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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  July 5, 2016 12:37am-1:38am PDT

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[ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- ed o'neill. host of "the amber rose show," amber rose. magician justin flom. featuring the 8g band with john tempesta. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers! >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] oh, that is very good to hear. in that case, let's get to the news. donald trump at a recent rally asked audience members who they thought should be his running mate. "chris christie!" yelled exactly one person.
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[ laughter ] that's right, donald trump asked audience members who should be his running mate, so look out for trump/hot naked chick 2016. [ laughter ] it's being reported that officials have recently approved a higher fence for the white house. when asked how tall they wanted it, hillary said, "um, 5'8"? 5'9? i don't know." [ laughter ] a georgia man is facing charges after he tried to enter a waffle house completely naked. ugh. can you imagine? walking into a waffle house barefoot? [ laughter ] taylor swift's latest ex, dj calvin harris, suddenly un-followed the singer on social media this week, deleted their public photos together, and has begun blocking her fans on twitter. it's the hardest a dj has ever actually worked. [ laughter ]
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click. oh, exhausted. a report found the most calorie-dense item on the mcdonald's menu is the 40-piece chicken mcnuggets, which has over 1,800 calories, 120 grams of fat, and this is crazy, three pigeons. [ laughter ] authorities are warning people to avoid swimming in some new jersey rivers because of increased numbers of so-called clinging jellyfish. though if you're swimming in new jersey rivers, you're probably not big on warnings. [ laughter ] a new report found that most 11 to 16-year-old boys who have watched porn believe the videos are realistic. except for the part where they never actually eat the pizza. [ laughter ] "i don't get it, man! there's like, sweet pizza right there. why not have best of both
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worlds?" [ light laughter ] and finally on this day in 1884, the first roller coaster opened in the u.s., and i actually think we have a picture. there it is. [ laughter ] [ applause ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a fantastic show for you tonight. from the new film "finding dory," he's the voice of hank the octopus. you know him from "modern family." ed o'neill is here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] he's a legend. i can't wait to talk to him. also, from the upcoming vh1 talk show "the amber rose show," amber rose is here. [ cheers and applause ] and, very exciting, we're gonna have some magic tonight from magician justin flom. [ cheers and applause ] so really looking forward to that, too. [ applause ] now, we mentioned this throughout the week, but earlier this week, donald trump announced that he was banning "the washington post" from his rallies, and on tuesday, we
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announced here at "late night" that as long as "the washington post" is banned from trump rallies, he is banned from appearing on our show, a show which, i should add, he has never expressed any interest in appearing on -- [ laughter ] -- whatsoever. this is a stand that required an incredible amount of bravery. [ laughter ] and then yesterday donald trump said this. >> well, trump said, quote, "meyers has begged me to do the show for the last two years. i have told him emphatically 'no.' i only like doing shows with good ratings, which, as everybody knows, i only make better by a lot." [ laughter ] >> seth: well. those are some very interesting points, and we've reconsidered our position, and you're still banned. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] as we say here at "late night," ya bannt. [ laughter ] but -- [ light laughter ] while we're talking about donald trump, there's something
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else i'd like to address. as trump continues to say more and more outlandish things in his campaign, there is a theory that is floating around in some circles. some people think donald trump doesn't actually want to be president. the idea is that trump never actually thought he would get this far, he just wanted the publicity and the ego boost that came from running. and now that he's actually succeeding, he's trying to undermine his own campaign so that he'll lose. i don't know if that's true or not, but if it is, donald, today's your lucky day, because i have come up with a way out for you. i wanted to announce here for the first time, on our show, to donald trump, if you drop out of the presidential race any time between now and the beginning of the gop convention on july 18th, nbc will award you a 13-episode scripted series where you would play the president of the united states of america. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] you hear that? donald. you'd still get to be president of the united states, but on tv.
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now i want to be clear, i have not run this by anyone at the network. [ laughter ] but they put our show on the air every night, so i can't imagine they're gonna say no to yours. [ light laughter ] they're not picky. this series would begin next january, coinciding with the inauguration of our next actual, real president, and donald, you can make the show whatever you want. if you want to be a heroic president in a "west wing"-style drama, that's fine. if you want it to be a comedy in the style of "seinfeld," that's great, too. you will have access to all of our top writers to help you craft this series. tremendous writers, with the biggest brains, from all the top schools. [ laughter ] and let's be honest, tv is the perfect place to accomplish all you want to do with your presidency, because a lot of what you want to do is impossible in the real world. but on tv, we just need to build a tiny part of the wall -- [ laughter ] -- and then we'll just cgi the rest. [ laughter ] we can even -- [ cheers and applause ] we can even, for you, write a scene where a judge just outright admits he's biased
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against you because he's hispanic, and that he's jealous because he couldn't get into trump university, and had to go to a lesser school, like harvard. [ laughter ] and you know who would play that judge? jimmy smits. we can get smits! [ laughter ] get smits! embrace this, donald. this is what you want. to have all the trappings of the presidency without any of the responsibilities, and even better, the rest of us would get to watch you be president but with no real world consequences. because, let's be honest, we all do kinda want to see what it would be like if you were president. [ laughter ] it's like kids throwing rocks at a beehive. they know it's dangerous, but they just want to see what's gonna go down. [ laughter ] [ applause ] now -- there is one caveat i need to add, donald. because the show is on nbc, your fictional white house will be in chicago, and the show will be called "chicago president." [ laughter ]
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that part is non-negotiable. and i should say, if nbc has any problems with this offer, i invite them to put up a legal disclaimer, though i cannot see why they would. [ light laughter ] so think about it, donald. take a week or so and get back to us. if you're interested, contact us on twitter. that is, if you have an account. we'll be right back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ squuuuack, let's feed him let's feto the sharks!sharks! yay! and take all of his gold! and take all of his gold! ya! and hide it from the crew! ya...? squuuuack, they're all morons anyway! i never said that. they all smell bad too. no! you all smell wonderful! i smell bad! if you're a parrot, you repeat things. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back everybody. please give it up to the 8 g band right over there. [ cheers and applause ] we are always lucky to have some of the best drummers in the world sitting in with our band here on "late night," and this week, we were lucky to have one from right here in his hometown of new york city. from the iconic rock band the cult, john tempesta, everybody. there he is. [ cheers and applause ] you can check out john and the cult on their new album "hidden city." thank you for a great week, john, please come back any time. >> thank you very much. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: moving on, democrats staged a filibuster on the floor of the senate last night to push new gun control legislation. of course, as usual, the forces opposed to changes in our gun laws have continued to stonewall. but this time there are signs that things could be different. for more on this, it is time for "a closer look."
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: democrats took to the senate floor for more than 14 hours, led by connecticut senator chris murphy, who had to stand the entire time and could not leave the floor for food or bathroom breaks. the filibuster caught fire on social media and ignited a new sense of urgency around the issue of gun control. but it also introduced a new breakout star in the political world because not only did the senators have to stand the entire time, so did the stenographers. [ laughter ] look at her rocking out on that thing out like a kick-ass keytar. she shouldn't be wasting her talents in the senate. she should be on stage with bruce springsteen. [ cheers and applause ] "nancy, read that last part back." "tramps like us, baby we were born -- [ laughter ] -- to run." [ applause ] democrats held the filibuster because gun control opponents have already dug their heels in to oppose any changes to gun laws. like wisconsin senator
12:51 am
ron johnson, who offered a very unconvincing reason for his opposition to banning assault weapons. >> the ar-15 that was used inside this terror attack killing 49 people, you wouldn't describe that as an assault weapon? you are differentiating between that and a fully automatic assault weapon? because that weapon certainly did kill a lot of people. >> so do bombs. [ light laughter ] >> seth: yeah wolfe, so do bombs. and you can't ban bombs. it's one of america's most cherished traditions. putting on your hunting gear and going out in the woods and just blowing up a flock of ducks. [ laughter ] now there's another common lie you probably heard a lot, that pro-gun control politicians are being hypocrites, and they should give up their own armed bodyguards. >> heartless hypocrites, like the clintons, want to take this and they want to get rid of guns and yet they have bodyguards that have guns. >> i can't carry a concealed weapon, fine. neither can hillary clinton's bodyguards. >> seth: yeah, and how come my pharmacist can have a big jug of vicodin but i can't? [ laughter ] buddy, you're a private citizen, and that is not the same as a secret service agent. they're professional law
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enforcement officers who have had to go through years of rigorous training and certification. whereas you look like you were born and raised on a sailboat. [ laughter ] there's a difference. look, we badly need congress to vote on new gun control legislation because there are some truly insane things about our current gun laws that you may not even realize. for example, how quickly you can buy an assault weapon. >> a reporter for the "philadelphia inquirer" demonstrated how to purchase the ar-15. helen ubinas wrote that the weapon was in the window display as the gun of the week. the sales clerk asked her for i.d., and whether she was a u.s. citizen, and then started the paperwork, about a page and a half. there was an instant background check. all said and done, she bought the weapon in seven minutes. >> seth: only seven minutes. it shouldn't take the same amount of time to buy an assault weapon that it takes teenagers to stand in a closet awkwardly staring at the ground. [ light laughter ] "should we make out or should we go buy ar-15s and say we made out?" [ laughter ]
12:53 am
and the reporter who bought that gun at least had to go through a background check. if you buy a gun from a private dealer at a gun show, however, that's not always the case. in fact, as a cnn reporter found private dealers sometimes resort to much less rigorous methods of deciding whether a potential customers should be able buy a gun. >> if you buy a gun from someone in the business of dealing in firearms, federal laws required background checks. but the private dealers are not legally required to conduct background checks. >> i would ask you for a virginia driver's license. that way i know you are from within the state. >> but if i give you a fake virginia driver's license, you would never know. >> i would have no idea. >> would you trust me? do i have an honest face? would you sell it to me? >> i'd trust you. you look like you have an honest face. >> okay. but that being said, sometimes if you don't think somebody has an honest face or has a bad vibe, you don't sell it. >> correct. >> seth: an honest face is all you need to get a gun. we better hope to god betty white never join isis. [ laughter ] but if she did join isis it would probably be as a prank because she's off her rocker.
12:54 am
[ laughter ] now, at this point, you might be saying the second amendment guarantees the right for individuals to own guns, and that right is absolute. in fact, that's a case conservatives in the gun lobby have made for years. but when you actually look at the history of how the second amendment has been interpreted throughout american history, you get a very different impression. for a long time the courts, politicians, and gun owners just took for granted that the second amendment was designed only to allowed states to raise militias, which required militia members to procure their own guns. it had nothing to do with home defense or hunting. as one historians put it, "one does not bear arms against a rabbit." well, one does. [ laughter ] and he'd sure as hell be a lot scarier with an ar-15. [ laughter ] so for 200 years the second amendment was assumed to pertain specifically to militias. but then, starting around the 1970s conservatives in the nra began to argue that the second amendment had actually been misinterpreted and that it wasn't just about the state militias, but about an individual's right to own a gun. and to back up their argument, in 1982, senate republicans commissioned a report that
12:55 am
claimed to have discovered clear and long lost proof that the second amendment was intended as an individual right of the american citizen to keep and carry arms. long lost proof. did nic cage find a secret message written on the back of the constitution? [ light laughter ] "it was written by ben franklin's ghost." [ laughter ] [ cheering and applause ]. now, there are all kinds -- all kinds of sensible regulations we should pursue that could help curb gun violence, from universal background checks, to waiting periods, to banning assault weapons. there's also a proposal being considered by democrats and even donald trump that would ban people on the no fly list from buying guns. now, it's perfectly logical to bar suspected terrorists from buying weapons. but civil liberty advocates like the aclu have argued that these lists should be fixed first, because they're not perfect. in fact, they're famously imperfect. take for example mikey hicks, who the "new york times" reported in 2010 seldom boarded a plane without a hassle because he shares the name of a suspicious person. mikey couldn't get a seat on a
12:56 am
flight to florida because airline officials explained that his name was on the list. now that's bad. evem worse, when all this happened, mikey was two. [ laughter ] look, i have a kid now and i agree, he looks suspicious. i mean, this is basically his default face. [ laughter ] but as a rule, i think infants probably aren't sleeper agents. in fact, mine doesn't [ bleep ] sleep at all. [ laughter ] so lawmakers should keep those concerns in mind as they go forward. what's clear is that anyone who buys any gun, no matter who they buy it from, should have to wait and go through a background check first. and you shouldn't be able to buy an assault weapon at all, let alone in seven minutes. the only thing people should be strapped with are these bad boys. [ laughter ] this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheering and applause ] we'll be right back with ed o'neil. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back everybody. all right, our first guest is an emmy and golden globe-nominated actor, you know from hit shows like "married with children" and "modern family." he stars in the highly-anticipated sequel "finding dory" which is in theaters and imax 3d tomorrow. let's take a look. >> so, what exhibit are you from? >> wait, i'm from an exhibit? which one? i have to get there. >> oh, that's a hard one, kid. unless -- nah. never work, it is too crazy. >> what do you mean? just tell me, i'm okay with crazy. >> you know, i can see that. well, there is one thing i can think of to help you get to your family. if i just take -- >> yes! great idea. you take me to find them! why didn't i think of that? come on. >> no, no, no, if i just take your tag, i can take your place on the transport truck then you can go back inside and find your
1:02 am
family. >> seth: please welcome to the show ed o'niell. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: so honored to have you. we're all very excited. and this is very exciting. i mean, this is a big pixar movie. >> yeah. >> seth: this is a big sequel to a beloved film. and when you -- obviously we see you're playing an octopus. did you know -- [ laughter ] how much did you know about the role before you agreed to do it? >> nothing. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> they said, "they want you to play an octopus for the sequel to 'finding nemo.'" and i said, "great, send the script." no script. [ laughter ] >> seth: nothing? >> any pages, a description? nothing.
1:03 am
i said, "why would i take a part i know absolutely nothing about?" "pixar." [ laughter ] >> seth: oh, there you go. >> so i said okay. so, for the longest time i thought it was a cameo. >> seth: right, you were a one-scene octopus. >> yeah. but they kept calling me back. saying -- well, a lot of times they rewrite because they try to match it with the animated and it doesn't work, and they have to rewrite it. and i said, "this is like groundhog day." [ laughter ] i'm keeping -- it's a cameo -- and then finally after, i mean, a year -- >> seth: uh-huh. >> i said, "i don't think this is a cameo." >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] you figured it out. you're a leading octopus. >> i'm a leading octopus. [ laughter ] >> seth: you're a leading octopus. and now, you have worked obviously for a long time. you've been in incredibly popular things. but i'm willing to guess, is this the first time you've played a character that would then have a toy, or toys? >> yes. >> seth: and is that exciting? >> it's -- it doesn't fill you with joy. >> seth: okay, it doesn't. [ laughter ] >> but it's a curious feeling. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> right now i am in disney land, you know, "turtle talk" or
1:04 am
something. and you see me as the octopus, and i'm talking. >> seth: now, when children who have seen this film, when they meet you and they hear the voice of the octopus, what is their reaction when they realize it is you? >> well, first of all, they're told it's me. >> seth: okay. oh, right. [ laughter ] >> their parents usually say, "that's the man who plays hank." and they're so disappointed, because -- [ laughter ] >> seth: "mom, that guy's only got two arms." >> so you don't get a lot of cache out of that. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> no, but it's probably the best role i ever had in a movie. >> seth: yeah. i mean -- >> i never thought i would be a cartoon but, you know, it's -- >> seth: you take it. >> okay, i'll take it. >> seth: you might not a lot of cache with kids about being an octopus. you have an incredible amount of cache with me. i did not realize this was true, but i am a huge pittsburgh steelers fan, and you tried out for the pittsburgh steelers? >> yes, yes. >> seth: wow. >> i was a rookie with the steelers in 1969. chuck noll's first year.
1:05 am
>> seth: yeah. and i believe a year where they did not win a game. >> they won one. [ laughter ] >> seth: they won one game. >> yeah, they beat detroit. in the opener by the way. >> seth: you are right. >> they lost every game after that. and so they were right to cut me. >> seth: oh wow. so you were -- you didn't even -- you weren't even good enough to be on that team. >> i wasn't good enough to be on that team. [ laughter ] and the next year, of course jack hamm came in and all those guys. so -- franco harris. >> seth: and so how -- was that a dream of yours before acting? did you think that, "oh, i'm going to be a professional football player"? >> it was kind of a dream. it was more or less like, "well, what else am i gonna do?" [ laughter ] one of those things. >> seth: you had obviously played in college. >> i played in two different colleges. >> seth: okay. >> and so yeah, i thought -- >> seth: why the second college? 'cause usually, most of us just do the one. >> i kinda got -- bumped out of the first one. >> seth: you got bumped out? >> well, sort of. >> seth: academically, or -- >> both, but -- [ laughter ] >> seth: what's the other one? >> well, the other one was fighting. >> seth: oh, really? >> yeah.
1:06 am
>> seth: so, they caught you fighting and then they said, "well how are your grades?" and they said, "those aren't good either." >> they caught me fighting several times. [ laughter ] >> seth: oh, gotcha. well, then you end up, obviously, in television. which is fantastic. >> yeah. >> seth: and now you got to be sofia vergara's husband which must be nice. >> i was having my car washed the other day and a mexican working there, you know, with the towels came over and said, "oh, you're married to sofia vergara. i'm so jealous of you." i said, "you get closer to her than i do." [ laughter ] >> seth: now of course, in real live, her husband is joe manganiello. >> joe manganiello, yeah. >> seth: joe manganiello. and have you -- what was it like the first time you met joe? because joe is -- >> joe's a big guy. >> seth: he's a big guy. >> yeah, i met -- >> seth: and he's a really handsome guy. >> and he's a very fit guy. you know, he's on "magic mike" and all that. so, when i met him, i met him on location. we had a night shoot, and he came in with his mother, by the way, from pittsburgh. and so we were chatting, "oh, you're with the steelers" and that.
1:07 am
and so then i went back to do the shot. and sofia was looking, like, "well, what do you think?" [ light laughter ] i said, "i don't know what you see in him." [ laughter ] and then i said, "he looks like a damn avatar." [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. he's a really hunky avatar. >> he's a very hunky guy, and he's a nice guy too. >> seth: he's a very nice guy. >> yeah, very nice guy. >> seth: now, you -- very rare for people to be on one hit sitcom. you are now on another. you did 11 years of "married with children." >> yeah. >> seth: were you then hesitant to do another sitcom? >> i was, yeah. no, i didn't want to do it for sure. and i told them -- you know, my manager -- you know how they do this in hollywood, a courtesy meeting. >> seth: right. >> a courtesy meeting, you go in with no intention of doing the job. but they want to meet you, and it's like, i'll be polite. >> seth: yeah. >> so i said, okay. so i did, and it was very nice, and it hadn't been written yet. so they said, "when we write it will you read it?" and i said, "sure." so a year later, i get it and i read it, i thought, "oh, no.
1:08 am
i've gotta do this." >> seth: yeah, because it was so good. [ light laughter ] >> so i called my manager, and i said, "i've gotta do this." "too late, they're on to craig t. nelson." [ light laughter ] so i said, "okay." >> seth: yeah. >> so a week later, "back to you." >> seth: wow. [ laughter ] >> you know, he couldn't make the deal, he wanted too much money or whatever it was, who knows what it was. i said, "make it, i want to do it." he said, "they're not paying you your quote." i said, "just make the deal mark, because we'll make it up in success." >> seth: yeah. >> this is a hit show. >> seth: yeah. and you certainly were right. >> i was right. >> seth: and i guess the biggest distinction between the two, because they are sort of, i feel very era-appropriate family shows -- is it nice to not do it in front of a studio audience? >> it's the best. i mean -- [ audience ohs ] [ laughter ] >> seth: guys, he didn't mean it. >> no, no. no, no, no, this -- [ laughter ] >> seth: i can't believe -- i feel terrible, i baited you for that. i had no intention. [ laughter ] >> but they'll understand what i'm saying. okay, there's four cameras. or three.
1:09 am
you using three or four? >> seth: we got three out here, yeah. >> okay, we use four. but you guys can see me sitting here, right? you're looking at me. you're not looking at monitors all over the place. when you're doing a thing like "married with children," there's four cameras moving around with the cables and everything. and the people are in from out of town, they want to see us. >> seth: yeah. >> they don't know where to look. because the cameras often are hiding the actors and the scene. so they're looking around cameras and then they're looking at the monitors and they miss the jokes. >> seth: yep. >> half the time they laugh at the wrong time so it throws you off. >> seth: yeah. well, it's very different because it is a play where everybody has terrible scenes. >> exactly. exactly. and you're not even -- well, maybe -- maybe they're that close. >> seth: yeah, they're not -- >> yeah, they're about that close. >> seth: the other thing about "married with children" is i know there were two ways the show went abroad. one is they would just cast it with local casts. "married with children" was a show that was everywhere. >> yes. >> seth: we have photos of different casts. here is the polish "married with children."
1:10 am
there we go. [ laughter ] and bulgaria. very -- i like bulgaria. [ laughter ] and then argentina. that's a good group right here. but, now in germany they just redubbed it, yeah? >> yes, they used us. it was us, but they dubbed it in german. >> seth: right. >> there was one time i flew to munich, and i was on my way to austria for something. and i ran into some college kids, german college kids and of course, they speak english. and they came up to me and they couldn't believe i was standing there, you know. >> seth: yeah. >> because in germany it was a huge hit and it was called -- i might have this wrong, "that terrible but funny family." [ laughter ] >> seth: that's so matter-of-fact in german. >> that was the name of it. so they came running around me, and they were saying, "herr bundy! herr bundy!" [ laughter ] so i started talking to them, you know, i said, "how are you?" you know, "you like the show?" and then i saw the one kid look at his girlfriend like, "but this is not the voice."
1:11 am
[ laughter ] they were disappointed in my voice. >> seth: yeah. >> they didn't think i was very funny. >> seth: oh, my god. and all these years later now the same thing's happening with kids and the octopus. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> seth: full circle. >> it's always something. [ applause ] >> seth: well i want you know i was genuinely excited to have you here. genuinely excited. >> and i really like this show. i watch this show every chance i get. i really do think you're doing a great job. >> seth: thank you so much, i really appreciate it. ed o'neil everybody. "finding dory" is in theaters and imax 3d starting tomorrow. we'll be right back with amber rose. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ 4 by 4 those who jump start the weekend. the one's who want to see it all... hear it all... and feel it all... all summer long. ♪ jeep renegade -- it's how we live 4 by 4 summer. ♪
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♪ [ cheers ] >> seth: welcome back everybody. our next guest is an actress, author, and model. her new talk show "the amber rose sho," premiers friday, july 8th on vh1. please welcome to the show, amber rose. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: welcome. >> hello. >> seth: i am so happy to have you here. i'm so excited for your show. >> thank you. >> seth: what can we expect from the "amber rose show"? >> well, it's very sex positive, and if you don't know what sex positive means, that means it's just a no judgment zone. we talk about everything. i am an extremist feminist, i
1:17 am
like to call myself. so, it is just fun. you know? it's like -- >> seth: but it is all talking about sex? >> um, you know we have a full segment about sex and i have -- well, sex and relationships -- and i have my dear friend dr. christ donahue with me, and i also interview celebrities as well. >> seth: right. >> and yeah, and then we talk about celebrity gossip, but in a really cool way, because i'm not really disconnected from that world. i kind of live in that world, so i just bring a different perspective and opinion on it. >> seth: now, you are partnered with dr. phil on this show, yes? >> i am. >> seth: this seems like a strange pairing to me. [ light laughter ] >> it is. we're both in the business of helping people. we just do it in different ways. >> seth: yeah. there's a lot of ways to skin a cat that way. [ light laughter ] what are your -- is there anything you're nervous about as you start to have your own show? >> you know, i just -- i mean, you know, like most talk show hosts get cancelled the first season. >> seth: yes. >> so i was talking to doc, i call him doc. >> seth: dr. phil.
1:18 am
>> yeah. >> seth: you call him doc? >> i call him doc. >> seth: that's great. >> and you know, i was like, "doc, like, i am scared that i am going to get cancelled. like it's embarrassing." and he was like, "baby, with me, you ain't never getting cancelled." [ laughter ] and i was like, "my man, all right. got a hit show already." >> seth: all right, now i am starting to see you guys together, i am getting it now. i'm starting to understand. you have a three-year-old, yes? >> yes. >> seth: and i heard, true or false, that your three-year-old loves watching you twerk? >> he does. >> seth: okay. >> he loves it. i'm sorry. like, my -- i feel like my spanx are showing so -- >> seth: okay. >> i just got to like -- okay. girls you understand. >> seth: okay, good. [ laughter ] >> so i had to look snatched in this dress on your show. but, uh -- >> seth: my spanx are also showing but my desk is hiding them. [ laughter ] >> i felt it -- you can see like the line right there. okay. yeah, so my mom actually loves when i twerk, right? so one day my mom is like, "hey am, do your little booty shaking thing." like she doesn't say "twerk," whatever. and then -- >> seth: "booty shaking" is pretty close. [ laughter ]
1:19 am
>> yeah, booty shaking. like, my mom -- >> seth: she's from another era so she says "booty shaking." [ laughter ] >> right, this is old school. >> seth: yeah. she uses the "downton abbey" term. [ laughter ] >> right. so yeah, she's like, "do your little booty shaking thing." so i did it one day, and my son was right there and he fell on the floor and like cracked up laughing. like just crying laughing. and so now i twerk for him all the time. he likes it. >> seth: that's great. [ light laughter ] >> yeah. that's like our bonding moment. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] so if he's upset on a plane do you say, "no worries, i know how to calm him down." >> i just bend over and shake my ass and then that's it. he's happy again. >> seth: all right, i gotta ask you about this. so you started your own line of emojis. over 900 movamojis. >> muvamojis. >> seth: muvamoji. >> yes. >> seth: muvamoji -- >> muva's my nickname because i'm like mother to everyone. but i'm from the east coast so we say muva. >> seth: muva. >> yeah. >> seth: you know what? i am from the east coast and i have not used that term before. [ laughter ] >> you should start now. >> seth: all right, well there
1:20 am
you go. muva. >> muva, yeah. just go home and call your mom "muva." >> seth: okay, there you go. so this is just a bag of money, right? that's helpful. i can see why you'd use a bag of money in an emoji. and then you have a lot -- muvamoji has some very positive lgbt emojis. >> yes, we have like three full pages. [ laughter ] yeah, he's coming out of the closet. >> seth: and it's a celebration and they're all very positive and wonderful. >> well, i'm the only one that has an emoji with gay emojis. >> seth: oh, wow. >> yeah, for the lgpt community. >> seth: all right, well, congratulations. that's fantastic. [ cheers and applause ] now, i mostly want to focus on the top three rows here because i can't help but notice you have a lot of eggplants. [ laughter ] >> well, i mean, seth, you know, eggplants come in all different shapes and sizes. [ laughter ] so i wanted to accommodate everyone. >> seth: okay, well now, who were you trying to accommodate here? because this does not seem friendly. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> that's for the --
1:21 am
that's for the men that unfortunately have micropenises. >> seth: yeah, okay, gotcha. >> god bless them. >> seth: there you go. micro eggplants. "excuse me waiter, i need to return this." now, this one i don't know why i would use it. [ laughter ] >> that's just like -- you know, i like to emasculate men. >> seth: uh-huh. >> it's fun for me. >> seth: so would the idea be you just send this to somebody and say like -- >> that's what i'm gonna do to you tonight. yeah. [ light laughter ] >> seth: now this one -- i want to ask, because you caught some heat. you have a cosby emoji. >> yeah. >> seth: yeah, the muvamoji and -- i really do -- [ audience ohs ] [ laughter ] >> because he did it. >> seth: oh, i see. i was thinking i need to download this because i want -- if my wife writes and says, "hey did you empty the dishwasher?" i want to -- [ laughter ] i'm gonna send this back and that would be my way of saying i did it. >> no. you know what that's for. >> seth: i got it. i do. >> 52 women ain't lying.
1:22 am
i'm not trying to hear that. >> seth: absolutely, i agree with you 100%. so now another thing -- you have a very unique style, and i adore it. but i have heard as well that you are happy when you end up on worst dressed lists. >> i am. >> seth: yeah. >> my team gets so mad at me because i'm like, "yes! i made it on the worst dressed list," and it's just so awesome because i don't like to conform to society norms. i mean, like, i have a simple black dress on today but usually i just really don't give a [ bleep ]. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] well, this definitely doesn't seem like you don't give a [ bleep ]. this seems like you just have a different style. >> no, i was like super fat, i just had my baby, and i didn't give a [ bleep ]. i wanted to show off my post baby body. >> seth: there you go. [ cheers and applause ] i like this one because it looks like you're hatching. [ laughter ] >> that is a farmer chic, is what i call it. >> seth: okay, farmer chic.
1:23 am
and then this one -- i guess this one is probably my favorite because -- >> thank you. >> seth: that is what my mother wore to my wedding. [ laughter ] my muva. i'm sorry, my muva. my muva. that you so much for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> seth: congratulations on your show. i can't wait to see it. >> thank you. [ cheers ] >> seth: amber rose, everybody. the "amber rose show" premieres friday, july 8th on vh1. we'll be right back with magic from justin flom. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:24 am
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1:28 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back everybody. our next guy is a very talented magician. his first book "adventures of a kid magician" is in stores now. please welcome to the show justin flom. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:29 am
>> i am so excited to be in new york. >> seth: this is so exciting. >> downstairs i picked up a post card. i am like -- huge nerd. >> seth: okay. >> in fact, here. we'll start out with this. watch the statue of liberty. watch it go, watch it -- it just goes away. >> seth: okay, wow. >> they act like that happens all the time. >> seth: wow. [ laughter ] >> that hasn't happened since the 70s. >> seth: oh, my god. so now before we go to more tricks -- i'm sitting close to that, that freaked me out, and i didn't like it. [ laughter ] >> okay, that's good. >> seth: so i want to ask you -- >> it didn't sound like they liked it either, so it's gonna get better. >> seth: when magic happens, people don't know what to do. you have to understand that. they're worried that you're going to make one of them disappear. [ laughter ] now, this book, you -- it's a children's book, but you explain how the jokes work. i thought there was an unwritten rule that magicians are never supposed to do that. >> yeah, you're not, you're not supposed to. it's the magician's code. you don't reveal secrets to tricks. >> seth: right. >> right. but i do. >> seth: okay, so --
1:30 am
[ laughter ] so, why did you do that, and are magicians okay with it? >> no, some of them are pissed. some of them really don't like secrets being revealed. but me and my dad wrote the book together, because if you don't pass on magic, it dies and goes away. because there's nobody to carry on the torch. so as a kids' book, you get to explain -- it's an adventure book. zach, the main character, gets in and out of trouble using magic and at the end of every chapter you get to learn the trick from that chapter. it's really cool. >> seth: that's fantastic. >> yeah. >> seth: all right. i would love to see more stuff. >> i like to do magic with, like, things that are around. >> seth: okay. >> does somebody -- can i use this? is this okay? >> seth: yeah, sure, that's just garbage. >> yeah. that's -- this will be perfect. oh, you weren't kidding, this is garbage. can you see the dent in that camera there? yeah? audience, this isn't on tv yet. like, i can hear you. [ laughter ] so yes. >> audience: yes! >> okay, good, yeah.
1:31 am
this'll get 'em. watch the dents, it happens first -- with the dents. you can get them to pop. [ audience ohs ] see, they like that one. >> seth: they like that. [ laughter ] >> watch the hole. the hole. you can hear the hole happen. [ audience ohs ] >> seth: oh. >> this is my favorite part, though. how it fills up all the way to the top. >> seth: oh! [ cheers and applause ] we're wasting so much money on coke. >> no, i made it a little too flat, it tastes like pepsi. [ laughter ] my bad. i'm sorry. >> seth: all right, so what's next? >> card tricks >> seth: yeah, let's do some card tricks. >> yeah. >> seth: and by that i mean, you do them. >> okay. [ laughter ] i only have like, two cards. >> seth: okay. >> so this will be a cute card trick. just with these two cards, it's a seven and a four. >> seth: okay. >> here.
1:32 am
i am going to rip this one up. i'm gonna rip the four like this. and i'm gonna give you, kind of a reciept. a piece of it. can you hold your hand out for me? >> seth: yeah, all right. >> like that. that's good. close your hand around that. i'll balance the rest of the pieces of the four to kind of remind you what you have over there. >> seth: i would have remembered. but okay. [ laughter ] >> you have the -- >> seth: i have the four. >> good, that's good. i am going to rip up mine, the seven. >> seth: yep. >> all i need is my piece of the seven. now let me ask you a question. is there any way for me to get that piece out of your hand without you knowing? >> seth: no. >> no. let's get a good close up shot. >> seth: i can feel it. i can feel the piece in my hand. >> check this out, and you're going feel this. [ audience ohs ] [ cheers and applause ] >> go ahead open up your hand and show the camera. >> seth: aw. [ audience aws ] [ cheers and applause ] can you teach me one?
1:33 am
>> you want to learn one? >> seth: i want to learn a trick. >> okay, i'll show all of you kind of a secret to magic. this is acceptable because it's kind of an old trick. >> seth: okay, great. >> i'll use a handkerchief. men don't really have handkerchiefs anymore. so we're just going to put the handkerchief in the fist like this. >> seth: okay. >> this is a cool trick where you can actually make it look like it changes colors. you push it, push it out until it's all the way -- >> seth: okay. >> changed colors like that. i'll show you the secret of the trick. there's two -- you guys look bummed. [ laughter ] >> seth: okay. >> there's two handkerchiefs to the thing. this is what happened. before i came out here -- i don't know if you guys realize -- for most of the time my hand has been closed that i've been out here, because i've had a hankie hidden in it. so this is what happens before the show. you put the hankie in your hand like this. when you walk out on stage, you just keep your fist closed. don't open it. just keep it closed. >> seth: okay. [ audience ohs ] >> that's the key. you can come out on stage and you can put the hankie in your hand and make it look like it changes color. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> now, here's the important thing. use two different color hankies,
1:34 am
otherwise stupid trick. also, don't do this. 'cause then they see that there's two different hankies. if you do that, then it's important to really change the color, so you can see. until it's all the way in and out. and that looks pretty cool. >> seth: okay, cool. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. what helpful instruction that was. i can't wait to do that for my friends and family. thank you so much for being here, congratulations on the book. give it up for justin flom everybody! "adventures of a kid magician" is in stores now. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:35 am
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1:37 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to ed o'neill, amber rose, justin flom, everybody. john tempesta and of course the 8g band. stay tuned for "carson daly." we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> carson: hey, what's up? carson daly here with some more "last call" for you. lc


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