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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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faith leade in t bay ar speaking t... ==gfx== and tryin ==peyu== that saw me dramic butpeaceful a few days ag boxes==nbc bay ares ristie ith . five police firs kill inorial f
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trying to deal with the faear ad uncertainty in the community as people continue to demonstrate as they did in san francisco yesterday and across the country following the fatal police shootings of a man in minnesota and in louisiana. in st. paul 20 officers were hurt in protests. this comes after a gunman killed five police officers at a protest. today they say they have expanded the cities they're trying to keep in their thoughts and hoping for peace. >> we were planning for two, and now we have to plan for three. and it is sad to say, but we say
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to everybody hate never wins, love does. >> the pastor says he has heard from people who said they have had sleep less nights after all of this, and he hopes they can relief some of the frustration and prayer vigil like this is omething they have done here ursore several times. >> all right, christie, thank you very much. de dallas, a memorial for the five police officers killed in thursday night's rampage continues to grow. woman who was wounded that ndyht thanks officers that protected her. and her emotions when she thanked the officers ran very high. >> the officer jumped on me and covered me and my son, and there was another one at our feet, and there was another one over our heads, and there was several of them lined against the wall over
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there and they just stayed there with them. be dallas police chief say the gunman had enough explosives to do major damage throughout north texas and left a message behind high pressure he left the message r.b. in blood in the building where he died. after protests there ended and itsed injuries and arrested. >> president obama is headed to dallas now to attend a memorial service there. he will arrive back in the u.s. chedult and then will travel to dallas. oasident obama will then be speaking at an interfaith memorial service, and that is scheduled for tuesday. friends and family of a
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shllejo woman are holding out aturdahat she is still alive. on july 1st, she called police, told police she was kidnapped and being held for ransom. ftvestigators made four arrests in the case. one of the suspects lived in her building several years ago. al> and a woman who died in an accident in el dorado river yesterday. this is about 150 miles east of san francisco. police say they received a call around 4:00 in the afternoon. mau was with a rafting group andhehe fell overboard and into the water. >> two wrongs don't make a right. that is the message that the police want you to know after a driver and a victim of a .uspected dui crash end up
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tside bars. the driver of this white pickup truck driver drove right into a t ad and a hedge. ... wameowner came out to confront the driver and beat him with a baseball bat. the driver had to go to the hospital, he was arrested for drunk driving, and the homeowner 's gnrrested for assault with a deadly weapon. 14 are competing for a spot ac go to the olympics, but only five will get the nod. the u.s. women's gymnastic's team trial is happening here in shoes. the announcement will be made in =ust hours. all of that work, all of those hours of training, and it comes down to tonight. >> yes, guys. and that fan fest has calmed
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down a little bit, but this is a live look at fans watching a live feed of the competition that is taking place. and we talked to folk earlier who were inside and here is what they had to say. the pressure is definitely on for the gymnasts. >> my daughter said friday night they had butterflies just watching the girls compete. >> it is clear the fans are feeling it, too. >> i just this it is a big honor for them and it is making them nervous. >> tonight, the gym that'ses are competing for the final five spots on the u.s. women's gymnastic's team that will head to rio for this summer's olympics. >> i'm sure i would be super nervous, but their trained to be strong, both in their bodies and mind. >> joyce flew into town for the
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trooifl trials. >> from what i heard, they trying to take it one routine and skill at a time and not about how to make it to the olympics, but how to hit their routines and be proud of what they're doing. >> their fans will be proud either way. >> it is a great example for all of the kids. all of the time and work they put in. >> that competition is under way as i mentioned and by the end of the night, five lucky gymnasts will be going to rio. >> just behind you i could hear pi m making announcements about hernandez. here is where they are after day one of trials. beamy douglas that won the gold succesin london is in seventh
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place. on friday night she fell off of the balance beam. there is still a chance she could get one of the five spots. marta says this will be her last olympics. ale took over the national team from her husband. she also helped athletes bring iome one gold and two silver erdals and has measured three inisecutive all around y gogidual gold medalists. she says this year's team is one of the best. >> this is very ambitious. and all going to olympic games. o> now her and her husband run oviding n's nation nam training center.
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>> the opening ceremony is just f it be away now. as we get ready for the 2016 olympic games, some people are -- to ng about 2024. r ympmittee is pushing for the 2024 games to take place in l.a. former olympians came in to talk about the pros and cons of los ndgeles games. janet evans says the most ttportant aspect is getting the ames on american soil. >> we're going toic taz these ideas, package them up, and find ways to make the experience of athletes even better. >> they will present their plan to the international committee in september of next year.
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>> and we're live here at gymnastic city, u.s., san jose. the final night of the women's competition. we'll also talk about a warming rend in our forecast ahead. also a popular towerist smart harder to reach, potentially. gy/tconstruction project behind this barricade. the cau of a sll brusfire in reg
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you can see e ske was ing a lit. billowinghrougt a >> the cause of a small fire is still being investigatied today. you see the smoke going throughout a shopping center boulevard. shoppers are confused as to what was going on. it was near a homeless encampment in the area. and an air quality warning in you live in san mosquitos and birds with the virus were found in the area. if you are in the area, you are advised to keep pets in that night and probably close your
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windows. make sure there is no stagnant water on your property that mosquitos can use to breed. a popular tourist attraction will be tougher to access with your car. twin peaks boulevard will had be closed. the road is getting a make overand it is to allow more people on bicycles and on foot. > . as we mentioned the women's u.s. gymnastic's team will be decided tonight. they're right right here in san jose. all of the action is under way, and i know that you're with a former gymnast that knows what it is like to be in all of that tension. >> yeah, and quit the gymnast at
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that. a two-time olympian and medalist on the high bar. he was there in 2008 and thank you for joining us. >>. >> thank you for having me. i mean, it is not every day you get do see them on stage with a bunch of your heros. i remember watching guys that i just look up to, people that inspired me to go to the olympics myself, it was an incredible moment. what is it like for the elite athletes trying to get that slot on the team that you have done twice? >> it is scary, there are moments of panic.
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the olympic games are on the line. and it is so much fun, but there are so many nerves, and at the end of the day you just want to know in a you can all that you could. >> your team came together that includes three university of oklahoma sooners. they have put out five gymnasts. >> we have a great team, very, very deep. even our replacement athletes. we have several groups of gymnasts that could have made this olympic team. china is on top of their team, no doubt. i think the us can be on the
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podium. >> you have been keeping active with american ninja warrior, talk about the gymnastic's challenge. >> ninja sports, ninja warrior, they're blowing up. gyms are adding ninja sport sections, and it is such a popular show. i'm trying to stay involved and we want to bring ninja warrior to anymore nas ticks. a lot of upper body strength and power that is required. it was a big success. >> they're for coming out an joining us here. we wish you continued success. the weather out here is not so bad right now.
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the winds had picked up on the coast and it has been gusty at times. inland temperatures running in the 80s. upper 80s out in the tri-valley. the numbers will climb more for livemore, more like the middle 80s, and san francisco is enough of a seabreeze there. next weekend also looked mild. the sea breeze will be strong and keeping the temperatures cooling. what is not cooling right now is the folks outside here taking in the nbc viewing party. all of the action coming up in a little while from now. again, a fun evening outdoors here. if you like this type of weather, more of that to come.
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>> that is good news. thank you so much. coming up, pokemon go is supposed to be a fun game. how robbers are using this popular app to attract victims. >> and last year customers considered it a dud, will this year's amazon prime day live up to the hype? ♪ ♪
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financial guidance while you're mastering life. "pokem" whilexevictimsit's cledh well it is the hottest app right now, but criminals could also be using it to target victims. it is called pokemon go. it allows players to catch pokemon while exploring real world locations. more people are using it more
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than twitter. there are also some warnings out there. someone used the app to find out where others might be near by, so they could target those people to rob them or burglarize their home. it is black friday, five months early. self-major stores are putting on sales around the same time as amazon's prime day sale. prime user wills be offered exclusive deals on a range of products. last year sales were bigger than black friday, but shoppers didn't think there was enough deals and they wanted more. now competitors are looking into deals of their own. several kick in tomorrow. >> and now sending it up to fallon smith. we were just talking about gymnastics and i know more is going on. >> yeah, coming up in sports,
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andy murray had the weight of the uk on his shoulders. the firstritish n to wiwimbeldo
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grand slam fasearchi for >> in 2013 andy murray became the first british man to win wimbledon in 77 years.
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and with djokovic getting out early, they are a favorite for the first time in his career. let's take you to the highlights. prince williams and the duchess in attendance like always. and raonic comes to the net but can't make the volley. murray loving it the second set, tie break, murray serving onset break. and a raonic back hand into the net, the royal family loves it. it is murray's third overall grand slam title and the ground
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at the all england club left very, very happy. to the pitch. ronaldo taking on host city france. ronaldo goes down. in the 24th minute, he asks to come on and portugal has to carry on without him and he finds the back of the net from 25 yards out, portugal wins 1-0 and it is their first ever major international title. to the links, women's golf. anna nordqvist is in the sand. she was given a two-stroke penalty. and britney lang sinks this
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birdie putt, and she is your u.s. open champion. congratulations to her. the a's at houston. ohno, the throw is off of the mark and the astros win 4-1. the giants are currently in action right now. d d that's it for sports, more news after the break. the women'symstics tm willbe ant
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the women's gymnastic's team will be announced in just a few hours. three of the five kpeeed in london. the gymnasts that qualified for the rio game still seem too good to be true. >> i will be watching other olympic trials at home and i realize that we're on the team and we're going and i can't wait. >> one of the best story lines involved john orozco. he lost his mother last year and just months later tore his achilles don't forget to watch
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the olympic team trials later. do stay tuned for the trials coming up here once again later. have a great night. cconnell: hello, i'm doug mcconnell, and we've got
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