vallejo kidnapping. >> it's a phone that mr. muller's that was searched without a warrant and phones are devices that are so personal to all of us americans. >> but the judge ruled muller gave up his right to privacy when he entered the dublin house illegally, leaving his phone as he ran away. >> it means they will put every piece of evidence they found into evidence and that would include the results of the search warrants and the searches of the apartments, cars and everything. >> they are relieved with the ruling and muller victimized the couple who they say are still traumatized. >> i don't know how you fully get over the trauma like that. >> i wish he would consider what he's done and come forthwith actually the truth and he has not done that yet. >> i asked muller's attorney if a possible plea deal is in the
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future. he said no, adding they'll be ready for trial when it starts in january. in sacramento, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thank you. >> one resident of ventura county says it was the smell of this black goo that woke him up this morning. cleanup is under way in the ravine, flooded with nearly 30,000 gallons of crude oil. it leaked from a pipeline carrying the oil to long beach. the pipeline company said the faulty valve is to blame. local authorities say they're lucky that the ravine is dry and no water is flowing. this leak is 50 miles northwest of last year's much bigger oil spill off the coast of santa barbara. federal investigators blame that spill on corroded pipes. the owner of the pipeline faces millions of dollars in fines and dozens of criminal charges. let's take you out live to moffett field. as you can see, the ground crew taking care of air force one, the president here for a
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three-day trip and of course, he'll be attending the global entrepreneurship summit and that is taking place at stanford and he'll be meeting with mark zuckerberg and attending a few fund raisers and people are excited to have him in town. >> it looks like when they bring out the staircase there and he's a few minutes to come off the plane and we'll monitor this as it happens as president obama is ready to get off air force one. if you want to get the most out of your charitable effort, help someone who is already helping others. >> this is a formula making a whole lot of good happen no matter how you look at it and it's something happening in san jose. garvin thomas has a community coming together to help out a remarkable man who is doing remarkable thing, garvin. >> if you had to go through the worst part of your life in order to get to the best is it still really the worst? chad bojorquez doesn't have an answer to that quite yet perhaps because the absolute best part of his journey, chad believes,
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is still ahead of him. >> he seems motivated to keep going. >> born with a muscular disease that required 14 surgeries by the age of 10, young chad's future looked bright. he graduated high school in just three years and was accepted to study film at usc. it was there, though, that some future demon first got their hooks in chad. >> pretty depressed and pretty lonely using substances to fill that hole. >> it was the beginning of a downward spiral that left chad living on the stress of santa cruz for four brutal years before realizing he did have the strength to fight his way back into society. >> i had survived an experience that not everyone does and that was pretty empowering. >> chad is now a project director for the downtown streets team, a non-profit with a tremendous track record of getting homeless off the streets and into housing and jobs. still, the amount of good chad
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can do here is limited by the amount of time he is spending here. hour upon hour relying on busses and trains to get to work sites all over the south bay. >> in the morning i could be in palo alto and in the middle of the day. >> sorry about that technical problem. it was just getting good. >> he's all over the place. jeff is relying on busses and trains to get where he's going and hours he could be using helping homeless people, they heard his story and one woman organized an effort. they raised $78,000 and just gave him the check the other day to go towards getting his van and getting him equipped and father is a father of three. you can imagine what this means to take his family around and to be more e if interwith work and be more with the homeless work and that's how doing work with him. >> and highlight so many other
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people that use those modes of transportation and the issues they have. thank you, garvin. all right. take you back outside and we're talking our beautiful weather here and let's bring in our meteorologist jeff ranieri for the president who is arriving a mountain view. >> those clearing skies across the bay area and temperatures warming up a few degrees and we are in store for hotter weather in this upcoming weekend. let's get the microclimate forecast in san francisco. we have little in the way of fog and winds out of the west at 28 miles per hour and that's a colder wind and that's why it's 67. hotter in the east bay at 83 and the south bay coming in at 81. if we head into the forecast, mostly sunny to partly cloudy start and sunny skies in the south bay and right through san francisco, we can expect 55 degrees. we have been tracking this area of low pressure throughout the past 24 hours and this dropped our temperatures out of the 100 and that's going to exit off to
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the east as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast. make way for this area of high pressure to build in and that does have hotter air associated with it. as that area of hot high pressure builds in we will see dryer winds out of the north and that's what's going to help to increase our fire danger as we head throughout the next three to four-day period. with the dry winds and warmer air in place we have an increased fire danger. the spot that will see the highest fire danger through saturday and sunday is where the drought is the worst. that continues to be across contra costa and alameda counties currently under a severe to extreme drought at the moment. as we get a look at your microclimate forecast for tomorrow we'll be close to 90 and not quite there in san jose. sunny skies and for the peninsula, and san francisco starting to feel the heat up. ing for the north bay and the trivalley, we have isolated '90s. my warmest temperature at oo'92
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and the weather does get hotter and we change up and go a degree or two warmer and i'll put this in the low 90s for the south bay and san francisco, and i'll track more of this and i'll have more at 6:00. ch p.m. >> let's take you to moffett field. president obama has gotten off air force one and on the tarmac and speaking to dignitaries as he makes his way through san francisco. as you can see now he'll pull out and he'll walk toward the group of people. about 100 people gathered to shake hands and say hello to the president. >> it's good to bring the entrepreneurship summit back here. we have the inaugural one, and coming back here, the president said it's very important to create new ideas and thought processes and business opportunities for america. >> this is all a nice sight as he comes over to the throng of people here. you will see the slow walk over here and about 100 invited guests here at moffett field and
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they, of course, had to clear security and get there a couple of hours ago as well as the journalists that are on site. this is what they're waiting for, that hello from the president. >> it's neat to see and heading into the city where we will see a lot of security right now that is being set up inside of the intercontinental hotel and there are streets blocked off and as you said, waiting to say hello to the president who just landed ten minutes ago. he will get on marine one, the helicopter and go into san francisco and he'll spend the night at the intercontinental hotel. we're back in a moment. as we mentioned...the president
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i want to get to our lye pictures there. that is president obama in moffett field. air force one touched down 10 or 15 minutes ago. he is posing for pictures and a lot of vips that were invited to greet the president and he will presumably hop onboard marine one and the helicopter flying to chrissy field in san francisco where he will spend the night
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and tomorrow mr. obama will be on the stanford campus addressing the global entrepreneurship summit there at stanford. imagine being in a driverless car and suddenly you're in a situation where the computer has to choose where either putting you at risk or putting those outside of the car at risk. what would you want the car to do? the research shows that people want self-driving cars to save as many lives as possible in that situation, but they also want a car that makes protectioning themselves the top priority. what got government forced automakers to minimize overall casualties over the passengers' safety? many said they would not buy such a car. >> these are all of the debates we'll have for many years. >> for sure. >> we're back in a moment. stay with us. right now president obama is
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back in the bay area. air force ontouch down at moett field in mountainiew live pictures now of marine one at moffett field and this is one way to avoid traffic on 101. president obama jumped onboard marine one and will fly to san francisco to chrissy field and it will be a 15-minute flight via helicopter and into the intercontinental. be warned if you're in the san francisco area there will be street closures for the motorcade to come through. >> the president is expected to meet with mark zuckerberg to talk about technology and the latest in social media and if you are in the city staying at
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the intercontinental. be warned about that. >> thanks for joining us here. we'll see you back here at 6:00. tonight immigration deadlock, a devastateing defeat for the president's plan to shield up to 4 million undocumented immigrants from deportation. tonight, what it means for so many families who came out of the shadows. one on one, my new interview with donald trump after his blistering attack on hillary clinton. he admits he's not sure about some of those claims he made, including whether she was asleep during the benghazi attack. movie theater hostage crisis, a mask gunman holding dozen, chaos and panic, fears of another attack as police storm the cinema. and like father, like son, a permanent show of support for his little boy inspiring millions all around the world "nightly news"


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