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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is in windsor this evening where it all began. jodi. >> reporter: raj, this is where it initially took place. the chase bank has been closed all day as workers repair the damage. one window remains boarded up because of all of the bullet holes. folks who witnessed what happened yesterday say it is something they will never forget. >> i hear a big loud scream and it was the security guard. he was like stop. >> she's still shaken up after shots went off yesterday afternoon outside the windsor verizon store where she works. she saw an armored car guard from the chase bank laying shot on the sidewalk. >> i saw one in his arm, his leg and somewhere over here. there was a lot of blood. >> reporter: investigators say 24-year-old sergei gus toe of antelope and ivan morals of lake
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port opened fire. the rookie police officer rammed his car into their suv and helped take gusto into custody. the second suspect was arrested a few hours late. >> i think the police did an admirable job. >> this woman says her son, a decorated vietnam veteran also reacted heroically. he came to the aid of the victim using towels to stop the bleeding. >> he pressed them on the guy's leg because it was squirting blood. he said there was blood all over. >> garcia said her co-workers tried to help too. she's praying for the guard and grateful nobody else was hit. >> we realize that we got a shot right here. that's when i realized that it could have been me. >> reporter: we are back here live again. the chase bank remained closed today. but we're told it will reopen tomorrow. meanwhile, the two suspects will
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appear in court tomorrow to be arraigned on charges of armed robbery, conspiracy and attempted murder. meanwhile, the victim we are told is still hospitalized tonight. the guard, with multiple gunshot wounds. reporting live in windsor, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thank you. it's all clear now, but a few hours ago this was the scene on eastbound 80 near the american canyon exit. this is close to vallejo. it was a mess. all lanes were closed after a chp motorcycle officer crashed. the officer fell with his motorcycle right there on the freeway. he had to be airlifted to a local hospital. his injuries are nonlife-threatening. here's a look at our real time traffic map in the area. it looks like -- that's good news. a little yellow right now. as expected this time of night. >> raj, we have an update on the
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investigation in hayward. they have a suspect in custody. our nbc chopper was on the scene near cherry lamb park where police say around 2:00 someone, the driver of the red truck, actually shot and killed that person. witnesses say the shooter ran away. after police say they had a person of interest in custody. but now they're calling that person a suspect. no word yet if this was a targeted shooting. more details about a homicide investigation in san jose. police say a man is dead after a drunken fight. officers responded to the disturbance early this morning. a suspect is in custody. it happened on ocala avenue in east san jose. this is the 26th homicide in the city so far. at this time last year, san jose only had 11 homicides. sjpd's newest crime fighting tool. officers hit the streets wearing these. body cameras for the first time. the cameras arrived after years of debate but the controversy is
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far from over. questions still remain about the guidelines of using these body cameras. nbc bay area's robert handa joins us with answers. robert? >> reporter: raj, as you know, san jose police first began experimenting with body worn cameras in 2012. but now that uniform cams are here to stay, police have a lot to keep in mind when dealing with the public. >> there he is. he threw the -- >> today, 21 san jose police officers wrapped up the required class needed to use the new body worn camera that will be eventually standard equipment. after years of debate, a debate that shifted -- the city council approved the $4 million camera project in may. the cameras are attached to an officer's uniform using a magnetic base. the training at the police academy facility focused on operation, maintenance and when the cameras would be turned on. basically officers turn on the cameras for active
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confrontations but can be shut down for private conversations and strip searches. >> we're going to have a situation, an environment where when individuals have contact with the police and their perception of what occurred differs from what the police department says it occurs, we're going to know what actually is the truth for the best we can. >> the department's policy after numerous public hearings and sid zen complaints about limited access to the video, officers are not allowed to remove or tamper with the cameras. the instructor, emphasized the officers will be dealing with unfamiliar equipment in often stressful and unpredictable situations. >> we tell your officers, you won't get in trouble for the videos you have. what gets you in trouble is when you're supposed to have a video and you don't. they're learning that today in training. >> reporter: they fully expect
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to have ongoing discussions and debate about the policy. the program will be reevaluated if six months. robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, robert. it was more than a slap. details are emerging about what may have led up to draymond green's arrest this weekend. newly obtained documents show green may have had multiwill run-ins with the football player. the football player has left the michigan state football team. elyce kirchner joins us where warriors fans are buzzing about this. we're also learning more from that michigan state player. >> reporter: that's right. the michigan state football player says this was so wrong on so many levels, he claims that draymond green's associates told him and his girlfriend. there was nothing he could do about it. >> this is draymond green, who appears to be smiling in his mugshot. the warriors basketball star and
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olympian booked and charged with simple assault. >> charge stuff all the time. it gets emotional. >> shortly after being handcuffed according to newly obtained police reports, green blew a .10 blood alcohol level at the time of his arrest. he admitted he slapped 22-year-old michigan state cornerback, jermaine edmonton outside a popular downtown restaurant in downtown lansing, michigan. he said he was sorry and wanted to speak to him. >> i look at it as being a good basketball player. >> it all started two days before the assault at another local bar. the edmonton confronted green for not saying excuse me for bumping into him and his girlfriend, bianca williams seen here on her facebook page. green allegedly said, do you know who i am? edmonton says, two of green's associated choked him and williams. >> i don't think the league can ignore this. >> mark nagle says green could
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face repercussions from the warriors or the nba. >> might be a game suspension. it might be some sort of fine. >> reporter: as for green himself, he spoke about the charges for the first time as a tech event in colorado last night. >> something that i learn from. just move on. >> reporter: back here live, michigan state addressed edmonton's request to transfer out of the school. they say that he asked for a larger role on the team so they granted an immediate transfer. it's unclear at this time where he's going. reporting live from walnut creek, elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. the robberies were in sacramento, but the suspects in oak land. two gun shops were -- two homes at 68th and macarthur boulevard in oakland today. no word on any arrests. we're told they found an suv linked to the sacramento area burglaries. here are the details. they believe it's this vehicle caught on surveillance video
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ramming into the front doors of the rock land armory gun shop. this happened overnight. you see the five people rushing in. now, the store owner says only one weapon, an ak-47, was actually stolen. the same men may have hit a follow some gun shop less than an hour later. one of san francisco's most popular landmarks, bikes and pedestrians are now being separated from cars and buses. christie smith joins us live from twin peaks. a little bit of mixed reaction to the changes. >> reporter: that's right. today it was a lonely road with barely anyone on it. change takes time to get used to and not everyone is pleased with it. i have to say, we barely saw a traffic impact at all. she likes to explore san francisco. today she wanted to see the new car-free space in one of the city's most beautiful places. >> i love it when they shut down the streets. i get to bring the dogs.
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>> reporter: her only concerns, her reaction for the new signage. >> the do not enter sign with the big x. all right, whatever. >> reporter: arturo came for the view. he didn't ride the new route because he didn't know it was changing but says it makes sense. >> there's no shoulder for coming up to sun peak. all the cars and buses, it gets a little tight. >> reporter: some are concerned about losing their view on the ride up. this is part of a two an year pilot program. the east side is for bikes and hikers. >> in the next few months over the summer and fall, we are going to look at what the impacts are on traffic, the tour bus operators. >> reporter: this man rides his bike here often and has concerns about the new configuratioconfi >> instead of one-way traffic with lots of room for people to go past you, there will be two-way traffic and not very much room. >> the bike coalition sees it as a good thing. >> i hope they do it for a long time. i love to ride up here.
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>> reporter: the evaluation of the how it's going will go on for quite some time. they are asking for public input. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. up next here at 6:00, was it a hate crime? a muslim woman egged outside of a bay area store. what we're learning tonight about this viral photo. i'm damian trujillo outside the hall of justice where there's charges against a cat killer. >> i'm jeff ranieri, a hot 97 and 92 in san rafael. we're tracking 100-degree heat. we'll let you know who is the hottest in a few minutes.
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there's new evidence in the gruesome case of animal cruelty. nearly a dozen new charges for the san jose man accused of stealing and torturing cats. nbc bay area's damian trujillo has been following this. the charges keep piling up. >> reporter: yeah, laura. robert farmer has not posted bail since his arrest last october. because of the new charges against him today, the judge nearly doubled that bail. investigators say this is robert farmer, caught on surveillance cameras last year trying to round up one of his alleged victims. they say the cats were sometimes mutilated and abused. when police arrested him, they say there was a dead cat in his car. it all happened last year in san
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jose's camryian park neighborhood. >> today prosecutors added 11 felony counts to the ten farmer was already facing. the new charges stem from missing cats and dna of those cats allegedly found in farmer's car and clothing. the prosecutor called it the jane doe approach. where a body has not been found, the dna linked to a missing person presumed dead. >> i filed a second felony amendmented complaint added 11 counts for 11 additional victims we identified through dna analysis. >> reporter: cat lovers and animal activists gathered outside the hall of justice during his arraignment on the new charges. others carried pictures of their cats saying they were among the victims. >> it's understandable. pets are family members to many, many people. i'm sure there's a sentiment that animals don't get much justice as people do in a criminal justice system.
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>> if convicted on all counts, he could spend up to 16 years in prison. today, farmer's bail increased from $125,000 to $225,000. he's due back in court in october. live outside the hall of justice, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. the cat shot by an arrow in livermore is recovering from surgery. the owner of the animal september this video today. livermore police are asking for help tracking down the person responsible for the attack. this isn't the only case in livermore within the past month. another cat was shot with a pellet gun. part of a sentence for sexual assault, brock turner is in counseling. we've obtained internal probation department memos using the freedom of information act. it was a request we made. the memos reveal turner must undergo drug and alcohol counseling, as well as random testing. this was part of the conditions for his release in september.
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he's serving a six-month sentence after being convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on the stanford campus. an encouraging report on the peninsula regarding the processing of rape kits. a grand jury finds the county backlog has disappeared. the issue came to light in 2014 when there were widespread problems with getting those rape kits processed. when properly processed the kits can be instrumental in proving a rape and getting the attacker off the street. san mateo is all caught up and it recommends the county publish an annual report on the number of kits collected. an leandro police are not going to pursue a case involving the egging of a woman wearing a hi hijab. >> her son posted the picture on instagram. police began an investigation. mehm
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they met with the woman and she's upset but did not want to press charges. she's more upset about all the press coverage the story has received. a suspicious fire gutted a business in livermore. it started around midnight at miller's air conditioning and heating. this is on research drive. the flames spread quickly as the building's roof collapsed. it took a couple of hours to contain. no one was hurt. investigators say the time and origin of the fire is what makes it suspicious. our chopper overhead in cupertino this morning. there was a brushfire that charred about two acres. this was off california oak way near the whispering creek equestrian center. no businesses or homes were -- it should be a good reminder heading into the hot temperatures. >> it was a spare the air day. >> air quality, down in the teens this afternoon. we'll see the same thing tomorrow. you want to watch the fire danger and closely.
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you can see right now, some of the hottest temperatures still a cobbs the north bay and the east bay. really widespread. a lot of the heat in contra costa and alameda counties, brentwood up to 101 degrees. livermore 94. alamo, 97. lafayette 95. over towards or en da, you can see the bay breeze moving in as you drop to 88 degrees. for the south bay, it was a hot day as well. temperatures are dropping off with, again, a bay breeze starting to infiltrate campbell. 85 right now and several pairs here of 88s from downtown into the valley. we have high pressure in play blocking any kind of cooler air moving our way. that's going to keep it hot for the next two days. 90 to 100 degrees heat inland. here's how it stacks up tomorrow. we'll have mostly sunny skies and a cool and crisp 54 in the north bay. san francisco 53. and right across the south bay, sunny skies and 59. through the afternoon, again, it gets hot.
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the highest fire danger and also heat that certainly will be unhealthy will be for the tri-valley with an average of 100 degrees. the south bay getting up there with 94 degrees. san francisco does warm up. but you'll stay right near average at 70 degrees. there's two important things we're following with the heat. that is the spare the air alert. worst air quality tomorrow for the east and also the south bay. the other thing we're tracking is the pollen. it's not super high. but enough to aggravate with that unhealthy air quality. i'm back with cooler changes for the weekend in 25 minutes. jeff, we'll see you shortly. it's a tiny piece of hardware, but it could make a very big difference for some olympic hopefuls. i'm scott budman. coming up, a piece of technology to help runners go faster in rio. ==realfrce innsiingtsatck ain i
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happening now on our home page, france is intensifying its attack against isis. francois hollande saying troops will be deployed in the fall to fight isis in iraq and syria. buzzing on our twitter feed, victoria beckham is facing backlash for an instagram showing her kissing her 5-year-old daughter on the lips. thc-d --he net fodiaseontl -tryy
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the cdc, the centers for
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disease control trying to calm fears. the risk of the zika virus will be low for visitors during the olympics. cooler and drier weather typically reduce mosquito populations and it's the winter months in the southern hemisphere, specifically in rio. tourism board expect millions of visitors during the olympics. public health officials discourage pregnant women from traveling to brazil. the olympians packing their bags and bringing with them a lot of technology. >> some is being used on the ground level. it's the peak of the field for track and field. scott budman joins us. the fast get faster. how are they doing it? >> absolutely right. we've seen sensors and smartphones used for video games a lot these days. they're combining to help track stars go even faster in rio. >> runners at the recent olympic trials worked hard for every
6:25 pm
possible advantage. >> we document every step. >> this man just got back from the trials. some of the olympians will be wearing his company's device. a high tech mix of insole, sensor and smartphone app that tracks every step you take. >> the most important part for runners are the feet. >> kinematics makes the tune, a way to measure everything about a run and then send you and your coach the data. >> i think this is the beginning. >> ryan has been to the trials. we spoke to him via skype about how runners are embracing this kind of technology. >> this younger generation of athletes is much more comfortable measuring their runs via gps or whatever else. >> it's true, olympians already have smartphones and smart watches. kinematics is proud to help them save precious seconds. >> all of them when i talk about athletes, they want to be in all the meetings. they want to be involved in all
6:26 pm
the details. >> an advantage that you wear on your shoes. >> the technology will soon be available for us amateurs as well. $200 will get you the sensors. and a smartphone app for your apple or android phones. back to you. >> thanks so much, scott. we are counting down the days to rio. 23 more to go. we're sending our own jessica aguirre to brazil. the worst trial he's ever preside over. a scolding from the judge in the pg and e criminal case. we'll tell you why. >> reporter: budget issues could delay a project aimed at saving lives. hear the latest on the suicide prevention from the golden gate bridge. brg i of pre t.a ve ok thgoln e
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right now at 6:30, a safer bridge may come with too high of a price tag. live picture of the golden gate bridge where a landmark project may be postponed. the installation of suicide prevention nets was scheduled to begin later this year. >> the cost of the project could put the plan in jeopardy. michelle roberts has more. >> reporter: there are dozens of security cameras installed on the golden gate bridge. 24 hours a day officers are looking for accidents, debris on the road or pedestrians who may be at risk. >> if we see anybody that gives us a reason to think that they might be thinking of suicide,
6:30 pm
we'll start a conversation and we'll get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: golden gate bridge manager says, sadly, the officers can't save everyone. each year dozens of people take their own lives on the iconic bridge. >> any other steps we can take to discourage people from thinking about suicide at the golden gate bridge i think are necessary. >> reporter: two years ago, the bridge district approved a plan to fund suicide prevention nets. these are pictures of what the 20-foot wide metal nets would look like. now, the project could be delayed. >> it's possible that these higher priced bids will impact the timeline. >> reporter: bridge district spokesperson says the district received two bids from contractors this week. one for $142 million. the other for 174. which is nearly the double estimated budgets of $76 million. >> we expect the engineering staff will go line item by line item through each proposal.
6:31 pm
look at the cost. >> reporter: clemens says if engineers can't find cost savings in the current bid, the district will likely have to delay the construction until more funds can be allocated. >> our concern is to make sure we're getting excellent quality and using the money that is given to us. >> reporter: there are a couple options moving forward. the bridge district can either open bidding again in hopes of receiving a lower offer or they can accept one of the bids and figure out how to raise that money. reporting on the golden gate bridge, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. thank you, in michelle. trying to bridge the divide. president obama met with law enforcement officers and activists today. mr. obama admitted there's still much more work to be done to build trust between police and minority communities. the meeting comes after two recent police shootings sparked nationwide protests.
6:32 pm
the president will answer questions on race relations and equality. a somber and emotional day as the nation and city of dallas lays to rest three of the five officers killed in last week's sniper attack. >> ♪ ♪ >> the community gathered to say goodbye to the men and to remember them for their courage and dedication. >> we will not, we cannot, we shall not let the act of a coward break us. i'm asking you all to continue on, press on. he has your six. >> tough day for so many people. that sniper killed five officers during a peaceful protest last thursday. bay area police officers were also in dallas today paying their respects. here's a photo of some of them. both san raffle and vallejo sent them to the memorial and funeral
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services. tough news for democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. the nbc news, "wall street journal" poll finds her lead down to 9 in pennsylvania. down to 3 in iowa and the race tied in must-win ohio. that tie is echoed in the quinnipiac poll putting trump ahead in florida and pennsylvania. >> republicans who want to dump him at the convention, harder to do so when he shows he's competitive in the battleground state polls. >> in the meantime, republican rival donald trump interviewed mike pence for the vp job today. former house speaker newt gingrich and new jersey governor chris christie also talking with the trump campaign. trump is expected to announce his choice for running mate later this week. with the republican national convention just five days away, the secret service and police are stepping up security in cleveland, ohio. thousands of officers from the cleveland police department and some 70 other law enforcement agencies will come together to protect the city and the
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convention. officials also admit that the ambush on police in dallas was a wake-up call. they say they changed some strategies in light of that deadly shooting but would not ee rabb rate. moving in the right direction. that's how the majority of californians feel is happening in the state. our latest field poll found that 52% of voters believe california is generally headed the right way. you see there. 39% disagree. but it's a whole different story when it comes to national politics. the country overall, majority of california voters, 54%, feel the nation is on the wrong track. only one in three believe america is heading in the right direction. the agency in charge of protecting our money under attack by the chinese government. that's according it a congressional report. that report finds the chinese government responsible for hacking into computers at the fdic. the federal deposit insurance kopgs. the attacks occurred in 2010 and
6:35 pm
2011 and again in 2013. the report cites that quote, advanced persistent threat. this comes from a congressional panel's investigating data breach. a peaceful transition of power. the greatest ally for the united states. theresa may entered number 10 downing street today as britain's new prime minister. the ceremony included two trips to buckingham palace and two private conversations with queen elizabeth. one for theresa may, the other for outgoing david cameron. cameron resigned in the wake of the brexit vote. how about this, a scolding in court by the judge. this is happening in the high-profile pg and e federal obstruction case. investigative reporter jackson van der beck en has been in court every day for the trial. he joins us from the san francisco newsroom. jackson, start with the judge. what happened? >> well, judge felton henderson, it appears that he's so frustrated. he says in some cases he's
6:36 pm
outraged about these fights that are happening in court and outside of court about evidence. >> jaxon, what's the timeline of the case? is this slower than usual or par for the course here? >> we see witnesses being asked about every tiny detail, and then outside of court, you know, there's disputes about what happened today, for example, pg and e was refusing to apparently stipulate to the fact that it's a company as defined under the pipeline safety act. and prosecutors were forced to bring in a box full of documents that indicated that yes, these are the articles of incorporation. the judge looked at both sides and said, this is outrageous and has to stop. >> is there a guesstimate, a timetable when the jury will finally get this case? >> well, prosecutors say they have a couple more weeks. it could be much longer. i think that they expected to be
6:37 pm
much further along. the judge is basically and the jury even has said that they're frustrated and they made a specific request that both sides be succinct. >> jaxon, thank you very much. he's updating our website with the reports on this pg and e trial. go to a man gets his airbag replaced by the dealer after a recall. but he is left paying hundreds of dollars. nbc bay area responds next. up in space, a napa native is getting ready to break barriers out in orbit. stay with us. the y aa rl eateoomist jt f hoe.
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the bay area real estate
6:40 pm
boom isn't just for houses. business rs making massive deals as well. according to the silicon valley business journal, google and linkedin agreed to a big land swap. the two tech giants will trade properties. this is to help each of them skirt opposition to build big new campuses that they're hoping to construct. as you well know, raj, garbage collection prices are going up in much of contra costa county. the county board of supervisors approved a 6% increase on tuesday. this is in east contra costa county. bethel island and some neighborhoods in bay point. the price hike begins in mid-august. okay. here's good news if you want to go to mexico. southwest airlines is offering more options if you want to go south of the border. southwest announced it will fly from oakland to cabo san lucas and port vallarta. oakland international says los cabos is the most requested
6:41 pm
destination where the airport doesn't already service. it's about to get easier to find nutritional information about your favorite beers. several brewers are now voluntarily agreeing to add more nutritional facts on labels, including calorie counts. among the companies making the change, miller and heineken. the change is set to be complete by 2020. a local astronaut will now be the first to decode dna in space. kate rubens who arrived at the international space station last week glue up rew up in napa. this project will help research in remote locations on earth. the research will begin next week. that's pretty cool. >> no kidding. a lot of stars in the bay area. >> look who we have here. >> where? >> 6:41 p.m. and not 6:41 a.m. >> no sign of being tired at all. >> i'll see you tomorrow morning as well. >> we love your energy. >> will you sleep tonight by the way? >> a little bit. three or four hours.
6:42 pm
>> the next forecast tomorrow morning as you start to wake up, laura, you can see right now, though, we have the most comfortable weather in san francisco. 70 across the area. we'll talk about who hits 100 and who will stay comfortable tomorrow in a few minutes. when it's finally your turn to replace that recalled airbag, we want you to avoid a costly mistake. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, a word of caution when nbc bay area responds. next. drer o pd hdre ofdoarshilhavg a
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
nbc bay area responds to a driver who paid hundreds of dollars while having a recalled airbag replaced. >> our consumer investigator chris chmura finding out why is cost so much. >> car makers must fix safety recalls free of charge.
6:45 pm
free. federal regulators require it. that's why tiger and san jose called us. dodge replaced a faulty airbag in his magnum. then handed him a bill for more than $500. tiger wanted to know why and so did we. the dealer told us, in addition to the recalled service, a tech recommended replacing a part called the clock spring. it serves as an airbag trigger. the shop called tiger and he authorized the nearly $600 job. tiger told me he was under the impression that airbag problems are part of the service free and therefore, he expected to pay nothing. tiger learned the hard way, that is not always true. dodge corporate told us the clock spring, that trigger of sorts, often wears out in cars this old. remember, tiger's is a 2005. it does need to be swapped at that age at the owner's expense. a lesson for everyone here. if you're only interested in free recall service, make it clear to the dealer. that is all you want. don't allow any recall work until you get a written estimate
6:46 pm
that shows zero. if you have a question or complaint, please call us. we'll take a look under the hood. 888-996-tips or submit your complaint online at he waited seven months to get that airbag swapped. so the miscommunication really added insult to the injury. >> that's what you call full service. >> for the young kids. that explains it. >> what's full service again? >> gas in the car? >> thank you, chris. you're he will welcome. amazon, did you participate in this. the second annual prime day was the biggest day in company history. they don't give out exact numbers but it will say the customer orders surpassed last year's by more than 60% worldwide. amazon says the fire tv -- what's the fire tv -- do you know? >> the fire tv sting which was
6:47 pm
on sale for 15 bucks, $10 less than the usual price was the top seller. more importantly, the company signed up 6 million more prime members. upon membership, by the way, 99 bucks a year. simply said, profitable day for amazon. >> no kiddingment a lot of brown boxes showing up today. look at this. hillary clinton and donald trump vent revealed their running mates yet. barbie has. mattel's new presidential barbie is paired with a vice presidential doll. and it is a woman. mattel created presidential barbies for the past 24 years. this is the first all female ticket. the dolls will be available in a variety of skin tones, face shapes and hair colors. i don't know if they'll have the trump hair. but they'll roll out nationwide stores and online this month. >> that's pretty cool. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is with us. laura is negotiating since she's
6:48 pm
visiting from the morning show, we have to do that. >> it starts at 4:30. >> we have a cot in the weather center. >> brew the coffee. we're good to go. >> a live look at the microclimate forecast, you can see it was hot out here today. too hot for a lot of you in the interior valleys. got up to 97 in lafayette. alamo, 96. nova novato, 95. san jose, pushing 91. it will go a few degrees warmer hitting tomorrow. we're still holding on to a cooler 67 in san francisco. the foggy wind is in place. however, not too much fog at least in downtown sf. that's because the hotter air that's inland is so dry that as any fog tries to move into san francisco, it's evaporated. you're kind of getting the best of both. the cooler breeze and also clear skies. across the south bay, we're coming in with 88. tomorrow morning's forecast, a little bit of fog coming back to sf. otherwise, a sunny start for the east bay and the south bay.
6:49 pm
temperatures in the 50s to low 60s. high pressure is back. that's what's producing the heat. we do have storm systems out here in the pacific. as i've been mentions today, there's no way, no how this cooler air will get near us the next two days. with high pressure offshore, that brings us 90 to 100 degrees inland. once again, in the next 48 hours. with that warmer air, the air quality also begins to suffer. as you take a look at that, you'll find here the east bay and the south bay will be at the unhealthy levels tomorrow. it's a spare the air day in effect and close to the unhealthy levels in the north bay and the peninsula. allergy sufferers, respiratory problems, limit your outdoor exposure for tomorrow. there is one spot to get away from the poor air quality and the hotter temperatures. you may have guessed it. we're going to show it to you. that is the immediate coastline. this on shore flow staying in place. even though we'll have afternoon sun again for tomorrow, the on-shore cooler flow will keep
6:50 pm
60s at our beaches. let's go ahead and get a look at the microclimate forecast for thursday. you'll see san francisco warming up again. financial district at 72 in downtown. but look back towards the marina. the golden gate bridge, you're visiting. you want the tourist snapshot of the bridge. the fog will be in place. but notice the cooler temperatures. may need a layer here. 88 in palo alto and sunny. back to the beaches. a cool 67. the south bay, the hottest temperature would be cupertino and 95. the hooed heat will get dangerous for anybody heading to contra costa and alameda counties. we're talking about livermore, pleasanton and danville. not the sentry mark, but close to it. drink plenty of water and take breaks if you spend a lot of time outdoors for your job. the weekend forecast, we do have cooler weather coming our way. it's going to be really nice saturday and sunday. temperatures drop 10 to 15
6:51 pm
degrees. the south bay at 86 on saturday. friday valley 89. the north bay 89. laura and raj, i'm doing you right. hot the next two days, weekend looking good. >> we will hang on for the weekend. >> yes. >> thank you, jeff. >> sure. another amateur championship. why his confidence is sky high at san francisco's olympic club. thetorthanev go aw. "dlatgat
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
well, it's a story that never really goes away. defla deflategate blew up again on tom brady. an appeals court denied the patriots quarterback appeal of his suspension.
6:54 pm
the case traces back to accusations that brady used deflated footballs during his 2015 playoff game. brady could appeal the supreme court or just accept the four-game suspension from the nfl commissioner beginning this season. you're not supposed to beat the pros. when you're still in college. >> why not? who writes the rules? >> it's happening with a sophomore from cal. he's lighting up the golf course. here's nbc bay area's colin resch. >> two weeks ago, soon to be cal sophomore colin more -- was on fire. a 63 on saturday, another 63 on sunday that included this. >> gave it a good roll. about halfway through, it was one of the best feelings i've had on the golf course. something i won't forget for a while. >> his 27-foot birdie putt on 18 got him into a playoff on the air capital classic. he didn't win but he hung with the pros to the end. the second place finish would have netted him the payday.
6:55 pm
>> it would have been around $67,000. we won't talk about how much that would have helped or been nice to college life. yeah, you know, it's something you look forward to in the future. >> he earned a spot in wichita because of his win this time last year at the transmit amateur championship. that tournament was in andover. what is it about the state of kansas? >> i wish i knew. people asked me and i wish i knew. i've had a great time out there. i'm almost two for two out there. >> this week he's trying to defend his title here at san francisco's olympic club where wednesday he was paired with a collegiate rival, stanford's maverick mcneely. >> gave me a congrats and it's all that. you know, we all know we can compete at the highest levels. >> it's always fun to have a friendly rivalry, to be able to compete with a player like him is really fun. >> the ultimate fun for more ka wa, exactly what you expect. >> the pga tour, number one golfer in the world.
6:56 pm
hopefully one day that will be my life. >> if that happens, those are paychecks he can keep. in san francisco, colin resch, nbc bay area. the national park service is jumping in on the pokemon go hype inviting gamers to take the fun to a national park near you. >> you like to welcome all of you trainers to your national parks. you might find more than just a new virtual companion. >> watch out for that tree. the video is part of the find your park campaign. the national park service hopes that while gamers chase virtual monster, maybe take a moment to look up and appreciate the great outdoors. >> was there some in my newsroom the other day. >> there was one on my desk. i don't even play the game. time to clean. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. >> join us tomorrow morning. early today. >> 4:30 a.m. >> 4:30 a.m. calvin harris unleashes on
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
taylor swift. his shocking new twitter attack on his ex. >> now on "extra." ♪ ♪ ♪ calvin versus taylor. it's officially ugly. his blistering new tweets today, how he's dragging katy perry into the mess. >> jennifer aniston's breaking point. the bikini photos that ignited an all-out war with the tabloids. >> do you get amused? do you get annoyed? >> blasting hollywood's skinny obsession and what she's revealing about her true plans to start a family. new video, bachelorette jojo in tears. >> my heart is broken.


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