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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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let you enjoy it from anywhere in the bay area. caught on camera. a family fends off a burglar in san jose. you can see his face because they were rolling video. the hunt to find the suspect this morning. today in the bay continues now. thank you for joining us on the fourth of july. i'm in for laura garcia-cannon. >> perfect beach weather going into the weekend. let the good times roll. >> nice weather continues. why not. and it's the fourth of july. looking closely at the low clouds and the fog across the parts of the bay area. right now as you head out the door it's mostly clear in the south bay. i have some fog spots like san francisco and coastal peninsula as well as parts of the north bay with temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. highs today will be in the mid up toer 70s for most. 2345i8 the south bay, upper 80 for the trivalley. san francisco at 63 degrees for the high.
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i'll talk more about this and take events going on around the bay area and the forecast for that in a few minutes. new this morning firefighters were kept busy overnight in the east bay fighting a string of small grass fires. it eventually merged into one fire. crews were called to an area in martinez. no word how many acres were burned or whether fireworks could be at the root of the cause. crews spent the day setting up the massive display that will last more than 20 minutes in the city. a new feature will allow people to enjoy the show's music even if you're not close enough to the pier to hear it.
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>> the audience, no matter where they are, if they're not in the water front, they can download the app and get the sound track on their phone. kind of cool and high-tech. >> i like it. the app is called pyro spectaculars. it's free for android and iphone devices. fireworks will be launched near pier 39. if you're going to pier 39 bring your quarters. the parking meters will be enforced. a thin layer of fog didn't damper spirits for those attending a fireworks show last night in richmond. >> reporter: in richmond the 3rd of july was cause to celebrate as fireworks lit up the sky. the symphony opened up for the fireworks show. >> just a little bit of fog but they're still gorgeous.
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>> head to and find the fireworks forecast for your neighborhood in our weather section and a full list of events. a san jose family is hoping that cell phone video can help them get back valuable family heirlooms. after two granddaughters scared a burglar out of the family's home. her granddaughters were visiting her house on friday morning and found the burglar inside. instead offing away, the brave 17 and 21-year-old sprang into action shooting the video of the culprit. you see him with the bag there. he gets arm grabbed. this is what happened next. >> when they came back they found the guy here in the hallway. so my other granddaughter took a video of him while he was running and the other one was running after the guy. >> they confronted him directly. during a scuffle the suspect dropped a bag full of stuff. when she got home and started to assess what was missing she
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discovered all her jewelry was gone. she estimates the value at $20,000. what hurts most is a lot of it was given to her by her husband who passed away last year. the family is urging people to share the video in the hopes that someone recognizes the suspect. police are looking for a suspect they say raped and kidnapped a person. police say it happened yesterday morning on eves avenue not for a from i-880. investigators know who the suspect is, but they haven't made any arrests. they also say the victim refused any kind of medical treatment. no arrests yet in the stabbing of a teen in mountain view. we broke the story on saturday night. it happened just before 10:00 at night. by the time police got to the scene, there were no suspects in the area. the victim is in the hospital now. we don't have an update on his condition at the moment. teenagers lead police on a
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high-speed chase yesterday. when we say high speed, about 130 miles per hour. chp said it started shortly before 4:00 this morning when an officer tried to pull over the driver of a white ford that was speeding and racing another car. the driver took off down 880 and hayward going as fast as we mentioned, 130 miles per hour. that chase lasted for about 10 minutes. it ended with a crash near westbound 84 off ramp in aroundenwood. all fourteens in the car were taken into custody. officers say a firearm was also found inside the car. nobody was hurt. an armed man who barricaded himself inside a house in gillroy is on the run. police say they were responding to a domestic violence call when 41-year-old trinidad refused to come out of the home. he reportedly had a firearm inside the home with him. neighborhoods were either told to evacuate their homes or told to shelter in place. it
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the street was blocked off as well for some time. ultimately he fled out the back of the house prompting a search. sheriffs deputies came up empty. they found a gun in the house but trinidad remains at age. the domestic violence victim was able to get out safely. crews have suspended their search for a man missing in monterrey bay. first responders were looking for a person who went into the water off palm beach state park and didn't come out. the coast guard was called in about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. also, a chp helicopter was assisting in the search as well as santa cruz county firefighters, paramedics, and life guards. palm beach state park is between santa cruz and monterrey no word if and when the coast guard will resume the search. a device that caused alarm in fairfield turned out to be homeless. this is was the object found near travis air force base saturday night. police closed off the area while they investigated. they eventually determined that
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the device was either a beacon or tagging point for a geocashing game. if you're not familiar with geocashing, an outdoor treasure hunting game that uses gps enabled devices. the police say have fun but putting an item like this that looks like an improvised device near a military base is a bad idea. pleasant hill is back to normal after it underwent a water main break. the roads have been repaved and resurfaced. a sink hole in the middle near woods worth lane sent thousands of gallons of water on to the streets. the roads have been closed since the main burst back on friday night. the all right. bigations for tonight. a lot of people going with their families to see fireworks. they might feel a sinking feeling for they don't get to see them because of the fog. >> this was your theory last year. >> it will be a possibility as
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we go into last night. we start out with the clouds this morning as we get a view from pacifica. 58 degrees. mostly 50s around the bay area with clouds near the coastline. mostly clear skies inland. and it will be very warm for spots like livermore, 85 in san jose, more comfortable in palo alto. 77 degrees and 73 in oakland. san francisco will be up to 63 and santa rosa 76 degrees. our weather stays like this the next couple of days as we continue to enjoy the nice weather. as you head out today for the fourth of july celebrations in san jose, at 10:00 for pat raid it will be 67 and a lot of sunshine. the picnic at 2:00 83 degrees. cools down in time for the fireworks with mostly clear skies and 66 degrees. we'll take a look ahead to other events around the bay area coming up in less than ten minutes. >> thank you very much. as we talk about the fourth of july celebrations getting
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underway, fireworks safety is the top of firefighters minds across the bay area this morning. overnight crews battled several brush fires connected to illegal fireworks. >> "today in the bay" is live in san jose with the crack down underway now. and it could cost you a lot of money. it could cost you your safety, bob. >> reporter: good morning. yes, the city of san jose has put into place several fines and new laws to help crack down on illegal fireworks, as you can see made clearly obvious by the sign outside fire station one in san jose. the main concern over safety and of course, the threat of fire. this was the scene last night up north in brentwood. firefighters there suspect this fire in the area not far from the sunset athletics complex was fireworks related. it started as a grass fire near a drainage canal and spread to palettes of with a we believe is a roofing company. no one was hurt. in the south bay the city has
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more leeway on cracking down on the illegal fireworks. last year only the police could issue criminal citations. now code enforcers and park rangers can cite offenders. the citations are considered a city administrative fine similar to a parking ticket. >> i can only hope it's going to deter people. i would ask people not ko concentrate on what the law says and concentrate on what is safe. >> the fines for illegal fireworks are up, as we mentioned. first time violators are fined $500, second time $700, third time $1,000. reporting live in san jose. >> pretty big price to pay. a scary moments unfolding near the u.s. consulate in saudi arabia overnight. the attack that has people on edge this morning. and honoring the life of a uc berkeley student killed in a terrorist attack in bangladesh.
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the vigil happening this week.
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developing in saudi arabia..==t investigating suicide bombi developing in saudi arabia the u.s. state department is investigating a suicide bombing. early this morning outside the
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u.s. consulate in jedah. the attack edetonated the devic when security guards approached him. only the taker died. the guard suffered minor injuries as a result, the attack may have been timed to coincide with july 4th celebrations. students and teachers at uc berkeley will hold a vigil for tarishi jain, student killed in the bakery terror attack in bangladesh. 19-year-old draft rash -- tarishi jane attended high school in the city where she died. the capital of dacca. she began her studies at cal in 2014, and she was working adds an intern this summer in bangladesh. tomorrow's vigil is scheduled for noon at cal. hillary clinton spent the weekend dealing with an issue that continues to dodge her continuously. >> clinton answered question the
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fbi for three hours. then she launched a new damage control effort proving she's become well versed at antsing the same question the media. >> i >>. >> on the republican side her rival donald trump is dealing with his own new controversy. in attacking clinton over the fbi investigation, trump tweeted what appears to be a star of david over a pile of money. stu trump pulled the tweet and yet to comment about it. president obama and plate michelle obama will spend the fourth of july with military
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families. events included a barbecue, a view of the capitol fireworks show, and music. among the acts is kendrick lamar. fireworks display prematurely exploded sunday in the chicago suburb of rich view injuring two people. one resident said it felt like an earthquake. police say a fireworks company were setting up for a show when some of the fireworks detonated. two workers were injured. fire officals say one of the workers was severely injured suffering second and third degree burns. investigators say a 9-year-old girl lost her hand and her fingers after an illegal firework exploded on saturday. it happened at a park. the incident is still under investigation. there will be literally thousands of fireworks display across the country. as nbc chris clack umm reports.
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>> reporter: you better be concerned where the fire ball is laying. >> two out of five homes fires are caused because of fireworks. >> reporter: policies cover damage covered by legal fireworks. if illegal you might be in trouble. >> if you're setting off fireworks over the holidays and a stray bottle rocket lands on a neighbor's home and sets a fire, you are going to be held responsible for that. >> laura adams said many insurance policies absolutely do not cover damage caused by illegal fires. and you could be stuck with the bill. government dmom concentrations an how dangerous some fireworks can be raise the issue of insurance coverage if someone gets hurt from your fireworks.
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>> if you hurt someone and they've got medical injuries they involve you in a lawsuit, physically your liability insurance is going to cover you, but you want to make sure you have enough liability insurance. >> reporter: her advice leave the fireworks to pros. >> nbc bay area will broadcast the 40th edition of the macy's fourth of july fireworks display from new york city. the show will be synchronized to a performance by the u.s. air force band and jennifer holiday. "today" show willie geist is co-hosting. >> we'll have something like 56,000 fireworks going off. it's a cool night. >> tamron hall will also host
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the event. it starts at 8:00 here on nbc bay area. we crumple tnch the numberse have a specific number. >> there's no such thing as too many. >> right. we need a jacket if you're going to be in san francisco tonight, kari. >> yeah. it's going to be cool. we'll see clouds moving back in. that may affect your visibility trying to view the fireworks show. here is a live look now. it's clear there. we start out with beautiful clear skies and nice sunrise on the monday morning. and temperatures that are now in the 50s for most of the bay area. 59 degrees in oakland. san francisco 55 degrees and 56 degrees in san jose and livermore. as we head out to the beach today, be mindful there's a risk of rip currents today. also saw some of the bay area beaches have shark warnings and some signs up.
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so just be also mindful of that. keep your family safe. enjoy it. we'll have a lot of sunshine. mixed with clouds and the warmest temperatures will be in santa cruzzing only into the mid 60s. so you may also need long sleeves or a light jacket. fog, that will be what we'll be watching today. it starts to clear out and we see it starts to move back in shortly after sunset. so the coastal areas, the inner bay, even parts of the delta may be seeing some low visibility and fog today. so that, once again, may affect your visibility for the shows tonight. we'll be keeping you up to date on that. in san jose 85 degrees for the high today. san mateo 70 degrees. in fairfield 83 degrees. up to 90 in pleasantton. seven-day forecast shows the next several days we'll keep the same kind of weather. morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. marine air keeps our temp in
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check and that continues throughout the week. even as the area of low pressure moves in from the north. we won't have much nor the way of warm weather. we'll have a stronger on shore flow and the giants versus the rockets tonight. great weather for that outing at at&t park. cool temperatures in pleasantton. probably one of the better spots as to see the fireworks. it will be 8:00, 80 degrees at 5:00 and dropping back to 66. another look at the forecast coming up. coming up next as you try to capture all the festivities you'llme menwant to make your smartphone battery last longer. we have advice from google and apple. you'll pull out a credit card and the cashier said that costs you more. can they do that? n nbc bay area responds. next. good morning and happy fourth of july. coming thup morning on "today" everything you need to know to celebrate the day including the closer look at stepped up security in cities across the country and the all-important
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holiday forecast. plus, you may enjoy tonight's fireworks what about your pets. the new ways to help them cope with the noisy displays. if you're hosting a party, don't worry, we have you covered. last-minute diy ideas to add more red, white, and blue to your festivities. all that and more as we get started on "today."
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♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. financial guidance while you're mastering life. many peopl a common complaint of smartphone users.
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how can you make your battery last longer? many think that closing your apps would help. it might make matters worse. to save your battery it's best to turn down screen brightness and use doze mode on android. >> or take fewer pictures. tesla appears to be falling behind on the car shipments. the palo alto-based company announced it delivered 14,000 vehicles during the second quarter. that's fewer autos than the previous quarter. the announcement that tesla won't likely meet the 80,000 car goals. tesla blames the decline on production changes and an increase in custom order vehicles.
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nbc bay area responds. >> a customer said he's being overcharact overcharges when he pays with a credit card. >> tony tran is fed up with paying a fee when he uses a credit card. he wrote in. tony w tony, you're right. it's the illegal for a california business to charge a customer a surcharge. it's the law. there's a catch. last year a federal court ruled the unconstitutional. they believe the decision is incorrect and has appealed that order. however, as of now the attorney general cannot enforce that statute. something to think about the next time the check out clerk asks "cash or credit." if you have a question, please call us. or go online to
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coming up next. flames erupt in brentwood sparked by illegal fireworks. the crack down happening across the bay area to prevent more fires like this. likely just the start of what could be a instructive wild fire season. the battle that firefighters are facing across the state. a foggy start to our fourthf
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ly.. a liveook from sabruno mou. a foggy start to our fourth of july holiday.
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a live look from san bruno mountain. it's sure beautiful. the clouds are making their way in, but they're going to stick around for the fireworks tonight. or at least they might. that's the question kari hall thinks she has the answer. >> a lot of folks will be fanning the fog away. >> that's what i was doing last year. trying to watch thefi fireworks show in. that will be an issue in this evening. a live look outside now across our microclimate. in the mid 50s. 60s in the peninsula with highs feeling nice and warm with mostly sunny skies. highs the upper 70s. mid to upper 80s for the south bay and tri-valley. we'll talk about the fireworks shows coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you very much, kari. a busy night for firefighters across the bay area as they crack down on illegal fireworks gets underway. crews tackled several brush
6:31 am
fires overnight. >> "today in the bay" joining us live in san jose with the warning from firefighters this morning. every year, bob, people get hurt because they don't listen. >> reporter: and the warning is pretty clear. the sign says outside fire station 1 all fireworks are illegal in san jose. and to help try to stop people to deter them from setting the things off, the city enacted new laws and stiffened the fines. last year only police could issue the criminal citations. now because of new laws passed in april, code enforcers and park rangers can cite offenders. the citations considered a city administrative fine. similar to a parking ticket. the fines for first time violators $500, second time up to $700, the third time a thousand. >> it's frustrating. not just me for every firefighter in the county. because we know how dangerous
6:32 am
these things are. >> reporter: that point made clear. this was the scene last night in brentwood. firefighters there suspect this fire in the area near the sunset athletic complex they suspect it was fireworks related. it started as a grass fire and spread to palettes. no one was hurt. reporting live "today" in the bay. >> there are not many places you can find fireworks legally but gill roy happens to be one of them. there are of these fireworks stands around the city to sell the safe fireworks. they don't explode or fly through the air. customers say safety is key. >> we make sure we're not doing it around some, you know, dry grass or anything like that. like that that we could upset the neighborhood. >> there are some places you cannot light fireworks because of the fire danger.
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they have handouts to show you where you can and cannot use the fireworks. >> other places you can use safe and sane fireworks is pacifica, san bruno, newark, and unit you city. you should leave it to the experts and go to a professional fireworks display. there are plenty of options. >> yesterday people in danville waited for hours along the parade route with chairs and umbrellas. trying to claim a spot for today's parade. because of the drought people were asked not to put chalk on the sidewalk because businesses can't then power wash. >> you can't put your chairs up, i guess owe can. usually you have to keep the chairs off the sidewalk. so we sat here and watched our spot. >> reporter: how many chairs?
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>> 15 today. >> good relative. in recent years organizers say 40,000 people have shown up at the fourth of july parade. it honors vietnam war veterans this year. when it comes to fireworks shows around the bay area, our own conservative count finds more than 20 options to choose from. the list is far too large to give you everything here. at the box on the right here is a few ideas. usual pastart times about 9:30 p.m. for a full list of events head to firefighters say slightly milder conditions are helding them hold the line on several large fires across the state. good news the deer fire is listed at 50% contained. the fire burned close to 2,000 acres since friday. authorities listed the evacuation order.
6:35 am
meanwhile in sbernardino a slow-moving grass fire issed. before it happened, the fire destroyed fours and terrified one resident who lost his dog. >> the flames were beating up against the glass. the dog was freaking out. we ran out. the dog ran out and we can't find her. >> firefighters believe that fire in bernardino may have been intentionally set. closer to home the trail head fire burning in eldorado counties is now 20% contained. no structures have been damaged but some 5,000 acres have been burned. firefighters quickly extinguished a grass fire that was threatening structures there. they tweeted out these photos of crewsing up yesterday. the flames broke out on a hillside north of the bridge. nobody was hurt. there was no damage. kari hall has been watching the forecast and been getting a lot of tweets and facebook comments about what is it going to be like for me?
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>> yeah. that's definitely a big issue as we closely watch that fog that looks to be developing as we go into tonight. along the coastline and that include san francisco, too. now as you head out the door, we have a lot of clouds and temperatures in a mid to upper 50s. it will be a nice, warm day up to 83 degrees in fairfield. 86 in concord. mid to upper 80s for areas. san francisco 63 degrees. we look ahead to the fires show, the big one tonight is san francisco. watch out for the clouds. it looks like we'll have low clouds moving in around 7:00 or 8:00. it will be mostly cloudy by 9:30 when the fireworks begin. so that may affect the visibility of the fireworks, but you'll be able to hear it when, you know, you might want to head to the inland fireworks show for a risk-free clear viewing of the shows tonight. we'll talk about that coming up
6:37 am
in my next microclimate forecast. >> thank you. fog put a bit of a damper on the fireworks show in richmond night. not enough to ruin the experiences of families celebrating the holiday. kristy smith was there. >> reporter: in richmond the 3rd of july was cause to celebrate as fireworks lit up the sky. dana webb came with her grandsons and wasn't bothered by the fog. >> just a little bit of fog but they're still gorgeous. >> reporter: crowds gathered early at marina bay park for music and fun wait for the fireworks to begin. at the nearby pavilion, there was music with the oakland symphony for independence eve. after wards, all eyes on the sky. >> it's my first time here. i'm with them. i'm trying to experience all the cool fireworks and stuff. >> it's been three years. >> reporter: wish it was clearer? >> it's okay. it'll be fine. >> reporter: the colorful display paused at one point. some thought it was over. it continued on and delivered.
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>> i'm glad to share this with my grandson. >> reporter: kristy smith nbc bay area news. there was another significant birthday today besides our country's birthday. it's the 100th birthday of su y sunnyvale. >> they'll celebrate her milestone this afternoon. an impressive lady. she worked for lockheed martin as an engineer. she was the first woman to train sailors on operating nuclear weapons. >> all right. heightening security at airports across the country. t tsa is enlisting the help of bomb-sniffing dogs. meet the canine that could save your life. hillary clinton trying to put the e-mail scandal behind her and donald trump involved in another controversy. coming up with your presidential
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politics. trail---- is a familiar ory stiy
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decision 2016 and the latest on a kpap trail is a familiar story picking up steam. hillary clinton trying to stamp out an e-mail controversy three weeks before the democratic
6:42 am
convention. >> she just met for 3.5 hours with the fbi. "today in the bay" edward lawrence joining us live in washington, d.c., with the details. it appears donald trump, on the other side of the aisle, getting closer to picking a vp. >> yeah. getting a little bit closer. he did with the governor of indiana yesterday at trump hotel in new york. this weekend, though, image control for the presumptive democratic nominee. hillary clinton trying to put a good spin on something that could look bad for her and that is the interview here in washington, d.c., with the fbi for three hours in this possible criminal investigation. ♪ >> hillary clintons to focus on narrowing down a vice presidential pick and attacking the republicans. >> reporter: republicans are skeptical.
6:43 am
clinton surrogates took to the sunday talk shows to defend her. republicans are skeptical. >> meanwhile donald trump is fighting off controversy of his own doing. in attacking clinton over the fbi investigation, he tweeted what appears to be a star of david over a pile of money. the same image used a month earlier on a twitter account of a user who also promoted other racist imagery. the image was replaced. >> i tweeted the simple tweet and the bottom line is you are reading into things that aren't there. >> reporter: the it's long overdue for trump to reject anti-semimites and racists.
6:44 am
donald trump will be in raleigh, north carolina on tuesday. hillary clinton will be in charlotte on tuesday for her first appearance with president obama at a campaign event. edward lawrence nbc news washington. following a developing story out of iraq. the death toll now stands at 200. people from the deadly truck bomb attack in a busy baghdad shopping district in the middle of ramadan. a truck blew an entire block of shops and restaurants to rubble. yesterdatacky's atargeted a up-scale neighborhood in the city. isis is claiming responsibility. >> they will continue launching the offensive strikes while defending as best they can their remaining territory and their
6:45 am
two cities mosul and rock can. >> authorities say many of the dead are women and children. the white house, of course, condemned the attack and vowing to step up the fight against isis. isis also claimed responsibility for the deadly attack at the restaurant in bangladesh. investigators say the killers were not members of isis. it's said they were educated bangladeshys from rich families. members from a different call group. 20 hostages were killed as well as twos in friday's violence. deadly attacks in istanbul and bangladesh brought new focus to the issue of airport security. especially over the holiday weekend. the tsa is trying to increase the number of bomb-sniffing dogs at u.s. airports. nbc went northbound the military base in texas where they're being trained.
6:46 am
to the dogs it's just a game. 17 buildings configured like an airport with dozens of locals hired to play the passengers. the dog is among 250 graduating this year. >> her nose is one of the phenomenal i've trained here. >> reporter: earning a job. she knows what she has to do. >> yes. without a doubt. i'm just here to hold the lead. >> reporter: there are 900 canine teams like this nationwide with plans for more.
6:47 am
how sensitive are the dogs' noses? they compare a human and dog comparing a burger. >> the dog will smell everything on it. the salt and pepper, the ketchup, mustard, he's trained to tell you if somebody spit on the burger. >> reporter: bella is training in a mock security line. this time i have the bag of explosives and she knows it. >> whatever airport she's at with no problem. she's doing her job. >> reporter: as much as $25,000 to train each dog. an expensive program. >> good girl! >> nbc news san antonio. >> cool look inside. >> inside look detected by the pooches. bizarre incident in reno
6:48 am
left a man dead. a driver tried to plow his car into a crowd. all of it starting yesterday afternoon when police tried to stop the driver of a minivan near downtown. he kept going and tried to get past a barricade. that's when he allegedly swerved toward the officer causing the officer to shoot the man as he the suspect died later at the hospital but, believe it or not, no one else was hurt. new details of last deadly alligator attack at disney's resort. not one but two alligators were involved in the deadly snatching of a toddler. the father of lane graves, the boy killed in the attack told firefighters a second alligator attacked him as he was trying to reach his son. e-mails shows that lane's father initially refused to leave the area as rescuers combing the water. the boy's body was discovered the next day.
6:49 am
on the long holiday weekend toxic green algae virtually shut down a beach. this in florida. signs are posted along the beach in martin county warning people not to make contact with water. i'm thinking they don't have to say it twice. the beach is nearly empty and life guards are testing the water's toxicity. nearby residents say they're not getting in the sur until they're sure it is safe. the first ever local will pa lou za concert in colombia cancelled. rihanna was supposed to head headline the upcoming show. she cancelled last week citing concerns over zika. now organizers scrap the whole thing. three olympics track and field veterans will be heading back to rio. >> 34-year-old justin gatland is the oldest u.s. qualifying in the event since 1912.
6:50 am
allison will be headed back to the games by taking first in the 400 meter. allison felix is heading back. ashton eaton will get to defend his 2012 gold medal in the decathlon. we're getting closer to the olympics. we're 32 days away from the opening ceremony. our very own will be heading to rio to bring you live coverage. >> just in you case she's only report for the night shows, we're waking her up early. >> we got it all. we also have beautiful weather for the july 4th holiday. >> yeah. its great. yesterday it looked nice. warm for the inland areas and cool air near the coastline. we start out with more of the same weather today. you can see the low clouds over the golden gate bridge now, than is something we'll be watching tonight. it's more likely we'll see the fog and the clouds returning in time for the fireworks shows and
6:51 am
also rolling into parts of the inner bay well and along the coastline. now this morning at 56 degrees, as you head out the door in livermore and san jose. 57 in concord and santa rosa. as we break it down for palo alto low 20u6 start. a lot of clouds but we'll get the sunshine by 10:00 this morning. lunchtime you can take it outside. 69 degrees into the mid 70s today and mostly clear skies in time for the fireworks in that area. as we get a look at the microclimate today up to 89 degrees. that will be the high today. pacifica at 63 degrees. 63 today in the castros. seven-day forecast bottom of the screen shows our temperatures will hold today stay like this throughout the week. we'll be seeing highs in 90 in brentwood. fairfield at 83 degrees and oakland 73 with some mid to upper 80s for the tri-valley. the fog will be an issue but the marine air is also keeping our
6:52 am
temperatures from reaching into the 90s in triple digits like we had last week. we'll still have more of this weather. a strong onshore flow keeps our weather nice and comfortable even into the valley for the rest of the week. today for this early game early afternoon game at the at&t park we'll be in the low 60s and mostly sunny skies. and we also have the parade in san jose at 10:00. it will be 67 degrees. the picnic will be degrees. warm there but cooling down in time for the fireworks. another great place for viewing the fireworks will be in pleasantton at the county fair. it will be 80 at 5:00 but 66 in time for the fireworks there, too. i'll have another quick look at the forecast coming up. back to you. >> thank you. coming up next battling overnight grass fires across the bay area. the warning about illegal fireworks as your fourth of july plans get underway. first, happening now warriors may have a chance at
6:53 am
this off season's most wanted free agent, not named lebron james. on our twitter page we recap a meeting between kevin durant and the warrior's executive jerry west. plus, a full list on of fourth july events on our website. go to to find where you're going to watch the fireworks. before you head out the do here
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=sam/bes. welcome back. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on nbc bay area. >> first, "today in the bay" joins us live in san jose with details on the crack down of illegal fireworks. it's happening across the bay area are firefighters are battling several overnight grass fires. >> good morning. the sign outside san jose fire station number one says it all. fireworks are illegal here in san jose. the city enacted new laws and fines to try to get people to follow that rule. here was the scene last night. it was north from here in brentwood. as you can see, firefighters had a fire on their hand. they believe it was fireworks related. this started in the area of hansen lane not far from the sunset athletics complex. it started as a grass fire near a drainage canal and spread to palettes behalf we believe is a
6:57 am
roofing company. the city has more leeway in cracking down on illegal fireworks. last year only police could issue a criminal citation. because of new laws passed in april, code enforcers and park rangers can cite offenders in san jose. considered to be a city administrative fine like a parking ticket. >> i can only hope it's going to deter people. i ask people not concentrate on what the law says and concentrate on what is safe. >> the fines for illegal fireworks in san jose are up as well. first time violators will be fined $500, the second time $700, the third time a thousand. reporting live "today in the bay." thank you. firefighters were busy in the east bay fighting a strij of small grass fires that eventually merged into one. crews were called a little after midnight to an area in martinez. no word on how many acres burned
6:58 am
or whether fireworks may have been to blame. the weather is always a concern for the biggest fireworks show in the bay area. sfru in san francisco. the question will fog lock out theworks show? crews spent the day yesterday setting up the massive display that will last more than 20 minutes tonight in the city. the new feature this year it lets people enjoy the's music even if they're not that close to the pier. >> the audience, no matter where they are, if they're somewhere in the bay and they can see the show they can download the app and get the sound track on the phone. it's cool. it's high-tech. >> i like it. >> so the here is called pyro spectaculars. the fireworks are going to be launched right near pier 39. >> i mean, the fireworks alone. that's nice but getting that patriotic music. >> we're very patriotic now. a lot of people are going to be
6:59 am
breaking out hot dogs, hamburgers, going to the beach, perhaps, and take in the fireworks. >> we'll have great weather for no matter what you plan on doing. we start out with clouds this morning. if you have to work, like us, well, you have the regular weather that we had yesterday. it starts out in the upper 50s and low 60s in the peninsula. and highs today reaching into the upper 70s. 85 in the south bay. upper 80s for the tri-valley. san francisco today 63 degrees. yes, we'll once again find the clouds roll back in across the golden gate bridge tonight. >> you might want to grab a light jacket in san francisco. it's going to be 60s -- >> yeah. i think that's going to be the case for most of the bay area. it's dropping back into the 60s after sunset. >> okay. maybe that's going to do it for
7:00 am
us now as we savor it. hope you have great holiday. >> have a great fourth of july! ♪ ♪ good morning. where did it come from? a teenager seriously injured after accidentally jumping on what police describe as a homemade firework in new york's central park. this morning, the search to find whoever put there and why. breaking overnight, a suicide bomber carries out an attack near u.s. consulate in saudi arabia. [ sirens ] in baghdad, the death toll climbing from a truck bombing in a busy shopping district. isis claiming responsibility for that attack, and a deadly siege on this crowded cafe. chilling revelation. the father of that boy who was killed by an alligator at disney world reportedly told emergency crews he was also attacked by a second gator. th


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