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tv   Today  NBC  June 29, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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build here at 280 and 880. >> we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. go we will. we've been talking about the bay bridge series, live from at&t park. see new half an hour. good morning. terror in turkey. chilling video of the suicide bombings that rocked istanbul's main airport. at lst 41 people killed and 32 injured. isis is to blame. this morning while officials fear more attacks are coming. the politics in terror. >> there's something going on that's really really bad. >> donald trump and hillary clinton both weighing in on the bombings. hillary saying the u.s. cannot retreat and trump renewing his call to bring back waterboarding. >> you have to fight fire with
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fire. fiery crash. the search for three workers after a head on train collision in texas. screws searching through wreckage this morning. how did the trains end up on the same track. michael phelps shines at the u.s. olympic swim trial and he's now one race away from booking his ticket to rio. from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1a. good morning. welcome to "today." 7:00 a.m. on the west coast on this wednesday morning. >> we begin this morning with another deadly terror attack this time at the international airport in turkey. >> the death toll has clifrpd to
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41 people and 239 people injured in the white house condemning the bombing labeling them a terrorist act and all flights from the u.s. to istanbul were suspended. >> this morning we have complete coverage. he's at the airport in istanbul. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. we're getting some breakdown now of the victims. the governor in this city says that of the 41 killed, at least they include 23 turkish nationals and ten foreign nationals but some of the victims haven't been identified. the prime minister said that isis is the likely suspect, that the attackers arrived in taxi cabs, got out of their vehicle and started their attacks. >> the cleanup this morning and tightened security after three suicide bombings at one of the world's busiest transport hubs. security cameras captured one
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blast right at the hall in the airport. nbc news has not independently confirmed the video. that explosion witnesses say destroyed a glass wall opening the way for other bomber to get inside the arrival area. three coordinated attacks. >> people were shooting on one side and we all ran the other way and then the bombs went off and we started running the other way and there was more shooting. >> reporter: there was panic as passengers hid or ran for their lives. police reacted swiftly and bravely. this man said he saw policeman tackle one militant. security footage shows another officer shoot another attack esh and drops his gun. the policeman backs away seconds before that attacker detonates a bomb. a u.s. intelligence source says
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the attack is consistent with isis. turkey's president issued a statement calling it an attack on the entire human race. nbc news reported earlier this month that isis had moved more than 35 militants from syria into turkey to carry out attacks during the muslim holly month. the airport attack was highly likely connected to that isis planning and more attacks could come during the final days of holiday which ends this week. the city and airport have recovered quite quickly. work to rebuild has begun. flights have resumed and passengers are coming in and out of the city. it's different than what we saw in brussels where that airport was shut down for days. this city is calling on world leaders to get behind turkey.
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there have been international d diplomacy efforts this morning calling on the world to get behind it. >> michael served as the director of the national counter terrorism center and he works with the federal government on national security matters. good morning. the video we're seeing coming out of that airport is both horrifying and extraordinary. based on what you're seeing and the coordination and the target do you agree with the others who are leaning towards isis in this matter. >> absolutely. i think this has all the hallmarks of isis. it was sophisticated. it was targeting the airport and western civilians. it's likely to be one of the terrorist groups. this will turn out to be isis. >> what about the timing. turkey has been criticized even
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by the u.s. for not doing more for keeping syria fighters going in and out of syria. so the timing is at the end of the holiday. why do you believe they would strike now? >> isis has been pushing for attacks during this time and it's also under some pressure in syria which makes it more likely they will attack on the outside. turkey has been a tough ally in this fight against isis really up until last july they weren't doing as much as the u.s. would like to stop people from getting into syria and iraq but getting into july they turned that around. i think for those reasons turkey, istanbul, tourists are absolutely a prime target for isis now and as richard said still in the coming days. >> let's talk about the specific target. this is an airport. it strikes at the heart of transit and tourism. in europe and other capitals
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they have done an expanding of the perimeter. they stop people before they enter any airport facility, check baggage and tickets, but these terrorists know there are still gathering points and they strike at those soft targets. >> you got it right. the fact is that moving security away from the planes is a good thing. we have to have security for the cargo and bags. as you push that perimeter, it's not that the terrorist threat goes away, it adjusts to the other checkpoints. i think they were pushing the perimeter out but still not beyond the airport line and that meant that isis knew they could get to that area and still target westerners. so i think in the u.s. what we will likely see even over this holiday weekend is a greater move to push that perimeter out and people have to recognize there are real security vulnerabilities.
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>> always appreciate your perspective. the attack in istanbul occurred before security checkpoints and once again questions are being raised about how to maintain a high level of security at airports overseas and here in the u.s. nbc is at reagan national airport this morning. tom, good morning. >> reporter: the united states has lifted the ground stop for flights leaving the u.s. for turkey and some flights have already left for turkey. meanwhile to pick up on this conversation where do you start airport security? do you start right here at a tsa checkpoints or do you move it out to the curb or parking lot? it's all a target. at select u.s. airports this morning police units have increased their visibility an added deterrent after the attack on istanbul. in march 32 people died at the
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brussels airport and nearby subway station. overseas no airline can fly to the u.s. from a foreign airport if that airport doesn't meet strict standards. >> we inspect those airports to make sure they meet those standards and that includes the people on the people on the aircraft, the people who service the aircraft and the cargo. >> reporter: is that security good enough. >> we ensure it is. >> reporter: here at home with the u.s. summer travel season now in full swing eliminating those tsa lines we saw during the spring is both a logistical and security priority. >> making sure that doesn't continue to back up so you're creating an incredibly soft target right there in the public areas. >> reporter: tsa is responsible for screening passengers while local police secure local airport perimeters but there have been complaints of too few officers. >> when they can spend millions
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or billions of dollars for beauty fax projects they can use that money for security improvements. >> reporter: this morning a renewed focus on security on both sides of the checkpoints. the number of airport perimeter access points vary from airport to airport. tsa has been pushing airports to limit those but there's still no agreement on that. back to you. >> thank you very much. on the campaign trail donald trump and hillary clinton are weighing in on the attack in turkey. peter alexander has that part of the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the candidates with responses to the attack. donald trump calling for the u.s. to fight violently because he says we're dealing with vi violent people. hillary clinton presenting herself as steady handed saying this strengthens our resolve to
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defeat the forces of terrorism. in the wake of the turkish airport attack, donald trump with this warning. >> folks, there's something going on that's really really bad. we better get smart and we better get tough or we're not going to have much of a country left, okay. >> reporter: trump's campaign with a rapid response, more disciplined than in the past offering prayers to the families. compare that to the tweet after the orlando massacre. trump did call for waterboarding insisting that's not tough enough for terrorists. >> you have to fight fire with fire. >> reporter: for hillary clinton no public comments on the attack but this statement arguing the u.s. cannot retreat and pushing to deepen our cooperation with our allies and partners to defeat radical jihadism. this is on the heels of the benghazi committee report blaming the obama administration
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and the military for the failed response to the attacks that killed four americans. still no smoking gun against the former secretary of state. >> i'll leave it to others to characterize this report but i think it's pretty clear it's time to move on. >> reporter: her campaign posting this video hammering the investigation as a political sher raid. trump blasting benghazi as a hillary clinton failure, and saying electing him this fall will help get clinton indicted. back in ohio trump in graphic terms trashing the transpacific trade deal. >> done by special interests who want to rape our country, just a continuing rape of our country. >> reporter: president obama dismissing trump's effort to cast himself as a champion for american workers. >> he's hardly a spokesperson
7:13 am
for a legitimate spokesperson for a populus surge from working class people. >> reporter: less than three weeks ahead of the republican convention the trump campaign is lining up a roster of sports names to appear in cleveland next month. that list includes bobby night and mike tyson. trump said tyson has noddt been asked to speak but said he would do a good job if he was. >> thank you. in other news this morning federal investigators are on the the scene of a head on collision in texas that forced the evacuation of a nearby neighborhood. >> reporter: this morning a desperate search is under way for three crew members missing after two trains collided in texas. the question now why were the two trains on the same track.
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this video capturing the moments after impact. just before 9:00 a.m. the two freight trains collided. >> these were what we call enter mobile trains. mixed freight with consumer goods. >> reporter: smoke and flames could be seen from miles away. authorities rushing to rescue the crew members on board. officials say as the trains barrelled down the tracks toward each other one of the crew members jumped from the train to save his life. the company which owns both trains says the search continues for the others. >> we are still in search mode for the other three employees. their families have been contacted and at this point we can get closer to examining the scene and then we will proceed. >> reporter: the cause of the crash is still unknown.
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nbc news, houston. now to some newly released 911 call logs from the orlando nightclub massacre. they're revealing a chilling minute by minute account of the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. >> reporter: the first report of shots fired over the phone 911 dispatchers hear gun fire and skriez for help. caller is in the bathroom and she's whispering. within a half hour details about the gunman start pouring in. the shooter is saying he pledges to the islamic state and possible explosives in the parking lot. subject advises he is a terrorist. then a flood of calls from inside the club. subject trying to lee small dressing room. staying put now. hearing screaming. this lieutenant was at the firehouse that night. >> i could hear the steady pow,
7:16 am
pow, pow. i could hear the gun shots. >> reporter: you were hearing all the gun shots. >> yeah, i was hearing gun shots from hear. >> reporter: text messages released code enforcement is here and showed me a picture where the exit is blocked but the owner writes that is untrue and the fire department says we had no indication that exits were blocked. at 5:02 three hours after the first call the s.w.a.t. team breaches the club and then bad guy down. >> very fluid situation. i think our officers did a tremendous job based on the information we knew at the time. >> reporter: today the memorial outside the nightclub is growing but the shock in this community still hasn't worn off. nbc news orlando. newly obtained surveillance video shows the dramatic moments when a man was shot by secret service on the white house grounds.
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we want to warn you the video is graphic. initials say the 31-year-old man walked toward the white house carrying a hand gun in his right hand. he ignored several commands by secret service to drop the gun. as he approaches a security checkpoint an agent shoots him once. he survived and was taken to the hospital and he said he came to the white house to shoot people. the president was not there at the time. now the disappearance of the contractor involved in the tragic christmas day fire in connecticut that killed three young girls and their grandparents back in 2011. a superior court judge has scheduled an emergency hearing to discuss his whereabouts and why he hasn't turned over construction documents that were requested as part of a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the girls' father. he initially took blame for the
7:18 am
fire saying he impropererly disposed of his fireplace ash but then said it was his girlfriend that mishandled the ashes. his lawyer says he haesn't been able to get a hold of his client. let's get a check of the weather. >> thank you very much. good morning. we had people being dampened back in colorado last night. look at these strong storms. they had hail and lightening and damaging winds. they had a lot of rain. look at those flags flying in all that rain. we have more strong storms, same system, pushing to the east. you can see those storms pushing through kansas making their way to the south. we got a risk of strong storms today especially out to the west. hail and possibly damaging winds and then it's part of a station area front you can see down through the gulf we're looking at more scattered showers and thunderstorms, heavy down powers and a lot of heavy rain for the next three days could be
7:19 am
anywhere from two to three inches of rain and into the pan handle of florida and southern georgia possibility of two to four inches of rain creating some flash flooding. we'll get to your local forecast coming up. good morning i'm meteorologist kari hall. 48 degrees in the north bay and 58 in the south bay. some clouds and fog will keep temperatures along the coastline and it will be 67 degrees in san francisco. the north bay still warm up to
7:20 am
92 degrees and we'll also have some upper 90s for the tri valley while the peninsula is at 84. 88 degrees in the south bay and the east bay today reaching 75 degrees. and that is your latest weather. coming up, airbnb is now suing its hometown of san francisco. and is this new dress from nike should short for the court? but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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just ahead, tonight michael phelps gets his first chance to secure a spot this rio. we'll hear from the most deck rated olympian of all time. rated olympian of all time. >> and are you ready to be a ♪
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(dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. ==am== w this morng... a very good morning to you. it's june 29thth, i'm laura garcia-cannon. thing will be changing around levi stadium. santa clara councilmembers unanimously approved a massive development deal being called the largest private development plan at a cost of $6.5 billion. the mix ood use center will cover some 10 million square feet of land which now houses a golf course and dirt bike track. construction will likely come in phases over three decades. time to check the forecast now, meteorologist kari hall, how is it looking? >> looks good, laura. nice and comfortable temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s and into the rest of the day it will be another warm one for theru+ valleys in san j
7:27 am
up to 86 degrees, while a nice cool 67 can be expected in san francisco, palo alto 82 degrees and fairfield we'll see less triple digits through the next couple of days. slightly cooler air will move in through the bay area with a stronger onshore flow as we head into this weekend. we'll keep tabs on that. head over to mike for a look at what's happening on the roadways. >> asouthbound 280 for ten minutes all lanes were blocked just before you get to 380, there was a crash there, no major injuries, major slowing all lanes just reopened, folks can get toward and cut through toward the airport. northbound 101, northbound highway 1 at oceania a stalled vehicle added to the slowdown. in the south bay northbound route continues to build north 87 from capital to 85 up to kertner the slowest drive and 280 and 880 is a real jam but
7:28 am
you expect that. back to you. >> thank you very much. another update in half han hour.
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7:30 on a wednesday morning, june 29, 2016. a little camera time on the plaza. it will be a nice day here in the northeast. >> and there is new fallout from britain's vote to leave the european union. eu leaders are meeting in brussels today to discuss the group's future and for the first time in more than four decades, a representative from the uk is not there. that massive blue whale tangled in fishing line off the coast of california hasn't been seen in more than a day now. rescue crews went out tuesday looking for the whale. they have so far failed to spot
7:31 am
it. and of course the big story today, the death toll is ritz rising from the terror attack in istanbul. 41 people were killed by three suspected isis suicide bombers. >> little aerlier this morning, we talked to richard cownan, he and his wife had just landed. i asked him to describe what he saw and heard. >> we were headed to passport security control when all of a sudden people turned around and started running toward us, people were screaming, we heard people yelling bomb, yelling that there was a gun, someone had a gun, people eventually just started hiding behind objects and waiting for news of what was going on. that was the general situation for about three hours, kind of waiting around in the airport waiting for information. after exiting the building, we really saw the extent of the
7:32 am
damage, a lot of smashed glass, collapsed ceiling, blood on the floor, a lot of clothing spread across the floor, a lot of medical personnel, a lot of chaos outside the building, as well. things seem to have calmed down now, but last night the scene here was definitely chaotic and people waited for their friends and family to leave the airport and also take away the wounded. we ended up walking down the highway a few miles and catching a ride into town actually from a random stranger. so encouraging to see that even in situations like this, the random acts of kindness also prevailed. >> that was a little earlier this morning. he and his wife at that airport as it all unfolded. >> and hearing him talk about the ran domt act of a stranger. my goodness. let's turn to al roker. >> it's that time of year, big
7:33 am
area of high pressure dominating and it brings up the how much o moisture out of the gulf and we start to see the southwestern mop soons, increased storms, heavy rain leads to cooler temperatures. but they need the rain. tucson gets generally about 6 inches of rain out of the monsoons, yearly about 12 inches. so albuquerque and tucson, they get nearly half of their yearly rainfall out of this system. and over the next three days, they will be anywhere there 1 to 3 inches of rain, so the flood threat will increase daily and with the thunderstorm, you we're still in to are some hot inland temperatures today. it's cooler along the coast. clouds will be clearing out. 63 the high in pacifica, at&t park, 66 degrees and los gatos today up to 91 degrees. as we head into the north bay, still some upper 80s to low 90s,
7:34 am
even 100 degrees in fairfield. fremont will be at 89 degrees, while 75 in oakland, and 95 today in dublin, some upper 90s in the tri valley, we'll gradually see temperatures stepping down a couple of degrees each day as we head closer to the weekend. eather channel on cable, online. guys. >> thank you, al. well, there is growing tension this morning between the popular website airbnb and its hometown of san francisco. joe fryer here to explain what is going on. >> good morning, guys. at issue, san francisco has an ordinance aimed at home sharing websites like airbnb and home away, hosts renting out their homes are required to original sister with t register with the city, but now the city says if they don't, the websites will be fined p. san francisco might be airbnb's hometown, but these days the web seat feels like a stranger in its open home. this month the city by the bay passed and ordinary nanz promise
7:35 am
to go fine air brchirbnb $1,000 for every unregistered host. at this point just under 20% have actually registered. critics believe short term rentals put a big dent in the affordability housing market. >> we know home sharing is here to stay. we welcome it. but there has to be some protection of our housing otherwise we are going to lose our middle class. >> reporter: in response, airbnb is now suing the city in federal court arguing the new rental rules violate the company's first amendment rights by holding it accountable for content published by users. in a lengthy statement posted on air b and b's website, the company calls the city's registration process broken adding the new law officials down on a broken system would i threatening websites that don't remove home sharers who can't navigate a confusing, inefficient bureaucratic process
7:36 am
that often takes months to complete. katherine bloom rents out in her home, her place is booked 21 nights this month generating much needed income. >> some months are better than others. in my other world. but it's been a real god send. >> reporter: she argues hosts should have to register, but says the city needs to improve the process. >> they should be trying to do everything they can to make it work properly, smoothly, you know, fairly. and, yes, let's get rid of the bad can guys, but let's not hurt the good guys in the process. >> reporter: but city leaders insist can guys, but let's not the good guys in the process. >> reporter: but city leaders insistcan guys, but let's not h the good guys in the process. >> reporter: but city leaders insist their system is not broken. sglefr business has to follow reasonable regulations thachbd's what we're talking about here. >> the city argues they're trying to regulate business activity, not year content. and there are other cities that wrestle with rules for home
7:37 am
sharing sites. airbnb says it still hopes to work with san francisco to develop a one stop online registration process. >> because this isn't going anywhere anytime soon. >> not at all. >> thank you. coming up, would you pay $7 for a single bowl of cereal? we'll tell you about the unusual new restaurant that is banking on that. >> maybe captain crunch. but first, swimming legend michael phelps looking to dominate as he begins his quest for his fifth olympic
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but the mortgage process has proven to be challenging.. not with rocket mortgage by quicken loans. i stand corrected. [whisper] rocket. for once. see star trek beyond in theaters. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. back now at 7:41 with michael phelps' much anticipated
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debut. >> he's going for his fifth and he says final olympic team and if his opening swim was any indication, he's starting to get the hang of this. back in the water and on top of his game. >> phelps into the pool. >> michael phelps took his first official strokes toward rio tuesday placing first in the 200 meter butterfly semifinals at the u.s. swimming trials in omaha. he'll be back in the pool tonight looking to officially punch his ticket to rio. if he qualifies, the legend would be be headed for his fifth olympic games, a stage where he's already racked up 22 medals, a record 18 of them gold. this his final lap, he's more focused than ever. >> i hoped my blinds and i saw me. i try not to open it too much.
7:43 am
>> it's a career that is back on track. >> do you have anything to say? >> following rough times after the lochb done games including a dui and stint if rehab that phelps spoke with me about. did you check yourself into treatment because you had a drinking problem or a public relations problem? fwli checked myself in because i think at a point in my life where i needed to figure things out. >> those life changes include thinking a fiance and father. >> i'm happier than i've ever been in my life. >> and now phelps, who turns 31 on thursday, is ready to write his final olympic chapter in gold. >> how is training going now? what is the difference? >> i want to be here. that is the difference. i want to retire how i want to retire. and i have a great opportunity to do that. >> he had a really strong swim last night. he can qualify for rio in the
7:44 am
200 fly tonight. with more events later in the week including a possible showdown are ryan lochte which should be interesting. you can catch the swimming trials tonight 8:00, 7:00 central right here on nbc. and up next, dylan on the dress. dress. why serena williams is we could tell you that the designer color collections from hgtv home by sherwin-williams make your decision easier. are you sure those colors go together? yes. all these colors go together. or, about our reputation... it's from the paint company that pros trust. or the smooth, professional finish that makes those colors even more beautiful. but there's nothing like seeing it for yourself. this looks amazing! create your own big reveal with hgtv home by sherwin-williams get $10 to $40 off through july 6th, exclusively at lowe's ♪
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dylan is in the orange room talking about the intersection of tennis and fashion. >> we certainly are. there is a lot to talk about with wimbledon. yesterday we told you about the unlikely star. unthinkable odds to reach the second round and this morning he's up against roger federer. federer is ranked number three. he has 17 grand slams compared to willis' zero and his career wins 176 versus willis' one. but i guess willis has fewer losses, so you can look at that as a plus. and it is the fashion that has people's attention. and raising eyebrows. this is the outfit the that nike designed for women to wear at wimbledon.
7:50 am
some players like it. but others are unhappy with the super short design. katie says she had to tie fan bringing around the waist to make work for her. nike says they can bring them for unspecified alterations. a rethhthat serena williams jus refused to wear it and got her own. i like it, i don't know how works with the whole tennis action going on, but today's just me. i don't play tennis. >> may be better for like a summer outing. >> yeah, not if you're trying to serve and the fabric is flipping up in your face. >> but it's not as revealing as some of the other outfits. well, just ahead, welcome back potter? what sources say about a possible return to his most famous role. but first, your local news.
7:51 am
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in addition to the sear
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good wednesday morning. i'm krlmeteorologist kari hall. it's 49 degrees and coastal clouds on the peninsula, 54 there. as we head to the rest of the day warming up in the ssouth ba up to 898 degrees and north bay 92, in the tri valley we'll have some 90s there while san francisco is nice and cool, 67 degrees. if you're getting ready for the battle, the bay bridge series this evening at the coliseum, it will be 72 degrees at first pitch, and at 9:00, temperatures dropping back to 65 degrees, overall a nice evening for some baseball. let's head over to mike now to see what's happening on the roadways. >> you can call it the battle for the bay, that's what it is. looking over here on the peninsula side of the bay slowing at the shift 101 southbound. expect a look at your map, pretty much what we expect around the bay but we'll focus in on key spots, looking at
7:57 am
northbound 87, really slow now just recovering, something was going on at kertnor but looks like the lanes cleared and crash northbound 101 approaching 680. earlier cleared and some recovery through the area and recovery southbound 280 headed toward 380, earlier crash about 45 minutes ago all lanes blocked for a few minutes and lanes that are cleared and recovery from daly city past 380 and headed down the peninsula. no problem getting toward 101. back to you. happening now, we're following developments in the deadly airport terror attack in turkey. some bay area residents are worried about loved ones coming home. link to the story on our twitter feed. a berkeley teacher says she was attacked and threatened with losing her job after protesting a white supremacy rally. the bay bridge series is in full swing, tonight the series shifts over to oakland as kari mentioned last night's game was a wild one. details on the big comeback soon our facebook page.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." and coming up, is it worth it? more than 60 million women get routine pelvic exams every year, but now experts are saying they may not be necessary. do they save lives or should you skip it? plus, social media star search. we're on a summer long mission to find the next big thing online. teaming up and coming bloggers, all in an attempt to go viral. >> my heart is racing and i am shaking. i'm your youtube social star. and the scorned identity. there is a man standing on the bridge behind you. he is holding a package and i need that package.
8:01 am
>> um -- >> haley, we need to do this right now. >> matt damon pranks unsuspecting people by luring them into spy game scenarios. so, did they fall for it? >> do it right now. >> today, wednesday, june 29th, 2016. ♪ >> we're in new york city from auburn, alabama! >> we're from ohio. >> hi, y'all, from san antonio, texas. ♪ nothing but noise >> road trip from oklahoma! >> hi, seattle, washington, we're so happy to be here on the "today" show. >> in new york city. we're back now 8:00 on a wednesday morning.
8:02 am
it's the 29th day of june, 2016. take a look at the crowd here in new york. what a beautiful day in midtown manhattan. this is kind of a victory lap for me and al because this is the scene of our stupendous victory in the "today" show grand prix on tuesday. on tuesday, a go-cart victory over natalie and hoda yesterday. >> natalie is still doing an analysis. she believes her car wasn't working right. >> she just didn't make the turn. >> better luck next time, ladies. >> more fun today on the plaza. coming up, jill martin helps you kick back and relax with a special steals and deals. and she's promising to really wow us with what is being called an unbeatable mega deal. >> i love when she gets all teasey like that.
8:03 am
let's go inside, natalie has a check of the top stories. natalie? turkey is on high alert this morning for the possibility of more terrorist attacks a day after deadly airport bombings. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in istanbul. good morning. >> reporter: the governor in this city says the death toll now stands at 41 with 23 of the victims being turkish nationals, 10 others foreign nationals. still some of the victims have yet to be definitively identified. the prime suspect in this attack is isis. the prime minister says the militants arrived in taxicabs, got out of their vehicles, began to open fire and detonate their devices. the cleanup this morning, and tightened security after three suicide bombings at one of the world's busiest transport hubs. security cameras captured one of the blasts right at the arrivals hall at istanbul's international airport. nbc news has not independently confirmed the video. that explosion witnesses say destroyed a glass wall, opening
8:04 am
the way for another bomber to get inside the arrival area. three coordinated attacks at curbside and in the terminal. >> people were shooting. on one side. we all ran the other way. and then bombs went off and people started running the other way and there was more shooting. >> reporter: there was panic as passengers hid or ran for their lives. police reacted swiftly and bravely. a porter said he saw policemen tackle one militant. security camera footage appears to show an another shoot another attacker who dros his gun. the policeman quickly backs away, just seconds before that attacker detonates a bomb. some of the dead and injured were taken away by taxis. a u.s. intelligence source says the coordinated attack is consistent with isis. there is a concern that this could be just the start of a wave of isis attacks before the
8:05 am
end of ramadan. which still has one more week to go. i must say, this city and airport are recovering quickly, already the airport has re-opened and some reconstruction begun. natalie? >> richard engel in istanbul this morning, thank you. within hours, tactical police units increased their visibility here at home at some u.s. airports both as a deter eanet and to reassure travelers. homeland security says it is monitoring airports here, but there has been no status change. the istanbul attack also added new urgency efforts to reduce long checkpoint lines which could pose as soft targets. donald trump and hillary clinton condemned the istanbul attack but disagreed on how the u.s. should respond. trump says we must fight fire with fire. he told a rally in st. clairsville, ohio, that the trusts probably think americans are weak and have no leadership. clinton tweeted the attack reminds us the united states cannot retreat and must deepen our cooperation with our allies
8:06 am
to take on this threat. a spokane, washington father tried to make a point by matching his daughter's racy selfie photos pose for pose. take a look. he says his daughter refused to tone down the pictures she's toasting online, so the comedian radio host recreated the selfies right down to the bare midriff and body art. far from being embarrassed, kathy is thrilled that people are sharing and liking her dad's photos. she thinks of them as his legacy. i don't think that's quite how he wanted her to think of them. >> it's escalated. >> she's like that's so cool, dad, you're giving me more followers, dad. >> no good deed goes unpunished, as we say. coming up, a popular staple in your kitchen that one very well-known chef says is a waste of your money. >> i love that story. and is he saying there's a chance?
8:07 am
what daniel radcliffe just revealed about possibly bringing harry potter back to the big screen. plus, one less medical test to worry about? the routine exam you may actually not need, right after this. can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
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8:10 am
news on pelvic exams. that tens of millions of women get every year. a panel of experts now says that those exams may not be needed. around 76% of visits to the obgyn's office include them but a task force says there's not enough evidence to prove the exams save lives. and there are serious concerns over the worry that false positives can cause. here with more, dr. natalie azar. good to see you. as i told you in the commercial break, it does get confusing when you hear conflicting information. so what should we absorb on this? >> what the task force is saying is that there is insufficient evidence, not that they're recommending for or against, they're saying there is not evidence to make a recommendation for or against an annual pelvic exam in women to screen for four conditions they were looking at. ovarian cancer, as well as three different infectious diseases or sexually transmitted diseases.
8:11 am
i think that's the important take-home here. they are not saying women should not be going to their ob/gyns every year for a well visit. an important distinction. >> so most women will tell you that the pelvic exam is no fun. >> yes. >> if you hear that there is no evidence, does that mean skip it? >> right. so skipping the pelvic portion of the exam versus skipping the visit are two different things. there is still a benefit. you establish a relationship with the physician, breast exam, contraception, family planning. also an important rebuttal was a diplomatic and response from the american college of obstetrics and gynecology is the group that will listen to this and say wait a second, this is what we say, this is what you say. they actually also say that the internal portion of the exam, the one most of us find most uncomfortable, they say it's up to discuss, a shared decision making with the doctor, but the external exam is still important.
8:12 am
we can show on the graphic there's value to doing a pelvic exage. you can pick up on things like fibroids, uterine cysts. warts and herpes. but the point is detecting these things actually decreasing morbidity and mortality. and what the task force is saying is we don't know. there is not enough evidence to say that this is reducing mortality and morbidity associated with the disease. does that make sense? >> that makes sense. basically what you're saying is this task force saying there's not enough evidence does not mean you should skip it. >> exactly. and the big one here is, by the way, they're not changing recommendations among cervical cancer screening, screening for chlamydia, gonorrhea. and one final point, the american college of physicians and american academy of family physicians agrees with the task force's position. and acog will review everything, they will see what the evidence based conclusions are coming from, and they will maybe update their recommendations based on that. the task force recommendations
8:13 am
right now are up for public opinion. this is not the final word. it's still an ongoing discussion but a very important piece of literature. >> always helps if you have a good relationship with your doctor. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much. let's go over to al. we get another check of the weather. as we look at the july fourth weekend, it will be hot and humid through the south, not as hot out west. so heading toward the end of the week, minneapolis 77, friday detroit will be 81, 83 in minneapolis. st. louis looking pretty good. and as we look into the southwest, temperatures will be into the 90s from atlanta all the way into denver. we're looking at temperatures dropping into the upper 70s. 97 in reno. but the heat has really continued, hotter years, more fires. since 1970, average temperatures out west, 56. they're up to 58, almost 58 1/2. and look at the number of wildfires have grown way over
8:14 am
150 as you get into the 2000s. so we're watching this trend very, very closely. that's what is going on around we have some low clouds along the coastline. we have 54 in san francisco. 83 degrees and a few 100 degrees in fairfield. livermore, 97. san francisco, a cool 67 degrees. it's getting nasty over here. that is what is going on. back to you. let's talk about trending. we have a food and kitchen themed trending, which is doctor we brought in our culinary
8:15 am
expert hoda kotb. first up, you love kitchen stuff? >> yeah. >> the knife sets, the block with all the different knives? >> the sharper the better. the more knives the better in there. >> guess what? noted chef anthony bourdain says throw it out. he targeted the best selling book kitchen confidential and, quote, no con foisted on the general public is so atrocious, so wrong headed, so widely believed as the one that tells you you need a full set of specialized cutlery in various sizes. anthony says all you need is one good knife that fits your hand properly. and that's it. >> i always end with the butcher knife. >> i've been looking at all these knives and i realized that i only use like one or two. >> i have like different places that i grab in the block to cut
8:16 am
certain things. a small knife for this thing, a -- >> yeah. >> you explained that really well. >> little things and big things. >> a bread thif fortomatoes. >> i have one single thif that i got as a wedding present and i still have it. >> you got a rid of the guy but you kept the knife. >> the thing not to give somebody on their wedding. >> dark natalie. >> let's get to the news. so many families this morning are gathered around the breakfast table eating cereal, but would you pay $7 a bowl for it? here in new york, kelloggs is opening up an entire restaurant dedicated to cereal, it opens july 4. kelloggs is promising to offer fresh take on the breakfast classic. among the special cereals
8:17 am
offered, rice krispies with green tea powder. and also frosted mini wheats, fresh raspberries and ground coffee. also notice the price there. $7.50 for a regular bowl, $6.50 for a small. >> but it includes milk. >> so we created, our great team, created a special sericer pistachio lemon, special k, lemon zest and thyme. >> pairing wine with food, i would never think of it. >> it grows on you. >> what was your favorite break tax cereal as a kid? the the >> captain crunch. >> frosted flakes. >> sugar smacks.
8:18 am
>> quaker oats. >> continuing now on our food theme -- actually, no, we're done. >> what's the mayo? >> another segment we just kicked. >> hold the mayo! hold the mayo! >> i don't have any food in my pop-tar pop-tarts. but first matt day honest and his prank for a good cause to benefit his charity. here is the premise. matt takes a page from the jason bourne movies, he has an actor in shades, hands an unsuspected bystander a phone and says the call is for them. will they follow his commands? >> what i need you do is of vital poorimportance to both of. >> hello? >> i'm just hanging out and
8:19 am
somebody gave me this phone. >> is there blood anywhere near you? >> umm -- >> there is a bridge behind you, there is a man on the bridge. you have to go to that man and take a package from him right now. do it right now. >> this better not be [ bleep ] illegal. >> i need to you go buy a hot dog. >> they're like $14. >> amazing. it leads in to a secret room where hat finally surprises his targets and gives help passes to his latest movie. >> i love that. >> the fact that they took the time to be part of that is fun. >> hot dog 14 bucks. next, daniel radcliffe and
8:20 am
the role that made him an international superstar, harry potter. he tackled the question fans have been asking, would he ever play harry again. he closed the door but then opened it up again. he said the circumstances would have to be extraordinary, but harrison ford said no for han solo, but look what happened there. and finally cindy crawford posing with her daughter at home. in case you can't tell, cindy is the one on the right and kaya is hoping to follow in her mom's foot steps posing on the cover of "vogue" and landing her own modelling gig. beautiful. >> definitely runs in the family. >> and that is your pop star. >> thank you so much. meantime, this is day one of our summer long series today social star sernarch. >> last month we can asked viewers to send us videos to
8:21 am
explain why they wanted to be social media stars. >> and we searched high and low for the next star and we narrowed it down to three up and comers. today meet our first social star as we pull back the curtain at youtube. in the 11 short years youtube has gone from small startup to social media powerhouse. the diverse community of creators with an equally diverse range of personalities and interests. >> you've given up an enormous opportunity to make a good thing on the internet. >> i can talk about and do whatever i want. >> youtube has given us the dream to explore where comedy can go. >> excuse me, i'm sorry. >> youtube is really just a little bit of everything. it's sharing, connecting, being entertained and learning. from the power of your pocket, you are able to capture and tell
8:22 am
a story and then distribute it out to the world. >> reporter: some of the most popular videos, butte theity tutorials. more than 1.5 million are uploaded from all over the world. americans in particular watched more than 600 million hours of beauty videos last year alone. so what is the secret to standing out in a crowded pack? >> today i'll show you how to contour your face -- >> reporter: meet the our first social media mentor, kandee johnson, makeup artist turned beauty blogger. famous for her captivating character transformations and infectious personality. >> my brain can't even imagine with a 3 aboutme.5 million peop like. i just started because i wanted to empower them and help them feel beautiful on the inside.
8:23 am
to be able to have the opportunity to be a mentor to somebody, to share what i've learned and help boost their career, it was a great reward that i can give shall be. >> reporter: we caught up can her at a gathering of video viewers and creators with a surprise in tow. >> this is angela and i am at fit con. >> reporter: angela, our social star mennee, she's a reporter turned public relations manager with a modest 800 subscribers. but with big dreams of youtube beauty stardom. >> i am so beyond excited that kandee will be my mentor. this is a dream come true. the chance to even meet her face-to-face much less work with her over the next few months is just undeliverable. >> i know you have millions of fans, but i am a super fan. my heart is racing and i'm shaking because i am your youtube social star mentee.
8:24 am
>> can we start now? let's go now. >> this is where the wisdom is. >> reporter: after the exassigned, the real work began. >> i'm not posting adequately. >> that's okay. just let people know. every saturday is upload day. >> thank you so much. you can see the natural lashes that i have. >> all the smoke and mirrors of hollywood. hollywood in your bedroom. what i notice when i'm talking to you, i feel like you're my friend talking to me. here it feels like i'm watching a news broadcast. i want to be your best friend. here i'm your best friend. here i'm watching a news show. you are so fun and funny and engaging. here i feel like you're going back into work. >> it's hard to turn it off. >> you turn it off right now. when you're with me, i'm feeling angela and she's fun and funny. so people need to fall this love with the fun and hilarious. >> when i do fun stuff, i edit
8:25 am
it out. >> be bold. next time, i'll be wowed by you, i feel it. >> can't let her down. >> so millions of followers may not necessarily mean millions of dollar, but it is possible for these famous youtubers like kandee to earn six figures. there is a partner program users can apply for, it will they get accepted, they get ads and share the profits. for more tips, go to and we'll be following those two to see if we can increase the number of viewers that angela gets on her site, too. >> all right. hoda, thank you very much. coming up, just ahead, jill martin's steals and deals. she has a ==anim==
8:26 am
new thisorning. ==topvo== thingsi certainlbe chain good wednesday morning. all new this morning, drastic changes will one day on the way around levi's stadium. santa clara city council members last night unanimously approved a massive new development plan. it is being tabbed as the largest private development proposal in the history of silicon valley. it comes with a cost of $6.5 billion. and will one day feature a mixed use center that will cover some 10 million square feet of land. right now that land houses a golf course and dirt bike track. construction may begin as soon as next year and will likely come in phases over the course of about three decades. what phase of traffic will we find this morning? mike inouye is watching what is happening in lafayette.
8:27 am
we have a slowdown. >> it is 24, that is the biggest through lafayette. the other issue through arindia, box truck in lane for half an hour. that caused the backup. they have cleared that. we should see some good recovery. traffic moving well, golden gate bridge, tri to look at the golden gate bridge. fog is an issue. that's sticking around. slow speeds from the north bay orr to the north bay across this span, but overall, north bay, not so bad, just a little slow through san rafael. >> how much of the bridge can you see? we'll see you in 30.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ 8:30 on this june morning, 29th day of june, 2016. even as we're enjoying the sunshine on a wednesday here in new york, we're already looking forward to friday. a lot of great music. we have another concert on friday morning, rachel platten will be here in our 8:30 half hour promising spectacular weather. >> yes.
8:31 am
>> nice. and coming up, want to make this an easy breezy summer with plenty of relaxing? jill martin has all the steals and deals you'll need plus the mega deal. >> best deal ever. >> plus the beauty trends you need to try to beat the heat. >> and we have the executive chef from the just dubbed best new restaurant in the country in our kitchen. he has a recipe that you have to have in your life. >> i ate at that restaurant this weekend. >> great? >> i needed a mattress to stay there. it was delicious. >> we'll cook in a little while. how about a check of the weather? >> today we're looking at wet weather through the gulf coast, also some showers in northern new england. slight risk of strong storms in the northern log rockies, pacif northwest looking spectacular. tomorrow more beautiful west in the weather in the west, wet
8:32 am
weather through the upper mississippi river valley and showers in the southeastern we started to see some clouds mixing into the south bay and now the temperatures at 59 degrees. after this mild start, it warms up nicely today. especially for parts of san francisco and along the coast, where we do still have the fog and very warm day for parts of the south, up to 95 degrees in gilroy. fairfield, we'll see a high of 100 degrees, while 98 in brentwood, oakland, 75. 95 in dublin. over the next few days, expect a slight cooling trend in our weather. and that is your latest weather. dylan. >> thanks,al. as summer gets in full swing, we want to hear from you and the rest of the "today" parenting team. sho tell us how you make summer fun for your kids and yourself and tell us about your summer plans and the best games and advice that you have for
8:33 am
creating happy memories. just sign up and start sharing at and now to our ongoing fresh series. we're focusing on feeling relaxed, refreshed and recharged. jill martin is here with deals on items to help us unwind. good to see you. >> we all need items to unwind. >> absolutely. >> this is sort of sit back, relax in style either indoors or outdoors. these are indoor/outdoor pillows. they retail $92 to $99. three sizes, 12 styles. the deal, $25 up to 75% off. >> and indoor or outdoor? >> and super fun. it can spruce up an old couch. >> moving on to the old one. matt sitting there chilling with an iced coffee. >> this is really good. >> i made it this morning.
8:34 am
>> did you? it's good. >> so it will cold brew coffee maker, retail $54.99. it was a two piece set. you get the 20 ounce travel bottle and it will make 51 ounces. and you can keep it up two weeks in the refrigerator. retail $54.99, the deal $16.50. >> sign me up. >> this would be a good gift to give somebody. that's nice. all right. next up, mr. roker. >> that is a nice house. th gift. this is a trend going on. this is random house coloring book, $62.89. each set is inspired by popular tv shows.
8:35 am
the deal, $18 up to 73% off. >> you're staying in the lines, as well. >> that's what i like to do. >> not a line you don't cross. all right. thank you. and we're going through the curtain to see who is the man behind the curtain. >> we're heading in to the hallway to get out to the plaza because we have a special deal of how to chill out at home. and some special models. tamron, i got this for you. and this is -- >> comfortable, right? >> soft and cozy. >> we have our models over there. >> i like the hoodie. >> so they're $97. they double as a boxing outfit. and they are super comfortable and super chic just to hang out at home. retail $97, the deal $26, 73% off. >> these are so soft.
8:36 am
>> where are we going next? >> thousand henow heading out t for our last deal. you could chill these out in the next deal. >> is this the mega deal? >> this is the mega deal. this is norm lally a very expensive piece of furniture that we could get exclusively here. this is a very colorful set. adirondack chairs. retail $249.98. everybody can take a seat. two different styles. they're handmade of cedar wood which is why they're really an investment. but a piece that you could keep on your lawn. reta
8:37 am
and the deal is $112. >> we need the iced coffee now. so let's run through the products again to remind everyone what we have. here we go. the list which i don't have. >> the pillows -- >> pillows, the coffee maker, the adult coloring book, robe and chairs. that was a test. thank you, matt. >> that was seamless. >> why is that my fault? >> because you are the practical joker away here. so check out the steals and deals at and up next, beauty products to keep you cool this summer. (scal): good day, m'lady!
8:38 am
i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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back now at 8:39 with beauty
8:40 am
trends you'll want to try to keep cool all summer. the executive beauty director of shape magazine is here with us. i had a chance to see the list last night and this looks pretty cool so let's jump right in. >> well, let start with marine based sgreingredients. and these have sea based gre ingredients. sea weed, algae, kelp, they're fantastic anti-ooxidanantioxida. protection will be great for your skin. >> and this cools you off? >> this is a dry oil mist, it has micro algae and a very light nourishing layer. and it smells kind of beachy. >> smells delicious. >> so you're on a vacation already. >> and this helps us tackle
8:41 am
where i think gel w wrinkles? >> yes, the layer after you cleanse and before you hydrate, this is an extra layer of hydration. and it will help plump up fine lines and wrinkles. >> and i mask every single morning. >> and you will love this purifying mask. it is the most deep cleansing mask i've ever tried and it has brown algae. it has a brown color to it. it's not pretty on, but you will be so happy with how it deep cleans your skin. pulls out all the gunk. >> and next up, a milk makeup cooling water. >> we're on to the cooling group. these cool on contact because they're loaded with moisture. like splashing your face with water. this is milk cooling stick, it has gel and gliser rin. and you can put it eefr your makeup and it won't mess it up. from and is this something you use after being out in the sun
8:42 am
too long? >> out in the sun or you just got out of a sweaty elevate to have elevator, whatever it is. >> and anything that says greek yogurt, i love. >> this takes the sting out of a sunburn with yogurt and it's cooling because it's a gel. >> good for all skin types? >> very again tigentle. >> and you don't want to scare your neighbors, but this cloth is saturated with serum. so you chill out for 20 minutes on your face. >> a chance to rejuvenate after being out in the sun. and moving on to the next. >> these are phased products. you have the oil and vinegar which in this case is the pigment. they're separated because of
8:43 am
different density, but when you shake them together, you get a beautiful texture for your skin and radiant finish. these are lip oils, so cute. and what it does, the oil feels wonderful on your lips and it helps the pigment to really blend and look super shear. >> feels good, too. and this is very curious looking. >> these are eye shadows from josie maran and they combine coconut water and oil infused metallic pigments. it looks like a foil on your skin. super glossy. but it won't smudge or bubudge. >> so it has oil but it won't smumg. smudge. >> the oil helps deliver the pigments right to the surface of your skin and then we're done. >> even though we sweat, it stays. that's a beautiful color. all right. moving on. >> and this foundation gives and
8:44 am
you flawless finish, but it feels like nothing on your skin. this is the maestro glow. so this one has little tiny particles of mica, it's mineral, the super sign any one that you see glistening in the sunlight. they're tiny, tiny, very tine particles that give your skin a total radiance, but it feels like nothing. >> so a light feel and a glow. >> you're just frickin' perfect. >> you're perfect. i love it. up next, we're could being up a favorite from new orleans. one of the guy behind the country's best new restaurants.
8:45 am
8:46 am
it's 8:46. we're back with today food and it's our celebrate america week.
8:47 am
we'll get you ready for the fourth of july. this morning we're heading to the heart of new orleans where a new restaurant is taking the south by storm. and we have their executive chef. first of all, you're more than that because you're the winner of the best new restaurant in the country. >> is that crazy or what? >> what does that mean to you? >> it means the world. it means i work with the best team there is to work with. and that has allowed us do everything that we've done. >> how do you describe the food that you make? >> it's modern israeli cuisine. so food being cooked in israel today. my grand mother is bulgarian, she moved to israel. my father is row hamaniromanian. all these cuisines ending up there and celebrating all the beautiful flavors and spices. >> and what is the dish we're making? >> it's called shakshouka.
8:48 am
the most important thing is tomatoes and eggs. everyone has this. that's really the base. after that, you can do anything you want. you can add all kinds of different vegetables. we have potatoes, scallions, garlic. >> you can ad lib. >> yes. >> and you start with a hot skill let. >> s >> see that smoke. we'll add the toe hey toes and really get them nice and caramelized.smoke. we'll add the toe hey toes and really get them nice and caramelized. takes just about a minute or so. and then afterwards, here, you can take the spoon. i'll throw in some peppers, some onions, we'll put in some fresh garlic. as much or as little as you want. this is all about just having fun.
8:49 am
once they start to are caramelize and get golden brown, then we have this. you can see that they're all starting to turn beautiful golden. and here i'll add some tomato sauce. if you want to maybe throw in some potatoes and peas. you can use anything. beans, cauliflower. here we have jerusalem artichokes. they're really good. >> shrimp? >> we'll put some shrimp in there. we can do an egg. >> i have a two handed crack. >> there you go. so the two handed or one handed egg crack. and that will cook up. once that starts to simmer, you will put a lid on it. and that will make sure that the egg whites are cooked, but the egg yokes are still a little run any and the shrimp will cook
8:50 am
perfect perfectly. >> about how long? >> about three minutes or so. and here it's all about the spicy chili. you can use jalapeno, or any other, but don't use too much or it will blow up your face. we have parsley and cilantro, garlic, orange zest, and i'll throw all that this to into our food processor. and here some of my favorite spices. empty out your spice cabinet. and easy as that. it's like a spicy chili pesto. >> and take the lid out of what we cooked. you're right, the yokes still
8:51 am
yolks are still run any but the whites are cooked. >> and all this in one skillet. this is something made my mom would make and we would have it all in one pan sitting around the table having breakfast. >> we can talk about it here, but let's find out how the folks downstairs are liking this. >> her bowl is empty. >> i'm liking it. >> eating for two. >> yes, i am. >> we love it. >> awesome. and you can put a little extra injury begin olive oil, scallion, and it's ready to go. i brought these pita bread. we have a wood burning oven and we bake to order.and it's ready. i brought these pita bread. we have a wood burning oven and we bake to order. grab a piece and dip it in. if you want to put maybe chicken instead of shrimp, go for it. empty out your refrigerator and
8:52 am
spice cabinet. >> partner and executive chef of the best new restaurant in america. congratulations. for all this week's regional favorites, go to we're back in a moment. this is the delicious edition of "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
i don't think we celebrated
8:54 am
enough birthdays this week. >> let's to more. happy 100th birthday to john franklin of memphis, tennessee. fun fact, he has lived on the same street for 98 years. that's amazing. and then in st. louis, jin soon park. happy 100 birthday to julia orosz. she says her secret is salmon and blueberries. that's what you have for lunch. >> every day. >> and truman lloyd wells also celebrating 100 years. this granddad is from stonewater, oklahoma. served with the army air corps during world war ii. thank you for your service. let's say hello to annie bailey of tucker, georgia. she's turning 100 years old. loves to sing. has been a member of her church choir for 65 years. say amen and hallelujah.
8:55 am
and happy 100th birthday to fred, he and his wife owned a driving school for 43 years. they stayed in the same lane. if you know someone celebrating a 100th birthday, tell us more about him or her, just head to florida and what do you have coming up? >> super lives of the super rich. >> and also you have a special comedy. >> the big slick celebrity puig end, takes place in kansas city. paul rudd, erica stonestreet, a bunch of comedians get together to help kids with cancer. >> we have a packed show. >> while we're eating. >> we'll do a redo have the i'm ...
8:56 am
==topvo=police a increasing pat around berkeley martin luther king junriddle school after a th good wednesday morning. police are increasing their patrols around martin luther king middle school after a threatening e-mail was received. it talked about a teacher who took part in a protest on sunday against a white supremacist group in sacramento. ten people were injured in that melee. the teacher says she was attacked. video shows a bandage on her head. we saw a second ago.
8:57 am
authorities say the anonymous e-mail threatened action against students if the teacher is not removed from her post. school is not currently in session, but there are two summer camps being moved to other locations as a precaution. happening now, new video is emerging from sunday's confrontation, shows how heated things actually got. you can read more about that in the extensive -- on our home page. supervisors sign off on the largest development deal in the history of silicon valley. a $6.5 billion deal that will alter the landscape around levi's stadium. link to some of the fine print in our twitter feed. if you see a funny odor or smell from your tap, no reason for alarm. facebook has more.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on today's take, paul rudd, erica stonestreet, coming together for a star-studded weekend. then we go inside the secret lives of the super rich, plus new photos of taylor swift and her british beau. all that and more coming up now. from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to tuesday -- make that wednesday, june 29, 2016. i'm al along with nat and tam tam. >> will will is out.
9:01 am
>> nat nat. >> you have the morning jam. >> it's cameo. she's strange but i like it. >> you stole that. >> i picked it for a specific reason. >> why? >> there is another challenge out there, there was the running man challenge, then there's the total challenge. >> yes. >> kill 'em with the shoulder. it's a comedian who started it. his name is little duval. >> is it little or lil'? >> lil' duval. take a look at how it all goes down. here we go. ♪ ♪ hit it with your shoulders >> i like it. >> that's the duval. the famed choreographer, debbie allen, she and her family are on vacation. leave it to miss allen and her crew to take it to a whole other
9:02 am
level. here's what she posted. ♪ kill 'em with your shoulders kill 'em with your shoulders ♪ >> that doesn't hurt either. >> that's her son. he kicked it off. mind you, they're on a yacht in the mediterranean somewhere. >> yes. >> that is it. debbie allen is in the orange shrug. we have to kill 'em with the shoulder, guys. >> al, you first. >> i have a rotator cuff thing. >> natalie. >> i don't think that works. >> look at them! >> oh, yeah, look at our crew! >> thank you. there are some things we should never see again on tv. that is one of them ♪ kill 'em with the shoulder >> send us your video, killing it with the shoulder. you always say -- >> i need to stand up. you need your whole body.
9:03 am
if you're sitting there, it's like -- >> much better. >> much better. >> yes, much better. >> oh! >> kill 'em with the shoulder. >> bang! >> come on, al. >> come on. >> when you got this, you don't need this. go with this. >> send us your video of you and your kids killin' it with the shoulder. >> this is the fear of missing out, fomo. fear of missing out. but a survey says americans are experiencing a new phenomenon called pomo, pleasure of missing out. i've enjoyed this for a long time. >> you are king of the pomo. >> 80% of us make excuses to avoid going out. y make the excuse. i just say no. >> you say no. we say yes.
9:04 am
then maybe. >> don't give people false hope. just say no. >> it's so hard to say no. >> if you give them false hope -- >> we credit ourselves too much, false hope. like they'll be waiting around. >> and then you call and say are they're not coming. >> i've gotten to the point where i say, have fun, i'll look for you on instagram. >> and reasons include feeling tired, not wanting to be around people, not wanting to spend money. >> not wanting to drink too much. >> is this a new policy for you? >> after this week. it's a new challenge. >> she's been taking natalie out. >> i've been drinking every lunch. >> the say no to wine challenge. >> that's my new challenge. >> when i was hoda and kathie lee. they invited me over to kathie lee's place yesterday. obviously we had a lot to drink, girl talk. on the ride home, the driver who
9:05 am
pick me up, he's like nice to meet you. the next thing i know, i'm li like -- the whole way home. then he's like, you're here. >> daddy, mommy's drunk again. >> so nice to meet you. >> i'm so sorry i was such great conversation. >> remember the last -- not the last time. we went to city "star wars" together. >> oh, yeah. >> she was in the theater and willie was sitting next to me and she says how long before natalie falls asleep? >> a big meal and a glass of wine, i'm out. >> fomw, fear of missing wine. >> then i need pomo, pleasure of missing out. >> this was a survey, right? >> yelp. >> i love this next one. a meme that has gone viral. check out what happened to 5-year-old eva, she was at the zoo checking out nature.
9:06 am
and this happened. a giant peacock chases after her, so her mom being helpful as she possibly could be decides to take a picture of it. >> look at her. >> she's fine. she's happy. everything is good. but all the memes that have popped up online. >> oh, my god. >> this is the reverse. it's her chasing after the peacock instead. and then you've got this. speaking of "star wars," there you go. there's even indiana jones, i believe. >> that's fantastic. >> people having their fun at eva's expense. she's okay. i think mom is enjoying this. >> remember yesterday we tried that orange drink off the starbucks secret menu. i mentioned it reminded me of orange julius? >> yes. >> look what we have this morning. >> we asked the question. >> do they still have orange
9:07 am
julius? >> orange julius answers. >> this is their 90th birthday. >> they partnered with dairy quee queen. as you see by the cup. >> this is a little bit of heaven. >> what goes better with orange julius than cereal? in new york, kelloggs opening an entire restaurant dedicated to cereal. it will open up july 4th in times square. they offer special cereal. a full bowl is $7.50. small bowl is $6.50. >> milk included. >> your favorite cereal? >> my favorite cereal all time frosted flakes, because you can drink the milk after. another little surprise. >> and your favorite? >> sugar smacks. now it's just smacks. and whole milk. >> i only do whole milk. >> really? >> yeah, i can't do other milk. >> i like a good bowl of life cereal. if mikey liked it, it has to be good enough. and i like fresh fruit on it. we have the strawberries.
9:08 am
we didn't have to pay 7 bucks for this bowl of cereal. >> crunch it up. >> you crunch it up? >> i crunch it up a little bit. i go fast because i don't like mushy cereal. but is there anything like you get home for dinner and you're like i don't want to cook so you have a bowl of cereal. >> i can give you five things better. i'm just going to tell you. >> look what you can do. >> i can do this. >> i can read this. here we go. we had tons of entries for our look what i can do contest featuring your hidden talents. three lucky winners could win a chance to perform their talent live on the show and actually compete for a trip to l.a. to see "america's got talent" live. so let's take a look at some of the entries. kalani from honolulu showed off impressive tricks with a basketball. is that a banana? okay. good. that's pretty good. >> chris.
9:09 am
chris can break a glass with his voice. >> so can i. >> for different reasons. [ screaming ] >> oh, my god! oh, my god! chris didn't know he could do it. >> i actually know chris. i just realized he goes to my gym. he's a friend. that's so funny. does that make him ineligible? sorry, chris. >> i don't know chris. i don't know chris! i don't know him! >> abby from bethel park, new jersey, showing off her contortion and aerial skills. she's a pro. >> oh. >> okay. go, girl. >> wow. >> ouch. >> that hurt. head to to share your hidden talents. you have until july 14th, please join the party. look what i can do.
9:10 am
>> give me a wine glass. we should try that. >> remember ella fitzgerald and the memorex commercial. >> how about the weather? "today's" weather is brought to you by camping world. one-stop shopping at camping world rv super center. >> today as you can see monsoonal moisture out of mexico into the southwest. wet weather along the gulf coast making its way into northern new england, part of one front that stretches all the way down there. temperatures in the 90s, texas, oklahoma. back into the southeast, hundreds and into the one teens as you get into the southwest. 90s in parts of the pacific we have a cool start to the morning. it's 57 degrees in oakland, san francisco and napa. livermore up to 63 degrees.
9:11 am
concorde, 66. it will still be a very hot day for the inland areas. 91 degrees. some 60s in san francisco. north bay up to 100 degrees. fairfield, 88 degrees. 98 in brentwood. oakland at 75. 95 in dublin. it will be slightly cooler over the next few days. and this is your latest weather. coming up, what brought a bunch of hollywood celebrities to kansas city? they're all together. yes, we'll talk about it and meet some
9:12 am
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9:15 am
common. >> they're all are kansas city area and they all return home one year to raise money for a great cause. >> and i recently caught up with them to learn more about this big slick celebrity weekend. rudd. sudeikis, stonestreet, riggle. once a year they team up and return to their hometown of kansas city, missouri. >> we grew up like five miles apart. and i remember thinking these guys are from my hometown. so very exciting, very inspiration inspirational. >> they invite their celebrity friends for big slick, a jam-packed star sudden studded weekend of activities all raise money for the cancer city at children's mercy hospital.sudde weekend of activities all raise money for the cancer city at children's mercy hospital. how did the big slick get started? >> i ran into paul at "the daily show" christmas party and i said i'm thinking about hosting an event in kansas city, would you be down to co-hosting with me.
9:16 am
and he said yes. let's call the others and that's how it came. >> where did the name big slick come from? >> it's a poker term. it means you have an ace-king in the hole. >> what does in the hole mean? >> here we go. >> reporter: the highlight, visiting with the children at children's mercy. >> you've got something on your face. >> where? >> reporter: i got to join in the fun. >> one more time. >> reporter: this 3-year-old captivating us all with her favorite book. >> did you meet nora? >> yes. >> she blew me away. all i could do not to cry. she really touches your heart. >> it's a pretty exceptional
9:17 am
place. it runs on donations. they don't turn anyone away. >> reporter: i got a special meeting with ellie and her mom, that linda. >> it's been a rough couple of months. she's very fortunate to be sitting up here and we're so blessed to have children's mercy because they are a haymazinamaz. >> reporter: after did doing her own makeup, ellie decided i needed a makeover. >> eye liner. >> reporter: now we'll use concealer. >> concealer. i don't know if that's in the right color, sweetie. >> he had a makeover. >> makeover by ellie. >> reporter: in the evening, fans flock to the celebrity softball game.
9:18 am
>> first inning. right down the third baseline. >> hollywood comes here and everybody wants to be a star. >> he sings to himself. ♪ >> over and over. >> reporter: with the help of their celebrity friends, this winning team couldn't be prouder of the kids than ever before. >> a new record! it's a new record! >> they have raised horn $4 million and it's a great cause, a great weekend. if you'd like to donate to mercy children's hospital in kansas city, go to they have a gala, they do a bowling tournament. i'm going to take part in it next year. >> you should be on the softball team.
9:19 am
>> team captain. >> great five group of guys. >> and your makeover was adorable. >> ellie is a superstar. took me about ten minutes to get all that off, but it was worth it. >> adorable. well, up next, taylor swift's pda filled roman holiday with ♪ amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. don't miss the lowest prices of the season going on now, with our best-buy rated c2 queen mattress now only $699.99. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. introducing the fusion of exceptional taste with the benefits of our probiotic yogurt. new activia fruit fusion,
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9:23 am
all right. let's get a little humpday loving with some pop fix. the international tour continues. the couple everyone is buzzing about, taylor swift and tom hiddle son were spotted out in rome. yes, they wore identical outfits and rayban shades. also boarding a helicopter for a bird's eye view of the eternal city the pair has been inseparable since news broke of their courtship. they fall in love fast. having hit rhode island, nashville and suffolk england where taylor already met tom's mom. and many assumed the oscar winner was pumping iron for his upcoming role, but in a new
9:24 am
interview, he says this is all coincidental, has nothing do with any movie adding take after he lost a bunch of weight six years ago, me a commitment to stay in, quote, decent shape for the rest of his life. i'ded say that is better than decent. you look amazing, j.k. wow. and do not tweet me because i'm putting it in, i did request it, it is my guilty pleasure. bear with me. look like black china has been keeping up with the kardashians. on monday night the mom and bride to be attended clo eed kh birthday party and posted for videos with the famous family. kris jenner who china now calls mama. and the birthday girl herself along with china's fiance. remember she's the ex of kylie's boyfriend. meanwhile things are heating up
9:25 am
for them and there are rue mores that they may have a show. that they may have a show. anyway, luxury ♪ "pretty woman" plays♪throughout of course you go all out for date night... even if you're just staying in. walgreens has all the beauty products you need for whatever makes you feel beautiful. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. now get 5,000 bonus points when you spend 25 dollars or more on participating beauty and personal care products. just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make summer magic. chex party mix. it's what summer is made of.
9:26 am
test ti'm ... ==topvo police arencreasing pat around berkel's good wednesday morning. 9:26. a scare for a local school. police right now are increasing patrols around martin luther king jr. middle school after a threatening e-mail. the anonymous e-mail talks about a teacher who took part in a violent protest on sunday. that protest was against a white supremacist group. ten people were injured. the teacher says she was attacked. video shows her with a bandage on her head. the anonymous e-mail threatened action and harm against students if the teacher is not removed from her post. currently school is not in session, but two summer camps are being moved to another location as a precaution. also new this morning, things will be changing in the area around levi's stadium.
9:27 am
city council members approved a a new development deal that's being hail ed as the largest private development plan in the history of silicon valley. eventual ly it will be a mixed center to cover 10 million square feet of land which right now houses a golf course and dirt bike track. construction could begin as soon as next year and will likely come in phases over the course of the next three decades. after this break, another look at the forecast and traffic.
9:28 am
wannwith sodastream®er? you turn plain water into sparkling water in seconds. and because it's so delicious, you'll drink 43% more water every day. sodastream®. love your water. traffic good morning, right now it's in the mid-60s? the peninsula. 57 degrees for san francisco and east bay. we we have the coastal clouds that will be clearing out giving us a high of 67 degrees in the city. 75 degrees in the east bay and south bay. 88 degrees, hot in spots like the north bay. we'll see high temperatures
9:29 am
reaching to the low 90s and some upper 90s for the trivalley. let's head over to mike for a look at what's happening on the roadways. >> believe it or not, this is better than it was before. look at the san mateo bridge. it was almost completely stopped for just about 30 seconds but still something was going on. a look at the map, slow and more slowing across the bridge westbound. 84 looks slower now, but they may shift. 101 bogged down by the airport. it looks like a a crash north of there. but things are moving well. back to you. >> the last grain of good news. we'll see you again in 30 minutes with more updates.
9:30 am
. taking a look at the headline, security is more visible today at some u.s. airports following tuesday's terror attack in turkey. three suicide attackers killed at least 41 and wounded more than 230 at the main airport in istanbul. turkey believes that isis is behind it. world leaders from president obama to pope francis are condemning the attack. there is a new medical viewpoint about women and pelvic exams. currently 76% of annual visits to an ob/gyn include a spell vehicle exam, but now the u.s. task force says routine pelvic exams for healthy women may not be needed. there is not enough evidence to prove they save lives and may do
9:31 am
harm because of the risks of false positives. the report is unrelated to screening to cervical cancer fp. toyota is recalling prius and lexus models from 2008 to 2012. the problem is not related to the massive takata air bag recall. toyota says there may be a small crack in the air bag inflaters that could cause the bags to fail in an accident. there are no reports of injuries. a new study suggests driving a car could be hazardous to your health because of uv rays from the sun. the study found that windshields block an average 96% of harmful uva rays, but that side windows block only 71% of them. the study's author says the more time you spend driving, the greater the risk of cataracts and skin damage including skin ca cancer on your left side. he suggests spf of at least 30
9:32 am
before a long drive. >> and meet a dog with a passion for popping. twinkie the jack russell set a guinness world record of popping balloons more than two seconds faster than the previous record holder. and while the video is fun to watch, we recommend you do not invite twinkie to your birthday party because he will have fun. al roker with the weather. >> the kids would go nuts for that. weather for today, a front stretching from canada back into the rockies. storms in the rocky, wet weather this new england and showers through the gulf coast. heat continues out west. tomorrow you'll see we have monsoonal moisture in the southwest and rockies, rain in the upper mississippi river valley, northeast. new england, ohio river valley looking good, florida looking a little on the damp side.
9:33 am
good morning, starting to warm up in parts of the south bay and east bay. even the peninsula at 65 degrees. we have 57 in oakland and san francisco as well as napa. highs will be in the mid-80s. even some mid-90s for gillroy. and some upper 60s for san francisco. nice and cool there while fairfield heats up to 100 degrees. brentwood, 98. a high of 75. the game tonight at the coliseum. . and that is your latest weather. >> for all of you holding on to a power ball ticket for tonight's drawing, you're about to see what life would be like if you won. >> that's right. cnbc secret lives of the super rich takes you inside an extraf fwant world driven by status and wealth. robert frank is the host. good to see you. >> we're all pretty wealthy, that's my theory. >> there you go. so what was the big surprise for
9:34 am
you going behind the greates of these hangses? >> the houses are huge. most of the super rich, they have five, six, acce rks sec, s. and this house we'll start out with is in mali because where a lot of the people on that billionaire's beach have four or five homes.because where a lot of the people on that billionaire's beach have four or five homes. >> and three pools, right? >> la villa. this is the pool house covered in one million shells. this pool house alone cost $7 million to build. that is queen sophie ann from the vampire true blood series. but this pool house, over a million shells. the pool is actually in the pool house. this is one of the three pools. again, malibu peabeach. >> that's crazy.
9:35 am
let's head to florida. >> this is in belle harbor. it has a pool on the roof and check this out. this pool has a 70-toot long piece of acrylic glass that makes it like a human aquarium. >> like a lobster tank. oh, i got one. >> exactly. and just take that piece of glass caught more than half million, the house cost $25 million. >> and what about the art collection? >> just the warhol is worth about ten times what the pool cost. >> unbelievable. let's talk about nirvana mansion. >> you're also looking for nirvana, right? we found it on south ocean drive. it's 12,000 square feet. it's got beautiful pools, ocean view in the front, a yacht dock in the back. th that is a $25,000 bathtub.
9:36 am
it has meditation rooms and a shrine to the king of disco. it is tile for tile the exact same dance floor that john travolta used. >> the super rich have super toy. >> this is a new favorite water toy. this is part jet ski, part submarine, called the sea breacher. it goes -- in looks like a dolphin. >> that's crazy. >> they make them in dolphins rich prefer sharks. but they can go under the water, above the water. they can porpoise. and a lot are buying these to put on their yachts. >> of course. forget the jet ski. that is far better. amazing. robert frank, thanks so much. be sure to check out the secret lives of the super rich coming up on cnbc. coming up next, the newest
9:37 am
british sensation about to take america by storm. >> get ready to be magnetized by tom o'dell after these message i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." and now in delicious chocolate.
9:38 am
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he's toured with some of the biggest names in music but he is blazing a trail all his own. he's already a big star in. the uk and kicking off a tour this summer. later on he'll sing for us but first let's get to know tom. ♪ he was discovered by a british super star lily allen. ♪ his first hit another love that's garnered more than a million views on youtube and earned him a critic's choice award. the song heal, with a rich voice
9:42 am
and powerful patio chord tom is a rising star. the album "wrong crowd "debuted at number two in. the uk and the tour was completely sold out. we'll see why when he performs in our studio this morning. ♪ that voice, we cannot wait for the performance. >> that's right. tom, good morning. listening to your music, you say you're inspired by a lot of american music and you can hear there's soul and gospel and rock has infused a lot of what you do. >> yeah, particularly i grew up i guess with the internet and so i was able to listen to so much old music and new music. grew up with bruce springsteen.
9:43 am
>> and elton john who is a big fan but also a mentor i understand, right? >> yeah, one of the first song books i ever got was his greatest hits when i was 11 or 12 and i learned all the songs and from that i started then writing my own songs and then i took time off after my first album came out and he called me up one day. >> what was that like? >> most bizarre experience of my life. >> it probably is safe to say every milestone now is a bit of a bizarre experience, something you haven't experienced. >> being on this show is definitely -- i never thought -- >> your morning show debut. >> i know i managed to bring the cheata as well. >> what is the explanation of the cheta. >> we shot a lot of the videos
9:44 am
in south africa and they all have a narrative that goes for them and this is featured in a few of them. i wish i could explain what he represents but he's just a great cheta. >> he's a great cheata. you had your band move out of camera range because they were going to give you a hard time. do they give you a hard time while you're touring. >> no hiding in the shadows now guys. >> you're going to sing your latest hit single coming up. don't miss it. stay right there. don't miss it, stay right there. ♪ .
9:45 am
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>> narrator: citi country series brought to you by citciti. >> without further ado, tom o'dell.
9:49 am
♪ see those birds going across the sky, 3,000 miles they fly ♪ ♪ how do they know which way to go, somehow they always seem to know ♪ ♪ they say there's mother nature in everything we see ♪ ♪ wish i had a little mother nature in me, a little mother nature in me ♪ ♪ cause it's not right, i'm magnetized to somebody that don't feel it ♪ ♪ love paralyzed, she's never gonna need me ♪ ♪ but sure as the world keeps the moon in the sky she'll keep
9:50 am
me hanging on, keeps me hanging on ♪ ♪ see the couple riding on the bus, falling asleep with so much trust ♪ ♪ i wish i had a chance to let them know their love is like a flower in the snow ♪ ♪ if it's just pheromones then that may be i wish you had a little pheromones for me ♪ ♪ cause it's in the right, i'm magnetized to somebody that don't feel it ♪ ♪ love paralyzed, know you're
9:51 am
never gonna need me ♪ ♪ i'm sure as the world keeps the moon in the sky she'll keep me hanging on, keeps me hanging on ♪ ♪ keeps me hanging on, keeps me hanging on ♪ ♪ north to south, white to black, when you love someone that don't love you back ♪ ♪ it's not right, i'm magnetized to somebody that don't feel it ♪ ♪ love paralyzed, she's never gonna need me, but sure as the
9:52 am
world keeps the moon in the sky ♪ ♪ she'll keep me hanging on, keep me hanging on, she'll keep me hanging on, keep me hanging on ♪ ♪ she keeps me hanging on, keep me hanging on ♪ ♪ she keeps me hanging on ♪ >> wow. tom o'dell, thank you so much. the album the wrong crowd. that's the way to get us started in the morning. we're back in a moment, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
crystal geyser alpine spring water from here to there ♪ to you crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source.
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crystal geyser alpine spring water to you from us crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source.
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what do you have coming up? >> wait, our lead story is right here. and we're going to discuss it. don't give it away. yes. our lead story is right behind me. >> i don't remember a thing. >> we have some new products that are wonderful and ricky schroeder is in the house. so we'll see you in a bit. >> fantastic. oc: the commute trt: 29
9:56 am
=trx at ck= as we go into this evening ats the coliseum, it will be nice and great weather for the bay bridge series. at first pitch, 72 degrees. by the end of the game we'll be
9:57 am
closer to 65 degrees. a look at the microclimate today expected to reach 95 in gilmore. pacifica at 63 degrees. upper 60s for san francisco. fairfield will still be hot reaching 100 degrees. brentwood at 98. okayland at 75 degrees. let's check in now for a a look at the commute. >> we have a little cloud cover here near the bay bridge. we have covering the roadways. but the fast track lanes looking goods. just starting to move in the last ten minutes. we're showing a smooth flow of traffic around the bay. and most of that traffic is consolidated down here. back to you. >> now we continue to follow developments in the deadly airport terror attack in turkey. bay area residents worried about their residents. we are covering this on our twitter feed. a teacher is in trouble and possibly will lose her job after protest iing a white supremacis rally.
9:58 am
the bay bridge series in full swing. shift oefrs to oakland. a wild one last night. we have details on we'll see you in half an hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody. hello. you made it to hump day. it is winesday wednesday. june 29th. >> we have a great show for you today. >> look who is over there in our kitchen looking like an adult, ricky schroder. he is still ricky. we tried rick for a while. >> can i whip something up for us? >> yes, you


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