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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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behind me. that stranger jumped into action, called 91 1 and ran into the burning building before firefighters arrived here. >> kind of crack ed, exploded a little bit. >> after seeing the flames and smoke, mike heard the screams. >> he was screaming for assistance. come towards his voice, towards the window. >> he says a 17-year-old boy was able to carry out his 8-year-old nephew from their burning home in hayward. the sister was still trapped in her bedroom. the stranger, who was his way to work, climbed through the girl's bedroom window. >> i got five feet in, the smoke was too thick, kind of overwhelming. i couldn't breathe, got too hot, so i backed back out. >> firefighters arrived a few minutes later, extinguisheded the fire and pulled the girl
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out. >> obviously high heat in the back room. certainly smoke inhalation i would assume is her major concern now. >> i'm not here -- >> sergio says the three children were alone while he and his wife were at work. >> i want to go inside and everything. >> the two boys suffered minor injuries, but the 16-year-old is now fighting for her life. >> that was my biggest fear. we didn't get to her in time. >> and the girl has been air lifted to santa clara valley medical center tonight where she is being treated for her life threatening injuries. firefighters say they are still investigating the cause of the blaze. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a big rig slammed into a huge tree and burst into flames. this is east of pet lieu ma. the truck driver unfortunately died. the chp closed the highway up
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until really just a short time ago while they were clearing that black wreckage. vest garretts say it's foipg to take some time to figure out what caused the crash. there was a lot of terngs but the airport in turkey is fully operational. istanbul remains a worldwide hub of travel despite the horrific attacks by three suicide bombers. it's an extraordinary sign of resilience. 24 hours after the attack, crews are cleaning the bloodstained terminal. the prime minister says isis is still the prime suspects. the three militants arrived a @ airport in a taxi. one opened fire and detonated his device outside drawing attention and security forces. that allowed two other attackers to enter the international arrivals area and set off two more bombs. so far, 41 have been killed. the director of the cia says he expe expects isis to be plotting
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against the united states. >> it would be surprising to me isil is not try iing to hit us the region as well as in our homeland. >> many american airports are stepping up security ahead of the fourth of july weekend including here at home as sfo. we have more coverage on nightly news including the american response to this attack. hillary clinton is is back in the bay area. the former secretary of state made a stop in san francisco today for a private fund-raiser. michelle roberts joins us live from san francisco with a glimpse at what was going on nuds and a high priced lunch. >> yeah, absolutely. jamie lee curtis introduced hillary clinton today. just to get in cost you $500, but if you wanted to speak with her and take a picture, $27,000. >> it was amazing. really inspiring. >> several hundred people had lunch with hillary clinton at the westin hotel in san francisco today. she spoke on the economy, global
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warming and gun control. >> got a standing ovation. i think people were in one accord that we are tired of the gun lobbying having such great influence and that she poses an opportunity to see great change. >> today's visit comes just a day after republicans on the house committee released an 800-page report on 2012 benghazi attack critical of secretary clinton and the p president. today, ann stevens, the sister of chris stevens, the bay area ambassador among those killed is speaking out. in an interview she said quote, i do not blame hillary clinton or leon panetta. she said the benghazi mission was understaffed. we know that now. today, people who attended say the former secretary of state didn't come in the benghazi report, but did make comments about yesterday's deadly attack in istanbul. >> need to work on reducing terrorism worldwide. >> that was michelle roberts reporting for us. now, according to the most cent
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nbc poll, clinton holds a five point average over donald trump and with the republican national convention less than three weeks away, trump is working to gain voters in maine. the state has voted for democrats in every presidential election since 1992. at a rally today, trump focused his speech on trade and working class, the united states and trade deals that drain businesses out of the state of maine. a new strategy jr. for democrats. they're urging people to pressure republicans for stricter gun control. they've also joined forces with family members of gun shot vock times ond what they're calling a day of action. chuck is in san francisco, one of the many places nationwide where politicses and victim ts united. >> well, you know, trauma surgeons here in san francisco general, they treat roughly the 00 gun shot victims each year which is why nancy pelosi and others wanted to bring the congressional gun control from the halls of congress here
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during the fourth of july congressional recess. >> parents included a nurse prak tigs ner. >> today is the first day i've been back since my son was killed. >> the widow of augustine vega spoke. >> i want to get more involved because it's got to stop. >> and we heard a call from a father who got a call every parent dreads. >> it could happen to you tomorrow. i never thought my son would be murdered and i got the call. if it happened to me, it could definitely happen to you. i'm a normal person just like everybody else. >> all sharing an unbearable pain. >> the same bullet that pierced my son's heart also shattered mine. >> this morning, representatives called upon voters to pressure republican who is control the house for a vote on whether to expand background checks for anyone who wants to buy a gun online or at a gun show.
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>> if you're a criminal, if you're dangerously mentally ill or a terrorist, you shouldn't be able to get a gun. >> renewed activism follows the pulse shooting in orlando. gunman had been under fbi surveillance and had connected suicide bomber rs connected to isis. it was really more of a rally. had about 200 attending. one of 40 such events house democrats are holding during this holiday recess to keep this issue in the forefront of the public. live in fz, nbc bay area new us. >> thank you. an east bay couple is accused of hit and run. it happened yesterday in a neighborhood east of concord. here's the map. police say the couple hit a 12-year-old girl. the girl d is recovering. the couple then fled the scene. they ran from their car, leaving behind a load gun and items that appear to have been stolen. police arrested that couple at a
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nearby home. they both were in their 20s. an emergency rescue at mt. diablo state park. crews useded a helicopter cable to lift a hiker from the ground after falling off that cliff. they responded around 12:30 today. now, the rescue crews waited with a hirk on a hill before they could be transferred to a hospital. no word yet on the condition of the hiker. a scare in the air, mechanical problems forcing the pilot of a southwest airlines jet to make an emergency landing in san swroes late this afternoon. the pilot reported the problem after the plane took off from burbank. san jose fire mobilized and met the plane on the runway. the plane landed safely. no word on what the problem was. the city of oakland dealing with a lawsuit from landlords upset over garbage fees. we'll have the details coming up. an olympic warning from rio. not about zika, but about your
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smart phone. that's coming up. we still have a wide range in temperatures from the coastline to the inland areas and more of that inland heat continues. i'll have a look had to the weekend coming up in the micro climate forecast. city's garbage contract
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something stinks in oak labdland. some landlords are questioning the city's garbage contract.
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they say the bills have skyrocketed and they blame city leaders. pete, what's the stink there and what do they want to do about snit. >> you know, those three landlords will likely see the city come up with a new contract with the service providers and they say if they don't, they could pass off some of these costs to new renters. >> there was a time when robert zali didn't have to do this, but the owner of this oakland participant complex says the city is creating an uphit battle for himself and other landlords. >> we have to bring those out themselves. they took that service away from us. >> he was part of a lawsuit that wants to city to rework its billion dollar garbage contract with waste management and california waste solution, a contract signed nearly a year ago. the lawsuit is sponsored fwi east boy housing association. the contract include as $30 million franchise fee to waist
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management. money being paid to local andrea and a cost passed down to customers. >> as a consequence, they're not really fees. they're a tax. >> he showed us the bills, including a new service fee of more than $300 to push and pull this dumpster. >> they've gone from $736 a month up to $1562 a a month. so that translates to $9,900 increase. >> we reached out to the attorney for response to the lawsuit. they say they haven't received a suit yet and don't have a comment. live in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a big move by san francisco city leaders to help the environment. the board of supervisors voted to outlaw all sty foam products. it is the most expensive u.s. sty row foam in the u.s. with super high fees. it was banned in 2007, but this
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new law city leaders are hoping more companies will start using compostable packaging. the ban started next year and first time violators will get a $100 fine. the third will be up to a $500 penalty. an official warning if you're on the road to the rio olympics. check your smart phone. >> your private information is likely to be hacked. scott is here with what's at stake and how if you're traveling to brazil urk protection yourself. >> good ooempk. no mystery here. we've gotten used to keeping our lives on our smart phone, but at big gatherings like the olympic, these become targets. here's how to keep your personal information safe. as rio gets ready for the world to visit, hackers are getting ready, too. >> target rich environment. >> the u.s. government is warning anyone headed to the olympics, your private information is in danger,
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especially if it's stored on a emotional device. >> your device could be compromised. the data could be stolen, which then could lead to the loss of your information. >> information like banking data, personal passwords, all the things we've gotten used to taking with us everywhere we go. all vulnerable if it gets into the wrong hands. >> you can use any app. >> and yes, there are ways to jam hackers like this signal jamming phone case. >> the reality is that where technology has progressed, it's able to gather all of your information and so, people need to have the option to be able to control that. >> but most security experts say if you remove private data from your phones before you go, you should be okay. >> so, sensitive contact, private banking information, shah sort of thing, take it off before you take you have off to
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rio and be weary of public wi-fi when you're there. >> good information. i will use myself. we're just 37 days away the start of the olympics and i will be there anchoring our live coverage from rio and bringing you the local news on our athletes. the iconic purple museum is going green. these are the final solar panels being installed on the roof. this is the new part f the museum where kids get to make things themselves. these so-called fabrications facilities. that's what it's called. the panels are expected to generate half the energy needed. >> as the sun keeps going the way it is, they'll have no problem providing solar power. how long before we get a cooldown? >> it looks like we have to deal with a wide range in temperatures, but look at what's happening at ocean beach. we have not been able to get rid of these clouds and now, it's 56
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degrees there. but then as we look around the bay area, it's 1i in the east boy. and 72 degrees in the south bay. as we get a drop in, we're going to drop in, take a closer look at the east bay. take a look at this. oakland at 63 degrees and we have 99 degrees in brentwood, so just across one part of the baya. you have a temperature range of almost 30 degrees. in the north bay, 77 and still those clouds in san francisco. getting ready for round three of the battle for the bay and the coliseum it will be at 70 degrees at first pitch. and by the end of the game, the clouds tart to move back in. and it will be 65 degrees, so a mild and breezy evening. get ready for that. now, we still have fog along the coast. high pressure for the pretty much the entire southwest. that's been causing the hot weather, but the sea breeze in time for the weekend will reenforce cooler air, but may not make it inland pretty much
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as we've seen it these past few days, so it does keep us warm as this area of high pressure continues to bring these high temperatures into the 90s ooechbd over 100 degrees for vegas and part of so cal. and even over towards the trivalley and delta, it will be in the upper 90s again tomorrow and we'll see this pattern continuing as we go into the weekend and also early next week. so, as we take a look at the micro climates for tomorrow, up to 85 degrees while pacifica is at 70 degrees. san francisco will be in the mid to upper 60s. mission district at 68. 95 in napa and 93 in antioch. seven-day shows we'll continue to have more of this hot weather. looki ining at the five-day, itl be above average for the next couple of days. this weekend, it gives a touch cooler there as we once again
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get more of an onshore flow in the coastal clouds. looking ahead to the micro climate this is weekend, it will be in the 70s in the east bay. san francisco stays in the 60s with low 90s in the trivalley on friday with upper 80s as we round out the weekend and we're keeping a close eye on the fourth of july forecast. for san jose, it looked good. just a few cloud, but clear and a temperature of 71 degrees in san francisco, we may have the concern of the low clouds and the fog once again. and it will be much cooler with the breezy wind at 63 degrees at 7:00 and by the time we start out the firework, it will be 58 degrees and that tl bha fog, so we'll be keeping tabs on that. i'll have another look at the forecast later. >> thank you, karen. still to come, a multibillion dollar megaproject. how developers plan to transform the area around levi stadium. and first palo alto, now,
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hawaii. the construction protect. >> and nbc bay area wants to help local non-profits build impactful communities, so we are watching our annual challenge. 21st century solutions and programs to earn up to a $50,000 grant. visit our website, for more information.
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most tollsill increase 25- fr- cents. happening now, heads-up for commuters on the golden gate bridge. beginning friday, most tolls will increase by 25 cents, to help a five-year deficit. and buzzing on our twitter feed,
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no more bathing suit competition. the miss universe organization says the contestants will be judged. uber will start trackindrivers'.
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the san francisco basedompany uber will start tracking driver's behaviors with smart phones. the san francisco ride sharing company says it's testing new
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software. the smart phone sensor, they can track when they brake or accelerate. or if drivers with holding on to their phones too much while driving. these are behaviors that -- a low rating. it's a big deal. considered the biggest development project the history f of the silicon valley and we have a smeek peek. santa collar ray arooufed a $6.5 billion project call ed city place. it will go up next to levi stadium in that open golf course there. it will have shopping, hotels, apartments and even a park. on 240 acres. >> our workforce is quite young and and people have jobs, the economy is good, so they're looking for venues to entertain themselves. and rather than sending them elsewhere, nothing like creating their own. >> it's going to transform santa clara. construction is is expecked to begin next year and finish in
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2020. 49er's legend joe montana is part of the company spearhead ing this project. mark zuckerberg is apparently alienating a new set of neighbors, last month, we showed you plans to bulldoze four homes around his home. these new complaints come from the hawaiian island of kuai. we showed you the hundred million dollar property he bought there. neighbors are complaining about a six foot stone wall on his land. that claim it cuts off their views and ocean breezes. zblfshlgts still had, how san ramon police helped one woman cross something off her bucket list.
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want to give you an update on the breaking news. you see here, the smoke down below. our nbc chopper overhead. also some fire crews there. some ariel teams. this is the fire in martinez. we've been talking achblt you see the fire drops there. there is near buckley and bay view drive right there in martinez. to the left of your screen, that's rankin park. to the right is a neighborhood. lot of homes there that are threatened, but right now, no evacuations. crews are hole helg us they are
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getting the upper hand and stoppinging the progress of this fire, but we will be monitoring it on our twitter feed and our home page at again, this is a fire in martinez near the bridge. >> we'll give you an update at 6:00. a san jose woman has issues with her travel insurance after losing a pricey camera. what she didn't do that ended up costing her money. we'll have that and more at 6:00. and finally, an 80-year-old san ramon woman crossed one item off her bucket list today. a police ride along. barbara got to check out the radar guns and the other things that many officers might do during their normal hift. there she was, just chilling out. it's been something the former model has always wanted to do. in my day, they didn't do that. you know, you went to secretarial school. >> i'm glad i can show her we're doing it and that we girls are
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totally accepted here. >> it's wonderful. she's good. i can't imagine anybody saying well, you can't work because you're a woman. >> police even got her on to a shooting range. she had never shot a gun before. salazar says she has a lot of respect for what police officers do. >> she's all dressed up in there. looks fantastic. i would gladly take a ticket from miss salazar. they a battling the fire, temperatures are still warm. >> while we have cool air at the coastline, 61 degrees in san francisco and 69 in the peninsu peninsula. south bay at 72. catching a break for some, but back tomorrow. 68 degrees in san francisco while 89 degrees in the south bay and the north bay will be back in the 90s once again. see ha weather continuing into the weekend. >> good baseball weather for the giants at the a's at the
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coliseum tonight. thanks for joining us. lester holt is is next. >> we'll see you at 6:00. tonight, moments of terror developing details inside the attack at the airport in istanbul, how the suicide bombers got inside. new video and chilling accounts of death and survival. richard engel is there. also, protecting america's airports, should security checkpoints be moved? tonight, the cia director's new warning about the isis threat to the homeland. nbc news exclusive, tom brokaw with vice president biden on his moon shot mission to find a cure for cancer. how safe and effective are the popular hand sanitizers millions of americans use everyda day? concerns being raised. the fda demanding answers, what doctors are telling us tonight. and homecoming for a baby abandoned in a college dorm, now all grown up, she's the graduate.


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