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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 20, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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right there in the middle. they're so cute. very cute. looking forward to seeing them back again at 6:00. hopefully you'll join us then as well. >> yeah. good night. >> good night, everyone. tonight, taking the fall, after 38 hours of trump campaign denials, a trump staffer comes clean publicly over the melania plagiarism bombshell after the campaign takes a dark turn, repeated calls to put hillary clinton in prison, even linking her to the devil. tonight, trump's running mate overshadowed steps into the spotlight. dangerous heat alert for 50 million people. for some, it's a matter of life and death. downfall of a tv titan, sources tell nbc news roger ailes will soon be ousted in the wake of a sexual harassment lawsuit. dramatic rescue caught on camera. good samaritans stand together to save a driver trapped. and thanks for the laughs from "happy days," "laverne & shirley," to "pretty woman," we remember the legendary garry marshall.
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"nightly news" begins right now. >> the republican national convention. this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt, reporting tonight from cleveland. >> good evening. after two nights largely dedicated to reasons why hillary clinton should not be president, we may hear the case for donald trump tonight, when his vice-presidential running mate, governor mike pence, takes the stage in primetime. it's the latest shoe that dropped in the melania trump speech controversy that is dominating the buzz here this evening all because the campaign itself breathed new life into the embarrassing flap today when it acknowledged passages of her speech were in fact lifted from michelle obama's 28th 2008t2008 convention address. katy tur has late details.
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>> reporter: donald trump touching down in cleveland, stepping off his helicopter to his awaiting family. noticeably absent, trump's wife, melania, 36 hours after she was accused of plagiarism and after repeated denials, team trump finally admitted that the speech was in fact plagiarized from michelle obama's 2008 address. a person she always liked was obama, staff member, meredith mciver said in her resignation literary and said over the phone she read me some passages of mrs. obama's speech. i wrote them down. this was my mistake. mciver, a registered democrat, took the fall, but donald trump rejected the resignation, later tweeting all press is good press. >> to roll in here and not be prepared for basic stuff like checking the speech copy for plagiarism mistakes is a very troubling sign. >> reporter: trump is now officially the nominee but the star at his own convention is hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton, hillary clinton.
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>> hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton. >> is she guilty or not guilty? >> reporter: chris christie fired up the crowd with a mock clinton prosecution. >> let's do something fun tonight. tonight, as a former federal prosecutor i welcome the opportunity to hold hillary rodham clinton accountable for her performance and her character. >> lock her up. >> lock her up. >> reporter: ben carson linked her to the devil and mitch mcconnell and paul ryan barely mentioned trump's name. the republican machine clearly more comfortable trashing their rye van than talking about the nominee. trump even getting boos today going over a cruz rally. >> on the trump team from the start serving as co-chair. hillary clinton should be put in front of a firing line and shot for treason. >> reporter: trump disavowed the comment. the secret service says they're looking into it. yesterday was
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completely on hillary clinton, very few people were extolling trump's virtues. >> part of the unity process we're going through to get people to understand we all need to get behind donald trump. if we don't, we will have hillary clinton for president. >> reporter: tonight, ted cruz will address the convention. as of now, he is not expected to endorse donald trump. also, on stage, donald trump's second son, eric, and his new running mate, indiana governor, mike pence. lester? >> katy tur tonight. thanks. as we look ahead to tonight's events inside this arena, we should note tension have erupted outside, fights broken out and a flag burning protest. it happened in an area not sanctioned for demonstrations. police moved in, a number of people were arrested and taken away in handcuffs. the trump campaign is trusting the focus will turn to his
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running mate overshadowed by trump in an awkward introduction announcement and later in their first tv interview. this time, governor mike pence will have the stage all to himself in front of a national tv audience. here's nbc's hallie jackson. >> reporter: donald trump's name, practically everywhere. his running mate, not so much as "saturday night live" found out. >> reporter: can you tell us which one is mike pence? >> isn't that him? >> reporter: a young jay leno. >> governor mike pence still a mystery to many. >> i'm a christian, republican and conservative, in that order. >> reporter: he will step out into his own spotlight that highlights how different they are. trump often brags. >> we will win ohio. >> reporter: pence often prays. >> permit me to give thanks to god. >> reporter: trump criticized the war in iraq, pence voted for it. trump married three times, pence, married three decades. none of it phasing many supporters like indiana senator, dan coates.
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>> some marriages are like, that including my own. we've build off each other's strengths and recognized each -- our own weaknesses. >> reporter: pence started his career in talk radio. >> i thank god for you. the flag ought to be flying out on the front steps of the pence house. >> reporter: before being elected to congress, in his 12 years there not one of his bills or resolutions became law. still, as one of the top house leaders, he built a relationship then that could help the ticket now. >> this is a movement conservative. >> it's time to pick a fight. >> reporter: still popular with the tea partiers who helped him win indiana's governorship in 13 pence is best known nationally for controversial religious freedom's bill and his controversy at conservative is partly why trump picked pence to bring out the party. >> i suspect it was much more about satisfying the donor base within the
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republican party than any sort of geographic attraction. >> reporter: our new survey online poll says 4 in 10 conservatives don't know enough about pence to have an opinion on him. that will probably change tonight when pence's indiana delegation joins the rest of the convention and the country in watching the biggest speech of pence's life. lester? >> all right, hallie, thank you. let's bring in our primetime team, chuck todd and savannah guthrie. we thought the melania speech controversy had pretty much reached its end, new life breathed into it with that announcement. does she get a pass, the staffer takes the fall? she picked up the phrases? >> i mean, i have to say with political spouses we should give benefit of the doubt. today, they announced, yes, it was taken from michelle obama's speech, and, two, it was in fact melania trump that suggested standard this was a
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this was a source of inspiration. but it was a staffer who ultimately allowed that language to be in there. could melania have noticed it? perhaps. what i don't believe is she intentionally plagiarized and thought she would get away with it. to me, the real infraction here is the staff work that allowed this to go on 36 hours that allowed multiple republican surrogates to deny obvious reality and say that wasn't from michelle obama's speech only to turn around and breathe new life into it at the very moment everybody was moving on. >> it was a little odd. let me turn to chuck. we're talking about mike pence. you say watch ted cruz. >> i do. you got to remember, he finished with more delegates officially than any runner-up at a republican convention since a guy named ronald reagan in 1976. ted cruz has his -- he's not satisfied with losing one race for the presidency. he's got his eyes on running some day again. this is going to be a crowd that is going to be with him. he is going to have a -- in many ways you could argue there are more cruz fans in here than there are trump fans.
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there may be more trump delegates but they love ted cruz. he could become a more dominant and popular figure tonight than mike pence. that's something the trump campaign ought to be a little concerned about. >> all right. a lot to watch. see you two later in primetime. an historic and deadly heat wave gripping so much of the country, tens of millions of people, especially in the midwest are suffering through extraordinary heat and warnings and watches issued in several states and nbc miguel almaguer is in the hot zone. >> reporter: today for nearly 50 million americans the extreme heat is on scorching temperatures and muggy air leaving 17 states sizzling. the heat index or feels like temperature, the hottest of the summer. >> we should have taken the day off. it's too hot to be working. >> reporter: in des moines iowa, feels like 113, memphis, 110 and kansas city, 107. that's where the salvation army is in a race to deliver water to those in need. >> this is a situation
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between life and death for a lot of families. >> reporter: in missouri the heat wave is deadly, at least two lives lost including a woman in her 90s found in her home after her air-condition malfunctioned. >> a combination of heat and humidity that will make it feel well over 100 degrees for a swath of the country going into the weekend. and for some, into the early part of next week. >> reporter: the president briefed on the extreme heat by his science advisor today, tweeting a map of the country in deep red. his advice, drink water and stay out of the sun. with extreme weather sparking lightning fires and dust storms and hot weather monsoons. in southern california, it's fire they fear, this close call threatening the hollywood sign. the blaze doused just in time. the fire threat here in the hollywood hills will increase as the temperature does. we're expecting near triple digits as we begin our heat wave here tomorrow. meantime on the east coast, also dangerous
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temperatures, new york city, washington will also be flirting with triple digits. lester. >> all right, miguel in california, thank you. tonight, hollywood is mourning the loss of a legend behind some of the biggest hits on-screen, big and small from "happy days" to "laverne & shirley" and "pretty woman" and "beaches." garry marshall made us laugh and cry for decades as a producer, writer, director remembered by stars as a man that gave them their big break. he passed a way from complications of pneumonia after having a stroke. a look at his extraordinary career. ♪ >> reporter: the '70s were happier days indeed thanks to the comic genius of garry marshall. >> my mother taught me a sense of humor and my father taught me how to be a boss. >> reporter: from richie cunningham and the fonz, to "laverne & shirley" that starred his younger sister, penny. >> mork & mindy, and cutting his teeth on
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television and writing jokes for "the tonight show" and his first hit, the television adaptation of neil simon's "the odd couple." >> you have a 1.50 for cleaning and pressing but you don't have a date. >> it's for the whole year. >> reporter: he told lester who he discovered. >> we had this girl and i said, she's very good, this one. nobody never knew who she was particularly. >> julia roberts. >> i was in here yesterday, you wouldn't wait on me. >> reporter: even he said he was surprised how huge the film "pretty woman" became. >> big mistake. big, huge. >> reporter: today, hollywood stars who worked with marshall remembered their mentor and friend. >> i think almost everybody who worked in a garry marshall production came away from that experience feeling they had somehow advanced themselves and they'd grown. some of it was just
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through knowing garry. >> he knew who he was. maybe one of the greatest lessons you could learn from a person in this world, know who you are, what you do. don't try to be something else. >> reporter: garry marshall was 81. kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. there's more ahead for us. still ahead, a media king about to lose his throne, sources reveal new details about plans to end the rein of one of the country's most powerful conservatives, the ceo of fox news, amid a sexual harassment scandal. also, caught on camera, strangers step into action when a driver is trapped into an overturned car.
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we're back now with a major drama that continues to swirl around one of the most powerful men in media and in republican politics. fox news chief roger ailes, tonight, sources are telling nbc news ailes will leave fox news in the wake of a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by one of the network's former anchors. reporting on the new developments of a shake-up left behind. >> reporter: it's ironic on the eve of donald trump's coronation as the republican nominee, the ultimate republican king maker, roger ailes, is poised to have his kingdom taken away. >> ailes departing from the scene is certainly as important as donald trump
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arriving on it. ailes has affected everything about the republican party and everything about the conservative movement for a generation. >> reporter: sources close to fox tells nbc news, ailes the 76-year-old chairman of fox news, will soon be ousted by rupert murdoch and his sons in the wake of a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by former fox anchor, gretchen carlson, charges ailes denies. >> roger leaving fox is like peyton manning leaving the colts. >> reporter: it's a twist of fate of the man who helped make the new republican establishment. >> roger and i come from a blue collar town of warren, ohio. a very catholic town and very much in your face, a tavern on every corner in warren, ohio, a bar fight every friday night in warren, ohio.
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ailes knows that and tapped into it. >> reporter: he was a perfect match with rupert murdoch and his tabloids, loud and in your face and politically incorrect. he brought that to cable. >> don't give me any of that, we just heard the words. >> and the party. >> reporter: lifting ratings and winning elections. this morning, it came back to bite him. donald trump is also a creature of the tabloids who isn't afraid to play rough. now, the paths of these two comets intersect as one descends and one ascends, but the style and swagger remain. cynthia mcfadden, nbc news, new york. >> we're back in a moment with a driver caught on camera slamming into a police car. wait until you see what he was doing behind the wheel.
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in south carolina, a group of kindhearted souls came to the rescue of a trapped driver and the remarkable scene was caught on camera. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the dramatic story of heavy lifting against all odds. >> reporter: the
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outlook was grim, a red convertible flipped over on a ditch in lexington, south carolina, on i-20. trapped underneath, jonathan jenson. >> all i remember was the initial hit and weightless and laying there and i'm all right. >> he had only a seatbelt and prayer after losing control of his car. now, he had no control over what would happen next. >> everybody stopped. everybody wanted to get that guy out. everybody wanted to save his life. >> reporter: among the dozen good samaritans that dropped everything to pick up a stranger. >> when we flipped it over, he put his hands up and said, thank you. it was just incredible. >> absolutely incredible. >> i was not expecting to see that many people just standing there watching. one lady was praying throughout the whole thing. people are giving me hugs. >> reporter: remarkably, jansen
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walked away with no major injuries. but a new appreciation for the kindness of strangers. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. >> one very lucky man. another crash to tell you about. this one caught on police body cam as a driver slams into a parked police car in baltimore, while officers look on. when they catch up with him, he admits he was distracted playing "pokemon go." police released the video as a warning to stay alert after several dangerous incidences linked to the hit mobile game. when we come back, political playlists. what happens when pop stars and presidential hopefuls collide?
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back in cleveland, the evening session of the republican national convention about to get underway. finally tonight, those tunes you hear on the campaign trail, sometimes a song fits with a candidate in perfect harmony. but for the artist, not always music to their ears. nbc's peter alexander turns up the volume. ♪ >> reporter: if cleveland rocked, it's
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often music in presidential campaigns that go with each election. hillary came out swinging with the help of rock star s katy perry. donald trump routinely revvs up crowds with the stones. and for a campaign it can create a tone. what is so powerful about music as it intersects with politics? >> music is always pushing the envelope and calling for change calling to inspire people and politics is also doing that to inspire people and connect with them. >> reporter: the power of music is on display at cleveland's celebrated rock'n roll hall of fame, louder than words. >> rock'n roll musicians are some of the greatest idealists on the planet. they believe in three cords and the truth. ♪ ♪ everyone is voting for jack ♪ ♪ yes nixon >> reporter: these days the most memorable ones are off the shelf.
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kid rock collaborating with mitt romney. america's first rock'n roll president, bill clinton, invigorating baby boomers with fleetwood mac. ♪ campaigns can also hit a sour note just hours after trump tried to cast himself as a winner, queen complained the billionaire used the song against our wishes. ♪ i won't back down >> reporter: george w. bush had to back down after receiving a cease and desist letter from tom petty. a candidate's challenge striking the right cord. >> let's face it, we admire these people. if they say, hey, i believe in this, we're likely to believe in it, too. >> reporter: peter alexander, nbc news, cleveland. >> that will do it for
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us on this wednesday night. i'm lester holt. i'll see you tonight at 10:00 eastern, 7:00 pacific for primetime coverage of the republican convention. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and for now, good night from cleveland. we need to move more quickly and put our money where our mouth is. >> ready to go but not on the streets. the reason deputy body cameras are on the shelf in south bay. nbc bay area news starting now, thank you for joining us, i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. they have the money, the training but no green light. the santa clara sheriff's office was the first to launch a body cam program and the cameras are not out in force no. now we learned the wait will be much longer. nbc bay area's robert handa with
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more on what he uncovered. >> reporter: the santa clara sheriff's office got the money, did the testing and picked the cameras they wanted, but turns out we learned santa clara county's fast track has been derailed and deputies probably won't get the equipment for eight months or even longer. the santa clara county sheriff's office started its process to get body-worn cameras before san jose police but the cops are way out in front in actually using them. in fact, nbc bay area has learned of months of field testing and picking the body cameras it wanted, same ones san jose selected, the sheriff's office is tangled up in county red tape official acknowledge will block getting cameras for at least eight months and possibly up to 16 months. the county board president acknowledged the obstacles and frustration. >> frankly, there needs to be a way to speed things up when it comes to people's security, when it comes to civil rights, when it comes to life-saving measures. i mean, all of those things are in play. that's why we're looking at body-worn cameras. >> reporter: nbc bay area


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