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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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♪ i just hope they find her alive. >> right now at 11:00, a developing story in vallejo, a woman kidnapped for ransom, now there's an all out search to find her. good evening to you, and thank you for joining us tonight. four suspects are behind bars and the kidnapping victim has not been found for more than a week now since she has disappeared. this is 57-year-old elvira babb,
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her neighbors are giving us new information about the case. we are live in vary lay h-- in and the neighbors are obviously hoping that the information will help find her. >> reporter: yes, neighbors say that one of the suspects used to live next door to the victim and tonight, the fbi is joining in on the investigation. vallejo police need your help to find this woman, on july 1st, her son said she had been kidnapped after he received a text demanding a ransom of less than six figures. >> the caller advised that they had his mother, and wanted money and threatened her life if he contacted the police or authorities. >> reporter: when he went to check on his mother, the dog was dead and she was gone. no sign of forced entry. the primary suspect has been arrested in the sacramento area.
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neighbors say he lived in the same building as the victim several years ago. last night, the same night police arrested him, espinoza posted this message, saying they kicking in the doors and looking for me. police also arrested three other suspects. 32-year-old jaylon brown and larry young. both of sacramento, and 27-year-old lovely razol from vallejo. the victim is described as a petite kind woman that often shared her home-cooked meals. >> i'm shocked. i don't believe it, i'm hoping they find her alive. she was just too nice of a person for something to happen to her. >> reporter: she was last seen here in vallejo, after a co-worker dropped her off on june 29th and now police are hoping that someone saw something that can lead to her safe return. >> the victim has been gone for over a week, so it causes us
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deep concern. obviously. we are hopeful that we will locate her alive. >>. >> reporter: the police say that all four suspects now the custody had felony convictions. reporting live in vallejo. nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, more details now, this is the string of -- the latest in the string of kidnappings in vallejo. the police called a kidnapping case a hoax and it turned out that it was not. her alleged kidnapper was arrested and that case is ongoing. please are investigating the kidnapping of pearl pinson, who was last seen being dragged away from a overpass in late march. pearl has still not been found. we are following some breaking news right now in antioch where a brush fire is
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threatening homes. this is the area of james donlan and contra costa boulevard. a protest against police brutality took place, the traffic was backed up. people were trying to get to san francisco, you can see, bumper to bumper, in some cases a complete stand-still, the protesters attempted to get on the bridge itself, and officers stopped them. >> i'm just tired of police officers killing african-american men, and females. >> we have to do something for them to turn their heads and for them to see that we are serious and wanting it to stop. >> now, earlier in the day, the protesters blocked the essex street on ramp to the service. that stopped the uni service to
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the treasure island and bus service to the east bay. more tense moments after police say they received an anonymous threat against officers there. a suspicious person was chased and it became an active scene. they removed all reporters and public away from the headquarters. a chaotic two-hour search ended upturning up nothing. that happened near a growing memorial to the officers. an investigation is continuing in to the mass shooting. it's a heartbreaking task for the dallas pd. >> i have never had a feeling that feels like a nightmare i cannot wake up from. >> now, president obama said that seeing how americans are reacting to the massacre in dallas is giving him hope. he is cutting his travels short to travel to identicaldallas eae
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week. >> this brush fire is being called the sage fire, it has taken out 800 acres. over 700 families had to evacuate their homes. mostly because of thick smoke. tonight, the fire is 15% contained, just hours ago. those mandatory evacuations were lifted. and fire crews also battling hot spots today at a recycling center in newark. this went up in flames yesterday afternoon. created a huge plume of black smoke that many in the bay area saw. people nearby were told to shelt their place and firefighters spent about three hours putting out of the fire. the ahg recycling center was loaded up with metal, plastics and other recyclables. well, they certainly have vaulted in to our hearts. 20 years ago, it's hard to believe. the magnificent seven reunited for the parade of olympians.
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michelle, one of the famous moments that many of us think about. when she stuck a landing on an injured ankle. >> we will all remember that. it's like they have done it a million times, they knew where to stand and how to pose. they said it's been a while since they have been together. the event wrapped up an hour ago. incredible to see all of the olympians. >> 140 olympic gymnasts are all here. so many faces out there. and it was a powerful moment back stage when the gym nanasts from the 80s, huddled up, but for the children of the '90s. it's hard to top the reunion of the magnificent seven. they were the first women's team
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to win gold. shannon miller said it's been ten years since they have all been together in the same room. >> you cannot walk down the street in san jose without bump engine to an olympian. you have to have an amazing conversation, we grew up together. we are family. >> for the seven of us to be in the same place at the same time, it's just, it's almost overwhelming because it does not happen very often anymore. >> we sit down and talk about all the things that were funny or are funny in life these days. and just reminisce about the old times. >> well that was the olympian from the '60s, he is in good health. i asked if he was inspired to get out and do tricks himself. he said that he would refrain for the sake of his health. well, all the veteran olympians are celebrating and partying tonight, of course, 14 gymnasts tomorrow have a big day ahead of them, those hopefuls that are
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trying to get a spotty on the trip to rio. five will make it and there will be three alternates that will be chosen. it's their last chance to wow the selection committee. reporting live, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> check it out, a bit of rio here, set the tone as die-hard fan this is had the chance to get up close and personal with their favorite gymnasts today. many famed athletes posed for photos and signed autographs. sierra sanchez came from selenas to see their favorites. >> her floor routine, she is like any role model. i want to be like her. >> are you a good gymnast too? >> yeah. >> it's amazing to see the people and the inspiration for the girls and seeing what it takes to be successful. >> the fan fest wraps up tomorrow and the gymnasts got
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recovery today as they are getting prepared for the competition. some are trying to rebound after poor performances. gabby douglas, it was painful to see her fall off the beam last night. you hear the crowd encouraging her to keep going. she is expected to make the team, she is expected to have a good showing tomorrow night. here are the standings. simone biles wowed the crowd yesterday, in first, and followed by laurie hernandez. an up and comer, and many are watching her and aly raisman, fourth, skinner and smith and gabby douglas in seventh place, the first five will make the team. we are 27 days away from the olympic games in rio. coming up next at 11:00, a small breech could have
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uncovered something much bigger, what hackers say they found when they broke in to twitter ceo's jack dorsey's account. a not so super hero bailed on a little boy's birthday party and forces the mom to pay up anyway. we respond. skpnchlths seeing mild temperatures this weekend, but that is about to change. high pressure builds in. temperatures are soaring back closer to the 90s. what it means for the rest of the weekend, when we come right back. a driver plow into a fe
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uck in e east baovernightthat was park to help otect firefighrs... a driver plowed in to the become of a fire truck in the east bay overnight, it was parked to help protect firefighters, it happened on highway 4 next to the pittsburgh b.a.r.t. station. kr. hp said that a contra costa fire crew was working an accident, when a man slammed this black
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honda in to the back of the fire truck, he said that he simply fell asleep behind the wheel. that fire truck was empty and it was not by chance that i was there. ever since a very bad accident, the fire department sends out a second truck to help protect firefighters. >> it prevented serious injury, and possibly the death of one of our firefighters. so, the policy works. kept our people safe. was a very near miss incident. >> now, the driver was rushed to the hospital with injuries to his chest, but he is expected to be okay. >> well, another silicone valley tech executive has been hacked and tonight, an allegation that has him on the defensive. jack dorsey was the latest target of the hacker group. twitter is denying the claims that vine passwords were hacked.
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nbc bay area responds to a san jose mom, she said that her son's birthday party turned out to be a downer. she planned every detail of the party and she said her and her son and one of the companies that said they would come ruin the fun for him, consumer investigator chris shows us the story. ♪ happy birthday to you >> reporter: he had one request for his fifth birth day party. >> bat man. >> everything batman. >> reporter: and mom made it happen. >> i was so excited. >> reporter: but one piece was missing. >> batman didn't come. >> reporter: she hired the caped crusader to appear at the party, she booked using party characters force batman was scheduled to arrive, mid afternoon. she called to confirm the super hero's arrival, but he -- >> never he showed up.
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3:00 hit, doesn't show up. 4:00, hours and hours later and everyone is like, um, it's getting late. the sun is about to go down and where is batman? >> reporter: batman was a no-show, but party characters for kids showed up for her money. she told the company batman never appeared and they still charged her debit card $62. >> i was so mad, it's two days later and i was like, are you serious, you took my money? >> reporter: she tried for months to get a refund, so she called us. they said that the system does not allow refunds. the company's failure to respond to other consumer complaints has earned it an f rating with the better business borough. we eventually got the money back. from an unexpected place, her
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credit union. they didn't like what happened so put $62 back on her card. that and a cold treat helped to turn the page on this comic fiasco. >> on my goodness, i was so happy and so thankful to you for helping us, because, i mean, i thought i would never see that money again. i really did. >> checking in now with the meteorologist. we have little kids, if batman does not show, that's a bad deal. >> that is bad. i'm glad chris stepped in. memo for us if that ever happens, call chris. clear skies throughout the bay area. a few low clouds around the coast, nothing like we have seen over the last few nights. in fact you, you see across the golden gate, 59 degrees, breezy and minus the low clouds. notice what happened this afternoon, aswinds picked up, the clouds break up, and the
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trigger is interesting. off to the north. check it out. it's july. and we are talking about a storm moving in the pacific northwest, cold air enough that we could see snow in the higher elevations in the cascades and moving in to the northern rockies by morn and that system, keeping things mild for now, gusty at times. will begin to head off to the east and high pressure begins to build n for the morning tomorrow. patchy low clouds. we think on the coast and breezy at times, winds picking up as we go through the afternoon right around midday. we will see the low clouds breaking up and out to the coast line, we will see winds turning gusty. as we compare 4:00 today, where we had 10 to 20 mile an hour winds, getting closer to 20, and 30 mile an hour gusts. around the great highway, we could see sand blowing across the roadway. >> cool conditions for ocean beach and check out santa cruise, numbers are starting to recover in to the 70s as we head through the afternoon on sunday
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and the week ahead, the temperatures will continue to climb up. san jose near 78, and low to mid 80s. you will see temperatures in the mid 60s, it will be breezy in the afternoon. peninsula temperatures in the 70s and highs in the 70s and 80s and mid 80s again. filed finish to the weekend. the low, which is impressive, moves on. high pressure begins to build in. from tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, that is when the heat should start to come back, but mainly for the interior valleys like livermore, average high is 87. and likely seeing some low 90s starting around wednesday and taking us through towards the end of the week. now, san jose, we will see temperatures rise closer to the average high for this time of year for tuesday and wednesday. so mid 80s in the forecast, wednesday and thursday and trending cooler toward friday. san francisco, not much of a warm up, the seabreeze is going to stick around and temperatures will rebound a bit as we go
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toward wednesday and thursday, and not nearly as warm or significant as the warm up that we will find around the tri-valley. >> thank you so much. coming up next, going out with a bang, these final curtain calls for the original cast of hamilton, it's the show that everyone wanted to see. wait until we tell you how much the tickets were. and serena making history. we will head across the pond for wimbledon action after this.
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hey, guys, after coming up short in a u.s. open, australian open and the french open, serena williams entered wimbleton on a mission. let's go to the highlights. ladies singles final. serena williams taking on kerber, second set, williams
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with a championship point gets her going one direction and then, taps it home for the win. serena catches her seventh title and her 22nd grand slam title tying stephy graph for second all time. baseball now, giants, diamond backs, paul goldschmidt, fouls off jake peavy's pitch, and one unlucky fan puts up a tray of food, did not go well for her. that video went viral. and green goes deep for the two-run blast. that is green's first homer as a giant. giants go on to win 4-2. a's and astros, graveman had his best career start. pitched a perfect game in to the fifth. shutout houston through eight. graveman left in the ninth with two runners on. both scored. the a's, they held on the win 3-2. all right, that will do it for
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sports. more news after the break. not our show ..but thebroadway
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star of "hamiln." well, it is over. the incredible broadway run of the creator and star of hamilton. [ cheers and applause ] can you imagine, this must have gone on forever. he took his final bow tonight. the whole world could watch via facebook live. hamilton is broadway's biggest hit right now. this is a hip-hop musical about the nation's first treasury secretary. has won 11 grammy awards. he will take over the role starting on monday.
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and people say, it will not be quite the same. >> very impressive. thank you for joining us tonight and watching nbc bay area news, "saturday night live" is coming up next.
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>> oh, my god. have you guys been watching the primaries? >> yes. hillary got her but kicked in new hampshire. >> i-i know, but we're all still voting for her, right? >> oh, yeah, totally. >> oh, definitely. for sure. >> cool, cool, cool. me too. except i think i'm voting for bernie. what?! well, yeah, me too. >> you are? but so are w


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