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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 1, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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this weekend an next weekend the santa cruz on ran ramp on to 17 will be closed. this will force many drivers to u -turn and backtrack. robert is joining us from the short cut. any objections from the locals there? >> a little but not much. we are along the short cut route. the so-called short cut route was actually made popular by driving apps, such as ways and google. but that has become unpopular with businesses and residents. lisa runs a beauty salon and her business is in the path of people looking for short cuts to the beaches she is all for the cutting off of the short cut. >> i hope they get in line like everybody else and not cut through town and block our
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businesses. >> reporter: the man who runs the neighboring hardware store agrees. >> a couple of weekends this summer were absolute gridlock in town. nothing moved. if that's the down side how much worse could this be? >> reporter: town leaders say their studies show 2,000 vehicles use the short cut on a normal saturday and as many as 7,000 on a holiday saturday. they say the closure will provide data for future changes. >> traffic counting and seeing where they are heading from and going to. >> the data are showing if your destination is the beach, the fastest way to get there is highway 17. that's what the freeway was built to accommodate. >> one homeowner says he hopes the holiday closure leads to permanent changes. >> right now i'm a captive in my house on saturdays. if i leave anytime after 10:00 in the morning. so it could take me an hour to get back here.
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>> reporter: now the town tried an unannounced closure last weekend and people said it was a disaster on the first day. a lot of anger. they are hoping the publicized announcement will keep travelers from trying a short cut that will be cut off. los gatos robert handa. >> the number of deaths from car crashes were up nearly 8% last year. the national highway traffic safety administration said fatalities are up because gas prices are lower and people are driving more. the biggest increase in victims were bicyclists or pedestrians. it is a terrible family tragedy. a driver hit and killed a 6-year-old boy while walking in a parking lot holding his mom's hand. s do we know what happened and how
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it could have happened when he was holding his mom's hand? >> reporter: police are saying it appears to be a tragic accident. it happened right behind me in this busy parking lot. they will be looking at surveillance cameras to see if they can see what happened here. people tell me they are taking extra precautions after what happened last night. >> i'm always careful. >> shoppers look for a parking space at the oak ridge mall in san jose they say they are being extra cautious following the deadly accident last night. a boy was holding his mother's hand last night when they were both hit by a gray mercedes. >> it breaks my heart. i have a baby in the back. i can't imagine having somebody like hit him. >> reporter: investigators say the car was going slow and the driver is cooperating. >> it doesn't appear at this time that alcohol or drugs were a factor in the collision. >> reporter: officer albert morales said investigators will review surveillance cameras in the area and are asking anyone who may have seen the crash to
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come forward. >> it's a dangerous place at five miles an hour. >> reporter: today drivers say the death is a tragic reminder to always be alert behind the wheel. >> make sure i'm driving the speed limit and maybe less because that's really sad. >> police say this is the tenth pedestrian to be killed in san jose this year. reporting live, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. another fireworks bust in the bay area just before the fourth of july. 500 pounds of fireworks confiscated in sunnyvale. this bust started with an undercover operation to catch a woman selling fireworks on-line. police say they snagged her accomplice in sunnyvale. a concern with the fireworks. fire danger. flames came close to homes in east palo alto today. police received a 911 call that someone was playing with fireworks near the golf course. crews had the flames under
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control before any homes were damaged. no word of any arrests. new information about the bizarre stabbing in the movie theater. the man accused of the attack went before a judge today. pete, i know you learned more information from the family members of the victims who showed up in court today. >> reporter: yeah. there was a lot of mixed emotions from the families when they saw hart make his way in the courtroom. right now police are trying to determine if these two unprovoked incidents may be connected. it was a simple hug between strangers, both looking for answers. they are connected through this man, 23-year-old hart. he is suspected of stabbing 21-year-old adam in the neck and chest while the college graduate was watching a movie on wednesday. police are investigating if hart is connected to the murder of a
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homeless man stabbed 50 times while sleeping near the same theater on monday. police say both cases were unprovoked and involved a similar knife. >> amazing brother. >> brandon is adam's oldest brother. he said adam just moved to the area after landing a job in san francisco. adam was stabbed four times. tonight, he's in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery. >> there's not really a ton of happiness. a neutral feeling. like okay we can relax now. >> reporter: the same can't be said for this man. while police are investigating a possible link -- >> the randomness makes me feel more confident there is a connection. like i said who would want to kill him? >> he faces charges of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. he is due back in court.
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nbc bay area news. >> all right. thank you, pete. a jewelry heist in union square. check out the surveillance video. police say it helped catch the thief. it happened a week ago. yesterday they found the man and arrested them and made the recovery a half million dollars in jewelry. a new wave of gun laws in california and new anger for gun owners. governor brown signed six in to law today. the governor vetoed some so it is a mixed bag. >> bullets and magazines are a big part of the law but they are leaving a lot of south bay gun owners fuming. >> it is the bull.
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it is a joke. the laws are a result of the shooting in san bernardino in december. here's what they do. it is illegal to possess any magazine that holds more than ten bullets. the state will require anyone buying bullets to undergo a background check and their information will be stored in a state database. another law broadens the definition of assault weapon to further limit the types of firearms covered under the current state assault weapons ban. anyone knowingly files the loss of a guns will or theft will be banned from buying a firearm for ten years. if you loan a gun to someone who isn't an immediate family member that person will have to pass a background check and prevents the sale of guns with so-called bullet buttons, they allow the quick release of a magazine and quick attachment of a new one. >> honest reaction, it's a political move. it will not help stop terrorism,
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or crime. it's bull. >> fine with me. >> one of his customers said it was bound to happen and fears more will be on the way. >> one of these days they will come and say you have to give your gun up. i'm getting old. i'm sure my kid will have to deal with that. not me. >> reporter: the governor said his intent was to enhance public safety by tightening existing laws, at the same time protecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners. governor brown is a gun owner himself and he said he enjoys hunting. he signed the new laws the day after lawmakers placed the bills on his desk. in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc news. among the five bills the governor vetoed one have limited long guns to one a month. the governor rejected a proposal to make it an infraction if someone doesn't report a lost or
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stolen gun. . an unprecedented amount of humpbacks. why we are seeing so many whales close to our shore. four dogs were trapped in a sinking car. i'm live in fairfield tonight. hear from animal control officer called to save those animals. and we're tracking a cool down in temperatures right now. 13 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time in santa rosa. that's a good reason why. sea breeze and low clouds coming back. what it means for your fourth of july forecast and fireworks views when we come back. quickly sinking with no way t.
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highway 37, le 4 dogs and apass. the people. bmanaged toescue a crash in to the water left four people trapped in a submerged car. the firefighters rescued the people but the pets presented a different problem. we spoke to an animal control officer who saved the pups and that must have been a strange call to get. >> very rare one. the animal control officer said he never got an emergency call like this one. he was told law enforcement needed his help to rescue four dogs trapped in a vehicle, submerged in water. even more challenging he was told the animals were aggressive. >> minivan, half submerged. 50 yards off the runway. >> the firefighters and chp were
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already on scene. then animal control officer mark garr see ya also got the call. >> we get calls for emergencies but this not as much. >> reporter: four dogs were trapped inside of a car submerged in water. he jumped out of bed and raced in his truck. >> i was shocked to see how far the car was actually off the road. >> reporter: somehow the woman, driving a minivan and male passenger veered off of highway 37 and landed in the bay. you can see the debris floating in the water. >> when i arrived there were no owners at the scene. only the dogs. >> despite initial reports of the animals being aggressive he jumped in the water to talk to the dogs. >> i just told them, come here boy, come here, girl. everything is going to be okay. i'm here to help you. >> with the help of a ladder he got the two pit bulls and chihuahuas back to land.
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>> we were able to rescue scooter, sassy, angel and my favorite, buster posey. >> he said he was just doing his job. >> same with the humans. they were involve in a bad accident and had no idea what was going on. >> reporter: the owner of the pets suffered minor injuries and treated at the hospital. garcia spoke to them this afternoon and said they are so grateful their animals are okay and cannot wait to be reunited with them here in town. reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> happy ending. thank you. mosquitoes have been found in san jose infected with the potentially fatal west nile virus. these are the first of the season in san jose. fogging to kill the insects begins next week. notices will be hung on doors in these areas to make sure you know ahead of time. vaccination demonstration. right now in southern california, vaccine opponents
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are holding the first of what they call medical and religious tyranny valleys in response to a vaccination law that takes effect today. it requires school children get all vaccines before they enter a public school. the only exemption children with certain medical conditions means parents can no longer use the philosophical objection to keep children from getting shots. the law proposed. similar rallies will be held in other locations. here's a reason to head to the coast this weekend. whale sightings. pretty cool to see. humpbacks are seen in staggering numbers, even in the bay, not just along the coast. christie smith is in san francisco this evening. this is no coincidence. we are seeing more whales in our local waters. what's the scientific explanation? >> there were whale sightings
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today. two days ago in the bay, there could be a number of factors behind this but whale watchers are having a great time. the whale watcher is headed out on another tour from san francisco. >> it's not a typical year. we have had a tremendous amount of humpbacks come to our coast and the accessibility of the humpbacks have been the easiest i have ever had. >> reporter: may turned in to a great month to see them and even now people are grabbing binoculars. >> >> like someone rang a dinner bell and they are going to the table. there seems to be a lot of shoals of small schooling fish, maybe anchovies or small mackerel near shore. right off of san francisco in pacifica. that seems to be a hot spot for the humpbacks. they are opportunists.
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>> she said they feed on krill and right now food is abundant and conditions can play a role. >> more upwelling cold water. those are perfect conditions for ocean productivity. >> reporter: researchers are looking at a number of possibilities, including population growth, food availability, and other potential factors. they say one word of caution for whale watchers, that is keep a safe distance. live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. from whales to sharks. check this out. you see that there? think of it as a gopro or fitbit for a great white shark. researchers devised this orange and yellow wearable camera fastened around the shark's dorsal fin. they make an annual migration to a remote part of the ocean which experts call the white shark cafe. once in the cafe, the sharks
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make a repeated and dramatic deep dive. experts hope the video will help explain why they dive. >> if there's a barista. >> skinny latte. >> exactly. rob, nice weekend ahead for the holiday. >> yeah. ocean air conditioning turning on, strongly in the bay area. if you see the low clouds that could be a staple of the forecast moving to fourth of july on monday. right now the sea breeze cooled off. trivalley 84. tim ron and belvedere 75. san francisco 64. low clouds and the base of the low clouds at 600 feet. top of the golden gate bridge closer to 746 feet. that's fireworks viewing height. some of though low clouds out there right now. west wind 18 miles an hour. you can see as the cooler air reaches pleasantton, 84 degrees.
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exemption to the rule diablo 90s in antioch and brentwood. everybody benefitting from the temperatures. mild inland. chilly closer to san francisco and oakland. by 11:00 and midnight tonight seeing low clouds. very likely so misty skies around san francisco and the coast with 50s and 60s to start. during the day tomorrow, highs in the 70s and mid-80s in the south bay. low 60s closer to san francisco. pleasantton more highs in the mid-80s. probably going to stay in that range for the holiday weekend. a bit warmer as we head to monday. notice san francisco low clouds across the board. the first viewing of the fourth of july forecast for san francisco looks like we will see low clouds and we will let you know what to expect for the rest of the bay area in the extended seven-day forecast coming up in our next half hour.
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>> see you then. a shocker from the olympic swimming pool. the reason why natalie will not be on the road to rio this summer. homepage:
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tonight's mega milliondrawi is the 10-th largest ckpin u-s since no one has wonhmega- ==reveal==e march 8-th, thpot h. weekend?ur facebook page: stilly check out our bay area-th ojuly.
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one of the most decorated olymps story. nlts on the road to rio no more. big news from the pool today. the road to rio has ended for one of the most decorated olympians in history. natalie coughlin announced she will no go to the olympics shchl he is 33 years old and 12 time medalist. after disappointing swims in the 100 meter backstroke and 100 meter free, coughlin decided to withdrawal from the 50 meter free said she didn't want to continue the heart break. she lives in lafayette with her husband. final preparations are made at tracktown usa. the site of the u.s. olympic track and field trials. the third straight time the university hosted the trials.
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coverage begins tonight through july 10th right here on nbc. five weeks until the start of the olympics and video shows filth and garbage are a key issue at one venue. disturbing images. the bay with the race course is full of trash. and raw sewage is still flowing from rio's poor neighborhoods right above the water. olympic sailors say they are worried about running in to the floating debris while racing be i the viruss in the water could be a hazard too. authorities promise the games will be safe and the bay will try to be as clean as possible. near the famous copacabana beach the ribbon cutting of the 2016 mega store for rio. the official mascot for the games helped out there. that is a yellow cat creature, it is a mixture of a cat, monkey
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and other brazilian animals. and then tom, a creature that looks like it has an artichoke for a head. we're not sure what it is supposed to be. it does represent plants in the amazon rainforest. they are expected to be big sellers at the games. it is time to start packing your bags. 35 days until the opening ceremony. if you are heading there i'd love to hear from you. i will be heading there. live coverage from the olympics. fourth of july tradition, even though it is a bit gross. today was the weigh in as part of the build up to the main event. what's the main event? the annual hot dog eating contest on coney island in new york. last year, we had a major upset. matt stoney snatched the title from joey chestnut going for his ninth straight title. monday's contest will be a rematch for both men and we will see who cuts the mustard in the
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hot dog eating contest. up next, gunmen storm a popular, up scale restaurant in bangladesh. the latest on the hostage situation going in to the ninth hour. after a crash, more companies plan to get involved. the latest on autonomous cars just ahead.
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but they're also in develoe .. what's the futre of self dringcf
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right now 6:30. they are under the microscope and in development. what's the future of self driving cars in the wake of the tesla lawsuit? a lot of questions being asked after the deadly crash involving a tesla model s. >> tonight we are hearing from a florida authority that said the driver may have been watching a movie on a portable dvd player at the time of the crash. we are joined with more on the deadly accident, what's happening with technology moving forward and in this particular case this man had a bad driving record. >> the timing on this is awkward. to bring it home, just today, another tech company, intel said it is working with bmw to bring driverless cars to market in the next several years. some in silicon valley recommend a pause in the road to autonomous cars. in april, joshua brown posted a video of his tesla model s in auto pilot mode. in may, brown died in a car crash while his model s was
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driving on auto pilot. >> that's a serious problem and everybody needs too stop. >> reporter: in the aftermath of the deadly accident, the national highway traffic safety administration has opened an investigation in to what happened. >> this collision is a wakeup call to regulators that we need to know more and the public deserves to understand the technology before we go any further. >> reporter: while many in silicon valley say it may be time to slow down and take another look at autonomous cars. >> this is the beginning of a new technology and hopefully it will solve a lot of problems and provide safe transportation but when there's a significant red flag, it's time to pay close attention. >> reporter: asking questions about safety and ethics, like this question asked by ntsb chairman christopher hart before the deadly crash. >> you have an 80,000 pound truck coming at you. so is your driverless car going to run in to the 80,000 pound
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truck or go on the sidewalk where 25 pedestrians are? then it is a question of you or me. will it have a pick me, pick them button? >> reporter: tonight the parents of the victim, 40-year-old joshua brown said they will participate in the crash investigation and say joshua was a loving son and brother. back to you. >> thank you very much. you may have gotten a pay raise today. a higher minimum wage took affect in several bay area cities. ? san francisco it climbed from 12.25 to $13 an hour. that is because of measure j approved in 2014. a year from now it will climb to $14 an hour and up another time in 2018. maxing out at $15 an hour. the cities of emeryville and sunnyvale saw new minimum wage ordnances take effect today. a story in bangladesh. more than eight hours stins the
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standoff continues at a restaurant. a group of nine attackers stormed a restaurant. authorities say the attackers were holding customers and staff members at gun point. an isis affiliated news agency reports that isis is claiming responsibility for this attack. but that is yet to be confirmed. decision 2016 now. some people brising today as donald trump asked a reporter from turkey. >> i think he's friend. are you friend or foe? i think he's friend. >> trump was delivering a keynote address in denver. the man who asked trump to say something about turkey is a turkish journalist. the man said he was not offended by it and said thought of him as a kind man at least today. loretta lynch will step back
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from the investigation in to hillary clinton's private e-mails. speaking at a conference in colorado she said she let her career prosecutors make the call on whether mrs. clinton broke laws. at issue a 30-minute private meeting this week with former president clinton on a airplane parked on the tarmac at a airport. lynch said it was a social chat but she is not denying it looks bad. >> no matter how i viewed it, i understand how people view it. >> lynch acknowledges the meeting cast doubt on her partiality in this case. a mississippi judge's last minute ruling is a defeat for opponents of same-sex marriage. the judge blocked the religious freedom law hours before it was slated to take effect today. it would have allowed businesses or people to cite their religious preferences. the attorney general has expressed hesitation over
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appealing the case. in north carolina a state law limiting protection for the lgbt community is largely to stay intact. that includes the bathroom bill. it requires transgender people to use restrooms corresponding to the sex of their birth certificate. the law is expected to remain unchanged when the yearly legislative session ends this weekend. this week we're among 70 local media outlets highlights our homeless problem. an issue that perplexed leaders for decades despite spending hundreds of millions of dollars a year. >> how a once seedy hotel is playing a part in the solution. >> this used to be the crank hotel. >> in in the city of cherished buildings and monuments there is littles no stall gentleman for the civil center hotel.
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>>. >> who needs a house. >> sometimes homeless man there weren't many option. >> right now it is this or the streets. >> reporter: this hotel for the down and out on 12th and market street was so notorious the city you sued over the conditions and now the hotel's future is taking a step up. last year the city contracted with the nonprofit community housing partnership to take over the hotel's management. >> we upgraded bathrooms, better janitorial service. >> reporter: the biggest change, they are installing homeless navigation services. it will house 24 hour social services with meals and on site laundry. >> folks who have been living on the streets need a period where they stabilize. >> reporter: until now, stability has been a foreign word in a place known for violence and drugs. the new vibe suits ronald hale and the residents in the
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building. >> it is safe and clean. >> they say the one current navigation center nearby 16th and mission is effective and popular in helping people transition off the street. the city is pushing to open six more navigation centers. >> we need to get people in housing and have access to treatment. >> i have been raped, beaten, robbed. >> reporter: nicole johnson has called the streets home for 25 years but a recent stint in the navigation center sent her on a new bath of hope. >> i want to go to school and be a case manager. >> like johnson's troubled past the civic center hotel will be a bad memory. it will be torn down in a couple of years and replaced with new housing development including 100 units dedicated to the homeless. >> everyone needs housing. that's the foundation of rebuilding your lives. >> our coverage of the san francisco homeless project continues our our redesigned
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website. it is on the front page on the top stories section. watch all of the stories on this project and find out how you can help. up next, how a community is helping a 94-year-old park ranger beaten inside of her home. caught clean handed. how a customer helped police nab a suspected lawn dra mat burglar.
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a burglary suspect at a milpita. the wl say "steven hemminoknock no clean getaway for this burglary suspect at a laundromat. police say he knocked a hole in the wall of a coin op laundry. this because he was trying to get to the coin machine.
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police were called when customers heard a banging noise. bomb squad found this rocket-propelled grenade this morning inside of an abandoned building in a cal train station. police evacuated businesses on hope street and close the area. officers did give the all clear 90 minutes later after determining the grenade was inert. the oldest park ranger vows to be back at work as as soon as possible despite injured in a violent home invasion. 94-year-old betty suskin was honored for her years of service. friends and supporters set up two funds to help betty cover medical bills. two crowd funding sources and one of them only being up a day has $12,000. when betty goes to work we will
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let you know. search engine owned by zillow launched a feature to help you find housing near public feature. it is called rent near transit. it limits searches with homes within a 15-minute walk to a subway or b.a.r.t. station. they can compare prices around different hubs. >> will they give you money to rent. >> just where to go. >> the holiday forecast. the roads weren't that crowded. >> everybody left yesterday. >> four-day weekend. >> four-day weekend became five day for most folks. 580. hazy skies. we will look at the fourth of july forecast coming up in minutes. i'm consumer investigator with a week's worth of cases we have closed and the money we
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have returned. nbc bay area responds next. jess/2shot
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nbc bay ea respds is celebrating its first moh of solving your pblems. raj/2shot consumer investito nbc bay area responds is celebrating the first month of solving your problems. >> chris is here with a look at some of the cases we have closed in this past week alone. >> the fireworks are for us, not for the fourth of july. we are picking up steam. calls to our consumer investigative center are continuing to pick up. this week alone, we helped jocelyn in san francisco. her website went dark and unknown company demanded money to bring it back on-line. we intervened saving her $1400. michelle jackson, in san jose was getting nowhere with her travel insurance. we helped to settle her claim and put $600 in her pocket and reminded everyone to read the fine print. russ in los gatos warned us about an e-mail account and 1200
6:46 pm
messages that went missing. three national companies were dragging their feet until we got his account restored in a matter of days. if you have a consumer complaint we are here to help. call us or on-line at nbc bay we will respond to every call and e-mail. fireworks are for us. >> one month in. >> yeah. >> hundreds of calls. we really appreciate it. thank you for the good tips. keep them coming. >> it is happening. check it out. look outside. it looks clear. why? because everyone is gone already. the travel rush is gone. people have gotten out of dodge. these are live pictures across the area. 43 million americans are expected to travel over the holiday weekend. looks like most of them have left. >> my kind of traffic. no one on the road. >> nobody. >> if your plans include crossing the golden gate bridge, nice going, as well but it will cost you more.
6:47 pm
starting today, drivers of fasttrack will pay more. prices are going up for clipper cards and the ferries. it is help to budget the district budget. prices just went up, daily parking fees increasing 50% to 5.50 a day. this is for cal train parking lots. monthly permits have gone up today by $5 to $55 tonight, b.a.r.t. is launching a holiday weekend closure that will impact riders in fremont. one service ends tonight. the last two stations will be closed for track repairs. the union city and fremont stations will be closed through monday. shuttle buses will run between south heyward and fremont. keep in mind if you are heading out to watch the fireworks the last two fremont stations will be closed.
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>> we have had some changes in the temperature just in time for the fourth of july temperatures. san francisco you have a lot of fog. temperatures 63 for a high. napa 75 degrees. 85 sonoma. concord 91. down from the upper 90s a couple of days ago. livermore 91. san jose in the 70s after 81 earlier. 75 degrees trivalley. 64 -- 7 downtown and south of downtown pleasant evening. here's the big weather story, low clouds thickening through the day. 64 san francisco and west wind 18 miles an hour and the sea breeze reaching in to solano county, eastern contra costa and alameda county. temperatures dropping five to ten degrees.
6:49 pm
that was the fog yesterday. this is today, gaining a third of its depth in 24 hours. more cooling for the ocean air conditioning. that combined with the stronger sea breeze dropping the temperatures down. that's a big part of the forecast for the weekend which should not be that big of a part of the forecast they are the sierra which has been active for thunderstorms. most of that activity will move east. if your fourth of july weekend plans include the high country, the see yar should be thunderstorm free. meantime, a lot of low clouds on the bay area coastline. temperatures in the low 80s around san jose. mid-80s south of downtown. 60s closer to san francisco and 70s in the peninsula. the north bay, highs from the 70s to 82 in santa rosa and mid-80s pleasantton. if you are traveling in to southern california, 71 near l.a. 80 in yosemite and 106, where
6:50 pm
the heat moved on to palm springs. back to the bay area, mild temperatures should continue saturday, sunday all the way through 4th of july monday. notice we will have some clear skies inland. san francisco is a bit of an issue. 64 for the high. and around fireworks time, low clouds about 500 to 600 feet off the ground. sweeping in around 7:00. chances are mostly cloudy skies in san francisco. san jose a different story. comfortable temperatures, low 70s. mostly clear skies around fireworks time for the santa clara valley. the trivalley, the father wraps up in pleasanton. few patches in the evening on monday. nice weather and certainly cooler weather than we have seen the last week. guess what, middle of next week temperatures will turn cooler. you see it at the bottom of the seven-day forecast, the area of low pressure will drop in midway next week and the temperatures will dive down closer to 80 in
6:51 pm
dublin. middle of next week the cooling trend holding up. kicks in through 4th of july lu midweek. san jose 70s in the sfrast. 90s the last few days. temperatures cooling off and cool temperatures mean likely seeing fog around fireworks time at least around the bay. back to you. >> thank you, rob. that's good baseball weather. speaking of which, colin is going to watch baseball history tonight. >> impressive. >> yeah, this is a pretty fun stuff. we're in the second inning. fans are walking in. a big night in sonoma and baseball and women in sports. that story is next. be good. i'll see you later. [ bark ] [ bark ] bye. see ya pal. xfinity home provides 24/7 professional monitoring for 24/7 peace of mind. aw. aw. aw. aw.
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[ dryer running ] know what your pets are up to... party's on! ...with xfinity home, connected, protected home. xfinity customers: get a great deal on xfinity home and ask about free installation. call or go online today. see the secret life of pets, in theatres july 8th.
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game of the nit -- is insonoma. have you hd of the noma stompers? jess/2shot the omperare making tional the baseball game of the night in sonoma. have you heard of the stompers. >> they are making national headlines because two of their new players, just think girl power. >> colin, what's happening out there? >> stomp stomp. a lot is happening. it's been more than 60 years since two women started and played on the same professional baseball team. it is happening tonight as you said for the sonoma stompers. chelsea witmore has been working toward this day her entire life. >> at a young age people would come and watch her. parents would say i am going to see her on tv someday.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: at 17 you may think she is a softball prodigy. baseball has always been her sport. her father amazed and proud as can be. >> this is a situation where i never thought i'd hear someone say your daughter is playing professional baseball. it is a cool day. >> she started in left field batting eight. her job to provide run support and prevent the pacifics from scoring on starting pitcher stacey piagno. >> we are getting a lot of publicity but what is important to us as an organization is we did it the right way. the fact they will be on the roster and active tomorrow is what makes it more of a genuine effort than a pure one-day circus. >> the players welcome them as you do in baseball. >> she has to hit the targets. she has her own job and makes it
6:56 pm
more of a team. >> i have experienced to be part of history is exciting. >> first inning of the game she faced four batters three pop flies. the final out a warning track grab by whitmore. cheryl will be here at 11:00 with the post game story. nbc bay area. >> girl power on girl power out there. no offense to you, colin. >> hang tough as well. >> none taken. >> good news. remember the cat that gained national fame after it was found on the ice during a sharks playoff game. it will spend the holiday with patrick majerle. they adopted joe's sister and no word if his last name will change. >> sharks and cats. [ laughter ] >> thank you for joining us.
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bye-bye, see you at 11:00. the new trumps of the west
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coast. the jenner girls? their mega-million dollar real estate takeover before they're even 21. >> now on "extra." ♪ ♪ ♪ from supermodel to super property mogul, kendall jenner scooping up a $6.5 million mansion. the famous couple she bought it from as sister kylie buys herself her sister kim's exclusive enclave. donald trump's new words for hillary as her email investigation blows up. >> can't feel sorry for her. >> mario is getting personal with trump. what he thinks of his apprentice replacement arnold schwarzenegger.


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