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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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cal campus. how the uc berkeley community is going to come together to pay their respects to one of their own killed in a terror attack thousands of miles away. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm sam brock on this tuesday. cool and comfortable is the name of the game. >> very unusual for this time of year. below average for the next several days. we'll have the clouds starting out this morning as you head out the door. 50s and low 60s. heading into the 70s today. not much of a rise in temperatures as we will be at 63 in san francisco today. and mid to upper 70s for the inner bay and parts of the valley. i'll talk about what else to expect the rest of this week coming up. heading over to mike, looking at an easy build to this morning's commute. >> some folks might have stayed up late last night for fireworks. easy flow of traffic starting to see the slower pattern.
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it cleared from the map and sensors. no major problems in toward the tri-valley or east bay or the bay bridge toll plaza. north bay. and we'll give you the live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. pitts a tuesday but no major issues. the left approach goes back to the end of the parking lot. back to you. update now to breaking news. a destructive end to the fourth of july in vallejo. this as a house goes up in flames and fireworks could be to blame. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at the scene. we talked with both firefighters and homeowners this morning and their stories are not in agreement. correct, they believe it's illegal fireworks that caused the garage at home here at griffin to burn last night. we're not far from discovery kingdom. you can see the fire department was able to keep this fire contained to the garage. so it did not damage the interior but the fire department
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did cut holes in the roof of the main part of the house perhaps to vebt smoke out of the attic. i did speak briefry with the homeowner off camera who doesn't think it was an illegal fourth of july celebration, rather a faulty appliance, perhaps a fridge. the fire department tells us otherwise it was illegal fireworks that caused this man's garage to burn. >> the fire was held to a single alarm. we had a fire investigator on the scene that reported the cause of the fire as illegal fireworks started on the side of the house that breached the wall and made it into the garage. >> reporter: the homeowner, his wife, child, and dog escaped unhurt. they are staying at a hotel down the street. reporting live in vallejo, bob redell, "today in the bay." in san jose the sky lit up overnight with a dazzling display of pyrotechnics, but not all of them were legal. this year the city council approved a measure that firing
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off illegal fireworks a pricey mistake. >> it isn't just the fire department anymore, it isn't just the police department anymore if park rangers and code enforcements can issue the citations. is it going to be as effective as we would like? we won't know that until afterwards. >> for the first time ever people can report their neighbors by going online. fireworks related violations can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000 depending on the number of violations. even jail time is a possibility. as you possibly either saw firsthand or heard from your bedroom it was a day filled with loud booms and popping. >> in san francisco the pyre works show always goes on no matter what the weather delivers. >> it was an explosion of color just below this thick fog bank and a lot of folks were ooh-ing and ah-ing and thousands of people crowded along the embarcadero for the chilly fourth of july fireworks show. >> this weather is different for
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it to be july. where we live it's really hot. >> where she lives the l.a. is, yeah, quite a temperature difference. it was a cold and costly independence day for a lot of folks. parking rates were high. a lot of folks complaining about that. a lot of folks buying sweatshirts and fleeces and hats because it was cold. souvenir shops were happy about the fourth of july weather. many people say it was still a picture perfect independence day celebration in city by the bay. happening today. remembrance. uc berkeley students will come together to honor one of their own. killed in the bangladesh terror attack. yesterday the family of tarishi jain tearfully received her remains. in a suburb of new delhi friends supported jain's mother as she went by the ambulance carrying her daughter's body. 18-year-old tarishi was an indian citizen and works as a summer intern in bangladesh. the victims were honored
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yesterday in a stadium in dhaka. a vigil will be held at noon in sprawl plaza. 18-year-old armed man was shot and killed by san jose police officers in the allen rock neighborhood. it happened just before 9:00 last night on feller avenue near story road. family members say an money nunez was inside a home and holding a gun. he shot himself in the head. he survived that but then was standing outside when officers arrived. he was still holding the gun but it's not clear exactly what happened as officers fired at nunez. neighbors we talked with were shocked. no police officers were hurt. the shooting is under investigation. "today in the bay's" litt"' tan is live at the scene. a woman and dog were rescued off a cliff yesterday. the pair were stuck some 200 feet down a cliff. san francisco firefighters got out there quickly and pulled the woman and her pet to safety in just 12 minutes.
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everybody is doing just fine this morning. earthquake move sending shockwaves through the sports world. k kevin durant is headed to the bay area. >> news is starting to sink in with warriors fans and people in general. four-time nba scoring champ and former mvp made the announcement yesterday on the website players tribune. now fans have a few months to dream of what durant can do alongside a lineup that includes steph curry, clay thompson, andand draymond green. >> 2017, 2018, 2019, champ john i don't know ships. bay area, we're here. >> he's a great player. i'm stoked that they signed him. i'm looking forward to next year. >> with him and curry? oh, yeah. it's going to be lights out. it's going to be a fun season. >> usually the off season is restful and, no, not for the warriors. we're pumped about the move here. oklahoma city fans are burning mad. you see the videos posted at twitter showing fans burning
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kevin durant's jersey. remember cleveland cavaliers fans did the same thing when lebron james left the cavs for miami in 2010. >> piping hot mad over there. it is anything but hot over here. >> going to be so nice. >> middle of summer but nice temperatures. kari hall has your forecast. >> kevin durant, keep this in mind. no weekly tornado warnings, no hail storms no, winter stow snow storms, none of that oppressive humidity. we're looking at nice temperatures to start out. low clouds as we get a look at the view from sunol. highs today will be topping out in the low 80s in livermore. in palo alto, 76 degrees. in san francisco, 63 degrees. santa rosa, 77 degrees. next several days, more weather will continue on with cooler than average temperatures. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. we'll talk more about that but let's head over to mike now tracking something going on near
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the coast. >> that's right, kari. good job. they should have sent you on that squad to get kevin over here. maybe you were the closer for the weather. smooth drive around the bay but we are following an incident on the coast. highway one right around dlefl's slide area. reports a car went off the roadway. that's cliff side. updating with san mateo sheriff's office. there will be traffic control. highway one along the coast. commutes look easier now. a little build for 680 south of pleasant pleasanton. look at that, no problems except for hayward and the san mateo bridge. we'll give you that live look at the san mateo bridge. you see westbound just a little build for your commute. clearview. look at that. nice as the sun comes up around the bay. the bay bridge toll plaza has the biggest backup. metering lights are on. toll plaza is full. coming up next on "today in the bay," joining forces hillary clinton hits the campaign trail alongside president obama as donald trump is vetting his potential running mates.
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we'll break it down in a live report from washington, d.c. the rio olympics are just 31 days away and it hundreds of athletes will compete at the top of their sport. but not all of olympian talents will be on display there. some of them have secret skills. >> i can eat ice cream really fast. >> my friends told me, they said, you can really be an actor or like a voice actor. >> my secret talent is the worm. >> oh, man, all right. oh. all right. i'm going to flip it. it's just the shoes. >> i hope my dress stays down because that would be inappropriate. >> ah. >> i'm going to try another one later. get me some more practice time. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. financial guidance while you're mastering life. campaign trail today wita ver 6:12 now. decision 2016. hillary clinton hitting the campaign trail today with a very familiar face and one-time rival at her side, of course, president obama. >> joining us live from washington, d.c. edward, this is their first appearance together since the president endorsed clinton early last month. good morning. >> good morning.
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it's a very big appearance for them. both side, republican and democrat seeing north care as extremely important. almost as important as golden state warriors see kevin durant. hillary clinton will try and look more presidential in north carolina than donald trump will be meeting with one of his potential running mates there. hillary clinton will travel with president obama aboard air force one to a rally in charlotte, north carolina. a move that makes the democratic nominee look more presidential in her first campaign appearance with mr. obama, the president says clinton will be able to bring back jobs to america. >> there's still people in this country who can't find work and freedom without the ability to contribute to society and put a roof over your head here. look after your family, that's -- that's not yet what we aim for. >> reporter: the white house says clinton's ticket on air force one will be billed to her campaign, not the american
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taxpayers. meanwhile, indiana governor mike pence joined a parade of potential vice presidential candidates for donald trump. the governor's family spent much of the fourth of july weekend with trump. >> we will always count eight privilege to able to spend time as a family with a family that we truly hope is the first family of the united states. >> reporter: trump tweeted he's very impressed, great people. he went on to announce he met with iowa senator joni ernst, she served in iraq and could be another potential vice presidential candidate joining the growing list for the republicans. like senator bob corker who will rally on stage today with donald trump in raleigh. donald trump's rally will be later on tonight in raleigh. hillary clinton and president obama will hold their campaign event this afternoon in charlotte. reporting live in washington, edward lawrence, now back to you, kris, sam? >> thank you very much. 6:14. in the race to create a vaccine
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for the zika virus, they're getting close to have their product ready for production. the company last month made headlines with word that their vaccine gave immunity to the zika virus in mice. their next step the human clinical trials. researchers say they've done in months what can often take years to accomplish. >> our reaction was, okay, it work once. let's get it to work twice. >> the company is looking for human volunteers to conduct those clinical trials. the hope is that a vaccine might be on the market in a matter of just months. back to our coverage of the rio olympic games with just one month to go before the opening ceremony, august 5th. crews in brazil are racing the clock to finish last-minute details. sometimes that even includes finishing up construction of the venues include it is beach volleyball location. from the looks of it brazil may need a miracle to finish everything in time. rio organizers insist everything is coming together and indeed
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that they will be ready to roll. >> we are scheduled to have everything done by the 18th of july. 15 we start the final round of cleaning. just so we start the training of volunteers. >> all right. so you heard him, july 15th massive clean-up schedule for the areas surrounding the venues. athletes will start arriving july 24th. and one of the first things both@leighs and visitors will see when they arrive in brazil is the iconic christ the redeemer statue. last night the statue was lit up in red, white, and blue to commemorate the united states 40 of july holiday. the gesture was meant to be a sign of friend ship between the u.s. and brazil. some of the world's best invariably stumble on the road to rio and that was the case yesterday at the u.s. track and field olympic trials when one of the favorites to win went down in a heap during the women's 800 meters. cal bear montano, her olympic
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hopes were dashed absolutely yesterday when she clipped the legs of another brenda martinez. both were favored to win the 800 final. montano finished fifth in the 800 during the london games. not 800 mile, 800 meter. she was believed that this was her time but look at that heartbreak. >> it hasn't settled in at this moment many time, especially when this is it. >> track officials did review this collision. they say that it was just an accident. no mental byes were issued. kate grace ended up capturing first place but look at that face. just so sad. >> your heart goes out to her. tough break. they are getting ready for one of the most anticipated events leading up to the olympics. the u.s. women's gymnastic teams trials starts on friday. perhaps this year's biggest standout is 129-year-old simone
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biles who many believe can win multiple medals in rio. she won the gymnastics championships. gabby douglas is also considered front-runner to make the u.s. team. the event is sold out. simone biles' skills can turn heads. check out how she threw the first pitch at the astros game. with a strike. she stuck the landing before. she is considered the a. new lock to make the u.s. olympic team as we mentioned. that announcement will take place once the trials wrap july 10th. >> that was cute. >> i always get worried though when olympian s do things before the olympics and might get hurt. keep them in a box. >> yeah. >> protective box. >> everything is very fragile. >> kari, beautiful weather forecast. we don't need it to stay in the a box. >> no. don't stay inside. a lot of sunshine as we go into
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the day even though we do start out with clouds this morning. all of that will be clearing out to give us sunshine as we look at oracle arena. grit day as we once again feel some cooler air and will be cooler than average. and was ago into the next several days we will feel mornings in the upper 50s like we're seeing now in san jose. mostly cloudy skies to start as we go into the hour by hour forecast for san francisco. at 10:00 we'll be in the upper 50s. still cool and the clouds start to roll back along the coastline. we'll be at 60 degrees and then eventually making it into to low 60s and some parts of the city and the breezy wind makes you want to have on your jacket all day long. later on tonight the clouds start to move back in by 8:00. look at all the microclimates today. we'll have upper 50s and low 60s in san francisco. some mid 70s for most of the peninsula. half-moon bay only up to 60 degrees. morgan hill a high of 76 degrees. 77 in santa rosa.
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oakland, 68 degrees. and 79 today in san ramon. some of the warmer temperatures of course in the tri-valley as well as the delta where the winds have been kicking up. the marine air continues to move inland for today in the next several days. and there will be an area of low pressure farther to the north. that will keep us with an onshore flow and keeps the heat in check. we don't have that broad area of high pressure that we had last week giving us those sizzling temperatures. in fact, in san jose as we break it down, we will be cooler than average. we should be at 84 degrees. we will not hit that from today through sunday. a look at the rest of the microclimates in the next three days, the peninsula will be in the mid 70s. san francisco stays in the mid 60s and low 80s for the north bay and tri-valley and east bay highs reaching into the mid 70s. we'll have another look at the forecast coming up. mike with an update on that crash in concord. >> highway 4. let me give folks the big look at the bay.
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pleasant look because you don't see any real slowdowns. 880 off of 238. zoom in over here toward highway 4. your commute direction. reports of a crash. no major injuries right around port chicago highway approaching 242. port chicago highway is pch over here. not l.a. friends. we call it highway one. we look at the golden gate bridge first. nice move three and mist overnight. dampness to the roadway. not a major concern and visibility is improving. north side is still low grouds there. bay bridge, we have them back up just continuing to ease on toward the area. we have the fill over toward west grand avenue and toward the berkeley curve. slowing off the east shore freeway and maze. worth build off of 24. back to you. >> all right, thanks very much, mike. nasa coming up next. the success in space being celebrated across our solar system this morning. plus -- >> batman drops the ball and nbc
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bay area responds. i'm consumer investigator kiss i c can.
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my name is melissa snyder, i'm a customer relationship manager with pg&e. i've helped customers like plantronics meet their energy efficiency goals. so you save energy and you can save money. energy efficiency and the environment go hand in hand. and i love how pg&e's commitment to the environment helps a community like santa cruz be a better place to live. and being able to pass that along to my family is really important to me. just being together and appreciating what we have right here in santa cruz.
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see how you can save energy at together, we're building a better california. nbc bay area responds to a san jose mom who says a company ruined her son's birthday party. >> consumer investigator is here with her story. >> batman usually swoops in and saves the day, but on one 5-year-old's birthday in not so super hero caused problems.
6:25 am
antoinette hired a batman characterer to appear at her son's birthday party last october. but batman was a no-show. >> never showed up. 3:00 hits, doesn't show up. 4:00, like just hours and hours later and everyone is like, um, it's getting kind of late. the sun is about to go down. where is batman? >> even though batman never appeared the company charged her $62. she tried of get a refund but no luck. we won tacted the company several times, too. and not nowhere. characters for kids told us its system doesn't allow a refund. eventual he though we did get antoinette's $62 back from an unexpected hero, her credit union. >> oh, my goodness, i was so happy and so thankful to you for helping us because i thought i would never ever see that money again. i really did. >> antoinette spent so much time fighting the character company she forgot about disputing the
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charge. by the time she called us her window had closed. luckily though her credit union made an exception. you can contact us the same way antoinette did. 1-888-996. tips or online. tomorrow, ending a two year long fight for a new phone. have a great day. and out of this world celebration for a ground breaking voyage in space. late last night nasa engineers celebrated the moment that the spacecraft june no entered jupiter's orbit. nearly 2 billion mile flight took five years and providinging first of its kind images. nasa put out a short video showing the moons orbiting jupiter. until now no one has ever seen this in motion. >> all right. quite the milestone there. 6:26 on your tuesday. coming up next on "today in the bay," counting the days to rio. we are now just one month away
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and that, my friends, is a live look at rio de janiero this morning. we'll have much more olympic coverage coming up in just a few minutes including a closer look at one of the less talked about events. devastation for an east san jose family whose 18-year-old relative was shot and killed by police. what family members are saying this morning, coming up. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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from e right now it's 6:30 the countdown to rio is on and from
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this vantage point it looks picture perfect. we're just now one month away from the start of summer plks and our coverage continues in just a few moments. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm sam brock. sun splashed beach necessary brazil. plenty of sun ourselves in the bay area. cooler than it seems. >> we have to wait a while, too, for that sunshine, especially at the beaches because we start out with clouds and fog this morning. you can see it as we look at all of our microclimates now on all the cameras there. low 50s for the north bay and low 60s for the peninsula. lit be nice and sunny today. north bay up to 77 degrees. 79 in the south bay. and low 80s for the tri-valley. san francisco up to 63 degrees. let's head over to mike now. he's got an update on the crash along the coach. >> i'm talking about the coast. let's show the rest at bay. and show no real problems as far as your expected commute. it's lighter than most would expect for their drive. over here highway one is closed
6:31 am
in oath directions at devil's slide. there's been a crash. a car went off the roadway. minor injuries. reported to the driver. but they have to pull that car back on the roadway. tight squeeze there. that's for highway one mort of montero. san mateo bridge, the peninsula side and east bay, westbound starting to see the build. it's not a major slow down but we do have that coming from 880 and the peninsula. expecting a slowing around the bridges. back to you. >> thank you, mike. an update to breaking news now. vallejo home goes up in flames late last night. firefighters say it was sparked by illegal fireworks. the home is not too far from discovery kingdom amusement park. firefighters were able to contain the flames to the garage. the family of three that lives in that home were able to get out safely with their dog. homeowner tells us that the fire was not started by illegal fireworks but rather by a faulty appliance. our own bob redell talked with that homeowner this morning and he will have more in a live
6:32 am
report in 25 minutes. the fourth of july took a deadly turn when san jose police shot an 1-year-old man they say was harmed with a gun on feller avenue rue near story road. >> lili tan is live in that san jose neighborhood. the man's family is telling us what happened this morning. >> reporter: yeah, sam and kris, family members have been in and out of the house behind me where this young man was shot. just a couple of houses in from the corner of story road and feller avenue. they are asking for privacy this morning after a very long traumatic night. police just left less than two hours after being here for almost 12 hours. now, police and family members didn't say much but earlier we did talk to an uncle of the man who was shot and killed by police. his name, aen on this any nunez, 18 years old, his uncle says that nunez who may have been suicidal was inside the home where he fired a gun grazing himself in the head.
6:33 am
now when police arrived just before 5:00 in the afternoon yesterday the uncle told us that nunez was outside alone holding the gun and it's not completely clear what happened after that but the uncle says nunez was shot and killed. now, neighbors told us they can't believe it. >> yeah, it's pretty sad. it's pretty sad that's what happened. especially in the on day. >> this is really crazy here what happened. >> people ho who live in the neighborhood say it's usually quiet neighborhood and safe. police have confirmed no officers were hurt and we will continue to have updates later on today as well as on our website and on social media as far as we talked to the police. live in east san jose, i'm lili tan for "today in the bay." international news now. developing story. saudi arabian leaders this morning with reassuring people in that country that it's secure following three separate suicide bombings that killed at least four people. the bombings occurred
6:34 am
yesterday's moss hyesterday muslims were celebrating the month of ramadan. at least two policemen died in that attack. another bombing targeted the u.s. consulate in the city of jetta. two guards were injured there. >> french lawmakers are recommending intelligence overhaul after the series of deadly terror attacks l.a. year in paris. a french commission today issued the findings on the attacks that included the charlie hin januar. multiple intelligence failures led to the attacks being possible. nearly 40 proposals have been unveiled aimed at everything from preventing similar attacks in the future to changing strategies. that indluds creating a new national anti-terrorism agency. last month democrats staged 25-hour long sit-in on a house floor over a package of gun
6:35 am
control builds that they wanted to vote on. now congresswoman jackie speier is bring that fight to redwood city. speier took a speet at the fox theater downtown. the group is calling on republican leaders to take action. speier is passionate about no-fly, no buy bills to block suspected terrorists from buying guns. >> that we promote the second amendment, the right to own a gun. but at the same time make sure it's only in the hands of people that should own guns and then get rid of the assault weapons. we do not need them in their society. >> for speier the issue is personal. in 1978 speier was nearly killed in the jonestown massacre. she was shot five times m and left to die while trying to the commune built by cult leader jim jones. speier brought the bullet that morely killed her to the house floor in washington two weeks ago. we are just a month away from the rio games. more troubling news out of brazil. we showed you that beautiful picture of the beach this morning. but this is what it looks like at ground level.
6:36 am
the venue for polympic sailing s full of trash and debris. the spanish team says they saw a dead animal floating in the bay during practice. brazilian authorities say the water venues will be clear though in time for the games. more than athletes heading to fans. hackers are headed to rio as well hoping to get their hands on your private data. there's an official warning from the u.s. government telling people who are headed to brazil to protect their information, especially the information on their mobile devices. officials say cyber criminals are increasingly targeting global events with huge crowds. >> your device could be compromised. obviously the data on that device could be stolen which then could lead to the -- lot of your information. >> security experts say that if you are headed to rio or any large event with a lot of people you should remove important information stored on your
6:37 am
devices. google's mountain view headquarters appears to be under attack from a man who believes the tech company is tracking him. san jose mercury news reports raul diaz of oakland is charged by federal prosecutors for arson. he's accuse of throwing molotov cocktails to a google car in may. the car was not damaged. that is the video. a few weeks later diaz allegedly shot at a google building. a week after that diaz threw another molotov cocktail at a self-driving car, destroying that vehicle. all of the attacks happened late night or early in the morning. nobody was injured. looking to improve on time performance. the airport commission will discuss that during a meeting today. the commission will consider new procedures and technologies to help flights arrive and depart on time. the meeting will happen at san francisco city hall at 9:00 this morning. fog has to be a big consideration that they can do
6:38 am
nothing about. >> speaking of which we are seeing plenty of fog out there early this morning. kari hall has the latest on your microconditions. >> we socked in with the clouds and fog. we take it above the clouds and view from mt. hamilton to see a nice clear sun rise, only there. 76 degrees in palo alto. we will see the highs reaching that today. up to 80 in fairfield and concord. san francisco up to 66 degrees. low 60s. san jose, 79. cooler than average temperatures. i'll let you know what else to expect as we go through the rest of the week. mike has much better news for your friends driving along highway one along the coast. >> may have mist or fog but that's not the issue for drivers. closure for highway one. that crash has been recovered. looks like the injury, person has been taken to the hospital and highway one has reopened. as i move out of your way you
6:39 am
see the sensors for the rest of the bay, mild build. we're going to zoom in toward slower drivers. southbound 680, sonul. and 880 from hayward to union city. as we would expect for this pattern. the san mateo and dumbarton bridge pushing over to the coast. san rafael drive, no major slowing. no major problems. a little bit of fog or low clouds at the golden gate bridge. watch it there. back to you. >> thank you, mirk. coming up next, tech giant spearheading a push to get more people to register as organ donors. let's take a live look at the big board this morning. we don't like to see that red arrow, especially as we begin the second half of the year. more roller coaster riding ahead. athletes around the world are gearing up for rio. here is how some olympians are preparing. 31 days away from what could be the greatest moment of their lives.
6:40 am
training for the olympics is a grueling commitment. oath athlete has their fair share of horrow stories. >> most hellish, painful workout that i can remember. >> we actually train with the navy >> we would swim really hard for 30 minutes and get out and do max squats. >> they have us climb walls, rowing boats, flipping log, flipping tires. >> then we get back in and swim for about an hour. ridiculously hard sets and then get out and do max bench sets. >> sprinting 2,000 meters in broken intervals. >> it's a burning in your lungs, build-up in your legs. my ears tend to throb. >> the only thing i can do is hang on in the line in feet tall position and hoping i don't fall off because at that point i might drown. >> you're hoping you hang on the whole time. oc: fireworks trt=3=sam/cont. v=
6:41 am
6:42 am
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that was not supposed toapp. not all fireworks show went f w. this was not supposed to happen at all. not all fireworks shows went off without a hitch yesterday. as you just saw a massive firework went off. this happened in kentucky. organizers say that force from one of the fireworks caused
6:44 am
other nearby fireworks to fall and explode. luckily only six people suffered minor injuries. apple is making it easier for people to become organ donors through their iphones. if you are interested update your software and that will add a sign-up button to the health information app on your iphone. apple's ceo tim cook says the inspiration to get people signed up came when co-founder steve jobs was looking for a liver transplant and waiting for so long back in 2009. a one-month out to the games in rio's 3 is days to be exact. athletes will compete in 41 different events. we don't always talk about all of them outside the olympics. one of those sports archery. >> a lot of skill involved. outside of the olympics it's growing in pop plar by, especially here in the bay area. because of the movies like the "hunger games". we spent bob redell to a range in pacifica to see what makes it to popular and challenging at the same time. >> reporter: when ken shoo
6:45 am
shoots an arrow -- >> which target are you going for? >> number eight. >> reporter: -- his mark is so far away -- >> which area code is that in? >> 510. >> reporter: -- he needs a scope to spot his shot. that's ken, this is the target. the same distance archers will shoot from in rio. >> 75 yards. >> i think he's in your way. >> target eight is over there. he's shooting to the right. >> you know what, we got another photographer. >> oh, okay. >> he's okay. >> what did you hit? >> edge of the nine ring. >> that wasn't by accident. >> practice. >> reporter: olympians won't be able to use ken's compound bow. they must shoot with a much more difficult weaker bow. the difference between gold and silver? >> centimeter, millimeters. >> really. >> reporter: as president of the san francisco archers in pacifica there's a popular misconception about archery that makes ken quiver. >> it is a deli weapon but it's a sport. >> reporter: the archery trade association tells us that almost
6:46 am
24 million americans shoot arrows. that's about 25% more since the last summer games in 2012. that increase due in part to the popularity of movies like "the avengers" and "the hunger games" even if hollywood doesn't always get it right. >> some of that stuff that they do in the movie you can't really do in real life. >> sometimes the form is funky, i think. and then some shots i think are just impossible. >> reporter: celine lou and benjamin chen participate in coach ken's development program. neither actually have dreams of going to the games but that's not why they shoot. >> outdoors. it's green and quiet. i can just concentrate on shooting and not just crazy stuff all around you like in the city. >> it's much better than watching the kids go out in the streets or play video games. once they come out here, they're locked in. >> reporter: for coach ken, that's the fruit. >> all right, come on. >> reporter: -- of his labor. >> you missed.
6:47 am
>> reporter: in pacifica, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> maybe he didn't miss. thank you very much, bob redell. heartthrob alert now. bay area swimmer is head to his third olympic games to try to capture gold for the fourth time. cal's nathan adrian last week qualified again for what some consider swimming premier event. 100 meter freestyle. adrian won three golds in london's 2012 games. he said for him the moment will transcend no matter how he finishes. >> i want to go back and i want to represent team usa. want thatern many flag cast and look up in the stands and have people going crazy wearing, you know, american flag shorts and, you know, holding the flag up and just -- just because i'm representing my country, they're going to cheer for me. that is -- that is just an incredible, incredible experience. >> adrian performed well during the trials. his time in 100 meter free was
6:48 am
the second fastest in the world this year. from stars in the pool to star power on the court. warriors fans won't have to wait until next season to see kevin durant play at oracle arena. he will be there in three weeks along with draymond green, thompson and team usa. they are going to play china in an exhibition game before they head to rio. an mvp surprise right at your door. >> oh, many i god. >> ah! warriors superstar steph curry gave some kids a shock of a lifetime over the weekend. the warriors sent us this video of him with the campers at room check. this guy even pretended to faint. some discussion about this here. curry is holding his annual steph curry overnight camp at oahu. over 200 kids are there right now learning right from the mvp himself. we need you to weigh in because sam thinks that that kid
6:49 am
was tipped off and knew that steph curry was coming to his door. i said kids can fake faint on command. >> kids can fake faint all day. >> tweet us what you think. let us know. facebook it, whatever. let us know whether you think we're right or sam is right. >> i'm underestimating the art. >> i'm going to fake faint right now. >> i caught you. >> we don't have to fake anything when it comes to our forecast. beautiful, colder though. you might want a jacket this morning. >> yeah, this morning as you head out because we had some clouds and fog in places across the bay area. especially ray loalong the coas. cool start, warm afternoon. you can't see much at the golden gate bridge as we look live at the low clouds hovering overhead. and even the cars that they drive past, a couple of them had the windshield wipers on. may be misting as well. as we go out the door this morning it is 58 degrees in san jose. santa rosa is at 582 degrees. 58 degrees now in concord. a look at all the microclimates.
6:50 am
84 degrees today in los galos. redwood city at 75. some low 60s in san francisco. 77 in santa rosa while oakland is at 68. 81 today in livermore. seven-day forecast, at the bottom of the screen shows the temperatures will hold steady the rest of the week. nice rest of the week ahead and cool evening out at at&t park as the rockies return for a second game in the series. it will be gusty and cool with mostly cloudy skies by the end of the game. and it's all because of this marine air that's been holding in place giving us a strong onshore flow. and also keeping our temperatures much cooler. this will be the case throughout the week as this area of low pressure drops in to the noth and our onshore flow continues to bring us some natural air conditioning and even keeping us below average over the next five days. here's a look at the temperature trend from walnut creek. by today, 81 degrees. and some upper 70s for the rest of the week. now, throw in a breeze and some
6:51 am
sunshine and it is going to be perfect heading into the weekend. so the next three days as we look at all of our microclimates. low 80s. while the peninsula is in the mid 70s. san francisco stays around 65 degrees by the end of the week. and the north bay as well as the tri-valley will be in the low 80s. east bay up to 76 degrees by the end of the the week. let's head back over to mike now. maps look like they're slowing now on the south bay. >> just starting to see the colors change. we'll talk about this in a second. i want to mention over mere the crash highway one that has cleared. that was getting up in north of half-moon bay. traveling over here eastbound 92 out of half-moon bay that way, crash, but that should be clearing it from the roadway as well. note to watch the coast this morning. meanwhile, the south bay, yes. show you the sensors. northbound 85 coming off of highway 17. 101 around capital expressway. and let's show you p camera. it's not dramatic but it's the most slowing we've seen in the
6:52 am
morning. just starting to see the build. gradual around the bay. we'll show you dublin as well. slow down in altamont pass. by the time you get here, smooth easy drive. el charo to the dublin interchange. we'll watch for slowing 680 through pleasant on the. back to you. barring a giant last minute surprise there should be a buster topping the ballot measures. the ballot results for major league all-stars. major league baseball announcing the starting lineup for this year's all-star game is about to be set. and the giants buster posey is leading the vote for catchers. you can expect the chicago cub or two or perhaps five cubs to make the starting eight in the national league. pitchers and backups will be announced later. game takes place one week from today. coming up, an update to breaking news in north bay home up in flames overnight. and while authorities blame illegal fireworks the home own rs say that's not the case. a live report coming up next. first, happening now as the
6:53 am
countdown to the olympics in rio continues, nbc bay area is your connection to all of the action. go to our home page to meet our olympic athletes and to learn more about who you're going to be cheering for. plus, they are the best of the best. check out some of the hottest fireworks displays from around the bay area by heading over to our facebook page.
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here are the top stories on c bay ea... welcome back. before you head out the door here are our top store roens nbc bay area. >> first, update to breaking news. home badly damaged by flames of illegal fireworks could be to blame. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in vallejo with a fuel story. >> reporter: good morning, sam and kris. you can see the vallejo fire department behind me was able to keep the fire contained to the garage at this home here not far from the discovery kingdom amusement park. so it did not damage the interior of the house itself though it appears the fire department had to cut holes in the roof to vent smoke out of the attic. i did speak briefly with homeowner this morning who does not think it was a fourth of july celebration, illegal fourth of july celebration. rather a faulty appliance, perhaps a fridge that started this fire. the fire department tells us otherwise. >> the fire was also a single
6:57 am
alarm. we had a fire investigator on seen that reported the cause of the fire illegal fireworks started on the delta side of the house that breached the wall and made it to the garage. >> the homeowner, his wife, child, and dog all escaped unharmed. they are staying at a hotel down the street. reporting live in vallejo, bob redell, "today in the bay." division 2016, both presidential candidates hillary clinton and donald trump are rallying today in north carolina. clinton will touchdown in charlotte onboard air force one with president obama and president obama will speak on how clinton can create more jobs. by the way, the white house says clinton's ticket on air force one will be paid for by her campaign and not by the american taxpayers. meanwhile, donald trump will be in raleigh, north carolina, meeting with voters there. an earthquake moves sending shockwaves through the sports world nba superstar kevin
6:58 am
durant. >> independence day became durant's day yesterday. news just starting to sink in for the warriors fan base. four-time nba scoring champ and former mvp made the announcement yesterday on the website players tribune. fans have a few months to dream of what durant can do alongside a lineup that already features all-stars steph curry, klay thompson, draymond green. >> 2017, 2018, 2019, championships. bay area, we're here. >> i'm stoked that they signed him. i'm looking forward to next year. >> with him and curry, oh, yeah. it's going to be lights out. it's going to be fun season. >> i love the enthusiasm. >> you got to love the smile there. okc fans were not smiling. they were burning while warriors fans were pumped up about this okc fans literally were taking kevin durant jerseys and lighting them on fire. these were posted to twitter to fans doing that. we've been talking all morning
6:59 am
about the summer olympics, kris. now it's one month away, 31 days to be exact. nbc bay area is your home throughout the games. jessica geary is going to be anchoring the coverage. i don't know what the weather is like in rio but the weather here is going to be very nice. >> it will be very nice. even though we will have to deal with the clouds early. we will see them clearing out as we go through the day. and comfortable, too. 57 degrees in san francisco. 61 degrees in the peninsula with highs there today reaching 76. upper 70s for the south bay. north bay, low 80s for the tri-valley and san francisco, 63 degrees. breezy is one of kari's adjectives. >> breezy. i'll show you the map. we do have a crash east of 92. half monday bay. that's it for the bay. calm drive towards the bay bridge. san mateo bridge, slowing westbound of course. we expect that. and even that's a gentle slowdown. >> good. >> nice.
7:00 am
>> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we will be back with you at 7:25 with more live local news. >> of course, join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. z buenos días. a hacer campaña. el presidente obama hace su primera aparición en la campaña con hillary clinton en el disputado estado de carolina del norte. donald trump los critica por usar el avión presidencial para llegar ahí. hola, júpiter. (aplausos). durante la noche, trabajadores de la nasa estallan en aplausos cuando la nave espacial juno comenzó a orbit espacial


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