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tv   Today  NBC  June 29, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody. hello. you made it to hump day. it is winesday wednesday. june 29th. >> we have a great show for you today. >> look who is over there in our kitchen looking like an adult, ricky schroder. he is still ricky. we tried rick for a while. >> can i whip something up for us? >> yes, you can. we're going to celebrate our
10:01 am
nation's independence. he is going to with a new project that shines the light on those that fight for our country every day. it is footage never before seen. we are excited to see that. thank you for your devotion to our troops. >> absolutely. >> we are going to catch up with the creators and stars of v h1's tongue in cheek comedy, called "barely famous." aaron and sarah foster are in it. they happen to be the daughters of legendary music mogul david foster. >> are you aging like a fine line or before your time? lilliana has the app you are going to want to download. i hear from everybody out there in twitterland. i know what they say. >> what was it? >> elizabeth taylor called. she wants her facelift back. >> what? >> i found that so funny. i said, thank you so much for the lovely compliment since i
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haven't had one. >> good girl. >> i should have added a yet, yet. >> here we go. ♪ >> rickie, are you doing it, namaste. >> if we slow down, everything lasts longer. >> is that longer? >> paul low coehlo. >> what did i say the other day? >> i inhale food. i really do. >> saver it. let it linger in your mouth. >> that was one of the things i was grateful for and that's why i picked the quote. >> a lot of women are hoping their husbands didn't hear that quote just now. >> let's read it again. >> if we slow down, everything lasts longer. >> rickie, rickie.
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>> the adult ricky schroeder is going to be out in a few moments. >> we did have some fun yesterday. >> natalie morales, who is not leaving the "today" show but who is relocate tog ting to the wes. >> we wanted to have a little fun. >> we wanted private time with our natalie. >> we went to kat's house and andy made chilean sea bass with a lemon sauce with couscous and veggies and spinach and lots and lots of wine. >> well, why not? we were done for the day. >> natalie is funny. she is even more fun after a few cocktails. everybody on this show knows. >> little nat pli becomes hot mama natalie. >> you have to see it before you die. you have to see it. >> so, today's one bot question.
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you decide whose team you want to be on. >> you are on a road trip. the question is, who gets to control the radio? is it the driver or is it the passenger? >> ricky, before we tell you where we come down on this, what do you think? >> it is like the captain of the ship, the captain is in charge. the driver is in charge. >> that would be team klg. >> if you agree the driver should be in charge of the radio go #team klg. >> what if i'm driving the car and you are playing all your crap on the radio, i would lose my mind. i would drive off the road. i would probably hurt somebody and you would have a face full of you know what. >> well, you made your point. >> i say it should be the passenger who controls the radio, because i don't want the driver distracted with changing the channels, what song is it. the driver should be focused
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here and the passenger gets to create the ambience. you are in charge. >> i am in charge of the ambience. this is the song i would play. >> you make me want to roll my window. ♪ you make me want to roll my window down and cruise ♪ >> #hoda. >> i almost have to switch teams because of the song. >> wait until you hear what my summer song would be. ♪ summer breeze makes me feel fine ♪ ♪ going through the jasmine in my mind ♪ >> a little too old for me. i have to go with the new song. >> yes. >> a little too old? >> the song is a little too old o? >> a little too old? you better not come out here.
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>> you are both wrong, because if i was driving with you, we would have an accident. here is what you have to do. when you go to listen, you start before you leave the house, before you drive out of the driveway, you put on pandora and you say, kathy lee gifford. >> she is actually right. if you go to pandora radio and punch in kathie lee gifford radio. i have that as one of my channels. >> you never use it but you have it. >> do it if you are having an mri. >> i swear, you will just go to louisia lala land. >> let's hear it for michael phelps. he returned to the pool and came out of retirement at age 30. some people, wonder, are you too old.
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he is so far ahead. he swam the 200 meter butterfly. he crushed the competition, didn't just beat them. michael phelps has an interesting-looking physique. he has a swimmer's body. >> the longest torso i have ever seen. longer torso, shorter legs. >> i have a short torso and the longest legs. >> and you are proportioned just perfectly. >> just perfect but a little old, a little old for some people's taste. >> but think of all the experience you have. >> you would totally find out. >> they say this is what makes him a great swimmer. he is 6'4" but his wingspan, from the tip of his finger to the tip of his finger. >> it must be your middle finger, your longest one. >> don't put that there. it is 6'7". >> how tall are you, be honest? >> i'm 5'5" 1/2.
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>> let's see. >> i used to be 5'6" but i'm old now. >> grab that middle finger. put your other one out. >> hold on. >> this one says five feet. is that right? >> five feet. >> then i've got quite the span. >> no, you don't. >> you are 5'5" and this is only five feet. they are supposed to be the same or close to the same. >> no. they are supposed to be. >> you are short here. you are 5'5". yeah. >> you know what? >> try me. >> let's do him. >> try me. >> yours is going to be ten feet long. >> you hold this. we are not coordinated. >> have you ever held a tape measure before. >> you know what? you know what i am going to do with this tape measure when you come out here.
10:09 am
the sun don't shine time. >> what am i? >> you are. move your finger, baby. you are 5'9". >> that's how tall i am. i am 5'9" and that's how tall i am. >> ricky, how tall are you? >> i'm 5'10". >> come on, kat. how tall are you? >> 5'10". >> that's not true. >> you are 5'10" exactly. >> what does that mean? >> it means everything went to my brain. >> it means the normal person, the height and the wingspan is the same. michael phelps has a longer wingspan, so he can swim. >> i think we know the answer to that. >> by the way, he is the most decorated olympian of all time, 122 medals, 18 golds. >> 22. >> what did i say?
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>> 122. >> his cute son was watching him. >> his name is boomer. he is seven weeks old. apparently, this child and this beautiful young lady have really changed his life. great. >> congrats to him. >> mad dtt damon is so funny. he is promoting his movie so he teamed up with to raise money for he played pranks on fans. he had a stranger hand a random cell phone to a person just in a park or something and matt was on the other end giving instructions to the person on the phone as if he were jason bourne in a movie. >> hello. what i need you to do is of vital importance to both of us. >> oh. >> hello. >> steven. >> i'm just hanging out and somebody gave me this phone. >> is there blood anywhere near
10:11 am
you? >> steven, we don't know him. >> sir, there is a bridge behind you. there is a man on the bridge. you have to go to that man and take a package from him right now. do it right now. >> this better not be anything illegal. >> do you see the hotdog stand. i need you to buy a hotdog. >> those hot ddogs are $14. >> it's what in the hotdogs. you will thank me at the end of this. >> i don't usually eat pork. >> he corralled all those people and got them in a room and surprised them with tickets to the movie. >> they have a wonderful sense of humor. >> you just won tickets to the premier. >> how cute and sweet. >> i am thinking you read this wrong. >> no, i didn't. >> want me to do it now? >> no, not now. i want man da or joann to look at it, somebody who doesn't cheat, okay? >> you have a short wingspan. >> excuse me, miss wine bot.
10:12 am
>> people think. i don't want rickie on my team anymore. >> why are you so mad? why are you pout sng. >> from adorable child star to hollywood hunk and fan man, rickie schroeder, you don't want to miss. the next dolly parton movie coming up again. ♪ better way to tame the backyard.
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rickie schroeder, that bad boy might be the hardest working guy in the business, growing up in front or our eyes in the camera. >> he played the unforgettable t.j. in the 1979 boxing movie "the champ." that earned him a golden globe. that was followed by the hit tv "silverspoon." fans know him as detective danny sorenson on nypd blues.
10:16 am
now, ricky has stepped behind the camera as executive producing of the new series "my fighting season" following u.s. army soldiers on the front line in afghanistan using footage from their own cameras. >> wow, cool. that is a great, great concept. >> why are you doing this, sweetie? >> goodness. why am i doing this? because their stories need shared and told. we need to understand what they do so we can utilize them bettebetter meaning soldiers in the military. we all appreciate soldiers and say we appreciate solders and we all want to support soldiers. until we really understand how hard it is, what they do, how hard it is to find the enemy, how complicated the rules of engagement, you are fighting an enemy that is an ideology. he doesn't wear a uniform, hides among the people. when we understand how complicated and how hard their job is and see it from their
10:17 am
perspective. >> with their cameras. >> are they mounted on their head. >> all of the footage is shot and filmed by them. it is their foot annage, their missions. >> we see them in reactionation a relaxation and the heat of battle. >> it is a six-part series airing on a channel on directv. there is a story where a bunch of stories are trapped in the ied mine field. they have to land and collect casualties. we show all sorts of missions, whether they be combat or other. >> wow. you know what breaks my heart every time is when i see them writing letters to their family or saying, i miss you, mom, or the personal part. the stuff with the families is so devastating. >> do you see that here? >> this is focused mostly on the
10:18 am
mission, on deployment, on what they do in their job. it comes out july 5th. i'm really proud of it. >> we were reading that right after 9/11, you wanted to enlift. >> that's right. i went down and took the test, an adfab. i took the written test, english and math. did horrible on the math. they loved me the set teachers at silver spoon, loved me but didn't teach me anything. >> you had severe asthma. >> yeah. >> i went in to get the physical. the recruiter said, i need to nothing everything about you. if you don't tell us the truth, you are in the trouble. if you get sick while you're in the army, you're in trouble. >> you had to. >> i used to have childhood asthma. i kind of lied, because i still have it. >> that's not a lie. you used to have childhood asthma. you are now an adult. >> so i didn't tell them that part. according to my wife, omission is lying too.
10:19 am
>> she is one of those. >> i am one of those too. >> you guys talk? >> i would like to, specially after today. >> too bad you weren't here yesterday on spanky tuesday. >> she would have taken you down. >> real quick. we are looking at dolly parton behind us. you are in the next dolly film coming up, right? >> right. >> a huge success. it was a huge success. 19 million viewers watched that movie around christmas last year. we're making another one. we start next week, in georgia. it's a winner movie. i will be in georgia filming for august. it's very hot in july and august. >> sam, your producer, who is also your dear friend, sam, says he has to somehow come up with snow in the middle of georgia. >> good luck with that. >> and all your projects. we love you. thanks so much. >> all right, baby. as he mentioned "my fighting season" premiers july 5th on
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go cottonelle, go commando. want to try to find a new color of hair, blush, or now how well you are aging. >> lilliana vazquez is here with the app everyone should download z it is called beautiful me. using artificial intelligence to provide a detailed skip analysis and makes recommendations so it is targeted, specific and custom. >> it is very fancy. you go to your profile and you can connect it with face back or upload over 100 photos of your face dating back as far as you want. i uploaded all of these photos from my facebook page. from two years ago to now. then, you chick on face. this is great, because it tells you your skin tone.
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she'll have a live report on the mid day news cast. is there a funny odor coming from your water. if it smells funny tlahere's no cause for alarm. on our facebook page you can look at what's causing it but it's safe. trt: 32
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as we head through the day the clouds we are seeing out there will be slowly clearing giving us some sunshine across
10:29 am
the bay area. some much warmer temperatures as we head from san francisco over to the north bay. 92 degrees there and 88 degrees in the south bay. there will be upper 90s for the tri-valley. the peninsula at 84 degrees. into this evening it looks like we'll have more nice weather and it heats up once again tomorrow. let's see what's happening on the roadways. changing over the last 20 minutes. southbound 680 toward washington we still have some slowing. there was a crash on the northbound side but that should have cleared. on the peninsula side it's a slower drive. it's slowing on the bridge but things have cleared up. we've seen a gradual improvement and yes i do still have these traffic shots. back to you. >> they are kind of hypnotic.
10:30 am
make sure to join us for our next news cast at 11. oh, yes, it is winesday. we are ready to play "who knew" with the fourth of july rounding the bend, our team is anything red, white, or blue. kathy is across the street ready to hand $100 to anybody who gets the question right. those who don't, they are still winners. they get one of her wonderful cds. here with me is the editor and chief of our good friend and man, rob shuter, who recently became an american citizen. welcome to your first independence day. >> my first independence day. it feels great. i'm going to have some apple pie and barbecue. >> and a hotdog. >> do you love my accent?
10:31 am
a hot coudog. >> hotdog. >> let's go over to kathie lee. this lovely lady and this lovely young girl are from silver spring, maryland. who are the famous parents of blue ivy? kim kardashian and kanye west, againeth paltrow and chris martin or beyonce and jz. >> beyonce and jay-z. >> that's an easy one. >> that was what we call in the united states a layup. >> there is a lot of controversy why beyonce named her beautiful daughter blue ivy. she never commented on the record but on social media, she put up her copy of the favorite book. it focuses on the word blue and what it means to you. that might be the reason. >> thank you, rob. let's go to kathy. >> from pittsburgh. finish the lyrics, this is red,
10:32 am
white, or blue to this 2009 hit by miliary cyrus. >> it's a party in the usa. >> good dpirl. girl. >> i love that song. that song was a massive, massive hit for miley cyrus. jesse jay wrote that song. that will be paying her rent for the last eight years. it made jesse really, really wealthy. >> lady from indiana, which of the following actresses is a natural redhead? is it emma stone, christina hendricks or julianne moore? >> julianne moore. >> yes. >> she is a redhead? >> the only natural redhead. emma stone is actually a blonde. christina hendricks is a blonde
10:33 am
too. she said she started to dye her head red at ten years old. >> why? >> her parents allowed it. she was acting. at ten years old, she became a redhead. she has forgotten what color her natural color is z what are you, hoda? >> i don't know. it looks great. >> a running theme. this lovely lady is from shar let the record reflect, north carolina. the 1996 hit film, independence day starring will smith was almost called something different? was it dooms day, fourth of july or bad day. >> bad day. >> remember the red, white, and blue theme. >> yes. >> not so much. >> you are going to love the cd. >> doomsday. >> doomsday was the original they were a little worried whether that would mean
10:34 am
something to different countries. you know you have to sell them internationally to make the big bucks. >> name this 1980 film? >> the blues brothers. >> there you go, baby. >> a classic, right? >> the blues brothers, a little fun fact about that film. belushi was paid double what akroyd was paid. he got $500,000. when you look at what stars make today, maybe not so much. he got double. >> we don't have any time. all right. we are going to be back. rob, in your best american accent, please read the tease. i know you can do this. >> two of the newest reality stars put their faster right after the break. >> that was totally terrible. it was awful. which one's yours?
10:35 am
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the daughters of legendary producer, david foster. >> if you don't know erin and sarah foster very well yet, that's okay, because they are "barely famous." erin is a producer on "the nbc new normal." sarah is an actress and mother playing jen clark in the 90210
10:40 am
remake. erin and sarah have combined from talentses to create and star in the v h1 mockumentary. it is called barely famous about celebrities. they are running into chelsea handler. >> i saw your show. i love it. >> i would love to be on a show like that. >> i would love for you to on our show. >> our show is on first, right? >> your show is on before my show, is that right? >> necessary funny. i had a show for seven years. >> i just meant we are both doing the same thing. >> no, we are not. >> is this what is happening, i am being filmed? >> you are being filmed. i don't want to have drama. >> we would love you to be on our show. no. >> hello, ladies.
10:41 am
you guys are so funny, by the way? >> why don't you just call up your friends, because you really are in that whole pack of very, very well-known people in hollywood. you are famous. >> we are ish. we are barely known here. >> you would think justin bieber is here. >> this crowd. it is a stampede out there. >> there is nobody. >> but there is literally nobody. >> oh, there is one pervert. >> honestly, we are thrilled to have him. take care. see you after the show. >> how did this come about? you guys weren't planning to do a mocumentary. >> i had come off of a writing job. i was looking to develop a story. you go through a development season, pick a bunch of ideas and see if any sell. i couldn't sell any ideas. >> it was our first development
10:42 am
season. >> someone called, three harts, our management company said, whether are we going to get the foster sisters reality show. we said, never it will happen. >> they can be very lucrative. >> the kardashians, that's a whole other entity. they are probably never going to be anyone like that. for us, i would never show my private laugh, my children, my husband. things get wild at my house. i don't want anyone to see that. >> it is not a judgment on reality tv. if it is personal choice, we didn't want to be on it. >> personal celebs, is it easy? >> chelsea handler is not a close friend of mine. she is someone who had seen the show who i made a joke asking her, come on, i love your show. i'll come on your show. >> now, they are calling you to come on your show. >> after season one. chelsea handler's agent is not begging. >> after season one, we were able to have good tape to show
10:43 am
someone, like a manager. she wants to show people how funny she is. her manager goes, this is a really funny show. could we get kate on the show. we would love to have kate upton. now, she is a friend because she came on the show. it is very validating season two to have people to do it. >> you are so organically funny. is this what it was like when you were growing up? >> i met sara when i was 206789. >> i moved out when i was 12. >> i was upset i wasn't an only child until a couple of years ago. >> do you make fun of your own life when your father has been married so many times. >> we try to keep real personal things out of the show, so people are never confused and think it is a reality show. we have people come on and make fun of what they are excited to make fun of. >> give our love to david, would you please? >> where do 25,000 hungry people
10:44 am
go in new york city? >> the fancy food show. >> she brought in some of her
10:45 am
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if you're a foodie or just love to eat, they will blow you away. >> the new fancy food company. more than 2600 countries showed off their best cheeses and meats. >> winners were selected by panel judges over 3,000 blind testings. here with some of her favorite finds is lifestyle expert, sissy biggers. >> this is breaking foodie news. >> i like foodie news. >> just yesterday, it rapped and 25,000 came through and sampled.
10:50 am
this is the best of the best. >> is it a cracker or a crisp? >> it is an artisanal orange that is dry. completely gluten-free and low in calories. >> it is chewy. >> you keep it in the cupboard and pair it up with your cheese plat t platter and pair tup sghchlt are this is the best cheese. it is the vermont creamery. it is the bijou goat cheese. it is a little round jewel of goat cheese. you will find it in your specialty stores or beef supermarkets sxwchlt their is it expensive? >> no, it is really easy to get. >> it's the best cheese. that's highly competitive. >> this is vegan.
10:51 am
this is for hoda. for the lactose intolerant and those that don't ease dairy, it is miyoko's creamily. it has cashews and chick peas. it is sumptuous and creamy. >> it tastes like cheese. i haven't had that in a long time. >> this is the first time i have shown vegan in eight years. >> this is an organic ground sunflower seed butter. it's an alternative. i can't believe it is not butter. it is not a tree nut. >> get some on there, hoda. >> just lick it right off the bread. there you go. >> go ahead. i love to watch you eat. have you ever watched her eat? >> let's get a big reaction. let's hope. >> delicious, right? >> yes. >> right between peanut butter and sunflower seed.
10:52 am
>> this is a fabulous steak mayonnaise called fabanaise. we are serving it with a tater tot. for the vegans, you don't have to tell your family you are serving them a vegan mayo. this is another alternative for mayo, an avocado oil mayo. serve it up with your gauk moly. this got best p appetizer. it is a brazizzle sprout. nice and spicy, fermented, big category, pickling. this is a cauliflower that is a pernicious pickle. here, we are showing it with potato salad. put your pickles in other places. this is from singapore, it is street food that has roasted pork with a little sugar finish.
10:53 am
it is delicious, not super dry like jerky, it is bakkwa. it is great to top on here. kale salad. big friend is the north african flavors. tunisia was the lead sponsor. this is a paste. you get your store bought hummus and doctor it wup a little chile. people used to make this at home with nine ingredients. now, you just top something off. here is your bloody, your secret ingredient with the chili paste. this is best new product. this is from a ra deesh yo, parsnip pasta. it cooks in three ments.
10:54 am
the ra deesh yo is saw dayed with a little balsa mick. >> have a taste. >> we are
10:55 am
10:56 am
10:57 am
we were talking about our wingspans earlier. britney, it is almost your last day here. we love you. let's read the measuring stick. >> middle finger please. >> middle finger, 5'5". >> you see. we said it was five feet. so you are normal, as usual. >> your last day with us. >> thank you. >> we have to talk about our wine bot. ricky and i were team driver. who thinks the radio should be controlled by the driver or the passenger. >> team klg seems to be the
10:58 am
winner. >> don't make it sound like it was a blowout. >> everybody has been telling me to up my game. >> tomorrow, 9 explosions and gunfire rock istanbul's airport. now airport
10:59 am
11:00 am
the late from tkey. goplosions and gunfire. krisorts across the world are ==der heightened current. port is latest from turkey. thank you for joining us, everyone. >> a live oak at the ataturk airport, and right now it is open after the suicide bombings and the attack. at least 41 people are dead. more than


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