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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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that breaking news in the easbae nbc bay area begins with breaking news. >> crews are on the scene of a fast moving grass fire. you can see there burning up the hillside. good evening to you. the fire is burning dangerously close to interstate 580. right now it's burning among westbound lanes. we have been seeing footage of this on social media. people are there slowly driving by capturing these flames and it's expected to grow significantly. the fire started about 4:00. cal fire called in mutual aid and we'll continue to update this breaking story as we get new information but that's not
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the only fire in the bay area today. within the past 10 minutes we learned that crews contained this grass fire. this one near concord. you can see it's near i-580 here. right now that's next to highway 4. now the fire burned about 40 acres there. did slow down traffic in the area. you can see planes dropped a lot of fire retardants to help slow the spread and crews will be on that scene for hours cleaning up. now as talked about before this could be a sign of a very, very busy fire season. tracking the conditions. it's hard to see that. >> they're occurring in places that are at the hottest around the bay area and well into the 90s and humidity level and the teens and 100%. you're seeing dry conditions and low humidity. hot temperatures. 92 degrees and humidity at 20% and we'll take you down with our weather and traffic map along
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580. it's a westbound stretch here and westbound 580 due to the flames there very close to the road there. that's the westbound traffic. also eastbound traffic too and seeing some delays but impacting the westbound lanes on 580 and here's the story with temperatures again and livermore still in the 90s tonight. humidity levels rebounding. some by tomorrow morning but those winds staying pretty gusty out of the west from 10 to 20 miles per hour. conquering similar situations. dry conditions. the fire has been contained. still a little slowing on highway 4 there out near where the fire had been burning. check out the humidity. 19% winds gusting at times. these are the fire conditions we don't want to see toward tomorrow morning. starting off in the 60s humidity levels will recover toward tomorrow morning and mid 90s in the forecast but more fire
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danger at time for the hills as temperatures tomorrow in some places turned even hotter than we thought today. that is in our full forecast coming up in a couple of minutes ch . >> now to a wildfire where it shows no sign of slowing down. it started on thursday. so far it burned about 36,000 acres in the area northeast. two people were killed in this fire. it was only about 5% contained and there's been a set back. currently now at zero percent containment. they're advising people to stay alert and ready to leave. >> warning, you should be prepared to move out of your area and this is called recommended, mandatory, fire officials saying this is the time to go. this is the time that there's an
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imminent threat to you and should you stay you could lose your life. >> 150 homes have been completely destroyed. more than 1500 others are threatened. we continue with more wildfire coverage tonight. this one burning not too far from yosemite. this is west of highway 395. that's near the nevada california border. at last update about 800 acres here have burned. it's only about 5% contained as well and also being fuelled by strong winds. and the past entrance has also been he evacuated there. you can track the conditions in your specific neighborhood with our free nbc bay area app. you click on the weather forecast and find your community. and thousands of people hundreds of thousand of people for pride weekend. it's taking on special meaning this year in the wake of the orlando shooting. security has been extra tight. that's especially true at the
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celebration today which has a whole new field this year. take a look at what it used to look like. this is an annual street party. it was marred by violence in the past. but in the 11th hour the sisters of professional indulgence stepped in to revive pink saturday with pretty major changes. security is tight and a lot of people are out there celebrating none the less. >> well good afternoon. pride weekend is underway here in san francisco. you can't see behind me some of the security sights. please report suspicious activity and they're warning people of metal detectors on the way in. pink saturday just moved from castro and market to a parking lot south of the area near the eagle bar. it runs from 3:00 until 10:00 p.m. and it costs about $10 to get in.
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some of that money will go to a private security firm that has been contracted to provide security here and the rest after expenses to support victims in orlando. for years it was a block party that closed castro and market. some had said it has become unmanageable. now it has evolved to a smaller venue. >> obviously our work is not done as a community. we have lots of push back. this event is the benefit for the victims and their families as well as raising funds for gun control advocacy because we do think that is important. >> they expect as many as 3,000 people to come here to this parking lot. that is a far cry from the quarter of a million people that attended it in recent years. and the victims of orlando and you can see behind me it's a
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little sparse. i'm chuck coppola. nbc bay area news. >> a powerful symbol of pride weekend sits high atop twin peaks. volunteers gathered early to install the pink triangle. an annual tradition for over two decades now. it's made up of 175 tarps and they use 5,000 spikes to put them in place. there's still a long a to go. >> we have been afforded in rights in the last couple of years but still some states are trying to take away those rights. you can be married on a saturday and fired on monday when you go to work in some states. >> you can see this triangle in the photo. this is how far away you can still pick that up and also the rainbow flag being a universal symbol. it honored gay men that were
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persecuted. head over to our website and you can find the details on all the events and the road closures if you're in the city. >> well a grim reminder of the danger associated with the water. the boy disappeared yesterday after jumping off of a boat with friends and trying to swim the shore. the sheriff's office said that the children were not wearing life jackets at the time. >> a vigil is just getting underway for a recent berkeley high graduate that drowned on wednesday. he drowned while swimming at a lake and the 17-year-old was set to attend cal poly in the fall. the circumstances surrounding his death have not been released but the dangers and the water do include very cold water and also foot entrapment and the lakes also have no lifeguards. >> making sure she is not forgotten family members of pearl pen is on are holding a
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vigil at 7:00 tonight in hopes of keeping the public aware of her case and that pearl has not been found. it's been a month since she was seen. a witness saw her being dragged away by a man near her home. her alleged abductor was killed in a shoot out with police but investigators have found no traces of pearl. >> still ahead at 5:00, founding members of the european union coming together to try to negotiate the brexit. why some in the united kingdom are saying not so fast. >> also in the heart of silicon valley, old technology could help save lives. the emergency tools show cased at san jose today. >> gearing up for rio is really just around the corner. we'll take a look at how olympic hopeful swimmers are preparing for the upcoming u.s. olympic trial. ==peggy/topvo==
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right w, itburning ang westbound lanes. acres but that's expected togro >> fire burning along westbound lanes and livermore and 100 acres but that's expected to grow significantly. you can see the ring of fire burning up the hillside. and around 4:00 this afternoon and cal fire called in that mutual aid and we can update this story as we get new information we have a crew on the way to bring you more from that location.
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the founding members of the european union urging quick communications about britain's departure from the eu but many in the u.k. say not so fast. bill reports on what's next. following the u.k.'s controversial vote. >> it's beginning to work on the world's most complex divorce. unraveling hundreds of trade agreements. 50 years of foreign policy and trying to answer thousands of questions about this divorce from the european union. possibly the most important question is when does it begin and how long does it take and we simply don't know. today in berlin the founding members of the european union are meeting they want a quicky divorce. they juan this to happen as fast as possible in order that they can stabilize the union.
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>> after this referendum there's no reason for hysteria on one side or shock on the other side. >> here in britain there is no inclination to do this quickly. and they do not want to be dictated to by the european union. >> the problem for what happens next is britain is technically not in control of this at the moment. brussels are making the decisions. >> what we don know is who will be the new prime minister and who will follow david cameron and the former mayor of london but that's still to be seen but that prime minister will be unelected by the people. that's the prospect in the next few years. back to you. >> a day after announcing his resignation cameron had pushed
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for britain to remain in the eu after the vote and cameron will remain in charge until a new leader or a new prime minister and expected that to be early october and he plans to hand over responsibility. the death to is rising after devastating floods in west virginia. just a tragic situation here as homeowners are now coping with incredible damage as the rains finally begin to go away. >> the beaches would be a good spot tomorrow with temperatures like we're seeing right now. 93 degrees and higher by the end of the weekend. we'll look at that in our forecast. we're coming right back.
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the death toll from devasting reached 24. st virginia has now hundreds of people are starting the death toll from devastating floods in west virginia reached 24. hundreds of people are starting to see the damage firsthand as the rain subsides. several people are still missing and thousands have no power if they even have homes left at all. take a look at the destruction. he considers himself to be one of the lucky ones. during the flood his home filled up with gas and exploded propelling his wife into a nearby tree. she was rescued alive and was severely burned and is in the
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hospital tonight. >> i'm telling everybody i prayed and prayed and prayed and our prayers will be answered. >> the governor of west virginia is asking for federal disaster assistance. >> in southern california three people were killed when their boat capsized this morning. a good samaritan was able to rescue two boaters and told the coast guard about another survivor stranded on nearby rocks. and three others did not survive. aging technology could help save lives in the natural disaster. they rose to popularity during the early 1900s and today members of the civil emergency service set up emergency preparedness drills to show how reliable these radios can be during disaster. >> we also get to show the community how much we are preparing for them in case there's a big earthquake. we're ready for that.
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we're ready for power outages. anything like that. so we're showing you how we do it. >> organizers say while land mines and cell phones can be disabled during a disaster, hand radios are trusted to relay messages to hospitals and fire and relief crews. >> they could be useful as fire crews work at a grass fire in livermore. we keep hearing more and more. there's so much going on. we have about four or five right now. >> occurring along the roadways like 580 or highway 4. you can see the temperatures out toward the tri valley still in the 90s. comfortably cool and closer to the inner bay. 93 degrees. also seeing breezy and dry conditions right now and into san jose we'll show you oakland and notice how the temperatures now start to cool down and 72 in san francisco tonight and weather looking pleasant as we
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see temperatures starting off maybe close to 70 around first pitch and staying through the 60s as the game goes on and now palo alto. the san jose earthquakes hosting the l.a. galaxy an then the 60s with mostly clear sky. a little patch or two of low clouds. not a strong sea breeze. so inland valleys will be warming up. if you want to stay cool, 70s around santa cruz. 60s closer to half moon bay but check out these temperatures tomorrow. and san francisco not all that bad but notice the financial district toward downtown san francisco we're going to be closing in on 80s. mid 90s to upper 90s possible and check out the tri-valley. and should see numbers climbing
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to the mid 70s. not too bad about san francisco and not as hot as the action on the racetrack. temperatures mid to upper 90s and high pressure strengthening probably through about monday into tuesday. so the short-term trend. toward the beginning of next week the temperature rising through places like san jose and livermore close to 100 degrees again and san francisco similar trend second half of the week should be cooler as an area of low pressure temporarily weakens that ridge of high pressure and as we head toward next weekend how time flies. and we have 90s in the forecast. closing in maybe close to 100 degrees in the hottest spots from monday to tuesday and the cool down and the extended forecast and of course that means fire conditions will
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elevated over the next 7 to 10 days straight on through next weekend. >> thanks so much. still ahead, the health scare that closed a popular east bay lake. countdown to rio continues. how team usa athletes are preparing. a popular swimming spot isfinal=
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this is the qay lakes recreation area in fremont, >> finally reopen again after a health scare earlier had year.
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take a look here at the recreational area in fremont. it's where people can spin for the first time since early march. it's in the water and closed it down. reportedly show that the lake has little or maybe no toxins for at least a month. the lake continues to be safe for fishing. >> well the from sesz to select the olympic swim team is underway in omaha. more than 800 are there to compete for a spot in august. the most decorated olympian of all time, that would be michael phelps, spoke about this year's team. >> the olympic trials are more challenging for swimmers than the olympics. because as an american we can put a couple of people in every olympic final. just the depth of our team has always been so strong in the past and i think for us just getting through trials is a big
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step. once you get to the games it's just icing on the cake. >> it's so good to see him again and it's so exciting. the top two finishers in all 26 events will be on the olympic team. they're all pushing hard to get a spot. we're going to countdown to the games. quick break here everyone. we'll be right back. new details on breaking news in
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new details now on breaking news in the east bay where crews are on the scene of a fast moving grass fire. the last update says there's three separate fires that burned over 100 acres. the fired burns about 100 acres.
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it's expected to continue to grow though. it started around 4:00. only about an hour and a half ago. right now cal fire is calling in a lot of back ups. we'll continue to follow this as our crews head to the scene. we hope to have a live report here for you at 6:00 but meantime you can see this as a traffic back up as well. >> yeah, we're seeing that the temperatures are hot. the wind probably causing the main fire to cause spotting of smaller fires downwind. the humidity level is very dry and wind speeds 10 to 20 miles per hour at 92 degrees and the view on 580 travel is right there and you see that dark red there. westbound traffic. significant impacts there slowing to a crawl and conditions continuing until undown tonight. repeating again until the day tomorrow. back off to the morning but increase again as it goes through the day by as early as noon tomorrow. >> all right. so obviously a really tough
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situation there and continuing to watch that fire we'll have more coming up for you tonight at 6:00. and then more local news on on this saturday night, flooding disaster. at least 23 people are dead, tens of thousands without power and homes swept away in west virginia. so many dealing with the devastation of one of one of the worst floods in memory. fire fight. the destruction in california. more than 200 homes destroyed or damaged in a deadly wildfire still out of control after burning through almost 60 square miles. the great divide. britain in turmoil after the vote to leave the european union plus the impact on the u.s. presidential campaign as donald trump lays out his course. paying the price. our exclusive prison interview with the volunteer sheriff's deputy convicted of killing an unarmed suspect in oklahoma claiming he thought


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