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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, was it a targeted hit? a man shot dead at a stop sign. hayward police announcing another arrest late tonight. good evening, i'm raj mathai. jessica has the night off. an eerey scene in hayward. a man fled leaving a bloody victim in his car. it happened near cherryland park. nbc bay area is at the sheriff's office with the late developing
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details. pete? >> reporter: a female driver and male passenger were arrested in connection to the hayward shooting. we were first tipped off to this information by a neighbor. the intersection of meekland and blossom hill roads in hayward turned into a scene of gun violence and tragedy. >> whether this is just random gang or gun violence, we don't know or whether this was specifically targeted, we don't know. >> reporter: according to the alameda county sheriff's office, the driver of this red pickup truck was shot and killed around 1:00 p.m. while he was waiting to make a left turn. >> when our first officer arrived on scene, the car was in drive like he was ready to make that left turn. >> reporter: the shooter ran from the scene. along some nearby train tracks. and was eventually arrested a few hours later. >> heard the shots fired and then once i heard the shots fired, the dogs went off because they're scared of fireworks. >> reporter: edwin gill lives in the area but installed nearby surveillance cameras the sheriffs office used to aperture
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the suspect. >> one guy jumped out of the passenger seat and opened fire on the red car. >> reporter: he says the driver of the car also in custody trove away from the scene. >> took off, made a right, left his friend behind. >> reporter: the sheriff's department says the victim was either middle eastern or hispanic. they have not identified the suspects. the sheriff's department also added that the shooter's vehicle was from out of state. they plan to release more information on this case tomorrow. >> pete, thank you. also new at 11:00, a fiery crash involving five cars. take a look. this was on highway 37 in ha vallejo. all westbound lanes were shut down for hours. it happened an 6:30 this evening at the sonoma boulevard off ramp. a woman and child were hurt forcing emergency crews to air lift the child to a local hospital. tonight, that child has major injuries. the cause of the crash is still
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under investigation. well the crimes were near sacramento, but the impact and danger is here in the bay area. suspects caught on camera smashing into a gun shop in rockland this morning. the suv was later found in oakland. now the feds are trying to bust up a stolen gun ring. nbc bay area's jean eli is in oakland this evening. they have the suv. what about the guns? >> reporter: tonight the atf is being tight lipped, raj, about where they are. agents zeroed in on the car involved in at least two gunshot burglaries and the car led them to a house here in oakland. a honda crv slams into the rockland armory gun shopgun nea sacramento this evening. five men climb over the gate and head into the store. police say most of the weapons were locked up. the group stole one ak-47. investigators say this group has struck before. >> vehicle drove into the front of the business. it is similar to what we had at
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norcal gun shop. several months ago. we probably think it is related to that. >> reporter: they can see a license plate and i'm for hillary sticker. the same car wases used in another gun store burglary this morning in fulsome where the gun took 15 guns. over the past six months, there haveeen several gun store robberies in the sacramento area. thieves have stolen more than 240 firearms. >> there's far more firearms dealers here in sacramento than, say, in the bay area counties. >> reporter: but it appears the guns are here in the bay area. atf agents located that honda crv sticker and all outside a home in east oakland today. agents and oakland police swarmed the home collecting evidence and making an arrest. the atf won't say if any weapons were recovered. an atf spokesperson i talked to tonight says they expect to give us an update on this investigation tomorrow.
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oakland police say stolen guns are easy to sell giving the bad guys quick cash. that also means there are illegal guns in this community. reporting live in oakland, jean elle, nbc bay area news. we have new video tonight of the deadly police shooting in fresno. police today releasing this body camera video taken last month. the chief in fresno says even though it's gruesome, he wants the public to see why his officers had no choice but to open fire on an unarmed teenager. the video knows the 19-year-old ignoring commands to show both of his hands. dozens of protesters gathered outside police headquarters in fresno today demanding justice. the family is suing that city. this is the first night san jose police officers are wearing body cameras but it's not for all officers. at least not yet. laura, what's the process and is this something the department wants? >> reporter: raj, all the
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officers were required to go through training before wearing the body cameras. and whether or not the force wants them, body cameras on officers are becoming the norm. >> i think it's long overdue. i think it's a welcome measure. >> reporter: san jose activist sean cartwright is talking about the debut of body cameras worn by police officers. >> sees what the human eye does. >> reporter: officers were issued the cameras today after a four-hour training session. jeremiah ford of san jose thinks they're a good idea. >> not to say they're bad or anything like that. they're doing their job. the people at the end of the day. at the same time, there needs to be some type of restriction on that. on, you know, sometimes things can get out of hand. >> reporter: cartwright agrees but says the policy regarding the cameras doesn't go far enough. >> i think there's a little bit of it that's halfhearted because it should be worn every moment of every day. >> reporter: san jose police are required to have the cameras on for active confrontations but can turn them off for private
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conversations and strip searches. police say officers won't be able to alter or delete the video and if an officer is involved in a shooting or in-custody death they can't view the footage without first providing a statement. >> they shouldn't have access to the camera to turn them off or on. they shouldn't have an opportunity to review them. >> reporter: still police stand by their policy which evolved after several public hearings and citizen complaints about limited access to the video. >> we tell our officers you're not going to get in trouble for the videos you have. what's going to get you in trouble is when you're supposed to have a video and you don't. >> reporter: eventually the cameras will become standard equipment for almost the entire force. reporting live from san jose, laura malpert, nbc bay area news. >> laura, thank you. they were remembered for courage and dedication. three of the five officers killed in the dallas ambush were laid to rest today. a community and nation still reeling from the recent violence
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across the country. after attending the memorials, president obama met with leaders in dallas today about how to make the violence stop. >> yesterday, i do not want to gloss over the fact that not only are there very real problems, but still deep divisions about how to solve the problems. >> both san rafael and vallejo sent uniformed officers. san francisco police officers will be attending the remaining funerals later this week. tonight a chp officer is in the hospital after crashing his motorcycle on i-80 near vallejo. the officer was responding to a call this afternoon heading east on 80 near the american canyon exit. see the traffic backed up for miles. a chp helicopter was in the area and immediately landed to help that officer who was laid there across the freeway. the officer is expected to be okay. just into our newsroom, another setback for v.w.
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state regulators say volkswagon's plan is incomplete and deficient. they wanted to recall certain diesel cars related to the emissions scandal. volkswagon agreed to spend up to $15 billion to settle a lawsuit related to the scandal. the california air resources board saying today recalling the cars doesn't let regulators fully evaluate whether the emissions have been fixed. it's crunchtime for donald trump. we'll know by friday morning who his running mate will be. trump plans to head into next week's republican convention with his vice presidential pick. here's the short list. indiana governor mike pence. former speaker of the house newt gingrich, and new jersey governor chris christie. trump is in southern california tonight for a fund-raiser. democrat hillary clinton faces trouble in two critical battleground states. our new nbc news/"wall street journal"/marist poll shows mrs.
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clinton and trump are tied in ohio and in a virtual dead heat in iowa. mrs. clinton was in illinois today calling for unity in the wake of the killings in texas, louisiana and minnesota. and good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. hot 90s today, but we're turning it up even more tomorrow. we'll let wroyou know who hits degrees in my forecast in just a few minutes. and he's no longer on the run thanks to pokemon. how the popular game helped investigators nab a suspected murderer. and there's more to this story. the new details emerging about draymond green's arrest.
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hi. is the internet still out? yes! come on. work together. work together. do you have anything? no i don't have anything. please come back internet. i love you. i love you so much. just come back. please. please. he's streaming a cat video. (family laughs) and the whole party is looking... can i take a look? mitch come on! get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability at an everyday price with no extra fees. keep calm, your internet's on. it was more than just a slap. tonight, we're getting new details about what may have led up to draymond green's arrest over the weekend in michigan. newly obtained documents show the warriors star may have had
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mu multiple run-ins with the college football player he's accused of assaulting. >> reporter: this is draymond green who appears to be smiling in his mugshot. warriors basketball star, an olympian booked and charged with simple assault. >> gets really emotional, see it on the court all the time. >> reporter: shortly after handcuffed, green blew a .10 blood alcohol level at the time of his arrest and admitted to police he slapped 22-year-old michigan state cornerback jermaine edmondson outside a popular downtown restaurant in east lansing, michigan, saying, "he was sorry" and wanted to speak with him to make things right zblz. >> as a fan, i look at him as being a good basketball player. >> reporter: the issue all started two days before assault at another local bar when edmondson confronted green for not saying excuse me for bumping into him and his girlfriend bianca williams seen on her
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facebook page and green allegedly said do you know who i am? edmondson says two of green's associates choked him and williams. >> i don't think the league is going to be able to ignore this. >> reporter: sports management professor mike nagle says green could face repercussions from the warriors or nba. >> might be a game suspension, might be some sort of fine. >> reporter: as for green, himself, he spoke about the assault charges for the first time at a tech event in colorado last night. >> something that i learn from and just move on. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. two suspects facing charges in that brazen shooting and robbery in windsor are expected in court tomorrow. police say the masked men parked behind an armored car outside of a chase bank yesterday. opened fire at the guard of that armored car and then robbed the truck. the suspects then took off evading police before they were finally captured in calistoga. the guard is still recovering from gunshot wounds. the chase bank where the crime took mace initially will re-open
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tomorrow. new evidence and new charges tonight against the man accused of snatching and torturing cats in san jose. prosecutors say they found dna of several missing cats in robert farmer's car and on his clothes. farmer hasn't posted bail since his arrest last fall. today, the judge almost doubled farmer's bail. he now faces 21 felony counts of animal cruelty. take you outside, live look at the beautiful golden gate bridge. the project to build suicide-prevention nets may now be postponed because of cost concerns. these are pictures now of what the safety measures would look like. this week, contractors put in bids for the project and it was nearly double the estimated budget of $76 million. if engineers can't find any cost savings in the current bids, the bridge district will likely delay construction. big changes today for one of san francisco's most scenic land marks. the roads to twin peaks are
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being changed to separate bikes and pedestrians from cars. this is day one for a two-year pilot program. the idea is to make things safer for everyone. >> i think it's great. i love it when they shut down the streets. i get to bring the dog. >> there's no shoulder really coming up to twin peaks, all the tourist buses, it gets a little tight. >> it will take getting used to. the san francisco mta is also asking drivers and pedestrians to provide feedback on this project via their website. =r/ot tholyianareackg ti we're getting close to the olympics. in fact the olympians are packing their bags for rio and bringing with them a lot of technology. some of that technology is being used literally on the ground level. here's our business and tech reporter, scott budman. >> brilliant finishing speed. >> reporter: runners at the recent olympic trials worked hard for every possible advantage. >> we document every step. >> reporter: palo delsantos just got back from the trials.
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some of the olympians will be wearing his company's device, a high-tech mix of insole, sensor and smartphone app that tracks every step you take. >> and the most important part for a runner are the feet. >> reporter: they make the tune, a way to measure everything about the run and send you and your coach the data. >> i think this is just the beginning. >> reporter: ryan vale has been to the trials. we spoke to him via skype about how runners are embracing this technology. >> this younger generation of athletes is much more comfortable measuring their runs via gps or whatever else. >> reporter: it's true. olympians already have smartphones and smart watches. it's proud to help them save precious seconds. >> all of them when i talk about athletes, they want to be in all the meetings. they want to be involved in all the details. >> reporter: an advantage that you wear on your shoe. scott budman, nbc bay area news.
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>> pretty cool. the opening ceremony is just 23 days away. join us throughout the olympics for our exclusive coverage of bay area athletes. we're sending our own jessica aguirre to report from rio. back here in the bay area, chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is with us and can we start talking about the weekend? are we officially in the weekend zone? >> yeah, why not? >> just me and you tonight. >> been thinking about saturday since monday. not to rush the week along. a live look at the microclimate forecast. in san jose after that hotter day with 90s in the south bay, we're still holding on to a mild 72 under clear skies. downtown san jose looking beautiful. for tomorrow morning, no huge problems on that commute. we'll start with mostly clear skies across the north bay. just a little bit of fog in san francisco. nothing too thick. for the east bay, sunny skies and 6 o. for the south bay, we'll begin at 59. as you noticed, it has been hotter. a lot hotter than what we had last week. in fact, temperatures today were
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some 20 to 25 degrees warmer than what we experienced this time last week. certainly a rude awakening and well above average temperatures and a lot of you are sick of it already and want things to cool down. we're not going to get anything to cool down until this area of high pressure gets out of the way. right now we have at least two more days of 90 to 100 degree heat expected for the interior valleys. get more of a preview on the scrolling seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. advance the story to the air quality. maybe you thought it's been allergies. we're really under poor air quality for the east and also the south bay. that's where the most unhealthy air will be for tomorrow. approaching the unhealthy levels here in the north bay and the peninsula. so if you do suffer from allergies, or respiratory problems, this will just kind of exacerbate things so you may want to limit your outdoor exposure or just head to the coastline. that's going to be the best spot here with some of the cleanest
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air quality. that's because we have a cooler onshore wind just isolated to the beaches so that will keep temperatures in the 60s and some of the best air quality across the bay area. got to love these microclimates across the bay area. as we get a look at the microclimate forecast for thursday, you can see how our temperatures play out. for san francisco, up to 72 in the financial district and sunny skies. back toward the golden gate bridge, slightly cooler, 67. for the peninsula, also 60s at the beaches in pacifica. palo alto, sunny 88. south bay, 92 in morgan hill. san jose to up to t94. north bay, east bay, tri-valley, heat will get danger. up to 100 in livermore. 99 pleasanton. 100 danville. east bay, not too bad in oakland at 78. walnut creek, close to the century mark. we'll stay with the warm weather through friday's forecast then by this weekend we got you covered.
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we're going to start to cool things off for two days saturday and sunday. 86 in the south bay saturday. san francisco, 66. the north bay expecting 85. so, raj, hot tomorrow. then much better this weekend. >> okay. it's hot. it's the middle of summer so that's what we get. thanks, jeff. >> sure sfwlmpl. up next, the new study on road rage and the extreme behavior millions of drivers admit they're guilty of. and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. kristen wiig is here. plus mr. robot. music from benjamin clementine. and a snapchat with arianna grande. do not change the channel. it's good. happening on our facebook page, centers for disease control says the cooler and tritr drier weather in rio will keep mosquito populations down and lower the risk of zika during the olympics. buzzing on twitter feed, pokemon go looking to hire a global community manager in san francisco. a key skill, you must be an avid
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pokemon player and, of course, a fan. we're back in two minutes. ishe kem cre gng ofa thauswitmu
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okay. the pokemon craze going a bit too far? the auschwitz museum in poland believes so. it's asking people around the world to behavior appropriately after gamers were caught at the u.s. holocaust memorial museum playing the popular video game. there's this, two pokemon players in southern california helped catch a wanted man. they were playing the game in orange county yesterday when they noticed a man bothering a woman and her three kids. the players who were marine corps veterans warned the man and continued to watch him. that's when they say the suspect
11:25 pm
preyed on another woman and her children. the two players jumped into action and grabbed the suspect. police arrived and arrested the man. they say he's jacob kells and wanted in monterey county for attempted murder. well, new study may have you thinking twice about the person driving next to you. the study says nearly 80% of drivers have expressed significant road rage at least once in the past year. the study was done by aaa foundation for traffic safety. here's what's considered by significant road rage. 24% of drivers admitted to trying to block another vehicle from changing lanes. 12% said they cut off someone on purpose and 33% said they've made an agry gestures at anothe driver. up next, steph curry's red carpet wardrobe tonight. and the bay area might have a new golf star. stay with us.
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we've seen some legendary college golfers come through the way area. tom watson and tiger woods to name a few. now there's someone turning heads at cal. >> reporter: two weeks ago soon to be cal sophomore collin morikawa was on fire. a 63 saturday. another 63 on sunday that inlewd
11:29 pm
colluded this. >> gave it a good roll. halfway through i knew then. it was one of the best feelings i've had on the fwogolf course. >> reporter: 27 foot birdie putt got him into the playoff. he didn't win but hung with the pros until the end. had he not been an amateur, the second place finish would have netted him quite the payday. >> around $67,000. yeah, we won't talk about how much that would have helped or been nice to college life, but, yeah, you know, it's something you look forward to in the future. >> reporter: morikawa earned a spot in wichita because of his win this time last year at the amateur championship. andover. what is it about the state of kansas? >> i wish i knew. people have asked me. i wish i knew. i've had a great time out there. i'm almost 2 for 2 out there. >> reporter: this week he's trying to defend his it title here at san francisco's olympic
11:30 pm
club. wednesday he was paired with a collegiate rival, mcnealy. >> gave me a congrats. we all know we can compete at the highest levels. i know he can compete. >> you know, it's always fun to have a little bit of a friendly rivalry and to be able to compete and play against a great player like him is really fun. >> reporter: the ultimate fun for morikawa, exactly what you expect. >> pga tour, number one golfer in the world. hopefully one day that's going it be my life. >> reporter: if that happens, those are paychecks he can keep. in san francisco, nbc bay area. >> that's big money right there. steph curry getting nancy in l.a. tonight. we'll show you why. stay with us.
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okay. did you see it tonight? he didn't wear his new under armour dad-style shoes. instead, curry wore christian shoes. >> see the shoes there? >> the dead giveaway. i listen to my wife.
11:34 pm
best record breaking performance for three pointers. and why not? this video posted on twitter of steph busting a move with chance the rapper. that's steph curry and chance the rapper. at the espys in l.a. >> i wanted to see the shoes closer. there's a pair i've seen guys wear that have the metal things on them. >> you can't scuff up the red shoes. >> yeah. >> but he did. >> looking sharp. thanks for joining us here. have a great day tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kristen wiig, rami malek, a snapchat duet with


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