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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 13, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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a warehoeoes uin fles overght i- breaking news. a warehouse goes up in flames overnight in the east bay. firefighters investigating the cause. and it's another -- >> in san jose where you may notice a new piece of dwequipme. i'll tell you about the training we're going to sit through today. and it's another emotional day in dallas. funerals begin today. three fallen police officers will be laid to rest. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning. thank you for joining us on this wednesday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. are we all going to be hot later? check in with kari. >> not all of us. san francisco still looks nice and comfortable. upper 60s today. in the valleys, inland air, wow, it's going to be heating up. this is as you step out the door. 50s and low 60s and highs reaching 81 in the east bay. 83 in the peninsula. and 92 for the north bay,
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tri-valley, and south bay. let's head over to mike with what's happening at two bridges. >> that's right. we have a smooth flow of tla traffic. bay bridge, that crash and disabled vehicle have cleared. looking at the san mateo and dumbarton bridge. dumbarton bridge reported a disabled vehicle just past the toll plaza. that just cleared up from the chp report. haven't seen a problem. may still see flashing lights. san mateo, the foster city camera. we had flashing lights overnight. they had lanes closed westbound for that road repair. that will happen again tonight at 7:00. they moved all the crews and no slowing along that flat section or high rise in towards foster city. back to you. we have breaking news to bring to you this morning. firefighters are still at the scene of an early morning fire that destroyed a livermore business. this happened at a warehouse on research drive. right off of vasco road. firefighters say nobody was injured in the fire but it did
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destroy a heating and air conditioning unit business. firefighters also found two nearby dumpsters on fire as you see there. they're trying to figure at if the fire straed from one aft dumpsters to the main building or the other way around. here's a live look now from the scene as you can see. about an hour, firefighters were able to contain the flames. that's the aftermath. bob redell is on scene speaking with firefighters. he'll bring us an update at the bottom of the hour. gun, handcuffs and now cameras. starting this morning police officers in a bay area's biggest city are going to be wearing body cameras. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live at san jose police headquarters this morning with more on the big change for the department. good morning, kris. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. good morning to you, sam. next time you bump into a san jose police officer, whether it's a traffic stop or you see them out and about in the community you might see a black box on their chest about the size of an old school pager. that is one of the 1,000 cameras that will start being issued
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today. this afternoon nbc bay area will sit through some of that four-hour train that officers will get before they're issued one of their body cameras made by tazer. this is a $4 million commitment by the city of san jose and the police department. here's what with know about the cameras and the department policies. the cameras have a 12-hour battery life and can record 70 hours of content which will be uploaded to a cloud. officers cannot disable the hardware nor the software. and they are responsible for making sure the cameras are working before their shift starts. the cameras must be active during incidents using -- involving use of force, during confrontations, or during assaults. officers can turn off the cameras if they are having private conversations, say, with their spouses or their lawyers. also while they are conducting strip searches during tactical briefings and while they are contacting anonymous sources as well. now, in the event of an officer involved shooting, ois, as we
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call it, or in-custody death, officers must be rolling and must upload that video immediately. now, the video is not to be released to the public however we the media can request it through an open records request and then we'll have to see how that is turned over at that time. now, how often use of force incidents are actually recorded by the bay area police departments already using body cameras is going to be the topic of our next conversation. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks, kris. funerals are going to be held today for three of the five officers shot and killed by a sniper during a protest last week in downtown dallas. >> dallas police senior corp. rail lorne ahrens and michael smith and dallas area rapid transit officer brent thompson will be laid to rest. the two other officers will be buried later this week. yesterday president obama along with president george w. bush led an emotion al memorial for
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the five officers. police officers across the country and across the bay area will be at the funerals today. among them, sjpd honor guard officers for all five dallas officers that were killed in last week's sniper attack. you of course can stay up to date on what's happening in dallas across all of our digital platforms. we will be posting and updating the funerals on our app and on our social media pages as well. laura, two suspected armored car robbers are behind bars this morning after a suspenseful 5 1/2 hour manhunt yesterday that stretched through two keens after he shot an armored guard. they set off a search from windsor to call stoeg ga. one suspect fired at that police officer who responded by ramming his car into the suspect's vehicle. run of the suspects was injured and then arrested.
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the second suspect made a run for it ending up in a nearby creek bed. this morning there's no word on the condition of the guard who was shot. it is 5:06. the san jose man charge with animal cruelty back in court today. angry pet owners want to once again rally outside. he's accuse of kidnapping, sexually abusing and killing cats in san jose. police arrested him back in october. officers found him sleeping in his car with a dead cat. this came after farmer was caught on camera trying to lure an orange tabby from its home. court documents lichked him to similar disturbing incidents in the past. today a judge is expected to set a preliminary hearing date. it is a pivotal day for a san jose man accused of killing his parents. hasib golamrabbi and his 17-year-old brother omar are both charge with shooting and killing their parents in their evergreen home. police say they left disturbing
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messages at the crime scene and then went to an amime convention in oakland in oakland. charges against omar were later developed. hasib has pleaded not guilty. a follow-up from a story we first reported last thursday. some gruesome details about a death in palo alto where a woman was found dead inside her home. it turns out the killer stabbed that woman multiple times. it was 65-year-old jenny shee who was found dead in the home on quick side side. investigators say they'd don't have any suspects at this point but they do believe that the killer or killers most likely knew her who was a local businesswoman and realtor. today is going to be a good one to carpool or to take public transit because it is another "spare the air" alert day. >> live look at 280 and 17 in san jose. the hot weather creating a smog build-up throughout the day area. today's "spare the air" alert is the sixth one issued so far this
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summer. smog of course can cause throat irritation, congestion, chest pain and other medical problems. we wish you well. we've been talking about it all week, the fact the temperatures are going up right now. stagnant air out there. let's check in with kari hall with your microclimate forecast. >> we start out with cool air this morning as you make some plans today, if you have something to do outside, best to do it before this temperature starts to ramp up. right now we have some mid 50s to lower 60s with today's highs. reaching 68 degrees in san francisco. 80 in oakland. and 87 degrees in san jose. morgan hill, up to 89 degrees and 95 in fairfield. santa rosa at 91 degrees. after a couple of days of 80s and 90s it does get cooler, just in time tofor the weekend. i'll talk more about that and what else to expect. as we head over to mike, an update on what's happening with construction and looking for slowing. we'll look east for the slowing because right close to
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the water. we have speeds at the limit. and the slowing is no sure price. we're looking at the westbound direction out of the altamont pass coming in towards the east bay. as we move the map up you see that approaching the bay bridge. a smooth drive. 24 out of walnut creek and interstate 80 out of richmond. so is the north bay. working at the bay bridge toll plaza. we had these lanes off to the left approach backing up. opened all cash lanes that backup has cleared just ready for the backup to start, guys. back to you. >> thank you, mike. trump university is back in the headlines this morning. more on the court case that could have major ramifications for the presidential election. sande filly eorsesillarclinn --=
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democratic presidential race comes to an end officially or unofficially. bernie sanders finally endorsing hillary clinton. sanders and clinton were not the only ones making headlines though. we'll know pretty soon who donald trump is going to select as his running mate. >> "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. this morning. tracie, the race to the white house taking this pivotal turn. >> yeah. it's going to be interesting to see of those running for president who their vice presidential picks are going to be, especially on the republican side right now. a lot of names being ban difficulted about when it comes to donald trump's running mate. we should know who he selected in about 48 hours.
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>> i don't know whether he's going to be a governor or your vice president, who the hell knows. >> reporter: donald trump throwing out hints about indiana governor mike pence on his short list for vice president. >> with donald trump you never know who that mystery player may be. >> reporter: pence helped trump raise a million dollars last night. >> we're ready to put a fighter, a builder, and a patriot in the oval office of the united states of america. we are ready for donald trump to be our next president. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan is a fan even though pence has had trouble with conservatives. >> i would like someone to assure conservatives that conservative principles will be adhered to and main taped. >> reporter: the latest survey mond monkey poll shows trump easing up to hillary clinton. he's expected to sell unity among democrats. easier now with bernie sanders onboard. >> i intend to do everything i can to make certain she will be
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the next president of the united states. >> we need an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top, not just the millionaires and billionaires, but everybody. >> reporter: our polls show nearly eight the ten sander supporters say they will now vote for clinton. now, for republicans, they are finalizing their platform. they have nailed down pretty much what they want to present next week. and that platform includes building the wall with mexico but not necessarily having mexico pay for it. >> yeah, they're going to try to get some folks onboard there south of the border. good luck. tracie potts, thank you very much. a hear that may end up shaping the fall presidential campaign playing out today in san diego. that where judge gonzalo curiel is talking about this issues. deciding if videos should be
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released of donald trump testifying about his failed trump university. if curiel's name sounds familiar he's the same indiana-borne judge that trump slammed earlier this year for mismexican heritage. trump's testimony has been released in transcript form but trump's attorneys fear the release of the video might be ready made ammunition for anti-trump television ads from the clinton camp. remembering the attack on the lgbtq community in or land do. overnight city hall draped in rainbows to honor the pulse nightclub shooting victims. they paid tribute to the 49 people killed in the massacre. take a look at that. 49 hand-made white crosses were displayed last night outside of downtown orlando history center. hundreds also attended memorials outside the pulse nightclub and the medical centers where many of the victims were taken. hard to see all of those crosses. in the meantime, all the
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calls for gun control following that orlando shooting largely gone unanswered on capitol hill and congress is about to go on a month long recess until fall. you will recall the sit-in by house democrats last month calling for a vote on gun control measures. republicans called that a political stunt. votes on four gun control bills were held, none passed. now republicans say there will be no votes this week before congress adjourns until september. recovery operations using a giant crane and rescue dogs continue at the site of the violent head-on train crash in southern italy. two italian trains collided yesterday killing at this point at least 22 people and injuring dozens more. investigators are now looking into the antiquated telephone alert system that was used to advise station masters of trains running on the single track. 5:16 on your wednesday. google's proposed mega campus is back in a new space-aged headquarters in mountain view.
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>> scott mcgrew and an unexpected development. >> south bay homeowners probably happy. increase home prices. mike is going to be busy with traffic. google has largely torn up the plans for crazy domed headquarters in mountain view after the city said google could not go forward. mountain view said linkedin not google would get to build a new campus. the silicon valley business journal this morning says google made a deal with linkedin. google will take over linkedin headquarters. linkedin will take in some of google's building. everybody is going to be happy. we're not sure how much money is changes hands. li linkedin says it's not to do with the microsoft. it's hard to say how the disneylandesque is going to be. the plans call for offices to be built in modules, sort of like shipping containers and giant robotic cranes will move them
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around like tetris pieces. this is all very serious. it's going to apparently happen. there have been records on wall street, let's go to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquart headquarters. >> hi, scott, good morning. the markets will try to build on their lofty highs today. futures are flat this morning. dow joins the s&p 500 in closing at a record level on tuesday. that's the first record in more than a year. boosted by a rally in oil prices as well as strong earnings from alcoa. look for data today on import prices. the dow raise to 18347. nasdaq up 34 to 5022. >> we can't let a day go by without updating you about pokemon go. latest is memorials and museums. asking the san francisco company who made the game remove pokemon capture points from their property. like the 9/11 memorial in new york city. the holocaust museum in
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washington. even auschwitz in poland. if you are playing pokemon, shame on you as well. the company has not responded but we suspect it's actually all an accident. the pokemon are placed randomly and at certain landmarks using stuff that's been marked on google maps. for instance, people who put up the little free libraries have many of them as a designated pokemon stop designated battle grounds. some of the owners of these little libraries are peeved. others are pleased. the pokemon company has taken openly available maps and assigned random places like little free libraries. >> there was one in my desk. >> that's a definite random. >> really? literally. i was talking to tony who was playing the game and i just went like this. >> what kind was it? >> a growler or something like that, growler, i don't know. >> i have a growler on my desk occasionally, too.
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>> your desk has to be a breeding ground. >> it's time to clean a little bit. >> a your stomach might be growling this morning, thank you, scott. check of weather and traffic. we are joined by the maestros mike to my left here and kari to my right. >> bh are you orchestrating? >> working on hot weather for the next couple of days. some people are, yeah, a little disappoint i'd abo poinpointed . there are places to cool off like the beach. much cooler there. also in san francisco. wide range in temperatures expected once again as we get a live look outside at the city now a the sun rises. beautiful start to the day. making it on through this week. a nice clear start and we will see that sunshine all throughout the morning and early afternoon. live look now at san jose. it is now at 60 degrees and seeing those temperatures that are mostly in the 50s all around the bay area. poke oakland starts out at 60 degrees as well.
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low 60s by 12:00. and nice breezy wind throughout the day. it will rise into the upper 60s for just a little while in some parts of the city. while other parts will be right at about 60 degrees like in outer sunset. half-moon bay up to 72 today. gilroy, 90 degrees. more 90s on the map here as we continue to see our temperatures warming up. the wind doesn't help us out much at all. in fact, most a calm wind throughout the day and it comes in from the north. so not that westerly flow that will help clear out the air and that's the reason why today is a "spare the air" alert day, effort east bay where the ozone levels will be unhealthy for those sensitive groups with breathing problems. you just want to limit those times outdoors. high pressure continues to keep it hot in the valleys for the rest of the week. it will be a cooler weekend as the area of low pressure drops in from the north. a look at the weekend forecast. expect the highs to reach into the mid 60s in san francisco throughout the weekend with 70s in east bay and the peninsula.
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we'll go from the 90s for the inland areas. and looking at some upper 80s for the end of the week. let's head over to mike now. he has news for highway 17. >> right now there's not a lot to alert you back on the roadways. there's one incident in memo park. santa cruz around elder, a hill view middle school there but camp galileo meets there. we'll see if that affects power flow and the power at the camp. we'll let you know. and note for los gatt losgatos, was a closure overnight. between 1:00 and 3:00. that does affect some of our crew. i told them about that. live look for san jose, no problem for the north bay either, 101 taking you through the north bay. easy flow. >> people are waking up out there. coming up, bay area baseball star shining bright in san diego. we'll have the highlights from
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the all-star game. you c be se - o trafc
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welcome back, everyone. 5:25. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge this morning. you can be sure our traffic reporter will be keeping a close eye on it all morning, especially on the right side of your screen. westbound direction. that is where crews last night closed two of three lanes for the first nighting of some much needed repairs. those two lanes are supposed to reopen at 5:00 a.m. the same closure is supposed to start at 7:00 p.m. each night
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through saturday night. everything is expected to wrap up entirely by sunday at 9:00 a.m. take a walk on the wild side or maybe a paddle on the wild side. some incredible video to show you this morning. >> oh, my goodness. can you imagine being out there when this happened? local k local kayakers got the view of a lifetime. humpback whales p this is the footage she recorded while paddling near angel island in san francisco. she said when she saw the large group of birds flying around she knew something was up. she paddled a bit closer. a daredevil she is. then the several humpbacks popped up from the ocean. pretty amazing video. we have more you can head to where we have the full clip. you can probably watch it over and over. pretty cool. the stars, boy, they were shining last night. our own bay area stars in san diego for the baseball all-star game. bust ter posey and madison bell.
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giants newcomer johnny cueto was the starting pitcher but got in a little bit of trouble giving up two home runs. american league won 4-2 p. that means the american league will have the home field advantage in the world series. 5:27. coming up next, san jose police officer ises have a new tool to wear while on patrol. i'm bob redell. live in the east bay. we'll tell you what the fire department is saying about stay fire overnight that destroyed a small business here in livermore. we'll have that story coming up.
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. welcome back, everyone. breaking news we're following this morning out of london. your recognize that? quick shot there. 10 downing street. the home of the british prime minister david cameron expected to speak any minute now. it's actually his last day hold that position. come tomorrow theresa may is going to take over as prime minister. british prime minister. this after a bit of an internal struggle there. cameron resigning amidst the fact he says he could not engineer the brexit. his heart was not in it. so now you're going to be seeing a changing of the guard in britain. we'll bring you the latest as that happens as cameron hands in his resignation to the queen. >> it's funny is that he is leaving the cat behind. larry the cat will be staying at 10 downing. but he says, no offense, he
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loves the cat. he just rilives there. >> good morning and thank you for joining us where you belong on this wednesday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. maybe people taking out the cats and dogs this morning. it's a cool start. >> it heats up later on today for the inland areas. get ready for some very hot temperatures. hotter than yesterday and we are back to summer indeed. we're now at 51 degrees in the north bay. 55 degrees in san francisco. and 60 in the east bay and south bay. highs today reaching into the 90s for the north bay, south bay and tri-valley. in the peninsula today, 83 degrees. now, we will take a look at the week ahead with even hotter temperatures before this week is over with. that's coming up in a few minutes. mike has an issue with an accident around menlo park. >> it's a surface street but santa cruz, a major surface street, first we'll look at the sensors. everything is moving well. in menlo park we watched the area around hill view middle school. heard about a crash. they said santa cruz, all of maybe elder, the cross streets
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you have to watch, a power pole is out. pg&e is going to take five or six hours to repair it but it's right by the middle school which has camp galileo i believe this summer. make sure you don't just drop your kids. make sure that camp is in service today. we'll check what we can from the news desk as well. looking out at the live shot. laura told you about that construction we've been monitoring across the span. it does look like there have been no delays. the crews have picked up westbound commute is moving well over to the peninsula. back to you. >> mike, thank you. a warehouse in the east bay went up in flames in livermore with firefighters battle that fire for an hour. >> firefighters looking into a cause, bob. >> reporter: laura and sam, a fire investigators are expected out here at daybreak to figure out what caused this fire that gutted miller's air conditioning and heating in south livermore. it's not far from the livermore lab to give you some perspective
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of where it's located. they will be focusing on the dumpsters behind me to figure out if the fire started in one of these bins and spread to the building or if it it was the other way around. the fire started around midnight when the fire department arrived the business was already fully involved. firefighters tried to go inside but had to withdraw and go on the defensive and fight from the outside. dump water from above with an ariel ladder. the chief calling for a second alandfall r larm p the fire investigators will be looking into whether or not someone set this fire intentionally. >> we're going to investigate it and see. right now we don't have any indication one way or the other. any time you have a fire in an unpopulated area at night, it raises the question. and so we follow-up on the question. we don't have anything other than that. >> the fire destroyed the roof of the business. gutted the insides. firefighters had it knocked down by around 1:00 this morning. so it took them about 60 minutes to put it out. one firefighter was treated at the scene but the department
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believes that he might have been sick beforehand fighting this fire just exacerbated that illness. reporting live in livermore, bob redell, "today in the bay." from firefighters to fighting crime, happening today gun, handcuffs and now cameras. starting this morning police officers in the bay area's biggest city are going to be wearing body cameras. it will be required. officers with the san jose police department are going to be issued those cameras this morning. they'll spend several hours training with it in the field. last year the department field tested the cameras for several months. they now become standard for officers on patrol and s.w.a.t. units. any videos for incidents involving officers such as shootings or in-custody deaths must immediately be downloaded into the department's storage system. funerals held today for three of the five police officers shot and killed by a sniper during a protest last week in downtown dallas. >> dallas police senior corporal
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laur arns and thompson will be laid to rest. yesterday president obama along with president george w. bush led an emotional memorial for the five officers. the men were also honored by a large public memorial attended by the president yesterday. just a few weeks ago he was in orlando. >> i've seen how inadequate words can be in bringing about lasting change. i've seen how inadequate my own words have been. >> former president george w. bush, a dallas resident, also spoke at the memorial. presidents obama and bush met privately with the families of the slain officers. you can stay up to date on what's happening across our digital platforms. we will be updating the funerals on our app and social media pages. two suspected armored car
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robbers are behind bars this morning after a very suspenseful 5 1/2-hour long manhunt that went through two counties yesterday and ended when a squad koran over one of the suspects. on the right side of your screen, you can see a second suspect tracked down in a mobile home park. it all started yesterday when a gunman shot an armored gun. he and his accomplice took off with an understand disclosed amount of money setting off an intense search from windsor to calistoga. that's when an officer spotted the suspect's car. one suspect fired at the officer who responded by ramming his police vehicle into the suspect's car. one of the suspects was injured and arrested right on the spot. the second suspect made a run for it. ending up in a nearby mobile home park. >> the officer that actually took the first suspect in custody confirmed the id of the second suspect that it was, in fact, the gentleman that ran from us earlier today. >> they seemed to be all happy
5:37 am
that they were caught. one of the sheriff's said we caught the bad guys. >> this morning there's no word on the condition of the guard who was shot in windsor. we do know that he was alert when he was transported to the hospital. 5:37. continuing coverage this morning. a 57-year-old vallejo woman is still missing and we've learned one of the four suspects in the kidnapping for ransom case used to date the missing woman's daughter. investigators say four people kidnapped elvira babb two weeks ago. they demanded $60,000 in ransom. the suspects are now being held on a million dollars bail. but investigators say none are talking about what happened. yesterday her son dlifed a powerful message to his mother. >> you can hear me, i want you to fight and be strong because we are going to find you soon. >> a friend of the family tells us one of the suspects is not only the former boyfriend of babb's daughter but at one point the couple lived with babb.
5:38 am
it's 5:37. on your wednesday morning, and the former stanford university swimmer who was convicted of sexual assault is going to be required to undergo drug and alcohol koucounseling. that decision coming after brock turner was caught lying about his high school habits. internal probation department communications obtained yesterday show that turner is going to have that counseling requirement added to his probation before his september 2nd release from jail. a racist flier is ruffling fae thurs in one san francisco neighborhood. someone dropped the players in the ash bury neighborhood. it mentioned the black lives matter movement and calls on neighbors to join the ku klux klan. it left a phone number and website. san francisco police addressed that matter last night telling residents to report fliers are seen. one major posted an image on social media to make people aware of the hateful message. >> saying that, hoh, it's just
5:39 am
free speech? no, you're trying to intentionally hurt and smear the people in this neighborhood which isn't okay. >> police have received no complaints about the neyer e fl. police also say contributing the flyers is not an illegal activity. the effort to find a new permanent san francisco police chief picks up in earnest later today. the san francisco police commission is meeting to discuss how the selection process is going to work for picking a new chief. former police chief greg sir stipd down in may in the wake of a deadly police shooting. tony chaplain is serving as the interim. it's 6:39. a new law, san francisco ordinance, i should say, may have paved the way for more affordable housing unit. approved a measure allowing 100% of affordable housing development to rise an extra three stories. it's an destiny bonus and it may add an additional 200 units over the next two years. the measure only applies to
5:40 am
non-profits. no contentious measure for private market rate development was not decided and expected to undergo additional debate. we are set for a warm and comfortable day here on wednesday but the air quality is not going to be great. >> the "spare the air" day so get out there early if you want to be outdoors. >> and catch public transportation or ride your bike to work or school. as we look live out sood at s sunol, 56 degrees. low 60s with highs reaching 80 in oakland. 95 degrees in fairfield. and 92 degrees in concord. more wide spread 90s likely today for the valleys and for the inner bay. some 80s there. oakland, 80 degrees. and 87 in san jose. we'll look ahead to some hotter temperatures for the end of the week. that's coming up in a few minutes. mike now has an update on a crash in san jose. >> overall your commute looks really good. two key spots. the first one we zoom in here toward the south bay.
5:41 am
north 101 slows in. we have a crash at oakland road. should be off to the shoulder. a number of vehicles involved, about three. looking at slowing for a distraction. live look shows you the volume is starting to kick in right now. that's why we expect to see more slowing as this -- with that distraction will cause more slowing. at the bay bridge toll plaza the backup. this just formed in the last five minutes. back to you. >> all right. we're going to send it right over to scott mcgrew. >> let's talk about record highs on the markets this morning, laura. we'll look coming up in business and tech.
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it's been one month now and remembering the attack on the lgbtq community in orlando. overnight san jose city hall draped in rainbows to honor the pulse nightclub shooting victims. >> the city devastated by the deadliest mass shooting in american history paid tribute to the 49 people killed in that massacre. look at that. 49 hand-made white crosses were displayed last night outside of downtown orlando history center. hundreds attended memorials outside of the pulse nightclub and medical center where's many of the victims were taken. nice tribute. >> beautiful. a very heavy week here, too. on a good note, the stock markets are hitting a new high. >> you said between good job reports and new prime minister in england, a lot for ga investigators to like. >> the brexit is still on but
5:45 am
with theresa may taking control of great britain they have stability they like so much. the dow gained, enough to put it at record highs. s&p 500, best measure of the market, hit a new record. today will be a bit flat but look at the numbers. those are big graen green arrows because those are big records. the dow and s&p 500, new records. shares in cupertino seagate said it made morme money than investigators expected. headquarters is in cupertino in fremont. it's also going to lay far more people off than expected. last month we were thinking 1500. it's more like 6500. very strange story for you about the hyper loop. hyper loop i is being sued by one of the founders, the founder who left the company last month. in the lawsuit he says he was harassed and alleges the
5:46 am
company's finances are not in order. hyperloop one is working on a high speed tube but otherwise t has no connection to mr. musk. brogan ban brogan is the man who brought the suit says he caught somebody on security camera. one of their other executives carrying a rope in his left hand. mr. ban brogan who worked as chief technology officer says that executive left that rope in the shape of a noose on a desk. here's a picture of ban brogan hold that noose. the company ransom tests outside of las vegas a couple weeks ago. they were pretty small scale tests. but again, they're working offen this idea of this tube that might run, say, from san francisco to l.a. and shoot you down there in hundreds of miles an hour. there is a lot of dissension in the ranks. >> no doubt. interesting. >> what was the symbolism of the noose? >> just a general threat, i suppose. >> not a good one. >> wow, okay.
5:47 am
>> good fro nunpronunciation of name though. a city supervisor is stepping in to try to help. that move coming a week after the owner of the -- owner of the stud announced he's being forced to sell after a new landlord raised the rent by 300%. yesterday supervisor scott wiener proposed ways to protect that bar and other lbgq bars south of market. one proposal includes classifying the area as cultural district. >> when you've officially designated something as a district, it doesn't necessarily protect everything but it gives you an additional argument. >> in the meantime there's a group of investors who are hoping to buy the stud to keep it in business. targeting homes for seam in the east bay. authorities say the crooks are going after houses in the market on concord and clayton. criminals are stealing
5:48 am
everything from couches to appliances. some neighbors say they didn't even know the homes were being burglarized. they thought the thieves were movers or contractors. police urge homeowners to remove all valuables before holding open houses. also let neighbors know you're selling so they will be on the lookout as well. that's a tough one though. you want to show your home looking nice. 5:48. today will be a good day to carpool or take transit. another "spare the air" day. >> the hot weather is trading a smog build up throughout the bay area. today "spare the air" alert is the sixth one issued this summer. smag we should remind you causes throat irritation, congestion, chest pain, and possibly other medical problems. >> and temperatures are warming up as well. let's check that forecast right now with kari. >> not bad at all. lit be warming up as we go through the day. make sure you have your sun block, sunglasses, and maybe an extra water or two or bring you bottles to keep filling it up. as we take a live look outside
5:49 am
now over the south bay. once again, starting out with clear skies and temperatures that are feeling nice and school. also 60 degrees in oakland. 59 in concord. in napa and santa rosa we start out at 63 degrees. as we break it down hour by hour in oakland, in the 50s. a lot more sunshine today. by 1:00 we're up to 79 degrees. briefly hitting the upper 70s and 80s and the 50s tonight. a look at all the microclimates. very warm. 89 in saratoga. palo alto, 83 degrees. 68 degrees in mission district. so still nice and comfortable in san francisco. hotter for spots like fairfield. 93 degrees. antio antioch, 92. the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen shows we will have to deal with this heat for a couple of days and it will get better in times for the weekend. the wind will not help it out at all.
5:50 am
winds coming in from the north at about five miles an hour. maybe picking up to about ten as we go into this afternoon and evening. but we don't have that strong onshore flow to clear out the air and bring us in a nice ocean breeze. the air quality will be the most healthy. south bay approaching moderate in the north bay and peninsula. as high pressure continues to i'd be we will have this same pattern for today, tomorrow, as well as friday. the valleys will be heating up into the 80s and 90s. and then that quickly moves off to the east. it will be replaced by an area of low pressure farther to the north. and that helps bring in a stronger ocean breeze and the morning fog will be returning in time for the weekend. here's how our temperatures trend. we will be in the 90s in the south bay on friday but then 83 degrees on sunday. so that will be better in the east bay. highs reaching into the 70s by sunday. now let's head over to mike updating us on a crash in san jose. >> that's the big thing
5:51 am
happening right now. the incident, i guess i should say, as we look at your maps. we don't see anything unexpected for the traffic flow but the south bay where 101 is looking a bit more congested than we would like. there's slowing around capital expressway. we don't see that on monday of this week. tuesday and wednesday we've seen that slowing and the crash at oakland road out of the roadway. chp just cleared that from their report but there may be activity. slowing there. meanwhile as we move the maps up, tri-valley is clear. lighter than a tuesday. the castro valley y showing south hayward and in toward union city. watching that build past the san mateo bridge. westbound, san mateo bridge camera shows us a smooth flow. lanes reopen after the over night road work happening again tonight at 7:00. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights starting at 5: 32. fastrak moves best. back to you. mike, thank you. new network of signage is about to make drivers smarter along one busy bay area traffic
5:52 am
corridor. caltrans is calling it appropriately enough the i-80 smart corridor. they promise it's going to change the way you drive. overhead signs and traffic information boards along llanfairpwllgwyngy- llgogerychwymdrobwillanty- sillogogogoch richmond and emeryville. today they're organizing a media preview. the entire project is expected to be up and running by september. raising even's game now. the oakland raiders are inviting more than 100 young women to come to the alameda training facility focused on becoming empowered. >> we have video from last year's summit hosted by the raiders in partnership with girls inc. all day conference focused on leadership training and confidence building through mentoring, networking, and scholastic. today's summit includes leading female executives from the team and invited leaders from outside the organization as well. it all begins at 10:00 a.m. this is pretty incredible video to show you this morning.
5:53 am
>> local kayakers here got more than they were expecting when they hit the waters. a view right in front of humpback whales. you can hear that woman trying to absorb all of it. this is footage she recorded while paddling near angel island in san francisco. she says when she saw a lunch group of birds flying around something she knew something was up. she paddled closer and several humpbacks popped up from the ocean. if you want to see more of the amazing video go to where we have the full clip for you. coming up, a mass drug overdose leads to synthetic marijuana. a new warning from police and health officials. first happening right now, coming to the bay area, hustler on our twitter page, read more about why hutler magazine mogul larry flint has his eye on a retail location in san jose. plus, are sheep replacing cars on google street view? you can read all about it on our facebook page.
5:54 am
5:55 am
our mission at clover is to create the best tasting, highest quality dairy products. clover has relationships with 27 different family farms. the environment is who clover is. without it, we're nothing. pg&e's been a great partner. they're the energy experts, we're the milk guys.
5:56 am
pg&e worked with clover on a number of energy efficiency projects to save energy every month. if you're part of the fabric of the community, you've got to ensure that you do things right, environment included. learn how you can save at together, we're building a better california. on isouthn ita. new details recovering under way. more than 24 hours after two trains collided head on in southern italy. crews are scouring through the wreckage at the crash site. at least 22 people were killed and dozens
5:57 am
investigators are nowing looking into an older telephone alert system used to advise station ma masters of running on the single track. a new warning about the dangers of synthetic marijuana. this comes after what appears to have been a mass drug overdose. yesterday more than two dozen people got sick in brooklyn after ingesting that synthetic drug. witnesses say some people. >> reporter: lying on the sidewalk shaking and leaning against trees and fire hydrants. 33 people were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. pg&e attorneys have given permission to refer the deadly san bruno explosion, on going federal trial of a pipeline safety violations. the trial is taking place in san francisco. it's focus and violations not directly tied to the san bruno blast except for one charge of obstructing the investigation. at one point pg&e lawyers asked to borrow any mention of the case but reversed course when they wanted to refer to how the
5:58 am
utility responded to the disaster. multimillion dollar settlement in the works for the motorcyclist seriously hurt when hit be afire truck and that truck was driven by a suspected drunk firefighter. the city of san francisco has agreed to pay jack frazier close to $5 million to settle the laws. this happened a little more than three years ago at the intersection of fifth and howard. firefighter michael quinn was originally indicted on three counts of dui but all charges were dropped when a judge ruled that the breathalyzer test wasn't reliable. the settlement must be approved by the board of supervisors. moving on to decision 2016. a key endorsement for hillary clinton after weeks of negotiating bernie sanders throuthrew his full support behind his former rival. >> i intend to do everything i can to make certain she will be the next president of the united states. >> just two weeks shy of the democratic national convention
5:59 am
center sanders congratulated clinton for winning the nomination. clinton agreed to push some of senator sanders proposals like free college and public omgs for health care. political analysts say it comes at a good time. and nbc news poll reveals clinton's lead dropped to 3% over donald trump nationally. >> i don't know whether he's going to be a governor or your vice president, who the hell knows. >> we're maybe just 48 hours away from finding out who donald trump's running mate will be. senior sources tell nbc he will announce friday but trump is already giving hints about who is at the top of his short list. overnight, fire snuffed a small business here in live mere. we'll tell you what the fire department is saying about this. plus, the controversial tool coming to all police officers in the bay area's biggest city. new device san jose officers will have starting today. two robbery suspects at the center of an almost
6:00 am
six-hour-long standoff in the north bay behind bars this morning. dramatic ending to this tense and dangerous situation right now on "today in the bay." >> first, good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we are keeping things drama free this morning. >> try. >> the only drama is how hot is it going to get later today. >> it is going to be a hot day for the inland areas. get ready for that. make sure you drink lots of water and try to stay out of the sun when you can. it is now 52 degrees in the north bay. 59 in the east bay. the south bay and looking at a lot of sunshine. but it stays nice and comfortable in san francisco. 68 degrees compared to the low 90s in the north bay. we'll talk more about all of that and how hot it gets this week. heading over to mike now. he's focused on your drive through silicon valley. >> i've seen unusual patterns. we're looking over and the maps shows a nice smooth drive. we're looking at the northbound


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