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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> there's a sizable push irk population here in the bay area. a flight from is ttanbul has ju arrived at sf ork. >> peggy, what is the reaction from passengers a rooif iing? they must left after this happened. >> well, you know, it's interesting. the flight just landed about an hour ago. that the arrivals. most of those passengers are in customs. we're at departures. this is a flight that is departing for istanbul. they are leaving about 6:10. we've been talking ta all of these people here checking in now. contrary to so many different reports from various media sources that flights have been grounded, what we're hearing hear from turkish airlines, flight tk 80 is set to depart at 6:10. people have been checking in and farce we can see, as far as the airline has pulled all of these people want waiting to check in, these people will depart at 6:10.
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>> that's what it says on the news, it will be canceled. when we called the airport, nothing has changed. we'll see. >> all of these people said they have heard via either e-mail or fame phamly member, other sources of makes that they would not be flying out. they have rattled nerves and this is their lives, they're going to continue living them. this is our flight, we're going to be on it and continue life as normal, however, they are flying into this exact airport and as i said, they're all planning to get on board. we are going to go downstairs and touk to some of those passengers that just arrived from turkey and we'll bring that to you at 6:00. >> thank you very much and we should let you know we have a live report from istanbul ahead on "nbc nightly news."
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we've also compiled photos from the attack that have been coming into the network. that's posted now at nbc bay following breaking news in san jose. one man is dead after a double shooting. this happened just a couple of blocks from san jose state. it's the city's second homicide in less than 24 hours. mary ann is near the crime scene and what do we know about this hour? >> you can see police are still investigating right now. they're keeping us about a block away from the kram scene. the shooting happened at 11 and san carlos street. witnesses say they saw someone open fire on two men in a mini van. san jose police just briefed us and confirm when they arrived, they found two men inside a van who had been shot and their vehicle was riddled with bullet holes. both men were taken to a nearby hospital where one man died. the other is in critical condition. the suspect is on the loose.
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reported seeing him drive out of and they are still looking iing for him. neighbors describe it as a drive by shooting and are understandably at led. >> it is a little scary because i was just out here about five minutes before that happened with my daughter. she was riding her bike. i'm on my cell phone. it is kind of scary. >> witnesses heard at least five to seven gun shots this afternoon. this is the 24th homicide this year. it comes less than 18 hours after a man was found shot to death. he was found slumped over the steering wheel of his car. last year at this time, there were only ten homicides. but that was only half of the year. now this time, we're looking at 24. more than double. reporting live in san jose. nbc bay area news.
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>> thank you. all lanes of highway 17 back open tonight after a brush fire turned the area swoo a virtual parking lot. for more than 12 hours. it started yesterday when a car caught fire during the afternoon. the flames spread forcing crews to evacuate the neighborhood. from the air, they did manage to knock it down quickly. however, it took until this afternoon to remove the scorched trees from the edge of the road and reopen all lanes of highway 17. and it is still hot outside in the trivalley. want to give you a live look where the temperatures piqued again into the upper 90s. rob joins us now. any cooldown in sight? >> we've golt a little bit of a cooldown inland, but on coast into the north bay, we're starting to see the temperatures come down thank to a stronger sea breeze. we'll show you though, walnut creek still 97 degrees and our east bay micro climate up near 00 degrees.
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brentwood, 104 degrees, 87 in dublin, 89 in livermore. here the bellwether of change. happening now across the golden gate bridge. the fog is is making a comeback and taking an edge off the heat around the inner bay and coastline. this will lead to cig is cant cooling for the valleys. talking about a 10 to 14-degree temperature drop into the next few days. also good news, air quality tomorrow, not a spare the air day. those winds pick up, we'll talk more about areas of drizzle, possible for your morning commute and when the temperatures will arrive. in a few minutes. all right, thank you very much. and as reminder, get weather alerts and the forecast for your neighborhood anytime of o the day. all you need to do is download our free a p pp. a break in the case. police believe they've caught the people who gunned down a man at a family party. it was a sting that involved more than 100 police personnel. pete, how did they track them
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down? >> police arrested those three suspects with the help of multiple agencies around the east bay and at this time in the vest gag, they believe that victim was targeted. this was the scene in front of the san lan dro center on may 15th when 28-year-old darrell -- was shot and killed outside of a family celebration. >> two suspects came from behind him and shot him from behind. killing him. nearly instantly. >> the suspects were last seen in this white mini van that crashed into an uninvolved car as they tried to get away and after about a month of reviewing forensic evidence and surveillance video, police arrested daniel -- and two minors in connection to the murder. he is being held on a warrant charging one count of murder. minors are 14 and 16 years old. police say the victim and suspects are all affiliated with
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rival gangs! all members arrested in this case have gang enhancement charges going to be filed against them. >> he was arrested in a san jose participant yesterday. one of the minors was arrested in union city. the other one surrendering to the police department. more than 100 police personnel from the east bay were involved with this operation. police explained why. >> we needed to be prepared to do this safely. >> now, this is still an ongoing vest dpags. the da still needs to look at the tape and official charges will be handed down tomorrow afternoon. >> thank you. new at 5:00, plenty of pride, but there was some hate. one crime was solved, but police still searching for a suspect in another attack over pride weekend. san francisco say this man assaulted a young couple near 5th and margaret on sunday. officers say he harassed, pushed and threatened to kill two young women because of their sexual
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orientation. now, police need help solving another attack. investigators say two men in a dark gray sedan yelled home phobic slurs at a man walking on 22nd straet in the mission. they then shot that men with a bb gun before drying away on york street. the mass shooting in orlando may have galvanized the community. 1.2 million people participated in pride weekend in the is city. the parade alone drew a million spectators watching as thousands more watched and rode on the floats. many carried signs honor iing t 49 people killed in orlando. millions of dollars in settlement may be coming to you. means more than a billion dollars is headed to california and it's all tied to -- to cheat emissions test. scott budman joins us with what it could mean to us. >> the software aloes them to
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cheat on emissions test. $14.7 billion. that's what volkswagen will have to pay for violating consumer and environmental laws. >> they cheated and got caught. >> caramela harris announced the settlement where 31,000 people in the state who bought certain models from 2009 to 2015 will get buybacks from the company or payments up to $10,000. the penalty also includes several billions of dollars to help clean up environmental damage. >> 71,000 vehicles were purchased by california consumers. who are misled by vw into thinking their purchase was not only a smart investment, but eco-friendly. >> but vw used software that made the cars seem eco-friendly
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when tested, but then polluted 40 times the legal limit when on the road. the department of justice is still looking into criminal charges against the company. >> because the cheat that volkswagen performed wasn't just a cheat on the consumer ts that bought them, it was a cheat on all of the people of the state of california who are breathing unacceptable air quality. >> a lack of trust forcing volkswagen to pay people who bought their cars. >> now, if you think you may own one of those diesel cars bought between 2009 and 2015, a website has been set up to help you get money. we've got a link to that site on our website, reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. san jose's homeless problem is getting attention. the city st working with santa clara county on ways to create
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more homeless housing. things like church shelters. enhanced encampments will serve many more and is real aistic solution. >> the idea of them not sleeping in tents tharks what they're doing now any way. just staying where ever they can, so if we can get them to agree to let us have encampments, that helps everyone. >> senate council votes are considering a three-year program for housing more than 200 homeless veterans. live in san francisco, where someone has been taking aim at people who rent their units out on short-term sights. also ahead, going for the gold after giving birth. the bay area olympic champion and supermom is ready for rio. and we're starting to see cooling changes underway. san jose, upper 70s, low 60s in service and the fog makes a comeback and we're watching big thunderstorms out in the sierra. any chance of this moving closer to the bay wra. we'll look at that when we come
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right back. is it a creative campaign?or a
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as the short term rental debe heats up in san francisco,someo. campaign are public threat as the short-term rental debate heats up in san francisco. someone is posting pictures of people they claim are -- chinatown. michelle roberts joins us from chinatown. the flowers are posted all around that neighborhood. >> they were. there were dozen of these posters all over town.
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officials don't know who put them up, but they say there is growing tension in chinatown and all over the city against landlords who illegally use sights like air bnb. be this is it is thot your typical wanted poster. someone is accusing them of gentry fieing chinatown and destroying affordable housing for immigrant families by renting apartment units on air bnb. gl i think it's an expression of the frustration that people all over san francisco and the bay area are feeling. >> the supervisor doesn't know who posted the fliers throughout chinatown last week, but says landlords who illegally rent units on short-term housing sights wi sites will face penalties. >> they come in, fixing up buildings and turn them into 365 reals. >> just yesterday, air bnb filed
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a lawsuit against san francisco following a new order thans that will allow the city to fine air bnb. while the legal battle heats up, some say publicly criticizing landlords for the housing kris crisis is misguided. >> i think it might be too extreme. everyone has a right to privacy and to not be posted up out on the street. >> i think this is thaer their freedom. >> while others celebrate flier saying the campaign achieved its goal. >> i did make contact with one of the men in this poster. he said it is concerning his name is out there publicly, it is important to note that these people may not even rent on their bnb. live in chinatown tonight, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news.
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. >> not all roads lead to rio. another high pro file athlete is skipping the liolympics. jason day, the top-ranked golfer in the world says he realizes his chances of getting the virus are slim, but he says he's not willing to risk his family's health, noting he and his wife want to have more kids. just a few days ago, another top golfer, rory mcilroy, opted out seeking zika fears. dana vollmer is going to rio. she finished second last night. this after we weren't sure she would be back at all. she left after winning three gold medals at the london olympics to have children and now just 15 months after having a baby, she's a mom on a mission headed to rio. it's a move she's made thousands of times. these days, there is leaning in every stroke. >> it's been more about pushing myself on a day-to-day basis and
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seeing where that gets me. >> dana has been to the top two olympic, four gold medals, but something was missing. >> we started talking about want ing kids life just started to shift focus. >> two years after beating the world's best, they were expecting and a healthy, happy baby arlen arrived in march of last year. >> i don't think i could put into words how life changing arlen has been. just from my daily routine to the capacity to love. >> dana also knew she needed to rekindle first love and long time coach. >> i told her if she wanted to do this, i was all in. >> baby arlen has pushed dana to a new athletic high, but like every new mom know, it's not easy. >> i've definitely had tears at 6:00 at night when he's crying and i can't get him to go to bed and you're exhausted from a practice and all you want to do is is take a nap.
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>> so how did she balance mother hood and olympic sweep saleswomening? we'll tell you. also, we're keeping an eye on katie lideky. she's entered in five more events at the trials going on now in omaha. we're only 38 days away tr the start of the rio games and of course, i will be there to bring you live reports throughout the games. >> we're going to have fun in rio with you reporting there live. >> i know. >> if you think something looks different from where we're delivering the news today, we have a new home. >> sort of. temporarily. >> just for a couple of days wile we're tweaking our permanent home. we're in the news room where we can hang out with all of our news writers and producers. >> all right, let's head over to rob now. rob, you're right across from us as well. i can see you. >> i can almost reach out to you. right now, we are seeing
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beautiful conditions around san francisco and the inner bay where things are starting to cool down. look at the fog rolling into san francisco and part of the north bay where the sea breeze is increasing in evening. still 94 degree, but that's cooler than about 24 hours ago and you see san jose now, 79 degrees and check out the temperatures from bell vaa deer. you can see a few of those low clouds drifting towards downtown san francisco and in san francisco, the fog is back. right now, 61 degrees. winds at 21 miles an hour. a little bit cooler for game two. we're going to see temperatures around first pitch time in the mid-60s and then upper 50s with low clouds towards the enof the game, so winds turning more strongly onsore. that's good news for air quality tomorrow. not a spare the air day and our temperatures will cool down into the afternoon, but here's something we're watching.
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a lot of thunderstorms today. soult of lake tahoe rotating around the ridge of high pressure toward our east. looks like most of the activity will stay south of lake tahoe. we'll see some high clouds, but the main type to have cloud is all the clouds on the coast as the sea breeze turns stronger. temperatures will continue to cool down. it will take more time for the inland valleys, but notice the coast tomorrow could wake up to some drizzle. i think we'll see that morning tomorrow and along the coast. then cloudy skies throughout the day on the coast. we'll see temperatures in the low 60s. so for the morning, areas of low clouds and fog around san francisco and throughout afternoon now, topping 80s closer to san jose, still low 90s inland for parts of the south bay and there you see the lou cloeds around ocean beach with temperatures in the 60s. north bay temperatures, 80s to low 90 sz and walnut creek and livermore, temperatures in the mid-90s.
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as the highs continue to weaken, moving into the weekend, we're going to see temperatures continue to cool off. san jose, dropping finally closer to average. low 80s by early saturday. dublin, too. seeing the cooling finally getting out of the 90s. into the 80s for the upcoming fourth of july weekend and san francisco cooling off to the mid-60s. warmer as you approach fourth of july on monday. back to you. >> thank you very much. still ahead, akia's biggest recall ever. the problem that has a furniture giant pull iing a very popular dresser. on our website:
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rio'acting gornor warns ththe od be a "big failure" ... becauof rio's acting governor warns that the olympics could be a big
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failure because of budget shortfalls and state attorney general calls the $14 billion payout in the vw scandal a landmark deal for california. harris says some of the money will go towards environmental projects. back in a moment. from ikea tonight..
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ansafety regutors say if uhave a recall on a dead product d safety regulators say if you
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have this piece of furniture, act quickly. the recall item is a dresser and you can see how it can tip over and injure a child. three children have died already. the consumer products safety commission says anyone who has a dreser like this immediately stop using or anchor to the wall. they are no longer selling the dresser, so if you have one, you should take it back to the store for a full refund. ikea will go as far as to go pick up the furniture if you cannot bring it in yourself. back to where it belongs. an antique violin and its anxious owner were rewrunted today in san francisco. police officers posed with clinton, clutching the violin that he's played since the age of 16. the vie lins, whidated back to 9 was stolen yesterday from his car. the officers patrolling the area of the city spotted the vie land today, it went back home with its relieved owner. >> happy reunion there. back in a moment.
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==take vo== to a sanraisco sml busins coming up tonight at 6:00, nbc bay area responds to a san francisco small business owner's complaint. her website was shut down without warning, she says.
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we're going to show you how we got her site back up and running. that's coming up here at 6:00. and want to see some historical art facts from california. just google it. old bits of history are being youp loaded on to the google server. part of the agreement between the state archives and gook l cultural institute. the idea is to organize the pieces of history and make them easily accessible. a great idea. >> thanks for joining us. nightly news is next and of course, we're going to toss it to rob. gl before we duo, we have a chance to check in with rob. >> and the weather, a bit cooler outside today. we're going to continue the cooldown heading into tomorrow, high temperatures not as hot. midnight, down from 109 in antioch. seeing the cooldown that will take us into this upcoming fourth of july holiday weekend.
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>> thanks, rob. lester holt is next with nightly news. themselves up. breaking news tonight, a major terrorist attack at the airport in istanbul. multiple suicide bombers blow themselves up. many u.s. flights to turkey are grounded. the president being briefed. was it isis and what about security at home? richard engel is live at the scene of the attack in istanbul. no smoking gun, republicans release the benghazi report after years of investigations. no bombshells about hillary clinton but tonight there are troubling new questions about the u.s. response that night. train explosion, the search for the missing tonight after a massive collision on the tracks.


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