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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 11, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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it's monday, july 11th. president obama is back on american soil where the focus is on dallas and calming protesters. tensions remain high. to the hottest trend sweeping america, pokeman go. it's not all fun and games as robbers are taking notice. american's finest as rio olympics quickly approach. rock legend joe perry collapses backstage. and the secret is out as pets ruled the box office. "early today" starts right now. >> good morning. tensions continue to be at a
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breaking point adds black lives matters protest e take to the streets following shooting deaths. hundreds were arrested. a group veered off of a designated group and a march sprung up across the pond in downtown london. dozens of officers were injured in minnesota. a protester dropped a concrete block on his head. blake mccoy has more. >> reporter: despite more than a dozen warnings to leave they remained defiant, protest e o on i-94. protest e hu proteste protesters hurled rocks, fireworks and a molotov cocktail. they disbursed the crowd eventually making manufacture than 100 arrests.
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the hours long showdown is the longest we have seen after video streamed live to facebook showing the aftermath sparked public outcry. protesters taunted police for a second night. one officer had teeth knocked out when he was hit by a projectile. alton sterling was also killed by police. among those arrested deray mckesson. he was freed on bond. >> i remain deeply disappointed in the baton rouge police department. i'm hopeful that they intervene. >> in new york, chicago and las vegas streets also shut down. even in london people ral lid
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with black lives matter. at church services across the country a time for reflection and soul searching. >> to understand what black people feel you have to be in the shoes of black people. to understand what law enforce. feels you have to be in their shoes. [ chanting ] >> a simple message but no simple way to achieve it. we are learning more about dallas gunman, micah johnson, and plans far larger, more wi widespread attack. >> reporter: investigators combed the crime scene in downtown dallas as details unveiled about micah johnson's sinister plans. >> he had been practicing explosive detonations. the materials were such that it was large enough to have devastating effects throughout
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our stichlt. >> reporter: in an interview david brown revealed the chilling mystery, he wrote r.b. where they cornered him. he would only speak to black officers. chief brown said he had no choice but to use a robot delivered bomb to kill the gunman. >> we believe we saved lives by making this decision. >> reporter: they are dilging through his rambling writings for more clues. >> he was thinking ahead. he was talking about shoot-and-move tactics. we had information about shooting from different places. >> reporter: detectives found a personal arsenal and neighbors say he practiced combat trails in his backyard. a threat against law enforcement, a quick response,
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no suspect found. >> thank you, dave. president obama cut his european travel short. vice president joe biden and laura bush will also be in attendance. edward joins us live with more. what can we expect from this visit? >> good morning. we can expect healing to start to happen. the president is waking up in the white house this morning. he will get a briefing on the dallas information that killed five officers. president obama is back in washington after spending the weekend in yeurope. he turns his attention to healing the nation from the black lives matter protesters. >> i think that the overwhelming majority of people who are involved in the black lives matter movement, what they really want to see is a better
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relationship between the police and the community. >> he will travel tuesday to a memorial service to the victims of the dallas shootings. they say the gunman had sinister motives for his murder spree. >> based on evidence of bomb making materials and a journal that this suspect had been practicing explosive detonations and that the materials were sthausuch that it was large enough to have devastating effects throughout our city. >> brown mentioned he wrote the letters rb on the walls of the parking garage where s.w.a.t. teams cornered him. cities protesting in solidarity from the east coast to the west coast over the killings of african americans at the hands of police. the president is still facing questions about the feeling among law enforcement that he
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sides more with activists than police officers. >> thanks so much for that update. scary moments for passengers on board a flight from atlanta to denver. the plane made an unscheduled landing in tulsa, oklahoma. we have the details. >> reporter: a delta flight diverted, a dozen passengers sick on the phone. one passenger described the scene. >> everybody turned into a panic. >> reporter: the flielgt touching down in tulsa saturday. 12 passengers were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. >> so everyone is just sitting here quarantined and they're not telling us anything and tensions are running high. >> reporter: they say it is unclear where the carbon
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monoxide came from. delta releasing a statement saying the safety and security of our customers is top prior y priority. maintenance crews search far carbon monoxide leak on board. in boulder county, colorado a 600 acre wild fire destroyed three homes. the fire is 0% contained. nearly 2,000 people forced to evacuate. they say it was sparked bay camp foir not properly extinguished. in southern california an 1,100 acre brush fire is now 49% contained. some of the 2,000 residents have been allowed to return to their homes. meteorologist steve is here with us. >> good morning. we have a good weather picture for the west coast. a lot of sunshine across the southwest.
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one word that you probably would not expect me to say this time of year, snow. it is snowing here in the higher elevations, not a big deal but it is kind of an oddity out there. most of the country will keep good. showers and storms north of the twin cities. we'll have to watch care flichlt seve carefully. we are looking at heat across most of the country. stay hydrated and cooler and comfortable through the p coast through central and southern california. have the sunscreen, water bottle, the works. you know how it works. >> yes. thanks so much.
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welcome back. the confederate battle flag made a temporary return yesterday. groups for and against the flag were on a divided lawn. it marked the first anniversary into a museum. it had flown for years beside the monument until a white supremacist killed nine black chublack church goers last week. less than a week pokeman go launchd it is leading users down troubling pasts. four people suspected of using the geo location to lure victims
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to remote locations and robbing them at gunpoint. a teen found a dead body exploring a river bank and others injured themselves after walk around with their eyes locked on their screens. they tell nbc news are aware and encourage people to be safe at all times. the three-minute run with the bulls. the nine-day fiesta ebnds thursday. a matador was gored live. he was the first to be killed in the ring since 1985. a texas jailer is aslooif today thanks to a couple of inmates. it shows the second the armed guard looses consciousness. sheriffs deputies quickly rushed in. officials say the guard is
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recovering and the jail cell has been reenforced. a group of young girls have turned life's lemons into lemon aid. it is to support police officers. some $5,000 have been raised through their 5 cent lemonade stand. good morning. good monday morning to you. gas prices are falling again as we pass the peak of the driving season. it dropped 7 cents in the past three weeks to $2.29. it is mostly due to abundant supplies. gas is 54 cents lower than a week ago. the retail giant is offering free shipping with no minimum purchase. prime day is tomorrow. walmart also recently launched a 30 day shipping program. this is a big one.
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ufc the most recognized name has a new owner. the league is being sold to an investment group for about $4 billion. it is shown in 150 countries and it generates 2,000 hours of content each year for streaming services. back over to you. >> thanks so much. just ahead the 2016 gymnastics team is set. and derek jeter is officially off the market. you're watching "early today." l out for date night... even if you're just staying in. walgreens has all the beauty products you need for whatever makes you feel beautiful. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. now get 5,000 bonus points when you spend 25 dollars or more on participating beauty and personal care products.
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this morning on "today" donald's trump top contenders and a big endorsement for hillary clinton. on the final day of olympic trials biles can book her trip to rio. she is expected to be the next it girl when olympics begin in three weeks. in 7th place a showing that helped vault back into the fierce five. they includes biles, douglas, hernandez and raceman. he went down in the first eight minutes and had to come out of
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the game. with no score at 108 into the match a substitute player plays the only goal to give them a win and their first ever european final championship. derek jeter finally tied the knot with hannah davis. he married his much younger 26-year-old super model in a napa county ceremony. she wore vera wang. we wish them all the best. and a fun one to finish on. this foul ball gave a few unlucky fans a beer bath. to make matters worse, no souvenir ball, no beer, just another fun day at the park. just ahead, a final curtain call for one of broadway's best. and the secret life of pets wasn't a hit or a miss.
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that's right. that was the west wing theme song. miranda was siting sorekin as his inspiration. he wasted no time showing off his long locks where jennifer lopez and charlie rose were waiting to celebrate. miranda and j.lo team up for a live performance to pay tribute to the victims of the deadly attack. the snl star had been open about her struggle to find a designer to dress her for the event. designer christian seriano made a spectacular red gown. she looks great. joe perry collapsed during a concert in new york. aerosmith guitarist was playing minutes before passing out.
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he went backstage and into cardiac arrest. he is reportedly in cardiac arrest. the secret life of pets blew finding dory out of the waters. predictions of 60 million proving once again it has been a great year for animated films. >> two thumbs up. you got to go. i went yesterday and literally the whole theater was erupting in laughter. you wonder what your pets are doing during the day. they are not sleeping. >> i'm sure she is doing many many things. i call my dog professor because he crosses his paws like this. >> i bet there is one in the movie like that. this is "early today." is "earl" the more odor it gets.
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>> now to an amazing survivor story out of dallas. a woman and her children soon found themselves caught in the middle of a horrific attack on police. they survived it thanks to the heroic actions of police and kindness of a stranger. here is joe. >> reporter: a story of survival emerg emerges, one mixed with overwhelming grief. >> if i get back on it, it hurts. i'm frustrated. why would he do that? >> reporter: taylor brought four of her sons to the rally in downtown dallas. an officer was hit. skbroop leg but
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some how managed to cover her son, andrew as police officers shielded her. >> they stayed there with us. i saw another officer -- i saw another officer get shot right there in front of me. that was two. >> reporter: through it all police watched over taylor and her son, getting them to safety. >> they were really heros for us. they saved my life. they saved my son's life. >> reporter: she would later learn five officer lost their lives. >> of course i'm thankful that my babies are okay but somebody's dad and husband isn't. >> reporter: amid the chaos --
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>> he said can i stay with y'all? i don't know where my mom is. >> this woman was a hero to me. >> they form add bond that night. >> i want to see him. i want to hug him. i want to cry. i want to hug her. >> her wish came true, reyiunitg with him and then his mom. the story of a grateful family protected by so many angels. nbc news, dallas. >> it is heartbreaking. so difficult to watch those things. the heroics are always amazing. people really do stand up and police obviously came to their rescue too. >> the level of trauma they went through, hopefully we can make good out of what happened. >> we hope so. keep it right here. thanks for watching "early today." we'll see you back here
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tomorrow. ingfor twswimmerwho
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disappearedt aeast balake. asoon ashe sun mes up,emergency urgent hours spent searching for two swimmers that disappeared at the east bay lake. as soon as the sun comes up emergency crews will be back on the water. in baton rouge police put protesters in handcuffs after tensions flair. the anger over officer-involved shoots is raw. worthy of the olympics bid. the women's olympics trials are over. we know who is on the team. "today in the bay" starts now. thank you for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in. >> i'm sam brock. so much excitement in the south bay. 'r


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