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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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another ambush-style attack left three police officers dead, three others injured. what we're learning about the life and legacy they leave behind. one day after the deadly shooting, security will be the utmost priority as the republican national convention gets underway today. we'll take you live to the center of the political world right now on "today in the bay." good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm chris san in for laura garcia-cannon. >> sam brock. we have a lot of news to get to. we have beautiful weather. >> great weather expected today. we see mostly cloudy skies starting out. it will be cooler as we go into the afternoon with the temperatures holding off. right now in san jose it is 60 degrees with a high of only 78 degrees expected today. it will be another nice and warm one. turning breedsy later on this evening. the of the week we'll be under a warming trend and this weekend turning hot. so i'll talk about all of that coming up in the microclimate
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forecast. mike said there's slowing for the commute. >> right. nothing surprising but i'll show you the trend here. the south bay a little bit through san jose. over here we look toward southbound 880 and 680 toward the fremont. toward the bay bridge slow traffic. and right there west 88 berkeley area around university we see slowing there as well as at the bay bridge toll plaza. met are lights on the back up there. there may be mist as well as you're heading across the bridge. not a problem as far as visibility goes. everything is good. back to you. >> thank you, mike. today uc berkeley will once again gather to mourn the loss of a another student killed in a terror attack overseas. nick leslie was one of 84 people who died when a man plowed a truck into crowds of people celebrating bastille day in france. today in the bay is live. the university will hold a vigil
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in leslie's honor. this is something students don't expect to hear. >> reporter: they received confirmation of another student in cal was killed in a terrorist attack. nick leslie is the second cal student to be killed in a terrorist attack this month. you might remember tarishi jain was killed in bangladesh. leslie was 24 years old, an environmental sciences major. in france because of a four-week study abroad program. one of his friends posted on facebook that leslie was the happiest person he knew. initially leslie's class mates thought he avoided the truck.
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his family searched local hospitals hoping he was being treated. yesterday came confirmation he had been killed. three other cal students were hurt during the rampage. two have since been released from the hospital. a third being treated for a broken leg. there will be a vigil today at 4:30 for nick leslie killed during the nice terror attack. >> thank you, bob. french authorities announce there was no evidence that the driver in that attack had any links to a terrorist network. they also say the suspect had been picked up closed circuit tv. our authorities took another man and woman into custody for questioning. both of them are acquaintances of that suspect. now to the latest developments out of louisiana with the baton rouge community is mourning the deaths of three police officers gunned down in yet another ambush-style attack
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against law enforcement. brad garafola leaves behind four children. montrell jackson had just become a father. matthew gerald was also new to the force. he was married with two children. an area of east baton rouge is locked down now after this as police and federal agents are continuing their search for evidence. police in louisiana have called it an ambush. president obama spoke out. >> my fellow americans, only we can prove through words and deeds that we will not be divided. we're going to have to keep on doing it again and again and again and again. >> bay area law enforcement officers are reacting to the shootsings in baton rouge with
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sadness. they are concerned about the possibility of a copy cat crime. they are asking to do patrols in teams of two. >> some of our members have can for it. it absolutely, when they see what is going on in the nation and one of the ways to mitigate ambush attacks is to have two people -- another set of eyes. one concentrating on driving, one concentrating on looking for the bad stuff around us. >> the shooting in baton rouge is sparking a call for change from law enforcement. the san jose police officers association issued a statement. the gunman in the shooting has been identified as gavin long. the 29-year-old marine veteran lived in kansas city and it doesn't appear he had any links to baton rouge. investigators say he may have been driving a stolen rental car
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and he may have belonged to a black separatist group. gavin was active on social media and had a website. on that website he described himself as a freedom strategies, life coach, nutritionist, author, and spiritual advisor. while in the marines, he was a data network specialist. he served an eight month tour in iraq in 2008. as for the police shooting in baton rouge that started all of this, the family of alton sterling is making an emotional plea for peace. sterling was shot and killed by baton rouge police earlier this month sparking protests across the country. now sterling's aunt said they want justice for his death not more bloodshed. >> he didn't die. he was murdered by two police officers. not the whole police force. we're calling for justice and peace. we have grief all over again with the murder that went on. >> the fatal shooting on july
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5th and video of the incident quickly went viral sparking protests in baton rouge and in many cities across the -- united states. the anger grew even more when philando castile was killed by police in minnesota a day later. an east bay. officer and a dog recovering this morning after a wild police chase on saturday night. this is video of the two smashed cars including a police cruiser. it started as a hit-and-run crash when two people were injured. they say the suspect rammed the patrol car. police used taserers, a police dog, and a bean bag to catch the suspect. officers did eventually arrest him but not before he stabbed a canine several times. one officer was hurt and expected to recover. police identified the driver as 33-year-old ralando gonzalez of
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walnut creek. he's in the hospital facing felony charges. the name of the dog is shana. here is a picture of her at a fund-raiser last year. it was at pet food express in walnut creek. shana and her handler do demonstrations for a nonprofit called cover your canine. she's expected to make a full recovery. decision 2016 extra. canines extra officers, extra technology being losed as security is growing tighter in cleveland. the gop convention kicking off hours from now. a live look at quicken loans arena. the cavaliers will be nowhere near the court today. we'll find donald trump who is expected to accept his party's nomination later this week. security forces have constructed nearly four miles of steel fencing around the convention
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site. with the violence against police officers security is expected to be rock solid. cleveland police union asked ohio governor john kasich to temporarily suspend ohio's open carry gun law to protect more than 5,000 officers. kasich cannot oblige on the quest. we have a live report from cleveland at 6:30 a.m. another look at the forecast as we're enjoying a nice, mild july. >> yes. it will be cooler than where we should be for the time of year. by the end of the week, it will continue to warm up and we'll be above average. enjoy it while it lasts. we start out with low clouds and fog. mostly cloudy in the south bay. 60 degrees and 59 in the east bay. san francisco at 57 degrees. as we head into the day, up to 65 degrees in the city with 70 in the east bay. low 80s for the south bay and inland valleys will be topping out in the lower 80s today. but to be hitting the 90s later on. we'll talk about that coming up in less than ten minutes.
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mike turns our focus to the south bay. >> that's right. over here we look at the bay we see no surprises. lowing there and the bay bridge toll plaza meter lights are on. flowing northbound through 101 not a major concern. but folks coming into that area the drive into our area we continue to track this as well. the crash is west of the reservoir that affects folks coming in to our area. one lane blocked. a big back up there. out of our area you're okay but be distracted by the lights. >> thank you for the heads up. a historic surprise for the nation's oldest park ranger. plus, a critical day that could determine the future of the struggling tech giant yahoo!. and elon musk said he's ready to reveal his plan. what is it? we'll try to figure it out.
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because sale prices as low as these don't happen every day! book your low fare now at low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. sfx: clap, clap, ding we're so close to football season. when it comes to scoring, the national football league is ready to go high-tech to level the playing field. some people say that field goals is simply getting too easy. >> some of the kickers might disagree. >> i think so. >> the nfl may be ready to
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narrow the goal posts. they want to invent computer chips inside footballs to extend the posts should be narrowed. chips will track the path of each kick, for, the tests are likely to be limited to the preseason. the chips are downright now at yahoo! which is expected to release the second quarter earnings today. it could be the last such release for the company as we know it. today is the last day that the company will accept bids from those interested in purchasing the core services. the results of the fail are expected to be announced before the end of the month. among those companies reportedly bidding on yahoo! at&t, verizon, and the owner of the cleveland cavaliers. elon musk said he's just about ready to tell the world, finally, about his next big thing. >> he had a very busy weekend. >> he said he was distracted in his words. what was he distract eed by?
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another rocket launch. musk has been saying for a couple of days or weeks he's going to tell us about what he calls master plan number two. master plan number one was the diversification of tesla beyond the model s. master plan two could come today. what bethink it may be is another push to combine tesla, his company, and solar city, his other company. musk's argument the first time do it was not very convincing. okay. over to the third company. spacex. >> three, two, one. >> young man -- making the way into the international space station this morning. the launches have sort of become routine m routine. what is not routine is the landing. the first time -- this will be the first time they did it on -- let's go to the landing there. there it comes. there's the landing on dry land. practically where it launched from.
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you can hear the cheers in mission control. a much clearer shot than we're able to see from the sea barges. there it is. the dow hit another record friday 18516. nasdaq off a few points. s&p 500 a bummer as we take a look at the score. look at that. s&p 500 hasn't traded in the positive. the first time since the '90s. lots of earnings this week. sam mentioned yahoo! and ibm. a quick mention of hollywood bock office. "ghostbusters" came in second behind "secret life of pets." there's lot of controversy over "ghostbusters." donald trump said it was part of what is wrong with america. >> yeah. >> the studio said it is pleased with the second place return on this movie. >> i'll te you, on social media i had a lot of friends and viewers commenting about how it
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was nice to see positive girl power. >> absolutely. >> my only objection i love the first one. i thought it was well done. dan and bill. >> it doesn't matter the gender. >> yeah. i'm also not a movie critic. >> same with caddy shack but all gals. yes. even the gofer. a historic ceremony lead to a big surprise for the country's oldest park ranger. >> ranger betty -- [ applause ] >> such a heart-warming applause. an ovation for betty who received another presidential coin yesterday during a ceremony. you'll remember that coin was stolen from the 94-year-old ranger last month. she was beaten up inside her home during a burglary and the coin was stolen. the park service invited her to a ceremony to remember those killed in the chicago explosion in which 320 sailors were killed
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during world war ii. while she was there she was brought on the stage and given a new coin with a personal note from the president. she explained why the first coin meant so much to her when the president first gave it to her. >> when i was introduced to the president i put out my hand to shake his and he had cupped in his palm the presidential coin. he handed it to me in secret. it made it even more powerful. nobody knew he had done that. and it was that memory of his move as if he knew that i would have appreciated that more than having it done publicly. >> even after the attack, she was determined to get back to work quickly. she has been back on the job since last week. hillary clinton is looking for a running mate. just saying. that might be a good one. >> she had a nice glow to her there. outside here kari hall it's a little cooler.
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>> yeah. cooler and clouds this morning. we'll get clearing throughout the day. except for right along the coastline. you may be seeing the clouds through most of the day. as we get a live look outside now from emville looking at the bay bridge. low clouds and really low visibility start to the day. that may affect drivers in spots. but looks like the drivers are making it just fine along the bay bridge right now. as we look elsewhere we're seeing temperatures as you head out the door in the upper 50s to now 59 degrees in oakland. and 60 degrees in san jose. it's 57 degrees now in san francisco. so as we get a closer look at that, the humidity is very high. we're going to see those high temperatures reaching 65 degrees. going into the day and san jose will be 71 degrees at lunchtime. so nice and comfortable. you'll probably want take the lunch outside. you can probably just leave the doughs open all day long. as we continue with mostly sunny skies. 85 it will be warming up in
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spots. palo alto 75 degrees, the district at 60 degrees, up to 76 in santa rosa. we have a area of low pressure well to the north of us. but the flow around it giving strong onshore flow. mist and drizzle will keep the heat from building until it clears out by the end of the week. high pressure moves in and we'll have warmer weather for the inland valley by the end of the weekend. looking at san francisco the next seven days, we'll be in the out of a 60s and hitting 70 by the end of the weekend check out the inland valleys. we see up to 94 by sunday. the nice, cool start to the week we have, enjoy it. as you can see, it undid last. let's head to mike. slowing in the tri-valley. >> right. it's slowing in the tri-valley. the pattern is a little different for 680. the pattern for the entire bay this is looking great for
6:21 am
monday. but focuses in the tri-valley. looking southbound and actually jamming up on the san ramon. no crash reported but i'll check with chp. over here 880 the traditional pattern from hayward to union city and pushing west across the san mateo and the delmar bridge. toward the bay bridge slowing down the east shore freeway. look at oakland live look shows you past the coliseum. northbound very light. southbound picking up the volume a tad. making the way to the peninsula is a nice flow of traffic. on the peninsula no surprise. southbound even lighter. that lane shift not cause proble problem. >> mike, thank you very much. coming up next not getting
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what you paid for. >> he paid for an ocean front hotel room, but he can't see the water. i'm consumer investigator. c bay area responds next. yo faly.nbbay looking for a new furry friend to join your family? nbc bay area and telemundo are partnering up to clear the shelters. some shelters will waive adoption fees. others will give you a discount. head to
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nbc bay area responds to a frustrated traveler. >> consumer investigator is here with the problem and maybe the solution. >> good morning. he said he booked one thing and got another. he used to book a stay in honolulu. he was sure a hot wire agent told him his room was ocean front. whenly confirmed the reservation, he was told he had a city view. he complained and asked to cancel but hot wire said his rate didn't allow changes or cancellations. he asked us to step in and we did. hot wire stood firm but later reviewed a recording he made of the conversation he had and reversed course. hot wire said in this instance our agent misspoke. we apologize for the error. hot wire cancelled the reservation and refunded $18,043
6:26 am
in charges. one side bar about recording phone calls. the federal communications commission said many state laws may prohibit this practice. if you have a question, please call us. 888 888-996-tips. >> the reality of flying over the summer tomorrow. a rare mountain lion citing. nowhere near any mountains. a neighbor spotted the mountain lion yesterday in san mateo. police quickly scoped out the area. they could find the animal. someone managed to take the photograph of the animal before police ordered a shelter in place. this is where the mountain lion was spotted in the area up the street from sara high school. coming up next the political
6:27 am
spotlight shining an cleveland. hours away from the start of the republican national convention. the safety measures the city is taking to make sure everything goes off as planned. ==li ve=(li le) . live at the santa clara countyputies are on edge after yesterday's attacks. with they plan on doing.
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(whispering) what are you doing up? (whispering) mom said i could have a midnight snack. well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. why?
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because i am the boss. you're not the boss, mom's the boss. well, technically, we are co-bosses. technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh. the family favorite. yoplait. it's 6:30. a live look from cleveland and
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quicken loans arena. cleveland will be rocking with political heavy weights from the start of the gop national convention. a live report coming up in a minute. good morning and thank you for joining us on this monday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cann garcia-cannon. we want to get you on the roadways but first dressed for the day. >> yes. it will be cool to start. we'll have a nice beautiful afternoon in most of the bay area. let's get a look at the microclimates now. 59 degrees as you head out the door in the east bay. 53 in the north bay. low clouds and fog covering most of the bay area. we'll get sunshine staying breezy and 65 in san francisco. while the south bay heats up to 83. we'll talk about a warming trend throughout the week. that's coming up. mike is taking us into the commute through san mateo. >> that's right. you get dressed and hit the road. don't do it in the opposite road. you have time to get fully dressed. no real surprises here. we take you where there's
6:31 am
slowing showing up for west 92 direction toward san mateo and just off the high-rise. we know about the toll plaza. that will have a back up. live look westbound no incidents reporting. none seen coming off the high-rise. there is a good amount of traffic. we'll track that. and i'm following the slow down at the dublin interchange. back to you. >> thank you very much. decision 2016 and cleveland, ohio is the center of the political world, at least for now, as republicans get together for their national convention in just a few hours. and security is going to be very tight. especially in the wake of recent events including yesterday's killings of three police officers in baton rouge. >> today in the bay tracie potts driving us live with how the city is planning to keep everyone safe at the convention. they've been ramping things up. even the last few days. >> reporter: yeah. no question about that. they've been adjusting after dallas, and now, of course,
6:32 am
after louisiana and the killing of the police officers there. it has people on edge. certainly the police department trying to be prepared as possible to protect not only their thousands of officers but the 50,000 visitors to the city. >> reporter: nearly four miles of steel fencing surround the convention site. after sunday's shooting in louisiana, cleveland's police union wants governor kasich to temporarily suspend ohio's open carry gun law downtown to protect more than 5,000 officers. kasich says he can't. >> it makes sense. it's common sense. we're not trying to, you know, take away anybody's rights. >> reporter: protests have been peaceful. >> we're not going to tolerate violence of any kind. >> reporter: in an interview with "65 minutes" donald trump suggested they leave their guns at home. >> i have great confidence in law enforcement. >> reporter: president obama calling for calm.
6:33 am
>> everyone right now focus on words and actions that can unite this country rather than divide it further. >> reporter: inside last-minute preparations for the 2400 delegates to nominate trump. ohio delegates have to vote for kasich in the first round. he won the state. they're backing trump. >> he's got the delegates and i think the republican party will come together. >> reporter: this volunteer from alaska tells me he likes mike pence for vice president. >> we're confident he has the right moral foundation to appeal to the evangelicals. >> reporter: today's convention theme? make america safe again. they'll be talking about isis and immigration and benghazi and hillary clinton's role in that. one of the headliners today? melania trump, donald trump's wife. we got word he's going to make an appearance at some point. we don't know how or when.
6:34 am
>> thank you very much. many bay area republicans are also in cleveland this morning. hillary haganbook is the president of the san francisco young republicans organization. she's headed to the republican national convention as an alternate delegate. she said, like many others, her biggest fear today is safety. >> security risk is on my mind. whether it's domestic protesters with different organizations, or someone from isis. it's going to be tense but i'm confident in the police department. >> there will be a lot of protesters at the convention. the protests have already begun. 123 permits were granted to demonstrate inside the event show. the "today" show will continue coverage. they are all live in cleveland starting at 7:00 this morning. new developments out of louisiana where state police there said this morning the
6:35 am
gunman that ambushed baton rouge police officers was, quote, certainly seeking out police. all three of those officers were husbands, they were fathers, one had a son who was less than one year old. we have several reports this morning including reaction from law enforcement here in the bay area. we'll start with jay gray in baton rouge. jay, the community there and around the center on edge this morning. >> reporter: yeah, no question. good to talk to you. this is where it unfolded. a moving gun battle, police tell us, from this car wash it rolled into the parking lot of the convenience store just me here. the federal agents and investigators continue to try to pieces together more evidence to come up with some answers. this morning we do know more about the victims and about the suspect that police say carried out the deadly attack. [ sirens ]
6:36 am
>> reporter: three officers were killed. montrell jackson, matthew gerald, and brad garafola all three husbands, fathers. three more officers were wounded during the attack. one still in critical condition. officials of louisiana called it an ambush carried out, police say, by a lone gunman gavin eugene on his birthday. >> it's unjustified. it's unjustifiable. the violence, the hatred has to stop. >> reporter: overnight we learned long had an extensive footprint online using the name cosmo setepenra. describing himself as a freedom strategies, author, and spiritual advisor. long was in dallas days after five police officers were assassinated by a sniper. sterling made an emotional plea for peace hours after the spree. >> at the end of the day these people call their families and
6:37 am
tell them their daddies aren't coming home. i know how they feel because i got the same phone call. >> reporter: we learned that hours before the attack he posted a cryptic note to social media "just because you wake up in the morning doesn't mean you're living. just because you shed your physical body doesn't mean you're dead." part of the growing digital footprint that captured the attention of investigators here.
6:38 am
back to you. >> people and police officers just want this all to stop. jay gray live for us. thank you very much. >> and the string of takes on law enforcement is leaving officers across the country on edge right now. including here in the bay area. "today in the bay" is live at the santa clara county sheriff's department. deputies are responding to the latest tragedy with a clear request. >> reporter: yeah, kris. we spoke with sheriffs deputies. they told us they've been authorized to begin controlling in pairs starting this morning. of course, they are on heightened alert after those two apparent ambushes in other parts of the country. here they want to change the way they patrol our streets. yesterday's shooting in baton rouge happened ten days after the dallas shootings, which left five officers dead. now santa clara county sheriff's deputies are asking to patrol in teams two of. >> some of our members have asked for it. they absolutely when they see
6:39 am
what is going on in the nation and one of the ways to mitigate ambush attacks is to have two people -- another set of eyes. one concentrating on driving. one concentrating on looking for the bad stuff going on around us. >> reporter: the san jose police officer's association issued a statement taking a harder line writing in part, when law and order breaks down to the point where our nation experiences ten law enforcement officers killed over a ten-day period, then a series look at who we are and what we have become must take place. now, it wept on to request that politicians step up and support law enforcement with proper staffing so they can keep neighborhoods safe. they are asking for more staffing. they currently have a 30% vacancy rate. live in san jose. >> thank you very much. a vacation took a terrible turn for a berkeley family this weekend. the family was visiting hawaii
6:40 am
when a 6-year-old girl and her father were swept out to sea. the father was trying to rescue that girl off a tide pool. they were pulled from the water by first responders, given cpr, and rushed to the hospital. neither one survived. there have been several deadly or near-deadly accidents at that same spot in recent years. an 11-year-old boy is seriously hurt after he was hit by a car in danville. this happened yesterday afternoon when the bike he was riding collided with the car. the boy was air lifted to children's hospital in oakland with serious injuries. the crash happened at and the driver remained a the scene and cooperating with the investigation. a reminder to be careful out there. so many kids on bikes. >> good to keep in mind. trying to get your workweek off on the right foot. kari hall joining us. it will be a nice day. >> it will be a nice day. especially away from the coastline. we start out this morning with a pretty even temperature.
6:41 am
right at about 59 to 60 degrees as you head out looking's highs. 80 in fairfield, concord, and livermo livermore. san jose up to 78 degrees. and 76 in santa rosa. not a bad start to the week. as we head to mike. it looks like slowing at the dublin interchange. >> not a bad start to the week for the commute. around the bay for the south bay predictable pattern heading toward the san mateo bridge. over here south 680 did improve from the san ramon side. whatever was going on cleared up. no incidents. but a quick look at the bay bridge approach. i want to show you a camera and we have a nice traffic make your way around. not much of slowing. back to you. >> thank you very much.
6:42 am
coming up san jose turns into a crime scene this weekend. now police comb for evidence in the city's 27th homicide of the year. looks as if we're in the last days of yahoo!. we'll take a look at that and out live to the big board this morning. the dow industrial down slightly after starting the day at a brand new record. [hip hop beat]
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san jose police are investigating another homicide in the city's japantown area. this happened about 9:00
6:45 am
yesterday morning on north first street near bass set street. a half mile away from police headquarters. officers found a man dead with at least one stab wound. not much else is being released at this time. but it does mark the city's 27th homicide of the year. almost double last year's rate. dozens of people are out of their homes this morning after a fire at a san jose. this fire started around 4:30 yesterday morning on the ninth floor of the 12-story apartment complex. the building sprinklers put out the fire but the units had to be vacated because of the water damage. it was not too far from city hall. firefighters had to escort people into and out of the build soggy they can grab essential in order to stay somewhere else for the next few days. >> and the people were sheltered in a vta bus for awhile. they had to get their belongings. it can be about a week.
6:46 am
they have to dry out the building and make sure the elect call is in good shape. the red cross is housing everyone who needs a house to stay at barnett middle school. they believe a faulty light fixture sparked the fire. developing news from the world. the round up continues this morning in turkey after friday's failed military coup. special forces raid the istanbul. four high ranking air force officers are detained. the turkish cabinet is preparing to meet for the first regular session since the attempted coup. the european union is already warning turkey about not restoring or resorting to capital punishment. thes are mixed this morning after a big runoff last week. >> yeah. the markets started with a moment of silence. >> they did.
6:47 am
good morning to you. the new york stock exchange taking moment to remember the three police officers in baton rouge. take you out there. [ bells ringing becomes ] >> and the trading got underway. a mild loss for the w. the dow started the morning at a brand new record. mixed markets this morning. the nyc had a moment of siellen of nice. i chose it not to show you because we had a busy business day on friday. we did show you the previous friday for dallas. put another way, in the last nine business days, 33 percent of trading days started with a moment remembering victims of a violate act. movin on yahoo! takes the final bid today. it reports profits. possibly for the last time. we hope to hear what ceo marissa meyer plans to do from here.
6:48 am
yahoo! it was nice knowing you. it looks as if the british chip company arm may be sold to the japanese-based soft bank. arm is a huge chip company. it neighborhoods chips for cell phones. think about how many cell phones are out there. it is a bit of wounded national pride as the british company looks like it will be sold for $35 billion. if high-tech had one of those flags that referees throw they would throw it for a net neutrality violation. t-mobile said it's going to offer free data for the pokemon app. it doesn't use that much data but t-mobile is making what i'm sure is considering a nice gesture. i'm sure parent s who pay the bill feels like it. if goes to the heart of net neutrality. when you have a company deciding when apps get to go through free, which apps don't. they're deciding who wins and who doesn't. that violates the heart of net neutrality. >> it's hard to have the conversation when somebody is getting free and that's all they
6:49 am
want to talk about. >> yep. there's an upside but a secret side. if you are using pomon, you want to be safe doing it. and so driving and playing the insanely popular app that scott mcis talking about is not the kind of game to take lightly. some see it as a business opportunity. ride share driver chad davis come up a new service to assist pokemon players without turning them into distracted drivers. >> for $25 an hour, he'll shuttle you to any or all stops in town. his inspiration for the idea came relatively easily. >> i thought that could be my wife one day driving with our child and gets hit by somebody that is playing a game. >> he doesn't mind taking wherever you want to go. if you're comfortable picking up other players, that's fine too. he's open to getting a lot of business because of it. >> well, hopefully no one is
6:50 am
driving and playing pokemon on the roads this morning. the critters need a sweater this morning. >> probably so. >> you need a sweater. we're in the upper 50s now. this is about average and a lot of clouds not that much sunshine. as we go into the day, though, feeling nice. let's get a look outside to see what you're facing as you head out the door. some low clouds as we get a view of the golden gate bridge. at least we can see it. it looks good. and the drivers don't have to worry about the low visibility, at least in that spot. so as we get a look at what to expect today. a cool start to the week. actually cooler than average. as we go through the rest of the week, temperatures will climb gradually. by this weekend we're talking about temperatures hitting the mid 90s. it's 60 degrees in san jose, mostly cloudy. and the high up to 78 degrees. going into the daily planner for oakland, it will be 60 degrees at 8:00 and then you see more sun as we go through the day.
6:51 am
as the highs eventually reach into the upper 60s to lower 70s. up to 78 degrees today in san jose. moon bay 63 degrees, and 60 in the mission district. napa up to 75, walnut creek 82, also 82 in pleasanton. this area of low pressure well to the north of us. it will give us a strong onshore flow and help create the coastal clouds and the fog that will keep the temperatures down at least right along the coast while the inland areas gradually start to warm umm. by the weekend we'll have the inland temperatures, once again, hitting the 90s. here is what to expect for san francisco over the next seven days with highs staying in the 60s. it will be a nice week aed. then you head into the inland areas. we'll start out in the low 80s and have highs reaching up to 94 in the valley on sunday. plan to have a wreend where you want to do something to cool off. let's head over to mike now. he's starting in the south bay.
6:52 am
>> we're looking over here. most of the commute looks like the typical pattern. south bay with the slowing northbound from 101. it happened earlier around capital expressway and toward 87. the trends starting to build. we had early slowing for 85 northbound toward 280 in cooper tee know. we're watching that. slightly different patterns but nothing jarring. this is where we get jarring. the big back up. i'm told you almost eight miles of back from the san lewis reservoir. that's west of 152. this is coming into our area. not affecting most of our drivers but it might affect waiting for somebody. a live look at dublin shows you westbound 580 slow here as you're approaching the dublin interchange. causing a slow down. and berkeley also shows traffic
6:53 am
toward university. back to you. >> mike, thank you. let's stay in the east bay and busy intersection is going to be remaining closed this morning. an underground water pipe burst. it is happening to fairway drive next to the hospital. the pipe broke sunday morning sending water everywhere. some businesses in the area had no water for awhile. the hospital thankfully was not affected. workers hope to have the pipe repaired at some later today. other repairs are complete this morning. crews are done fixing that sink hole that opened in sunniville on friday. they worked all weekend long on that patch of lawrence expressway. here is what the sink hole looked like before the repairs, though, it was big enough to swallow a car, though it did not. the bay area community is grieving after last week's deadly attack thousands of miles away in nice, france. the way uc berkeley is going to
6:54 am
honor the life of another student killed in a terror attack abroad. today. >> first, happening now peter thiel paypal cofounder will be the first openly gay speaker featured at a national party convention in 16 years. you can read the story right now at and disney land is celebrating its 61st birthday. check out the festivities on facebook. back in two minutes. boreou ad t t do -he artheo
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
. welcome back. before you head out the door the top stories on nbc bay area. an mother-in-lemotional day berkeley community. they remember a student killed in the horrific attack in france. >> todayed in t"today in the ba us. a story of hope to heart for so many people. >> reporter: confirmation came in yesterday that cal student nick leslie had been killed in the nice terrorist attack. it's been devastating for his family and friends here at cal. his loved ones had hoped perhaps he's been in a hospital being treated for injuries and that he wasn't able to alert anyone of his whereabouts. his father planned a trip to france but then came confirmation yesterday he was one of the 84 people killed thursday when a man drove a large truck through a crowd of people celebrating bastille day.
6:58 am
lesl leslie, from delmar was 20 years old and environmental sciences major. he was in france as part of a four-week long study abroad. he was described as talented and kind. he's the second cal student this month to be killed by terrorists. tariq she jane was killed. >> they caught in events that don't have anything to do with them is tragic. >> reporter: three students were injured in the nice attack. a third being treated if are broken leg. there will be a vigil today for nick leslie on the cal campus at 4:30 this afternoon. reporting live "today in the bay." decision 2016 now takes us to cleveland today as the grand old party kicks off the republican convention in cleveland. looking live at pictures of
6:59 am
quicken loans arena. the q, as it's known. one of the most heavily guarded spots in the country now. more than 5,000 law enforcement officers will patrol the convention. donald trump's official nomination is expected to happen on thursday night. a quick check of weather and traffic. it may not look this way to start, but we have a san diego-like forecast. >> a lot of clouds and patchy fog to start out the day. right now upper 50s to low 60s. we'll get clearing especially inland with the highs in the south bay reaching 83 degrees. >> looking like monday out there. >> yeah, it does. not bad. look at the roadways and the maps you nothing surprising about the speeds around the bay. san jose held up we showed you earlier. there's a little more slowing southbound 680 out of pleasanton. and the slowing toward the dublin cleared.
7:00 am
no surprise. >> all right. thank you very much, mike. >> we'll see you again a half hour. good morning. breaking overnight. the gunman who ambushed police in louisiana killing three officers and wounding three others are identified now as a former marine. this morning the chaos as it unfolded. >> shots fired. officer down. >> investigators now pouring through the shooter's extensive posts on social media. did he hint at his plan just days before his attack? and day one. the republican national convention begins today. "deadly intent" promising a show like none other speaking out with his running mate governor mike pence in their first interview together. we're live in cleveland where security is tight and anticipati


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