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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 4, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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right now at 11: talk abo firewos! the goen state warriors sign rmer m-v-p vin right now at 11:00, talk about fireworks. golden state warriors sign former mvp kevin durant sending shock waves around the nba. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm chris sanchez. scott is off celebrating his freedom today. if you can't beat them, join them. after nearly single handedly taking down the warriors dream season, kevin durant now joins the splash brothers. on saturday he spoke with warriors executive west on the phone. west outlined reasons why he believed golden state would be
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the fit for the superstar forward and it seems like that little conversation helped. with more on the warriors -- >> reporter: now all of a sudden you have the super team. current mvp in steph curry. mvp from 2014 in durant. the best shooting team in the league, maybe in history between among durant, curry, klay thompson. you've got three guys, maybe 40 points on a given night. >> this last season durant led the thunder to nearly knocking out warriors in western conference finals. remember that little heart palpitation? up 3-1 in the series before losing three straight games. as for durant, signs two-year, $54 million contract. kevin durant made that announcement on-line on a posting to the website. players tribute writes, quote, it really pains me to know that i will disappoint so many people
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with this choice, but i believe i am doing what i feel is the right thing at this point in my life and in my playing career. looking live at kevin dur aren't's new home, oracle arena, plenty of detail. espn reporting steve kerr was in hawaii and learned about durant joining the warriors via twister post. warriors posting they wanted west's trophy asap. we will link you to this developing and exciting story from our website. other top stories today, fourth in july and the barbecues have already started. later this evening the fireworks begin. live look at bay area with the traffic cameras and we can see clear skies in some areas. cloudy skies in others. here is meteorologist kar i
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hall. >> it starts out with mostly clear skies. and we still see clouds and fog hugging along the coast. but right now 72 degrees. warming up in livermore and san jose and 65 degrees in oakland. san francisco 66 degrees and napa 64. high temperatures today. reaching into the mid 60s in the city an palo alto, 77. oakland, 73 degrees and concorde at 86 degrees. mid to upper 80s for parts of the north bay into the east bay even into the south bay. san jose up to 85 degrees. as we get a look at san francisco, and what to expect as we go into tonight in time for the fireworks show, it'll be at 58 degrees and yes, low clouds moving in in time for fireworks. and for what else to expect, that's coming up later. >> all right, thank you very much. the fourth of july fireworks aren't even until tonight but already fireworks sparked several grassfires around the bay area. that threat of fire is why the
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city of san jose started enforcement and upped fines for violators. the. >> setting off fireworks on your own is illegal in san jose. the city asks you to leave it up to the professionals. there are options. largest show by far in the south bay will be right here in discovery meadows next to the children's discovery museum in downtown san jose. it's the rotary fireworks show. as many as 90,000 people are expected to attend with live music from symphony silicon valley running from 5:30 to 10:00 tonight. you have the fireworks show at the almaden lake park noon to 5:00. then the san jose giant independence day celebration, taking place after the giants take on the modesto nets. this list is by no means exhausted. now the city of san jose has
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given itself more lee way in tracking down on illegal fireworks. last year only police could issue criminal citations. but now because of new laws passed in april, code enforcers and park rangers can also site offenders. citations now considered to be a city administrative fine similar it a parking ticket. first-time violators will be fined $500. second time, $700. third time, $1,000. >> i can only hope it will deter people. i would ask that people not concentrate on what the law says and just concentrate on what's safe. >> this is what happens when people are not safe and set off illegal fireworks. this is from last night in brentwood in the area of hampton lane. not far from the sunset athletic complex. firefighters suspect this fire was fireworks related. started a grassfire near a drench canal, then started to the pallets in what we believe is the back of a roofing company. fortunately, no one was hurt. >> as bob mentioned, fireworks
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are illegal in san jose city center limits. san jose police, park rangers now can issue citations. you can call 311 to report illegal fireworks. you can also call 408-277-8900. you can find the numbers in our twitter feed as well. even before the fireworks, folks in san francisco will look upward waiting to see if the fog will put a damper on the pyrotechnics. crews were hard at work setting up a massive display lasting more than 20 minutes tonight. even if you have to park far away from the action, you can still hear the music through a new app. >> and that audience no matter where they are, if they're not down at water front but somewhere in the bay and they can see the show, they can download the app and get the sound track on their phone. kind of cool, high-tech. >> the spectaculars are for iphone and android devices. if you plan it watch
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fireworks in san francisco, remember to feed the meter. meters will run at port of san francisco. that means it will cost you to park along the embarcadaro and fisherman's wharf, if you can find a spot. gilroy is one of the few places you can buy fireworks legally. there are 16 fireworks stands around the city that sell the safe kind. these are fireworks that don't explode or fly into the air. customers say they plan on being safe. >> just making sure we're not doing it around dry grass or anything like that, that we can upset the neighborhood. >> there are still places you cannot light fireworks in gilroy because of the fire danger. those fireworks stands have handouts to show you where you can and cannot use those fireworks even if they are the safe and sane kind. so ready for some fun? let's go live to the annual july fourth parade. we are talking about the tour of the roses, red, white and blue parade down the alameda.
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the theme this year is bicycle on the alameda. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> you can see the dogs getting in on the action. hundreds of participants are winding their ways through neighborhoods. last year, 30,000 people turned out. organizers are proud to point out that the parade has is all the way back to 1896 and it once rivalled the rose parade in pasadena. >> we have actually walked in the parade with different groups. this is the first year we are actually going to sit down and enjoy it. >> it is a wonderful parade. we belong to the model a ford club and there are a lot of model a fords in the parade. we have to wave as they go by. you have to have somebody in the club waving to your members. >> the rose, white and blue
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parade activity are still ongoing. you might not make the whole parade if you leave now but there is still a festival afterward. that's in the area around the western church on the alameda. for a full list of fourth of july events, head to nba bay and check out our fourth of july events guide. we have been adding to it for weeks. you will find the forecast for your neighborhood in the weather section as well. >> to the wildfire fight. cal fire reports that slightly milder conditions are now helping them hold the line on several large wildfires burning across the state. some good news where the deer fire is lifted at 50% containment. that fire has burned close to 2,000 acres since friday. authorities lifted the evacuation order so folks can go home. meanwhile in san bernardino county a second weekend grassfire is fully contained. it detroyed four homes and terrified one resident whose dog
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ran way. >> flames were just beating up again the glass. the dog was freaking out. we ran out. dog ran out. we can't find her. >> firefighters believe that fire in san bernardino may have been set on purpose. closer to home, the trail was burning in ald rado county and is now 20% contained. there are structures damaged but some 5,000 are burned. >> isis is claiming responsibility for a terror attack in saudi arabia. the latest in a string of bombings this past week which included a baghdad blast in which 200 people were killed. nbc's bill neely has the latest. >> reporter: controlled explosions on the u.s. cons late this morning. after a suicide bomber was stuck in his car by two security men. he detonated his bomb but no one in the consulate was injured. first bombings there in years aimed at americans.
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iraq hit with the worst suicide attack this year. this was a busy shopping area, packed with people preparing to celebrate the holiday, when a truck pulled into a building. dozens of people died together. iraq minister was at the scene. he was heckled. a week after his forces retook fallujah from isis the terror group is lashing back. and it reaches wide. bangladesh is now the latest country to suffer an isis massacre. among the 20 dead at this restaurant where three teenagers studying in america, isis is blamed for last week's attack in turkey. now bangladesh and iraq joining its hit list. more than 200 dead in less than a week. isis promises to make the holy month of ramadan a month of terror. and a few of the orlando florida massacre and one attack in france to that list, it is
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global. and for most muslims, a total perversion of their holy month. back to you. >> uc berkeley student killed in that terror attack at a coffee shop in bangladesh will remember. will be remembered on the cal campus tomorrow. 19-year-old jane was among the hostages killed during lengthy standoff on friday when a group of gunmen stormed the cafe. she was in bangladesh where she went it high school. she was working a summer internship. she began studies at cal in 2014. tomorrow's vigil in her honor is scheduled for noon at cal. a fireworks accident cost a young man his foot. up next at 11:00, the accident that set bomb-sniffing dogs and emergency crews rushing to central park in new york city. plus, what would you do if you came face-to-face with a burglar? quick thinking by two south bay young women and the clues that will hopefully bring that thief to justice.
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two sisters sprang into actiwhes ho... and ty have cell pne videthey hope will help police k two sisters spring into action when they found a burglar in their grandma's house. they have cell phone video they hope will help police track him down. delia said her granddaughters visited her house friday morning and found that burglar inside. instead of running away, the 17-year-old and 21-year-old chased the suspect out of the home, down the street. you see one of them put her hands on him, too. they also took that video that could some day serve as evidence against him. >> when they came back, they found the guy here in the hallway. so my other granddaughter, who video while he was running, and the other one was running after the guy. >> during scuffle in the
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streets, the suspect did drop a bag full of items but when they got home and started assessing what was gone she discovered all of her jewelry was still missing. she estimates value at $20,000. but it is worth more than that to her because much of that jewelry was given to her by her husband who passed away last year. the family is urging people to look at the video, share the video and they are hoping someone can identify that suspect. >> crews suspended their search for man missing in monterey bay. first responders searched for that man who reportedly went into the water off palm beach state park near watsonville yesterday but didn't come out. the coast guard helped look as well as chp helicopters. firefighters, paramedics and lifeguards, too. here is a lock at where palm beach state park is located. right between santa cruz and monterey. security already heightened this holiday, fourth of july scare in one of the most popular
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tourist destinations in the country. new york central park. fireworks mishap is a tragic twist of fate for a young man from virginia who was just visiting new york. his grandmother describes him as an eagle honor scout, honor student whose birthday is next week, his left leg is now amputated below the knee. >> we don't know! >> chaos and confusion in new york's central park. friends up in arms after another friend was badly injured. police say it was a small explosion off the beaten path. 19-year-old connor golden from virginia jumping down from a rock, stepping on what police believe was a homemade fire work. his left foot severed. his friends in apparent shock. >> your friend is getting in the ambulance. >> yeah, we got to go. >> police say the three friends are not responsible for the fire
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work but it is not clear how it got there and when. >> nothing to indicate this is an explosive device or put in this area with a specific intent to harmony individual. >> golden's grand parent say what happened to their grandson is surreal. >> hopefully it will work out for him and this is a life-changing thing for this poor young man. >> bomb-sniffing dogs, noses to the grounds, searching. unsettling for new yorkers and tourists alike. >> weary circumstance. >> nationwide, cities are stepping up security for the fourth of july holiday. in boston, police are monitoring dozens of surveillance cameras looking for any suspicious activity. in miami, the coast guard is keeping a close eye on the waters making sure boaters are safe at sea. and in los angeles a noticeable increase in police officers and dogs at lax. behind the scenes, tactical
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units aimed at preventing any potential attack. the goal nationwide, safe independence day with no unexpected fireworks. >> that was ra hema ellis reporting. security might be heightened but authorities are stressing there is no credible threat on this fourth of july holiday. president obama and first lady will spend their last white house fourth of july with u.s. military heroes along with well known music stars. today's event is expected to be similar to last year's when the president hosted military members and their families. events include barbecue, view of the capital fireworks show and music concert. among the acts performing this year, kendrick lamar and janelle know ney. and we have birthday cake because it is malia obama's 18th birthday. >> turn on your tv tonight. nbc bay area will bring you the 40th edition of the macy's
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fireworks display from new york city. the show will be synchronized by the air force band. we have a preview. >> when we get to the fireworks, we will have like 56,000 fireworks going off. some incredible number. and it is just such a cool night. >> the "today" show's tamron hall also hosting that event. starting at 8:00 tonight here on nbc bay area. >> that might be your best bet. >> yeah, i think so. >> and you maybe want to check it out first on tv. and then head out there if you're close by. and see what you can see because it is a nice comfortable evening. cool and mostly cloudy. most likely. but it is not right now as we take a live look outside from san prubruno mountains in throu san francisco. we will continue to have a beautiful sunny afternoon. though we are now starting to see those clouds clearing out from other spots.
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you can see the clouds kind of rolling over the hills at this point. and we will have a mix of that as we go into the day. now it in sunol, it is 56 degrees. beautiful, clear and temperatures warming up too. in san francisco, 66, 75 now in the east bay. and the south bay at 72 degrees. now as we drop into the east bay to get a closer look, from all of our weather underground sites, we have a temperature spread here in oakland. it is 62 degrees. 72 in lafayette. walnut creek, 75. north bay, still in upper 50s. but i'm sure it'll quickly warm up in spots there. we have an early afternoon game at at&t park for rockies versus giants. that first pitch will be 63 degrees and staying in low 60s throughout the game with mostly sunny skies but those wind kicking up from the southwest up to 25 miles an hour. it'll feel a little cooler. also cooler at beaches today.
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only reaching into low to mid 60s. santa cruz one of the warmer spots. reaching 66 degrees. we also have the concern of some dangerous rip currents. be mindful of that. also reports of some sharks nearby. especially near the monterey bay area. so a lot of things to keep your eye on and make sure you never take your eyes off your family or anyone else near the water. a look at fireworks forecast for pleasanton. no issues with visibility. no low clouds. clear. low 80s at 5:00 and dropping back to 66 degrees at 9:00. more of the same in san jose. mostly clear skies. light winds coming in from the northwest at 5 to 15 miles an hour and as we look at all of the micro climates it will be up to 89 degrees today. palo alto at 77. and mid 60s for san francisco. and 90 in brentwood. upper 80s for parts of the tri-valleys.
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weather stays nice and cool asthma reason air continues to keep us in with coastal clouds, morning fog, and we will continue to see this pattern through the week keeping our heat in check. great news as we go into the next several days. highs in the low 80s for south bay. mid 70s for peninsula. low 60s for san francisco through the middle of the week. more of that comfortable weather. no dramatic rises or drops in our temperatures and at least for the rest of the work week. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up a little later. chris? >> thank you, kari. coming up, we are learning new information about the attack of wild animals near disney world in orlando. the father of the 2-year-old little boy killed by alligators say that there were two alligators involved in the attack. the latest details up next. but first, happening on our website, complete list of fourth of july including fireworks and other celebrations for the
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holidays. on our facebook page, read and comment for the long statement on kevin durant on why he will play for the golden state warriors. we will be back with more news.
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new details about the horrific alligator attack that claimed the life after 2-year-old little boy. reportedly telling authorities there was a second alligator
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that attacked him during incident. a report by the orlando sentinel paints a horrific picture of a father trying desperately to save his little boy's life. here is nbc's dave gutierrez. >> reporter: this morning chilling new details about that horrific attack at disney world. public records obtained by the orlando sentinel, the father of lane grays told authorities he was attacked by a second alligator while trying to save his son. in an e-mail to supervisors captain tom wellens at the fire department said matt grays had lacerationes from the gator's teeth. despite needing stitches and antibiotics the father refused to leave the area, and finally persuaded to seek medical attention. on the way to the hospital, wellen said the father described the experience telling how another gator attacked him as his son was being pulled into the water. >> during the 16-hour search for
11:28 am
the boy and five alligators were found and killed. the toddler's body was found in tact 15 yard from the shore. a medical examiner said 2-year-old died from drowning from traumatic injury. wellens also told supervisors about the parents' heart break and love for the child. this incredibly sweet couple insisted on showing us pictures of their happy son. adding that the mother kept referring to him as her happy boy. the family which held a funeral for the child last month isn't commenting. the nebraska natives had been visiting disney world on june 14th staying at grand flo riddian resort and spa. their 20-year-old wading in water near the seven seas lagoon when the attack occured. since then disney world raised fencing around the lake and at other lake front property posting signs that warn of alligators and snakes throughout their resort. >> dave gutierrez reporting.
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up next, charges of racism an hazing within the san francisco fire academy. up next, we investigate the troubling accusations. troubling questions for e san fe
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in san francisco, a city known for its diversity, there are troubling questions for the san francisco fire academy. dozens of recruits say they have been subjected to everything from hazing to outright racial abuse. nbc bay area's investigative reporter has this inside story. >> graduation day at san francisco fire academy. after enduring a 20-week course of training, 48 recruits realized their dream to become firefighters. but for others, the experience has been a nightmare. >> makes me feel awful. >> a moroccan immigrant dreamed
11:32 am
of following his brothers foot steps into the department. all that ended, he says, amid racist abuse. >> like he -- >> two years ago, he said he was doing well in training. but struggled with a ladder. >> he told me, he tell me, he looked at me and said that, don't treat my ladders like you treat your wife. >> reporter: saying later the same drill instructor criticized his muslim faith. >> i was going the wrong direction and he yelled at me and said number 1, what the f? are you facing mecca? >> would i allow that type of comment? absolutely not. >> training chief tells nbc bay area that he took the man earlier this year to state fire marshal certified the academy program. trainers must adhere it a code of ethics, support diversity and refrain from hazing recruits.
11:33 am
>> be professional. treat people fairly. treat everybody the same. just like they would want to be treated. >> another ex recruit said he too was targeted for abuse and said he has the scars to prove it. >> i got heat rash on my arm. scarred up, actually. i wasn't even in the live burn room yet. >>. >> reporter: brian sullivan said he was forced to drop out after suffering abscess and burn-like marks. >> did you believe this was torture? >> in a way, yes. >> reporter: saying he and other recruits were made to drill in heavy jackets and pants even in midday heat. >> like a really bad movie. like being in prison camp. >> this harassment type behavior or as they term it, the division of terror instead of division of training. >> reporter: kevin smith is a 27-year veteran and president of the black firefighters union. >> people have been yelled at.
11:34 am
people have been called names. >> reporter: he says over the last decade, three dozen recruits recounted tales of abuse at what is known as the tower. >> there is a level of abuse that's out of character with our protocols and how we respond to people, especially adults, that come into this fire department. >> reporter: nbc bay area news learned at least one instructor has been removed since we began investigating allegations of abuse. meanwhile, aziz and four other recruits are fighting back in court. one ex recruit alleged in court documents he was made to go through drills even though his doctors ordered light duty after throat surgery. another claims he was marked down for poor grooming. even after reporting he had a painful skin condition triggered by close savings. their is not the first such lawsuit. while african-american firefighter larry jacobs finished training, he alleged instructors called him a house
11:35 am
boy and mid him scrub toilets with a toothbrush. he was not allowed it eat with other recruits. he received a $175,000 settlement in 2014. his attorney represents the five other recruits. the only way it'll end, she said, is for insiders to stand up like for jacob. >> like those brave souls, who actually came forward and said this happened, nobody would have believed it. >> reporter: aziz suspect he was targeted after his brother spoke up for jacobs in jacobs lawsuit. >> even though you go through so much test and selections and everything, you come to them, they decide your career, basically. >> reporter: saying he could not address what went on before he took charge, he says the training program is meant to ensure the best candidates get through. >> being a firefighter isn't for everybody. and the academy really could show that at times.
11:36 am
so it is a strenuous academy. i think it is a division of training where we do an exceln't job. >> reporter: but randal said such abuse in a city like san francisco sun acceptable. >> these are the things coming out of san francisco academy. the home of the free. the diverse city. don't we want our fire department to represent all the people in the city? why not? >> reporter: at the hall of justice, nbc bay area news. >> barricading himself inside a house in gilroy, he is now on the run. police responding to a domestic violence call yesterday when 41-year-old yesterday refused to come out of the house. because he reportedly had a firearm with him inside that home, neighbors were either evacuated or told to shelter in place. the street was also blocked off for some time. ultimately he fled out of the back of house prompting a search there. sheriff deputies did find a gun inside the house but no man.
11:37 am
he remains at large. the domestic violence victim was able to get out of the house safe and sound. bizarre incident in reno where a driver was shot by police after trying to plow his car into a crowd. it started yesterday afternoon when police tried to stop the driver of a mini van near a downtown area. he kept going and tried to get past a barricade in front of the annual biggest little city wing festival. that's when he allegedly swerved toward a hospital on foot causing that officer to shoot the man as the man crashed into a vendor the suspect died later at the hospital. no one else was hurt. >> following a developing story where the death toll is 200 from that deadly truck bomb attack on a busy shopping district. a truck packed with explosives blew an entire block of restaurants to rubble. targeting an upscale neighborhood. authorities saying it was time for maximum impact.
11:38 am
isis is claiming responsibility. >> they will continue launch is these offensive strikes while defending as best they can their remaining territory and two cities mosul and raqqa. >> many of the dead are women and children. white house condemn the attack and is vowing to step up the fight against isis. >> to decision 2016 now, a big week for hillary clinton who will visit several critical battle ground states with high profile help. tomorrow in north carolina, clinton will campaign for the first time with president obama and on friday joe biden will join her on stage in his hometown of skrant yn, pennsylvania. this weekend though, you might say there were political fireworks with clinton's highly-anticipated visit to the fbi. here is nbc's kelly o'donnell with more. >> hillary clinton's one-of-a-kind holiday weekend. saturday morning she headed to fbi headquarters in washington. saturday night, a ticket to
11:39 am
broadway's hit hamilton with friends and the former president. and in between an exclusive phone call to nbc's chuck todd about her 3 1/2 hour fbi interview on the e-mail controversy. >> i'm eager to do it. >> clinton says the justice department did not tell her when the investigation would be over. >> i have no knowledge of any time line. this is entirely up to the department. >> she also defended her husband's controversial private visit with attorney general loretta lynch. >> hindsight is 20/20. both the attorney general and my husband said that they wouldn't do it again even though it was from all accounts that i have heard and seen, an exchange of please an tries. >> last week, bill clinton boarded the attorney general's plane in phoenix for a 30-minute conversation. widely criticized as inappropriate. while the justice department's investigation is ongoing. donald trump delighted in
11:40 am
stirring the conspiracy pot with a string of tweets. i believe crooked hillary sent bill to have the meeting. those bill is not in trouble with h except that he got caught. trump cast out on the integrity of the investigation tweeting the system is rigged. still unknown when the investigation will end, and will voters trust the outcome in joe biden telling national public radio the white house has stayed out of it. >> the easy accusation would be biden is vice president probably put pressure on one of the government agencies to keep that from happening. the president and i have kept our hands off completely. >> coming up, a first for major league baseball. we will show you why this game between the miami marlins and atlanta braves is so special. >> tonight, cool and cloudy along the beach. sunny and warming up inland. i will show you the forecast for all that you plan to do today coming up in the micro climate forecast.
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last night -- history was me as two major league baseball tey a little history making last night as two major baseball teams competed for the first time on an active military installation. miami marlins and atlanta braves played at ft. bragg army post in north carolina.
11:44 am
it will be in the players association planned the game and built a brand new ballpark all to say thank you to the men and women who serve our nation. they transformed a field into a facility fit for the pros in just four months, basically from scratch. >> i'll be honest, the folder that i have from the inception of this, i wrote field of dreams on it. as often we get approached with great ideas that people aren't able to bring together for whatever reason. >> almost 13,000 of ft. bragg's finest watched that historic game. first ever lala palooza concert is cancelled because of fears over the zika virus. rihanna was supposed to be the upcoming act in september. but she cancelled her appearance last week citing zika concerns. now organizers scrapped the whole thing. khalifa and jay-z were also scheduled to appear.
11:45 am
>> three olympic track and field veterans will be headed back to rio. 34-year-old justin gatlin made the time in the 100 meter dash. he did it over the weekend and he is the oldest u.s. sprinter to qualify in the event since 1912. allyson felix will also head back to the games after taking first in the 400 meter. and ashton eaton will defend his 2012 gold medal in the decathlon. it is getting very close. we are 32 days from opening ceremonies. our jessica aguirre will head to rio this summer to bring you coverage from the olympics. we will make sure she is awake bright and early as well. she is usually a night owl. lots of festivities before the fireworks. very warm? >> yeah. still cool in san francisco but it is going to be very nice today. and no major complaint as we head into this holiday. now as we take a live look now
11:46 am
at golden gate bridge. we see a lot of tourist out there that's taking pictures and you have the iconic fog over the golden gate bridge. while other parts of the city is all clear and breezy too. if you will be heading out, especially for a long period of time, right along the coastline, make sure you have a jacket or something. elsewhere, we see the sun is shining and temperatures are warming up. look at all the temperatures now at 65 in santa rosa, napa, 75 in concorde and livermore at 78 degrees. san jose, 72 degrees. and today's high will bring it up into the upper 80s for the tri-valley. in concorde, 73 in oakland, palo alto 77. we have an early afternoon game out at at&t park for rockies versus giants. in the lower 60s and wind will be kicking up. and coming in from the southwest at about 15 to 25 miles an hour.
11:47 am
a lot of people heading out to the beaches today. will only see the high temperatures making it into the mid 60s. we also have the risk of dangerous rip current. something to keep an eye on as you head out and enjoy this holiday. be safe and watch all of the family around you. even into tonight as the sun sets, clouds start to roll back in, and it'll be in the 50s. we are also expecting 50s in san francisco tonight at 9:30 and fireworks beginning right around that time. yes, low clouds especially right around pier 39 over towards the golden gate bridge. that's where you will see a lot of those low clouds covering and you may also have some mist and drizzle as well. into pleasanton for the alameda fair fireworks, 80 degrees at 5:00. more of the same in san jose, all clear and some cool temperatures starting to feel nice and comfortable with light northwesterly winds.
11:48 am
and a lk look at all the micro climates. we see the seven-day ticker at the bottom of the screen showing us we have more of the wam weather or the inland area and cool on the coastline. and this marine layer keeps us with some cool weather, strong onshore flow. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. and this area of low pressure developed across the northwest that brings them some rain. we will stay dry but we continue on with once again an onshore flow that keeps our temperatures down. we are only looking at low 80s, which is about average for the south bay. san francisco stays in low 60s from tomorrow into thursday. i'll have another quick look at the forecast coming up a little later. chris? >> thank you very much, kari. coming up, helping those in need this fourth of july. drastic changes one san francisco hotel underwent to help homeless people get off the streets. the san francisco chronic madea
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about homelessss on the fro page on sunday. a bold editorial move putting a scathing editorial about homelessness right on the front page on the sunday paper. the paper called san francisco's homeless epidemic a civic disgrace and called on city leaders to make reducing homelessness their number one priority. it is the first time an editorial has brace graced the front page of the chronicle in 20 years. the paper said it broke the wall between news and opinions because this is an extraordinary circumstance and a critical moment in time. they called san frn's inability to address the pervasiveness of homelessness maddening. we are among more than 70 local media outlets highlighting the homelessness problem. it is an issue that perplexed civic leads for decades he does spite spending hundreds of millions of dollars every year. nbc bay area shows us how a once seedy san francisco hotel is now a part of the solution.
11:52 am
>> this used to be the -- >> in the city of cherished monuments and buildings there is little nostalgia for civic city hotel. >> it was one of the worst around. everyone knows who i am. >> living off and on for years in the gritty sro hotel because as sometimes a sometimes homeless man there weren't many options. >> right now it is this or the street. >> hotel for down and out on 12th and market street, the city sued past managers over the sorted conditions but now the hotel's future is taking a step up. last year the city contracted with the nonprofit community housing partnership to take over the hotel's management. >> upgraded bathrooms. better janitorial service. >> biggest change the group is installing what has become known as homeless navigation services. housing 24-hour social services for homeless for meals and
11:53 am
on-site laundry. >> sometimes they need a period where they really stabilize. >> until now, stability has been a word not with violence and drugs. >> it's safe, clean, management seems to be concerned about our welfare. >> add row case say the city's one current naf allegation center at nearby 16th and mission has become effective and popular in helping people transition off the street. the city is pushing to open six more navigation centers. >> we need to get people in housing and get them to have access to treatment. >> i've been robbed. >> nicole johnson has called the streets home for 25 years but recent stint in the navigation center sent her on a new path of home. >> i want to good to school and become a case manager. >> like johnson's turoubled pac, the hotel will soon be a bad memory. torn down and replaced with new
11:54 am
housing developments including 100 units dedicated to the formerly homeless. >> everyone needs housing. that's the foundation of how you rebuild your lives. >> nbc bay area news. >> and we will be right back. today is america's'
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of sunny today is america's birthday. also this lovely lady's 100th birthday.
11:57 am
mary hill gleason. gleason and her family will celebrate her birthday in sunnyvale where she has lived since 1960. she worked for lockheed martin as an engineer and trained sailors on how to operate nuclear weapons. the newest edition to our nbc bay area family. take a look. this is baby renley jade. mom and baby, both doing well. so are dad, big sister, emmy, and odessa. look how cute. they all look like vickie. we will be doing your birth announcement sometime soon. >> i guess so. due date is in september. so we will see. we have great weather. quickly warming temperatures in 60s and 70s and heading into the mid 70s for most of the bay area. upper 80s for the tri-valley. >> have a great day. be careful. be good. i'll see you later.
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