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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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breaking news overnigh---a nort blame. sam//vo -- a north bay home goes up in flames and fireworks are to blame. plus, an armed man shot and killed by san jose police officers. this morning the investigation continues into what exactly happened. and -- >> san francisco to gilroy to antioch to bay area celebrates america's independence day. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm sam brock. the smoke has cleared from last night. hopefully you got a chance to get out. now we're on to the next day, tuesday. >> it is looking great. even cooler than yesterday. as we continue on with this trend of some better weather all
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across the bay area, as we get a live look outside across all of our microclimates, it's 58 in the east bay. the peninsula also at 58 degrees. and 51 degrees in the north bay. patchy fog in spots but it all clears out today with highs in the mid to upper 70s. 63 and breezy in san francisco. i'll have a look at the rest of the microclimate from forecast for the workweek. head over to mike tracking a serious crash on highway 4. >> a horrible way to start a report i have to talk about on the roadways. traffic flow around the bay very clear as you would expect at 4:31. we zoom in toward antioch. eastbound highway 4 just before 3:00 a car went over on its side. a deadly crash blocking three lanes. only your fast lane, far left lane is open. again, this is eastbound heading away from antioch and over toward the bridge. counter whatever commute you have. chp says there's no slowing but it is a tragedy that will follow
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westbound and that may be a distraction. back to you. breaking news now. from vallejo where firefighters say a fire caused by illegal fireworks destroyed part of a home. this started about 1:00 this morning at a house on damenger street. two adults and one child made it out of the home safely. the fire started along a wall next to the garage destroying parts of the home. some of the home was salvaged but for now that home is uninhabitable. uc berkeley student killed in a terror attack in bangladesh will be honored today. yesterday the family received her remains. it is suburb of new delhi, friend supported her mother as she went by the blansz carrying her daughter's body. 18-year-old was an indian citizen who was working as a summer intern in bangladesh.
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the victims of friday's attack were honored yesterday at a stadium in dhaka. today's vigil will be held in her honor at noon. also, 18-year-old armed man was shot and killed by san jose police officers in the ellen rock neighborhood just before 9:00 on feller avenue near story road. family members say anthony nunez was inside a home holding a gun and shot himself in the head. nunez survived and then was standing outside when officers arrived. he was still holding that gun. it's not clear what happened but officers fired at nunez. neighbors we spoke with were shocked. >> yeah, it's pretty sad. it's pretty sad, what happened. especially on a holiday. >> really crazy here, what happened. >> family members tell us no police officers were hurt. the shooting is under investigation. google's mountain view headquarters appear to be under attack from a man who believes
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the tech company is tracking him. the raul diaz of oakland has been arrested and charged from federal prosecutors for arson. diaz is accuse of throwing a molotov cocktail at google car in may. that car wasn't damaged. that's the video. a few weeks later diaz allegedly shot at a google building. a week after that he apparently threw another molotov cocktail at a self-driving car destroying that vehicle. all of those attacks happened late night or early in the morning. nobody was injured. today filled with booms, pops here and there. plenty of legal and illegal fireworks on independence day. >> in san francisco the fireworks show always goes on no matter what the weather delivers. it was an explosion of color just below the ooha and ahs and people crowded along san francisco's water front for a chilly fourth of july fireworks
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show last night. >> this kind of weather is different for it to be july. where we live it's really hot. >> yeah, it is hot in l.a. welcome to the bay area. it was cold and it was costly. parking rates were high. we heard a lot of people complaining about the prices being outrageous. souvenir shops were raking it in as well though. lots of sweatshirts, fleeces and hats were sold. despite the weather and parking issues many people say it was picture perfect for an independence day celebration in the city by the bay. it was a busy fourth of july for the coast guard as well. four people were rescued in three separate incidents from the waters of the bay. there was a sailboat that capsized off the coast of rodeo. there one person was pulled out of the water. then a man with a medical emergency was rescued from the sailboat near treasure island. two people were rescued after their kayak capsized near pier 40 in san francisco. democrats staged a 25-hour
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long sit-in on the house floor demanding gun control reform. now congresswoman jacqui spear is bringing that fight to redwood city. spear and many others took a seat outside. spear is especially passionate about no-fly, no buy bills to block suspected terrorists from getting their hands on weapons. >> that we promote the second amendment, the right to own the gun, but at the same time make sure it's only in the hands of people that should own guns and then get rid of the assault weapons. we do not need them in our society. >> for speier the issue in personal. she was shot five times in the jones town mass kaer and left to die while trying to escape the commune built by cult leader jim jones. speier brought the bullet that was going to kill her to
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washington two weeks ago. joey jaws chestnut took back his bun coming in first in the nathan's famous hot dog eating contest. >> the one and future king, joey chestnut! >> he also broke the world record. chestnut devoured 70 hot dogs in ten minutes. he was up against last year's winner matt stone any, also from san jose but this year stone any was way behind with only 53 hot dogs. i can't look at that this early in the morning. i can't see it that early. >> let's see what our temperatures have in store for us today. >> looking cooler across the bay area. we'll look at today's highs and what to expect the rest of the week. it's coming up in the microclimate forecast. a live look shows you the bay bridge. a couple of folks waiting if you are paying cash. i do have more information about the deadly crash in antioch.
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we'll bring you that update coming up. plus, an american student's body found in a river in rome. we'll show you who police are questioning. that's coming up after the break. you're watching "today in the bay." saudi arabian leaders thismorni-
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following three separate suicide bombings thkil= the bombings occurred yesrday showing people that they are secure after suicide bomber where's four people were killed. >> the bombings occurred yesterday as muslims were celebrating the end of the holy
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month of ramadan. one bomb targeted the holy city of medina, home to the prophet's mosque. two policemen died in the attack. another bombing targeting the u.s. consulate in the city of jetta. two guards were injured in tht s incident. a dozen more people remain missing after a suicide bombing. 200 people are declared dead after an isis suicide bombing attacked a popular district on sunday. 170 more people are wounded. iraqi government has declared three days of national mourning. meanwhile, a homeless man is being questioned in the death of an american student in rome. >> italian police say the suspect was, quote, seriously implicated in the murder but no further details were provided. the body of bo solomon was found in the tiber river yesterday. 19-year-old student from wisconsin was last seen early friday morning at 1:00 a.m. in a
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pub. he just arrived in rome to study abroad. he was studying finance at the university of wisconsin madison. coming up, have you heard the news, sam? kevin durant is coming to the bay area. joining steph curry and the team. he's going to be playing at oracle arena in just weeks. we're going to tell you why coming up after the break. you're watching "today in the bay." an earthquake move - sendinshoc
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world. n-b-a superstar -
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an earthquake moves sending shockwaves through the sports world. kevin durant is maided to the bay area. he's really just starting to sink in with warriors fans. four-time nba scoring champ and former mvp made the announcement yesterday on the website players tribune. while the nba season is still months away, warriors fans will not have to wait long to see durant play at oracle. it is true, he will be there along with clay thompson and draymond green in three weeks to play china in an exhibition game leading up to rio. >> exciting news indeed. time to look at weather and traffic. you're going to be excited about that. >> yeah. but a lot of pressure about kevin durant. oh, here he comes. >> let's pressure on kari today because the fireworks is behind us. >> it's doing to be comer than average the next couple of days. it will be really nice. we started having clouds over
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san jose. live look out there shows cool start, too, as well, as you see those clouds rolling in from the coast all of the way into the inland areas. it's now 60 degrees in san jose and 62 in palo alto. livermore at 67 degrees. 53 in napa. as we go hour by hour in oakland more clouds throughout the morning. won't be until 10:00 that you will start to see the sun peeking out. by noon, all clear. we'll have the sun for several hours during the day as the temperatures rise into the upper 60s. a look at all the microclimates and what to expect today. in morgan hill, 76 degrees. 75 in redwood city. the mission district will be up to 63 degrees. seven-day forecast, bottom of the screen shows what to expect even as we head into the weekend. we're up to 80 today in fairfield. brentwood, 87 degrees. and in pleasanton today, 82 degrees. we had an evening game at at&t park, rockies versus giants. it will be about 59 degrees.
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it will hold steady there for an hour or two and then gusty winds and cool. and the winds will be coming in from the west and turning more northwesterly as we go into the rest of the day picking up to 15 in spots, up to 20 miles an hour. over the next three days highs in low 80s which is right on par for average for this time of year in the peninsula. in the mid 70s. and san francisco will be in the mid 60s. low 80s for the north bay and east bay up to 76 degrees while the tri-valley has highs reaching into the lower 80s for the next several days and heading into the weekend. mike has more info on that crash now in antioch. >> we'll look at the commute, no real slowing but we do have a bit out of the altamont pass. westbound highway 4 will begin one of your first slowdowns. right now eastbound where three of your four lanes are blocked by this deadly crash.
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chp updates says to open the lanes by 5:00 so just a few more.under the circumstances. again, the loss of life is the tragedy but the impact on your commute is light as we're seeing on our speed sensors. we'll track the bay bridge, earlier crash on the span cleared from treasure island. pa back to you. decision 2016 takes up to charlotte, north carolina. live pictures of where it will be a very busy day. both presidential companies hillary clinton and donald trump are rallying today in north carolina. >> clinton will touchdown in charlotte on air force one. she is traveling with president obama. both plan to rally there together. the president will speak on how clinton will create more jobs. by the way, the white house says clinton's ticket on air force one will be billed to her campaign, not to the american taxpayers. in the meantime, donald trump will be in raleigh, north carolina later today. north carolina is a huge
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critical swing state in this election. this after trump spent fourth of july with indiana governor mike pence, a potential vice presidential candidate for the gop ticket. after that meeting trump tweeted out that he's, quote, very impressed. trump also met with iowa senator joni ernst over the weekend. business news, more problems for ashley madison, that website that helps married people find someone to cheat with. it is now being investigated by the feds. plus, there's a new way to sell your used car. >> for that and the rest of your news before the bell, cait rogers is live at cnbc's world headquarters this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you. wall street could start the week in the red as they return from the fourth of july holiday. market is managing to shrug off much of the turmoil caused by the brexit vote the previous week. the dow is posting best weekly performance of the year. big economic data of the week comes on friday with the monthly jobs report for june. also get the minutes from last
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month's fed meeting friday the dow rising 19 points to 17949 and the nasdaq up 19 points to 4862. as you mentioned the company behind ashley madison hit by a massive hack attack last year is being investigated by the federal trade commission. the breach exposed personal information of millions of people who signed up for the infidelity website. the company's new top executives say they're sorry for what happened and they should have spent more money on security. and now you can get your used car delivered from anywhere in the country. a new start-up called is bb is learning a new delivery service this week. it will cost you. from new york to dallas, for example, is $899 plus the price of the car. the pre-owned car market is growing twice as fast as sales of new cars. back over to you guys. >> all right, thank you very much, kate. that is less money than it costs a road trip in my family.
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>> yeah. coming up, it is a fan favorite every four years. archery coming back for the olympics. we'll show you how the summer games have recent movies are creating a huge bust. the first happening right now as the countdown to the lk in rio continues. nbc bay area is your connection to it all. meet our olympic athletes and to learn more about who to watch. plus, the best of the best. the hottest fireworks displays from around the bay area. we're back in two minutes. rio.
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to the summer games.nth out right now in the final countdown to rio, officially one month out from the summer games in rio. there it is. 31 days out to the games.
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athletes competing in 4 is different events. one of the less talked about sports maybe among fans is archery. >> it of side the olympics it is growing in popularity in the bay area because of movies like "the hunger games." we sent redell to find out what makes it to popular and challenging at the same time. >> reporter: when ken shoots an arrow -- his mark is so far away -- which area code is that? in? >> 515. >> reporter: -- he needs a scope to spot his shot. that's ken, this is his target. the same distance archers will shoot from in rio. >> 75 yards. >> target eight is over there, over to the right. you know what, we got another photographer. so he's okay. >> okay. >> what did you hit? >> edge of the nine. >> that was by accident. >> reporter: olympians won't be able to use ken's compound bow.
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they shoot with a weaker bow. the difference between gold? >> millimeters. >> reporter: there's a popular misconception about archery that makes ken quiver. >> it is a deli weapon but it's a sport. >> reporter: the archery trade association tells us that almost 24 million americans shoot arrows. that's about 25% more since the last summer games in 2012. that increase due in part to the popularity of movies like "the avengers" and "the hunger games." even if hollywood doesn't always get it right. >> some of the stuff you do in the movie you can't do in real life. >> sometimes the form is funky, i think, and some shots are inpossible. >> reporter: sell lien and benjamin participate in coach ken's junior olympic archery development program. neither actually have dreams of going to the games but that's
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not why they shoot. >> outdoors, it's green and quiet so i can sconcentrate on just shooting, not like crazy stuff all around you in the city. >> it's much better than watching the kids go out in the streets or playing video games. once they come out here, they're locked in. >> reporter: for coach ken, that's the fruit of his labor. >> you missed. >> reporter: in pacifica, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> i know he's just joking but that freaked me out. >> he was so precise. >> he was. >> everything was on the line. the world's best invariable on the road to rio and that was the case of u.s.'s u.s. track and field. one of the favorites to win went down in a heat during the women's 800 meter. >> former cal bear olympic's hopes ended that way during the 800 meter final when she clicked legs with brenda martinez. both of them were favorites to
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win. you may remember the monatno finished fifth in the london games. track officials reviewed the collision and called it accidental. you just have to understand the pain they're feeling emotionally there. no penalties were issued. graceded up captures first place after no doubt years and years of training. >> initially you think she's hurt but it's just pure heartbreak. let's check in with kari for that forecast. looking foggy this morning. >> foggy this morning and cooler than afternoon temperatures over the next few days. we are going to be nice and cool heading into the weekend. we'll talk more about that. look at other microclimates coming up in a few minutes. trafficwise we're still talking about that crash in abo antioch and a new crash in free font for 880. and vallejo home goes up in flames on the fourth of july and all because of illegal fireworks. "today in the bay's" bob redell will join us this morning from
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valle vallejo. =bob/live=
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=kris/vo= and developing news in theouth chl. i'm bob redell. a fire department believes was caused by illegal fireworks. that story coming up. and developing news in the  south bay. the investigation now under way after san jose police shot and killed a man on the fourth of july. and we are on the road to rio this morning. we're now just a month away until opening ceremonies at the olympics. a live look right now at rio de
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janiero. wouldn't you like to be there? preparations get under way for the summer 2016 olympics. "today in the bay" starts right now. >> good morning. thank you very much for joining us on this tuesday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez. we have one serious incident on highway 4 but the weather looks decent. >> it does look nice. you know we start out with low clouds and fog this morning. we will have another day with some comfortable temperatures heading into the 70s for most. that's after starting out at 51 degrees in the north bay and 62 degrees in the peninsula. 76 will be the high there and 74 in the east bay. in the upper 70s for the south bay and north bay as well as the tri-valley and san francisco. up to 63 degrees. we'll talk more about the rest of the week ahead. that's coming up. mike has a new crash now in the south bay. >> we're looking over here towards -- of all, let's look at all of your sensors. green except the west 580 out of the altamont.


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