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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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"i was shocked and i immedialy stted cryin i've been prty numbver since runs=05 ==terry pvo== rit now on c bay area ne. i was shocked. i immediately started crying. and i've been -- >> right now on nbc bay area news, ae meegzs running highs as trends and coworkers learn a cal student was killed in the terror attack in bangladesh. >> good evening, everybody. we're learning new details about the horrific attack and the kal
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community is planning a remembrance for a promising young student. the attackers who inviaded the holey artisan bakery, the gunmen asked them to turn on the building's wireless network and then the attackers used commerce' phones to post images of the attack on the internet. one of the dead, tarishi james, who was about ready to start her sophomore year at cal. chris. >> good evening, terry. there's a real accepts of sadness, shock and grief here at uc berkeley. condolences coming in from campus leadership. >> had this is the once --
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>> in a skype interview, emeral remembers the uc berkeley sophomore who was killed in the terrorist attacks. >> i was shocked. >> she says they mu met through a social enterprise that creates custom apparel to help end global poverty. >> we lend all of our profits in the form of microloans to starving entrepreneurs using this website. >> she says tereshi wanted to give back to her community. she arrived at uc berkeley in 2015 and began an internship in had june. her father was among those waiting for hours outside during the standoff waiting to find out about his daughter. >> it's been really difficult. >> shanna says her daughter, also a cal student, is in bangladesh for an internship and knew tarishi and followed social
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media desperate for words. >> she is really trauma sized because that's a lot for a 19-year-old to take. >> rashid says her brother-in-law owns a restaurant, but was at his other business. >> while the family is physically unharmed, they are devastated. >> this incident, a horrific incident that happened. >> now, on tuesday at noon here at cal plaza at uc berkeley, a memorial will be held for tarishi and the other people killed in that attack. christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> the u.s. state department says an american citizen was also among those killed. that is believed to be one of two students from emory university in atlanta who were killed in the attack. as for the other victims, the italian foreign minute strer has posted the name of nine italians
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kill. seven japanese citizens have been confirmed dead. witnesses say the hostages were asked to recite the koran to prove they were muss little. if they couldn't, they were killed. isis has claimed responsibility. tonight, an outpouring from around the world as people mourn the death of a holocaust survivor, elsie wiesel. chuck. >> well, terry, bay area religious leaders sum it up this.way. he was a messenger for man kind, many of them say they felt lucky to have met a man whose life work was to provide a voice for victims of the holocaust. in the aftermath, germany's systemic execution of 6 million jews, elise wiesel provided
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their voice in countless lectures and dozens of books start, with "night" in had 1960 that haunted readers with a night that they could never forget. >> he took a nightmare of his life and turned it around in into a universal message. >> in 1986, wiesel was award the know bet peace prize. his mission inspired oakland's judy shashevski to sit through family letters from auschwitz so their family won't be forgotten. >> he is about this memory and keeping people alive and knowing them. >> here, wiesel's legacy continues at a table in oakland. >> if we don't react to injusts now, that makes no sense. we must react.
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>> americans need only look to the national mall in washington, d.c. for a lasting monument to mr. wiesel's work. the holocaust museum stands today largely because of his efforts. >> thank you, chuck. this afternoon, the president released a statement on wiesel's passing leading, quote, he was a great moral voice of our time and a conscious for our whole. he was also a dear friend. we will miss him deeply. wiesel was attacked at a san francisco hotel in 2007, an alleged hollow cast denier assaulted and dragged him out of an elevator. a jury found the attacker guilty of false imprisonment with a hate crime charge. the judge sentenced wie esel's attacker to two years in prison. the jewish center was shut down today. by 9:00 this morning, police got a call saying a bomb was at the
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jewish center at the san may te'o bridge. a canine unit searched the area ask found nothing suspicious. fire crews are having a tough time with a blaze near tahoe. the good news, evacuations for people in plaster county were lifted last night. the bad news? the local fourth of july parade and other celebrations were canceled because of that fire. santa clara county fire tweeted this picture to help fire the fire in kern county. so far, 1800 acres have burned and evacuations are in place. a holiday weekend turned tragic. a man died this afternoon after swimming the shore with his family. he was swimming without a life vest when he began to struggle ask yelled for his family to help. but they weren't able to see through the murky water to find
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him. this is the third drowning at this reservoir since may 15th. a record number of americans are traveling this fourth of july weekend and the chp has beefed up its presence, as it does every year. there are already some sobering statistics. at least seven people were killed in collisions in california within the first six hours of the maximum enforcement period. buckle up, it saves lives. they tweeted, how much independence is there wind bars? the chp made 280 arrests for dui he is in the maximum had enforcement period. coming up next at 11:00, not your usual car chase in los angeles. tonight, two men tried to outrun the law in an all-terrain vehicle. we'll show you how it ended. looking out a plane window and seeing fog is not unusual, but seeing fog inside the plane, that's another story. we'll have it for you. and hillary clinton spends hours
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mooeth with the fbi behind closed doors. donald trump responds with another controversial tweet. remember watching that ocean. air-conditioning this hour with fashion all over the golden gate bridge. 358 degrees right now. we'll plan on some low clouds and possibly drizzle to start things off. for your sunday, what it means for the rest of your weekend plans and fourth of july ahead when we come back.
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agents. the topic... her use of a prive was se now to decision 2016. hillary clinton meets with fbi agents. the topic, her use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state and if any sensitive information may have been mishandled. donald trump responding. kelly o'donnell has the story. >> outside hillary clinton's washington, d.c. home, a small
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motorcade pulled away just after 7:30 this morning. clinton's destination, fbi headquarters. where she answered investigators questions for 3 1/2 hours. her campaign called the meeting a voluntary interview about the e-mail controversy that blew up more than a year ago. over her use of a home based private server and the handling of classified materials while secretary of state. late today, secretary clinton spoke exclusively to nbc's chuck todd. >> i will continue to, you know, be as forthcomings as i can and my answers that i first game more than a year ago i stand by. >> just three weeks before her party's convention, clinton is eager to put the controversy behind her. but political damage has been done. inflaming existing voter doubt about clinton's trustworthiness. >> there are enough questions republicans have about her
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honesty, her exacter, her judgment. this will continue to be her great weakness. and 2k78s ignore that, but for republicans, that's a big deal. >> ready to ex employ it, the rnc blasted clinton, calling her fbi interview unprecedented for a major party candidate. donald trump took to twitter, bold boldly saying what bill did was stupid. hillary clinton declined to call that meeting inappropriate. >> hindsight is 2020. both the attorney general ask my husband have said that this wouldn't do it again. >> that was nbc's kelly o'donnell reporting. on the republican side of the race, trump is looking at potential running mates, including former house speaker newt gingrich who says he's open to the idea. >> again, we're not placing any
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emphasis on that. it's his call. he has to make up his mind. we'll see what happened. >> the trump campaign says he's looking for someone with political experience and is relying on prominent lawyers to vault evaluate the top contenders. new jersey governor chris christie said to be on that short list. he will announce his running maid at the regular national convention. and that takes place later this who. a high speed chase like you've never seen before and we weren't the only ones. >> wow. i've never seen anything like this before. >> that's our nbc los angeles station chopper pilot. they say a lot of chases down there. he was on the scene tonight when two men on an at centre led police on a chase through south l.a. and an intent to shake off the officers.
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no month drama, just one chase. they didn't try to run away. another day, another illegal fireworks bust. police competed this picture this morning. police warn officers are out there tonight looking for violators. a reminder, fires are only legal in a handful of bay area cities. authorities say for fourth of july, leave it up to the experts. go to a professional fireworks display and find the list of those eaches, and there are many, on our website, track the weather conditions for our holiday weekend where you can find a complete fourth of july events guide. and is we are following bre breaking news in mountain view where there had is a heavy
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police presence at rain store park. police say when they arrived, they found a minor suffering from a stab wound. we'll continue to update this breaking story as more information becomes available. fog is not what you want to see on a flight, but passengers on a delta airlines flight reported seeing just that, and it is wasn't out their window. someone posted this video from inside the cab yip. posted on social media. delta assured passengers they were not in any danger. the fog was later identified as condensation building up because of the temperatures inside and outside that plane. the flighted took off from detroit yesterday and standed safely in new york. tonight, many ghost busters got the chance to ride in style. they recognize this as the ecto one car. these cars were sent out on the road this weekend. the drivers are wearing ghost
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busters uniforms and served riders key lime slime twinkies. all of that in the original ghost busters movie. the new ghost busters hits theaters in about two weeks. rob is here now. we were doing some reminiscing about ghost busters one and talking about ghost busters two.. >> yeah. >> let's talk about the forecast. >> we're seeing a lot of it in san francisco. al of fog in that ocean heath things up and cooling things down. a couple of nights ago, we were in the mid 70s at 11:00. right now, 66 degrees. you see dublin, no fog there just yet, but likely we'll see a few clouds. right now, 62 degrees. most of thely clear in san jose and mostly foggy in san francisco. we have winds on short and gusty at times along the ghost. what happens, you get gusty winds offshore, it brings up cooler water from below.
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check out these ocean temperatures from offshore. low 50s. the national weather service has a statement for rip currents. watch out for the risk of hypothermia out there. water temperatures are normally pretty cool. we're talking low 50s out on the coast and with those rip currents strong through monday. use caution if you're heading out to the coast. with all the fog and cool temperatures, the ocean might not be that inviting along the coast. clouds spilling inlieutenant from 7:00 in the morning and coming back in as we head into sunday event. so the morning starting out low clouds and likely some drizzle around the coast. as we move through about mid day, we'll see temperatures inland in the 70s and chances, high temperatures mid to upper 80s in the warmer spots ought of san jose. saratoga probably seeing a more warm location.
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san francisco staying in the 60s. 70s and 80s across the north bay. so the fourth of july forecast, temperaturewise looks pretty similar. we'll see temperatures in the ate around sanoma. but the sky continues is what we're watching as we head into monday event. just like we'll see tomorrow, by 9:00 monday, we're thinking we will see low clouds spilling into fran. so a cool, cloudy fourth of july in san francisco. san jose, probably not that much of a problem. hazy skies. temperatures in the low 60s. pleasanton looking, not too bad. and those temperatures in the mid 60s. as we go through the first half of next week, we'll see even cooler weather. area of low pressure dropping down the coast. that means our temperatures are going to turn even cooler than what we're seeing right now. mid 70s around san jose. even the tri valley.
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upper 70s to low 80s for the middle past of the week in san francisco. more foggy days ahead, likely cooling towards the middle part of the week. coming up next, now lemgendary musician paul simon has a bombshell of an announcement. it has to do with sounds of silence, but not the song. we'll explain. and coming up in sports, the courtship of kevin durant continues. and harrison barnes, what's going on here? details, straight ahead. nba free agency remains hot
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topic in sports.. kevin dant continues to feel outhe mark welcome back to in connection area. nba free agency remains red hot in sports. kevin durant continues to feel out the market meeting with the spurs and celtics today. he's expected to make a decision by mon. he has ruled out that he will not join the l.a. clippers. according to espn, the dallas
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mavericks intend to sign harrison barnes to a four-year deal for $95 million. harrison is a restricted free agency. so the warriors are allowed to match any offer to their starting forward. d'backs. san francisco up 5-3. two on. he takes hunter strickland deep. that is gone and that would be the difference. arizona wins, 6-5. a's and pirates, tenth inning, tied at two. david freise. there's the throw. at the plate, but it's a little bit too late. pirates up one. bottom of the tenth, a's down two. a's lose, 4-2 is the time. on the bright side, rich hill returns from the disabled list and looks to be in top shape. he allow just two runs on four hits. that's it for now.
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terry will be right back with more news.
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calling it qui. mon is ==take vo== th w york tis says at 74 years o are we ready for the sounds of silence? paul simon is calling it quits. at 74 years of age, paul simon is ready to give up making and playing music. he said show biz doesn't hold any interest for me, none. since last night, he performed in queens and it could be his last u.s. concert. he has a european tour skepd scheduled for the tall. fun fact, simon was the very first person to be the host and musical act of "saturday night live." "saturday night live" is up
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next. it's going to be very good. we've seen this one. it's a good one. >> all right. >> thank you for watching nbc bay area news. have a great, long weekend.
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>> live from the venetian hotel in las vegas, it's the republican debate, with your moderator, wolf blitzer. [ cheers and applause ] >> good evening. for those of you who missed our earlier undercard debate, featuring mike huckabee and rick santorum, well, the results are in, and everybody lost. now let's meet the candidates.


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