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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> that's pretty scary. especially if somebody's you know, like on a building or something saluting down at cars. >> it's happening at 11:00. nervous neighbors and drivers after a string of shootings in the south bay. thanks for being with us. i'm raj that maathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. >> the search is on for someone targeting drivers between
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poughkeepsie and month erta, cars were struck by gunfire. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney joins us live from the area. so far two people have been injured by the shooter. >> the most recently saturday morning a woman hurt driving on blossom hill road. they've been going on for a couple months. some people want to know why they're just finding out about it now. someone is shooting at cars on this stretch of blossom hill road. police say there's no known connection between the victims and don't know if the shooter was standing or driving. each time, only one bullet was fwird and all attacks happened between 12:30 and 1:00 a.m. on blossom hill road near poughkeepsie or monterey. >> that's kind of scary. >> the first shooting happened may 4th. a vehicle hit. on june 2nd, a male driver grazed by a bullet. june 30th, another vehicle hit.
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and three days later, a woman behind the wheel hurt by flying glass or shrapnel. none of the injuries are life-threatening. >> i've lived here all my life. that's why i'm so surprised. >> jodi is also surprised neighbors weren't notified of the shootings going on now for two months people should be watching out or aware of what's happening. that is so wrong on so many levels. >> a police spokesman says once the patterns became clear, more resources were dedicated to the crimes. perhaps that's what ken williams saw this afternoon. >> like 20 police cars staged in different locations on blossom hill and police officers standing on different properties. >> that's too little too late for jodi. >> excuse me, they're just announcing it today? and this has been going on for a couple months? >> uh-huh. >> oh, nice. nice. >> reporter: san jose police
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reaping out to the public now. if you have information, contact the detectives in charge or contact crimestoppers. the information on how to do that right there on our website. live in san jose, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. new at 11:00, two days since her cherished dog went missing without a trace. a service dog that has been a come pan kwon to be an army veteran. cheryl hurd is in antioch this evening where the story begins. cheryl? >> reporter: raj, the story begins here. this is where the service dog and dog sitter got on a boat headed to a remote campground near the area. while on the trip, the chow retriever mix disappeared while on the trip. >> such a special dog. >> reporter: nicolette tried hard to hold back emotions while explaining life with her service dog leo. >> he's my best friend. he's the love of my life.
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>> reporter: now she's being forced to think of life without him. the combat service dog disappeared sunday. he was being cared for by nickette's friend chris peterson and his family who were camping near the lower sherman island slough in the san joaquin island. >> we got out to the island around noon on sunday and everyone was socializing and swimming in the river and fishing. >> reporter: peterson even snapped this picture of leo lying in the sun and around 4:00 p.m., leo was nowhere to be found. >> we just started looking. we looked all up and down that island. >> reporter: the search went on till dark and continued the next morning. >> i think we had all agreed he couldn't have still been on the island. >> reporter: one concern is that he got into the river and a boater picked him up or someone thought he was a stray. words can't describe what he means to nickette who suffers from severe ptsd says she's seen unspeakable atrocities in iraq that causes nightmares and
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flashbacks. she says his service dog vest is waiting for him. >> reporter: nickette will tomorrow to continue the search. there's a $1,000 reward for the return of leo. if you want more information on leo, go to our website at reporting live in antioch, i'm cheryl hurd. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. despite the warnings, illegal fireworks are blamed for nearly destroying this home. last night, investigators say fireworks were improperly extinguished, then left against a garage wall. thankfully, if everyone inside the homemade it out safely. for now, this home is uninhabitable. >> two different stories of what led to the shooting of a teenager. when officered arrived at the alan rock neighborhood, anthony nunez walked out of the house
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with a gun in his hand. they say they pleaded with him to drop the weapon. they say he pointed the gun in their direction forcing them to open fire. the family says he didn't have a gun at the time police fired at him. >> at one point, the subject finally emerged and began pointing the weapon in a threatening manner. at one point, pointed it towards the officers. >> my nephew junior said he saw him with the gun in his hand. he took the gun out of his hand and went to go hide it somewheres. >> reporter: police insys nunez was armed, suicidal and a danger to officers. they greeted the teen was unarmed at some point but insists he reacquired the gun found near his body. the verdict is in. alexander yaun was found guilty for killing a marine in a drunk driving crash. free month police announcing the verdict. the accident killed andrew silva back in 2014. the 23-year-old silva was riding
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his moirk when yawn ran a red light. today, hundreds of people gathered on the cal campus to honor a promising young student killed in last weeks' terror attack. tarishi jain was remembered for her community involvement and will for global peace. she was one of 20 hostages that died in dock ca, bangladesh on friday. another cal student happened to be at the restaurant when armed extremists stormed in saying they wanted to kill non-muslims. jain's dorm mate said she never thought she would it be directly touched by terrorism. >> you think it's so far away it's never going to occur to you, then it does. >> jain had gone home for a summer internship at a bank. two other u.s. students were killed in those attacks. republicans weigh in tonight on the hillary clinton e-mail controversy. presidential hopeful donald trump went off on clinton and
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the fbi. >> she was guilty. and it turned out that we're not going to press charges. it's really amazing. >> reporter: that rally in north carolina tonight. reacting to the fbi's decision not to pursue criminal charges against clinton for exchanging classified information and personal e-mail account while serving as secretary of state. we're in in san francisco. jean, while the investigation over -- the investigation is over. the political impact is just beginning. >> reporter: it is, jessica. the director of the fbi says no criminal charges for hillary clinton, but he also delivers stinging criticism for the former secretary of state, criticism republicans are expected to use on the campaign trail. >> although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes it regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor
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would bring such a case. >> fbi director james comey says no criminal charges for presidential hopeful hillary clinton. comey says while it's possible hostile nations got into the secretary of state's private e-mail and accessed classified information, he says the carelessness does not meet the standard for bringing criminal charges. the fbi will forward its recommendation to the department of justice. while clinton appears to be out of legal trouble, the fbi investigation stirs up political trouble. >> serious lapses of judgment and it's beyond careless. it's intentional. >> california republicans vice chair harmeet dhillon says the investigation raises questions about clinton's integrate, questions her party will urge people to consider. >> if you still want to vote for that person who put the national security at risk, i think that's a real decision that i think a lot of americans are wrestling with. >> with the e-mail scandal in the months and now no charges, political analyst larry gershon
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says it's a nonsniper those who don't like her will say i told you so. it's not going to make a difference short term. long-term, we'll have to wait and see. >> reporter: the fbi recommendation now goes to the department of justice. that agency is expected to follow the recommendation. reporting in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> president obama is coming to hillary clinton's defense tonight. the president joined his former secretary of state on the campaign trail. the two appeared together at a rally in charlotte, north carolina. >> hillary is steady and hillary is true. and she's been in politics for the same reason i am. because we can improve other people's lives by doing this work. >> north carolina is considered a key battleground state in the race for the presidency. still ahead here at 11:00, a parents' nightmare caught on camera. stranger snatches a little girl from a southern california store but he didn't get very far.
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and good evening. i'm meet guarolgs jeff ranieri. fog continues to move into emeryville. currently 58 degrees. the impact of the fog coming up in about ten minutes. >> the problems that inspired 20 bay area college students to visit rio ahead of the olympics. new video tonight =vo=of a man r
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year old rl rht in front oher fr new video tonight of a man trying to kidnap a 4-year-old girl right in front of her family. this happened down in southern california. you see it there. caught on that surveillance video in san bernardino county in victorville. this happened last friday. the girl was standing next to a candy machine at a cell phone store when that man reached in, grabbed her arm and tried to snatch her. >> i thought they were arguing with each other at first. when i got up to look, i came from behind the counter and i asked what was going on. the mom was in here. she was hysterical crying. her daughter was very traumatized clinging on to her,
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wouldn't let go. both babies were crying. >> terrifying. the mom and another customer jumped into action. you saw them running out the door. they caught up with that man. investigates are say the suspect was high on drugs when he tried to abduct the little girl. social media plays a big role in the safe return of two kittens tolon from an adoption event over the weekend. the 11 week old kittens named walt whitman and allen ginsberg seen wleer snatched by two of teenage girls at a pet food express store on sunday. the store employees immediately shared a facebook post. a friend of the two minors saw the post and told them to return the kittens. the girls brought back the kittens to the store today and will not face any charges. okay. the road to rio runs right through the bay area. can you feel the excitement in the air. >> we are now just 31 days away till the start of the summer olympics in rio. first the super bowl of
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gymnastics will take a tumble through san jose. preparations are under way for the u.s. gymnastics teams olympic trials. all the big names will be in town. gabby douglas and ali race man and simone bils will be there. the competition starts on friday. organizers have been planning for years to bring gymnastics back to the south bay. >> this is a coveted event that cities across the country are competing for and they're coming back to san jose. >> it's going to be big. tickets are already sold out. but there will be a free events all weekend outside the sap center, including a parade on friday and then a gymnastics hall of fame on saturday that will feature a return of the magnificent seven, the first gymnasts to win team gold 20 years ago at the atlanta games. is rio ready? what can staging a world class
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event of that scale and magnitude mean for the brazilian people? a class of local college students traveled to brazil to study the games and the impact on the local people. we caught up with them before they left. >> hello. >> it's going to be a life-changing experience. >> reporter: no matter the reason for going to brazil. >> the beaches. i want to see the christ the redeem erstad stu. >> the culture, the music. >> reporter: 20 students from cal state east bay are raring to going tory i don't he. >> i'm ready to go. >> it will it be eye opening. >> reporter: the journey is the brainchild of their professor. she studied the impact of the 2014 world cup also in rio. >> the infrastructure did run into problems. there was a lot of talk of brazileing ready. >> it's a loaded term. i think rio is getting ready. >> economist mark spiegel has also done research on megaevents and found they cost a lot more
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than they're worth. >> people think we're boring. they think it's exciting to have the publics and people get fired up. >> reporter: falling off of prices which the economy depends on is one reason the city ran out of money to finish a subway line and security. plus, there's the ongoing issue of cleaning polluted bay. the u.s. rowing team plans to support antimicrobial suits before they hit the water. >> the athletes village is going to turn into a luxury development known as pure island. but as far as the impact for the everyday residents, it seems they're not going to benefit from the games. >> well, the professor says she hopes she is wrong. we'll hear from her and the students what had he found when they come back in mid-july. in the meantime, they sent us a
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preview of what's to come. >> the students took in the sights and sounds of the life, visiting the slums of rio and spent time getting to know the people there. it is the official countdown. we're 31 days away from the opening ceremony. i'll head to rio to bring you live reports from the games every day. >> chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is with us. when we did our olympics, we packed the night before. jeff is packing next week. three weeks early. >> monday, tuesday, wednesday, packing. >> i can't wait to see your stories. it's going to be awesome. >> hopefully it will all go well. >> must see tv. the forecast tomorrow looking pretty good. your forecast and you can see right now in san jose, clouds starting to roll in and 58 degrees through tomorrow morning. i don't think it's going to be totally cloudy in the south bay.
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that's our best start and 54 degrees. typical fog coming back to the peninsula. san francisco 53. north bay with a chillier 48. the fog is super thick. if you're sick and tired of it, you need to spend time in the interior valleys the next couple of days because it is not going anywhere. you can see how strong the marine layer is again not only at the entire coastline tonight but moving back into contra costa, marine, napa and snoem sonoma counties. we have still seen no change with the other thing that's helping to drop temperatures. that is the jet stream dropping usually local right across northern california through the next several days. interestingly enough, there is an area of low pressure offshore. there's no sign of this coming our way. as you've seen in the scrolling seven-day ticker, we'll have dry weather and enjoyable temperatures. i think the only thing that
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might be bothering you is the pollen. the sea breeze kicks up. it's going to kick around some of the irritants in the atmosphere. watch out if you have allergies maybe. i know today's a little bit tough for me. we'll see what he tomorrow brings. as you look at the forecast for wednesday, you can see how nice it's going to be across the south bay. it doesn't get much better than this in july for the bay area. below average temps in morgan hill with 78. peninsula classic cool weather and 61 at pacifica. pal low at toe a sunny 74. san francisco feeling the chill. you need the layers. the marina 59, warmer in the financial district. still a cool 63. for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, we come in across the danville, pleasanton and livermore area with low 80s. best weather oakland at 70 degrees. you get some sun and also still get some of the cooler weather. towards the weekend forecast, we continue to keep the trend of
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some nice conditions through saturday with 79 in the south bay. san francisco f 64 and the north bay 80. warming up on sunday. by next monday. but again the great news, no sign of any 90s for the interior valleys. we're just kind of getting a little bit of a break after some of those 100s we had a few weeks back. >> thank you, jeff. up next, an update for iphone users that could save lives. >> we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. we have a great show tonight. we have maya rudolph, martin short, leslie odom junior, courtney barnett. it's a brand-new show. you're going to love it. watch tonight. airports across thnaon are going high tech. g-p-trsponders pne >> happening now on our website, airports across the country going hi-tech. gps transponders must be on all planes by 2020 to help track a plane's location, speed and altitude. officials say that will help airports reduce delays. on our facebook page, stanford
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is number one. forbes naming them as the top college for 2016 based on several categories including the success of alumni. williams college and princeton were two and three on the list. we're back in a moment. ♪
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orn donor.=vo= aplle si apple is adding a simple way to help you register to be an organ donor updating its software so that the health information ap has a signup button. tim cook says he hopes this will easy a critical donor shortage. steve jobs had a liver transplant. it will be ready by the end of the months. >> a high priced new development is driving out a small business in san francisco.
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legendary gay bar called the stud bar may be closed after the building was sold. the rent raised by 300%. the stud is a landmark of sorts off the freeway at 9th and harrison and up and running for 50 years. the owner says he'll leave the bar to take care of his mother in hawaii. >> there's a little bit of heart break that goes along. but mostly love. a lot of love. so. >> tough. >> yeah. really tough. >> however, the local community is rallying to try and save it. several people are forming a kei co-op to buy the business and keep it at the current location. the owner hopes the idea will work. till then, the future of the bar is up in the air. for little girls in santa rosa to the big fish, they're off to rio. and their local coach is thrilled next. swimming in the sam nortbay
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pool. now -- they'll b not long ago, there were kids swimming in the same north bay pool. now they're swimming in rio. >> their coach is now like a proud papa. colin rush has their story from stan ta rosa. >> reporter: dan has been the head coach for neptune swimming for 12 years. in those 12 years, he's never had an olympian. now he has two. >> i don't know that i saw anything that would lead us to
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this. >> it's kind of insane and i still don't believe it. >> unreal. i'm speechless. i don't know what to say. >> reporter: neither does their youth swim coach after what they did at this past week's olympics swim trials. teammates as kids, molly qualified for rio with a second-place finish in the 200 breast stroke. durado making the team in three events with the wins in the 200 and 400 individual medleys and the 200 breast stroke in which she beat the defending olympic champion missy franklin to the wall. >> it shouldn't be happening to our team. the design is not to make the olympic team. our main focus is to get them to love swimming and that's it. and the fact that we've got girls now like a major player in the biggest competition in swimming -- >> they took separate paths after ten years of guidance from grieves. hannah swam at tennessee, durado
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at stanford. all these years later still friends, they find themselves on the same team once again. for durado, this will be her first olympics and her last. she's retiring after rio into it was crazy. and i'm glad that that's how it ended and that that's how i went out with an "s" on my cap. >> reporter: for them to make the olympics is gives me chills every time i think about it. amazing. >> reporter: colin reish, nbc bay area. >> we will be watching closely. we send them the best of luck. >> so cute as little girls. >> they start somewhere. >> okay. a lot of money on the line. but is there a winner? the megamillions update is next. . i'll see you later. [ bark ] [ bark ] bye. see ya pal. xfinity home provides 24/7 professional monitoring for 24/7 peace of mind. aw. aw. aw. aw. [ dryer running ]
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come celebrate new beginnings like hyperspace mountain... and premiering this summer, frozen, a musical spectacular... plus an all new soarin'. so come to the place where summer dazzles. tonight the megamillions is an stipulated $454 million. >> the winning numbers are in. but no megamillions jackpot. no winner. it's still worth a look at the ticket it could be worth a couple million dollars. 29, 46, 53, 64, 37 and the
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megaball number is 10. a california ticket is a $2 million payout. this is a popular spot to grab a ticket or two. the jackpot worth an estimated $508 million. it's been growing for nearly four months. the next drawing is on friday. jeff assures us this time he will not drop the megamillions ball and he will get us a ticket as promised. >> i saved you some money. i didn't like any of the numbers. i wouldn't have picked them anyway. >> he's a numbers guy. >> thanks for joining us. have a great day tomorrow. >> we'll see you then. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- maya rudolph and martin short. leslie odom jr.


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