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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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speed limit and less than that, because that's really sad. >> police say this is the tenth pedestrian to be killed in san jose so far this year, which is the same number of pedestrians killed in all of last year. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. coincidentally, new transportation numbers released today detail how many people are dying from car crashes. that was an increase, nearly 8% last year, accord to the national highway traffic safety administration. researchers suspect the increase in fatalities is because gas prices are lower and more people are driving. the biggest increase this victims were bicyclists or pedestrians. on the roads as we speak, one of the busiest weekends of the year. this is a live look at the holiday traffic. 580 in dublin, the traffic heads towards the camera is westbound. expect big crowds on major freeways through the long weekend. traffic coming in and out of the
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city will also be heavy. as it usually is even on any friday. this is a look at mcarthur mays in emoryville. gas price are the lowest they've been for any fourth of july since 2005. what are you going to do on fourth of july? all sorts of events happening. we've posted a complete as a helpful guide for you. it's on our redesigned website. well, a trip for some this holiday weekend will be marred by this. a wildfire around 1600 evacuations are aurndway because of it. this is for the trail head fire along the middle fork of the american river. it is steep and hard to reach. and this is right near todd valley. it is in plaster county near the border with with el drod o county. fire was only about 12 at this point. it's a move to enhance public safety. governor brown signed six gun control bills into law.
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live at the gun shop with the details of the new law and damien, there's a little bit of everybody could be upset and happy about depending on your perspective. >> that's right. the governor did sign six new u laws today and talk around gun shops was about those new laws. they run the gamut here, but for many folks in the south bay, these laws are six too many. >> okay. all right. joe spent the day fielding questions on the phone and in person about the new gun laws the governor just signed. >> this guy was trying to find out about what happened with the laws. i guess he heard it had been passed. >> the governor vetoed five gun bill, but signed sick. under the new law, it is ill deal to possess a magazine that holds more than ten bullets. the state will require anyone buying bullets to under go a background check. another law retrikts the purchase of rifles to one every 30 days.
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just like we do with handguns now. anyone who knowingly files a false police report of a gun loss or theft would be banned from buying a firearm for ten years. if you loan a gun to someone who isn't a family member, that person will have to pass a background check and finally, the new law prevents the sale of guns with so-called bullet buttons. these are buttons that allow the quick release of an empty bullet magazine and quick attachment of a new one. the new bills were released after the shootings in san bernardino december. >> it's bull. i won't say the correct word. it's a joke. >> says he's been selling guns since 1956 and new laws have been costing him business and doesn't think it will make much difference. >> honest reaction, it's a political move. it will not help stop terrorism. it's not going to help stop crime. it's bull. >> and again in a statement, the
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governor said his intent was to enhance public safety. by passing these laws, but at the same time, protecting the rights of gun owners. live in san jose. nbc bay area. >> thank you. the governor vetoed five bills, including one which would have limited the purchase of long guns to one per month. another that would have allowed co-workers, bosses and mental health personnel to petition for prestraining orders and to make it an infraction if someone doesn't report a lost of stolen gun. we're getting more answers ab the bizarre stabbing inside of a santa rosa movie theatre. a homeless man was accused of assault. the 23-year-old was arrest ed after moviegoers saw him stab a man several times with a kitchen knife sk which was in the theatre during the movie. police believe the attack was random. his frepds on facebook say he is recovering from surgery.
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the attac. it's really awful because you're totally vulnerable. you're in the dark. you've given up your trust to the rest of the people in this teth theerters. >> hart is also being questioned for the stabbing death of a homeless man on monday. a group of at least nine attackers stormed a restaurant friday night in bangladesh. authorities say the attacker -- customers at gunpoint in a restaurant located in banglad h bangladesh's capital. reports that isis is claiming responsibility for this attack, but that has yet to be confirmed. coverage of the hostage situation continues immediately after this newscast. right here on nightly news with lester holt. some -- questioned donald trump about turkey today. >> i think he's friend. are you friend or foe? huh? i think he's friend.
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>> trump was delivering a keynote address in denver. the man who asked trump to say something about turkey is a t k turkish journalist who lives in denver. on social media, the man said he was not offended and thought him tor a kind man, at least for today. the tesla lawsuit is getting a lot of buzz worldwide. we're learning more about the driver who died while the car was on autopilot and what he might have been doing at the time of the crash. scott, so many things at play here. insurance, technology, safety. this lawsuit could set the pr precedent. >> you're right. even adds to investigation into the crash gets underway, it's important to note that silicon valley giant intel says it's working with bmw to bring driverless cars to market in the next several years. meanwhile, some are recommending a slowdown when it comes to autonomous vehicles. in the wake of the car crash that killed joshua brown in his tesla model s, while in
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autopilot mode. >> the national highway traffic safety administration is looking into what happened. >> this is the beginning of a new technology. and hopefully, it will solve a lot of problems and provide safe transportation but when there's a significant red flag, it's time to pay close attention. >> while some in silicon valley say it may be time to slow down and take a closer look at autonomous cars. >> this collision is a wake up call to regulators that we need to know more and the public deserves to understand this technology before we g any further with it. >> this question was asked by ntsb chairman, christopher hart, before the deadly crash. >> got an 80,000 pound truck coming at you, so is your driverless car going to run into the 80,000 pound truck or go on the sidewalk where 25 pedestrians are. because then, it's a question of you or me.
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so, will the driverless car have a pick me, pick them button in. >> also tonight, the parents of 40-year-old joshua brown say they'll participate in the crash investigation, but they say most importantly, he was a loving son and brother. back to you. >> thank you very much. well, flirwork, flames came close to some homes in east palo alto. police received a 91 call saying someone was playing with fireworks not far from the golf course. crews had the flames under control before any homes were damaged. no word on any arrest. those dogs were just scared. >> he has never gotten before. >> four dogs trapped in a car submerged in water. live in fairteeld tonight. hear from the animal control officer who managed to save those animals. i've in sonoma, history in the making on this field
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tonight. all eyes on the ladies. the pitcher, the left fielder turping heads. that's coming up ch. and just in time for the holiday weekend, a big cooldown. foggy and misty skies around ocean beach, but still 90 inland. what you could expect for your plans. pulled from a sinking car.rescu
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the lives of 4 beloved pets from a singing car, rescuers quickly sprung into action to
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save the lives of four beloved pets. the animals were trapped in a submerged car along with a passenger after the driver somehow veered off a highway 37 and laned in the water. the driver was able to get out, but the others were stuck. elise spoke with that animal control officer who managed to do all that saving. >> pretty incredible. youn, officer mark garcia says he has never gotten a call quite like this oneful he was at home when he got this call saying four dogs were trap ped in a vehicle. submerged in water. now, this crash happened 9:00 last night on highway 37. it's unclear how the driver lost control of her mini van. what is clear is that a woman and a male passenger and four dogs ended up in the water. you can still see the debris. first responders got the couple
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out, but the four dogs were trapped. officer mark garcia jumped into action and went in the water. despite initial reports of the animals were being aggressive. >> i just told them, come here, boy, come here, girl. everything is going to be okay. i'm here to help you. so i was able to secure one at a heim thyme and bring them out and once they got out of the vehicle, they were very happy, friendly, wanting to jump on me and wanting to play. >> officer garcia says the animals were kind and just scared andal four dogs were take b to the shelter where they're doing just fine right now. their owners suffered minor injuries and are being treated at a local hospital. garcia tells us he spoke with them this afternoon and they told them they are just grateful their animals survived. live from fairfield, nbc bay area news. >> quite a story. thank you. should you be required to vaccinate your kids? right now, opponents are holding rallies in several california cities. there's a planned demonstration on the golden gate bridge in
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just a few hours tonight. the rallies are in response to the new state vags nation law taking effect today. it requires school children to get all of their vaccines before they start school. the only exceptions will be kids with certain medical conditions. parents can no longer use philosophical objections to keep their kids from getting the shots. >> that we need to protect our own children and protect the community at large. >> the law applies to public and private schools and was proposed at the meezs outbreak at disney land which affected nearly 150 people. a big scare in mountain view. here's the rocket proed gray nad. some of theed device this morning. and closed the area. officers did give the all clear about 90 minutes later.
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>> sadly, the road to rio had ended for one of the most decorateded female swimmers in history who was a bay area native. natalie coughlin announced he was withdrawing from the games. the 33-year-old is a 12-time olympic medalist. rio would have been her fourth olympic games. however after disappointing swims in the 100 meter backstroke and free, she decided to withdraw from the 50 meter free style telling reporters quote, she didn't want to kopt the heartbreak. she is a well-known and beloved figure here. he lives in danville. she swim swam at cal, lives in the east bay with her husband, but she says this is not the end of her swimming career. it is getting close. 35 days until the opening ceremony. i'll be headed to rio this summer and i'll be bringing you live court and jury from the olympi olympics. > history will be made in wine country tonight. it's about baseball.
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>> two women will step up to the plate and play a professional baseball game for the sonoma stompers. colin is at the stadium. it's making headlines all across the country. >> yeah, it really is. sonoma stompers general manager, he told me just a few minutes ago, he was adamant about this. this is not a publicity stunt. the sonoma stompers, an independent professional baseball team, will start two ladies tonight. the last time multiple females started for a professional team, that was more than 60 years ago in the negro lead. 25-year-old stacy will be the stomper's starting pitcher versus san rafael, while 17-year-old kelsey gets the nod in left field. she just graduated from
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temecula. i spoke with her dad, he's super proud, but ners, no. >> it's just baseball. she can play baseball. going to do her thing. can have a good game, a bad game. i know she'll play her best. i've got, i'm not nervous for her anymore at this point. i yooused to be when she was younger because she was a girl in an only boy's world. she has stepped up. always handled it like a pro. i'm not really too concerned. >> coming up tonight at 6:00, some of the players will chime in and the gm that i mentioned, the guy that made this all happen, we'll hear from him. game time at 6:00. and one final note, her dad, scott, he told me i think she's been accept ed because she has about three or four nick anymore names in just the two weeks she's been here in sonoma. >> that is exactly it. once you have a nickname, doesn't matter what gender you are on the baseball field. >> this from the king of the man
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who gives everybody a nickname. must be a guy thing. >> it is a guy thing, u p it's a girl thing now. >> right now, watching the changes in the skies over the bay area. you've got the fog there rolling into san francisco. fortunately, that might be a sneak preview come fire woworks time. deepening up through the day. look at the temperatures running cooler than yesterday around the same time. you can see the numbers here in the 60s both in san francisco, 87 towards the trivalley and closer to san jose, 76 degrees. you can see san francisco, misty skies across the golden gate bridge. we'll show you those wind speeds out of the west at 20 miles per hour. what's interesting is just how strong those winds further inland. as you can see into fairfield, wind of 18 to 25 miles per hour, so the ocean air-conditioning and inland portions of contra costa county, too. notice the change today. around 1:00. same time. marine layer deepening up by
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about 500 to 600 feet thicker, so cooling to the ocean air-condition getting stronger and the winds ush pushing in increasing, too. that's how it looks now around ocean beach. chilly 58 degrees. inland, we're seeing a few spots climbing into the upper 80s. but you can see all those low clouds on the coast, that marine layer will continue to thicken up through the holiday weekend, but no chances of rain here, but pretty ak again. seeing these big thunderstorms flaring up. good news from the holiday weekend. if your plans include the high country, you're going to want to watch that h area near the trail head fire, but in terms of thunderstorm, moving off to the east. there's winds aloft shift to the southwest. if you keep looking at thunderstorm, meantime, the bay area throughout the day tomorrow. looking lot of low clouds on the coast into tomorrow morning. low clouds pushing across the dublin glade. so mostly cloudy skies start
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thingings off tomorrow morning and during the day, the clouds will hang out over downtown san francisco, so misty skies, too. cool start. low to mid-50s. throughout the afternoon, we'll see highs climbing into the low 80s around san jose and there you see san francisco in the 60s. peninsula temperatures in the 70s. around the north bay and trivalley, things running cooler. 70s to mid-80s. upper 80s around pleasonton. walnut creek up to about 87 degrees and through the holiday weekend, temperatures stay fairly mild. coming up just a little bit towards fourth of july, but notice the cloud cover here in san francisco. this is your early sneak preview of the fireworks forecast into monday evening. it looks like low clouds so, pink and blue clouds possible for san francisco around fireworks type. no problems though around the south bay. san jose should see temperatures in the 60s. mostly clear skies. towards alameda county fair, looking good, too. a few patches of low clouds.
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those temperatures during the day very comfortable through the three-day holiday weekend. you'll see the temperatures staying mild, maybe come up for monday. throughout week ahead, it's going to trend cooler. once we pass fourth of july. that area of low pressure drops down so the yoult look heading into next week shows no signs of those 90s in the forecast. check that out for a change. temperatures below average towards the end of the five-day forecast and seven-day forecast ahead. we'll expect to see through fourth of july cools down more through the middle part of the week. good news for plans like san francisco and fortunately, looking at fog as the fireworks take off. back to you. >> still ahead here at 5:00, comfort while competing. how dog rs helping swimmers at the u.s. olympic trials. >> plus, a jewelry heist caught on camera. the update we've just received d from police. and nbc bay area a wants to help local non-profits build
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impactful communities. we're lawn fing our annual grant challenge. for new and innovative programs to earn up to $50,000. visit our website, for more information. applications are due august 26th.
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happening now on our homage:==r= the obama administraon sa as many as 116 civilians habeen ki 2009. an, yemen and afrca since it's the administration'first pf the obama administration says as many as 116 civilians may have been killed by drone strikes since 2009. it's the first assessment of civilian deaths by drone strikes. on our facebook page, non-profit
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in richmond is atemperature tempt -- area -- just days befe
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4th of july.. =vo= more th 500 unds of another fireworks bust in the bay area just days before the fourth of july. more than 500 pounds of fireworks confiscated in sunnyvale. take a look at the pictures. the bust started with an undercover operation to catch a
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woman selling fireworks over the internet then police say they snagged an accomplice. san francisco get their man in a jewelry heist. two are now in custody for a half a million dollar burglary. officers regular nuysed that man from this video and found some of the jewelry while making the bust a week after the crime. trz andreas grate and carnell pits face a variety of charges including grand theft. it is a must have beach accessory if you're a great white shark. an orange and yellow appliance that is a camera worn around the dorsal fin. you see great whites make an annual migration to a part f o the fas tick experts call the white shark cafe and once there, the sharks make repeat and dramatic deep dives. experts say the video will show them if the sharks are feeding or mating. looks like a fit bit or a go pr for a shark.
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>> we're in a moment from sharks to dogs. how the dogs are helping swimmers at the olympic trials. town. ==anim====take vo==
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but one soutbay commuty is tonight at 6:00, the rush is
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on to get out of town, but one south bay community is saying no thanks to passer byes this holiday weekend. why los gattos is making drivers take u turns on certain streets. >> okay, some new members at this year's u.s. swimminging trials. dogs. the pups are going to omaha as part of the non-profit therapy dog organization. each day, the dogs are brought to the swimmer's lounge to provide cuddle an stress relief. >> i came in yesterday, i think it helpeded a little bit because i got to think about something else other than swimming for a while. >> you can catch the u.s. swimming trials here on nbc. coverage continues through sunday. you can catch them tonight and when you see them in the pool tonight, you'll know before they went out there, they were snuggling with the dogs. >> all that stress and had a little zen in the pool. thanks for watching. as a reminder, nightly news is next. >> we'll see you at 6:00. bye bye.
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tonight, deadly hostage crisis. isis claims yet another attack, gunmen storm and open fire, trapping dozens inside, triggering a tense standoff. holiday fears. security ramping up in the u.s. for the july fourth weekend and will it be a weather washout for many americans? facing the fbi. hillary clinton prepares for a long-awaited fbi interview about her e-mails as her attorney general casts a shadow across the case in a meeting with bill clinton. a coastline overwhelmed by a toxic emergency at the worst possible time. and slashing your bills. how to cut your premiums at a time when car insurance is spiking. "nightly news" bin


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