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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 29, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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istanbul's international airport istanbul's international airport partially reopened this morning, following yesterday's horrific attacks and the death toll continues to climb after the coordinated terror attacks, the turkish government is blaming on isis. plus an east bay middle school on high alert this morning, after an anonymous e-mail threatens harm to kids if actions aren't taken against the teacher. and reunited, it feels so good. how one by area man got his groove back after his violin was stolen. "today in the bay" starts right now. very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm system brock. new developments overseas but first a check of weather with kari hall, good morning. >> good morning.
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we start out with coastal clouds and temperatures in the mid fiftsz. 59 degrees in the south bay and san francisco, you it see the clouds 62 degrees. it comes down a couple of degrees, more comfortable in san francisco, 67 degrees. 92 in the north bay, 88 in the south bay. we'll talk about a slightly cooler trend coming up in a few minutes. let's head over to mike and see what's happening on the roadways. >> lower clouds as you point and i'll show them as well. doesn't show up on road weather index and toward washingtonville. slow for south 85 getting into cuperti cupertino. roadwork is the issue disturbing the flow, there was earlier roadwork off of the walnut creek interchange and west 24, that is colleague. hercules and bay bridge have crews as well to 5:00. the bay bridge live look over there as we look from emeryville to the span the low clouds
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cutting off the top of the tower. fog on the golden gate bridge. >> mike thank you very much. now to istanbul, turkey, the ataturk airport where 41 people were killed yesterday, is partially reopened today. one of the busiest airports in the world. >> at tacks also injured hundreds more, turkey's leaders blaming isis for the attack. kris sanchez is developing the story and joins us with the latest on the investigation. kris? >> the ataturk airport is now open but hardly business as usual. police and emergency crews are still on scene at the airport, where so many people were killed. turkish officials say they believe isis was responsible, as you mentioned, u.s. officials there in turkey say this could be the beginning of a summer of attacks, but emphasized there is no change this morning in the already high security at u.s. airports and they also add that there's no reason to believe our
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airport here in the u.s. are targets. at sfo we met up with people who were caught up in the terror, waiting for loved ones arriving from istanbul, not knowing if the attack was really over and we talked with one passenger, too, who watched the news coverage as it unfolded , on th plane. >> i was like this has to be old. turns out it wasn't and i just completely froze. >> even though they were already over canada, i was still worried about if somebody's on the plane, that it's not over. >> reporter: u.s. agents inspect foreign airports regularly, sometimes they do it undercover. the car dpgo is inspected befort gets to the u.s. flight cruise, ground crews, service checked under a terrorist watch list and undergo regular criminal background checks. senior officials believe isis also known as da'esh could be responsible for this attack but we will be hearing more about
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this this morning as the morning progresses. we'll have more for you at 5:00. >> kris, thank you. as the updates come in we will be updating our social media platforms with the latest on the airport attack, extensive details, video and pictures, all of it visit or download our app for all the news on your smartphone. >> it is 4:34 right now. more concerns about safety at schools. last night advisely with upset students and parents packed the scotts valley school board meeting voicing concerns about a graphic and threatening letter written by a high school student. the letter outlined plans to stab and actually rape 21 students and four teachers at scotts valley high school. it was handed to a girl during the last week of school. angry parents say the district did little to address the letter for the 15-year-old boy who allegedly wrote it. no specific plans have been made to handle the situation so far. parents actually did receive a letter from the district implying it will take no further
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action. the search is on for a gunman who opened fire near san jose state killing one man and injuring another. this happened yesterday afternoon at 11th and san carlos, two blocks from san jose state's campus. witnesses say that they saw someone fire several shots at two men in a mini van before they drove off. so far, there are 24 homicides reported in san jose this year. at the same time last year, the city had experienced ten. 16-year-old girl has died, another is seriously injured, they were hit by a car in oakley. the two girls were walking along east cypress road when they were struck yesterday afternoon. witnesses say the woman in the car was driving reportedly erratically. police are investigating possible drunk or drugged driving. the driver in that case is cooperating. plenty of pride but also some hate. san francisco police arrested this man, emmanuel morenci for
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allegedly assaulting two women during pride week celebration sunday. he harassed, pushed athreatened to kill them because of their sexual skror yentation. police need help solving another attack, two men in a dark gray sedan yelled homophobic slurs and shot him in the hand with a bb gun before driving away. his injury is are not life-threatening. in harmony an antique violin and its anxious owners have been reunited in san francisco. >> police officers posted with clinton heiss clutched there to the instrument he played since the age of 16. the violin dates back to 1909 was stole enearlier from his car. the officers patrolling an area where stolen goods are often sold spotted the violin, now it's back home and making sweet music with the relieved owner. >> nice to see the smiles there. we're moving along through the middle of your week and kari knows how it looks. >> looks above average
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temperature wise and trending downward and right back up. we'll talk about this coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> tracking folks working hard over here in the east bay. we have a slowing toward freeh month because of roadwork going on. nothing major. crews 880 by the truck scale. we'll follow the rest of your commute coming up. farther south on the grapevine, an accident that left two bay area fathers desperately trying to save the lives of their families. their efforts, sadly, were in vain. we'll be right back with more after this. six people from the bay aa,
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children -- died yesterday tragedy on the grapevine. six people from the bay area, two mothers, their four children, died yesterday in this crash on interstate 5 in gorman. their mini van stopped after an accident and a big rig struck the mini van pushing it into an embankment. two fathers inside the mini van were able to get out tried to save their wives and children, but chp officers had to hold them back because the fire on the car was so intense. one of the families is from daly city, the other one is from san francisco. some people are worried that arson could be behind the recent rash of fires in san francisco mission neighborhoods. >> this is a five-alarm fire from nearly two weeks ago in vernal heights. david campos says the fires could have been deliberately set and holding a public hearing on
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the issue this morning at 10:00 at city hall. the examiner reports there have been six major fires in the past 19 months, forcing nearly 200 people out of their homes. the controversial sentencing of a sanford swimmer in a sexual assault case could change state law. district attorney jeff rosen yesterday told a state senate committee that convicted student brock turner had not been eligible for mandatory jail time because the victim was unconscious. current law does not mandate a prison sentence when a rape victim is unconscious. members of the senate committee were shocked by that and voted in favor of a bill which would carry an automatic sentence of prison whether the victim is conscious or not. today is the national day of action on gun violence prevention and nancy pelosi is taking action staging another sit-time this time at san francisco general hospital. that sit-in is not just to end gun violence but also to end hatred. today's action comes after democrats staged a 25-hour-long
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sit-in on the house floor last week demanding a vote on gun control legislation. republicans were successfully able to block any legislation moving forward although they describe this sit-in as essentially a stunt. today's sit-in at general hospital starts at 1:00. >> it's 4:42. coming up, for a fourth day rescuers are trying to save a whale entangled in a fishing line. we'll have details after the break. you're watching "today in the bay." in 200 feet of fishing lines ac
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the whale is dragging uto rescuers are desperately trying to free a whale entangled in 200 feet of fishing line and crab traps. the whale is dragging up to 300 pounds of debris in its mouth and tail. rescuers have come close but still have not been able to help that giant animal. >> with it being down 25, 30 feet into the water, it was almost impossible to really help it, but i don't think he knew we were trying to help him because he kind of took off on us after we got real close to him. >> researchers say they'll keep trying to help, experts believe the whale will not survive longer than a month enstandingled in the fishing lines so they're at it again. the race is on right now, as we look ahead, weather and traffic this morning at what, about 4:45. >> it's flying. >> just an early start here, kari hall, how are things shaping up? >> looks great out there to start the day, another warm one
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but the good news is that it will not be as hot as it has been the past several days. current temperatures it's 59 degrees in san jose and 56 degrees in oakland, 52 degrees as you head out the door in san francisco, and a look at those highs today. it will be up to 67 degrees along the coast, and in the city. 75 in oakland, and then we still have those 90s and even a couple of spots hitting the triple digits but not as many as we had yesterday. livermore to 97 and san jose up to 86 degrees. so you may still be wanting to head to the beach today, half moon bay will be at 60 degrees at 3:00, ocean beach only at 59 and santa cruz in the low 70s, so some 70s there and that is it for the coastal areas, while we will have some spots staying in the 60s so as we break it down for oakland hour by hour, we will be in the 50s to start some morning clouds there and afternoon sunshine and by 2:00 we're at 70 degrees, eventually
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hitting the low 70s and dropping back to the 50s as the clouds roll in once again, into the day tomorrow up to 87 degrees in the south bay, when the average high is 83 degrees, that is where we will be on saturday, so a stronger onshore flow helps us out, brings the temperatures back to normal, but in time for the fourth of july, it starts to go back up again by a couple of degrees, so looking ahead to the weekend forecast, all of the microclimates show that we won't have the extreme heat, this will be closer to normal, or just slightly above, up to 88 degrees in the south bay on friday, and san francisco stays in the 60s so very nice there. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up. mike's got a report of a small fire in san jose. >> we're on edge because of the warmer weather and of course the fires that we've been talking about all around the state. first we'll show you the flow of traffic around the bay, what you'd expect, we'll show you the south bay and that's where the report of the fire southbound 880 just off the freeway at coleman, a small brush fire
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reported, a fire crew on scene, just around coleman that's not far from avia, the airport and a shopping mall over there as well. again, no lanes affected on the freeways right now. we get a live look toward dublin where we see the most traffic on any of our live cameras, westbound coming toward us, the stream of lights coming from charo toward tasa harrah, no slowing toward the dublin interchange. the build is on out of the altamont pass. finally some closure this morning for one of the worst tragedies ever, involving a ship that capsized with migrants on board. last year a ship carrying more than 700 people mostly from africa sank off the coast of sicily in the mediterranean. only 28 people survived that. the italian navy now says that crews have recovered the vessel and they've raised it to the surface. when the ship went down last april it sank down more than 1,200 feet. >> it is 4:48. the long awaited report from house republicans on the benghazi attacks had no
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bombshells about then secretary of state hillary clinton. the report did raise questions about the white house state department and the pentagon's response to the deadly attacks in 2012. help wasn't deployed for 11 hours. ambassador chris stevens a cal berkeley alum, was killed along with three other americans. >> we've been told forever now that no military asset could have reached benghazi in time and what we now know is that's true because nothing was ever headed toward benghazi. >> i'll leave it to others to characterize this report, but i think it's pretty clear it's time to move on. >> democrats say the four-year investigation which included an 11-hour marathon hearing with hillary clinton was a political witchhunt. house republicans say the investigation did lead to the discovery of clinton's personal e-mail server. donald trump tweeted after the report's release that benghazi is just another hillary clinton failure. the latest now from the campaign trail, another hollywood type of visit for
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hillary clinton. she's back in the bay area today, appearing with actress jamie lee curtis. the presumptive democratic presidential nominee and curtis are going to attend a fund-raising lunch in san francisco today. the president of planned parenthood is also going to be in attendance. mrs. clinton was in los angeles last night. the latest nbc survey monkey poll shows that she has an eight-point lead at this point of the race over donald trump. >> 4:50. european union lead ares meeting today for the first time without the united kingdom at the table. 27 other eu station nations are conferring about the brexit vote. leaders are expected to talk about the thorny issue of immigration which many are calling one of the key elements that decided the british vote. also today, scotland's first minister knick lasturgeon is meeting with eu leader also keeping itself aligned with the european union. yesterday wall street was back in the black after major losses following the brexit vote but can they sustain all of those gains? >> that is the question.
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plus toyota's recalling hundreds of thousands of its vehicles in the u.s., that includes the very popular prius model. for that and the rest of your news before the bell we turn to landon dowdy who joins us live from cnbc's world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> good morning, sam and laura. wall street could move higher today for a second straight day as markets continue to digest the impact of the eu case vote to exit the european union. stocks jumping tuesday recovering from the brexit vote. new data on consumer spending and pending home sales today. the dow rising 269 points to 17,409 the nasdaq up 7 to 4691. toy yoia is recalling prius and lexus because of an airbag issue, vehicles made between 2010 and 2012 and a crack in a weld could cause the inflator to enter the interior of a ka are in a crash raising the risk
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officry. the inflators were not made by takata and no injuries have been reported. kellogg's is raising the stakes in all-day breakfast wars. on friday it's opening a cafe in times square with dishes made entirely from its cereals, froot loops and honey smacks. all items cost between $6 and $8. back to you. >> all-day breakfast, what could possibly go wrong with that? thank you, landon. san francisco mayor ed lee will be on hand for a major groundbreaking at sfo. work is set to begin on a $2.4 billion renovation of the airport's terminal one. airlines in terminal one include delta, southwest and frontier, the revamped terminal will eventually include new boarding areas, central check-in and a mezzanine level connected to air, train and parking. the work is expected to take jdtqi rrñ development ever is coming to silicon valley t will have new homes, hotels and retail space. more details on a
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multibillion-dollar dpoeflment plan for santa clara near hee lie stadium coming up after the break. >> might hip with another super bowl. 4:52. we're following developments in the deadly airport terror attack out of turkey. some bay area residents are worried about their loved ones being able to come home. on a lighter note the bay bridge series is in full swing and last night was a wild one to say the least. the a's with two straight wins over the red hot giants, find out more about their win in our twitter feed, and the fourth of july right around the corner. there's lots of bay area events going on, on our home page, link to a list of all things fourth of july. we'll see you in just two minutes. levi's stadium.
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t silicon vaey busine journal repor things are certainly going to be changing around levi
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stadium in the years to come. silicon valley business journal reports that santa clara city councilmembers last night approved a massive new development deal. it's been tabbed as the largest private development plan in the history of silicon valley at a cost of $6.5 billion. it will be one day a mixed use center that will cover land, housing, a golf course and a dirt bike track with 700-plus hotel rooms. construction may begin as soon as next year and likely come in phases over the course of the next three decades. 4:56 right now. sometimes the best way to get your point across is to hold up a mirror, racy selfies one father in washington state took it a step further. >> the results here are i guess you could say kind of comical. chris martin is a morning radio host in spokane got tired of his teenage daughters' racie selfies. instead of talking the talk he walked the walk. he decided to recreate his daughter's selfies down to the
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smallest detail. >> i told her you're posting these things a little sexy, tone it down a little bit and she wouldn't. >> dad! i'm sure she said that to him. >> we're not sure if his daughter cassie has really taken his efforts to heart, interesting the belly look is a good one there. the photos are going viral but she calls the entire thing just fun and so far no plans to cover up her bare midrift. >> for either one of them. >> while we try to get that memory out of our minds kari give us something more pleasant. >> probably so but nice and cool out and cool at at&t park. round three of the bay bridge series and we'll see if the a's will win yet again. i'll have a look at the forecast coming up. >> no half shirts over here, looking at your whole commute, there's the san mateo bridge, screen shot is frozen. there we go, traffic is moving better than that camera shot. we'll show you the rest of the
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bay. plus "today in the bay's" kris sanchez tracking the latest out of turkey following the deadly attack on istanbul. live report is coming up next.
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when i was in there, people are shooting only one side and we all ran the other way and the bombs went off. >> rattled nerves felt around the globe this morning after a string of explosions rock
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istanbul's ataturk airport. we hear firsthand accounts from people returning to the bay area following the attack. and parents on edge at an east bay middle school, the threatening e-mail connected to this violent rally in sacramento that has police on high alert in berkeley. plus it's being called the biggest development in silicon valley history. the report this morning about a mega project about to be built near levi stadium. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a very good morning now. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. go big or go home, kari, hot temperatures again, good morning. >> it will be hot for the inland areas. the coastal spots will be cooling off a little bit more from yesterday, so now at 52 degrees in san francisco, and a clear start in the north bay for only 48 degrees. it will be reaching 92 today, and 88 in the south bay, tri valley also into the upper 90s, while


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