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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 30, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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oc: water gushing trt=3 sam/con- a car hits a fire hydra and then slams into a home in breaking news, overnight a car comes out of control off of a highway and hits a fire hydrant and slams into a hose in oakland. more breaking news in oakland. a chp case ends without a arrest. deputies had to give up the pursuit because it was too dangerous. calls for investigating the judge who sentenced brock turner are growing louder. thank you for joining us. >> let's get to the forecast. i noticed it felt cooler. >> also darker right here right now. >> good morning, anthony. clouds across most of the
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inner bay. we have fog in san francisco. temperatures are expected to cool off and you can feel that cooling trend once you step outside. later on this afternoon no 90s for the bay area and a few 80s for the south bay and north bay. no big surprises on the freeways right now. a little slowing just popped up northbound 280 north of woodside. nothing reported by chp. north of the bridge you see activity moving well. there was an event and a giant's game tonight. we'll take a live look out there. right now our camera shows the light volume of traffic. very calm past high street. >> thank you. we begin our news cast this morning with breaking news. the night in oakland is highlighted with a black toyota
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crashes into a house. the driver appears to have lost control coming off the highway first crashing into a fire hydrant breaking it and causing water to gush out. the driver proceeded to hit a telephone pole before landing inside the house. we're looking to confirm for details about caused the driver to lose control in the first place. the chp says deputies tried to pull over a car speeding and the driver of that car did not stop and deputies followed in a chase that at times reached speeds of up to 100 miles an hour. the chased ended in oakland. that's when the chp cruiser crashed into a fire hydrant. the suspects however kept going. chp decided to call after the search saying it was too dangerous. the officer was not injured.
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now to the latest developments out of istanbul this morning. the attackers are russian. meantime turkey's president is vowing his country will in fact overcome terror groups. terrorists have been trying to keep his country from becoming one of the ten strongest countries. the death toll now stands at 42. the airport is back open as the investigation and the cleanup continue. the country's oldest park ranger robbed in her home. the thief stole a coin given to the ranger by president obama. this is a video of the story we did with the 94-year-old when she traveled to the white house last december just to receive that coin. police say she woke up to an intruder in her home on monday night. the suspect punched her several times but she was able to get away and she locked herself in a room.
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after the thief left she discovered items were taken. call the police if you have any information on this robbery. the man accused of shooting and calling a hay ward police agent almost a year ago. that shooting happened during a routine traffic stop. later this morning he is going to appear for a pretrial hearing and this afternoon he'll be back in court for a plea hearing. a walnut creek woman is facing manslaughter charges after killing a teenager on tuesday. the 50-year-old woman is accused of driving her car head on into two girls who were just walking down the street. the 15-year-old was killed instantly. her 16-year-old best friend is
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in stable condition at a local hospital and the family is coping with an enormous loss. >> she's my best friend. she's a big part of my life. she has a special place in my heart and she will never be forg forgotten. >> police are waiting on lab reports to see exactly what charges the woman will face. a teen-age girl is fighting for her life after being rescued from her burning home. the girl was trapped in the back bedroom when the flames erupted yesterday. her brother and nephew were able to get outside and firefighters arrived and managed to pull the girl out. she was taken to the hospital with severe injuries. thousands of additional signatures calling for an investigation of judge aaron percent ski. he sentenced brock turner to six months in jail for sexually assaulting a young woman. >> a group of advocates and
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assault survivors handed a judicial review agency more than 200,000 signatures. 1 million signatures have already been chisubmitted. advocates are asking the agency to investigate the judge over the lenient sentencing. rescued by helicopter, a climber who had fallen down a cliff had to be air lifted to safety. once on the ground eventually an balan ambulance returned him to the hospital. we have no word on his condition this morning. right now 4:36, you'll never guess what we have in store for today. >> anthony is here. we are looking at some cooling. you can see across the bay bridge there are lower clouds and that will mean a cooler day ahead. folks are moving around the area pretty nicely but we do have road work here.
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we'll talk about it coming up. hundreds of bay area residtsare? and making noise about airplanes flying over home. hundreds of residents are sounding off and what's being done about it. coming up. . a deadly crash in the
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a deadly crash in the north bay. a big rig slammed into a tree, burst into flames east of ped looma yesterday. witnessed jumped out of their
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cars to help but it was too late. no word on what caused the crash. chp received a report that the truck was driving erratically. oakland landlords are taking action to stop a fee they call garbage. >> the fee has to do with garbage or rather trash collection. a group representing landlords filed suit yesterday over a deal the city made with waste management two years ago allowing a 30% franchise fee. landlords call that fee a tax. all taxes must be approved by vote voters. they say garbage rates have more than doubled. >> eventually it will get transferred to new tenants moving in because somebody's got to be able to bring that $10,000
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a year extra. >> landlords are asking for an injunction to stop the fee and reimbursement for the money they've paid out. bay area homeowners are making noise. they're upset over airports frying over their properties. many people living in the area say they feel like they're under a super highway for planes landing at sfo. they charge the faa's new flight patterns the planes use to land have led to flying lower over their neighborhoods. >> i feel that i've almost become a prisoner in my own home. >> it interferes with our sleep and our ability to work at home and enjoy our home and yard. >> i can take some noise but it's the one after the other after the other that drives me crazy. >> local and federal lawmakers will take the comments and study solutions before presenting them
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to the faa. coming up anthony is tracking our thursday morning forecast. beautiful live look at the bay bridge this morning. anthony's full forecast, can't wait. it's on the way. must see video, imagine being the homeowner here. we're going to show you where this happened. this part of a house collapses and falls off the side there after the break. a mudslide in japan causeahousee
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right onttheomes below. a mudslide in japan causes
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this, a house to tople over and watch out for the homes below. it toples over on top of them. the entire scene is caught on camera. heavy rain pounded japan last week. video showed that house falling off into pieces as it collided with those on the lower side of the cliff there. fortunately nobody was injured. >> can you imagine being that homeowner and seeing your house crashing down. >> can you imagine being the person filming that and watching it in slow motion like a train wreck. >> let's check in with anthony this morning. it's cooler out there. we've got clouds at the coast line. clearer inland but we will see it clearing. at the coast line yesterday we didn't get out of the 50s, today i think we're going to see similar conditions. we're talking low 60s if we get
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there. half moon bay 60s. we'll see 70s around the inner bay. 78 for san jose. look at livermore and concord, mid 80s. temperatures will cool off over the entire bay but it will be warm in spots. mid 80s is above average for this time of year. reading up to 100 degrees for the day. it will stay hot through the weekend but we're talking about a downward trend. it will cool off not as hot. temperatures not near 90 or 100. we will have 80s across parts of the bay area for the weekend. we have fog at the coast line that's been in place over the past couple of days that will lead to a cooler day and it's going to reinforce that cooling air as we head into the next couple of days. as we head into the weekend temperatures are going to be
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below average. today in san jose below average. that will be trend through saturday. by sunday temperatures start to climb back up. mid 80s for san jose and for the trooi vall tri-valley it will be above average and by monday we will see temperatures in the 90s. here is your forecast for san francisco on monday. temperatures will be back in the low 60s. we are expecting fog to roll back in as the fireworks kickoff so keep that in mind. how is the commute looking. it's looking great. no fireworks on the roadway. we're showing a smooth flow of traffic. we'll zoom into the south bay. we had a report of a tarp in the middle highway 85 around the off ramp there. chp has taken care of everything
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but there may be activity over there. meanwhile looking toward dublin no traffic break but traffic. your standard for alta mont. now to decision 2016. the economy, global warming and gun control are three issues hillary clinton tackled at a fundraiser yesterday. supporters had to pay $500 to be at the event. if they wanted a photo they had to pay $27,000. actor jamie lee kurtis introduced the democratic nominee. donald trump is focusing his campaign efforts in maine yesterday. the state has gone democratic in every presidential election since 1992. at at rally trump promised to
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keep trade deals out. a warning about air bags that they believe may be more prone to malfunctions than thought. >> the new warning covers honda and ak raw cars. all are older models between 2001 and 2003. federal add straighters say when the cars are driven in hot and damp locations the risks of malfunctions soared. the explosions can send shrapnel frying. >> it would be flipping a coin in a crash. you don't know if you could have the shrapnel coming at you. >> there may be up to 300,000 older cars on the road that have not been repaired. it the owners never receive a recall notification. an update on the egyptian flight that crashed in the
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mediterranean sea. information from the data recorder shows there was smoke on board that plane. investigators say this is consistent with earlier reports suggesting there may have been a fire below the cockpit floor. the wreckage shows signs of high temperature damage and soot. the plane was flying from paris when this crashed this month. u.s. lawmakers pass a bailout deal for rio. the senate passed the bill yesterday. tomorrow marks the deadline for puerto rico to make a $2 billion payment to creditors. the territory is swimming in $70 million in debt and president obama has indicated he will sign the bill. big layoffs at sea gate tech cutting 3% of the workforce by september. that's 1,600 jobs. the hard drive maker says
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revenue has declined due to weak demand from w pc makers. pepsy is looking to boost past sales. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you both. wall street will try to make it three positive days in a row as fears over the brexit vote starts to fade. traders are willing to wait for clarity on details and timing of britain's exit from the eu. markets rallied tuesday. the nasdaq is up to $47.39. if you're in the market for a new phone and you're an amazon member there will be new phones.
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you must be willing to put up with ads. pepsy is going retro. bringing back crystal pepsy that was popular in the 1990s. it will be available for a limited time starting august 8th. pepsy brought it back for two days in december as part of a contest on its app. back over to you. >> what's old is new and that's old school. thank you very much. parents certainly in stock. hundreds of kids waiting to see finding dori but a trailer that played before the show came on that had parents scrambling to cover their children's eyes. the bay area is teeming up with more than 60 media organizations to tackle the growing homeless crisis. as your family gets ready
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for the fourth of july weekend we've got you covered. go to our website to see a full list of events across the area. temperatures are coming down a little bit for the celebrations. we'll see you on the other side of the break.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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is. -- took an r-rated twist. an apa concord theater -- after th the family movie "finding dori" took an r rated twist. an apology after a movie trailer showed in a theater full of kids. >> the theater said it was a mistake. they said playing that trailer was a one-time honest mistake by a manager moving screens around to accommodate last minute
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groups wanting to see dori. the wrong movie trailer was started by mistake. seth tweeted by this and said this mistake made his day. at least no one left anyone hanging in on thea wau yesterday when leaders of the free world posed for a photo op. thanks started well and then it went south. the big handshake failed. after laughing they got down to business at a summit on free trade. that is the sound of the canadian parliament giving approval and warmth to the obama presidency. president obama becomes the first u.s. leader to address the canadian parliament since bill clinton in 1995.
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that chant started after the president concluded his speech. maybe travels slowly to the great wait north. the u.s. constitution bars president obama from running for a third time. a live look outside where the a's will go for a sweep against the giants. >> the giants are hoping their ace can keep that from happening. he'll be on the bump tonight. the giants are going to forego the designated hitter. that means that matt is going to show his mad game at the plate. this moves marks the first time a team has intentionally used a pitcher to hit instead of a dh in 40 years. maybe not a home run on top. a hot day, no question. it's not going to be as hot. that's the key word for today, not as hot, or three words. we'll look at that forecast coming up after this. we have one word here,
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traffic. really good right now. we're looking at the peninsula and we're look at some flashing flights going on couple of minutes ago. chris sanchez getting the latest on a high speed chase in oakland that ended without a arrest. freeway castro valley to thestrs
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i'm kris sanez, i'll showou herd how it began and how it end. =laura/v
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> . oakland a car sl. another tense scene in oakland overnight as a car slams into a home. the damage left behind this morning. and police activity at the googleplex, details coming into our newsroom. today in the bay starts right now. thank you for joining us. >> let's get to the forecast. you're going to notice it's cooler out there this morning. once you step out the door there's definitely a chill in the air. you can see in san jose right now no fog but the onshore marine layer has developed. we'll have 80s for places like the south and north bay. we'll talk about the forecast and in the meantime mike is getting you to work on time. you'll be on time if you leave on time because there are no major delays


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