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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 3, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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take a live look out. from nbc bay area, this is today in the bay. >> this is the view outside san jose. the sun is shining. the wind seems to be whipping on this sunday morning, the day before the fourth of july. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. a look at our forecast. we're very patriotic together. >> yes, red, white and blue. we read each other's mind. >> we always do. we don't text or call. >> just happened. you saw the shot earlier, the wind blowing around this morning. there is san francisco, completely fogged in this morning. that's the marine air that has pushed way inland. temperatures are not going to be
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as hot as they have been. feeling like summer for the inland valleys. mid 50s for most of the bay area. 52 in half moon bay. 50 in santa rosa. wine country, mid to upper 70s from napa to santa rosa. 80s for the tri-valley. 82 for san jose. 60s at the coastline. santa cruz will remain at 70 today. temperatures a little bit up from yesterday. cool around the coastline. tomorrow, they go up more. we will talk about the fourth of july forecast in 15 minutes. >> nice day to get out and celebrate. it has been a tragic weekend this weekend for loved ones who learned a student with bay area ties died in the terror attack in bangladesh. as we reported yesterday, she was one of the 20 hostages killed when six gunmen stormed a popular restaurant on friday. she was from india and about to start her sophomore year at uc
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berkeley. she was in bangladesh for an internship. those who knew her say she was a promising young student who wanted to give back to her community. they are in disbelief. >> it has been really difficult. >> i was shocked. i immediately started crying. and i've been pretty numb ever since. >> we spoke with a woman who says her brother-in-law owns the restaurant where the attack happened but that he was at his other business when the terrorists stormed in. uc berkeley will hold a vigil tuesday at noon for the victims. the u.s. state department says an american citizen was among those killed in the attack. that victim was from miami and was a student at the oxford campus of emory university based in atlanta. another student at emory university also was killed in the attack. as for the other victims, the italian foreign ministry posted the name of nine italians, seven japanese also have been
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confirmed dead. disturbing details emerge. the hostages were asked to recite the koran. if they couldn't, they were killed. isis claimed responsibility. back here at home, a young man is recovering after he was stabbed at a park. we brought you this first as breaking news last night. police say it happened just before 10:00 p.m. when they arrived in mountain view, they found a minor suffering from one stab wound. he was taken to the hospital. this morning police are still investigating the stabbing. they have not made any arrests. new this morning, teenagers led police on a high speed chase early this morning in the east bay. the chp says it started shortly before 4:00 this morning. the officers tried to pull over the driver of a white ford for speeding. ly racing another car. he sped away going 130 miles per hour. the chase lasted for about ten minutes. it ended with a crash.
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all four teenage occupants were taken into custody. officers say they found a firearm in the car. no one was hurt. now to an outpouring of support around the world as people mourn the loss of elie wiesel. he died yesterday at his home in manhattan. he was well-known for his memoir "night" in which he shared his story of imprisonment at auschwitz. we have more on his legacy. >> religious leaders remember wiesel's passion for peace. >> what he stood for is every single individual on this planet has an opportunity to make this world a better place through their own unique gifts. >> in the aftermath of germany's
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execution of six million jews, he wrote dozens of books beginning with "night" in 1960 saying, if we forget, we are guilty. we are accomplices. in 1986, he was arrested the nobel peace prize for his life long message of peace and human dignity. his mission inspire ed this famy to sift through family letters from auschwitz. >> if we don't react to injustices now, that makes no sense. we must react in one way or another. >> for this couple, the the story is their legacy. a story in the spirit of elie wiesel that must be retold left they be forgiven. >> to forget the dead would be akin to killing them again. and that really strikes me. >> nbc bay area news.
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president obama released a statement reading -- >> he was attacked eed at a hotn 2 0 2007. he was dragged outside of an elevator. a judge sentenced the man to two years in prison. the jewish community center will reopen today. it had been shut down because of a bomb threat. happened around 9:00 yesterday morning. police got a call saying a bomb was at the peninsula jewish community center near the san mateo bridge. the center staff closed the building and evacuated. the bomb squad and a k-9 unit searched the area. they found nothing suspicious.
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now to decision 2016. a one on one with the fbi. hillary clinton met with investigators about her use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. clinton spent 3 $1/2 ho1/2 houri headquarters. after the interview, clinton spoke by phone with nbc's chuck todd. >> i was pleased to have a chance to sit down and answer their questions today. to try to help bring this review to a conclusion. >> the interview cop comes one at loretta lynch said she would let career prosecutors decide the discretion of the case. that came after critics slammed her for meeting privately with bill clinton earlier in the week. donald trump weighed in in on clinton's fbi meeting. he tweeted that a source tells him hillary will not be
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indicted. trump is looking at potential running mates, including former house speaker newt gingrich. >> certainly, we will discuss seriously with donald. we're not placing any emphasis on that. it's his call. he will make up his mind. we will see what happens. >> mike pence and chris christie are also on the list. trump plans to announce late they are month at the republican national convention. head to our resigned website. there you will find more coverage on the race for the white house. it's 7:08 right now. we have more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, not your usual car chase in los angeles. two men tried to outrun the law in an all-terrain vehicle. we will show you how it ended. plus, looking out a plane window and seeing fog isn't unusual. but seeing fog in the plane, that's another story.
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welcome back. it's 7:11 on your sunday morning. we're getting a live look outside at san jose. windy out there as we look at this first sunday of july. looks like temperatures will be warming up just in time for your fourth of july celebration. fire crews are having a tough time with a stubborn blaze near lake tahoe. it broke out on tuesday. we have the latest. it has scorched more than 3,000 acres and is 12% contained. evacuations for people were lifted last night. the bad news still is local fourth of july parades and other celebrations were canceled because of this fire. >> we're good where we have. we have a lot of resources, bulldozers, hand crews working. we're pretty good. >> trying to get everything out so it's reducing the fuel load.
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>> two people working on the fire suffered minor injuries. no reports of homes damaged or destroyed. it was a high speed chase like we have never seen before. we weren't the only ones. >> wow. i have never seen anything like this before. >> that's our nbc los angeles station's chopper pilot. he was on the scene when two men on an atv led police on a chase through the streets of south los angeles. the spetried to shake off the officers. once officers caught up to them, they surrendered and didn't try to run. sounds like a smart move there. fog is not what you want to see on a flight. passengers on a delta plane in detroit reported seeing just that. it wasn't out of their windows. someone posted this video from inside the cabin on social media. it prompted a reply from delta that assured passengers they weren't in danger.
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the fog was later identified as condensation buildup due to the temperatures inside and outside the plane. the flight took off from detroit and landed safely in new york. we have more ahead on today in the bay coming up, feeling the shaking? was that just your phone vibrating? google is getting into the earthquake business. we will tell you the way they want to help those in the danger zone. we are waking up to clouds and fog along the coastline and the inner bay. we will talk about your forecast for this sunday coming up.
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you are watching today in the bay. >> welcome back. 7:15 on your sunday morning. we're taking a live look outside towards san francisco. clouds in the sky. we have fog across the bay this morning. warmer temperatures ahead of the fourth of july. a long anticipated park opened this weekend in san francisco's mission bay
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neighborhood. the swing sets were packed. it's two acres south of at&t park. those who live in the area cease ta say it's a perfect addition. >> more families on this side of the city. lots of people moving in. it's great to have other stuff for people to do. >> the park was finished in march. but legal red tape had kept children from playing there. the next time you feel the ground shake, you will be able to find out where an earthquake happen and whether it was as big as it felt. one of tech's biggest names has a plan to help you get earthquake information faster. our business and tech reporter has more on the story that involves google and your smart phone. >> of all the events that have us reaching for our smart phones, earthquakes instantly shake up our social media feed. now google says it is updating search results to bring us more information faster.
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>> people are going to be searching for earthquakes. they're trying to figure out what's going on. >> now find out about the latest quake as soon as it hits via google search on your desk-top or mobile device. >> the size of the earthquake, epicenter, as well as tips on what to do to stay safe. >> information that often gets to us from the u.s. geological survey. >> more information on the cell phone will help you. >> it will reach you faster. usgs says it's fine with us, but is worried the gobble plan comes with some limitations. >> i think the difficulty and is going to be it will work probably very well for small earthquakes. once you get to a larger quake, we could have saturation of cell phone service. >> not to mention potential power outages that keep you from charging your devices. when things start to shake, you will get more going mobile. scott budman, nbc bay area news.
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now to a big illegal fire works bust and a reminder for anyone else looking to break the law, police confiscated at least a dozen of these fireworks friday night. they say officers will be out again tonight looking for any violators. a reminder, safe and sane fireworks are only legal in a handful of bay area cities. authorities say it's best to leave it to the experts. go see a professional fireworks display for the fourth of july. you can find a list of those events on our website track the weather conditions for the holiday weekend with our nbc bay area app. that's where you can find a complete fourth of july events guide. conveniently, we have an on this if i sla anthony slaughter here. >> it's going to be a nice weekend. we have had spectacular weather. the fog at the coastline in the
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morning that lets you sleep in a little bit. >> it's good. >> not in san jose. we have been sunny. there is a flag blowing in the breeze, old glory looking pretty good on this sunday. we have cooler weather headed to our valleys today. that natural ac really kicking up. a shot from belvedere. off in the city, the distance. you can see, we have fog this morning at the coastline. that's the case for san francisco and parts of the east bay as well. the peninsula, we're starting to clear out. across the south bay, we are clear. sunny skies waking up to temperatures in the 50s. south bay, mid 80s. very comfortable around the inner bay air today. cool at the coastline, san francisco had upper 50s and low 60s. expecting the same today. it will be breezy as you saw from the flag whipping up in the wind. we still do have the foenl fpot for rip currents. so just keep in mind usa get
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going this morning if you are headed to the beach, that rip current risk is still there across most of our beaches. high pressure still in control across the desert southwest. you get circulation around high pressure and that brings in clockwise conditions. you get in the southerly flow. that brings in warm air. we have 100 degrees for bakersfield. same for redding. upper 80s for san ramon. at the coastline, monterey, 65 today. l.a., san diego, 60s and 70s along the coastline. inland valleys warm. at the coast you will notice the cooling conditions. monterey tomorrow up to 65. you will notice san ramon by tuesday, falling out of the upper 80s back into the low to mid 80s. we will have a gradual decline in the temperatures over the next couple of days. again, it's going to be minor. you might not notice. temperatures today in the south bay, mid 80s. tuesday, low 80s. a subtle change coming.
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peninsula, you will stay where you are at, mid 70s through the next couple of days, sunday, monday, even tuesday. san francisco, you will wake up to the fog each and every morning. for fourth of july, expect a temperature near 65. as we head to the north bay, the east shore and the trivall-vall temperatures go up. that quick fall in temperatures by tuesday back into the 80s. you can see the marine air has pushed inland. that's our fog. you can see it is pushed over towards places near sacramento and the delta. the cool northwesterly flow where you are used to seeing around this time of year, well, it's going to sag a little farther south. what we are going to look at is cooler weather headed our way as we head toward the middle part of the week. the jet stream pushes high pressure down to our south. we're not going to look at the extremely hot conditions like we have been seeing. in fact, temperatures going down this week. by monday, 84 for the san jose area. look at that, by wednesday and thursday, we're talking upper
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70s. for the try-vi-valley, back to by wednesday. sweet relief is headed our way, especially once we get past the fourth of july. >> looks good, anthony. we have more ahead on today in the bay coming up. do you have a bucket list? we met one woman. we rode along with her. she took the trip of a lifetime. stay tuned. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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you are watching today in the bay. >> do you have a bucket list? if so, what's on it? one 80-year-old woman from the east bay wanted to be a police officer just for one day. today in the bay's bob radell went on her very special ride. >> this police officer and her partner for the day barbara
7:25 am
salazar. finger on the trigger about to catch a speed demon. >> i bet he is shaking in his boots. i love it. >> she's crossing off the last item on her bucket list, to spend a day with the people who protect and serve the town she's lived in for more than half her 80 years on the planet. >> i admire the police department so much. the way that you take care of everybody. >> during her ride with officer chestnut, barbara, a former model, surprises us with this little nugget. >> i have wanted to be a police lady. >> did you? >> yeah. in my day, they didn't do that. you went to secretarial school. >> i'm glad i can show her that we're doing it and that we girls are totally accepted here. >> she's good. i can't imagine anybody saying, you kncan't work because you ara woman. she's really good.
7:26 am
>> officer chestnut runs the plate on the speeding driver. comes up clean. >> we will probably just tell him to slow down on this road, that it's a common road for speeders. probably get a ticket next time. >> you are not going to give him one now? >> he was very polite and friendly. >> that's nice. >> i love barbara. she's super excited. >> man, i'm on a bike. >> very she's very cool. they are afraid of you. >> oh, boy. i got him now. >> what are you looking forward to most? >> shooting. yeah. i'm looking forward to shooting a gun. i have never shot a gun before. >> this is something the police department does do. they offer people ride alongs. what barbara did, she filled in the forms. said i would love to do a ride along. she goes, it's the last item on my bucket list. they said, come on by. >> good for her. i would be afraid of her shooting the gun with that big of a smile.
7:27 am
we have more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, she's heading to rio 15 months after having a baby. the motivation behind dana's third trip to the olympics. websites shut down. a small business owner in san francisco comes to us to get back online. nbc bay area responds next.
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from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> it's 7:29 on your sunday morning. we see the sun shining but a lot of cloud cover as we look at san jose on this july 3rd. thanks for joining us. anthony slaughter has a look at our forecast for fourth of july. >> it's going to look good. kind of like what we have been seeing every day. it's a carbon copy. yesterday, just copy what we had yesterday for today.
7:30 am
it will be another nice day. >> groundhog day. >> yes. isn't that a crazy movie? talk about the forecast. we are talking 50s this morning. there is the fog in san francisco and north bay. even low clouds across the east bay and peninsula. one place that didn't see the fog, south bay and tri-valley. bright and sunny leading to warmer temperatures. 80s for the inland valleys. 60s at the coastline. at the beach, it will be cool. that continues tomorrow. we will have the fourth of july forecast if you are headed to see the fireworks, we will have that for you in 15 minutes. >> stay tuned. it has been a tragic weekend for loved ones who learned a student with bay area ties died in the terror attack in bangladesh. we reported yesterday she was one of the 20 hostages killed when six gunmen stormed a popular restaurant on friday. she was from india but she was about to start her sophomore year of college at uc berkeley. she was in bangladesh for an internship. those who knew her say she was a
7:31 am
promising young student who wanted to give back to her community. those people who knew her are in disbelief she's gone. >> it has been really difficult. >> i was shocked. i immediately started crying. and i've been pretty numb ever since. >> we spoke with a woman who says her brother-in-law owns the restaurant where the attack happened but that he was at his other business when the terrorists came in. uc berkeley will hold a vigil tuesday at noon for the victims. the u.s. state department now says an american citizen was among those killed in the attack. the victim was from miami and was a student at the oxford campus of emory university, which is based in atlanta. another student at emory university also was killed in the attack. as for the other victims, the italian foreign miss stnut mini the names of those killed.
7:32 am
details emerge. witnesses say the hostages were asked to cite the koran to prove they were muslim. isis has claimed responsibility. back here at home, a young man is recovering after he was stabbed at a park. we brought this to you as breaking news last night. it happened just before 10:00 p.m. when they responded to a mark in mountain view. they found a minor suffering from a single stab wound. he was taken to the hospital. police are still investigating the stabbing this morning. they have not made any arrests. the sex scandal that started at the oakland police department is leading to changes in nearby richmond. yesterday, the mayor announced a lieutenant and an officer have been removed from the roles working with young people. that's because an 18-year-old said she had six with both of those officers. she says she has had sex with dozens of officers from multiple police departments, including some while she was still a minor.
7:33 am
new this morning, teenagers led police on a high speed chase early this morning in the east bay. the chp says it started shortly before 4:00. they tried to pull over the driver of a white ford for speeding and racing another car. the driver instead sped away down interstate 880 goes as fast as 130 miles per hour. the chase lasted for just ten minutes. it ended with a crash. all four teenage of course pants were occupants were taken into custody. they found a firearm in the car. no one was hurt. just ahead of the fourth of july, we know the typical dangers of grilling. but one minneapolis woman has a warning to everyone this holiday weekend, be careful of your grill brush. deborah says she felt a strange sensation in her throat. she swallowed a tiny brush bristle without noticing. she couldn't figure out what happened at first. >> there it was this tiny little
7:34 am
grill bristle. i realized then that that must be what i had swallowed before. >> she would spend more than five hours in surgery. doctors couldn't find the wire. it was lodged too deeply into her tongue in the back of her throat. she's back to normal now and wants people to know there are other options for cleaning your grill like a pumus stone or a scouring brush. one man is showing off his scars and sharing his story. nick is lucky to be alive after a fireworks accident. four years ago fireworks exploded in his hands. >> by the time i realized i had it in upside down, i tried to throw it. it exploded in the tube, shot through, took my thumb off. hit my chest. took a chunk off of my heart, collapsed a lung. part of my liver. >> he spent a month in the
7:35 am
hospital. he doesn't remember much from the day but he wants to use his scars to help warn others. now to a warning about holiday travel. the record number of americans traveling this holiday weekend has been a particularly deadly year on the roads. security concerns are up as well after the terror attacks here and overseas recently. nearly 43 million americans are expected to travel in some way, shape or form this fourth of july. there are several factors behind the uptick. gas prices are low. domestic round trip airline tickets have dropped by 9%. the holiday falls on a monday, which gives people more time to get out of town. now to nbc bay area responds to a san francisco small businessowner. she reached out to us for help when her website was shut down by her hosting site. we have the story.
7:36 am
>> our dog's name is tuko. we call him boo boo. he just looks like he was just born to do that, to jump and get that ball. >> he is also the inspiration behind boo boos bed, a dog food company. she counts on her e-commerce website to drive business. >> anybody who i approach, they always will use the website as a reference. that's the first place people go to learn about the product, about the company. >> recently, her website was taken down. a message on the site read, temporarily unavailable. she didn't know how or why it happened. but she did know one thing. >> we don't get sales. i don't make money. >> scrambling to get her site back up, she called blue host, her hosting site. she was connected to site lock, a website security company. she said site lock referenced this e-mail it had sent her, that it detected malweare on he
7:37 am
site. she had dismissed it as spam. she didn't do business with site lock. she never heard of the company. she said site lock told her she had to pay upwards of $120 a month to fix the malware and get her site up and running again. >> that's a lot of money, especially for someone like me. i'm a small business. i'm just starting. that's a big chunk of money. >> confuse and frustrated, she asked for our help. blue host explained site lock is a security partner and it did in fact find malware on her site. it took it down so it wouldn't spread to other websites hosted by blue host. they acknowledged it could be perceived as spam. it's working to evolve its e-mail communication. eager to help her out, they fixed her site for free. they are back in business. >> i must say it was very fast. it is fantastic. i'm thrilled.
7:38 am
>> that was our consumer investigator reporting. in a statement, bluehost said -- both companies recommend all small businessowners invest in security to protect their website. if you have a consumer complaint, we want to hear about it. call us at 888-996-tips or find us to online at it's 7:39. coming up, going for the ghost after gi gold after giving birth.
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welcome back. it's just about 7:41 on sunday morning. the camera is whipping in the wind. the sun is shining. cloudy skies. we will see a warm-up from this windy morning in time for the fourth of july celebrations. the u.s. olympic swim trials end today in omaha, nebraska. for some it's a final chance to book their trip to the summer games. one bay area swimmer already has her bags packed for rio. >> going to punch her ticket. >> dana vollmer is on her way to the olympic games. she qualified by finishing second in her 100 meter fly final. she won three gold medals at the london games left the pool to take on a new challenge, motherhood. just 15 months after her son was born, dana is back on the road
7:42 am
to rio. the super mom tells us just how she did it. >> it was a plunge dana vollmer wasn't sure she would take again. two olympics and four gold medals, she was done with swimming. or so she thought. >> i started thinking about coming back when i was on bed rest. >> a couple of years later, she was pregnant with her first child. >> being in bed for that long is awful. >> that time was all it took for dana to dream of another olympics. last year, the baby arrived. >> you never know you can love something so much until he was here. >> it was for him that she began exercising her hopes once more. >> when first got back in the pool, i could hardly do warm-ups. i was told by a couple people that you couldn't get your body back after having a baby. i like goals like that. >> she became a mama on a mission. >> to show that you don't have
7:43 am
to give up a life as an athlete to be a mom. >> a longtime coach says having a toddler has pushed dana to a new level. >> i think the mental approach is the biggest difference. i see a cammer calmer more grounded dana than i have seen. >> her closes are closing in on where she was in london. where she set a world record. she has one more mission in rio, just making it is enough. >> everything from here on out is bonus. i think that's the way she looks at it. >> no pressure is awesome. >> dana and her husband are talking about a brother or sister for their son after the olympics are over. this time there is no talk of leaving the pool again. dana says she plans to swim for life, maybe even competing again after rio. we're getting ready for the opening ceremony which is now just 33 days away.
7:44 am
we will be reporting live from rio. it's 7:44. we have more ahead on "today in the bay." wanting to remain in the wake of the brexit vote, we take a look at if it's really possible for england to back out of that decision in this morning's reality check.
7:45 am
7:46 am
now to decision 2016. hillary clinton meets with fbi agents. the topic, her use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. whether any sensitive information may have been mishandled. donald trump is respond gs. kelly o'donnell reports. >> reporter: outside hillary clinton's washington, d.c. home, a small motorcade pulled away. clinton's destination, fbi headquarters where she answered investigators' questions for three and a half hours.
7:47 am
her campaign called the meetin a voluntary interview about the e-mail controversy that blew up more than a year ago over her use of a home-based private server and the handling of classified material while secretary of state. secretary clinton spoke exclusively to nbc's chuck todd. >> i will continue to, you know, be as forthcoming as i can. and my answer that i first gave more than a year ago i stand by. >> reporter: three weeks before the party convention -- >> i am so grateful to you. >> reporter: clinton is eager to put this behind her. but political damage has already been done. enflaming existing voert dou ii. >> there are enough questions republicans have been her honesty, character, her judgment. this will continue to be her great weakness. democrats ignore that, but for republicans, it's a big deal.
7:48 am
>> reporter: ready to exploit it the rnc blasted her, calling the interview unprecedented for a major party candidate. donald trump took to twitter boldly predicting criminal charges and adding, what bill did was stupid. that refers to the private airport meeting bill clinton had with attorney general loretta lynch this week. hillary clinton declined to call that meeting inappropriate. >> hindsight is 20/20. both the attorney general and my husband have said that they wouldn't do it again. >> that was kelly o'donnell reporting. now to not giving up on their opposition to the brexit. thousands of european union supporters marched in london. they marched for europe as it's called. demonstrators held signs with the words we love eu. bbc news is reporting an organizer of the march said the goal was to stop the government from triggering article 50. that's what begins the formal process of the uk's withdrawal from the eu. the report says the protesters
7:49 am
who lost the brexit were, quote, having a tantrum. as that video showed, many brits want to exit brexit. but is that possible? here is sam broch with this morning's reality check. >> have i to say, you are not laughing now. >> brexit talks turned into bashing in brussels. >> you as a political project are in denial. >> as nigel farage basked in his movement's victory. this is not a done deal. because the reality is last week's brexit referendum is not legally binding. with many believing a parliamentary vote is required to break ties. emboldened, more than 4 million people recalled for a second re-do referendum, which might make sense after google trends showed what is the eu as one of the most popular uk searches
7:50 am
after the vote? sglun for t sgl >> there's no rule against stupidity in an election or referendum. it will be lard hard to re-run . google search notwithstanding. >> we called up thomas wright to get to the bottom of the back and forth. >> we have a fundamental responsibility. >> with david cameron resigning and boris johnson bowing oust contention, it's not clear who is going to lead the ruling conservative party. parliament is in the first year of a five-year term. it's possible lawmakers might wipe the slate clean, hold another general election this fall and those results would serve as a second referendum or brexit vote. >> there would need to be political leadership to reverse it. at the moment and with the domestic politic of the uk and europe and being so negative, one has to say brexit is more likely than not. >> translation, careful what you wish for.
7:51 am
for 7:51. more ahead on "today in the b bay." how you can be part of the revival of ghost busters this weekend with an app on your phone. we have fog at the coastline. we're sunny for our inland valleys. we will break down your sunday forecast and get you into the fourth of july.
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you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast welcome back on this sunday.
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7:53 the time. this shot from san francisco, looking down into the city. you can barely make out the city down below. that's because we have fog. low clouds across the east bay, that includes the oakland area. the fog didn't make its way inland for everybody. for most of the inner bay, cloudy skies. 50 in santa rosa. san jose, 58. santa cruz at 55. if you are headed to the beach, up to 70. not ideal beach conditions even for san francisco. only 63 degrees. staying cool at the coastline. nice and comfortable for the inner bay. 73 for oakland. 77 for redwood city. 82 for san jose. if you are headed to the beach, we do have the threat for rip currents through tomorrow. keep that in mind. you never want to get out in the water by yourself. take a friend with you. of course, never turn your back on the ocean. especially with the big waves out there. high pressure is in control for
7:55 am
most of the western half of the country. this has been the trend over the past couple of weeks. now we will see high pressure sag to the south. that will mean heat is not as oppressive as it has been over the past couple of days. we're headed back to the mid 80s tomorrow. mid 60s at the coastline. we will have a wide range of temperatures. 60s at the coastline. 70s around the inner bay. we will manage 80s by tuesday for our inland valleys. look at this along the coastline towards l.a., san diego, low 70s. very comfortable along the coastline. your holiday weekend forecast for the south bay through the next couple of days does bring temperatures down a little bit from the upper 80s to the low 80s by tuesday. the peninsula, you will say where you have been at, mid 70s. san francisco back into the 60s each and every morning or every afternoon. fog every morning through tuesday. across the north bay, temperatures today near 80 degrees. a little warmer for tomorrow and
7:56 am
then the decline for tuesday. same deal for the east shore and the tri-valley. temperatures will manage 91 degrees for the tri-valley for tomorrow. then back into the mid 80s by tuesday. we had a strong push of marine air this morning. that's why we have fog reaching all the way over towards concord, the delta. that will burn off quickly. high pressure is going to sag farther to our south. that's going to mean the heat we have been dealing with not as really bad over the next couple of days. we will get stuck in this cool northwesterly flow. that's going to keep the heat in check over the next couple of days. places like tri-valley where you get near 90. then temperatures gradually fall off as we head toward the middle part of the week. your fourth of july forecast, if you are headed to san francisco, you know the trend. we will stay sunny, clear and then we will eventually have some fog move in as wed hers the
7:57 am
fireworks. fireworks start around 9:30. that's when we expect the clouds to roll in. it won't be overly cloudy but we will have clouds in the area. keep that in mind if you are headed to san francisco on monday. >> we will keep it in mind. thanks. before we go, we want to show you it is life imitating art in ride sharing style. a surprise for fans of the ghost busters movie. if you have seen the films, you may recognize this as the car. lyft sent these cars out on the ride in five u.s. cities this weekend, including san francisco. they said the drivers are wearing ghost buster uniforms and serves key lime slime twinkies. that's 7:57. we want to thank you for making us a part of your morning. more local news tonight at 4:30, 6:00 and 11:00 and on n have a safe and happy fourth of july.
7:58 am
>> see you.
7:59 am
my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
8:00 am
this sunday, hillary clinton, e-mails, and the fbi. the fbi interviews clinton for three and a half hours about her e-mail server. this morning, her first interview since that meeting. >> i was eager to do it and i was pleased to have the opportunity to assist the department in bringin its review to a conclusion. plus bill clinton's tarmac meeting with the attorney general. >> both the attorney general and my husband have said they would not do it again. >> the latest examples were voters have trust issues with clinton. also terror in 2016. as attacks around the world become the new normal. isis becomes a bigger part of the presidential campaign. >> they ha


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