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tv   Today  NBC  July 18, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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. >> narrator: from nbc >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it's fun day monday. it's july 18th. >> that's our theme song. >> "together again" by janet jackson. >> it could have been -- ♪ reunited and it feels so good ♪ >> i don't know how to do harmony. >> you stay on melody. ♪ reunited and it feels so good ♪ >> you can do it if you stay on the melody.
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>> one more time. ♪ reunited and it feels so good ♪ >> did it work? >> yes. >> how can you do it without plugging your ears. i get confused. >> i'm a musician. we do have a fun show today. missed you last week. >> i heard you had some fun times. >> we had great people filling in. i want to thank every one of them. we got hoda woman back now. we'll hear about your vacation. if your kids are off at summer camp, call up your girlfriends and have a girls night. just the movie to see. kathryn hahn who is just a tramp and annie mumolo. >> the latest step in the gwen gweneth paltrow. now taking to our stage to sing
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the newest song. >> i love the song. >> you know what i did on my vacation? nothing. nothing. we stood on the pier and we fished. and we were there and his daughter came for a couple days. it was so peaceful. we went to the fish place. we bought fish. we put it on the grill. we cooked fish. >> the fish you caught -- >> we threw back. look in the back. see the guy with the baseball hat. he's the best photo bomber of all-time. we took three or four pictures. everyone is doing a different pose. and then people -- >> people are annoying but don't know it. >> look at the fish. it's called a fluke.
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>> that's the sunset there. people just kept stopping by. people from work were coming by. people were there. and this is people from the "today" show. alex from the plaza. >> they miss you. they went looking for you. >> we had a funky dance party which we don't want to reveal the details. we kept eating and drinking and that's my friend from high school. she came. we did nothing. >> i thought you went to get away? >> everybody kept coming. i did have a tiny work day and went to see the conference presented by george mason. there they are. i flew to d.c. and saw great journalism students and i just told them i would give them a shout-out. >> you had a moment to see your mom. >> my mom is in the back. there's my mom in the back. so it was a fun time.
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i missed you. >> you never do this. >> i have to tell you, i can't believe it. >> joy is nonnegotiable. >> tell me about nantucket. >> i went off to nantucket to share a lot of my stuff with the wonderful people there. a lot of friends i saw. we had a home there for many, many years. one of the greatest places in the world. summertime is just magic. i took a few pictures. that's my dear friend, lisa and christine, who never lets herself be photographed. there i am at table one -- cardboard kathy. a much nicer person than i am. so many nice people came by. susie welch came by. a lot of people just came to hang. it was a lot of fun. >> do you love nantucket? you used to be there.
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do you miss that at all? >> i get there enough in the summer. you have seasons in life, hoda woman. i'm in a new season. you can't obsess about what you loss. if you're going to obsess, obsess about what you have and be grateful for it. >> i'm not sure if it's because i've been gone for a week, you look really great. something is happening. what is happening? >> i'm a week older. let's talk about the hottest dude going. what's your take on kanye? >> i woke up this morning. i follow taylor swift on ins in. i saw this posting from taylor swift. i didn't know what's going on. there's a feud as you know between kanye west, kim kardashian against taylor swift over the lyrics to kanye's song "famous." the music video is gross.
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it features wax replicas of celebrities naked in bed. this is all video we can show you because the rest is more explicit and yucky. so the song contains a lyric calling taylor swift the b word. now, taylor has said she did not approve that lyric and was upset and lashed out against kanye. kim maintained that taylor did know all about the whole thing. knew about the song words because kanye and taylor were on a phone call and it was being taped while the conversation was happening. >> she did not know that she says. >> taylor didn't know. kim decided to take that video and post it on snapchat, okay. she posted this. here's the video. just take a listen. >> know me best, i feel like me and taylor might still have sex. this was -- i think this is a
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really cool thing to have. >> i know. it's a compliment. >> you as a person and friend. i want things that make you feel good. i don't want to do rap that makes people feel bad. >> yeah. i mean, go with whatever line you think is better. it's obviously very tongue in cheek either way. i really appreciate you telling me about it. that's really nice. >> yes. i just had a responsibility to you as a friend, you know, and thanks for being so cool about it. >> thanks. yeah, i really appreciate the heads-up. it's so nice. >> it's hard to hear. basically kanye asked taylor about having sex and taylor said it was okay and a compliment and taylor maintained she never
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approved using of the b word. forget the lyrics. just the video itself is enough. i can imagine what that must have felt like to see on video. >> i'm sure you feel abused in some way. >> she didn't know the call was being recorded and all that stuff. so she posted something on instagram that says get me out of your lives. being falsely painted as a liar when i was never given the full story or played any part of the song is character assassination. >> she never heard the song either. >> she just heard the words. >> not the b one she says. >> it's yucky. >> i don't know. does it make the world in a better place by the sound or video, look at what's going on in our world today and this is what we're talking about? you feel dirty even talking about it. it's so self-centered and ego se centric. all of it. >> when i woke up in the morning, i always go to what's trending on twitter. and usually it's horrible
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things. it's turkey. it's baton rouge. it's nice. i have to tell you, i get relieved when i see a baseball player trending because you know at least it's not something bad or some weird hashtag. >> you want to know someone who is caught right now? he's not caught. he's happy. mick jagger. 72-year-old rocker. he's rocking all right. he announced he's going to have -- his girlfriend is going to have his eighth child. >> she's 29 years old. ballerina. she's pregnant. jagger has seven other kids from four other relationships. the kids, oldest is 45. youngest is 17. she apparently is not going to live with him. she's going to live somewhere else. they're not living together in london. she's going to live in either new york or l.a. i was reading. so there you go. >> love to know what you all think. all right.
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so olivia is also pregnant. it's not just because she's cooking. >> she announced her pregnancy this weekend posting a baby bump pic on instagram. they have a 2-year-old son and olivia says coca-cola is her pregnancy weakness. >> mine was pasta both times. i could not get enough. >> what sauce did you like? >> tomato sauce. >> yummy. we both have awesome favorite things coming up. >> don't miss it. plus, we'll throw the mother of all parties and a couple really bad moms. >> kathryn hahn is here and who else -- >> ana mulolo after this.
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are you an overwhelming mom, a don't pay attention mom or kid free vacation mom some who could you a little me time? >> well, if you can relate to these lovely moms we found on the plaza, now is the time to let loose with a couple of really bad moms. >> i've seen the movie. katherine and andi.
10:15 am
they are the oscar nominated co-writere es of bride maids. and. >> and bad mom feature as mom who has had enough. >> trying to go be per pegt is making us insane. >> it's impossible to be a good mom. >> i'm in. >> oh, my gsh. this is exciting. i'm in. >> yes, to bad moms. >> bad moms! >> if you can possibly do it, this is the answer to all of it. so here you are, and you're very bad and very naughty in this movie. looks like you had a blast. was it fun? >> it was the woman. we were in new orleans. all of us, the six of us in the movie are all moms ourselves. >> where did you eat in new orleans? >> where didn't i eat?
10:16 am
>> give me one. >> i went to august. >> oh, yeah. that was so good. >> i ate there way too many times. >> shopped there. blue crab is good. >> so talk about the movie. >> so i'm sure you recognize yourself even though you're work moms. every mom is a working mom. could you find yourself in these roles especially the single one trampy? >> she's exactly like her character. no, you know, there was some so cathartic about playing someone who is that divorced from her own kind of guilt or shame. no shame here. it was very liberating to just -- obviously there has to be a healthy medium, but it was fun for sure. >> and my character is just really stupid.
10:17 am
so -- she had a head injury at some point. she thinks she's recovered but she's not. probably shouldn't be driving ever. >> there was such chemistry among the group. did you hang out together or tu stay like you are in the movie? >> we shot separately mostly because the three of them and then us. so we didn't interact with each other unless we had big huge scenes. >> we found each other off camera, though. >> were you friends right away? >> we've worked together before so, yeah. >> and anywhere in the vicinity of new orleans, we definitely met for cocktails. >> the reason a movie like this works is because it's based in truth. so many women are struggling, trying to be that super mom, trying to be everything to everybody. and you do want to quit sometimes. you just want to say you know what, what is this in for me.
10:18 am
and there is such a crazy amount p expectation to put on moms to have everything. we're just kind of in-up at a timed with the blogs and the advice and -- >> do you feel that in right life? >> yeah. i think i didn't really start sleeping until i realized it's not going to get done as perfects and i want to. >> somebody has the short end of the stick. but you make up for it. it's not perfection. >> no. >> love your kids and their childhoods are so short. >> somehow they make it through. >> you guys are so much fun. the movie will be great. >> yeah, thank you for coming. we really appreciate it. bad moms hits theaters on july 29. >> will our fan of the week win a four day getaway? could it be you? stick around and find out. plus courtney and cocoa and today's buzz.
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>> time to surprise our fan of the week. drum roll, please, while we spin the globe and let's see where it's taking us today. warwick, new york. that's where lynn watches us on nbc 4 new york. lynn, hi. are you surprised? >> who are those little ones with you? >> hi, this is nathan and in the background is miles.
10:23 am
>> hello, kids. how cute. well, we'll let everybody know why you were chosen, all right? >> okay. >> lynn is a loving stay at home working mom to two boys 6-year-old nathan and five month old miles. and miles has been a fan of us his entire life and lynn has a position to prove it. >> they recently marked their ten year appalachinniversary an would love to take him on a celebrate if she wins. so let's put your fan to the test with a trivia question, all right? you have 15 seconds to win the grand prize. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> all right. one of our favorite "today" show con freb butte tors bobbie thomas often brings her adorable baby boy on her it miles -- >> miles. >> that's right. and you and your husband will head to minneapolis, minnesota one of the twen cifof the twin u can float don't mississippi river. a beautiful place. you will spend four days and
10:24 am
three nights. >> and you will be treated to continue foretwo at the beacon public house and receive into tickets to the science of minnesota. round trip airfare is included. have you ever been there. >> >> nevnever. >> you'll love it. bye guys. celebrity buzz coming up. >> and he's one of top five rising country stars and you're about to find out why when he performs for us right after this. ♪ susie got all germy ♪ a cold, a bug, a flu ♪ when school was back in session ♪ ♪ those germs were shared with you ♪ back to school means back to germs. and every year kids miss 22 million school days due to illness. but lysol spray and wipes kill 99.9% of germs...
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this is the sweetest thing anyone's ever done. that one's from my friend caitlyn. "you always encouraged me to go after my dreams. well, it's my turn now. love always, your future maid of honor." ♪caltudts ll gaeritoemeer feown remembering a person who died during the truck rampage in nice. a service scheduled for this afternoon. we'll have a live report in the
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midday newscast. you can find out more now twitter. trending on our website, a mountain lion spotted in san mateo county. more coming up after the break. =x ack=ckrafc ms
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skies will be very slow to clear if san francisco today. with breezy winds, high of 65.
10:29 am
63 tomorrow. still pretty breezy, and then we get a little bit more sunshine heading toward the middle of the week. warming toward 70 on sunday. inland, warmer, reaching the low 80s today. we have seen the temperatures gradually build through the week into the upper 80s thursday. by sunday, we could be up to 94. what's happening on the roads, mike? >> reporter: things are getting lighter around the commute. that's a good slow for the south end. even the peninsula 101 recovering after the earlier crash in redwood city. 101 recovered here, as well. all lanes cleared, just the 380. slowing from brisbane. now just to down before 380 that's cleared up the last 15 minutes. on the other side of the bay, also eastbound 580. this is getting worse because of a crash there. just west, west of the interchange. this is the commute, the direction here we see flowing. dublin toward the dublin interchange.
10:30 am
everything's good. back to you. >> all right, thanks. join us at 11:00. that's our next newscast. chris and i will see you then. we're back on a fun damon oig wi oig. with all the juicy gossip you might have missed is the host of all the rage shelly wade. >> hello, shelly. >> good to see you. >> you, too. lady gaga. drafi in driving in her car, minding her own business. >> got stopped by the officers. i thought she's a new yorker, of course she'll get stopped. but she was in a a nice red pickup truck. the problem was she didn't have
10:31 am
her plates yet. >> they give you temporary plates. >> maybe she didn't think the templatorary plates were fabulo enough for her. >> so what happened? >> well, tmz had pictures of will herring stop and she was like yeah, but it was because of this, i didn't do anything stop and she was like yeah, but it was because of this, i didn't do anything wrong. >> and we have exciting casting news. hans slow l solo. >> yeah, a 26-year-old, aaron wright, virtually unknown, but recent i seen in hail caesar. >> handsome. >> and his audition period spanned about six months. he was the first one they saw. out of 3,000 people, very first person they saw that sthey auditioned and the drigt tors
10:32 am
were like we wasted money. >> big shoes to film. >> they didn't start filming until early next year and it's out may 2018. so we have a while. >> yeah. >> meanwhile episode 8 comes out in december. >> so courtney cox's daughter coco, is she following her mama? >> yeah, remember courtney cox was in that you see it right there, what an iconic moment. yeah, she got on stage dancing in the dark with bruce. and so now full circle moment that courtney is -- she directed a new video starring you see it right there, her daughter, coco. and an irish singer and songwriter wrote a song inspired by co krchlc by co krchloco.
10:33 am
and court any said it captured her daughter's prn ality really well. and her mom gained fame from being in a music video, so she -- >> and she's dating the guy who is a friend of the rocker. >> yeah, courtney dates her boyfriend is from the group snow patrol. really good friends with the guy. >> yeah. all right. and we have gwyneth paltrow. is it finally over? >> it's finalized yeah. it's been going on for two years. last week was the official ending of their divorce. they both signed as far as the property the and child support. they agreed on that. but listen, neither of them wants spousal support. >> they don't need it. >> is this the best most friendly divorce we've ever seen? >> it's nice actually for the kids. >> she's gone on tour.
10:34 am
>> they go on vacation together. >> they celebrate the kids' birthdays together. so really nice and positive. >> it's the right thing for those children for sure. all right. thanks, hon. thanks so much. we're about to go where no "today" host has gone before. the type of experience that can
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money back. take the revlon gel envy challenge today. to secure a job in the therfield of education.ents sleep isn't one of them. . karl urban is no stranger to fantasy films having starred in everything from lord of the renks to hercules. >> and this friday he's returning to star trek beyond. he plays dr. leonard mccoy,
10:39 am
better known as bones. but he still has time to have a little bit of fun. >> did you guys break up? what did you do? >> typically reductive inquiry. >> you know, spock, nerve girl says it's me not you. it's definitely you. >> i love that. >> thank you. >> how much humor is peppered through this? >> you know, this script was written by the guy who plays scotty and he put a lot of humor in there. a lot of fun. >> and you didn't know for sure if you wanted to be a part of it, why was that is this. >> there was actually another project that i was in negotiation to do and i heard the new star trek was coming out and it wasn't until i spoke to
10:40 am
the director that i thought the i have to do this. justin directed the fast and furious movies. and he's a fan of star trek, so he could infuse that love and passion in star trek with his fast and furious sense ability. >> we're fan of star trek since you were a little? >> yeah, it was always a fun show which pushed the social boundaries. >> and had humanity at the center of it. >> yeah, it's about a vision of humanity that is united and diverse group of men and women who are out there exploring space. and it's an appealing positive vision of the future. >> how close did you and the cast get shooting this? >> we had a bloos. we were in vancouver and los
10:41 am
angeles. so we hung out all the time 37. >> and there was a heartbreaking loss throughout all of this. >> yeah, we lost anton yelchin who plain such a tragic acciden. and so difficult to think about him in the past. i'll never for get his life and this movie is a great testament for him. he's fantasticget his life and this movie is a great testament for him. he's fantastic in it. >> and we'll play a little gaimt game with you if that's okay. we'll tell us something and we'll figure out if it's real or urban legend. >> cover star keith urban is my second cousin on my mother's side. >> legend. . not the true. >> that is not true.not the tru. >> that is not true. although -- >> he's from a usustralia.
10:42 am
>> it had been reported that i had mattered any coal, which caused a few decisions with my wife. >> i bet. all right. >> i have two boy, one named indiana after my love of the indiana jones movies. >> i'm going real. >> that is true. although it wasn't my choice to name him that, but let's not go there. okay. i was one ever several actors considered for the role of 007 that went to daniel craig. >> real. >> that is real. got to be quick. it's a quick game. >> okay. real quick. >> okay. first one i ever said as an actor i got no proper clothes on. >> real. >> wow. good research.
10:43 am
>> she understands you. >> this is good. >> star trek beyond hits theaters on friday. david nail performs his single live right after this. on dirt and grime and grease in just a minute mr. clean will clean your whole house and every room that's in it. floors, doors, walls, halls he's so tough, he cleans'em all grimy tubs and tiles he'll do
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♪ >> narrator: the citi concert series proudly presented by citi. >> he's taking the country music world by storm. >> we're talking about missouri native david nail with his 2004 number one single whatever she's got. and more good news arrived when david and his wife had twins in december. and get this, he came out with another single called nights on fire. good to see you. >> hi. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. good to be here.
10:49 am
>> your album is about overcoming adversity and you've had your share. >> i tell people all the time selfishly you make your songs to help you through whatever it is you're going through and that is a big part, it helps you out just to get it off your chest. and realize that there are so many people out there that they hear these songs and have a whole new experience. >> what are you going to sink for us david? >> nights on fire. >> you better. here he is, david nail. ♪ ♪ cue the music out the driveway
10:50 am
slow summer on a friday ♪ ♪ here he we go again, wild in the wind, mama knows she's going to be late ♪ ♪ hit the party just to watch her dance, good to go when she grabs her happened ♪ ♪ like a shot from a gun, it's dead run, the first leg of a getaway plan ♪ ♪ you burn rubber when you smoke them tires, day's gone and the night's on fire ♪ she's telling you turn off the highway, the sun set melts on the blue away, black bird watching on the telephone wire ♪ ♪ whiskey her lips and the night's on fire ♪ ♪ littered with stars close enough to touch, july promise in the back of that truck ♪ ♪ her every move was taking you hire, you try to play it cool but the night's on fire ♪ ♪ she's a seat laid back a boy's
10:51 am
dream, drawing hearts in the window steam, she's a getting you right, knows what you like, and pours it on like gasoline ♪ ♪ when you know what you're headed to, what's a red blooded boy to do ♪ ♪ she's telling you turn off the highway, the sunset melts all the blue away, black bird watching on the telephone wire ♪ ♪ whiskey on her lips and the night's on fire ♪ littered with stars close enough to touch, july promise in the back of that truck respect her every move was taking you higher ♪ ♪ you try to play it cool but the night's on fire, you try to play it cool but the night on fire ♪ ♪ she's it willing you turn off the highway, sun set melts all the blue arrest, black baird
10:52 am
watching on the telephone wire, whiskey on her lips and the night's on fire ♪ ♪ littered with stars close enough to touch, july promise in the back of that truck, her every move was taking you higher ♪ ♪ you try to play it cool but the night's on fire, you try to play it cool but the night's on fire ♪ you try to play it cool but the night's on fire ♪ >> you, big david. david nail. all the best with it. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> our favorite things are next. but first this is "today."
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10:56 am
before we get to our favorite thing, earlier we are talking about olivia about being married, but not yet. any way, they're engaged since 2013. time for favorite things. have you ever walked down the streets and your heel go there is to a grate and they're all wrecked? this is something called kixx. it's a sticker that you put it on the black shoe. if it rips, you can put another one on top of it. it's amazing. $9.99 for two pair. you save your shoes. >> fantastic.
10:57 am
and i was in in nantucket and te is a darling shoe store there. look at these. the most comfortable. these are washable. and for the comfort, and the -- they come in a whole bunch of -- go on their website. >> and i locobble stone. it's favorite. >> and tomorrow, a performance by our country =shoopeomn!=
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11:00 am
there will be a vijity for nicolas leslie later at


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