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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 13, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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laura/o plusa newhaptebeginfortc good morning. i'm bob redell live in livermore where an overnight fire destroys a small business. what the fire department is saying about the circumstances surrounding this blaze. that story coming up. plus, a new chapter begins for the san jose police department. today officers begin wearing body cameras. south bay freeway goes high tech. how does the smart design expected to help traffic flow. "today in the bay" starts right now. >> and thank you for joining us in this mid week, wednesday morning. i'm sam brock. >> halfway there. living on a prayer. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> we have nice weather again today. it will start to get very hot for inland areas today. well, san francisco still stays pretty much the same with the
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nice onshore flow. and right now we have a few clouds here and there. mostly clear. up to 90 degrees in the south bay today. 92 in the north bay. and also some 90s in the tri-valley. 81 today in the east bay. so we'll take a look at all the numbers around the bay area. coming up in a few minutes. let's head over to mike. construction going on. >> we have this marked for the san mateo bridge. there's still a lane closure but it's only right at the high rise. we don't see any slowing. still down to lanes because of the construction going on overnight. should be set to pick up. you see overall the area is smooth drive. new incident reported by the bay bridge toll plaza. i'll see if i can find anything. >> mike, thank you very much. we do begin with that breaking news out of the east bay. that warehouse fire that went up in flames overnight in livermore. firefighters battling the fire for about an hour. >> in the bay's bob redell is
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there live this morning. firefighters are now calling this fire suspicious? >> reporter: well, they're not yet calling it suspicious. the mifr more pleasanton fire department, they say it's too early to tell. deputy chief did tell us the fact this happened over night in an unpopulated area raises questions. we're talking about the miller heating and air-conditi conditi business that burned behind me here in an industrial area in the south part of livermore. the fire started around midnight. anyone with their windows open in the south livermore valley could hear the sirens blaring as police and fire rolled out a heavy response to a two alarm fire. deputy fire chief tells us the building was involved when the crews arrived. first firefighters attempted an offensive attack. >> they tried to go inside to put the fire out but they weren't able to make any knockdown or progress on the fire and had to withdraw and move to a defensive tactic which is where you see the aerial ladders go up and spray water
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downwards on the building. >> reporter: the fire destroyed the roof of the business and the interior. firefighters had it knocked down by around 1:00 this morning. one firefighter was treated at the scene but the department believes he might have been sick beforehand, fighting this just exacerbated that. we see a couple of scorch marks on the dumpsters outside the business. fire department looking to see whether the fire started at one of those bins and spread to the building or the other way around. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. it is 4:33. and happening today, guns, handcuffs, and now cameras. starting this morning police officers in the bay ear's biggest city will now be wearing body cameras. san jose police department will be issued cameras this morning and will spend several hours training with them in the field. last year the department field tested them for several months and now they become standard for officers on patrol and s.w.a.t. units. videos in incidents involving
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officers in shootings or in-custody deaths must be immediately downloaded into the department's storage system. funerals will held today for three of the police officers shot and killed by a sniper in downtown dallas. dallas police senior corporal lorne ahrens, michael smith, and dallas area rapid transit officer brent thompson will all be laid to rest. the two officers killed will be buried later this week. yesterday president obama alodge with president george w. bush led an emotional memorial for all five officers. two suspected armored car robbers are behind bars or 5 1/2 hour manhunt that stretched through two counties. it all started yesterday when a suspect shot an armored guard. he and his accomplice took off with an undisclosed amount of money. that is where officer spotted the suspect's car. one suspect fired at the officer who was found by ramming his car
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into the suspect's vehicle. one of the suspect's was injured and arrested. the second made a run for it ending up in the nearby creek bed. this morning there's no word on the condition of the guard who was shot. san jose man charge with animal cruelty is back in court today. angry pet owners plan to once again rally outside. robert farmer pleaded not guilty to ten felony animal abuse charges. he's accuse of kidnapping, sexually abusing and killing cats in san jose. police arrested him in october. officers found him sleeping with his car with a dead cat. this came after farmer was caught on camera luring an orange tabby cat from its home. court documents linked him to similar incidents in the past. judge is set to set a preliminary hearing date. new network of signage a about to make drivers smarter along one business say bay area traffic corridor. caltrans is calling it the i-80
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smart corridor. it involves new overhead signs and traffic information board westbound 80 between richmond and emeryville. caltrans believes it may even cut some commute time. today they're organizing a media preview. the project is expected to be up and running by september. >> you don't need to be wearing your smart pants. >> your smarty pants. >> that one. >> let's see if you've got to wear shorts today. kari? >> if you live farther inland. coastal area is still nice and cool. we'll talk about this wednesday forecast and into the weekend. that's coming up. >> looking live at the bay bridge. beautiful drive across the bay. incident at the bay bridge toll plaza. plus, we are learning more information about the woman found dead inside of her palo alto home. what investigators are saying about the circumstances, next. you're watching "today in the bay." stilmissi.orage.==laa/2sh== a 5s
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and wee leaed onof th4 suspts inhis knappi for nsom se s morning, 67-year-old vallejo woman is still missingnd one of the four suspects used to actually date the missing woman's daughter. >> some of the background here. investigators say that four people kidnappedal vir a bab two weeks ago and demanded $60,000 in ransom. the suspects are being held on a million dollars bail. investigators say none are talking about what happened. yesterday her son delivered a
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powerful message to his mom. >> you can hear me. i want you to fight, be strong. we are going to find you soon. >> a friend of the family tells nbc bay area that one of the suspects is not only the former boyfriend of babb's daughter but at one point the couple lived with babb. a pivotal day for san jose han accused of killing his parents. he will be in court for a preliminary hearing. he and his 17-year-old brother omar both charged with shooting and killing their parents in their evergreen home in san jose. police say they left disturbing messages at the crime scene and then went on anime convention in april. charges against omar were later dropped due to insufficient evidence. a follow up to a story we first reported last week. we are getting gruesome details about last week's death in palo
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alto. the killer stabbed a woman who was found dead inside her home multiple times. that was 65-year-old jenny shee who was found dead in her home on creekside drive. investigators say they don't have any suspects at this point but they think that the killers most likely knew shee who was a local businesswoman and realtor. only in the silicon valley a security robot had a run-in with a toddler quite literally. now the robotic company and toddler's mom are responding. >> it happened last thursday at stanford shopping center. 16-month-old har win change was with his gamily walking a few inches from his mother when he bumped into the robot. he fell down. but then that 300 pound robot, you see it there, it ran over his foot. paramedics checked on the toddler. his foot was swollen and bruised but luckily not broken. >> and the robot did not stop at all. and it just keep on moving forward. and it ran over my son's, i
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believe, right foot. and at that moment i start screaming. >> we have machines operated all over the state of california. we've operated for over 35,000 hours with zero incident. so this is a horrific accident. we believe the technology and the machines are incredibly safe and we're going the continue to do our best to insure they are. >> they are now investigating what made have gone wrong. the shopping center says it will shot off the robots until the investigation is finished. coming up next, kari hall will have a look at your full wednesday forecast. >> and bay area baseball star shining bright in san diego san diego. highlights from the all-star game next. you're watching "today in the bay." =sam//vothe ars wefrancisco.
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giants -- >> oh, yeah, buster posey was frontnd center last night, so was the stars from the local ones were shining last night in san diego for baseball's all-star game. there is steven. you saw him, he was the lone representative from the the oakland as. johnny cueto started this game and got worked. two home runs. that first one was from eric cosmer. also homer off of cueto, three of american league's four runs. the al wins 4-2. and there is a lot at stake because that means the american league will now have home field advantage for the wieorld serie.
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>> so americana. i love it. >> it's all fun and games until you lose home field advantage, mom always said. >> home cooking right now on the weather front, kari. >> you can cook outside on the sidewalk in the bay area. just put the pan right there on the sidewalk and just let the bacon sizzle. as we go into the rest of the day it will be getting very hot. as we look live outside. and we did have low clouds in spots. this is our view from emeryville looking toward the bay bridge. you see people out there getting this wednesday started. as we go into the rest of the day it will be starting out nice and cool but warming up quickly. we're now at 60 degrees in oakland and concord. 55 degrees in live more and 54 in palo alto. as we go hour by hour in livermore, temperatures go from the 50s into the 70s already by 10:00. it continues to warm up quickly. 84 degrees by lunchtime. 92 by 2:00 in the afternoon. so if you have some plans, you need to do something outside. it's best to get it done early
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in the morning. still warm at 6:c00 at 88 degrees. look at the highs today. up to 80 degrees in oakland. 92 in concord. starting to see some more 90s here and upper 80s for the inner bay. and palo alto today up to 83 degrees. our wind flow very weak today. it's actually coming in more from the north. so only the coastal areas will stay cool. also for san francisco, highs reaching into the upper 60s today. no help for anyone away from the coastline. so our winds will only be at about five, maybe ten miles an hour. we have a stagnant wind. a lot of sun. and some hot temperatures. the air quality goes way down. so i think the air quality will be the worst in the east bay. unhealthy, especially during the hottest times of the day with high levels of ozone in the air. so make sure you -- if you have breathing problems, you kind of spend more time inside and in the air conditioning. high pressure continues to build. it makes it hot in the valleys
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for the next couple of days. it will be a cooler weekend with that morning fog returning. so as we look at the weekend forecast once again looking much better into the mid 60s for san francisco. some 80s for the peninsula as well as the east bay and some 90s coming down from the 90s into the 80s by sunday. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up. let's head over to mike for an update on the crash. >> a crash i showed folks on the map. the tow truck was there but it was over in the parking lot out of lanes. they don't have all the cash lanes open on the left. that's why two lanes are backed up. two lanes we're not using them right now. the map shows you approaching the maze and past the bay bridge. no metering lights on there yet. a smooth drive for the rest of the bay. san mateo bridge we're talking about that construction. wet will me show you the cameras. westbound, i sue some flashing lights way off in the distance on the flat section. i can't read it but it does say
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caltrans and talk about the closure. from the foster city camera, they've just moved that truck in the last seven minutes. we should see a smoother drive. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. one month later, remembering the attack on the lgbg in orlando. draped in rainbows to honor the pulse nightclub shooting victims. meantime, the city devastated by the deadliest mass shooting in history paid tribute to the 49 people killed in that massacre. 49 hand-made white crosses were displayed last night outside a downtown orlando history center. hundreds also attended memorials outside the pulse nightclub and the medical centers where many of the victims were taken for aid. in the meantime the calls for gun control following the orlando shooting of course just the latest mass shooting have gone largely unanswered on capitol hill. the congress is about to go on a month long recess until fall. >> you'll recall this sit-in by house democrats last month calling for a vote on gun
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control measures. the congress called protest a political stunt. despite that, votes on four gun control bills were held, none passed. now republicans say there will be no votes this week before congress adjourns until september. now to decision 2016 and the new nbc news poll. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton's lead over republican donald trump narrowed to just three points this week. last week she was ahead by five points. the poll comes off after the fbi says clinton was careless to send classified information via private e-mail server while secretary of state. clinton received a boost from her former rival bernie sanders. >> he endorsed clinton saying she'll make an outstanding president and he is proud to stand with her. a pretty significant change in his rhetoric from a few months ago. the democratic national convention two weeks away, yesterday's an founsment was a show of unity for the democratic
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party. >> in the meantime, donald trump rallied hundreds of supportersly "american idol" long side potential vp pick indiana governor mike pence. as a neighbor to ohio and michigan pence and his state could help solidify the base in swing states. trump is expected to announce his running mate later this week. in san diego the judge will decide if video should be released of donald trump testifying about his failed trump university. he's the same indian in born judge that trump slammed earlier this year for his mexican heritage. trump's testimony has already been released in transcript form but trump's attorney say it may be ready made ammo for television ads for the clinton campaign. >> all right. self driving car for everybody
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these days, what's driving the markets? we turn to landon dowdy. good morning, landon. >> good morning to you both. the markets will try to build on their lofty new highs today. futures are flat. and the dow joining the s&p 500 in closing at a record level on tuesday. that's the first record in more than a year. and things lifted by a rally in oil prices and strong earnings from alcoa. look for data today on import prices. dow raising 120 points to 18, 347. the nasdaq up 34 to 5022. amazon's prime day featured a little buzz and drama. more than 22,000 cds were sold in the first eight hours alone and sold out off all 23,000 roomba vacuums. channel advisers say the sales were in line with last year. prime customers are key to amazon as they tend to spend more money, $1200 a year on average versus $500 for nonmembers. and nissan plans to launch a
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new minivan next month that can automatically control steering, acceleration, and braking on the highway. data makers pilot pro technology offers features such as lane centering and distance monitoring. it even eliminates the need for drivers to touch the accelerator or brake pedals in congested traffic. nissan will launch vehicles that can change lanes by themselves in 2018. sam and laura, back over to you. >> just the latest auto maker to do that. thank you, landon. coming up after the break, people living around a pro posed new community in the south bay are sounding off. why they don't want new homes or shops in their neighborhood. first, happening root now coming to the bay area, hustler. on ore twitter feed, ride mere about my "hustler" magazine larry flint is looking for san jose. sheep is replacing cars on a remote island. read all about it on our facebook page. we're back in two minutes.
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prime mier dad camon hasbeguhiss welcome back, everyone. it's 4:56. we are taking you live to london. aerials over the house of commons where british prime minister -- out going british prime minister david cameron just left the house of commons after speaking there. last full day in office. headed to buckingham palace to officially speak with the queen and deliver his resignation. so much going on in europe this morning. giving you those live aerials. we'll of course take you there live later should we get some of those pictures of him actually at buckingham palace this morning. raising concerns in t south bay. los galos community had the chance to weigh in last night on the controversial north 40 development. phase i calls for more than 300
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housing units along with retail shops. the proposed development would be on 44 acres of empty orchard space at highway 85 and 17 near los galos. neighbors are worried it will cause traffic problems. town council's final vote will happen next month. pretty incredible video to we show you this morning. >> local kayakers got a view of the live time. right in front of their boats, that is a humpback whale. obviously popping out of the water there. this is footage that was recorded while a woman was paddling near angel island in san francisco. you see all sorts of people out there watching the birds flock to those whales, flying around the whales. they knew something was up when they saw that behavior. so the woman paddled a bit closer and then several humpbacks popped up. you can feel the exhilaration just watching this video. if you want to see more of it head to where we have the full clip available for
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you there. >> can you feel your arms paddling away from them? >> i don't know if you go forward or back, star struck. do you go towards the beach today? >> yes, most definitely. much cooler there. dealing with 80s and 90s inland. we'll talk more about thachlktser looking live at the golden gate bridge. they have moved a center divide. ready for the morning commute. we'll see if they moved all the equipment off the san mateo bridge as well. a warehoeoes uin fles overght i-
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breaking news. a warehouse goes up in flames overnight in the east bay. firefighters investigating the cause. and it's another -- >> in san jose where you may notice a new piece of dwequipme. i'll tell you about the training we're going to sit through today. and it's another emotional day in dallas. funerals begin today. three fallen police officers will be laid to rest. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning. thank you for joining us on this wednesday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. are we all going to be hot later? check in with kari. >> not all of us. san francisco still looks nice and comfortable. upper 60s today. in the valleys, inland air, wow, it's going to be heating up. this is as you step out the door. 50s and low 60s and highs reaching 81 in the east bay. 83 in the peninsula. and


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